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The Truth Is Slowly Coming Out




Senator Malcolm Roberts Lights Up Parliament

Written by John Leake

The Australians have a champion for truth and justice

Last February, while I was touring Down Under with Drs. McCullough and Kory, I had the pleasure of meeting the Senator for Queensland, Malcolm Roberts—one of a small handful of Australian MPs who was discerning enough to question the prudence of injecting his entire people with an experimental substance based on the assurances of Pfizer—a company with long rap sheet of civil and criminal fraud offenses—which stood to reap huge profits from the Australian market.

During our Valentine’s Day visit to the Australian Parliament, I got the impression that apart from Malcolm Roberts, Ralph Babet, Alex Antic, Gerard Rennick, Craig Kelly, and Russell Broadbent, most MPs were just as captured by the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex as our own parcel of venal clowns on Capitol Hill.

As fellow Substack author, Sasha Latypova just reported, Senator Roberts just gave a bold speech in which he pointed out that the Australian government’s purchase of billions of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine—and then mandating that its citizenry be injected with it—raises several urgent questions.

As he put it:

Did the Medical Countermeasures Consortium runCOVID? The Australian, American, British & Canadian military forces formed this consortium to dominate COVID response.

Australia joined the consortium in 2012 under the Labor-Gillard government. A military-pharmaceutical apparatus linking the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK. Operation Warp Speed: The US Department of Defense signed the first contract between the US government and Pfizer for the purchase of US$11 billion dollars worth of vaccines.

We know our Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) did not review stage 2/3 trial data and instead relied on the US FDA, which took Pfizer’s word for how the trials went! Pfizer committed systemic fraud during its trials, which has come out now through whistle-blowers’ testimony and in the release of Pfizer’s own data.

Pfizer, it seems, gave the US government the vaccine they asked for. It was developed using gain-of-function research in conjunction with Wuhan in China and, of course, Anthony Fauci.

The military-pharmaceutical in action. These are matters to be dealt with in a Royal Commission. The Royal Commission that was promised by the Albanese government.

Call a Royal Commission into COVID now!

Bravo Senator Roberts! You are a champion of truth and justice for the Australian people.

Click here to see a recording of the great Senator’s speech.

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  1. So it would seem that with New Zealand ties not so perfect in ANZAC, but more so with the “5 eyes” powers then subversibly conscripted New Zealand citizens into a phase 3 experimental trial, that was only given under an.

    Like times of olde, “Where Britain goes, we go” & when that was said, the “pacificist” Prime Minister Fraser conscripted New Zealand to a war, with WW1 armaments when the troops went to the first fight in Greece, against the well armed modern fire power of Germany.
    Fraser had just returned from Britain after raising many millions of pounds of funding for the New Zealand government to continue.
    After all the economy cupboard was bare.

    Ardern & crew, as she had already practiced deceiving, now in cahoots with Bloomfield & public health authorities, felt that this “war footing”, campaign with attendant necessary secrecy was a grand way of gaining unaccountable power & control, to establish spy agencies, like the “Disinformation Project” & looking to enforce by legislation, & of course along with the now openly paid compliant media, the final link to change New Zealand in even more ways.
    Even then the economy cupboard had big holes in it in 2020.

    Will any one in Parliament really be able to get a Royal Commission into the Government Covid response with wide terms of reference, to forensically search, and with powers to subpoena, warrants to search, & arrest if need be.
    At this stage it seems to be turd covered in glossy glitter, as the vested interest of all the Parliamentarian parties seem to be entrenching even more about any covid issues being raised, pushing people to swallow the rats, let it go, move on, & get on with life.

    Well life is getting on, and the ones who have blind eyes continue covering on other issues, like costly layers of Farm Water Plans, more costs in Farm Emmission Plans, Net Zero Carbon Emissions to further the UN agenda 2030 & 2050.
    Then setting up so men can point a dick to a woman’s toilet, as all the Parliamentarians voted for options of sex change on Birth Certificates, so not so simple to stop, as that will be dragged through the systemic Judiciary.



  2. Yep and hunty is still going to vote for another one of that cabal.

    I think he has been recruited by the ladyboys.
    Sad. really that a fine upstanding, citizen who is not reliant on the state now wants to be. It can’t be the rents can it?



  3. There are a handful of decent federal politicians that speak out and we can be thankful for that in a sea of despair.
    The Victorian Government have released the birth statistics to June 2023.
    These just leave you in total disbelief that it could get this bad.
    I simply took a year average up until June 2020, then compared these with the next 3 years of tyranny
    2019-20 79626
    2018-19 77390
    2017-18 80118
    2016-17 81210
    2015-16 83989
    5 year average 80466
    2022-23 58954 Minus 27.18%
    2021-22 76329 Minus 5.14%
    2020-21 71620 Minus 10.99%
    Most politicians pretend this is not happening, but they are their own government figures they are publishing, the saddest thing is the media re just completely silent or silenced, the brave politicians like Roberts make speeches to the handful, the rest run and hide.
    So the new normal is you lose a third of your workforce in a year and no one wonders why, births plummet, deaths soar and all is normal. They are still jabbing pregnant women, it is a bad nightmare that will be endless as is the rivers of cash that fund it.



    • Rickoshay Yes, :—
      Should be a thorough, a forensic search through bank statements, companies, trusts, assets, etc..
      To have wide terms of reference, to forensically search, and with powers to subpoena, warrants to search, & arrest if need be.



  4. “The Truth is Slowly Coming Out”…
    Not nearly fast enough for all those affected by illness or DEATH! 🤬🤬🤬

    THANK YOU to all those amazing voices in NZ and around the world. Sadly The Peoples Republic of the South Pacific has suppressed any voices who speak the Truth.



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