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  1. The Copycat Stabbers are now out and about in Sydney with one Bishop being stabbed live on YouTube last night while preaching in his Church

    Seems the crowd were not so sympathetic towards the Perp as Plod is and it is claimed, the Perps fingers have been chopped off by the crowd at the Church, much to Plods disgust.

    Well this is what is going to happen if the Courts continue to be so lenient. Guess the Cronulla Riots may be about to repeat themselves.




  2. its too early for my brain to think properly today, just pretend i made a clever comment about something relevant and think to yourself “that stupid boy bastard has a good point ya know”.



  3. if your interest bill waa 870 billion per year and your current finances were going backwards by 1 trillion dollars every 100 days do you not think youd change something to alter the disasterous trajectory for the country?

    to be fair i havent heard trump say he’ll stop the borrowing and printing presses either but holy shit thats a phenomenal amount of money to be not making and blowing every 100 days.
    i find it rather hilarious that one of the most greediest and controlling countries in the world, the big bully wont be bought down by its enemies, by a nuke, by terrorist but likely bought to its knees and destroyed by a few trillion paper notes the govt got addicted to printing.

    i guess with that awsome financial management gold and cryptos will keep booming as more people wake up everyday to the fact the usa is a sinking ship, me thinks its sunk enough now that i can picture the stern of the ship rising outve the water titanic styles, just a matter of time before it breaks and fully goes under… many other countries tethered to their shitty country like us are stuck on that ship with no lifeboats left… might be lucky if a russian or chinese trawler is cruising past to pluck us from the water once the ship has sunk.



    • Like how it was agreed that President Reagan’s tax cuts were to be offset by expense cuts to be passed by the Senate & Congress. …. Yeah right …. but they were able to gain even more $ for expenses.
      A big blow out then resulted, all blamed as Reagan’s stupidity.

      I figured that Trump knew this, so played them at their own game of simply ignored them;..
      Strangely & amazingly, the boom was taxed enough that there even seemed to be a beginning to balancing the books, despite the Congress etc. with holding passages of bills as a blackmail points.

      What is going to happen now?
      Those sanctuary cities, paying out for accommodation, food, etc.. to “welcome refugees” & ignoring their own citizens, are finding that it would seem that the blacks, Latinos, are really noticing this. A wakening to MAGA

      Financially, economically, how it pans out, is even now accepted that Trump will win, so then to pull the Bank Pillars down on his head.
      Then to make the most of that to make it even worse, during Trump’s time, and then to constantly besmirch Trump as an idiot, while blocking him.
      Sadly the President can be kept in the dark by many of the 3 points of government as now there is an overarching control of government.

      The Executive, the Legislative, the Judiciary, were supposed to be able balance.
      In the past 20 years however a 4th institution “The deep state” which is has developed from the oversight of the FBI CIA, DHS (Department of Homelands Security) etc., has escaped via the Patriot Act. & is now able to control it oversight committees from the legislature, which even reaches deep with controlling powers into the Executive, including the President’s offices, decide things on the Judiciary,
      They have had the resources to partner with private entities, like Facebook, Twitter & others.
      This is why right now a little debate about the FISA-702 (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) renewal so warrants are not needed for searches. A tip of the Iceberg.
      This has now been extended & now weaponized to gain further controls over any opposition.
      Then connect how that can work through to New Zealand with “5 eyes” gathering of whatever data..

      New Zealand has a little of this, like the SIS (Security Intelligence Service) the Police CIB (Central Intelligence Bureau)
      Ardern in particular in setting up an agency that only accounts to the Prime Minister & Cabinet offices (DPMC) “Mis-Disinformation agency”
      Then link it all in combo with the benign sounding name of “Christchurch Call”.
      That New Zealand had direct access to a Facebook portal for censoring, & Ardern was on terms with Twitter executives.
      The ongoing mission creep to unaccountable, unknown bureaucrats.
      Where their supposed controllers via oversight committees are owned in various ways, by the “Intelligence” Deep State any way.

      Sorry Iaasb, having gone a long way from the banking collapse.
      Yes Kermandec Islands, Antarctica Fishing zones, plus what can be mined of the Chatham Rise, & possibly the billion dollars of Otago gold, West Coast iron sands etc.. The coal resources on the West Coast, etc.. The native trees through out Fjord-land and many other parks…



  4. Meanwhile.Two Cryptocurrency Companies Collapse Owing $160 Million

    Two Australian cryptocurrency companies have collapsed into liquidation owing hundreds of investors more than $160 million (US$104 million).

    The Australian Security and Investments Commission (ASIC) has launched civil proceedings against NGS companies—NGS Crypto Pty Ltd, NGS Digital Pty Ltd and NGS Group Ltd—and the directors of these schemes—Brett Mendham, Ryan Brown, and Mark Ten Caten.

    NGS companies are blockchain cryptocurrency mining companies.

    The companies allegedly targeted Australian investors to establish self-regulated superannuation funds, convert the money to cryptocurrency and invest it in blockchain mining packages with fixed-rate returns.




  5. Weasel words from Nationals’ Tama Potaka when he speaks about IWI interests getting preference for fast tracking projects.

    “Māori Development Minister Tama Potaka is expecting Māori, iwi and conservation interests to receive “elevation” when projects are being fast-tracked.”

    Why should “IWI Interests” get or receive “elevation when projects are being fast tracked” above any other interests or Race in New Zealand?

    Just goes to show National and this Coalition Government have changed little from Cindy, Hipkins and Labour who gave considerable preference to IWI and Maori in this country above all other Races, interests and parties.




  6. Watched the first part of ” River of Lies ” last night, it was well made and definitely worth watching. The lies and deceit the government used on us are truly mind blowing. Billy Te Kahika does a good job of explaining things and provides proof at every opportunity. Not as slick as a big budget offering but highly recommended.



  7. A Maori walked into WINZ, marched straight up to the
    counter and said ‘Hi, I’m looking for a job’.

    The man behind the counter replied ‘Your timing is amazing.
    We’ve just got one in from a very wealthy man who wants a
    chauffeur/bodyguard for his nymphomaniac twin daughters.
    You’ll have to drive around in a big black Mercedes and wear the uniform

    The hours are a bit long but the meals are provided. You also have to
    escort the young ladies on their overseas holidays. The salary package is
    $200,000 a year’.

    The Maori said ‘You’re bullshitting me!’

    The man behind the counter said ‘Well you started it!’



  8. The Government and ACT MP, Karen Chhour should just tell the Waitangi Tribunal to Fuck Off. And now is good, there is not a minute to waste. There is no way Karen Chhour should be Summonsed to appear before this Kangaroo Court.

    The Tribunal has a limited power to summons witnesses, require the production of documents, and maintain order at its hearings. It does not have a general power to make orders preventing something from happening or compelling something to happen and neither can it make a party to Tribunal proceedings pay costs.

    So again, the Government should tell this Quango where to go without delay.




  9. Howling at the Moon

    Karl du Fresne writes –
    There’s a crisis in the news media and the media are blaming it on everyone except themselves. Culpability is being deflected elsewhere – mainly to the hapless Minister of Communications, Melissa Lee, and the big social media platforms that are accused of hoovering up advertising revenue that would otherwise go to traditional mainstream media companies.




    • From BN’s link:

      ……” arguments about the special place of the media hold true only as long as the media are fair, balanced and neutral in the way they treat the news. Once they abandon that obligation, all bets are off – which is exactly what has led us to where we are now.”…….

      Karl du Fresne instinctively gets what eludes Paddy Gower et al. The public get it too. We want to be informed……not re-educated.

      How fucking thick to you have to be to get employed as a journalist in NZ?



    • This little clip is just before Bn’s link. where the talk focuses on the good value of the vaccine,

      3 mins 06 secs : April 11th, 2024 :

      … The mechanism I hinted at would be a Special Prosecutor to investigate Fauci and then have criminal charges filed. Great that Shapiro had the courage to discuss the vaccines. So many vaccinated cannot even discuss them. IMO they did not save lives—they took lives. ….

      Then at the end starts the question about the great value of the vaccines.

      Great patience of McCullough in talking to this ‘tool’, but it is to get the message out there, one way or the other.



    • The whole interview here.

      Dr. Peter A. McCullough challenged on covid and vaccine views by radio host in heated interview
      44 mins : Apr 11, 2024 : Pushing The Limits : Brian Shapiro :

      Dr. McCullough has been labeled by some as a controversial figure in the world of covid medicine, and vaccines.
      He manages common infectious diseases as well as the cardiovascular complications of both the viral infection and the injuries developing after the COVID-19 vaccine in Dallas TX, USA.
      He has accused Dr. Fauci for the virus, and has said that he believes this was a” intentional ” to not have medicines that could have helped covid patients recover.

      A most arrogant disingenuous host.
      To see how there is no sense of critical thinking skills in the host.
      That tracks like how Critical Racism is practiced,

      Interesting points how in the questioning it shows that the CDC & Pfizer tried to hide the deaths,
      So the host talks as if then any one should not declare on the lower numbers that there is a problem.

      McCullough stays very classy with great patience & gets the message out there albeit that host has only over 2,000 subscribers and just over a 100 comments, so many not supportive of that host.



    • As I have heard the sharply pointed questions to Dr. Peter McCullough.\
      The questions well answered.

      The only point I would add, is how Ryan Cole and particularly the late Arne Burkhardt in pathology, pioneered in figuring out the Spike Protein, whether it was of Virus origin or Vaccine origin, that should by now be routinely checked out in autopsies.
      So why is it not done?
      Why is not the data atomized, anonymized, to relate to death certificates, & how many mRNA vaxxes are done?

      Good monitoring of an experimental phase 3 trial, under Emergency Use Approval would demand this, so what, who, Director General of Health?, Ashley Bloomfield? Minister of Health,?& others? are not getting this done???



    • Very good clip. That Brian Shapiro is an uneducated twat by the looks of things. The thing that amazes me is the way McCullough rattles off facts and figures and the research papers and the authors. He knows his shit.



  10. hilarious, that green bitch genter rekons dont spend money on a tunnel near every wellingtonian and visitor would use and instead put all the money into public transport that nowhere near as many people use.
    fuck your emission fears ya stupid bint, motorists will still be driving their cars and clogging roads best bite the bullet and keep them moving rather then push a failed public transport ideology.



  11. NZ’s electricity ‘a very tight supply situation’ in cold months
    By Jessica Roden, 1News Reporter
    As winter looms, the energy sector is throwing everything it has at ensuring the lights stay on while the Government looks at updating legislation.

    Documents released to 1News under the Official Information Act from Simeon Brown’s office show officials have been regularly briefing the Energy Minister ahead of this winter.

    In one briefing, they said, “‘supply was very tight on some occasions in 2022 and 2023” and “five of the top ten daily demand peaks on record occurred in 2023”.

    The documents used the example of August 2 last year when it was snowing in the South Island — putting pressure on the system.
    ‘All available generation was committed’

    “This was a very tight supply situation; all available generation was committed to the market, meaning no additional generation could have been offered if demand had been higher or there had been another fault on the system.”


    Already doing H/W brown outs.



  12. Thanks to Bn and in reply about Aseem’s Malhotras testimony in Helsinki Court.

    Further to that is the full transcript of that in Part 1
    Then continues in Part 2 also with transcript on the Question & Answer part.

    … Dr. Aseem Malhotra’s testimony was delivered in the Helsinki District Court on April 12, 2024, …

    This is a great circling completeness of what these Doctors, Malhoutra & McCullough are finding out, from their different & various experiences & perspectives just as good practicing Doctors, as cardiologists specialists.



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