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  1. Voices For Freedoms latest. We need more groups like this and more Kiwis to sign up.

    “What do we know?
    Well, we know that the government has shifted from its fervent lockdown strategy aimed at catching the elusive Elimination Unicorn, to “living with” the virus.
    We know that our PM has changed her tune (has she been listening to her lawyers?) because she’s had to acknowledge that the rushed, experimental Fizzer injection does not stop infection or transmission. Instead, she wants everyone jabbed to prevent the hospitals from being overrun.
    We know that the so-called campaign to jab the country is turning out to be a bit of a flop since extra jabs are being offered willy-nilly to the general public already. And, where are all the All Blacks and A-list celebs? We’re crossing our fingers that they’re saying No and fighting for their right to choose not to take a rushed experimental jab.

    Speaking of athletes, we hear that Swimming Australia is seeking to defer the second jab till after the Olympic trials due to worries about side effects hampering the athletes’ performances. If only we saw the same kind of representation for the New Zealand Olympians making contact with us. Instead, they’re being subjected to patronising calls with health professionals who can’t even answer their legitimate and important questions.

    We know that while nine border workers unjustly lost their jobs this week, the Stevedores are standing together and saying a resounding NO. (And that’s what we need to do. Stand Up. And Speak Out. Together. On that note, please do get in touch with us if your job is being threatened because you have declined the experimental jab. We are in touch with hundreds of Kiwis like you around the country and together we are stronger.)
    We know you’ve hit the streets delivering hundreds of thousands of Voices for Freedom flyers into letterboxes up and down the country. You made our 2 million flyer campaign possible, and you’re making a huge difference!

    Thank you!

    Finally, we know we’re having an impact. The mainstream press attempted some potshots in poorly written articles and blog posts written by people with a casual relationship with the truth. And we’ve received thousands of messages – some reasonably blunt (those get saved in our “love notes” folder!) – but the vast majority expressing their gratitude for what we’re doing and encouraging us to keep going.
    Are You Ready To Keep Going?
    More flyers are arriving from the printer this week, and the massive letterbox drive continues. We still need you! If you want to help, please get in touch with your local coordinator.
    But there’s more..
    Voices for Freedom is launching two more initiatives over the next couple of weeks, and we’d love for you to be involved.
    This coming Monday at 8 pm, 3 May, we’re hosting the first of our weekly Courageous Conversations webinars. Join our special guests and us for a breath of fresh air and a dose of common sense and honesty – book a spot here or click the button below. It’s free!

    Book your spot for Monday’s Courageous Conversation
    Our second initiative will pop up in small groups on the streets up and down New Zealand. It’s time to get out and talk to New Zealanders, find out what they’re thinking and let them know they’re not alone. Keep your eyes peeled for bright, catchy Voices for Freedom signs (like my favourite one above), our colourful t-shirts and big welcoming smiles.
    In the meantime, if you haven’t already, sign up for a local Voices for Freedom group. Our Coordinators are waiting for you with open arms. And, we need each other right now.

    Stay positive, stay in touch, take action.”



    • Takes one through the ramifications of Ardern’s adhan decree from most high minaret about the War Declared, so that all emergency provisions can be decreed to over-rule, breach all other codes, laws & regulations.
      Now who is this war declared on as the experimental vaccine is rolled out in a continuing trial?

      Sue Greys video the one that was pulled from Utube about “No Jab, No Job”

      Sue Grey NZ Employment
      14 mins 45 secs

      23 rd April, just what was swept under the carpet, with questions to link vaccine side effects.



  2. House hogs needed reining in is Jane Bowen and her Jealous, name calling rant and abuse on housing investors.
    Not doing anything while house prices went through the roof their own and then some- was getting out of hand.
    When Labour did pull some levers there was no surprise at the lack of applause from property investors reacting to the Government’s attempt to address the complex problems of the housing shortages.
    Instead of harrah’s there were howls of anguish as the whining baby voices of prop erty investors spluttered thei objections on chat groups vowing never to vote Labour again.
    This is a bit rich coming from a well known Journalist past her used by date that has lived off the Government for years and one of Nationals greatest critics over many years.



  3. A Hawke’s Bay man is calling for an offensive number plate to be removed from circulation after he found one on his new car.

    Earlier this year, James Crow and his family needed a new plate for a recently purchased car, and went along to collect it.

    They were shocked when they found the first three letters on the number plate were “NGR”.

    “We arrived at the AA Centre to receive it and as we drove in, and my wife saw it first and said ‘oh my, we can’t have that on the front of our car’,” Crow told RNZ.


    Now I reckon I keep up but WTF does NGR stand for?



  4. I realise there are fans of Keys here but listening to him with Hosking this morning saying he supported mahooters stance on Chyna and it was Trumps fault that Chyna are causing problems , underlined my dislike for the guy.



    • Hes a right twat and a symbol of when national party went down the gurgler, same situation as cindy and labour party theyre totally blinded by “magnificence” that they cant see the terrible irreversable damage being done, key was no different he just flew a different colour flag. Kim dot com was keys lowpoint and i fail to see why a politician let alone PM would ever get involved in crap like that.

      Key and cindy both have a passion of selling out to chyna, id bet my left and right nut they both have offshore accounts overflowing with ccp bribes



    • Wiseowl ,Ultimately it was that smoke and mirrors expert Key that gave us this clusterfuck of a government, if he hadn’t backed out like the coward he is the horsefaced creature would have never got the opportunity to be selected by the MAGGOT Peters, fuck him and his bullshit.



    • Remember Key resigned weeks after Trump was elected and left the Notional party in a mess without succession planning (As Liebour had done in 2008)

      B English was a very good Chief Operating Officer/Finance but useless as Leader.
      His massive handicap of religious ideology meant he would not take debate to Ardern.
      If women can be PM – and they are the majority of time in NZ recent history – past quarter century – then you treat them as something normal to deal with.
      The Notional party are a dead loss now.

      John Phillip Key legacy as PM

      Key and his mate Fruity Farrar are very Anti Trump -so much so that Key stood down when Trump was elected.
      No warning.
      Something in the background there.
      The poppycock story of deciding in Sept 2016 as exactly that….poppycock.

      I see The Fruity critter still has severe TDS.
      A hit piece today on his bog
      ‘They found the voter fraud’
      What a weasely, nasty, out of touch, beady-eyed, wee bitch that Fruity Farrar is.
      The other day -a nasty piece on Rudi Giuliani



      • So Key thinks the chinks are nice guys and Trump was an arsehole. Well that would be because Trump upset his favoured business rapists.
        Key is just another lefty arsewipe like so many of the world domination crowd. Be fun when china starts on that lot.
        Oh it has.



  5. Over 200,000 early Welfare Benefit Payments have been paid in last three months figures show.
    Beneficiaries paying 8o-100 per cent of their rent have been seeking early payouts resulting in over 200,000 advance payments being made in the last three months by the Ministry of Social Development.
    Individuals who need immediate essential help can get up to six weeks of benefit payments which is then repaid back, but a welfare advocate says the pattern isn’t good in the long term.
    “What we are seeing is the need being met in a way that is not sustainable “advocate Kay Bererton said.
    It will be interesting to find out how much of Taxpayers money has been paid out on schemes like as there will be many more just like repairs from Social Welfare to those who have had substantial damage occur to their motels.



  6. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2021/05/green-party-s-marama-davidson-human-rights-commissioner-under-fire-for-attending-waikato-mongrel-mob-gathering.html
    Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson and the Human Rights Commissioner are under fire for attending and speaking at a Mongrel Mob gathering.

    Simeon Brown, the National Party’s spokesperson for police, says it is “astonishing” the pair accepted an invitation to speak at the gathering.

    “The Mongrel Mob peddles drugs, wields firearms and engages in violence, causing misery in communities across the country. They have no regard for their victims,” he says.

    “Marama Davidson is the Minister for Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence. Turning up at this event disrespects the many victims of sexual violence perpetrated by gang members.

    “Her tweets calling the Mongrel Mob meeting ‘a fabulous community event for justice’ was an extra slap in the face.”



  7. Years ago there was an advert for something (dunno what) that said “A big price does not guarantee satisfaction” (or something similar).
    Someone had put a ‘k’ over the ‘e’ in price…



  8. Lead story in the ferald about councillor Simon Wolf from Wellington, with picture!
    I’m only and old fart, but to me it looks like a picture of the speaker Trevor Mallard!
    Wonder how long it stays up.



  9. Not so “kind”. Spend the money for the CV-19 vaccine on the much needed drugs we need.


    A woman trying to get drugs funded for young SMA patients was horrified when Pharmac said it might end blanket funding of kids’ cancer medicines because she had accused it of discrimination. Now the drug-buying agency says it is likely to follow through.

    But in April, nearly a year after her complaint was lodged, the Office of Human Rights Proceedings warned her to be careful what she wished for.

    The result may be that Pharmac would ‘level the playing field’ by decreasing access to child cancer drugs. “That would be a very disappointing outcome but it is one Pharmac has suggested it is willing to do.”



  10. Father and son shark swimming down the coast looking for humans to eat.
    Father says to son ” when you see a human, swim directly towards them, circle three times then eat them.
    Son says ” ok I got that but why do we need to circle three times first.”
    Father shark, ” They taste better after they have shit themselves.”



  11. Today’s news:

    1. Ardern takes kids lunches.

    2. Ardern stops cancer kids from getting medicine.

    3. Old Karen gets pissed and runs over daughter.

    4. Dyke airforce member drugs and sexually assaults woman.

    Islam is right about women.



  12. New immigrant? They are considered native species! 🐍


    A highly venomous sea snake has washed up on a Northland beach – but experts say it’s no cause for alarm, as they’re known to show up in New Zealand from time to time.

    The reptile, identified as a yellow-bellied sea snake, was discovered on Tokerau Beach in Doubtless Bay over the weekend.

    “They do not represent a biosecurity risk as they are considered native species under the Wildlife Act 1953. As native species, they fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Conservation.



  13. Stupid people seem surprised Rabbits are flourishing.

    You can’t wipe out rabbits with a virus, for the same reason you can’t wipe out covid, or covid wipe out us.

    Calm down imbeciles.



  14. WTF.
    “An electronic tablet was attached to the inside of the truck’s windscreen more or less directly in front of Mr Thompson, at head height, and within his critical vision area” McKenzie’s findings said.

    It formed a “gross obstruction to the driver’s clear view ahead,” she said.

    The tablet contained information for the day’s deliveries.



  15. It’s not mandatory to ’employ’ your culture group


    Mana Tāhuna said it was asked to do a dawn karakia and waiata to open a new store but the company went looking elsewhere when it was told the fee would be $500.

    Chair Darren Rewi said the local Bunnings Warehouse earlier this year emailed the trust asking it to perform karakia and waiata at the store opening which took place early April.

    “It was a nominal figure, we just put $500 as a koha for what we were trying to achieve and engage with them. We got no reply, they just disengaged and then they started ringing up whānau and any Māori in town to try and perform those cultural services.”

    Rewi is furious about what’s happened.



  16. Newsom is mentally ill.

    California to Release 63,000 Violent and Repeat Felons Back Onto Streets to Create “Safer Prisons”

    California will release at least 76,000 inmates including 63,000 violent criminals and repeat felons back onto the streets in order to create “safer prisons.”

    It also includes 20,000 inmates who are serving life sentences with the possibility of parole.




  17. Employment Advocate Stands Up for Customs Workers

    Suzie: “The firing of customs workers for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine. How is it that this is a breach of rights?”

    Ashleigh: “There are Health and Safety obligations but you’ve got to balance that against the Bill of Rights Act where they have the right to refuse medical treatment.”

    Suzie: “What about the Health Order though, how does that not supercede this?”

    Ashleigh: “In our view, in schedule 2 it doesn’t actually cover my clients roles.”

    “There employment was terminated without having a real chance to consult about this issue and talk about their role in particular”

    Ashleigh Fechney – Employment Law Advocate




  18. Poor old bullshitters, getting flustered by people power.

    Annoyance at anti Covid-19 vaccine pamphlet drop in Timaru letter boxes

    An increase in “deliberate misinformation” about the Covid-19 vaccine is expected says a health administrator but not a lot can be done to stop it according to a law expert.

    Nigel Trainor, who finished as South Canterbury District Health Board chief executive on Friday, said in response to an anti-vaccine flier being delivered in Timaru claiming “deaths and cases of serious injury were being reported at alarming rates”, it was critical the right information from a reliable source was accessed.




      • Thanks Curious, as I think I am starting to understand the point of the vaccine causing problem. I think???
        This is where the source of the report comes from.

        ….. Our data herein reveals that S protein alone can damage endothelium …..

        ….. It seems paradoxical that ACE2 reduction by S protein would decrease the virus infectivity, thereby protecting endothelium.
        However, a dysregulated renin-angiotensin system due to ACE2 reduction may exacerbate endothelial dysfunction, leading to endotheliitis.
        Collectively, our results suggest that the S protein-exerted EC damage overrides the decreased virus infectivity.
        This conclusion suggests that vaccination generated antibody and/or exogenous antibody against S protein not only protects the host from
        SARS-CoV-2 infectivity but also inhibits S protein-imposed endothelial injury and ultimately decrease cardiovascular complication-associated mortality in COVID-19 patients. [page 6] ….


        I show my doubts and cannot click in following this, in my comment, and where the source link is.



        • Sorry Didn’t see this before. Seems a bit strange that they state that the virus spike protein can damage the vascular system on it’s own, however the same spike protein induced by the vaccine protects from damage. Am I reading this correctly?
          It really is very hard to follow.



          • Thanks curious.
            Yes, I feel just as confused.
            Still keep beavering away, as it is the truth we want.
            Does not matter where it leads, truth is the bottom line.

            The hardest part is just verifying it, but then tapping away on a key board, we are only 5 minutes behind a science researcher.
            But is it a rabbit hole? or firm ground ? as it seems pretty foggy all round.



  19. Swedish Politician Arrested on Multiple Counts of Child Rape

    A politician for the pro-mass migration Swedish Centre Party has been arrested on several counts of child rape over incidents that are believed to have taken place from 2012 to 2015.

    According to a report from the Swedish newspaper Expressen, the politician is a member of the pro-mass migration Centre Party, led by Annie Lööf.




  20. Whaaaaaaaaa! Get a grip Cindy, that’s the opposition job to question government policies.


    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has accused National leader Judith Collins of playing politics by using Māori co-governance concerns to pick up support in the polls.

    Collins immediately shot back, describing it as “sad” that Ardern has “chosen to lower the tone of the debate by brushing it off as playing politics” rather than sharing her position on expanded co-governance for Māori.

    Collins’ concern is based on an un-redacted version of He Puapua, a report commissioned by the Government in 2019 that sets out a roadmap to co-governance between the Crown and Māori by 2040.



  21. I shall go to bed knowing that our communist Govt is intent on screwing this country into the ground. Thank you Ardern. Your comrades will be proud of you.

    Must be difficult having to avoid reading news papers and watching TV etc knowing that your loyal subjects detest you.



  22. This is just a small part of pulverizing New Zealand.

    ….any government that deliberately surrenders half of its statutory power to a self-selected tribal elite would bring to an end two centuries of established democratic rule.
    New Zealand would no longer be a democracy – elected members would no longer be sovereign but would be beholden to the wishes of a dictatorial tribal aristocracy.

    To achieve tribal rule, a new Treaty of Waitangi constitution would need to be introduced, with tikanga-based law.

    The implications of such changes are profound, as David Round, a constitutional law expert at Canterbury University has warned,
    “If the Treaty gets into our constitution, then the majority of the people of New Zealand will become second-class citizens in their own country.
    This must not happen.
    If it does happen, then our increasingly divided country will be irrevocably stuffed.”

    He points out that a Treaty-based constitution would guarantee a privileged status to those of Maori descent forever, since any attempt to undo such an arrangement would be struck down as unconstitutional.

    Every new law and regulation introduced under a 50:50 co-governance regime will be vetted to ensure the tribal hierarchy is prioritised and enriched.
    There would be nothing to stop such a tribal dictatorship from using their regulatory and revenue raising powers to force private property owners off their land or to impose such punitive costs on resources like water, that anyone but tribal members would be priced out of business. ….


    It seems to be set up, by the majority having voted Ardern and her crew in the past election, though too far out to tell to the next election, but may win through with maori & greens in coalition, and some “Kindly” words, another sprinkle of inflated money, for your “well-being”.



  23. This latest posts shows the “wrapping around” by devious means to control any problems in Arderns adhan of an agenda.
    The ring to control all, is still being secretly smelted.

    The promised public consultation never eventuated. Instead of an open and transparent process, secret discussions were held with groups campaigning for harsher laws.

    The Ministry of Justice chief executive Andrew Kibblewhite claimed hate speech was a “tricky thing” to navigate.
    They wanted to keep discussions “away from the political fray”, to prevent them being “derailed” and to “avoid protests”.


    This will control any debate, any discussion, and enforced, ruthlessly by the institutions on the ordinary citizens.
    Particularly when as War is Declared, so Emergency Powers, health, climate, etc. can be applied in so many ways, while omission, censure, removal, can be applied so not much is known of what is happening, and just basic survival takes all your time.

    Carrot & Stick will be applied liberally, but the carrot is forced in first, and the stick pushes it further.
    That way one can have too much of a good thing, & you can not snot, or spit it out. 🙁



  24. Ardern, you supposedly stopped plastic bags.

    Face masks are the environmental catastrophe of Covid.
    They are littering our streets.
    They are clogging up our rivers and oceans.
    129 billion Covid face masks that cannot be readily biodegraded are being used every month.

    Note the pics.

    Can Ardern deny this is not happening in New Zealand?
    Ardern, you supposedly stopped plastic straws.
    Will the children write to Ardern for another adhan decree from her minaret.
    Will Ardern do her bit to “save the planet”? Which is it? humans? or wild life? //
    The hi % of liberal face maskers are the most decadent & can not really care a less, than a virtue signal.

    Ardern will be just like what Budgiekiller’s photo shows!
    2 faced at half masked.

    Government controllers are catastrophe, masks are just consequences



  25. The lies become so apparent they had to print a retraction.
    Though they had done the damage, that a mindless local flightless repeater in NZ made a post of it on April 30th.
    ….. The biggest papers of record in the U.S. — The New York Times and The Washington Post ….
    …. The Post on Thursday was the first to report that Giuliani was explicitly warned by the FBI that he was the target of a Russian effort to influence the 2020 presidential election. Citing unnamed sources — identified only as people familiar with the matter — …
    ….. the Post put out a correction noting it had removed both assertions. ….
    ….. The Times also corrected its erroneous report. .. … attached to the bottom of the story. …..
    … NBC News also issued a correction, claiming its reporting was based on a single source but that a second source later refuted the information. ….


    Sadly the damage is done, as many will miss the correction, and believe that there is plenty of mud in the smears on Rudy Giuliani.



  26. I’m sending an email to Cindy today recommending she ask the pedophile Biden for advice about funding a rail project because he obviously knows what he’s talking about, FFS talk about a train wreck, what are World leaders thinking about this presidential farce ?



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