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  1. Compare and contrast: Trump vs the Anti-Trump

    When you put Trump vs France’s Emmanuel Macron (who the BBC annointed the “Anti-Trump“)- we all know who our very own Covid Cindy will align with.

    Part of my “think for myself” strategy is to source news and current affairs analysis that is not from the mainstream media. One of the sources is “The Duran”, I came across this fascinating discourse from over a year ago about what’s going on how France is failing and being torn apart by Macron’s policies. While the MSM news blackout of protests in France continues, we know the unrest is still going on.

    I can’t help but compare how the voting public responds to the Anti-Trump (ie ongoing civil unrest and protests against him) with how the US public respond to Trump (mass adulation, a flourishing supportive movement),

    Yesterday tens of thousands of Georgians turned up to support Trump, a million people turned up for the Washington Million Maga march after the election.

    Isn’t it amazing what kind of massive popular support you can generate by the simple acts of a politician who puts the people first, refuses to bow to China, does the opposite to what the evil NWO wants and who thumbs his nose at the corrupt and evil MSM.

    No wonder the NWO hates him and will stoop to any level to remove him – even if it requires the greatest fraud ever carried out!



  2. Macrons buddy.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern believes New Zealand is ending 2020 with its relationship with China as strong as when the year began.

    It entered the escalating row between China and Australia, formally expressing concern about “disinformation” issued by a senior Chinese foreign affairs official on social o highlight the damning war crimes report in Australia.


    Surely, surely she can’t be that naive can she?

    ‘Kiwis bleat like Aussie sheep but don’t condemn Afghan killings’ ran the headline on China’s state-run media Global Times website the day after New Zealand made its statement.

    “Ardern has demonstrated that New Zealand will not stop playing double standard tricks the West uses so often,” reads the article, “this is also part of the so-called Western values – the freedom to be hypocrites.

    “As a member of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance, New Zealand has to stick to such values.”
    There’s more.



    • A time line of the China Australia relationship
      2019: Australian intelligence services conclude that China was responsible for a cyber-attack on Australia’s parliament and three largest political parties in the run-up to a May election.

      April 2020: Australian PM Scott Morrison begins canvassing his fellow world leaders for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.
      Britain and France are initially reluctant but more than 100 countries eventually back an investigation.

      April 15: Morrison is one of the few leaders to voice sympathy with Donald Trump’s criticisms of the World Health Organization, which the US president accuses of bias towards China.

      April 21: China’s embassy accuses Australian foreign minister Peter Dutton of ‘ignorance and bigotry’ and ‘parroting what those Americans have asserted’ after he called for China to be more transparent about the outbreak.

      April 23: Australia’s agriculture minister David Littleproud calls for G20 nations to campaign against the ‘wet markets’ which are common in China and linked to the earliest coronavirus cases.

      April 26: Chinese ambassador Cheng Jingye hints at a boycott of Australian wine and beef and says tourists and students might avoid Australia ‘while it’s not so friendly to China’.
      Canberra dismisses the threat and warns Beijing against ‘economic coercion’.

      May 11: China suspends beef imports from four of Australia’s largest meat processors.
      These account for more than a third of Australia’s $1.1billion beef exports to China.

      May 18: The World Health Organization backs a partial investigation into the pandemic, but China says it is a ‘joke’ for Australia to claim credit.
      The same day, China imposes an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley. Australia says it may challenge this at the WTO.

      May 21: China announces new rules for iron ore imports which could allow Australian imports – usually worth $41billion per year – to be singled out for extra bureaucratic checks.

      June 5: Beijing warns tourists against travelling to Australia, alleging racism and violence against the Chinese in connection with Covid-19.

      June 9: China’s Ministry of Education warns students to think carefully about studying in Australia, similarly citing alleged racist incidents.

      June 19: Australia says it is under cyber-attack from a foreign state which government sources say is believed to be China. The attack has been targeting industry, schools, hospitals and government officials, Morrison says.

      July 9: Australia suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong and offers to extend the visas of 10,000 Hong Kongers who are already in Australia over China’s national security law which effectively bans protest.

      August 18: China launches 12-month anti-dumping investigation into wines imported from Australia in a major threat to the $6billion industry.

      August 26: Prime Minster Scott Morrison announces he will legislate to stop states and territories signing deals with foreign powers that go against Australia’s foreign policy. Analysts said it is aimed at China.

      October 13: Trade Minister Simon Birmingham says he’s investigating reports that Chinese customs officials have informally told state-owned steelmakers and power plants to stop Aussie coal, leaving it in ships off-shore.

      November 2: Agriculture Minister David Littleproud reveals China is holding up Aussie lobster imports by checking them for minerals.

      November 3: Barley, sugar, red wine, logs, coal, lobster and copper imports from Australia unofficially banned under a directive from the government, according to reports.

      November 18: China releases bizarre dossier of 14 grievances with Australia.

      November 27: Australian coal exports to China have dropped 96 per cent in the first three weeks of November as 82 ships laden with 8.8million tonnes of coal are left floating off Chinese ports where they have been denied entry.

      November 28: Beijing imposed a 212 per cent tariff on Australia’s $1.2 billion wine exports, claiming they were being ‘dumped’ or sold at below-cost. The claim is denied by both Australia and Chinese importers.
      Plus look what has been sold to China. Ports, Dairy Companies, Coal mines, Water systems, State schools, Agricultural land, Energy companies.
      Supposedly the Chinese can not do a jab on iron ore, or will they? if it helps them to buy some cheap iron ore mines? and gain more control?

      The industry, which accounts for 65,000 onsite jobs, brought in more than $100 billion last financial year. [to Western Australia in particular]

      How does NZ stack up in comparison? Westland dairy company, and some other dairy processors being established.
      Where else have they got a hold?
      The list of grievances.
      China’s ’14 grievances’
      1. ‘Incessant wanton interference in China’s Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan affairs’

      2. ‘Siding with the US’ anti-China campaign and spreading misinformation’

      3. ‘Thinly veiled allegations against China on cyber attacks without any evidence’

      4. ‘An unfriendly or antagonistic report on China by media’

      5. Providing funding to ‘anti-China think tank for spreading untrue reports’

      6. ‘Foreign interference legislation’

      7. ‘Foreign investment decisions’

      8. ‘Banning Huawei technologies and ZTE from the 5G network’

      9. ‘Politicisation and stigmatisation of the normal exchanges and coorperation between China and Australia’

      10. Making statements ‘on the South China Sea to the United Nations’

      11. ‘Outrageous condemnation of the governing party of China by MPs and racist attacks against Chinese or Asian people’

      12. ‘The early drawn search and reckless seizure of Chinese journalists’ homes and properties’

      13. Calls for an independent inquiry into Covid-19

      14. ‘Legislation to scrutinise agreements with a foreign government’
      That list was from a month a go, and goading has continued over the Australian military inquiry in Afghanistan.

      Not that one wants to rattle China needlessly, but NZ should also become more prepared to withstand any financial shock from this, and to stand firm.
      Australia will be looking at where else it can send their beef, and the risk of lowering beef prices in other markets, will flow onto beef farmers and probably will also hit sheep meats too.

      Fuel storage reserves?, coal ready to go?, gas ready to go? yeah right, not thought of. 🙁
      Surely NZ could take a ship 2 of Aussie coal, not Indonesian coal? 🙂

      To me the “The Great Reset” plans will include all the points of how the CCP runs China and its computers & software systems for your “social credit”.
      Would be no surprise they actually ‘own’ Klaus Schwab and a few of the others of that ilk.
      WHO Tedros certainly is compromised.

      The other part is the connection China has in Dominion voting systems, using their influence, and the attempted disruption of the USA elections.
      That seems to show an insidious connection deep into USA politics.

      The 5 G network with Huawei, would have been ideal from “the great reset” point of view. That part seemed ready to go, but fortunately, some seemed to become a bit wary of the connections to the CCP military intelligence systems.

      So the “Great Reset” the UN connections, so I would not be surprised CCP will have influence there.



  3. So who is rernng the taxpayers money after their best year for years?

    Covid 19 coronavirus: How FMCG reaped the benefits of lockdowns
    The fast-moving consumer goods industry is one of the lucky ones to experience a boost in earnings and activity during lockdowns that sent most into a period of hibernation.

    The spend on icecream was up 11 per cent, chocolate up 5 per cent, while sales of frozen goods were up 20 per cent and disinfectants up 24 per cent. Beer was up 14.5 per cent, wine up 8 per cent and cider up 23 per cent.


    Clearly the tax man cometh. Well indeed they are ramping up efforts now their transformation work is winding down.

    Every week there is information on this on interest.co.nz



  4. The next few months could be interesting when all the rumours settle down a d the truth comes out on NZ First, the Foundation and Winston Peters. Hope fully we will learn how much he sold his sole to Labour for and what were the rewards that were promised for it, or will Winston come back to attack Jacinda and her bullshit policy. Will Winston be our next ambassador to the USA as his reward or will Labour gamble and give it to one of their own , interesting times ahead for this rotten Government.



  5. More actual evidence


    1/3 of people who were called said they didn’t vote – even though their vote was cast by someone!

    Seriously, either the legislatures in the battleground states start doing their jobs and withholding their certification, or there is going to be blood in the streets! It’s that obvious now that this was a stolen election, that it’s only a matter of time before the 100 million Yanks who own guns take to the streets to take back their country.

    It’s 1776 again. Can the NWO afford that to happen? If it happens in the US then it’s going to go worldwide.



    • “It’s 1776 again”

      Comment of the day. Perhaps the week!

      I’M FRIGHTENED. I’m deadly serious on this. I am worried some idiot will detonate a nuclear device next year. Don’t say it can’t happen. It’s already happened TWICE in Japan!

      The horse is bolting.



    • The full page ad put in the Washington Examiner over the past day or so
      Too important not to know of the full detail.
      I have posted in full as I think for some it is a bit difficult to find.
      Exercising Extraordinary Authority in Defense of Our Vote
      May be Required because Martial Law is better than Civil War!

      Posted here:-



      • OK S1, I think you are right.

        The evil NWO broke the 3 Nov election. Nothing can put that particular Humpty Dumpty together again.

        Martial Law to keep the peace, accompanied by a fully audited paper ballot election and a “Do-Over” is the only way that the Right and Independents can be appeased.

        The major problem is that the Left know they will get utterly destroyed in a free election. They will never go for it.

        And this is why I’m reticent about this being a viable option.

        I still think that the only way is to accept that the Left got their way, they permanently broke democracy and now we need to replace it. I want a Dictator Trump in power for the rest of his life. And after that I want Don Jr to inherit the throne.

        I see no other way to successfully oppose the evil cloud that is CCP China.



        • Thanks DP

          I do not see it as a perfect cure, and but is there any other way.
          Also politics is very much a human game, so many players, and to make others make decisions, the straight Republicans and straight Democrats. Then there are the Rinos, but can they take pressure? Same as possibly wavering Democrats.

          Everything is being leveraged, bluffs too?
          Like Sidney Powell saying not too vote Republican in Georgia for those crap arse senators, but points out she did not want a repeat of fraud, and media ran with it, but it puts the pressure to get their system sorted,
          So once it is right, she wants every one to vote, knowing that their vote will count, as there will be no cheating, shading the good votes.

          From what I have read, it is I recall that has to be played, martial law, within 45 days of the election., if I figure correctly that is 18th December.

          After that then too late, it will be the games and pressures with in the states judiciary systems, and the different levels, + law technicalities.
          Supreme Court, and how & what they can come into play or not.

          Then the legislators, still have to follow their constitutions, then also the overriding Federal constitution, that the Supreme Court will rule on.
          That court will not rule on the results, but only on factors that may have a ‘determinative’ effect.

          For me the D day is the 18th Dec, and it will be Trump, that will weigh up all the other plays, to which is the best way to go..
          Weighing up the people he has, like the DOJ, FBI, CIA, but he has other things recently put in play with military intelligience. Then what has Flyn got?

          In the mean time pressure, pressure, and can those Democrats with stand it.
          Which one of them will break?.
          Every one is trying to do work arounds and time run out too.

          I have never got into what other young people in those computerized war games craft, but this game now, plus China, plus Aussie, UN WHO, WEF etc.. is a lot more than I can figure.

          The real bad BLM antifa, etc, I think may not be big in number, and then will be come like the Red Brigade,/Faction in Germany, but if police, army, and courts can get back to basics, and though there may be some problem areas, it will soon be sorted.

          I have a bit more worry about the CCP and just what moves it will make, like against India, just a little, or Taiwan or some other nearby country. It has history of this Tibet



    • That is really interesting DP. Not only does the data analysis seem solid but he has also given it to the Georgia Secretary of State who is showing up to be the most corrupt official in the state. He will do nothing, but given the legislators have been given it as well, he puts himself in a corner. I wonder if his CCP paymasters will let him run away.



  6. Seriously, what will be the name given to the coming Treaty of Waitangi equivalent for Pacifica peoples? Anyone who thinks this isn’t going to happen in some form has got rocks in their heads ,the rhetoric is becoming louder ,more often and more militant.
    Without doubt Cindy will be “having conversations” about this as we speak, very soon everybody else seeking hospital treatment will have to get in line for help depending on ethnicity.



  7. Who feels that to often we are forgotten as taxpayers and never thanked for the work we do paying taxes used by others to do good things.
    I often do and here is an example.

    Hip to AI: orthopaedic surgery software startup Formus Labs raising $7 million
    There’s a lot that’s high-tech about joint replacement surgery these days.

    But there’s also a lot of drilling, scraping, sawing and hammering.

    “In some ways, it’s a lot like carpentry,” Dr Ju Zhang says.

    It’s certainly not the sort of procedure you want to repeat unnecessarily, but Zhang says in the past 20 years in New Zealand, nearly one in 10 hip replacements have been revisions and one in five knee replacements are unsatisfactory.
    In 2016, the Chinese-born Kiwi created Formus Labs to help increase the success rate.

    “Joint replacement surgery has never been an exact science, so a relatively high number of surgeries require revision, which hugely impacts a patient’s life,” he says.


    Fabulous work and more to come BUT and there always is a but;

    Fundraising for this enterprise ihas gone straight offshore to to the rich.
    No thought to the Kiwi taxpayers who have essential subsidized this work and done so without complaint.
    The university is complicit in this while spending 5 million on a crap house for their Australian Deouty.

    Why, just why are Kiwi’s not given the chance to contribute to the fund raising and therefore the giant rewards that can come from this.
    This sort of thing is greater for NZ than any Al lBlack, Un, Cindy hugging promotion ever indugled in.
    And yet we don’t get to participate in the rewards of our funding of this work.
    Not even via our superfund who should be if not No.1 at the door at least No.2 rather than oversea’s Silicon Valley funders.
    We will never own our own Silicone Valley doing that.
    There are plenty of Kiwi’s who would contribute to this. Me included, and plenty who could write the cheque from their bank account to the whole amount.
    I have written asking why we can’t participate. Will be interesting what reply we get.
    Maybe there is a case for another intervention via the Rule of Law. We no longer value our sovereignty and this is obvious from these actions.
    No wonder we always are called poor and have lowering productivity.

    Wonder how many other programs there are like this. World leading that like ZERO are more valued offshore than inside NZ.


    Go have a look and ask the same question.



    • Good point Viking.
      The way how Government runs things, with all their laws, rules & regulations also probably pushed them to go offshore.
      That really shows up the incompetence, negligence, and ignorance that comes out of government policies and their bureaucrats.

      They wonder why people put money into houses?
      Despite the rules and laws, the people still feel they can control their wealth.
      That may be turning, as there is even a push that under “emergency” the government can commandeer a house that is not having enough people living in it.

      Clint Smith;- …Residential plots and houses that sit empty for a year (determined by power/water/data use and inspection) could be made subject to penalty rates unless the owner has an excuse, like redevelopment.
      That would push landlords to rent out their properties and landbankers to build.


      These dreamers are doing well right now scamming money, but positioning themselves and pushing for the “Great CCP Reset”

      That smart technology of the “great reset” will monitor for signs of habitation remotely by electricity usage and water usage.

      All this talk of further investment, but the NZ government makes everything very risky.
      Strangling the goose, to squeeze out more than a golden egg a day.
      Strangled the oil & gas industry, then pushing that more money will be made, in stirring the pot to a greenery pottage., …. yeah right.

      “you will have nothing, and you will be happy”, as the more the government gives you, the more they can take away, or else.



    • “In some ways, it’s a lot like carpentry,” Dr Ju Zhang says.

      I remember seeing a doco in the 80’s about the orthopaedic surgeons in Ireland. They were the world experts on knee surgery at the time, for obvious reasons. They showed a shot of the operating theatre all set up for the next surgery. It was set up exactly like a carpenter’s bench except it was all stainless steel. Also it was in the days before surgeons used power tools , still had the old brace and bits!!

      On the success rate –one of the issues, which I think has been overcome now, is that in the early days they used really high quality metal in the joints. Once they realised how much demand and money there was in it they got greedy and lowered the metal quality to save money. 10 years later there was a mass of repeat surgeries needed and they realised it was the poorer quality metal that was the problem. So they went back to the better stuff.



    • Oh yes.
      Watched that last night and she tears a new arsehole for Mr Barr.

      I have noticed that there is almost nothing from the Biden camp. Its like they are in hiding.
      One video in the last two weeks.
      Is it that no one publishes them or are they so ashamed they just don’t make them. Fake book doesn’t even have then even though they are still tagging everything else.

      Zucker needs taking down with his overt control while owning a very small amount of the shares. Something like 5% with 50+% control.



  8. A London lawyer runs a stop sign, and gets pulled over by an Irish cop. This hotshot sure knows he’s better educated and definitely smarter than some random Irish cop. He decides to prove to himself how smart he is while having some fun at the cop.

    Irish cop:”License and registration, please.”

    “What for?”, lawyer asks.

    Irish cop says:”Ye didnae come to a complete stop at the stop sign.”

    Lawyer:”But I slowed down and there was nobody on road – none was coming.”

    Irish cop:”Ye didnae come to a complete stop at the stop sign! License and registration, please!”

    Lawyer:”Okay, but what’s the difference? Where’s the problem?”

    Cop:”The difference is, ye havte come to a complete stop at the stop sign, that’s the law! You didnae and that’s the problem! License and registration, please!”

    The lawyer says:”So, listen, if you can show me the difference between slowing down and full stop, you win, I give you license, registration and take the ticket. If you can’t, you can’t write me anything and I just go my way.”

    Irish cop looks at him and says:”Okay sir, that’s fine, please just step out of the car now.”

    Lawyer steps out of the car with a smirk on his face ready to get in car and leave, but cop quickly pulls out his baton and beats the living shit out of the guy, takes a breath and say:”Daeye want me to slow down or perhaps a full stop would be better?”



  9. We need more lockdowns apparently.

    Three hundred fewer people died during the Covid-19 lockdown compared to recent years, even as thousands of patient appointments were cancelled and GPs closed their doors to all but the most urgent cases.

    The Ministry of Health has published a report examining the impact of Covid-19 on hospital and general practice activity, which was reduced to all but the most essential services during lockdown to contain the virus, and how any changes effected patient health.

    But then of course we didn’t have the usual winter flu and a very very mild winter.



    • In towns and cities with more than one hospital, they could have carried on with all the usual operations as normal and sent the CCP Virus ladden patients to the other!
      Did they? No they did not and they are meant to be the clever ones in charge.
      Who’s garanny, father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, did they kill!
      A pox on all of them, from the PM down!



    • The job of the corrupt MSM is to continually promote a string of trivial issues to distract the sheep-like populace.

      This is how the concept of “controlled opposition” works.

      We wouldn’t want to be staring in horror at the CCP corruption of the US elections. We don’t want to be thinking about why Jacinda did everything in her power to facilitate the Ch’ch shootings. We don’t want to be thinking about how “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” and censorship is only used to hide wrong doings by those in power. We don’t want to ask questions about the highly anomalous NZ election result where eternally blue areas voted red – a lot like what we’re seeing in the US elections.

      Much better to peddle faux outrage about a completely meaningless issue so that the tiny minded voters can be fooled into thinking our unaccountable political abusers are being held to account.



      • “…the tiny minded voters…” are not thinking much at all of what is happening politically, here or overseas. They are out spending up large for Christmas buying more crap completely unaware or not caring about the forthcoming financial doom. How long before Labour’s financial house of cards collapses? How long is a piece of string?



  10. I see Ardern promises to be more accountable concerning the Mosque tragedy.

    Will this include the ability of our Mosque shooter being able to stockpile firearms and ammunition after someone in high places changed the criteria.

    Asking for a friend.



  11. Jacinda Ardern blames the way we measure child poverty as a excuse for it showing negative results, well you would have thought she would have made sure the right mechanisms were in place before spouting for the last 6 years on how her policy would fix child poverty. Ardern expressed frustration on how long it takes to measure Child poverty data..
    18 – 30 months and says it’s very hard for us to tell the impact we are having on the ground, I want to know if we are going in the right direction… we don’t know that yet. This after several years of spouting how she would personally fix child poverty and now all we hear is hope. So what really has changed because just like previous Labour Governments it’s throw more money at the problem and sooner or later it will fix itself no plan just more expense.



  12. Wah wah fucking wah wah.
    We didn’t get a copy of the commissions report on Tarrants actions.
    Because you are living overseas, (in this case UK), you couldn’t get it in person.
    Wait for Tuesday like the rest of us.
    It’s nothing special, just like you, so fuck off with your bleating.



    • GRS…
      “Described in the report as probably the most disgraceful episode in Australian Military history”…

      That being the case ‘The Adelaide River Stakes’ must drop back to second place…

      “Such things might be expected from undisciplined civilians. But the military was little better. Looting of abandoned private houses and business premises went on long after the bombers had left. Some of the remaining civilians took part, but so did Army personnel, including members of the Provost Corps who had been brought in to maintain order. There was also substantial desertion, with the RAAF faring particularly poorly: even four days afterwards, a muster found 278 RAAF personnel absent without leave. The commander of the RAAF station did order his airmen to remove to ‘half a mile’ down the road and then ‘half a mile’ into the bush, but that can’t explain where the AWLs ended up: some to Batchelor, a distance of 61 miles (100 km) from Darwin; others to Adelaide River, 70 miles; one to Daly Waters, about 385 miles; and one man, infamously, made it all the way to Melbourne, around 1950 miles as the crow (or bomber) flies. [Additional: see below for his side of the story.] That’s about the same distance London is from Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad)”. https://anzacday.org.au/ww2-australia-under-attack

      And I think that is a fairly sanitised version of events (eg soldiers outrunning the civies to AR)…have an Australian mate who told me his father served in Darwin at this time…never had the heart to ask him whether he had heard of The Adelaide River Stakes, as most Aussies haven’t a clue of this part of their history.



  13. Who just said she’d continue to throw more money at poverdy…

    Ardern says benefit increases sparked by Covid-19 will help ‘make a difference’ to alleviate child poverty

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is rejecting claims her Government has done little to solve poverty among New Zealand’s tamariki.

    “Let’s just acknowledge the progress, but no one is going to say that we’re done yet because we’re not.”

    Ardern said as part of the Covid-19 relief package, beneficiaries got access to a permanent $25 weekly increase to their benefit – a total cost of $2.8 billion.



  14. For the compulsive obsessive evangelicals, the BBC has set up to ruin the comedy for the day.

    Boycott The BBC NOW! 😤 This Is Disgraceful 🎄 Christmas Dibley Ruined 😡 Don’t Watch & Defund NOW
    2 mins 51 secs. : • Dec 5, 2020

    Some would say the whole day is a “virtue signal”, but this is really getting into “dark spirits” of ideology.
    Eventually blood or $ will run in the streets, in the name of meritless inclusive diversity.



  15. Here is very definitive proof the Dominion machines were rigged.

    “Vote Fraud by Software , Ware County GA.

    100 pre defined votes for Biden and 100 pre defined votes for Trump “counted” by Dominion Tabulator.

    Result: 118 Biden, 82 Trump. 18% vote shift to Biden. vote spread went from Zero to 36 votes out of 200 total votes.

    Now, what do you think happened in all the other 158 GA counties? Enough to swing an election?



    They have got 22 machines in Michigan (via a Court ruling) to look at as well. (I hope they have not be readjusted when they get them)



  16. How about charging the father with child endangerment?

    Police stop nine-year-old driving drunk dad to get more booze in Mosgiel

    “The nine-year-old’s father was intoxicated in the vehicle, and had asked the child to drive him to purchase more alcohol,” Bond said.

    “The investigation is ongoing and no infringements or charges have been brought at this stage.”



    • Did the driver have a special ‘Te Tiriti’ force field ?

      For a white farmer (where have I heard that before) there would be ‘zero tolerance’ to hesitation.
      He’d be ‘down the line’ quick smart.



  17. Eric Clapton videos banned from Boob tube.
    so has popped up on Bitchute 🙂

    The crime of these classic rockers is to release the song “Stand and Deliver,” which objects to the COVID-19 tyranny that the media holds dearer even than celebrity worship

    So we must by their example, stand, work around, and make a better “delivery” than the current deliverer of NZ.



  18. A cut and paste from a poster on Jo Nova’s site :

    “This is interesting, a man by the name of Timothy Charles Holmseth sent a message to Tucker Carlson and 4 others stating there was a plan by the media to assist in the overthrow of the US government by falsely declaring J Biden the winner, he sent the message on June 20 2020.

    Either he knew something or it was a lucky guess ”

    They have been planning for a long time !!



  19. Things are getting very busy up here at the moment due to a large container ship berthing at Northport and likely many more to come. We were in a meeting this morning trying to work out how a company run by a council with a spineless career socialist as mayor could possibly go wrong. If the port of Auckland was shut down tomorrow and replaced by a hotdog stand the council would get a greater return. The mayor, who clearly has no idea how to run a business tries to blame everything on covid. What an absolute tosser, I’m so glad I don’t pay rates down there.



    • Over the weekend I counted 8 ships anchored off N end of Rangitoto. Usually only one or two. What a cock up. Now Goff is going to put our rates up 5%, and in the same breath is telling us he’s going to shut down parks, toilets and kids playgrounds. So much for his “most liveable city”. Traffic’s bloody awful. This town is broken. Mrs Saggy and I are getting out of here in next couple of years.



    • A problem with rogue cranes and toppling cranes. hmmm.

      …. this week suspended its automated carriers that unload containers after one robot went rogue and crashed. ….
      [They had laid off about 50 staff a few years ago, and now seeking to employ about 50 new staff
      Training and getting up to speed takes time.]

      ….. 1300 Auckland-bound containers in Whangārei on 6 December,” ….

      …. “Those will have to move by road, which means probably around 2600 truck movements to and from Auckland to Whangārei.
      They’re substandard roads, the rail is out to Whangārei until 11 January, so these all have to go on the roads.” ……

      …. “It costs about $120 to move a container from the Ports of Auckland to a destination around Auckland.
      I know that that cost to move a container from NorthPort to Auckland or south could be as much as 10 times that……


      Then what is this about ? ? ?
      “No safety concerns have been raised with the Ministry of Transport relating to the Constantinos P container ship scheduled to berth at NorthPort.

      “Should any party have any safety concerns these should be raised directly with NorthPort or with Worksafe.

      Sounds like precautionary safety shut downs or is it Climate Emergency carbon emissions hazards etc., , up for grabs for the controlng wimps.

      Declare the “emergency:- just close State Hi Way (1) to private vehicles?
      Stating it the road is too dangerous for private people, as most accidents involve private vehicles.
      As they say “Lets do this” “Keep moving”//

      Nasska may get ;back in the truck drivers seat? Particularly when that hi way is closed to private vehicles.
      Will be able to declare the number of hours, (no shifts) and the pay to what would bring him back.? Must be tempting??

      Time is money,
      When is the next ship unloading at North Port? 🙂



      • Would Nasska really want to get back into driving when hard hats and hi viz and long pants have to be worn let alone having to fill out well being forms on certain jobs to see how you are feeling on the day..?
        Nah, i reckon he would rather take his launch out up north and catch a feed of Snapper !!
        Nasska could correct me if im wrong !~



        • More than likely you are right stigie.
          I can just see it, all with the come on of high $ per hour, and those hours will work around to suit you,

          The they start the half day induction system, yep, get me out of here. 🙂
          He still has yet to have fun with that marlin, mako, or swordfish. that is waiting up north for him,



            • The poor bloody truck driver is the most regulated worker in NZ!
              Between the employers rules,
              the worksite rules,
              Council rules,
              Road rules,
              Log book,
              In cab camera,
              Satellite monitoring,
              Roadcones and roadworks,
              Load restraints,
              Stupid bloody motorist,
              Why would you bother, unless you were getting a shit load of money. Some pay shit!



              • Northport have a very easy streamlined system, induction takes less than 3 minutes. I’m told they will move the lighter stuff during the day and the heavy ones at night. They have 2 container cranes and have been shifting quite a few containers of late, so firing things up a bit won’t be too hard. They also have plenty of room so they can set the containers up for easy pickup and the straight out on to the highway.



                • It will be interesting to see how Northlanders react to more heavy traffic congestion on the goat track from the Brynderwyns to Puhoi. Eventually the great sewage settling pond formerly known as Waitemata Harbour will be ringed by wankers sipping lattes & Whangarei will be the Port.

                  And there will be snowdrifts six feet deep in Hell the day this ex truckie will get back behind the wheel. Putting up with the shit detailed in Sooty’s 4.29pm for $23/hr will never happen.

                  Now about the launch & the snapper……. 🙂



  20. Ha ha ha
    8.30 pm TVscum
    The Apprentice UK.

    I have not seen it but my brother pointed it out.
    TVscum will show ‘The Apprentice, Uk’

    This was a TV show designed by Donald Trump and will have been franchised to other places.
    So ‘Apprentice UK’ will pay royalties to a Donald Trump entity
    Ergo, TVNZ will be paying money to Donald Trump to show this.

    Orange man bad.
    Really bad.
    But hey, we are paying him money because, well , he is creative and talented.

    This is the same TVNZ that blew its (?) money by tens of $millions over budget on a renovation /refit so ‘cant’ pay the Govt (taxpayer) dividend any more.
    But that will not stop them denigrating others in a thing they like to call ‘news’

    “Donald Trump gets paid by TVNZ for his talent”



  21. NZ educational departments have been way ahead on this and have up dated revision days too for teachers.

    …. training begins with a “land acknowledgement,” in which the teachers are asked to accept that they are colonizers living on stolen Native American land.
    Then they are told they will experience “guilt, anger, apathy, [and] closed-mindedness” because of their “white fragility.” ….

    ….. teachers are told they must become “antiracist” activists.
    They must “confront and examine [their] white privilege,” “acknowledge when [they] feel white fragility,” and “teach others to see their privilege.”
    They must turn their schools into activist organizations. ……

    Do a quick flip through that “power point” to turn those pages.. 🙁

    I wonder if overseas teachers that they hope to import into NZ have to go through this system?
    Or have they gone through an approved mandatory course in their “home country”?

    Many students are not reaching a reading standard, so basically illiterate, or basic arithmetic, which is why 2+ 2 may = 5,
    Over 100 years ago the basic “R’s” were enough for anyone to accurately work out their taxes with a stick on a dusty road, and be regaled with some great old epic ballad after a day’s work over a beer..
    Those old people sure knew their grammar too.



        • The clip board tick box, PC nonsense, are basically paid for by the taxpayer & the rate payer.
          Then that level of bureacracy forces others to use consultancy specialists versions at their costs, to find their way through costly compliance orders, that then squeezes profit margins, that would have gone into further investments, taking up new developments, doing some research, all to improve GDP per capita.

          That would have lead to making NZ great for all its citizens.



    • A very dark world of te reo spiritual religiosity in powhiri, karakea to advoid taniwha and follow the tohunga sayings,& guidance, so koha can be safely handed over.

      This article is produced in 2014, and that system was working deep, well before then.
      Would anything have changed since?


      This is where NZ has been quietly “punching above its weight” and “leading the world”
      No one seems to notice or care, that New Zealanders have been drinking deep of this for decades.

      Where are New Zealander’s articles of concern of this “change” transformation, to supposed improvement, but over the years condemning a big number of students to a lower standard, illiterate, innumerate, and just to collect a benefit.

      Yet the finger of these intellectuals point to “unconscious bias” “white privilege” etc.. to create an envy, that is now going into a frustrated rabble rousing matters that it must be “hate” “discrimination” for increasing “inequality”.

      No questions are to be allowed about this cult
      They are the “cultural” answer on the road to serfdom.



    • “Then they are told they will experience “guilt, anger, apathy, [and] closed-mindedness”

      I would have thought that :-
      >apathy, [and] closed-mindedness

      would not allow an opening for :-
      >guilt, anger

      If you don’t care then there is no basis for guilt, let alone anger

      All fabricated shite by cultural marxists.



    • This article debunks the “diversity sensitivity training”, though I think it seems disappointed.
      Finally facing up to some facts that they may be wrong? ?

      Actually a scam, to get high pay for the little wordy work they do.
      Academia are really into it, and the media have swallowed the agenda,

      Why do many rely on diversity training despite its demonstrated ineffectiveness?
      The short answer is that, even if training is expensive and doesn’t work, it is relatively easy to implement – and it allows institutions to show (including, often, in court) that they are doing something to address prejudice, discrimination and inequalities… even if what they’re doing is, in fact, pointless.

      This is sort of empty signaling is bad across the board.
      However, it is particularly egregious for universities – institutions that regularly claim to embody and inculcate such values as evidence-based reasoning, respect for facts, commitment to truth, etc.
      Schools are doing a bad job at modeling those values for students insofar as they force upon them (and upon the faculty who are supposed to be instructing them!) pedagogical materials that are demonstrably ineffective or even counterproductive.


      Perhaps taking a step back, but I do not trust them, as they will want to try, ratchet up another way to control.
      As if they are here to help this re-education.

      Still a number of points to use to kick back on where it is tried on you 🙂

      Thanks Ed in advance for releasing out of modeation.
      Seems like a contaminate from CCP, Trump, elections or a “kick back” is violence. 🙂
      You are being watched and monitored, put on a “list” must be true. 🙂
      Twitter has to be refreshed a number of times, before I get through.
      Utube videos gone, and now I notice not refreshing, just sort of being awkward, but later after a few more tries.



  22. Nothing new for National though Judith.

    National’s Judith Collins opens up about the ‘unhelpful decision’ made when Todd Muller took over

    “One of the decisions I thought was unhelpful was to get rid of all the policy that we’d work on for two-and-a-half years under Simon Bridges… and the first thing I did as the new leader – almost the first thing – was to bring all that policy back in so we had something to go into the election with.

    “A lot of work had gone into that and I thought that was an unfortunate decision at the start.



    • “But Collins says keeping Bridges in the top spot wouldn’t have made a difference.”

      I would have to disagree with Judith on that one.
      I reckon Simon would have gone into the election on early 30s without all that fiasco after him with Muller and Nicky Kaye throwing her toys..? Trying to look diverse on their front bench was a shocker.
      Not a very good look !~



    • What Collins said explains why there is division in the Nats.
      I get the impression there were a faction wanting to change back to more traditional policies and another faction (Collins) wanting to tinker with Labour type policies that they had pursued.

      National don’t have any direction to me and unfortunately we may be stuck with socialism .NZ may not recover from this rot and the next few years are going to be very difficult.



  23. ACT’s latest newsletter:

    A Week Of Reckoning

    It is 20 months since ACT stood alone against the madness of rushed gun laws. We are not pleased to be vindicated. The spate of gun violence shows how irrelevant the Government’s laws were to those who would do harm with guns. Imagine understanding a problem, then legislating. The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Terrorist Attack on Christchurch Mosques, delayed twice before, will release its findings tomorrow.

    What Will It Say?

    The report must be about how such an obviously unfit person was able to get so many firearms and so much ammunition. It must be about how an individual who openly expressed such odious views was able to plan such an attack under the noses of the security agencies. It is impossible for this to happen if everyone was doing their job and following the law.

    The Government’s Problem

    The Government legislated with Police as its main advisor on firearm laws. But what if Police is culpable for not doing its job under the existing laws? Did the Prime Minister and her Ministers ask the obvious question: How did this happen on your watch last March? What answers did they receive? Why were they happy to take the Police’s advice and legislate the way they did?

    The Week

    ACT will be asking these questions and more all week. 51 people died and it is impossible that every government agency was doing its job. The Prime Minister and her Ministers were asleep at the wheel. Did they make rules punishing the innocent, at the behest of the guilty, doing nothing for the victims? ACT will be asking the questions that all of New Zealand deserves to have answered.

    Charity Begins At Home

    ACT’s Environment Spokesman Simon Court skewered the Government for its posturing ‘climate emergency’ this week. He pointed out that Members of Parliament have unlimited travel budgets. We are not aware of any other organisation in the world that gives staff an unlimited travel budget. It is not every week that a rookie MP keeps a story going on One News for two nights. The best bit of the story (best for cynics, at least) is watching James Shaw and Grant Robertson and someone who was reported as a National MP say they couldn’t possibly cap their air travel budgets.

    A Huge Question Time

    Brooke van Velden had a commanding first day in Question Time, highlighting that the Government has a big job implementing the End of Life Choice Act. Meanwhile James McDowall had his first run as immigration spokesman, pointing out the absurdity of letting only 60 sheep shearers into the country. To top it all off, Nicole McKee had the Speaker force the new Police Minister to answer her question again after dodging it. All this while David Seymour confidently left the caucus in Wellington to attend events in Auckland.

    A Good Read

    If you are looking for a thought provoking piece, you can’t go past Cai Xia’s piece on President Xi. Xia was close to the centre of the CCP, an academic who hoped Xi would be a liberal reformer. Today, she explains, it is not safe for her to be in China. A useful insight into the Middle Kingdom. Free Press is afraid to predict that, as Covid-19 was the story of 2020, China may be the story of 2021.

    Handout Culture

    As David Seymour said in his Address in Reply speech: “This Government is so focused on dividing up the pie for its own political advantage instead of growing it.” The logic of this Government’s handout culture reached its tragicomical crescendo when desperate people descended on Aotea Square hoping for free money to solve their problems. When they didn’t get it, they turned violent and people were hurt.

    Commentators No Better

    If you find this odd, you are (almost) alone. Rather that noticing how bad handout culture has got, we hear a constant refrain of how cruel it was to get people’s hopes up by promising more handouts. Free Press has not detected anyone in our society who says it’s ridiculous to think your problems will be solved by a handout in the first place. Successive governments have turned us into peasants.



  24. She said the report is comprehensive.

    She said the attacks showed New Zealand that there are “gaps” in our country’s free speech laws.

    Ardern said that is something the Government needs to consider when it comes to the inquiry report.


    So its right then the horse faced bithch is going to stop us having or freedom to say what we like.
    disgusting bit of shit.



    • Snap Bn
      Police still at it & seem to be creating lists of people they do not like,

      Would they have been stopped if they were carrying the CCP flag?
      After all the Victorian police were ok with hoisting the CCP at a Victorian police station.

      “Victorian Police in Australia threaten to arrest Trump supporters”
      8 minutes 00 secs : • Dec 4, 2020
      Today as I was covering President Trump supporters in Melbourne, Australia walking peacefully through the city to the US Consulte to show support for President Trumps fight against election fraud,
      I filmed this bizarre interaction between Victoria Police and the supporters.
      The people had done nothing wrong at the Shrine, as they had to walk down this path to avoid the underground Metro Tunnel construction works,
      and the police at the shrine acknowledged they were just walking through,
      however multiple police later threatened arrest unless names and address were provided and accused the people of protesting at the Shrine.

      It all seems to be a way for “lists” to be made.
      So where does that name & addressed get filed.
      Will that name & address ever be expunged.
      Remember, everything entered into computers seem to be never really expunged.
      Then at other times, when isolated, maybe at your address they may just arrive, for some other cause.

      How far away NZ police from this.
      So far NZ has been sort of lucky, but the police still pushed on looking for systems to do the same.
      NZ cops have been trying to gain facial recognition systems that would also create lists.



      • They will be coming for us deplorables next.
        I support President Donald J Trump and all he stands for.
        Did you get that mr plod?
        Do you want me to repeat it again so your pea brain can comprehend it?
        I support President Donald J Trump and all he stands for.
        I support President Donald J Trump and all he stands for.
        I support President Donald J Trump and all he stands for.
        I support President Donald J Trump and all he stands for.
        I support President Donald J Trump and all he stands for.
        I support President Donald J Trump and all he stands for.
        Once more for good luck
        I support President Donald J Trump and all he stands for.



    • Yes Ed.
      I support President Donald J Trump and all he stands for.

      Braybots video is of a good Aussie patriot, and makes a speech, worth listening to his passionate speech.

      Utube had dubbed “Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines)”
      I wonder if China pushed trying to shut down video down.

      A strong speech, but no swear words.
      Just calling it like it is, like crooked hilary, and once $hi% but not referred to a person.
      Pointing out that some info is b/s. 🙂

      OY oy oy oy Trump OY oy oy oy.
      Where the spirit of Anzacs stand.



  25. Labour, Jacinda Ardern up; National, Judith Collins down
    Labour is up seven percentage points compared to the last poll, and is 3 points higher than it was on election night.

    But it’s bad news for National and its leader Judith Collins.

    National is at 25 per cent – a touch worse than its election night result and 6 percentage points worse than the previous 1News/ Colmar poll.

    Time to harden up and give shit to the woke.



    • Those figures are bullshit. It was the stooopid farmers in the south Island who put Liarbour over the 50% to keep the greens out, only to find they are in Govt with Liarbour.
      Are you telling me that NOW, those same stoopid farmers are still supporting the Liarbours?



  26. It’s hard to believe Labour outpolled National in Bill Englishs’ electorate.

    I shouldn’t dwell on it but I wonder about our voting system after seeing what is happening in the USA.

    The left will stop at nothing for power.



    • I wonder too wiseowl,
      Perhaps we should be planning how to be scrutineers at the next election, particularly if we could be independents but with a quiet contact so as to be able to collate things.
      Just an idea, as I do not know what is involved, or the critical areas that need to be watched.

      Just living and learning from the USA election, just how certain counties were targeted.
      In some ways there was an over all planning, but then many others just did what they could where they were.
      Over all it does seem it was quite devious, trying to parallel the polls, to their expected outcome. So they had to take the risk and which showed their hand, once they realized the count was so much in favour of Trump.

      How it applies in NZ, I do have not the foggiest.
      Still put some thought to it. Find out just as a basic to be a scrutineer.
      Preparation will bring knowledge, and then a strategy may arise.



      • The election results from that seat amazed me stigie. Dr Reti had a high profile & although most of the losers from National richly deserved their fates I would never have predicted his loss in Whangarei.

        The list saved him & gives National hope of rebuilding. A pity that it also saved the wretched arsehole from Nelson.



    • There is no Left or Right anymore. DP pointed this out
      in one of his posts yesterday. What there is, is nothing
      more than an illusion of choice. A One World Government
      is being set up. This has been happening for over a century.
      Total control over people’s lives, jobs, housing, education,
      finances. The cowards, the sewer dwellers who have orchestrated
      this hide behind their puppets like Treadeau, Macron, Johnson and NZ’s
      communist bitch Ardern. These cretins think they are in charge when the
      reality is the Deep State power and money broker cowards rule through their
      control of all banking, pharmaceutical, and the military and industrial machine.



    • Nah, the USA was obviously rigged. Our bunch are too stupid to pull that one off. We got what we have because she is so fucking kind. Thats why she has not intervened to stop helipcopter heros from being dragged through the ringer so that some work safe Nazi can look good to the world. Fucking Bitch. And at least 50% of kiwis are fucking braindead.



  27. Terminator.

    Iran says nuclear scientist killed by satellite-controlled machine gun

    Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was driving on a highway outside Iran’s capital Tehran with a security detail of 11 Guards on November 27, when the machine gun “zoomed in” on his face and fired 13 rounds, said rear-admiral Ali Fadavi.

    The machine gun was mounted on a Nissan pickup and “focused only on martyr Fakhrizadeh’s face in a way that his wife, despite being only 25 centimetres (10 inches) away, was not shot,” Mehr news agency quoted him as saying.

    It was being “controlled online” via a satellite and used an “advanced camera and artificial intelligence” to make the target, he added.

    Fadavi said that Fakhrizadeh’s head of security took four bullets “as he threw himself” on the scientist and that there were “no terrorists at the scene”.

    Iranian authorities have blamed arch foe Israel and the exiled opposition group the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran (MEK) for the assassination.




  28. Excellent read. NZ in a nutshell.

    “No one wants to see this kind of abuse of any other human being. It’s anathema to life itself. But everyone makes a choice. The police choose to put on their uniforms and riot shields to enforce immoral orders while the people make the choice to stand up to it.”

    “Congratulations on turning everyone into a desperate, cognitivally-dissonant response monkey.”

    Opposition Builds To Great Reset In Argentina, Who’s Next?



  29. “I cannot fathom how at any point someone can think that’s a good idea.”

    My reply on FB.
    Just like taking drugs ain’t a good idea is it? well????? you frowny faced two faced tart. Oh and now you want to remove our right to free speech.

    Dayle Beuth
    What’s the difference between promising $100,000 or promising 100,000 houses . Nothing because neither were delivered.

    Same with Auckland light rail. How could anyone think that would work

    Netty Mac
    I can’t fathom why taxinda was voted in again but there we go 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Hoppy Hopcroft
    So when she fails on her promises it’s ok
    Jack Stein
    Guess she don’t know 20% of her voters

    Just a sample of the answers.



  30. Sounds like CCP moving on Hong Kong.

    We said we would never let this happen again!!!
    Hong Kong friends and family watching their loved ones being bused out by China – sending them to ‘re-education’ camps.


    I do think that needs more evidence, when referring re-education camps,
    Though we do know China is coming down hard on Uighur’s, Falun-Gong,

    Just released NZ time 10:00 pm.
    Arrested but not transportation?




  31. Ah, this morning, the cleverest laddie of those who are meant to govern us, Gove, is off to Brussels to talk. Aye right!
    Over the recent years, much has been written about this laddie ‘doing’ what no other political bedwetter does in Westminster. Can get civil servants to do what he wants them to do!
    Any such individual in the Beehive then eh?
    Brussels are past masters at doing eleventh hour deals. Of course the Germans and their ‘poodle’ France, need to give their OK.
    Meanwhile our ‘all things’ MUST be multi-ethnic/PC/ woke/ feminist/ environmental Boris sits in his bubble in No 10 surrounded by ALL those females he so likes, led of course by his mistress, oh sorry, girlfriend, with a wee child who boss him about!
    Leopard does not change its spots. Boris HAS always been the same. Re. Two terms as London mayor then.



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