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  1. A special Committee is being Set up by the Emaciated lizard creature and will include,
    Two MPs to procure suitable new housing,
    Two MPs to organize purchase of a new electric car,
    Two MPs to organize 24 hours a day delivery of groceries from P&Save.
    Two MPs to create a schedule for house cleaning workers,
    Two MPs to set up 24 hour a day babysitting service,
    Two MPs to to ensure that NZs language (Te Reo) is taught to the Children,
    Two MPs to look after “spiritual needs”,
    And lastly and most importantly 6 MPs to record and report to the U N on behalf of our Amazeballs skinny stoop shouldered PM how easily and seamlessly our Country can assimilate an ISIS terrorist at minimal cost.



      • Sooty, How dare you,have you forgotten,
        Willie Jackson,
        Nanaia Mahuta,
        Kiri Allen,
        Kelvin Davis,
        Megan Woods,
        The bus drivers wife,
        Carmel Sepuloni,
        Photo Williams,
        Peeni Henare,
        Jan Tinetti,
        Michael Wood,
        Meika fightery,
        Rino Tirikatene,
        Trevor Mallard Angie Warren Clark
        Tamari Coffey,
        Ginny Anderson,
        And of course the president of the darkest Congo rainforests chapter of MENSA, Horseface Ardern.,



  2. FFS, US MSM are reporting that what occurred at the “insurrection ” on January 6th was worse than some of the capital police who had served in Iraq or Afghanistan had experienced .
    What the fuck would soldiers that saw there mates blown to pieces, blood and guts and the smell of death that you can never forget think about that utter shit reporting ? The fucking poofters were pushing pens obviously.



  3. Scum will always be scum. Lawyers will always try plausible bullshit on their equally soft touch judges.
    Defence lawyer Julian Hannam said the offending occurred while Ryder was suffering from a “disordered mind” brought on by drugs, which he used to deal with his life experiences.
    However, Ryder, who has 46 previous convictions and has been assessed as at high risk of reoffending, had been doing some “soul-searching”.
    He has acknowledged he has psychological problems which he wishes to address, Hannam said.
    “He’s getting on in years, becoming a mature man. He is now a father and he wants to be a positive influence upon his young daughter.”
    Hannam said Ryder, who has been in custody for the past 10 months, had a “very significant” sense of remorse for his offending.

    A Taranaki gang member has been jailed for an attack on his pregnant partner during which he repeatedly punched her in the stomach and admitted to wanting the baby dead.

    Halen Neale Ryder appeared in New Plymouth District Court on Tuesday for sentence on a charge of attempting to kill an unborn child and three of assault on a person in a family relationship.



  4. Heres a peak at the thoughts of a twisted obsessed racist that cant see his own racism due to the hatred and blame of white man.
    White man this white man that,  if white man is so racist then why dont they lock up and exploit indians, muslims, asians and eskimos the same degree his delusional thoughts think maori endure? … they dont, the racism is in your head tamihere.

    Tamihere bro if you keep living in the past, dwell on the past, grieve for the past then you and you people will never have a future.
    Be like white man and all the other races that live here and just be a fucking kiwi,  if you keep telling maori theyre special and deserve more then everyone else youre just setting them up for failure, misery and disapointment.



    • Tamihere was, is and will always be racist trash with a penchant for self promotion and a nose firmly stuck in the best trough he can find regardless of who he has to stand on to get there.



        • And hone/ john hadfield.

          1 thing ive always thought was strange was whitey bad because they arrived here after maori but its well known that maori arrived in 3-4 waves from different parts of the pacific over hundreds of years.
          Going by maori think wouldnt the 1st wave be the rightful natives of nz then the tribes that arrived after that and waged war and stole the early arrivals lands be just as bad and evil as mr european?

          The waitaha ppl and moriori should be making grievance claims against the other bros, probably why massive infighting of ngai tahu has persisted over the last few years as the waitaha descendants want to split off and form their own independant tribe and along with it some very valuable assets.



    • Why doesn’t he just get to the real point . The government and its woke employees are the ones he should be targeting not average joe blow whitey . It seems every example they give in this argument involves the state but they are having to shift the narrative because it is themselves the lefty’s that are in charge of the country at the moment and bony white cindy is just so nice and kind.



  5. Jacinda Ardern our Prime Minister shows her arrogance in disputing the latest report finding 18,000 more children pushed into poverty.
    The report on 18,000 children have been pushed into poverty by the Action for Poverty Group since the start of Covid-19 is a sign that the pandemic has affected low income earners the hardest.
    The report puts the blame and points the finger squarely at the Government but Jacinda Ardern our Prime Minister is disputing the numbers, but the Government official measure, has 43,000 children lifted out of poverty and it has been at the forefront of its Covid-19 response.
    “As soon as Covid hit us , that first response- package did include a immediate lift to benifits as a result”.
    Then in the last budget you saw us move again- well over $100 a week extra but that hasn’t reached everyone Jacinda Ardern said.
    Jacinda Ardern is just like all other Politicians that thinks throwing money at the problems always the way to fix problems but forgets to think about it before blowing her trumpet.



  6. Jim’s doctor tells him he has only one day to live. When   
    Jim goes home to share the bad news with his wife, she asks   
    what he wants to do with the little bit of time he has left.   

    “All I want,” Jim tells his beloved wife, “is to spend my   
    last few hours reliving our honeymoon.” Which is exactly   
    what they did.   

    But after hours of blissful romance, she announces that   
    she’s tired & wants to go to sleep.   

    “Oh, come on,” Jim whispers in her ear.   

    “Look,” his wife snaps, “It’s all right for you….you don’t have to
    get up & go to work in the morning!”



  7. From behind the Herald paywall.
    “Multiple studies have identified Māori particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 due to the higher rates of comorbidities and socioeconomic factors.”
    So far, so good. Can’t disagree with that.

    “Te Paati Māori co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer, also a leader with South Taranaki iwi Ngāti Ruanui, said the poor rates for Māori were symptomatic of the systemic racism in the health system. ”

    Well, she would say that. Her job depends on it.

    The article continues. “The mass vaccination event planned for Manukau this weekend has also come under criticism for its poor communications with its target Māori and Pasifika audience, with less than a quarter of those invited booking a slot.”

    “Poor communication.” What does that mean? (In a nutshell: “Poor manipulation.”)
    – You didn’t tell people?
    – You told people, but they didn’t respond that way you had hoped? What do you do? Lie to them to try to manipulate them?
    – People didn’t receive the message? (Possibly). How was the message conveyed?
    – The people received the message but didn’t think it was for them?
    – The people received the message but didn’t understand it?
    – The people received the message and did understand it, but were unable to attend the vaccination (work commitments, caregiving, ill health, lack of transport, etc.)
    – The people received the message and did understand it, but were unable to attend the vaccination because they didn’t have the wherewithal to organize themselves to get the shot.
    – The people were “scared” of the vaccination.
    – People they trust (their pastor, etc.) didn’t tell them to get their vaccination.

    The Herald article just blamed the “system” or other undefined factors. There was no analysis of why Maori were not getting their vaccinations.

    For Westerners and East Asians in New Zealand, the COVID-19 situation is serious, but not hopeless.
    For Polynesians in New Zealand, the COVID-19 situation is hopeless, but not serious.



  8. Hate speech…
    Come on, you critical thinkers out there!

    Who supports hate speech?
    Who opposes hate speech?
    Who will make money from hate speech? (Follow the money.)
    Who will hate speech benefit the most?
    Who will it hurt the most?

    What is the “official purpose” of hate speech laws?
    What is the “unofficial purpose” of hate speech laws?



    • Saggy@0903

      An interesting article; thank you for posting it.

      To answer the final sentence ‘…What sort of society does this to people?’ is a very easy one (although I notice that the article’s writer didn’t bother to provide the answer; $50 million buys a lot of ‘silences’) A society that does such things is one dominated by an ideology that sees small businesses as impediments to their quest for utopian ‘equality for all’ (except, of course, for the leaders / proponents of such ideologies and their sponsors / backers / paymasters who are ‘above ‘such things and despise the ‘lower orders’). An ideology also that is so-firmly self obsessed that it believes that it and it alone is ‘The best for everyone’ and which, in it’s quest for ‘perfection’ will destroy anyone or thing which stands in it’s way, either directly through use of force or indirectly by deliberate neglect and disinterest, while being able to justify all and any losses that result as being merely ‘collateral damage’ and of absolutely NO consequence whatsoever.

      It’s ironic BTW, that the MP who visited the area was a LABOUR one, representing the very ideology that is determined to eliminate said small businesses. I doubt that she saw the irony…

      Such is the world inhabitted by DL, and you can be assured that IF there had been a DL-favoured institution within the affected area, she would have made it her PERSONAL responsibility to ensure that said establishment continued to operate (especially if it gave generous, and door-opening, ‘donations’ to THE CAUSE” – undefined though that may have been). But since it didn’t, she really ‘Doesn’t give a damn’ (and besides which, the shop owners would probably all be National party supporters anyway, so they are worthy of even less attention)



    • Here’s the final few words of this article:

      It was all so predictable, and yet, the cost of that harm was left to sit on these people’s shoulders, in order to build the rest of us a light railway.

      It all begs the question: What sort of society does this to people?

      No, idiot. It was NOT ‘society’ which has done this to these people. It was fucked up virtue signaling money wasting inefficient stupid bloody PHIL GOFF and his Marxist collaborators who did this to these people.

      Get it right, FFS



  9. Judith Collins slates Suhayra Aden’s return from ‘death cult’, says media will try to turn her into a martyr

    National leader Judith Collins has unleashed on suspected terrorist Suhayra Aden, claiming she’s a bad mother and part of a “death cult”.

    “We got done over by the Australians and it’s not like she had anything to do with us other than she happened to be born here, left when she was six and you know I just feel sorry for her poor little kids,” she told The AM Show.

    “They’ve been brought up and dragged up, you could say, in a place like Syria in IS camps and this woman chose to marry three times to IS fighters… I just think we are going to rue the day that we have to take her in.”

    Collins said Aden “didn’t just pop up” in Syria by chance.



    • waikatogirl@0958

      But, but, she’s a KIWI and can do absolutely NO wrong in DL’s eyes and is just another example of DL showing HER ‘Kindness’ and ‘caring’. Of course, when everything goes belly-up it will all be the Nat’s fault (As usual).

      (Aka ‘Stuff the Country’, I want my socialist friends overseas to notice me and only ME!!)



    • So getting “married” three times is probably more legitiomate than some of your Cuzzies and the Solo bennies in your area.

      So how many kids and how many fathers.
      Basically a Muslim prostitute.



    • This returned muslima back to Germany, but the Germans seem to have a few facts, and evidence on her about her time with ISIS
      I used triggered it to translate some how, so taken the liberty of putting the lot here.

      July/22/2021 – 12:50 pm
      Hamburg – Another conviction for the rapper widow Omaima A. (37)!

      The German-Tunisian, who moved with her three children into the hail of bombs in Raqqa (Syria) in 2014 and married ISIS henchman Denis Cuspert (rapper “Deso Dogg”), is on Thursday in the Hamburg trial for the enslavement of two Yazidis Has been sentenced to a total of four years imprisonment.

      The Hanseatic Higher Regional Court was convinced that Omaima A. as a member of the terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS), was aiding and abetting a crime against humanity in the form of enslavement under the International Criminal Code.

      An already legally binding conviction of three and a half years was included in the total custodial sentence.
      After an agreement on a sentence, Omaima A. admitted at the beginning of the trial that in 2016 she had her apartment in the Syrian city of Raqqa cleaned by two enslaved Yazidis of a friend.
      She knew exactly that the girls had been kidnapped.

      The Hamburg-born German-Tunisian now distanced herself from ISIS and regretted her “wrongdoing”.
      Did female slaves have to clean their apartment?
      The second trial against the already convicted ISIS returnees, Omaima A., began on Thursday in the Higher Regional Court in Hamburg.
      Rapper widow has to go to jail for three and a half years
      The public prosecutor’s office had asked for four years and ten months, and the defense lawyer pleaded for two years in prison.

      ▶ In October 2020, Omaima A. was sentenced to three and a half years in prison by the higher regional court in Hamburg.
      The court saw it as proven that the then 36-year-old was a member of a terrorist organization abroad.

      She also violated her duty to bring up and care for her children, violated the War Weapons Control Act by possessing a Kalashnikov assault rifle, and aided in the enslavement of a Yezidi girl.

      ▶ Omaima A. followed her then husband to Syria in early 2014. She lived with her three children in the stronghold of the terrorist organization in Raqqa.

      After the death of her husband in the spring of 2015, she married his boyfriend Cuspert.
      The Berlin gangster rapper joined ISIS in 2014 and was on the terrorist list in the USA.
      According to media reports, he was killed in an air strike in Syria in 2018.


      Interesting what charges have come up, and will our police system be able to fully look into the lifestyle of this muslima.
      Will something pop up, like a Yazidi slave?
      A weapon of war?
      A matching hijab to what Ardern wore?
      Keep on digging. 🙂



    • Andrew Bolt brings a series of concerns, like the media, police, and so like Brenton Tarrant, this attempted murder in Hyde Park, is not be be spoken about.

      The critic of Islam is now the ‘villain’ in ‘much of the English-speaking world’: Bolt
      9 mins 17 secs : Jul 28, 2021

      In Britain and “much of the English-speaking world” it is now the critic of Islam who is the “villain,” says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

      Hatun Tash, a 39 year-old convert from Islam to Christianity, was “violently stabbed in the head and the arm as she preached at Speakers’ Corner in London – a place symbolic of free speech,” according to Mr Bolt.

      He said he was “amazed” to see Australian and British newspapers providing “almost no” reporting on the matter.

      “People who physically attacked people who criticised Islam were once seen as the problem … but in Britain, in much of the English-speaking world, it is now the critic of Islam who is the villain,” Mr Bolt said.

      The life of an ISIS girl is not to be spoken about, conditions, applied, etc… all to be kept under wraps.



  10. 300 ticketless Aussie fans entered Eden Park via a disabled entrance for the All Blacks Aussie game.

    When asked by the police how it happened, a security guard said, “We honestly though they were genuinely disabled, as they were all wearing Wallaby shirts”



  11. Pushing the clot shot. Don’t ask questions. Dr Nikki Turner says “the public should not scrutinise the providers”.

    Coronavirus: Kiwis urged not to spurn chance to get vaccinated with Delta ‘only a plane flight away’

    Young people in two minds about getting vaccinated against COVID-19 need to understand the threat posed by the Delta variant, an expert says.



        • There is a lot of mystified faces on msm interviewees as to why the clotshot ‘jamboree’ event planned for South Auckland has not attracted crowds. Could it be that the public don’t want to be injected with an experiment?

          I just received my first text inviting me for a clot shot. Immediately deleted!!



          • The wife and I have each gotten two text messages telling us to sign up for the Covid19 vaccine. We’re in our mid 70’s and rather wait to see what happens to those that have taken the vaccine before deciding to get the shots. Since no-one is dying from Covid19 in New Zealand at the moment we would rather err on the side of caution. If and when Covid19 becomes a significant problem we may change our minds.



    • Young people should take a few minutes and consider what Dr. Sam Bailey says and the links.
      Can not wait to hear what she says about the PCR tests that now the CDC FDA etc, say should not be used.

      It is a review of the Wuhan flue, and many here will know the points she uses, showing the circular reasoning of modern virology and the pivotal points.

      Dr Sam will take you back to December 2019 and highlight some of the key concepts that have been used to FUEL this crisis.

      Once Upon A Time in Wuhan….
      19 mins 01 secs : 27th July : Dr Sam Bailey

      Picks up on PCR testing, and the NZ health and how they continues this concept.
      Genome sequencing being another issue when asked if “Do your electron micrographs show the purified virus?



      • You’ve got to admit, Grants a master at the reverse Midas touch and it takes a fair bit to stand out from a crowd that includes Wood, Woods, Davis, Twyford, Hipkins, Faafoi, Williams and Ardern herself. I could go on, but whats the point? It doesn’t get any better just more arrogant.



      • On the contrary Sooty. Actually, there’s some pretty good reasons to think that turning everything to shit is EXACTLY what they are TRYING TO ACHIEVE.

        There can be no other explanation. Seriously. How else can you explain the tidal wave of economic destruction, social upheaval, education and health reverses, denial of freedoms and racial tension that this once great little country is being subjected to?

        If indeed this is what these people are trying to achieve, then one must conclude that they are probably the most successful government in the former New Zealand’s history.



  12. Do the msm not believe JC should be raising gang issues?

    Collins to continue talking about gangs until ‘someone takes it seriously’

    National Party leader Judith Collins continues to defend its focus on gangs, which she describes as a “very insidious evil in our society”.

    Since becoming leader in July last year, National has put out 33 press releases about gangs, amounting to 9700 words.

    When asked if she was obsessed with gangs on Breakfast, Collins replied: “I think I’m obsessed with the victims they create.”

    Judith Collins says Government is ‘soft on gangs’ despite major police bust
    “People tend to underestimate how long these tentacles are in our communities.”

    “I feel very passionately that gangs are a very insidious evil in our society.”

    Collins felt it was “very, very bad” gang numbers had risen 50 per cent in the last four years to about 8000.



  13. The safety Nazis are at it again. This time they are determined to destroy the ability to efficiently move people & freight in the Wairarapa by lowering the maximum speed on over 20km of open state highway between Masterton & Featherston to 80kph. Long ribbon development of Wairarapa towns means that the balance of 16km is already zoned 50kph.

    For the most part we’re not talking about quasi suburbia. The open highway is generally bordered by farmland, is flat & in as reasonable condition as any other section of SH2. But the safety garbage doesn’t stop at slowing motorists to crawl speed. Also proposed are:

    1) Twenty one raised pedestrian crossings designed to limit speeds to 25kph. (They’re steep & will rip the arse out of many cars).

    2) Four roundabouts to replace intersections. (probably the only sane part of the proposals)

    3) “Flexible” median barriers where the NZTA see danger lurking.

    Needless to say the local politicians, Karens & school principals are wanking themselves senseless over their success. The remainder of us will just have to get used to wasting another fifteen minutes of our lives every time we have cause to use the road.



  14. Here is the article. Exceollent stuff.

    How does one get into a country pursuing an aggressive anti-Covid policy?

    This is a question that has befuddled many a mind this past year or so, as denizens of Western democracies – so used to the idea of borders being essentially theoretical – have juggled pursuing their own cosmopolitanism with preventing the spread of the virus.

    In the UK, we have allowed people in and out – just about. But New Zealand and Australia have stamped out travel altogether, closing their borders for the forseeable future.

    The pair have garnered great praise across the world for this tactic from various media outlets and politicians concerned that their own rulers aren’t authoritarian enough. But the approach has thrown up all manner of issues for expatriates, eager to return home to visit loved ones. So much so that some have had to resort to some pretty eccentric ploys to get themselves back home.

    Take young Suhayra Aden, who has been able to circumvent New Zealand’s closed border policy by virtue of being a member of an international terrorist organisation.

    “But hang on,” I hear you ask, “isn’t an affiliate of an international terrorist organisation one of the last people you’d want to make an exception for? Didn’t stopping such people used to be… sort of, y’know, the core aim of border security?” One might think so, but then these are strange times. Aden, as you might have gathered, is one of the famous “IS brides” — women from Western countries who left to pursue the dream of a caliphate utopia in Iraq and Syria. She was captured by Turkish security forces attempting to flee utopia some time later, and the Turks, not unreasonably, decided they didn’t want her.

    This is where it gets a bit tricky. Aden is a dual Australian-New Zealander, but spent most of her life in the former. Australia, though, decided straight off the bat that it didn’t want her either, and revoked her citizenship. New Zealand has said it will take her and her two young children.

    There are many good arguments against revoking the citizenship of people accused of being terrorists. Personally, I don’t like the idea of dumping wicked people on other countries to deal with. But it does take the biscuit somewhat when law-abiding citizens, who dutifully stayed home when told, took tests when told, quarantined when told, forewent contact with friends and family when told, and basically gave up on humanity when told, all in the name of stopping a virus, must continue to put up with endless restrictions, whilst a woman who knowingly went to join a terrorist organisation aiming to stamp humanity out elsewhere is airlifted from the hellhole she dug for herself.

    Sooner or later, if the rights of those with questionable motives are held aloft whilst millions have their basic liberty to visit their families curtailed, there will come a point when the millions ask what those governing them really offer. Obviously, the majority of these are unlikely to want to replace creeping authoritarianism with public executions and mandatory beards (even in woke hipster oases) but the erosion of trust between governments and governed cannot continue indefinitely. If a dangerous traveller like Suhayra Aden deserves to have her legal rights restored, her fellow Kiwis — the non-dangerous travellers — deserve theirs, too.



  15. Just cleared my mailbox. Joy of joys it contained an inspiring message from DL and the Liarbor Party.
    Good to know that they are working on our recovery out of Covid and that we will “build back better”

    Lucky I have a strong constitution or I may have left my lunch all over the driveway.



  16. The Indian doctors are on to it ;


    Great post in the comments :

    “We are living in dangerous times with the new freedom variant, there’s been an outbreak of people not wearing masks in Tesco, Fortnum & Mason, Harrods, The Rolex shop in New Bond Street and Dildo’s ‘R’ Us’ Superstore (3 levels) in Croydon.

    This new freedom variant has dangerously empowered people into free thinking. These free thinking people WHO are not influenced by the narrative following mainstream narrative media are dangerous. THESE PEPEPL ARE DANGEROUS. BE WARNED AS FREE THINKING PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE ABILITY TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX PEOPLE ARE A MENACE TO SOCIETY.

    This new freedom variant has empowered people to evaluate their own opinions,not following the Government narrative, teaching their children their own values, and expressing ideas the Bastard Boris Government would rather they not. Because, face it, Boris is a prized cunt. Along with SAGE and Professor pants down Neil Furguson who has got every prediction wrong in the past. Look it up.

    Moreover, this freedom variant is highly contagious, even sometimes breaking into Blue Conservative safe seat constituencies thought to be immune from this outpouring of the freedom variant.

    Even the Labour Party 🥳 will be supporting the unlawful vaccine passports to thwart the free thinking freedom variants.

    Experts recommend only staying on highly moderated and censored media sites such as the Guardian , The Beano, Tractor Weekly, Pornhub and other mainstream narrative following media, and watching approved network news such as the BBC, ITV, SKY, Food Network, Pandemonium Pandemic Daily and CNN to avoid being infected.

    They also tell people to watch out for the signs of this dangerous freedom variant symptoms in others: masklessness, smiling, generally not being scared or giving a shit and getting on with life as per normal.

    Double jabbed Guinea pigs still seem to be scared though.

    Free thinkers are not the enemy. The complicit are the real danger.

    Face, Space , Embrace.

    Nick 2021”



  17. Heartbreaking for owner. Vinny the cat was lying in the sun close to where his owner was working when he was shot.

    Taumarunui man desperately seeking justice after beloved cat Vinny shot dead by man claiming to be ‘pest control’

    Three-year-old Vinny had been snoozing in the sun by his home in Taumarunui – a small town in the Ruapehu District of the Manawatū-Whanganui region – when the alleged shooter fired the fatal shot.

    Vinny’s owner, Geoff, was standing mere metres away – and could do nothing but watch as his cat flailed in pain.

    “I almost can’t describe how I felt at that moment. It was like the worst possible nightmare but you can’t wake up. It was absolute despair, shock, disbelief, fear, sadness, and anger, all at once. The worst instant trauma you can imagine,” Geoff says.



    • Muppet but on the flipside any dead cat is a good cat.

      Shot and trapped many hundreds of cats over the last 15yrs, nothing wrong with it but that dudes a clown for doing so near houses etc. He shoulda just used a cage trap and no one wouldvd been the wiser, used to hate it living in town and wandering cats would shit all through the garden and come inside and raid the rubbish bins if ya left doors open on hot sticky nights.
      Id be all for cat curfews, compulsory desexing and registration except thats too much over reach so im with gareth morgan and death to all cats!!!



  18. Another video that I am surprised has not been front and centre in the media.

    Biden meeting and greeting a mother and her kids…puts his arm over the boys shoulder while holding his covid mask in his hand.,
    Biden then grabs the kids hand and pushes the mask into it…bewildered kid then puts Biden’s used mask into his pocket.)




  19. Hang on, you expect competence too?!! //

    Auckland Transport CEO rips into KiwiRail over train disruptions, urges it to ‘put better people’ on its board

    Auckland Transport (AT) has written to KiwiRail complaining about the number of “surprise and short-notice restrictions” it’s been putting on the city’s rail network and urging it to “put better people” on its board.

    AT says the disruptions are discouraging commuters from getting back on trains, with patronage still far below what it was pre-COVID-19 – and the financial hit could result in other services being cut.

    “At a time when Auckland Council and central Government are investing more in rail as demonstrated by the opening of Puhinui Interchange at the end of July 2021 we are very frustrated,” AT chief executive Shane Ellison wrote in an email earlier this month to his KiwiRail counterpart, Greg Miller.

    “This is clearly an unacceptable ongoing situation.”



  20. The insincere one – “yes, me as well”

    Radio host Bryce Casey begged Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to give more money to mental health and counselling services during an interview on The Rock on Wednesday morning.

    “So it’s: ‘What can we do in the meantime? What can we do to keep growing and expanding and preventing people [from] hitting crisis?'” she continued. “So please know – I hear you, and we are doing what we can. But if there were simple fixes, I tell you, I would have found them by now because I keep looking.

    “But we will keep working on it.”

    Casey said he appreciated Ardern’s answer but again mentioned King: “All I know is that there’s, you know, old mate, our mate [King] is saying they’ve got people ready to go, that want to help people who try and take the burden off,” Casey said.

    “If we can make that happen, let’s make it happen. I know you’re pushed for time and stuff.”

    “We’re still working with Mike and his team,” Ardern replied.

    Last month, King returned his New Zealand Order of Merit medal over the state of mental health support in Aotearoa. He’s repeatedly criticised Ardern and the Ministry of Health over a lack of investment in services in this area.



  21. How dare they! //. Will they be drummed out of academia?

    Academics claim mātauranga Māori is ‘not science’

    The University of Auckland and Royal Society are distancing themselves from a contentious letter dismissing mātauranga Māori by some top academics.

    They raise their concerns about an NCEA working group’s proposed changes to the school curriculum that will ensure parity for mātauranga Māori with other bodies of knowledge.

    The academics say although indigenous knowledge may play some role in the preservation of local practices and in management and policy – it “falls far short of what can be defined as science itself”.

    They said mātauranga Māori should not be accepted as an equivalent to science, adding “it may help … but it is not science”.



    • And further to this, one of the Auckland University professors who signed this letter has now resigned!


      Auckland University professor resigns over letter claiming Māori knowledge isn’t science.

      A public letter from a group of prominent academics at the University of Auckland has claimed Māori knowledge “is not science”.

      An (sic) University of Auckland professor has stepped down as acting dean of science after backlash to a letter he co-authored claiming Māori knowledge “is not science”.

      Professor of Psychology Douglas Elliffe emailed the science faculty to say his role in writing the letter meant his leadership had the potential to “increase division” among the university’s scientific community.

      Elliffe was one of seven professors to sign the letter published in the Listener magazine last week in response to proposed changes to the Māori school curriculum.

      For some reason this guy is pretending that he wasn’t forced to resign. Yeah right.

      Reading the news in this country is becoming like watching a slow motion train wreck. The Maoris now were ‘Aotearoa’s first scientists”.

      This is utterly sickening.



    • A stone age civilization as of 200 years ago who had no wheel, no writing was scientific? Only in the very basic sense of the word in that they observed and adapted. By 1840 European settlers had steam engines for what … 150 years? And Europeans were behind China by a long shot.

      This is just more woke bullshit.



  22. ACT Press Statement

    Stuff was happy to run a column from John Tamihere accusing David Seymour of an “insidious, sophisticated and covert form of race-based politics” but they wouldn’t publish David’s below response because they didn’t like the “tone” of the article.

    If you wonder why Stuff is stuffed and people don’t trust the media, here is the perfect example.

    There’s a dilemma we all face when personally attacked. Just ignore them, (like most people probably have already), or set the record straight. Ignoring them is easier, but maybe they think throwing enough mud will see some stick. Setting the record straight takes more time, and risks giving them and their argument more attention than deserved.

    The dilemma is harder when the attack is dishonest, but from someone who’s done little to earn your respect. We’ve all been there, and John Tamihere’s article about me, The subtle dig at Māori in race-based politics and how it’s swinging voters’ judgement, is so filled with outright mistruths, that the record needs to be set straight.

    Tamihere’s argument is summarised in his words: ‘Act Leader David Seymour plays a far more insidious, sophisticated and covert form of race-based politics.’ He goes on to say that my criticism of the Reserve Bank spending $400,000 on a monstrous piece of artwork is really an attack on Māori because the artwork was supposed to represent Tane Mahuta, the god of the forest.

    He goes on to say that I wouldn’t criticise the America’s Cup losing hundreds of millions of dollars because it’s a white man’s sport. Here’s the problem. I am on the record criticising the America’s Cup getting taxpayer money. Just Google ‘David Seymour America’s Cup circus.’

    Tamihere goes on to ask ‘Can you imagine a Waka Festival losing thousands of dollars being swept under the carpet by Seymour?’ Well, actually, something similar did happen when I was responsible for charter schools in the previous Government.

    Te Kāpehu Whetū, a charter school in Whangarei was attacked for using its flexibility of funding to buy a waka. I believed, and still do, that charter schools were a power of good, and defended that school for that action among many others connected with the policy. They were a policy supported by ACT and the Iwi Chairs Forum because they were good for Māori.

    That’s where the wheels really fall off Tamihere’s argument. On the basic facts, he’s not only a little bit wrong, but shilling the exact opposite of the truth. But on the wider issue of who really cares about Māori kids’ opportunity, it is Tamihere who’s played politics.

    He forgot to mention his Waipareira Trust applied to operate a charter school, apparently believing in the power of the policy. He went through most of the application process then tried to renegotiate the terms he’d signed up to at the last minute.

    He thought he could steamroll the young first term MP in charge of charter schools. Big mistake. When he didn’t get his way, he publicly trashed the policy that was working for disadvantaged kids, including those at his old friend Willie Jackson’s charter school, Te Kura Māori o Waatea.

    It would be easy to dismiss Tamihere. He had a short parliamentary career, that ended with losing his seat, before losing his radio show for gross misogynistic comments, then running a disastrous campaign for the Auckland Mayoralty, then failing to win a seat in a short-lived revival as co-leader of the Māori Party. Why give him time?

    The problem is that he’s doing such a terrible disservice to the very people he claims to represent. Just like his disgraceful conduct over the charter school affair, he is prepared to play politics without truth on the very important cause of solving poverty and improving education for Māori.

    In his mind, to attack egregious waste at the Reserve Bank, gangs, and welfare abuse, is to attack Māori. Really? Do Māori speak with one voice? If we listen to John Tamihere, being Māori means you can’t want responsible Government spending, gangs to be treated with the contempt they deserve, and welfare dependency to be reduced.

    ACT says all New Zealanders benefit from better policy. All New Zealanders want less crime, less tax, and greater independence. The idea we can’t have honest conversations about the challenges our country faces because we might offend Māori doesn’t just stop us making progress. Ironically enough, it is patronising and belittling of Māori who, unlike John, overwhelmingly want a better world through better policy.

    John was once billed as a future Prime Minister. Now the best lesson he shows young New Zealanders of all backgrounds is not to waste their talent on hubris.



    • I logged in to come post this. What an absolute disgrace from our shameful media.

      No matter what you think of ACT, and I appreciate there are some who dislike them, this action from the media refusing a person the right to defend their words is disgraceful.

      Please, email Stuff and CC your local MP in the email. Let them know what you think of this.



  23. Lynda Wharton Facebook Post.
    Its been a tough week.
    The pace of severe injury and death reporting to our Citizens data base is quite overwhelming.
    We ALWAYS urge reporting of these events to Medsafe’s CARM (Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring), as well as recording them on our confidential Citizens Database.
    Yesterday alone we confirmed 7 deaths, and today I talked at length with a family who are grieving the loss of their 41 year old, 3 days post 1st Pfiz.
    Virtually every family i speak with says the same things….
    “We had no idea this could happen”
    “The papers we got at the time of the jab didn’t mention any of this was possible”
    “Why are the media not telling New Zealanders about what is happening”.
    Im posting the video below as an example of how the media COULD be respecting and listening to these damaged and heart broken families.
    This is the AZ and in Australia….but look…Here is the channel 7 news telling it like it is.
    With 56 deaths now confirmed on our Citizens data base (this is deaths, sudden and unexpected, temporally related to the jab)…
    Medsafe still denies that anyone has died from the Pfiz.
    Our media is complicit in the silence.
    New Zealanders continue to line up expecting nothing more than a sore arm or a headache.



  24. The world has recently experienced a cascade of supply-chain disruptions, and will likely suffer from more global pandemics and extreme weather in the future. Business leaders and policymakers must think about how to minimise the effects of such shocks on production networks and the global economy – and when government should step in.

    Dalia Marin considers whether rich-country governments should intervene to strengthen firms’ production networks

    This is a good read if you are thinking about the future and what we need to do to maintain our standard of living.

    Follow it by reading this as well.



    • Terrifyingly BN, there are cretins like
      that in this current government. Woke, useless
      asswipes who have never worked a day in their
      cotton-wool wrapped lives.

      Enjoy your evening fellow YSBer’s



  25. ” to live is to get vaccinated”… what the actual fuck kinda headline is that. Fucking vomit worth stuffed piece urging brown folk to get jabby jabbed.
    If people fall for that shit i can see how hitler got so many jews to go on a camping trip in the woods.



  26. Controversial SNA plan shelved by Far North council

    Earlier this year thousands of Far North property owners received letters from the council informing them that portions of their land — more than 90 per cent in some cases — could be designated as Significant Natural Areas (SNAs) to increase protection for areas of high ecological value.
    The new rules, if adopted, would have required landowners to seek consent for activities within SNAs such as putting up fences or cutting down trees.
    The proposal unified a wide swathe of the Far North in opposition




      • Look at the Matagouri rules in the second tier of Council environmental plans.
        Matagouri or Wild Irishman is a horrible prickly useless South Island weed of which there are literally over2 million Ha in existence.
        Most Council plans are protecting this species at Forest & Birds insistence.
        Don’t even need SNAs



  27. On yer bike: Cyclists not using flash new bike facility in Auckland
    A flash new bike parking facility at Takapuna, complete with charging and repair stations, CCTV and toilets, is missing one important thing – bicycles.

    The bike park is part of the Toka Puia car park with 420 car parking spaces on Huron St, which opened last December to replace the loss of the nearby Anzac Ave car park for a new town square.

    The car park has been well used by motorists since opening, but the bike park has mostly been empty.


    What a surprise!



    • Not really. Cyclists aren’t considered true cyclists unless the lycra clad fools are holding up traffic on the roads or chaining their bikes to lampposts & parking meters so that pedestrians can trip over them.

      They are the most arrogant & inconsiderate subsection of our population.



  28. “China’s government was not the only one that
    took extreme measures to protect its citizens
    from risk and exposure. During the pandemic,
    national leaders around the world flexed their
    authority and imposed airtight rules and
    restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face
    masks to body-temperature checks at the entries
    to communal spaces like train stations and
    supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded,
    this more authoritarian control and oversight
    of citizens and their activities stuck and even
    intensified. In order to protect themselves from
    the spread of increasingly global problems—from
    pandemics and transnational terrorism to
    environmental crises and rising poverty—leaders
    around the world took a firmer grip on power.”

    Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development 2010.
    Rockefeller Foundation.
    Page 19 First paragraph.




  29. Yes I am living in an alternative reality , the police bosses are very worried about 2 imbecile gangs Causing havoc in south Auckland , heres What should be happening ,
    Arresting the fucking idiots,
    kicking down their doors in with the armed offenders squad,
    cracking heads,
    taking their assets,
    stopping benefits,
    Cracking heads again,
    harrarsing them wherever they are seen ,
    follow up on existing crimes before the Courts,
    remove their children from their disgusting examples ,
    Cracking heads yet again,

    Now what are the Plod leaders actually doing ?,
    For fucks sake We are living in a nuthouse being run by leaders that in the asylum would be the ones sitting in dark corners drooling and cackling as they masturbate themselves into oblivion.



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