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  1. It’s ironic that the 120 filthy pigs in wellington that are quietly plotting to remove NZrs freedom of speech can say anything at all in that place ,they denigrate , lie, start false stories, ruin peoples lives, rumor monger, attack NZrs outside of that place and all with absolute freedom of speech with zero chance of any repercussions .
    Now these same C–Ts are working on stopping NZrs from voicing their opinions in case they hurt someones feelings, I truly hate the bastards.



  2. From Mike Yeadon former Chief Scientific Officer, Pfizer group:

    Why ARE they applying awful pressure to get EVERYONE vaccinated?
    Sure, the elderly & clinically vulnerable. But then why ANYONE else?

    Why pregnant women? We’ve not got the reproductive toxicology results yet.
    Why young & healthy people? They’re more likely to die in a fall off a step ladder or down their own stairs at home than “with Covid19”. Why children, for goodness sake. They’re at unmeasurably low risk.

    Yet vaccination unfortunately has killed thousands. If U.K. alone, well over 1000 reported to Yellow Card alone. Sure, there are coincidental deaths after anything. Doesn’t mean causation.
    But comparing number of deaths post Covid19 vaccination & any other vaccination in U.K., we find this stunning fact: the number of people who’ve died within 28d of Covid19 vaccination in four months is GREATER than the total of all other vaccinations COMBINED for a period of OVER ten years.

    It’s not down to the number of vaccinations, either.
    It is a complete SCANDAL that no one but outsiders are talking about this.
    It’s happening all around the world where mass vaccination is going on.
    Back to the “why are they intent on getting everyone vaccinated?” question.
    The most likely explanation is that there’s an intent to herd everyone onto a Vaccine Passports system.

    Why that? Because it grants the owner of the database & algorithms (what it decides what a person can do or not do, when they present a VaxPass) TOTALITARIAN POWER over everyone. Any threshold like a border or a shop can be so controlled. So could every transaction. Why is that an important objective for these criminal perpetrators?

    While I cannot be certain, the combination of callous disregard for people’s safety & lives, the economy & civil society, coupled with ignoring criminal activity, breaches of the Nuremberg code, the lying about variants & top up vaccines, on top of the tens of thousands of lockdown policy deaths (including from poor access to the NHS for over a year) leads me to suspect the following.

    VaxPass will order you to attend for your 3rd or 4th vaccination. As an immunologist, I am telling you that do not need these vaccinations, especially if you’ve had two jabs already.

    I can think of no benign reasons for any of this, and see several places where your life is being put at risk, for no benefit to you.

    All the things which are happening in U.K. are also happening in scores of other countries, including the same half a dozen ridiculous lies. The same fearful propaganda techniques. The same censorship & smearing, instead of debating.

    To me that’s unequivocal evidence of cooperation & planning, internationally.
    That’s conspiracy. Anyone baulking at that word, please ask yourself why.
    It’s not coincidence but a conspiracy. Nothing theoretical about it.

    My honest opinion, and it gains strength by the gathering lunacy on a weekly basis, is that there is a clear intent to murder a great number of people. You don’t go to this much trouble only to give up at the end.

    Forty years learning & applying human biological sciences in a commercial R&D setting honed my ability to “spot faint patterns in sparse data”. That’s what I did for a living, for decades.
    No one is paying me to say this, on the contrary, it’s costing me to speak out.
    I’m sharper & better read than I’ve been in a decade.
    So when I conclude that the most likely interpretation is that top up vaccines will be used to murder a significant proportion of the planet, with “plausible deniability”, it’s worth you giving deep attention to it. What if I’m right?

    You’ve not got long. No one is going to save us, if I’m right. Only you / we can save ourselves.
    Two common objections:
    1. “No body is that evil”. Ha ha. Are you kidding? Missed history?

    2. “This is far too difficult to have planned it”. It’s not that complicated. Use a handful of lies & policies. Take complete control of the media & censor all others. Wait for social psychology to do the rest.

    Also pls. see this documentary:



  3. The other day a local mosque opened its doors and invited non-Muslims to visit in the spirit of their faith’s willingness to be open and welcoming, so I too decided to go to the local mosque in Lakemba for the first time to see what it was all about:

    At the time I was limping a little.

    I sat down and the Imam came up to me, laid his hands on my hand and said: “By the will of Allah and the prophet Muhammed – you will walk today.”

    I told him I wasn’t paralyzed, I only had a small bunion on my left foot.

    He came back and laid his hands on me and looking skywards, earnestly repeated his mantra: “By the will of Allah and the prophet Muhammad – you WILL walk today.”

    Once again, I told him there was nothing wrong with me.

    After prayers I stepped outside and bugger me he was right,




  4. How the Centre For Disease Control (USA) is manipulating data to prop-up “vaccine effectiveness”
    “New policies will artificially deflate “breakthrough infections” in the vaccinated, while the old rules continue to inflate case numbers in the unvaccinated….

    Person A has not been vaccinated. They test positive for Covid using a PCR test at 40 cycles and, despite having no symptoms, they are officially a “covid case”.

    Person B has been vaccinated. They test positive at 28 cycles, and spend six weeks bedridden with a high fever. Because they never went into a hospital and didn’t die they are NOT a Covid case.

    Person C, who was also vaccinated, did die. After weeks in hospital with a high fever and respiratory problems. Only their positive PCR test was 29 cycles, so they’re not officially a Covid case either.

    To be clear: If these new policies had been the global approach to “Covid” since December 2019, there would never have been a pandemic at all.”





    • It WAS a relaxing mild Autumn Sunday in Auckland. Rangitoto was enveloped with a gorgeous veil of early morning mist.

      NOW, thanks to Nasska, it’s all replaced with a yucky vision of Mike Hunty stalking the hot, smog and rubbish polluted klongs of Bangkok, half-empty bottle of ‘Mekong’ Whiskey in hand, searching for “ladies” with dongs.




  5. here we go again despite all the money to the cause.


    A year on from the violent death of Auckland infant Sofia Taueki-Jackson, her killer or killers still walk free, shielded by a web of contradictory statements to police by key witnesses. In his first interview on the unsolved homicide, the detective in charge says there is someone out there who holds the key to finding justice for Sofia. George Block reports.

    Night had fallen on Saturday in the south Auckland suburb of Clover Park when Albert Vahaakolo heard something amiss across the street.

    He and other neighbours saw several people in distress in the long driveway of the Kāinga Ora-owned social housing property in Flat Bush Rd.

    Police officers were already in the area dealing with another incident and one of the people yelled out: “Hey, hey, we need some help,” Vahaakolo said.




    • Again ?

      She was praising gay marriage a few years back and then married someone.
      That barely lasted.

      Then this one.
      Twice in and out in 10 years.

      Chances are she is a nasty one .
      Anita the Muss maybe ??

      I read up on her years ago as she came across as somewhat nasty.
      Her mother was a whitey who was impregnated by a Maori fella.
      The fella, as usual, shot through after shooting the load.*
      She was raised by a white solo mother…
      …but pushes the Maori thing incessantly.

      Rather insulting and shows the true character of this critter.

      *Eats roots shoots and leaves.



  6. Residents flee as volcano erupts in Congo, lava engulfs major highway

    Congo’s Mount Nyiragongo erupted for the first time in nearly two decades today, turning the night sky a fiery red and sending lava onto a major highway as panicked residents tried to flee Goma, a city of nearly 2 million

    No evacuation order was given by authorities, and there was no immediate word on any casualties. Witnesses, though, said lava already had engulfed one highway that connects Goma with the city of Beni in North Kivu province.

    Mount Nyiragongo’s last eruption, in 2002, left hundreds dead and coated airport runways in lava.

    HUGE Lava Eruption In Africa! Nyiragongo Volcano Eruption in Congo (May 22, 2021)



  7. Tane Mahuta and the RBNZ explained.

    Debt as we understand it today did not exist pre-colonisation, although the system of utu, which was regulated by tikanga, established norms and expectations of reciprocity.

    Debt continues to be used as a tool for US imperialism and expansion through the international monetary aid system, with US and Western European capital posing ongoing threats to sovereignty in the “developing” world and post-colonial nations.

    Debt was also instrumental to the colonisation of New Zealand. The New Zealand Company (the joint-stock company used as the vehicle for colonisation in New Zealand) borrowed vast sums of money from Britain to fund the colonisation of New Zealand.


    In New Zealand and elsewhere, the legacy of financial colonialism persists – Māori are more likely to have higher levels of personal or household debt (due to having lower incomes and net worth overall).

    Debt is a colonial construct – the implications of which continue to be felt in the colonies.

    They could always not borrow but apparently, then you have to steal, rape and murder for your new car.

    Haven’t gone far have they?



    • Viking@1045

      Thank you; a very revealing statement, especially the bit about debt and US imperialism; apparently the Chicom use of debt as an ‘Imperialist’ tool is quite acceptable, while the casual dismissal of ‘utu’ is quite remarkable and a deliberate avoidance of the facts.

      And these people say they are capable of governing us?



  8. Anyone remember this?

    Just thinking, we’re bloody lucky that the acid rain frenzy that was meant to have killed us all by now hasn’t.
    Cause if it had, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the latest climate crisis that will kill us all…



      • That’s nothing! Apparently we’re getting a cyclogenisis event up here. According to Newscrub ten metre waves are going to cause huge damage and we should basically panic and head for the hills. We live waterfront on the east coast and I must admit the sea has been pretty big but hardly anything to worry about and the scallops should arrive on the beaches about Tuesday lunchtime. Just another day in the winterless north.



  9. Please read this. I do not know just yet where the article came from’ but it is the most chilling account of how this vile PM and her evil Activist Govt is manipulating the media to indoctrinate us without opposition and balanced comment from the media. Hitler and Stalin did exactly this. This is what is happening to you. Please read and get it out there.
    Are you wondering why NZ’s media has suddenly gone crazy on Maori language and other Maori issues? The answer is simple. Money. Your money, given to them by Jacinda Ardern. Most shockingly, its all part of Labour’s nefarious plan to install a Maori “partnership” govt, as indicated by the recently discovered He Puapua document.
    In order to qualify for the govt grants (Jacinda’s “rescue package”) media have to jump through hoops, and embracing the ideas of the radical Maori separatists who make up a large part of the Labour govt is one of them.
    To get their grubby grasping hands on the $55 million in the second tranche of funding for “Public Interest Journalism”, media must agree to staff training in “Te Tiriti Education”. Journalism funded under the scheme must
    “actively promote the principles of Partnership, Participation and Active Protection under Te Tiriti o Waitangi acknowledging Māori as a Te Tiriti partner.”
    Get it? In order to qualify for the handouts, media must acknowledge and do propaganda identifying the TOW as the basis for a “partnership”. This claim of course is completely false. A lie. A big lie. There was never any partnership proposed in the treaty.
    Jacinda Ardern and her Maori caucus are paying the New Zealand media to lie, and the New Zealand media are so cravenly unprincipled, broke and worthless, they’re happy to do so. The first eligibility requirement listed in the application advice package is-
    “Commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and to Māori as a Te Tiriti partner
    As well, there are requirements for staffing-
    Appropriate people attached to the project in leadership roles who can manage and advise on these cultural and spiritual aspects of the production at critical stages (e.g. research, language advisors)
    This is a clear direction for the use of Maori separatist radicals. Now we know what Broadcaster Minister Kris Faafoi was telling the media when he visited every newsroom in the country prior to the last election.
    To summarise, the Ardern govt and the NZ media (by means of dollars taken from you) are combined in an illegitimate defacto govt who are really controlled by the Maori caucus of Labour, and they are intent on pushing the “partnership” structure as the rightful govt of NZ. In other words, a complete standing on its head of our current Westminster based democracy.
    Would 52% of NZers have voted for Jacinda in the 2020 election if they had known this truth? Doubtful. The country has been lied to and conned by Jacinda Ardern in the worst possible way, and the NZ media are in boots and all.
    Public Interest Journalism Guidelines (.pdf)’



    • Utter bullshit. How many more times does it have to be said the covid jab is NOT a vaccine and does not work like any vaccine ever before. It is an experimental biological agent designed to alter you DNA in a way that is irreversible. What that portends for the future is unknown though we will probably have a better idea in three to five years time.



  10. Was getting a WOF yesterday, and the guy in front of me failed his warrant. Well, game on. He got in the inspector’s face and verbally abused him, calling he a f’n cnut etc. Man he was screaming . On and on it went, until he finally grabbed his wahine, got in the leaky waka and took off. But next thing he’s stopped, jumped out, come back and is having another go. Poor bloody car inspector. Eventually Jake left. Fucking proud-warrior-tribe fuckwits. He’s just lucky that the Sagster didn’t have to unleash some of his two-hands-two-feet-four-reasons-to-die-hell-fury on him.



  11. 1981 Michel Salmon interview with Jaques Attali.
    Jacques Attali is a French economic and social theorist, writer, political adviser and senior civil servant, who served as a counselor to President François Mitterrand from 1981 to 1991 and was the first head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in 1991-1993
    Excerpt 1:
    M.S. – How do you see the man of the XXI” century?
    J.A. – I believe that we must make a clear distinction between two kinds of man in the 21st century: the man of the 21st century in rich countries and the man of the 21st century in poor countries. The first will certainly be a man who is much more anxious than he is today, but who will find his answer to the pain of living in a passive tutelage, in painkillers and anti-anxiety machines, in drugs, and who will try at all costs to live a kind of commercial form of conviviality. But apart from that, I’m convinced that the immediate majority, who will have knowledge of these machines and the lifestyle of the rich but who will not have access to them, will be extraordinarily aggressive and violent. It is from this distortion that the great chaos will be born, which could be translated either by racial wars, conquests, or by the immigration of millions of people into our countries who will want to share our way of life.
    Excerpt 2:
    M. S. – The policeman becomes the therapist instead of the priest.
    J, A. – That’s it. Religion withdraws and takes power elsewhere because it cannot take on the power of healing any longer. There are, of course, already doctors, but they only play a consoling role and, as proof of this, the political authorities, very astutely, still do not recognise doctors’ diplomas. The political authorities consider that their main therapist is the policeman and not the doctor. Moreover, in Europe, at the time, there was only one doctor per 100,000 inhabitants.
    But I come to the third period when it is no longer possible to lock up the poor because they are too numerous. Instead, they must be maintained because they become workers. They cease to be bodies and become machines. And the signs we see are those of machines. The disease, the illness, constitutes the breakdown. Clinical language isolates and objectifies evil even more. Evil is designated, separated and expelled.
    Throughout the nineteenth century, with the new surveillance that is hygiene, the new reparation, the new separation between doctor and surgeon, we see the policeman and the priest fade away behind the doctor.



    • “… or by the immigration of millions of people into our countries who will want to share our way of life”

      Such immigration can only happen with the blessing of the State (especially in nations that are natural islands, such as the UK, Japan, NZ and Australia).



  12. 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

    ‘Ironic’ of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to recollect 1991 ‘Mother of all Budgets’ when she would have been 11-years-old – Peter Dunne

    “I thought it was a bit ironic – the Prime Minister recalling her recollections of the 1991 Budget as an 11-year-old,” he told host Mel Homer. “I think most of us would struggle to recall our recollections of significant political events at the age of 11.”



    • Once Were Warriors was released in 1994
      When the Ardern tart was 14.

      She could have helped with the script on that after her years of experience living in Murupara.
      Where her daddy was a half blind cop that did not know that in a town of two and half thousand people there was a lot of cop rape going on.
      Just to be clear; the cops were the rapists, not the victims.



  13. BLM 😩

    Māori man kicked out of Auckland Countdown after complaining of racial profiling by staff

    “It got to the point where I could be trying to shop and I’m looking around, and the employees or the security is spying at me from around the corner. It’s just ridiculous,” he told Newshub.

    “I’ve never, ever seen that happen to anybody else, and I’m there all the time. I thought of myself as a valued customer. It’s got to be something racial or discrimination or something of the sort.”



    • Sorry Judith. Nice speech but no mention of Jesus, or the ten commandments, or any of National’s core values. A promise of “NZ the way God wants it” & an undertaking to burn heretics at the stake was what they wanted to hear.



    • Whaaat?

      Collins …”gone after crime and gang rates in a speech to National Party faithful.”

      Gone after them ….in a speech
      To Notional Pardy faithful.

      The gangs will be cowering their Dens tonight.
      Too afraid to go out and commit crime.

      Jude has spoken.
      That is all they are.

      She might as well talk about UFOs.

      Notional are a meek lot that barely challenge anything the Govt do.
      What a WOFT.



  14. After 57 years of selling N-acetylcysteine (NAC) as an over-the-counter supplement, the FDA decides that it’s now a medication that requires a physician’s prescription. NAC is an antioxidant compound made up of three amino acids — glutamic acid, glycine and cysteine.

    NAC is well absorbed & can increase levels of glutathione in the body. Glutathione deficiency is a key contributor to oxidative stress which contributes to the pathogenesis of several diseases such as liver disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, heart attack & diabetes.

    NAC contributes cysteine, which one study found is inversely associated with the risk of stroke in women. Two papers concluded that NAC shows promise in the treatment of psychiatric conditions, including addiction, compulsive disorders, schizophrenia & bipolar disorder.




          • Editor@1849

            Concerning Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4): It’s used in neat and liquid form as a stainless steel cleaner within the dairy industry and aside from (unsurprisingly) stinging like crazy when it lands on the skin, it has the curious habit of turning the ‘moons’ at the base of finger nails an interesting shade of brown, somewhat similar to a strong cup of coffee with a splash of milk. Unfortunately this also stings somewhat and takes at least a week to fade. Being an acid, albeit a weak one, gloves are unfortunately somewhat ineffective as the liquud permeates through the fabric and after ‘puddling’ in the finger tips tends to cause the result previously-detailed.

            Yet this is what Cocacola would have you drink!!

            (It [‘Coke]) also does ‘interesting’ things to metals…)



      • Yea but where too. Your woke bloke mate Johnny boy Key is no better. He is running around telling everyone they are mad if the don’t get a jab. I wonder what his golfing mates think of him when he slags them off.
        Attacking the banks customers with the same or similar attitudes.
        Perhaps he will fuck off oversea’s again and let the real people get on with the job of sorting the Nats shit out. after all he was Bogues mate, the fishman Presidents mate, Jamies lees mate, cindereella’s mate (oops soryy so many woke women there I can’t name them all).

        Watched Andrew Bayly this morning on Q+A. Knows what he is about. too smart for Tame. He and David Seynour, Shane Reti (when he learns about questions) can make difference. The Nats. need a few more like him. Need an upfront strirrer with a big presence. Gerry is getting to old for that.
        Get rid of some of their weak.



    What has suddenly changed is the slavish, craven and witless embrace of identity politics that has swept through government, academia, the media, the arts, the corporate sector and even sport. In effectively signing up to this woke agenda, the advertising industry is playing it safe by going with the crowd.
    This should surprise no one. The advertising business likes to celebrate itself as edgy, idiosyncratic and anarchic, but it strikes me as deeply conformist, risk-averse and prone to groupthink. Its suspiciously abrupt, across-the-board conversion to the virtues of diversity suggests much the same level of fearlessly independent thought as you’d find in a mob of romney ewes…..




  16. What a fucking waste of money, this hoax has to end.


    Over 80,000 surge tests returned – thank you Wandsworth!

    This increased offer of testing took place after a small number of cases of the South African variant were identified in the borough.

    Over the course of two weeks over 80,000 tests were taken by residents and those that work in Wandsworth.

    As a result of surge testing fortunately no further cases of the variant were discovered in Wandsworth and only a very small number of COVID-19 cases were identified.




    • ……”ACT will establish a $250 million a year fund that will allow principals to reward excellent teachers”……

      The idea is great & has been mooted before. The devil’s in the detail as the principals will be pressured to reward the time servers with seniority rather than the diligent & gifted. The teaching profession is rotten to the core & their union makes the Meatworkers IUOW seem progressive by comparison.

      The useless bitches are only there to promote ignorance, racism, socialism & hang pictures of White Fang on the walls.



    • Poor tova! Bet she rung up her BFF cindy and complained about that nasty Mr Seymour, giving her the shitty end of the talking stick to hold for the entire interview! Oh dear how sad, but nice he made her look like a one trick pony!



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