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  1. Morning all.

    Today’s cartoon is an ace!

    On a grimmer note I fear terribly that civil war is coming to the Dis-United States of America.

    The West was destroyed by giving the vote to the unproductive, defined as those who vote for a living: civil servants, beneficiaries and employees of the state.



    • Sadly Democracy is deceased

      Regular YSB Deplorables will know that I’ve been saying for a while that democracy has been corrupted and has been dead for about 20 years across the Western world:
      – the concept sold to the Poms of a simple pact ensuring economic liberalisation across 9 similar European counties morphed into an evil German Reich without a vote to seek the UK citizen’s consent was a sign
      – the rise of the Uniparty, whereby voters in Western democracies are presented with a faux choice between two identical globalist parties, seeking to pretend that we, the people are being fairly represented by differing political philosophies (that are all globalist in nature) was a sign
      – NZ’s own experience where the most corrupt and dishonest PM NZ has ever seen – John Key – sneakily introduced a CGT (the bright line test creates a dishonest pathway to introduce a virtual CGT, by extending the time limit out further and further every few years) what a total shit stain that little weed of a man is – anyway it was a sign
      – the way that Boris has completely reversed from the true-blue Brit that fought and won the December 2019 Brexit election and is now going full Theresa May in delivering upon the Chinese Communist Party’s aim of destroying Western economies through non-sensical, insane lockdowns – is a sign

      When politicians are completely totally dishonest and behave in exactly the opposite way to what they did when seeking our votes – with impunity and without fear of sanction – democracy is dead.

      In the US, I honestly believe that the only way the fragile and precious concept of the US of A can survive is invite Caesar to cross the Rubicon. Trump has shown that he really, really puts America First.

      Nothing will be lost by this act, the republic is already gone, democracy has already disappeared in a few lines of Dominion code and the overt collaboration of the Uniparty actors. As always socialism has turned something beautiful and precious into a poison chalice.

      Only good would result for NZ of a President for Life Trump.

      Unfashionable, but if I can’t have honest democracy then I want a benign Dictator – because without honest democracy you can only have malignant Dictators.



      • Again DP, very good points.

        I can only add this bit that I have paraphrased, hearing it on some video.
        and been playing around with for a day or so.

        “So no way do they want to accept how the ordinary citizen sees things.
        A national populist renewal, that threatens the ruling elite pragmatist that “knows best” with its cruel “kindness” of “delivery”.
        This is at odds with the citizens, who are looking to bring back. a redemptive democracy that reflects the actual concerns of the ordinary citizens”.

        To bring an understanding just why we have “concerns” and why we are not happy with the “ruling elite”

        To find the values, understand them, that seem to be inherent in us, built on shoulders of what we stand on.
        Just like today’s Ed’s post “Freedom to Speak Your Mind”



        • Yes. That is the nub of it S1.

          The swamp creatures around the world hate that a growing middle class is a real danger to the NWO. A growing middle class has to be suppressed, because it eventually starts to question the introduction of widespread policies that are harmful to the interests of the growing middle class.

          The political parties are not offering the solution.

          They cannot!

          Because the political parties themselves ARE THE PROBLEM.

          So far this theory seems to be playing out as the new kids on the block (ACT’s 8 new MPs) are largely silent. They’re overwhelmed (as they are supposed to be) by the induction that is imposed on new MPs. They are learning that there are two choices:
          – join the swamp, comply and enjoy a privileged personal wealth-generating existence
          – resist and be burned out like a cancerous growth because the swamp is so huge, so complex, so daunting – that they will make no difference at all

          ACT has returned to the swamp for another 2.5 years.



          • I support Act, but have held my nose.
            In a way they are like the “curates egg, good in parts”, in modern idiom.

            Then as they support “freedom of speech” to bring different concepts, and allowed to reason, so bad ideas may be at least modified or changed and their better ideas pushed further into action.



            • I’m with you on that point S1. They’re far better than National on that one point.

              However, if those MPs meant what they said on the campaign trail then there should have been action from day 1.

              It’s been 7+ weeks since election day. That is already 4.5% of the current term.
              Parliament rises on Wedesday this week and then MPs have a holiday until 9 February.

              By 9 February, ACT MPs will be more than 11% through the 3 year term.

              If you stand as an MP in a minor party, surely you have some things that you want to achieve and make a dent on from DAY ONE!

              Look at the Greens new boy. He’s already delivered to his supporters:
              – he’s said fuck you to all the white men in NZ with his attack on the portraits in Parliament
              – he’s already said fuck you to all the senior citizens in NZ with his OK Boomer insult.

              Swamp creatures draw a salary and do nothing for the first 11% of their term in office.

              I can think of 20 things that I’d have been agitating for or about from day 1 if I was one of ACT’s class of 2020.

              Action’s speak far louder than doing sweet fuck all!

              It looks like my vote was wasted again this year. It’s clear to me that in NZ we do not have democracy and we do not have political discourse or any contest of ideas.

              I choose not to be complicit in the fraud anymore. I won’t vote again until I see some integrity and action appear in NZ’s political landscape.



              • There’s a lot for them to learn about the process and unless you know then you get out down by the other ferrals in there. Just keep patient. Look what David achieved on his own and think what the group can do.
                He has earned his rest this year. Can’t say that for many of the other swamp creatures.



                • What tangible result has David achieved on his own?

                  The EOL referendum result. (at best a second tier issue)

                  And nothing else.

                  2021 will be his 8th year in Parliament. 3 of those years he was a government pseudo Minister.

                  That is a staggering level of underwhelming nothingness.

                  Multiply that by 8MPs and in another decade they’ll still have done absolutely nothing useful at all.

                  We need revolutionaries to set fire to the system – I want to see a Trump populist leader arise. I want a Farage or a Le Pen or a Wilders.

                  All I see is cold stogy porridge.



              • Parliamentarians certainly have a comfortable niche carved out for themselves. If any business ran on such a part-time basis there is no way it would survive. MPs say they are working in their constituency, pull the other one, it has bells on it. NZ could easily run on 100 MPs. Time for a cull.



      • Correct on J. Key there, DP.

        Johnny Keystone’s PMship was simply a demilitarised zone between 2 Labour-led Govts.
        They din do nuffin.

        People may criticise the post 2017 Labour mob but let’s not forget when Notional touch things, shit gets real; damn quick.
        Bolger’s mob: Messed up electricity market; Leaky homes, RMA, Killing Auckland Regional council; flogging off BNZ cheap after using taxpayers money to rescue it, flogging off assets in appalling deals eg NZ Rail. Making Telecom select the CDMA cell phone system from the USA- why didn’t we revert to feet and inches, and gallons at the same time, DUH.

        Key’s demilitarised zone responded to matters arising – Pike river, GFC, earthquakes but otherwise sat on their hands.
        They partially sold some state assets and fluffed about with a flag referendum and talked about goals for 2040 and 2050> clean rivers, pest free and blah blah.

        Basically, look, over there, a squirrel!!
        They did not interfere with Student loans, nor WFF.
        We remained a low wage/high cost economy well behind Australia.
        No attempt was made to extract wealth from the ground as Australia does with its very mixed economy. (Mixed economy defrays risk with eggs in more baskets)
        No action was taken to make NZ a ‘south seas banking centre’ as Keystone blabbered about.

        I was onto Johnny Keys long ago.
        I was in finance in the 1980s and met him. He had the smarm that belonged to Fay Richwhite but he was BT.
        I never ‘bought his magic’ so was on alert from 2008.
        He was a globalist whose main ‘achievement’ was pumping in migrants from the third world at over 1000 people a week while creating an environment that made house building both difficult, risky, and expensive.
        Large builders like Mainzeal went under. A surprisingly high number.

        It was risky.
        Playing roulette with shitty councils we see around the country are completely dysfunctional:
        Auckland, Invercargill, New Plymouth, Wellington, Tauranga…..
        Oh hell, find me a NZ Local Authority that is focused, efficient, and functional.
        Prior to Johnny Keys, councils in NZ were more balanced .
        Then under his stewardship(sic) they were taken over by Green and Labour nutters.
        Every L.G. Minister under Keys was crap.

        The main goal was to raise nominal house prices with commensurate bank loans and that was easy.
        People pour in; few houses built, = house price inflation.

        Johnny was pretty chilled as his orders rolled in from above.
        Dec 2016. OK, Johnny, you can go now.
        He was always magically worth $50m. How convenient.
        ( I was always more impressed by Philip Burdon who created wealth through a productive business)

        I suggest Editor might like to run a poll on when people akshully woke up to Keys and his bullshit.
        -Before 2008
        -2010 to 2014
        -After 2017
        -No, he is ace of aces all the way, and has a nice smile.

        [Yes. I deliberately mess around with his name.
        I only have disdain for this traitor ]



        • I was annoyed Key didn’t follow through on his promise to cut the public service. He started with a few redundancies but those soon fizzled out. I know one long time government employee who received his substantial redundancy but within 6 months was re-employed by his old department in his old job and is still there despite now being quite elderly. Key didn’t follow through on his policy promises and I also don’t like his backing of the corporate Luxon as a possible PM. Being ‘successful’ running an already successful airline doesn’t mean he can transition to being a good PM. Look at the debacle of Todd Muller.



        • Thank you howtis

          That is definitely the best catalogue of Key and National’s massive betrayals.

          What a disgusting bunch of wankers they are in National. I think being a socialist is one thing, being a socialist and lying like a $2 hooker and pretending to be a centre-right conservative – well that’s right up there with pedophile child molesters. I hear John Key really liked pizza.



    • Sometimes I have my doubts too, how the USA will pan out, and how it will come together,
      As GRitS mentions, no one wants civil war.

      Particularly this past week, I have noticed and figured the effect of censure ship on the USA people.
      There news is very shut down, a part of the evidence this month is where Americans can be found in comments like Sky Australia in which Tucker Carlson said, that things are said news there is not relayed in the States.
      Consider the post Ed has put up about “freedom to speak your mind” and the power of Big Tech and corruption of Main Stream Media.

      Japan had a militaristic subversion of Shinto religion plus the militaristic take over effect Bushido code of living, subtlety redrawing them to the military Empiricist Japan.
      Surrendered in 1945 and by 1952, the Occupational Rulers SCAP had handed back sovereignty to Japan.
      The running of SCAP was not perfect, but politically and in just a half dozen years was out of it.

      I posted the remainder of this late last night in “Curious”‘s comment, but fits in here.

      But then to know that the fight, this issue is fought, argued in full to best of ability that the election was done with integrity.
      To question “election integrity”, to test it, to be sure is no bad thing, and a number of issues should be resolved, and as guided in the American Constitution.

      I commented up above the video, by Front Page’s Scott Goulen, and then immediately after, the ad “WE DEMAND A NATIONAL RE-VOTE”
      Front page video with Scotts sonorous steady slow tones should ease the worry, lower blood pressure and get a good nights sleep, 🙂

      Plan A or B. would seem a bit painful in parts to go, but it will all be in the timing, and it needs to be accurately done, and hopefully concise.
      After all in life we have consequences, and in our “civilizing” look to responsibility with accountability, though through history it can be in different forms, with some points being a bit of a bloody sacrifice.

      But at the end of the day as I touched on a day or so a go, how with what now looks like great wisdom, “Harry Truman had negotiated Japanese surrender on the condition the Emperor would not be executed or put on trial. SCAP carried out that policy.

      Joe Biden concedes? and how far “crimes” would be charged on others or absolved by a mia culpa, then a form of “banishment” “censorship” or “house arrest”?

      BLM and antifa one would think have only a small hard core and then ragtag idealists and dreamers.
      Like the Red Brigade in Italy, or Red Army faction also known as Baader–Meinhof Gang and eventually got pinned down, and maybe now looking for renewal in eco terrorism, like the infamous one in NZ,

      My point being the Plan B is hopeful wise, quick and succeeds with a minimum of disruption.

      Can a form of that, all be done with out wild swinging of a pendulum effect?

      Odakyu-sen might know more of the major changes that were put on Japan during SCAP. 🙂



        • FFS, I am so over this shit. Very few people alive have anything to apologise for, we are not our parents grandparents etc etc. Have they ever apologised for taking our ?/filthy money that they now go on about?



        • Stuffed media is copping it this week.
          And so it should.
          Run by a Mad Irish Tart, the glorified dunny paper has been sick for a few years.
          The whole kit and Kaboodle is worth $1.00 at best.

          I thought it was bad under Nine Gnews AU but it found room, lots of room, to get worse.
          Cactus Kate in her Asian Invasion blog has been putting Stuffed to the sword this week.
          Sadly, she used logic.
          That does not exist at the outhouse formerly known as A Newspaper.

          I had that Stuffed crapola stuffed in my letter box in previous times.
          The way to stop it was I ended up mailing to about 30 email addresses in ‘very firm language’ to not put that poison in my letter box.
          I got some nasty emails back, to which I upped the anti.
          https://www.stuff.co.nz/about-stuff/94800421/contact-us page
          eg email to
          Just bo mb them with emails saying you do not want their crap.
          Don’t be shy.

          Media filth are the enemy of the people.
          They are poison pens.
          They carry the messages of hatred and division.
          Never, ever give them any quarter.
          Wake up

          They actively want to destroy your life as shown by their (paid for ) deification of Ardern, the op shop hag, in NZs 2017 and 2020 elections then set out to lie beyond belief about the USA election.
          They are fact free.

          If you have any soft feeling towards media in NZ you are an idiot.
          They want to wreck you life.
          Print this message out and hold onto it.
          If you cannot see it today, in a few years you can regret it and remind yourself you were warned.
          -The poo lice are not your friend.
          -The media filth are not your friend
          -The politicians are not working for Your Betterment
          -The UN wants you eliminated.

          Esp you whitey. Remember whities are a minority.
          They are less than a billion white people in the whole world. There are more people in each of India and China than white people in the whole world.
          Whities are an oppressed minority!!
          It does not help that mad Irish bitches actively plead for our destruction.



        • More email addresses
          Three limit on links on YSB posting

          The Stuffed joint is full of mad Irish

          Motoring Editor
          Damien O’Carroll
          Email: damien.ocarroll@stuff.co.nz
          -Newsrooms Editor in Chief
          Bernadette Courtney
          -Homed Editor
          Colleen O’Hanlon

          get annoying and email to
          Climate Editor
          Eloise Gibson
          Email: eloise.gibson@stuff.co.nz

          General complaints can be sent to deputy editor Janine Fenwick at janine.fenwick@stuff.co.nz.

          If you like create a free microsoft or gmail address without your own name in order to email these critters, without blowback..

          Make them feel pain.
          They are the enemy, and complete plonkers.
          Think of it as a ‘plonkers tax’ for them to pay
          They like new taxes.



      • I disagree on one point with you where you say

        As GRitS mentions, no one wants civil war

        With the greatest of respect, I disagree. And with the greatest of respect, I believe that is dangerously naive.

        Who would benefit most from a US civil war? China would.

        Trump’s four years saw defeat for China in every theatre of their war on the West:
        – economically China was savaged, Trump bludgeoned them into agreeing to follow the rules
        – militarily he thwarted all their attempts to foment conflict (North Korea calmed down, Taiwan was supported and strengthened, the perpetual Middle-East flashpoint saw peace break out)
        – culturally he built a mass social movement in the US that still threatens China’s control of the corrupt UniParty politicians
        – environmentally, he mainstreamed the rejection of CCP’s Climate Change fraud which has the sole intention of raising China’s economy above the West through only China being able to use fossil fuels

        A weak and strife-riddled US is the golden ticket for China.

        Everything single bad thing that is going on in the world today, favours China.

        Are we all fucking morons who think that this is all just a happy coincidence for China?

        Isn’t it obvious that it’s by design?



        • China certainly is sowing many seeds of confusion to confound the USA.
          You are right that China wants civil war,

          But you & I do not.
          Whether there is a way like the petition and what was full page ads in one of he papers, but censored shadow banned.

          As posted last night in YSB HYS
          Worth the read, so can that direction be done?

          Exercising Extraordinary Authority in Defense of Our Vote
          May be Required because Martial Law is better than Civil War!


          That what triggered me to consider how the Occupation of Japan worked out and whether any lessons to be learnt there.

          The modern world has gone into slow motion, and dragging things on.
          The American Civil War, done & dusted in 4.
          WW1 done in 4, though peace was sabotaged in politics, and for 2 decades politically could have changed things.
          WW2 done in 5

          What has changed. sure there are politics.
          Korean War, still supposedly on, but for a sort of an unofficial truce.
          Vietnam War dragged on to a capitulation.
          Afghanistan 17 years, and the dust is still billowing around.

          Noting that censorship can be a tool, perhaps not too bad on a limited time as a servant, but watch out as it can become an extremely bad corrupt master.
          That is how it was done in Japan for about half a dozen years.



          • Glad you brought that up S1. I must admit that I’m still cogitating on that strategy.

            I’ll be honest and I’m still forming an opinion and don’t want to do one of my typical hate speech rants on that until I know what my gut is telling me on it.

            It is interesting though. Any sane person knows that there is widespread distrust in the US electoral process. No side will accept the outcome of this election.

            I’m going to ponder more on this and reserve the right to rant at a later date. Thanks again for reminding me of it.



          • Well one good thing is a Pennsylvania case has reached SCOTUS. This is a case bought Senator Kelly.


            I have always thought the PA case was the simplest one. The PA Legislature set the rules for all ballots to be in by 8.00pm on election night but the State AG and SC over rode that
            by allowing up to 3 days after election day (plus a few other things about signatures and post date stamps etc.) This is a direct violation of the Constitution that says that only the Legislature makes the rules. It had been tested before the election but ended in a 4-4 SCOTUS vote so Justice Alito asked that the ballots be kept separate so the issue could be revisited.



        • Of course it’s by design.
          Formenting division is paramount to disintegrating your enemy from within.
          The same is happening here with the Maori and the Muslims.
          The Chinese have found many countries bugbears and elevated them into mainstream thought and conversation, using bribes and economic thuggery.
          What needs to happen is for the western world to unite, rise and fight back.

          Perhaps this sort of stuff can inspire the masses to rise.



          • This why islam was successful most of its 1400 years.
            I will be victorious by terror, Mohammad proclaimed.
            That is one of the reasons there is no stoppage on bloody jihadist terror as Mohammad, being having been a caravan merchant trader knew the economic bind.
            Same as Gemany using U boats, and the British navy blockades, that often had an economic effect back on the civilian population.

            Even NZ, noting the lack of containers, and shipping hanging up in the Hauraki Gulf, has an economic effect.

            “We should bleed America economically by motivating it to continue its huge expenditure on its security as America’s weak point is its economy,which already has begun stumbling because of the military and security expenditure,” he said.

            Also played out when a concern for fuel, to secure your sources,
            That independence now frees one up.

            And for your last link, to understand what we value, and how it came to be.
            Let know other put asunder.



    • What did this moronic company think was going to happen in Aotea fucking Square of all places? There was always going to be a riot!
      As for the guy who drove from Palmy thinking he was going to magically ‘catch’ thousands of dollars….Jesus Christ.
      Any guesses who he voted for?



      • “Any guesses who he voted for?”

        Just a wild guess… The party that he believes will give him free stuff?

        Democracy only works in a moral society. Once the people start voting for free stuff, the rot sets in.



    • I don’t read Stuff normally and when it comes up on a newsfeed I just click out of it. But I followed your link Mike and thanks for it.

      Apart from the mind numbing stupidity of the attendees, two things stood out for me in this propaganda piece.

      Firstly, the Mexican Marxist ecofuck was there ‘by chance’. Who believes this? Obviously he was either planted or he wasn’t there at all and either he or Stuff (or both) made it up.

      Secondly, the whole tone of the propaganda piece was couched in victim terms, with people getting ‘hurt’ and complaints of ‘no safety’ blah blah blah.

      Stuff off you fuckwits. I’m going to contact the Safety Warehouse tomorrow and congratulate them for pointing up the crass stupidity of these morons.



  2. The religion of peace firmly establishes itself in Queenstown. Mayor Jim Boult is pleased. Jim Boults a fkucking idiot then.

    “We’ve been looking for a property for the past six years since about 2015 and the prices of the houses are so high here we couldn’t take a big million dollar-plus property. But we’ve been so fortunate to get this place around $430,000.”
    Queenstown Lakes Mayor Jim Boult said he was pleased the district would have its own mosque and it made sense considering the international tourism it experienced before Covid.
    “The Muslim community are quite a large part of our community. A lot of them are migrant workers. A lot of them have settled and are now resident New Zealanders in our part of the world and I think having a place of worship for them is an important addition to our community,” he said.

    The Muslim community would open the doors to its new mosque for Jumu’ah next week.



  3. Cindy announced her CLIMATE EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!! The campaign has begun for “everyone to do their part”.

    Sustainable living helping save money as well as the planet

    Now the Government has officially declared a climate emergency, the spotlight turns on everyone to play a part.

    While businesses and farmers will play a big role, individuals are also being challenged to step up and help reduce New Zealand’s carbon footprint.



    • I’m staggered by this article.

      It reads like a straight out piece of propaganda of the type that used to be vomited out by the politburo in Stalin’s Soviet Union.

      Every paragraph of this sick mind control piece assumes that anthropogenic climate change is real and that the only way to counter this is to destroy property ownership (by renting and borrowing etc) and all forms of material human progress.

      For example: Borrowing or renting items such as books, toys, or even high-end clothing for special occasions, will reduce the impact an individual household will have on the environment.

      But some emissions are hidden. Streaming films and songs requires an international network of computers, which currently use around 5 per cent of the world’s electricity.

      I honestly can’t believe this is happening. That normal everyday Kiwis are prepared to swallow this Marxist garbage hook line and sinker without as much as murmur of dissent.

      Or maybe it’s me who has gone mad? Back in the day the funny farms (almost all all closed now) were filled with raving lunatics many of whom thought the world had gone mad and they were perfectly sane. Is that what has happened to me? This is getting to be a bit of a worry.



    • What a load of nonsense.

      As pensioners, and before that as workers, we needed to live sustainably simply due to the high cost of living in New Zealand for those who work and pay tax. We run a good garden, have chooks, fish and hunt.

      The climate declaration, and any cost increases that follow that, will not be appreciated by us. As it is the rates are excessive due to government imposing regulatory stuff on local government who are over the top in waste anyhow. Income tax, fees, excise, GST, all adds up to to much.

      The answer is simply less government, at all levels, less regulatory imposition into daily life and costs, more self reliance and acceptance of personal responsibility would do more to improve the situation than anything else.



    • Any Chemical Science Gurus out there? I need to know what items produce the most CO2 when burnt. Then I can go and stock up on them when I light my bonfires to counter Jacinda’s emergency. Tires are great, but they actually attract too much attention from the neighbours and the Fire Brigade.



  4. If you want to see what 4 or 5 years does to a MP in the NZ parliament google “Robinson and Little visit Whanganui after flood” ,FFS I honestly wasn’t aware Robbo was a normal sized person not so long ago and not the fat C—T he is now .



    • I’m not seeing a problem here.
      The fat fu*k will die sooner.
      He is 49.

      Norm Kirk went at 51 years of age.
      At least he did things after leaving school at 13, including being a stationary engine driver.
      the likes of Lees-Gallopaway and Alf’s wife were fluffing around at uni until at least their mid 20s.

      Kirk built his own house including making the bricks himself (1940s).
      It still stands today.
      The first Kiwibuild I guess. and more successful .
      I think Big Norm actually knew what ‘poverdy’ was and despite leaving school early he was an avid reader and self educator.
      This is stark contrast to the clowns of today.
      Even with access to the internet most of the MPs could not find facts, and largely dine on a fact-free diet.

      Last I saw of Fat Fk Faafoi he looked massive.
      He looked like Mr Creosote just before he exploded !!



  5. Patrick Gaspard to Step Down as Head of Open Society Foundations
    Mark Malloch-Brown, former top UN official and Open Society Global Board member, to succeed Gaspard as president

    Smartmatic Lied: Lord Mark Malloch Brown Admitted to License Agreement Between Smartmatic and Dominion in 2015 Interview



  6. A Laotian businessman opened a small store in London.
    He was very quiet and diligent with his bookkeeping. He always made sure to help out his employees when he could, typically hiring other Laotians in the area who were struggling to find work.

    Among these employees was a group of three friends from Surrey. Although they were a bit rowdy and somewhat lazy, the owner had trouble finding other local applicants, and didn’t want to appear partial to Laotians.

    When it came time for yearly bonuses, none of the three men received a share. The first friend stormed into the owner’s office.

    “How come we don’t get a fuckin’ bonus? We work here the same as everyone else!”

    The owner sighed and looked back at his papers, replying in broken English “None of you concerned it.”

    When the worker went back to tell his friends, the second man broke into his office. “The fuck you mean it’s none of our concern?! That’s our money, same as everyone else!”

    Again, the owner shook his head, not even looking up. “None of you concerned it.”

    After telling his friends he got the same broken reply, the third friend had had enough. Throwing open the door, he slammed his fist on the desk.

    “Now LOOK, you old wanker. I don’t know how you ran things in Laos, but here, when someone does a good job and doesn’t get a bonus, it’s sure as SHIT not ‘none of our concerned it!'” he shouted, mocking the owner’s accent.

    The owner sighed, pulled off his glasses and faced the man. “That’s all well and good,” he said. “However, I worked very hard to get to this point, earning two master’s degrees in business and English.”

    He went back to his papers. “So feel free to look for another job. But trust me when I say that NONE of you cunts earned it.”



  7. Has Australia the will to withstand the pressure from the CCP?
    A strategy of being able to ally and be able to harbour resources like good fuel storage back ups?
    What is it with the different Australian states tying in financially, big projects and leases, to China?
    A few good points made here.
    Barnaby Joyce :- ·
    The actions of China are no different to that of the general human experience of relationships.
    Once the stronger party believes it has its foot on your throat, it will increase the pressure to increase its pleasure. The stronger party rarely acts as an article of benevolence.
    That is for religion to preach, though it rarely adheres to it

    The dominant party wants to assert its power in fact and in appearance.
    It wants acknowledgment of that power by the supplicant It will call them “partner” as it drives toward vassal.

    The creation of a dominant and supplicant relationship is done by overt power, or as economist Henry Ergas referred to recently, by the actions of compradors.
    Compradors simply put are people who receive a benefit from the big fella pushing around the little fella even though they live in the little fella’s house.

    The dominant party can rely on loyalty or at least advocacy from the comprador in what otherwise would be a broader deleterious relationship.
    China is very well versed in how the actions of a comprador work.
    China suffered the duplicitous graft of agents for others when it was dominated and partially colonised by European powers at the turn of the twentieth century.
    China is not going to turn its back on its own history so as not to offend us.

    Dominance in a relationship self-evidently does not accept equivalence.
    Dominance is not only felt, it is seen.
    China is making sure we see it.
    We are not in the chair beside them, we are in a chair below them.

    So really the question is what is Australia to do?
    If you are prepared to hand over all that was ever fought for by this nation then, guess what?
    It still won’t be enough.
    A bully never sees itself as a bully.
    A thief never sees itself as a thief.
    A violent partner always has a reason why it happened and an alibi that they are misunderstood.

    These are hard times for all of us because we must challenge ourselves, are we as earnest as our rhetoric?
    When it actually hurts, are you going to stand in the playground against the bully and say ‘that is enough?’
    Are you prepared to accept what happens next and for the period of time it will hurt and cost?

    The judgement of character is not to be part of the pile-on for when the position is self-evident.
    To be honest, the gratuitous singing to the choir is a sign of a saccharine search for relevance.
    Whenever fear says “sit” is when you must ask yourself: do you have the courage to stand whilst engaging your brain as to understand the consequences so as to be prepared.
    How far in NZ with China, the projects like Kiwi Rail, and the locomotives,
    The tunneling machine in Auckland, but who is financing the 4.4 billion project rail project?
    A number of little links, deals, in the name of closer cooperation. hmmm.

    Now where is NZ’s national populist?
    That will speak out with understanding of a fair number of New Zealanders.!



  8. According to Stats NZ Auckland’s population grew an estimated 2.2 per cent in the June 2020 year, 37,000 more residents than in 2019.

    Now we run at about 2 8- 2,9 persons per household.
    This year Aickland have consented 17ooo or more and will have issued 19000residential consents..
    Same kind of numbers all round the country.
    Do we think that housing is going to be in trouble soon?

    Sell now, buy back 2022.



    • I hope for the sake of my eldest daughter that she will be able to buy a place to live in Auckland, with good public transport to her work in the CBD (although she works from home most days of the week). She does not have a car licence, and has no interest in getting one.
      She is definitely of the wired generation, with friends she Zooms with all over the globe. Why leave the house at all during the weekends?



  9. This cop would get my vote!. and put him charge of our lot.
    He knows his values, his principles and has integrity.
    A county in California.
    Note how he is pushing back on the higher ups, and calling them out as actual bullies with their black mailing threats to the local community, to make every one suffer whilst shifting blame to the sheriffs..
    A well put together speech that cuts through a number of issues.

    Message from Sheriff Bianco 12-04-20
    2 mins 58 secs : • Dec 4, 2020

    Great commonsense on the CCP virus also
    I hear there are more than half a dozen counties pushing back in California.

    Then to lighten up, 🙂
    Kevin Bloody Wilson : Commonsense
    3 mins 38 secs.



  10. So many things that change of how this CCP virus is told that raises questions for Tucker Carlson.

    …… collected during Red Cross blood drives last year and analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) …..
    ……. from California, Washington and Oregon that were collected between Dec. 13 and Dec. 16, 2019. …..+ many other parts of the country — in Michigan, Iowa, and Massachusetts. ……

    At the time, no one in the United States had heard of COVID-19.
    The Chinese government didn’t even acknowledge its existence until Dec. 31.
    And yet, every one of those samples came back positive for coronavirus antibodies.
    Keep in mind that antibodies don’t develop for at least a week after exposure to the virus. …….

    what we have been told for almost a year about the origins of the coronavirus is not true. ….

    It is as an article or you can click on the video.
    Many top names seem to pop up, but raises more questions, about just what are they about and trying prove.

    When will any ask questions of the conning nasal testing Director General of Health?
    What about the new testing systems in the UK? Easy to use, 30 minutes to result. and seem to be more accurate.

    Following the line of Saint Ashley, Nurse Ardern, Orderly Hipkins, and Father Tedros of WHO, where a sleight of a ‘coolie’s’ hand in hand linking to CCP ideology. hmmm

    Sounds like a lot more to come out of old history, a year back.
    The blow back of a dragon, that is deadly on its own citizens, and we can see that effect just over the ditch on trade, when Aussie mentioned and supported a full independent investigation, probe, inquiry.in part it explains why China is pointing fingers all round as the source of the virus is Italy, or India, or…. or



  11. Another ex-MP who thinks she can influence policy.

    Former Labour MP calls for ‘inequality emergency’ in wake of Government’s climate announcement

    On TVNZ1’s Q+A panel this morning, Sue Moroney said the Government, with its “strong mandate”, had the ability to start tackling growing inequality in New Zealand.

    “I’d like us to name inequality as being an emergency in this country as well because it’s all very well to have a healthy environment, but if your people are sick, then it’s not going to go very well at all.”



    • Oh dear. The problem of the woke.
      Just don’t understand cause and effect at all.

      still want to play robin Hood.
      Now there’s a good name for our Govt. of both shades.

      The house of robin Hood in wellington.



    • Jeesus Christ!
      An ‘Inequality Emergency’…What the fuck next?
      And don’t get me started on this ‘Mandate’ stuff Jacinda always bleats about.
      Politicians need to remember they are elected to represent- NOT to dictate to the population…



          • Moroney was out in 2017

            Credit where it is due.
            She worked hard to expose the corruption at NZ’s Ministry of Transport where Joanne Harrison was nicking money and the State Services and the prick – Martin Matthews – wanted to sweep it under the carpet.
            She nailed a serial fraudster and I give praise for that.
            Moroney went against the grain and could have let it go – the usual approach of pubic servants (?)

            Harrison (or whatever name today) was stealing in UK, Australia, Private and public entities in NZ.
            Martin Matthews – a vain prick and smarmy shit – wanted to let this slide (we suspect he was getting ‘benefits ‘ from Harrison ) so he could be NZ Auditor General overseeing ALL central govt expenditure.
            To add insult to injury he worked under a prior Auditor Gen who got caught.
            Same ol same ol.

            Credit to Moroney for that.
            She met resistance and the biggest win was exposing that nasty wee prick Matthews.



  12. Passing laws under urgency when it suits Labour’s agenda:

    The Bills that MPs raced through Parliament this week

    Four bills were listed to be worked on under urgency.

    What: Drug and Substance Checking Legislation Bill
    Why: The Bill lets drug checking stations set up at festivals or events legally. These services were at risk of prosecution for handling illegal substances and venues were at risk of being prosecuted for allowing their space to be used for illegal purposes. The Bill will expire after one year.

    What: Taxation (Income Tax Rate and Other Amendments) Bill
    But actually what?: The Bill makes a few changes but the main one capturing people’s attention is the introduction of a new top personal tax rate of 39 percent on incomes in excess of $180,000. It will apply from April 1 2021.

    What: Holidays (Increasing Sick Leave) Amendment Bill
    What does it do: The Bill increases the minimum employee entitlement to employer-funded sick leave from five to 10 days.

    What: COVID-19 Public Health Response Act Amendment Bill
    What does it do: The Bill officially creates the role of a Minister for COVID-19 Response and allows the Government to remove restrictions made under orders with less than 48 hours notice.



    • What was so ‘urgent’ about the drug testing bill?
      Unless you are a drug dealer hoping to make some extra big money over the Summer festivals I fail to see how this is a priority for anyone right now…



        • ……”Drugs are now de facto legal in Gayotearoa”…..

          The otherwise law abiding people who can’t travel overseas, insure their possessions or easily find employment because they were caught smoking a joint in their youth might disagree.

          The comment on Kiwiblog (23.4.18) reprinted below was part of an exchange between Graeme E & David Garrett. (DG is $100 poorer):

          Graeme Edgeler
          Happy to claim the $100 whenever you have it spare
          Will flick you the OIA I have response via email. I made the request in 2014 after a news story said (or advocacy group in a news story said?) there were lots of people sentenced to prison for simple possession. I thought: that doesn’t sound true, I reckon most of those people will have been people sentenced concurrently on other charges (eg three years for a burglary, one month concurrent for
          possession of the cannabis oil Police found when they executed the search warrant for the burglary). That was most of them, but it wasn’t all.
          I have five years of data (2009-2013). In 2013, there were five people imprisoned for possession of cannabis implements, where that charge was the only charge they faced, one person was imprisoned for possession of cannabis oil where that was the only charge they faced, and 11 people were imprisoned for possession of cannabis plant material where that was the only charge they



          • “one person was imprisoned for possession of cannabis oil where that was the only charge they faced”

            But what other charges did they have in their Criminal History?
            ‘Charged faced’ on the day yes- but they could have had 200 previous convictions and been a life parolee for all the information given…



            • …..”for all the information given”…..

              It’s possible but don’t forget that the Police use marijuana possession as a street sweeper. Display a poor attitude when questioned or be a person who has been a pain in the arse to police in the past & you’re charged. The idea is to build up a long history of “priors”.

              I brought it up & with the tolerance of our host I’ll continue to bring the info contained in the OIA to the attention of our correspondents. Drugs are NOT legal in our country & many people are prosecuted for their use. Whether this is good or bad is subjective but the fact is that people are jailed for very low level offences.



            • A friend who was a crown prosecutor some years ago told me they will get the known criminally guilty on a charge that may not have been the original intention, for instance fiddling their taxes, or I guess drugs.



      • Isn’t fish boy supposed to be going to play DJ or whatever at a music festival this summer? Seem to remember a story earlier this year? Guess nobody would attend if they can’t listen to ‘his music’ while off their faces. 😏



  13. “…free and frank advice and it has to be fast and carefully considered…”
    Imagine if the same applied to fast talking politicians. Some could get themselves in an awful mess legally!

    Scientists alarmed by Worksafe charging GNS Science over Whakaari eruption

    The Association of Scientists is warning that the charges facing a Crown Research Institute could mute the scientific community, preventing the sharing of vital information in a crisis.

    The association’s president, Troy Baisden, said prosecuting a scientific institution could create a cone of silence while legal proceedings take place.

    “Really we do need free and frank advice and it has to be fast and carefully consider the uncertainties that people need to hear because the government needs to take action and people need to make a lot of individual decisions in an emergency.”



    • You get a bit close to the government, you will be owned by the government.
      Pushed under the bus for the politician,

      …… The seven – all members of the National Commission for the Forecast and Prevention of Major Risks – were accused of having provided “inaccurate, incomplete and contradictory” information about the danger of the tremors felt ahead of 6 April 2009 quake, Italian media report.

      In addition to their sentences, all have been barred from ever holding public office again, La Repubblica reports. …..
      ….. The judge also ordered the defendants to pay court costs and damages. ……

      …… Some scientists have warned that the case might set a damaging precedent, deterring experts from sharing their knowledge with the public for fear of being targeted in lawsuits, the BBC’s Alan Johnston in Rome reports.

      Among those convicted were some of Italy’s most prominent and internationally respected seismologists and geological experts. ……

      …. “If the scientific community is to be penalised for making predictions that turn out to be incorrect, or for not accurately predicting an event that subsequently occurs, then scientific endeavour will be restricted to certainties only and the benefits that are associated with findings from medicine to physics will be stalled.”

      I think it is only science when the politicians want to apply the scientific concepts to the people, like the science of “precautionary” and making “safety first”

      The argument sort of continued after the exoneration, or was it.? 🙂

      Now can I sue for it not getting too cold when ice ages were in vogue?
      Can I sue if the insurance company will not insure, because the government scientists said the seal level was going up much more than it did.
      In England can I sue for the snow that fell, when it was said the a decade or so ago that the children will never see snow, because of global warming.



    • From your link:
      Baisden said a lot can be done to ensure scientists communicate well during a disaster, including hearing from a range of voices including Māori.

      “We can reach into, for example, indigenous knowledge which Dan Hikuroa and Te Pūnaha Matatini has pointed out can be precise and accurate and rigourous in conveying knowledge of past hazards.

      What the heck do you think that means?
      Did Dr Hikuroa have some knowledge from his ancestors that could have predicted when White Island was going to blow?

      If he did, why hasn’t Worksafe charged him?



  14. I got a speeding ticket.
    Got pinged by plod coming towards me, 108km on open road, in the Waikato today,he spun around and pulled me over!
    Had a photo of me from behind, stopped and the speed on his machine, together on one photo.
    So you have to rely on his word, that it is true and correct, and we all know they never lie!
    No picture of him driving towards me with the speed up on machine and my picture coming towards.
    He wanted my phone number, I objected and plod was going to make an issue, I places to go, so I let it slide!
    Since have goggled, but only get the name, address etc, but no mention of phone number!
    Anyone have a clue as to who is correct!



  15. In California, not Presidential voting, but just keeping their hand in.

    A man who tried to run for mayor in Hawthorne pleaded not guilty Tuesday in connection with an alleged voter fraud case in which thousands of fraudulent voter registration applications were allegedly submitted on behalf of homeless people, a fraud effort that prosecutors allege was being funded by the criminal gang MS-13.

    It would seem a way for MS-13 to eventually have the inside running, of police, jails, justice system, etc.

    I sometimes wonder here in NZ when we have all this push for registering, in the name of democracy, and which roll to go on, and just how neutral are those people.
    Also to be able to note for themselves a copy that could be used for other nefarious purposes.
    Sure general advertising, papers, tv, radio, bill boards, etc., but it does seem that it gets a bit too close up & personal & persuasive to cruise around at malls, street corners etc..



  16. Front Page with Scott Goulet with his steady flow of info and what it means.

    Too many things have happened in recent times. If you take a closer look, you will notice there are two tracks. One is the fight against the attempted coup by voter fraud. Second is the confrontation between the U.S. and CCP China. These two tracks can actually be merged into one main track, which is the battle between good and evil.

    Tremendous evidence of the voter fraud and the attempted coup in action have been released, the most shocking one being the recent video footage in Georgia. We will save this for a little later in the program. There is also some climax in the confrontation between the U.S. and CCP China, in which the CCP War Wolf is pushed back by 5 actions implemented by the U.S.

    Also, in this episode, a video clip that was submitted by President Trump’s team is the surveillance footage from the counting center at the “State Farm Arena’s in Fulton County, Georgia” This venue was the site where absentee and military ballots were counted.

    The footage revealed, on the night of Election Day, a woman-described as a blonde woman with braids-told workers to stop counting and notified everyone to go home. After the Republican observers and Fox reporters left, four people stayed behind.

    They dragged out at least three suitcases full of ballots from under a long table covered with a black tablecloth and scanned and tabulated the ballots from about 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. the next morning.

    “Georgia Governor blames Secretary of State; Stolen Trump votes helped president-elect barely win”
    19 mins 54 secs. : circa 5:00 pm NZ time Sunday 6th December 2020

    Really explains the 5 points of what China has been doing & costing the USA citizens, and how it fans out to make gains in the USA and the world.



  17. A bit ra ra rah, ;but the keys are in those voters and senators hands.

    WOW! Georgia Crowd Chants “FIGHT FOR TRUMP!”– As Sen. Loeffler and Perdue Speak at Trump Rally!
    2 mins 47 secs. : • Dec 5, 2020

    Which senator is not the real deal?
    Do those senators get the message, from the crowd? as their feet must be feeling the heat. 🙂



    • Johnboy will be dagging then shearing those sheep, so he can be again with his naked ladies.
      Problem is the price of those garments is a lot of work for nix, but he will get joy seeing them jump out out through the gate, and be free.
      Change the breed to Wiltshire, where those girls will drop their fleece out in the paddock. 🙂
      Some very warm weather coming to the East Coast, for a few days, 25-29 degrees, so the rest of the flock will be shedding their garments?
      A time line of the China Australia relationship.

      2019: Australian intelligence services conclude that China was responsible for a cyber-attack on Australia’s parliament and three largest political parties in the run-up to a May election.

      April 2020: Australian PM Scott Morrison begins canvassing his fellow world leaders for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.
      Britain and France are initially reluctant but more than 100 countries eventually back an investigation.

      April 15: Morrison is one of the few leaders to voice sympathy with Donald Trump’s criticisms of the World Health Organization, which the US president accuses of bias towards China.

      April 21: China’s embassy accuses Australian foreign minister Peter Dutton of ‘ignorance and bigotry’ and ‘parroting what those Americans have asserted’ after he called for China to be more transparent about the outbreak.

      April 23: Australia’s agriculture minister David Littleproud calls for G20 nations to campaign against the ‘wet markets’ which are common in China and linked to the earliest coronavirus cases.

      April 26: Chinese ambassador Cheng Jingye hints at a boycott of Australian wine and beef and says tourists and students might avoid Australia ‘while it’s not so friendly to China’.
      Canberra dismisses the threat and warns Beijing against ‘economic coercion’.

      May 11: China suspends beef imports from four of Australia’s largest meat processors.
      These account for more than a third of Australia’s $1.1billion beef exports to China.

      May 18: The World Health Organization backs a partial investigation into the pandemic, but China says it is a ‘joke’ for Australia to claim credit.
      The same day, China imposes an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley. Australia says it may challenge this at the WTO.

      May 21: China announces new rules for iron ore imports which could allow Australian imports – usually worth $41billion per year – to be singled out for extra bureaucratic checks.

      June 5: Beijing warns tourists against travelling to Australia, alleging racism and violence against the Chinese in connection with Covid-19.

      June 9: China’s Ministry of Education warns students to think carefully about studying in Australia, similarly citing alleged racist incidents.

      June 19: Australia says it is under cyber-attack from a foreign state which government sources say is believed to be China. The attack has been targeting industry, schools, hospitals and government officials, Morrison says.

      July 9: Australia suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong and offers to extend the visas of 10,000 Hong Kongers who are already in Australia over China’s national security law which effectively bans protest.

      August 18: China launches 12-month anti-dumping investigation into wines imported from Australia in a major threat to the $6billion industry.

      August 26: Prime Minster Scott Morrison announces he will legislate to stop states and territories signing deals with foreign powers that go against Australia’s foreign policy. Analysts said it is aimed at China.

      October 13: Trade Minister Simon Birmingham says he’s investigating reports that Chinese customs officials have informally told state-owned steelmakers and power plants to stop Aussie coal, leaving it in ships off-shore.

      November 2: Agriculture Minister David Littleproud reveals China is holding up Aussie lobster imports by checking them for minerals.

      November 3: Barley, sugar, red wine, logs, coal, lobster and copper imports from Australia unofficially banned under a directive from the government, according to reports.

      November 18: China releases bizarre dossier of 14 grievances with Australia.

      November 27: Australian coal exports to China have dropped 96 per cent in the first three weeks of November as 82 ships laden with 8.8million tonnes of coal are left floating off Chinese ports where they have been denied entry.

      November 28: Beijing imposed a 212 per cent tariff on Australia’s $1.2 billion wine exports, claiming they were being ‘dumped’ or sold at below-cost. The claim is denied by both Australia and Chinese importers.

      Plus look what has been sold to China. Ports, Dairy Companies, Coal mines, Water systems, State schools, Agricultural land, Energy companies.
      There will be some cheap iron ore mines coming on the market by the look of it.

      How does NZ stack up in comparison? Westland dairy company, and some others being established.

      The list of grievances.
      China’s ’14 grievances’
      1. ‘Incessant wanton interference in China’s Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan affairs’

      2. ‘Siding with the US’ anti-China campaign and spreading misinformation’

      3. ‘Thinly veiled allegations against China on cyber attacks without any evidence’

      4. ‘An unfriendly or antagonistic report on China by media’

      5. Providing funding to ‘anti-China think tank for spreading untrue reports’

      6. ‘Foreign interference legislation’

      7. ‘Foreign investment decisions’

      8. ‘Banning Huawei technologies and ZTE from the 5G network’

      9. ‘Politicisation and stigmatisation of the normal exchanges and coorperation between China and Australia’

      10. Making statements ‘on the South China Sea to the United Nations’

      11. ‘Outrageous condemnation of the governing party of China by MPs and racist attacks against Chinese or Asian people’

      12. ‘The early drawn search and reckless seizure of Chinese journalists’ homes and properties’

      13. Calls for an independent inquiry into Covid-19

      14. ‘Legislation to scrutinise agreements with a foreign government’

      That list was from a month a go, and goading has continued over the Australian military inquiry in Afghanistan.

      Not that one wants to rattle China needlessly, but NZ should also become more prepared to withstand any financial shock from this, and to stand firm.
      Fuel storage reserves, coal ready to go, gas ready to go ,,, yeah right, not thought of.

      To me the “The Great Reset” plans will include all the points of how the CCP runs China and its computers & software systems for you “social credit”.
      Would be no surprise they actually ‘own’ Klaus Schwab and a few of the others of that ilk.
      WHO Tedros certainly is compromised.



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