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  1. Morning Troopers. More rain at chez Saggy (Soggy) this morning. Lawn is boggy. Of course we’re still on water restrictions.

    Gotta say, I feel for these hospo businesses. This government is crippling them. They can’t afford to pay high wages for unskilled staff, and NZ bludgers won’t work. (I suspect if you raised the pay rate by $10/hr, it wouldn’t make that much difference).
    Worse than Covid: Labour shortages causing havoc for hospo sector



  2. After apolgising for the dawn raids and pretty much everything else that’s happened since 1840 , when is Cindy going to apologise for being a lying fraudster who is bringing our country to it’s knees to suit Labour and the Greens hidden agenda?



    • Mkie@0655

      So the professional communist agitator turned very-capitalist mayor (with all the trappings) feels all left out and abused!!

      Oh dear, how sad, never mind!!

      It’s karma of a sort – a pity he didn’t have similar thoughts for others when he was ‘stirring’ against our guys on their return from Vietnam!!

      As you may have noticed, I’m not exactly ‘sympathetic’ towards his ‘dilemma’.



    • Did Biden coherently raise this with Macron at the G7 about the release of the virus. and now nuclear radiation.
      Who will believe the Chinese now?

      …… the past week assessing a report of a leak at a Chinese nuclear power plant, after a French company that part owns and helps operate it warned of an
      “imminent radiological threat,” according to US officials and documents reviewed by CNN.

      The warning included an accusation that the Chinese safety authority was raising the acceptable limits for radiation detection outside the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong province in order to avoid having to shut it down, according to a letter from the French company to the US Department of Energy …..

      Will the Chinese shut it down?
      Can it be shut down safely?

      Will this mean that a few more coal burning power stations will have to be built and while more coal bought in to ramp the others to take up the extra load for electricity?



    • Didn’t Mihingarangi Forbes (Aka Joanne Forbes) fuck Gooner’s brains out so he has an excuse for being stupid!

      Me, Id rather face Extinction rebellion than Mihingarangi Forbes.
      That is some scary womenz.

      Duncy is just a breeding machine for wayward women. 4 kids from 3 women. Manwhore .
      Surely if you had to sit opposite that creature from Gisborne every morning that would cure your desire for life.

      Garner is media. It is just opinion and fake gnews.



  3. David Seymour, Judith Collins condemn Jacinda Ardern after Toyota shuts down the Prime Ministers EV Utes claim.
    Isn’t it funny that not so long ago we had a Labour Minister Chris Hipkins, addressing New Zealander about truth and the fact that Opposition Parties and others were spreading misinformation and that they were the only source of the truth in Covid 19 so you could count on them to have it right .
    Well David Seymour and Judith Collins are condemning our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern after Toyota shut down her latest claim and lies over “the Companyis bringing in EV Utes “to New Zealand .
    Toyota says it’s ” disappointed in misinformation ” after Jacinda Ardern suggested it’s in discussions to bring in the electric version of the famous ute here” within the next- were hoping the next 12 to 24moths – the likes of Toyota are talking about bringing EV Utes.
    ” My hope is people might delay their purchase in order to start building the market” she told the AM Show on Monday.
    Lies, lies and more lies and the sheeple of our Country can’t see that our Prime Minister is becoming a serial liar.



      • Surely the deportee should not get the money. That is flawed logic.
        Compensation – if any – should be paid out to those who were not overstayers whose homes were raided.

        And another thing: If a dog is foaming at the mouth it needs to be shot.
        Police dogs enjoy top shelf healthcare.
        They do not foam at the mouth.

        I’d have thought the raids were sufficiently ghastly to require no embellishment.



  4. A young gay man is confronted by some of his friends and told that he may be drinking a bit too much and it seems like it may be getting in the way of his work and affecting some of his relationships. His friends are concerned that he may need to seek help.

    He took their feelings to heart and joined AA. At the end of a year of dedication he is clean and sober and gets his “pin” showing his progress (of one year being clean and sober). He then thinks, he has wanted to stop smoking for awhile, could he use the same principles he used in AA to stop smoking? He sets himself on the path and does so.

    By the second year when he gets his pin from AA, he is tobacco free and has a small dinner party to celebrate the fact. When he get together with his friends they are amazed at what good health he is in and amazed that he is not only alcohol free but also tobacco free. They applaud his dedication.

    About a year later he has another dinner party and announces to all his friends that he is “no longer gay”. His straight friends as well as his gay friends are totally amazed at this. No one believes he has managed to change so much in his life.

    “Did you do the same things you did to stop drinking and smoking?” many asked. “Was it just a choice of lifestyle change” others asked. “Was it some type of religious revelation?” was even asked.

    “No…. nothing so drastic” he replied…. “It’s just that when I quit smoking I found everything tasted different.”



  5. Police flag crime at emergency housing as growing concern but just like the Police Minister they go on a crusade to stop National and opposition Parties from finding out the extent of the problem and the truth.
    Internal Police documents show emergency housing has been flagged as a area of increasing concern but neither they nor the Government will reveal the extent of the problem.
    When asked in April what they were seeing on the ground and what was being done if people felt unsafe in and around emergency housing police declined a interview saying they didn’t collect that specific data, but they did acknowledge concern about the “perceived increase “in crime.
    RNZ continues to hear stories of Harassment, violence and dangerous living environments for children and families when they are at their most vulnerable.
    National Party MP Simeon Brown asked Police Minister Poto Williams for statistics on call outside and bail checks tagged to the addresses of the ten high earning Motels but Williams did not consider it ” in the public interest ” to answer questions regarding specific properties with the details requested.
    The payment of Taxpayers dollars to any business or Government identity is in the public interest and the Prime Minister and her MP’S are not above the law when’ Questions ‘ like this are requested.




    Lovers help each other undress before sex.
    However after sex, they always dress on their own.

    Moral of the story — In life, no one helps you once you’re screwed.


    When a lady is pregnant, all her friends touch the stomach and say, “Congrats”.
    But, none of them comes up to the man – touches his penis and say, “Good job”.

    Moral of the story — Hard work is rarely appreciated.



  7. Farmer slams Govt’s vehicle levy without ute alternatives as ‘just a form of tax’

    Federated Farmers president Karen Williams says farmers have no problem getting on board with lowering emissions if there are reasonable options available. But she’s critical of the Government’s electric vehicle incentives without ute alternatives, saying they’re “just a form of tax” for those who need the vehicles for work.

    (warning: John Campbell shown)



  8. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2021/06/controversy-over-significant-natural-areas-prompts-war-of-words-between-david-seymour-and-james-shaw.html

    Seymour accused Shaw of “divisive race-baiting” on Monday after the Associate Environment Minister made a series of comments to local radio station Ngāti Hine FM referring to a “group of Pakeha farmers from down south… who have always pushed back against the idea that they should observe any kind of regulation about what they can do to protect the environmental conditions on their land”.

    He said Shaw “let his guard down and gave us an insight into his contemptuous attitude towards everyday Kiwis”.



      • How much cognitive ability does it take to realize that all swabs and instruments must be accounted for in the operating theater!?
        It’s not a question of intelligence but an issue of common sense, the ability to think about basic cause and effect, and the desire to take responsibility for one’s actions and do a thorough job.

        I have found that some cultures can be very geeky and lack the ability to comprehend the big picture. It’s the sort of “Cleaning up is not my job. I assume someone else will do it!” attitude, where no questions are asked and no attempt to fully understand the overall operations of the surgical theater is made.



  9. Real estate agents and buyers are being starved for choice after national residential property listings plummeted nearly 30 per cent in the second greatest drop since records began 80 years ago.

    The Real Estate Institute said today the total number of properties available for sale nationally last month decreased by 28.9 per cent to just 14,883, only the second time New Zealand had less than 15,000 properties available in a month since the 1960s.

    The latest number of listings is down from 20,940 from last May – 6057 fewer properties compared to then.

    “This is the second time that New Zealand has had less than 15,000 properties available for sale and is the second-lowest level of inventory we’ve seen since records began,” REINZ said.




  10. This morning I got a txt to say I and my whanau are good to go for the Covid jab. I hit the link and it took me to Karawhiutu, lots of Maori words I had to google but no real answers so I called them. I have now been on hold for some time so even if I wanted to book a jab I’d be shit out of luck! I just want to clarify all their statements, but no-one’s answering the phone at CANVAX.



    • Ok, finally my call was answered after 29 mins but it was only the bookings lady. I have to email covid.imms@cdhb.health.nz with my queries which I will do now. I have a few questions but you may have others. My questions will be;
      – can I have an antibody test before the jab?
      – as all Covid jabs have only provisional approval in NZ, how can we be sure they’re safe?
      – what redress do I have if the jabs are later found to be unsafe? Will I be able to sue those who assured their safety?
      – will I be immune to Covid if I have the jab? If so, for how long?
      – are Maori more susceptible to catching Covid than others?
      – how many Maori, without co-morbidities, have died from Covid?
      – how can Karawhiutu say the Covid vaccines work the same as other vaccines when they are nothing like other vaccines and only have provisional approval?



      • Many good questions there CoralSea.
        Thanks in advance for getting if even a few in the medical system to be come aware or their grave responsibility to patients

        I do not know if this will help you, but it would seem that questions need to be asked of these medical doctors that seem to enthralled putting guinea pigs into the trial of the vaccines.

        Here are some pointers to more awkward questions to be asking, as all good as I picked up from a thread discussing this.
        = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
        Prof. Bhakdi has a couple interviews out. He speaks passionately against the virus as an expert in the field.
        He makes one recommendation to those adults who are intent upon receiving the shot: get a blood draw before and after to characterize D-dimers. [blood clotting measure]
        [Should be done on the dime of the DHB’s, not your cost, pun intended]
        Not my area of knowledge; need those who can speak to it to jump in and elaborate or critically evaluate the recommendation.
        Reason for recommendation is to establish liability for the physician administering the shot for failure to either profile the candidacy of the patient or advise of consequences.
        Again, not my area. But, if accurate, if advisable, it would be a legal start to pushing back on brute vaccination campaign.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        [another comment]
        Throw in the basic PT/PTT INR for good measure.
        [again about blood clotting]
        The last I heard, at work, they /doctors do not characterize the D Dimer as diagnostic for clots related to the jab or covid.

        How convenient but in my experience…they automatically put the patient on a heparin drip if it is elevated.
        If it is elevated, it is indicative of either an active or potential pulmonary embolus.

        A pre jab and post jab will, provide glaring statistics related to the patient. Very good suggestion,
        – – – – – – – – –
        Anecdotal evidence is often what puts a trial/study in the limelight. Since I strongly doubt there will be any post-marketing surveillance for these shots ( as the experiment is being conducted “live”), perhaps some of the safety studies which were completely omitted will finally be done.
        Zero toxicokinetic studies,
        zero carcinogenicity studies,
        zero bio-distribution studies,
        zero drug-drug interaction studies, etc.
        What is going to happen when the sheeple start getting their flu shots in 4 months?
        Did they even look at the immune response for that?
        = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = ==
        I did google D-dimers and it is about blood clots.
        Maybe not the best test, but since this an experimental trial, would not one expect such tests be done before, and after, and for a period of time to monitor said trial “guinea pig”, to be a bit in line with the Nuremberg Code

        I just like the Nuremberg context, as it fits into what happened to the guilty, who were in breach of the code, when a very heavy sentence was pronounced. 🙂

        Though I think that is now updated to an Helsinki Declaration.

        The Declaration is morally binding on physicians, and that obligation overrides any national or local laws or regulations, if the Declaration provides for a higher standard of protection of humans than the latter.

        They medical people need to be questioned, so as to be sure that they understand it is an experimental trial, and they have responsibilities and will be held to account, under Code, and Declaration.

        They will then become aware they can NOT hide under “just following orders”



        • I like the idea of the blood test Simpleton, thanks. Amusingly, I emailed my queries to covid.imms@cdhb.health.nz and got a job offer back! No mention of my queries. You couldn’t make this shit up.

          Automatic reply: Queries regarding the Covid jab[EXTERNAL SENDER]

          covid.imms via mx07-0053a801.pphosted.com
          1:57 PM (6 minutes ago)
          to me

          Thank you for enquiring about the Canterbury and West Coast DHBs COVID Vaccination Programme. If you are a vaccinator, please check out the information available on the IMAC website regarding training: https://www.immune.org.nz/covid-19-vaccinator-information

          If you are a vaccinator or administrator and would like to register your interest to support our respective regions’ vaccination programme, please provide the following information:


          Role you are interested in:

          Practising Certificate/Professional Registration Organisation and Number (if applicable):

          Vaccination Status: Current / Lapsed / Other

          Your city:

          Mobile phone:

          Ngā mihi,

          COVID-19 Immunisation Team



  11. A young couple are on their way to Las Vegas to get married. Before getting there, the girl said to the guy that she had a confession to make. The reason that they had not been intimate was because she was very flat-chested. If he wished to cancel the wedding, it would be okay with her.
    The guy thought about it for a while and said he did not mind if she was flat, and sex is not the most important thing in a marriage.
    Several miles down the road, the guy turned to the girl and said that he also wanted to make a confession. He said that below his waist he was just like a baby, and if the girl wished to cancel the wedding, it’d be fine by him.
    The girl thought about it for a while and said that she did not mind and she also believed there were other things far more important in a marriage than sex. Both were happy that they’d been honest with each other.
    They went on to Vegas and got married. On the wedding night the girl took off her clothes and she was as flat as a washboard. Finally, the guy took off his clothes and one look at the guy’s naked body made the girl faint and fall to the floor.
    After she came to, the guy asked, ‘I told you before we got married, why did you still faint?’
    The girl said, ‘You told me it was just like a baby.’
    The guy replied, ‘Yes, eight pounds and 21 inches.



  12. What would you rather spend $2064 on instead?!

    Green MP Golriz Ghahraman has taken a swipe at Labour for selling tickets costing more than $2000 to attend a ‘business conference’ with Jacinda Ardern.

    An invitation to the ‘Labour Party Business Conference’, obtained by Newshub, was emailed out by Labour Party president Claire Szabo to businesses, with tickets costing $1795 plus GST – which adds up to $2064.

    he Māori Party has been referred to the police for failing to declare nearly $330,000 of donations in time.

    The Electoral Commission wouldn’t comment on a second referral it’s made to police, but Newshub can reveal it’s conspiracy theorist Billy Te Kahika – in fact, he’s outed himself.

    John Tamihere was the Māori Party’s big name candidate at the election and it turns out he was also its big cash donor, Electoral Commission data shows.



  13. Kitteridge, in her speech, said there were more New Zealanders inspired by white identity extremism – which motivated the Christchurch terrorist – than other extremist ideologies, including Islamic extremism.

    She said the SIS believed that support of the Islamic State had declined in New Zealand, after the extremist movement which had lost its territory across Syria and Iraq,


    Police intervened in two potential mass shootings within weeks of March 15, counter-terrorism hui hears

    Details of the terror threats facing New Zealand emerged at the opening of a two-day hui on counter-terrorism and violent extremism, called He Whenua Taurikura, being held at the Christchurch Town Hall.

    Among the speakers on Tuesday morning were Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Security Intelligence Service (SIS) Director-General Rebecca Kitteridge and police’s national security advisor Cameron Bayly – who shared details of two other credible mass shooting threats.

    More lies do you think?



    • ‘two-day hui on counter-terrorism and violent extremism’

      WTF is that?

      Yakkety do da day ?

      In NZ.
      These Uni creatures are clueless.
      Do they understand Al Qaeda was (is) a USA created entity in the 1980s in Afghanistan.
      The Moozlem people who were approved to receive armaments from the USA in order to perpetuate war.

      When that brand was getting a bit worn they made up ISIS.
      Explain this.
      The area was fairly settled in 2003.
      The yank wanks went in guns blazing – under instructions from one of the biggest warmongers of the last 50 years – Prick Cheney.
      Cheney – Bigger than any African Warlord (apart from Obama ) by multiples of 10.

      So there were all these yankee soldiers in the region; massively armed and the glorious people of ‘liberated’ Iraq were in glee of this; and suddenly ISIS pops up !!
      An indefinable group but more baddies so the yanks just have to stay to fire off more bullets.
      Yeah Ok.
      Oh and the SAS were over in Afghanistan building schools and hospitals and teaching year olds to read.
      Fuck me sideways !

      A court case in AU right now would suggest that there has been bucket loads of misleading propaganda all along .

      The ‘official’ line is bullshit.

      I could go on.
      Kitteridge is a lying Kunt that does not represent the decent people of NZ.

      This is propaganda to create fear and division.

      Of course that Kunt Kitteridge was lying.
      They have lied about everything before and after 15 Mar 2019
      The facts have been buried.

      This is all propaganda to establish Agenda 2021 original goals.
      Weaken society by setting sections off against each other.

      What BS will we get next from Kitteridge and these university wankers…
      That the white supr em acists had Weap ons of Ma$S d3struction



  14. Boris speech Sep 25, 2019
    Watch the first 4 min 20 secs

    He is telling us exactly what to expect…..and the dumbass audience are entertained by it….bread and circuses.


    Not convinced?
    New Cybernetic Medicine? This Wireless Chip Is So Tiny It’s Injectable!

    Scientists Developed Magnetic Nanoparticles that can Remotely Modulate Neural Circuits

    The efficiency of delivery of DNA vaccines is often relatively low compared to protein vaccines. The use of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) to deliver genes via magnetofection shows promise in improving the efficiency of gene delivery both in vitro and in vivo

    Engineered protein crystals make cells magnetic

    Genetically engineered ‘Magneto’ protein remotely controls brain and behaviour 24 Mar 2016

    This was the warning back in 1995.

    Liquid crystals in our brains from vaccines – RF torture – Dr Pierre Gilbert in 1995



    • A lot of unknowns.
      Time will tell (will take years).
      The virus, on the other hand, will mutate out in a season or two (like the Spanish flu virus did). The governments can declare the war won and we can all go home.

      Or will governments be unwilling to give up their new powers? (Especially if a significant proportion of the voting population think them their “heroes”. Yes. Some people are that stupid.)

      If people will tend to vote for the party who “saves them,” then politicians will be tempted to find an existential threat in the lead up to an election.



      • There’s no shortage of “stupid people”. In the last poll I can find ( 27 May 2021 ) 48% of those surveyed regarded the praying mantis as their preferred Prime Minister!

        Each & every one of these fuckwits are sitters to swallow the next make believe threat.



  15. Kelvin Davis thought he had all the answers


    Newshub has obtained figures that show how much the attacks have increased and how inmates are doing it – and National is now calling for prison guards to be armed with tasers.

    And the number of attacks on guards is skyrocketing. Since 2013 the number of assaults has more than doubled. In 2020 there were 895 incidents reported to Corrections.

    But the reality is he’s only just signed off on this action plan while assault numbers have been shooting up for years.

    In fact, he only started asking for advice about the assaults at the start of this year – that’s three years after he became Corrections Minister.



  16. Jeff Mitchell@jeffkiwi

    Dear Mr Brownlee,

    I would describe myself as extremely right-wing on the topic of economics but I have lost all faith in New Zealand’s political system. I would rather spy for the PRC than support this sorry bunch of property investors who occupy Parliament with their arrogance. If MPs would stop bringing in so many immigrants, and actually fast-track the construction of new houses then I might support them but it’s clear that MPs view people my age as easily exploited fools.

    I understand that Security Intelligence Service is very worried about teenagers being radicalised into far right political views, so if I want you lot to pay attention to my views, then I will radicalise teenagers and students into far right political views. Perhaps if people saw democracy as a failure then your party would be forced to make some concessions to my generation. All I have to do is reduce the number of generation z voters down to about 10% or lower and promote authoritarian fascist and communist systems as viable alternatives to democracy, which isn’t difficult these days, given the dire straights we’re in.

    National Party policies under John Key’s government were a disaster for young New Zealanders, and Jacinda Ardern is just as bad. Since you don’t respond well to the easy way, I’ll do this the hard way. I’m sure you read in the news that 170 GCSB and SIS staff quit earlier this year after handing in their resignation letters in 2020. That’s because they read emails like this one, and realise that they’re scum and that they’re on the wrong side of New Zealand history.

    If the New Zealand Government continues to stagnate and intentionally increase house prices to make my generation suffer, then I will continue to promote anti-democracy views and encourage people to throw their voting papers in the rubbish bin where they belong. Eventually I’ll move out of the country indefinitely and move to Russia, a country where people know that democracy is utter B.S.

    Jeff Mitchell, far-white right wing activist.



    • That’s a relief. Just so long as he isn’t promoting legal use of the dreaded cannabis sativa! //

      Remember the prophetic “Reefer Madness”.

      “Jimmy: Ah, Jesus. I got a great high cooking here, don’t bring me down.
      Jesus: On the contrary, Jimmy. I’m here to bring you UP – with dope. No, not your brand of dope, but the straight dope! You think hanging with those reefer fiends are cool? I don’t think you realize how cool God can be. “



    • 97 Percent of scientists agree that the very sight of Patrick Gower frightens the living shit out of seven of eight 6 to 10 year olds.

      The science is settled.

      Even hardened socialist and seasoned campaigner Bernie Sanders was scared of this creature that was stalking him and retreated quickly to his house.



  17. Ex-head of Myanmar’s COVID-19 vaccination programme arrested

    The Global New Light of Myanmar said Htar Htar Lin had been arrested on June 10 and she was also accused of working with an underground National Unity Government (NUG).

    “According to her confession, she not only joined the CDM and formed the CDM Core Group together with other CDM doctors and staff but also colluded with terrorist NUG,” it said.




  18. Waigurl.
    DR JANE RUBY@RealDrJaneRuby

    First autopsy report of “Covid vaccine” related cardiopulmonary death!

    Positive for C 19 with no sign of infectious disease and no isolated virus.

    But guess what they did find?

    Huge concentrations of SPIKE PROTEINS


    Actual study:
    Immunogenicity refers to the ability of a drug to induce an immune response and is a concern for peptide and protein therapeutics.



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