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  1. New survey ranks NZ most and least affordable cities

    Hugh Pavletich, a Christchurch-based survey co-author, said his city had a lot to offer to house buyers.

    “Christchurch house prices are now about half Auckland levels. No wonder the Greater Christchurch population is growing faster at 2 per cent or around 10,000 people per annum compared to Auckland’s 1.5 per cent or 25,000 people per annum,” Pavletich said.

    The flight to affordability meant people were drawn to Christchurch and earthquakes were not seen as a major deterrent to the move, he said.

    For people thinking of moving to Christchurch, earthquakes may or may not be a deterrent, but the prospect of being stuck in the same city as Hugh Pavletich may cause some people to consider alternative locations! Kiwiblog readers
    who suffer from long-term Pavletich-itis will understand!



  2. Where is Winston Peters, missing in action again after his rant when forming the Coalition about how our Defence Force had been seriously underfunded by the previous Government. Defence Force order to cut spending to help lift New Zealanders wellbeing. Top Ministers have ordered a deep dive into Defence Force spending in a bid to”lift” the wellbeing of New Zealanders. Where has all the money gone from the Twelve Billion Dollars you have borrowed or is this to help the lolly scramble leading up to this years Election.



  3. Aviation consultant and former Air New Zealand executive Irene King said Foran should try make headway towards allowing Air New Zealand to depreciate its aircraft faster.

    This was an accounting method used by Singapore Airlines and allowed for faster fleet renewal which resulted in a more modern, fuel efficient aircraft being added to a fleet, she said.

    “Singapore Airlines can write off a brand new 777 in four years. Under our regime it takes about 15 to 20 years.”

    Faster fleet renewal created an improved and more affordable customer experience and would make Air New Zealand more competitive internationally, she said.

    “It has such a significant impact on pricing.

    “It actually does change the competitive dynamics.”

    Airfares could potentially be hundreds of dollars cheaper when aircraft were depreciated faster, she said.

    “You’re talking significant changes in competitive advantage.”

    However, it would be no mean feat and would require some major changes at a regulatory level that would need to be approved by Treasury and be ring fenced to aircraft, she said.

    Now the reason I posted this is that I have been advocting this approach for 30 years. Not just for Air nz who should not be given special priviledges but for all businesses.
    For years now people like Reddell and Brash and others have talked about productivity. Well you acheive that not with old outdated equipment but with the latest.
    For companies that can afford to be up to date then that’s fine but if you have to borrow against your house to upgrade plant or mortgage your self to a finance company then the choices are a lot tougher.
    allowing greater depreciation means the money is there for the company to use.
    Better still it means the unproductive and the jobs filled by jobsworths stop endangering the health of companies. Think MPI, Worksafe and so on.

    The only exception that I would make to this rule is for company vehicles. Too many non productives using their advantage to b uy new vehicles which are essentially non productive. Indeed the maximium depreciatable allowance I think should be allowed to a car ir a ute is $40k. No reason why high priced cars should be depreciable unless they are directly used as income earners and the lawyers Merc ain’t one of those.
    Much gear is now computerized and that stuff goes out of date so quickly.
    Otherwise everything that is plant and equipment should qualify.

    The other positive to this is we would reduce the need to import more people. Given the current status of NZ accommodation that could only be good. The dopes would argue where will the money come from. Well cut the wasteful spending, remove the barriers to better workplaces, remove perhaps the RMA!

    Lets get our businesses really motivated.



  4. Alleged Christchurch gunman among the first to read royal commission’s report

    The man accused of the Christchurch mosque shootings will be one of the first to see draft sections of the report compiled by the royal commission investigating the attacks.
    As well as reading parts of the draft report, Brenton Tarrant will also have the opportunity to respond before the final copy is handed to the Governor-General at the end of April.

    University of Waikato law professor Al Gillespie said the inquiry would fail to do its job if it did not speak to the Australian national.
    “It’s about how he came here, it’s about what he was doing here … it’s about his use of social media and it’s about the communities he interacted with.
    “To answer that second part of the terms of reference you must talk to that man.”



  5. When Ardern became Labour leader I did some Google research on this Clarke Gayford character.
    There were multiple articles and interviews about his ..erm… ‘Love Life’ (Including plenty of bragging from the man himself)
    I find it fascinating that these articles seem to have now been ‘scrubbed’ from the Internet.
    We live in North Korea folks..



  6. False tsunami warning sends seaside residents into panic
    A technical fault had some North Island residents in a tsunami panic overnight.

    “The tsunami sirens are going off from Waihi to Papamoa along the whole [Bay of Plenty] coast, been going for 15mins,” one resident told Newshub in an email.

    “People all panicked at the moment.”

    Another person, on Twitter, said it sounded “like chaos”.

    “How can people have any trust in a system like this?”

    The National Emergency Management Agency said it doesn’t operate tsunami sirens in some of the affected areas.”



    • To the outfit that wrongly set the tsunami alarms out loud; Please get a copy of Aesop’s Fables; more particularly the one about “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”.
      It is essential, if you are to retain a skerrick of credibility, that the cause of this monstrous stuff up be reported in full, without any piss weak excuses.



  7. This is a simple solution to lack of access to water when fighting rural fires. Effective and practical idea.

    Central Otago farmer comes up with simple idea to help firefighters in an emergency

    A Central Otago farmer has attached a fire hose fitting to his irrigation system, meaning firefighters would be able to source water more quickly in an emergency.



  8. Great to see Britain slipping the leash, and being given its head.
    So many things to sort out, but the it is full on and that should spread to many other parts of the UK. 🙂

    EU has recently threatened to block the City of London from its financial markets unless it continues with regulatory alignment.
    However, even Remainers such as former chancellor George Osborne and outgoing Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney have warned against continued close alignment.

    During the interview, Mr Javid was asked how the UK will trade with the EU outside of Customs Union rules, with the chancellor observing: “Japan sells cars to the EU but they don’t follow EU rules.”

    Great to see that they are cutting through the crap.

    Now MAGA, for NZ., and so much crap to cut away.
    Can ACT show the lead, if we can just get a roll going. 🙂



  9. Laptops stolen from National Party headquarters in Auckland – Paula Bennett

    She told Magic Talk three laptop computers were taken from the offices in Epsom.
    “It looks like they’ve jimmied a window and come in through there which of course… triggered alarms. They’ve grabbed laptops and run.”
    She said as the headquarters is “down underneath – it’s quite an unusual place”, she suspects the theft was targeted.

    Paula is leading the electioral campaign for the National Party this year. Are the left so worried they would do a “Watergate” to find out the National Party election strategy???



  10. Sappho Award in Denmark for Tommy Robinson.
    “awarded to a person who has shown uncompromising courage in the struggle for the free word.”

    His speech shows the value, the fight, to keep “free speech”.
    That “rough diamond” has polished up very well and cuts through a lot of the nonsense.
    Thank you Tommy Robinson!

    Abbreviated “Tommy Robinson’s acceptance speech at Free Press Society award ceremony in Denmark”
    3 minutes 38 seconds.
    Speech starts at the 30 second mark.
    After 3 minutes it then focuses on the opposition to TR,

    There is a 1 hour 16 minute full speech.
    Because of heightened security the sound is an echo room, that makes even auto subtitling a little difficult.
    I have been trying to find a good copy of the video and in particular the transcript of his full speech.
    It can be linked to here through EnglishReview if it is still up.

    censored by Facebook with the message:
    “Your post is against the fellowship rules regarding dangerous persons or organizations”

    The chairman of the Free speech org, Trykkefrihedsselskabet, put out a link to the event on Facebook. And was suspended not only 30 days but permanently.

    But as Lars Hedigaard says: “Better to die than shut up”.

    This “free speech” will be the fight of our lives!
    Many thanks to Ed.



    • Just a part of the speech that announced the award to TR..

      What is it that Tommy Robinson has done that is so dreadful that the ruling classes are almost all unanimous in wanting to remove him from the public sphere and making of him a non-person in line with dissidents during the Soviet era?

      It is, upon scrutiny, very difficult to see:

      as an Islam critic, he has, for many years, pointed out the negative social and cultural consequences of the growing population change that is taking place in England these years. A population change which is causing more and more conflict in the UK community – with Islam at its core.

      As a street journalist, he has uncovered a number of cases representing the rising social problems and inequalities in English society.

      He has tirelessly covered the lawsuits in the wake of the grooming scandals, and thus also maintained that all these horrific abuses against British girls down to the age of 13 were not only committed almost exclusively by Muslim men, but he has also highlighted the horrifying fact that British authorities for years, chose to turn a blind eye to these abuses – rather than risk being called racists by intervening.

      He has furthermore organized freedom of speech rallys – one of those, “The Day for Freedom rally”, we in the Free Press Society also participated in.

      None of this is controversial from a democratic perspective. None of what Tommy Robinson has said has been anti-democratic, has glorified violence, nor been racist or totalitarian.

      On the contrary.

      We at the Free Press Society have dealt with Tommy Robinson in depth, and we have never come across any statement or agenda that falls outside the Democratic purview.

      On the contrary, democracy and free speech is the very foundation underpinning all of Tommy Robinson’s work. He fights for democracy in a free and open English society. The kind of society under which he grew up, but which is now under intense pressure and threat of eroding altogether.

      Ok I have been a long time fan of TR.
      and yes I do note he was not perfect, but that rough diamond in principle has polished up very well. 🙂



  11. Kelvin Davis is having organisms over the Prison Numbers dropping in Otago. You may be able to achieve a target and gloat on it , but it won’t stop crime by giving career criminals that rob peoples dignity and life long memories of things that are thieved from there dwellings.
    It doesn’t mater whether it is assault, murder or petty crime it causes emotional problems that many can’t or recover from and because Labour and the Coalition don’t give a fuck about the victim and is more interested in saving money and the well being of the criminal they are happy.



  12. NZ-Britain free trade agreement on the agenda as minister travels to World Economic Forum

    Trade Minister David Parker is heading for the United Kingdom and Europe tomorrow, with a UK free trade agreement and the World Trade Organisation on his agenda.

    The World Economic Forum runs from 22-24 January in Davos, Switzerland. While there, Mr Parker will participate as a panellist on Trade, Environment and Global Value chains.

    He will also hold bilateral meetings with trade counterparts, attend a Swiss-hosted WTO mini-ministerial, a “Cairns Group” meeting of nations advocating for greater agricultural trade liberalisation, and a Canada-hosted “Ottawa Group” session on WTO reform.



  13. I will defintley not be voting for Act
    Their new slogan is Make Aeteetarower Great Again
    David Seymour really is a soft wimpy looking schoolboy

    Its New Conservatives all the way for me!

    Nor do I listen to Peter Maori names Williams!



    • The phrase is not great – it can rub people the wrong way for more than one reason.
      David was at least aware on RNZ that he was being interviewed and has additional interest in his state of the nation address as a result. He IS correct that people wouldnt have paid attention if it was called ‘David Seymour talks state of the nation’. So a bit of trolling for attention?
      But at the same time, Nah, I dont like it at all. Don’t need to borrow from Trumpy. Plays to the critics and those who want to look for Alt-Right in NZ. Poorly thought out.
      Swing and a miss.
      But it doesnt make me think any different about the fact that ACT /David is the lone opposition in NZ. Freedom of Speech, and no confiscation of private property, personal resposibility, etc.

      In addition: As far as poor choice or tarnished branding – “New Conservatives” are a fail on a ever greater magnitude.
      Colin Craig party 2.0?
      Their party name shows permanent fail on a scale far worse than ACT-MAGA for a once-off event. And these guys are at their roots happy-clappy Christians I believe, so they are still idealists rather than pragmatists. People who are swayed by dogma instead of debate. Not a fan of any party which is based upon religion really.
      And much as I like what I hear from the NC Deputy Leader, these guys are so far from relevant, that any claims around leaving the Paris Accord are pure fantasy. You need to be able to be elected, and work in a coalition, which means pragmatism and debate.
      So dream on, and no need to remind us again and again that you are voting NC and won’t be voting ACT.
      Heard you. 😉



  14. If Labour and Grant Robertson wants to save money
    He could look at all the working groups
    All the social welfare groups and organizations – lots of them all with moari names that we don’t know what they do all the extra bureaucrats in Wellington
    Start a real war on drugs and improve our well being.

    Defence of our border should be the first prioridy of any and every government.



    • Dont need any defence…”NZ is living in a benign environment”, remember.

      I get the distinct whiff of clarkula pulling the strings here with regard to cutting defence spending. Just cant help herself.
      Go and haunt a fucking house if you have so much time on ya hands hulun.



    • Defence?
      Going, going, gone; long gone to the highest bidder.

      The supporters of Winston Peters of New Zealand First pulled down the first line of defense in New Zealand.

      He gave sovereignty of NZ to the UN Global Migration Pact!, simultaneously selling out “free speech”.
      This was approved by many, not only the CoL but academia, judiciary, media, and many politicians.



  15. ‘Negative ratings are off the scale’: Is Simon Bridges National’s very own David Cunliffe?

    “Sometimes it’s impossible to understand why people like someone or dislike them. [Cunliffe] never clicked. I don’t think Simon has clicked yet. He may do.”

    Cunliffe was popular with the Labour Party membership, who elevated the former Cabinet minister to the party leadership in 2013, but didn’t have the same support from his caucus colleagues. He led Labour into the 2014 election, which was a disaster – the party falling to its lowest level of support since the 1920s.”

    The left and MSM are working hard to discredit Simon. He may not be the most dynamic, I have had trouble with his leadership but they are attacking him for their own ends, so Socialist Cindy, their poster girl has a clear run to a glittering re-election result.



  16. David, using “Aoteraroa” is just being Woke for the virtue signallers!! Are they even potentially like to vote Act??

    David Seymour uses Make Aotearoa Great Again slogan, denies embracing Donald Trump’s ideas

    Seymour has announced a “Make Aotearoa Great Again” event for Waitangi Day – a clear reference to Trump’s theme for his 2016 presidential campaign.

    Seymour told Morning Report that the MAGA message was probably the most successful campaign slogan of the last few years.

    Because America and Aotearoa both begin with A “we thought we’d have a bit of fun”, Seymour said.

    No David, The slogan doesn’t work!

    MAGA: MAKE ARDERN GO AWAY – Now, that works!! ☑️



        • I was thinking maybe the idea of using that ‘rower’ name (that I cant stand) may not be such a good idea.
          The lefties may commandeer it to suit their own agenda.
          If it is done in Labour red it will fit lefty party events.
          I can see the likes of Kelvin Davis wearing one.



        • The average of 21 polls on this is 68% in favour. One poll showed near even support for the legislation, with 57% in favour. You wouldn’t rely on one poll only because you’re pushing a point, would you Dig?

          Either way, no way no how is 43% half. And you and your New Conservatives can fuck off out of my personal choice. If I make a decision in my will to have the machines turned off when I am suffering, have no hope of recovery and am likely to die within 6 months then that is my choice. Not yours. You’re not paying my bills, you’re not my wife having to deal with that type of shit.

          When you marry me and help me pay the bills, then you get to have a say in my life.



  17. Same thing over and over again.
    Women in power abuse it. Vanity, money, bugger the people.

    Isabel dos Santos: Africa’s richest woman ‘ripped off Angola’

    “Every time she appears on the cover of some glossy magazine somewhere in the world, every time that she hosts one of her glamorous parties in the south of France, she is doing so by trampling on the aspirations of the citizens of Angola.”




  18. The Dems are so blatantly corrupt and desperate, even the fake news media are calling them out.

    Huge Pay-For-Play Scandal Embroils Oregon Democrats, As Big Donor Law Firms Are Awarded State Contracts

    The corruption is running so deep in Oregon that even NPR affiliate Oregon Public Broadcasting is calling out the democrats. Left-oggling OPB can usually be counted on to protect and make excuses for the democrats, but reporter Dirk VanderHart has uncovered an elaborate pay-for-play scandal involving several law firms from across the country who get contracts with Oregon agencies after contributing large sums of money to the politicians.




  19. Christina Sommers
    Resident scholar, AEI. Former philosophy professor. Author of War Against Boys. Host of YouTube’s The Factual Feminist & co-host of weekly podcast @Femsplainers

    For every 100 women enrolled in U.S. graduate schools, there are 73 men; for every 100 women who die by opioid overdose, there are 212 men; for every 100 women aged 20-29 who commit suicide, there are 450 men. For every 100 women who die on the job, 1,294 men.” #EqualityCantWait




    • The writing was on the wall for men when the feminists managed to change the way pupils at our schools & colleges were assessed. It is well documented that males do better in exams whereas girls do better in assessments involving day to day learning.

      That was all it took to ensure that boys became labourers & girls became graduates. We’re now reaping the whirlwind.



  20. Here’s Shane’s comments on Maori radio

    Shane Jones unleashes on ‘bible-bashing’ climate change activists

    “New Zealand First MP and Minister Shane Jones has berated climate change activists for promoting the importance of reduced meat consumption, comparing their campaigns to “eco bible-bashing”.

    In an interview with Radio Waatea on Monday, Jones likened activists to “medieval torture chamber workers” hellbent on “preaching this gospel of absolutism”.

    “He noted that “standing up for industry” is not always hand-in-hand with “denying the existence of changing climate and changing weather”.

    “Yet Jones’ kitchen won’t be stocked with beans and rice anytime soon, the Minister adamantly saying he “won’t be desisting from eating copious amounts of kaimoana [seafood] or meat”.

    “That’s how I grew up.”



  21. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. New details to hand on the cops losing firearms from Palmy station at Anzac weekend. Two cops caught the guy in the act. But wait for it. . . .

    “I drew my police pistol and pointed it at him and called: ‘Stop, armed police, put the gun down,'”
    “Harris just looked at Guy and Harding and loaded two guns into his car before driving off.”

    And we wonder why they won’t raid gang pads. FS.



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