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  1. Ordinary, decent NZers protesting – maybe Covid Cindy is in trouble after all!

    Given that ordinary, decent New Zealanders don’t really do “protests” – this clip is quite amazing really.

    The protest has long been the province of the indigent, unwashed, disaffected, mentally unwell of the Left. We all know people from that tribe, the get up in the morning fully cocked, looking for something to take offense or to be outraged about. They are so ill-fitting to normal society that they can only really feel a passing sense of normality when they herd up with fellow malcontents and misfits – and nothing helps them feel defined more than a protest. Over the past 20 years or so the “protests” I’ve seen have usually been ill-tempered affairs with an ever-increasing sprinkling of thugs looking to escalate or create further incidents they can take even greater offense at.

    But this protest looks to be different. Mums and dads out with the strollers, all good-natured, all civil. I don’t see the faces twisted in psychotic rage that is the characteristic of protesters on the Left (looking at you Sue Bradford or at you, you screaming skull John Minto). This protest isn’t portraying any of the hallmarks of the usual losers and haters.

    This protest was filled with ordinary, decent New Zealanders. The ones that have jobs. The ones that pay taxes to support lunatic Leftards. The ones that contribute to their community without looking for recognition. The ones that get out and vote!

    As I don’t watch the lying, whoring MSM – can anyone elucidate! Was this – which by any New Zealand standard – was a big protest, was it covered by the evening news? And if so are they being dismissed as white supremacists or professional agitators?

    This started off with barely any of them 2 weeks ago, last week it was 25+, this week nearly a 1000.

    There might be hope!



    • However, the result will be the same.

      If the Dems win, they’ll burn the US to the ground and destroy everything that defines the US of A (from within the WH)

      If Trump wins, the rioting and race-baiting will continue and they’ll burn the US to the ground and destroy everything that defines the (US of A) coordinated by Obama from a few doors down on Pensylvania Avenue).

      There is only one answer – Soros gets a bullet and Obama gets an orange jumpsuit. When that happens, the insurgency will magically end.



  2. They’re asking everyone in Sth and West Auckland to get tested. That must be several hundred thousand people. How are they going to achieve that in a timely manner? By the time the last ones are tested, the first ones can be infected.



    • They are worried, as the “mystery yellow flag patient” is the one who turned up at the Doctor’s, was tested plus referred to North Shore Hospital, and it seems to now be in ICU.

      Sure the genome matches back to the original AKL cluster, but the contact path does not meet up, so it is a mystery.
      All the ones he has been in contact with would have by now be tested.

      So who else spread it to him?
      That is showing a warning, that some one else, maybe creating another cluster in the mean time.
      Is it a bogey man, or is their another cluster forming, considering it can take 2 weeks and still may not show its hand.

      Then there is the “bus to bus” contact that occurred.

      “Whack a mole time” should just be for Aucklanders.
      Not the rest of NZ.

      Ardern did declare it is a CCP virus policy election.
      So feeling the political freezing breeze in Auckland, will still not make her choose wisely, and it is simply a “shell game” that she thinks she is “astute” enough to play. Suckered! 🙂



  3. A time line of tit for tat, with Australia & China, and the call for one foreign affairs policy.

    Four Queensland abattoirs have already had their products temporarily banned from China amid political and economic tensions between Canberra and Beijing.

    On Thursday Scott Morrison announced he wants new laws to stop states and territories signing deals with foreign powers that go against Australia’s foreign policy and damage the national interest.

    The foreign minister will be given sweeping powers to tear up agreements made by state and local governments as well as universities if they pose a threat. ……
    …… Under the proposed law, the foreign minister will be able to terminate the deal and any private contracts that are part of it. …..
    …… Once the law is in place, governments and universities will have six months to reveal their foreign deals to the foreign minister, who will then decide which ones must be stopped.


    Surprising that the States can strike their own foreign deals, yet relies on the Federal system in so many ways, like Defence.
    The states can individually call for more Federal funds & aid, so one would have thought there would be a 2 way street in many things.
    Should Australia go the Centrist all powerful government way?

    Victoria Premier Dan Andrews not so happy about Scot Morrisons foreign policy..

    ~Victoria made a deal with China under the country’s Belt and Road Initiative
    ~Several government politicians fear it is harming Australia’s national interest
    ~Prime minister wants to pass a new law that could lead to deal being scrapped
    ~The proposed new law will require states to get permission for foreign deals
    ~Premier Daniel Andrews slammed the laws and said the deal is not a threat
    ~Mr Morrison responded to the premier’s comments on the Today show on Friday


    The 99 year lease on the Darwin Port to the CCP a year or so go will most likely be reviewed too.



  4. Now we are going to have a month of maori language garble..
    Australia recognizes a problem and is a project from the Federal level.

    ….. ‘Without English language skills, migrants are less likely to get a job, less likely to integrate, and less likely to participate in our democracy.’

    The minister believes there are about one million residents with little or no English based on trends from the 2016 census …..
    ….. ‘The goal of social cohesion is one for all of us to progress and to take action where we can at an individual and community level,’ he will say. ……


    It will only work, if the immigrants want to become Australian, and believe that it is Australia, that has given them freedom, equal opportunity, etc..
    To respect and honor, that it is a privilege to migrate to Australia. (or NZ)
    It will be a Tower of Babel, feet of clay, if with the diversity of meritless inclusiveness if each group fully retains it’s culture as an absolute priority.
    Originally people migrated to the USA to become American, hence the “American dream” to become an American President, or success.



    • I suspect the jobs in New Zealand (taxpayer funded) that require fluency in Maori ALSO probably require formal iwi membership documentation.

      You can’t separate some ethnic languages from their ethnicity, I suspect. (It’s a sign of immaturity and the lack of wordliness of the culture.)

      Picture a scene in your mind in pre-war London, where an ethnic Indian born in England and speaking perfect King’s English is applying for a job where the ability to speak English and represent English culture is paramount.
      Now, picture a scene in your mind in Wellington in 2019, where an ethnic Chinese born in New Zealand and speaking perfect Teo Reo is applying for a job where the ability to speak Te Reo and represent Maori culture is paramount.



      • When writing that, I wondered when some one would pick up on that.
        The change of aspiration to another culture.

        Now once one gets past some of the draw back of maori culture, then we must find & recognize what is good, like the Scotsman & his tartan kilts., that for centuries was unclassified. That is until, …..

        It is like talking with an upper class accent, to get the job.
        A great grand parent of mine, who acted as a maori interpreter and often on behalf of maoris, deemed that the different classes of spoken maori, and some spoke with a “plum in their mouth”.

        Formal iwi documentation, based on white man’s law, when previous maori lore was by conquest, that gave possession. 🙂



  5. Cindy and Winston are in London and decide to take a horse-drawn tour of the city. Unfortunately there’s not a carriage to be had. But there’s one old dray in the back yard and, with some questioning and nagging the two of them learn that, although retired, that particular horse was once the best of the herd; it’d done the sightseeing tour so many times that all Cindy and Winston needed to do was climb aboard, settle in, and that horse, as competent as any British cabbie, would safely transit them along the route, honouring all the rules of the road and ending the tour back at the stable. Cindy and Winston are delighted, climb aboard, and commence their three-hour tour.
    At the end of three hours, the horse came back alone. Two hours later Cindy and Winston arrive, dusty and bedraggled.
    “What happened?”
    “Well, everything was going great, said Cindy. The horse took us to sights, paused for a few minutes so we could have a look-see, and then trotted on to the next stop. And like you said, it knew all the traffic rules. But while we were waiting at a red light someone shouted, ‘Look at them two arseholes on the horse!’ Well, we got off to take a look and the light turned green!”



    • “Phasing Out Problem Plastics and Implementing the Waste Disposal Levy Expansion” – 18 million
      “Supporting Māori Learners and Te Reo Māori Post COVID-19” – 200 million
      “Maintaining Kōhanga Reo Viability During the Post-COVID-19 Rebuilding Phase” – 100 million
      “Loan to Air New Zealand” – 900 million
      “WhatsApp Channel” – 0.67 million
      “Māori Apprenticeships Fund” – 50 million
      “He Poutama Rangatahi” (whatever that is) – 150 million
      “Whānau Ora” – 137 million
      “Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities Through Increasing the Capability and Capacity of Māori Organisations” – 11 million
      “Support for New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute” – 8 million
      “Supporting Offenders into Employment Phase Two” – 12 million
      “Tiro Whetū” – 26 million

      I am sensing a theme here.



  6. Hmmm Masks Read this from a while ago…..

    Ashley Bloomfield ” New Zealand’s director-general of health, Ashley Bloomfield, did not make much of the devices either.

    “You can use a face mask if you like, but it is not really any protection,” he said.

    He said the Ministry of Health was promoting the “staples” of outbreak prevention, including hand cleaning, staying at home when sick and covering coughs and sneezes.”


    But there is an election and this is a Covid Election….. Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t, a brilliant election lose- lose situation. Diddums



    • The land under the baches is owned by Ngai Tahu, so we are bound to respect property rights and the rule of law.
      Mind you, it is bad optics for the iwi, and a skilled right-of-center film-maker could really run with this story.

      Wait a minute…. [Does a right-of-center film-maker even exist in New Zealand?]

      Customary rights for me but not for thee, it seems.

      I know that the gene for brown eyes trends to be dominant, but it would really be interesting to study the population of the Ngai Tahu iwi and see what proportion have brown eyes and what proportion have non-brown eyes.



  7. I don’t think the NZ Herald writers ever think deeply about the figures they publish.

    “But the 73-year-old former fire fighter is quite the rental mogul and has amassed 17 houses off the back of a vision dreamed up on the back of his push bike in 1962.
    He vividly recalls riding from Valley Rd at the Mount to Gate Pa every day and every night and wondering how on earth he could save 100,000 pounds for his retirement when he was only earning 10 shillings and three pence.”

    Okay. It’s 1962, so he would have been 15 years old, and earning 10 shillings and three pence (a week? sloppy journalist doesn’t say). I guess it is per day, because the THE MINIMUM WAGE ORDER 1962 states

    2. For male workers, the minimum rates of wages for the purposes
    of section 2 of the Minimum Wage Act 1945 shall be the following:
    (a) If paid by the hour or by piecework, 5s. 2id. an hour or an amount equivalent thereto having regard to the rate of
    production of the worker:
    (b) If paid by the day, £2 Is. 8d. a day:
    (c) In all other cases, £10 35. 4d. a week.

    So, a man on the minimum legal wage in NZ in 1962 would be earing £10 35. 4d. a week.
    How many weeks of work (ignoring tax) to earn this “100,000 pounds for his retirement”? (To simplyfy, let’s make it £10 a week. That’s 10,000 weeks of labor (about 192 years).

    The figures don’t add up. (I am ignoring taxation, return on investment and wage inflation.)
    In those days (1962), a typical Tauranga house would have been about £2,000 (I am taking a guess).

    I would love to know how this man (as a 15 year old) came up with the figure of £100,000 being needed for his retirement, when the price of a typical house in the day was £2,000 in the region where he lived.

    It would be equivalent of 15-year-old in Auckland today saying “I need 50 times the average price of a house to retire on” i.e., $50,000,000. Absurd!

    (Mind you, at the geometric rate that Auckland property prices have been rising in the last decade, who am I to say?)



    • In those days things were more sane. Yep we had youth rates.
      He would also have had to ride around the long way from Valley rd to town. No harbour bridge a though he would probably come across the rail bridge to town.
      Tony also was a car dealer at one time. IIRC it was called Cranston Motors or siimilarr and had an agency for some European brand.
      Yard was right next to the fire station on Cameron Rd.



  8. Now my Mrs who used to like Arden just yelled out to me in my workshop “She’s lying through her fucking teeth again” oh dear.
    And the directive to get tested is still up on the health ministry’s website,,FFS it’s a joke.



  9. “This week the CDC quietly updated the Covid number to admit that only 6% of all the 153,504 deaths recorded actually died from Covid

    That’s 9,210 deaths

    The other 94% had 2-3 other serious illnesses & the overwhelming majority were of very advanced age”




  10. Fauci is toast now that Dr Scot Atlas has joined President Trumps team.

    “Hydroxychloroquine is super safe. It’s a complete myth, it’s a total distortion, to say that, oh, my God, this drug is very dangerous for people,” said Dr. Atlas. “It’s been used for 65 or 70 years, not just prophylactically for malaria, which I used it myself for that many years ago, but also used for people with things like rheumatic arthritis, auto-immune-type diseases. Very safe drug.”




  11. Hmm. So if the Ministry of Absolute Truth is putting out crap, can we assume that everything put out is potentiually wrong. Eg Face masks on Public Transport.

    “but your Honour, I assumed that this was also incorrect, so I did the opposite of what we were told, as this is so often the case… ”

    Bunch of useless twats. If the tried a circle jerk, they’d be facing the wrong direction……



  12. Imagine you live in a world where the government & social infrastructure is built on Superman comics. Not only do people think he’s real but things that Superman said (despite the fact that he contradicted himself on a number of occasions) are regarded as unquestionable law by a significant percentage. Any questions are (often patronisingly & sometimes violently) directed back to the comics.

    Now, you & some other people have decided that there is no Superman & even if there was we could probably do a better job of working out our own laws, thank you very much. You have also, more recently, decided to say these things openly.

    Of course, everyone else acts with an air of mystery and sometimes menace to this suggestion. Accusations of evil are thrown around along with implications that people who don’t accept the supreme will of Superman should be legally prevented from holding office, etc.

    That’s what it’s like to be an atheist in a largely religious country.



  13. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be a darling of the far-left. But her chances at re-election aren’t as solid as she thinks.
    Her two years in Congress haven’t been stellar. She even cost New York a big deal with Amazon.
    And now, her own progressives might be turning on her. Because a judge just removed her from a ballot.


    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was booted from the progressive union-backed Working Families Party (WFP) ballot line by a Queens judge…
    The freshman lawmaker was removed from the primary ballot after receiving only 13 signatures from members of the progressive group.



  14. There more in the sidlines. Pance is after Pelosi.
    Biden and Pelosi got vaught taking cash fron BLM

    Six Minnesota Democrat Mayors Revolt, Endorse Donald Trump Over Joe Biden
    Six Democrat Minnesota mayors just stunned Joe Biden and endorsed President Donald Trump on Friday because Trump has helped the rust belt while Biden has moved too far to the left.

    The Minnesota Iron Range mayors are: Virginia Mayor Larry Cuffe, Chisholm Mayor John Champa, Ely Mayor Chuck Novak, Two Harbors Mayor Chris Swanson, Eveleth Mayor Robert Vlaisavljevich, and Babbitt Mayor Andrea Zupancich.

    They wrote: “As Greater Minnesota Mayors from Democratic cities on the Iron Range of Minnesota, we write today to formally endorse the re-election of President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.


    Now that’s gotta piss off Biden and Pelosi.



    • Switching to where the benefit lies.

      Good chiefs move to where the Chief with more feathers helps out your people.
      With your people bedder off they will likely prop you up.
      Smart move.

      Who said all leftys are dumb?
      Oh, that was me.
      Ok, Ok, it’s the exception that proves the rule.

      Interesting fact:
      In the 1984 US Prez Election the only state to Not vote for Reagan was Minnesota.
      It is pretty lefty.



  15. Coronavirus: Judith Collins, David Seymour criticise ‘wrong’ Auckland testing message sent by Government

    The message, which was published on Friday, said, “If you’re in south or west Auckland, please have a test”.

    The message contradicted earlier guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, with both Health Minister Chris Hipkins and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield urging those in good health to stay away from testing centres so workers could prioritise symptomatic people.

    Posts with this message have since been removed from all Unite Against COVID-19 pages.

    National leader Judith Collins said the posts show Labour’s “muddled and ad-hoc approach” to lockdown.

    “We’ve seen mixed messages on the testing of border-facing staff, three-day tests and the use of PPE,” she said.

    “At a time when the country is losing thousands of jobs a week due to lockdown, the Prime Minister should stop playing the blame game and make sure her Government is holding up their end of the deal.”

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern slammed the social media posts on Sunday afternoon by calling them “oversimplified” and “wrong”.

    ACT leader David Seymour said it is “poor leadership” to blame communications staff for the messaging.

    “The Prime Minister told me in Parliament the other day that we shouldn’t be apportioning blame when mistakes happen. But now she’s throwing staff under the bus,” he said.



  16. This reporter is annoying Cindy.
    Go through his tweets.

    Jason Walls@Jasonwalls92

    Jacinda Ardern was ‘incredibly angry’ that incorrect information regarding testing was shared by the Govt.

    I argue that it’s New Zealanders who should be ‘incredibly angry’ that the Govt failed to correct that message for almost a full day.




    • Never heard of him.
      Don’t do the Horrid so that would be no surprise. .
      Not for over 3 years.

      Reading down the last 20 twitters he is clearly a soy boy

      It is highly likely the media are ‘doing grumpy’ to
      a) pretend they are ‘independent’
      b) agitate to get more handouts.

      Then, when the money flows in their direction, it will be back to BAU and BIAS



      • I think he oozes soy too, but he might be pissed off enough to mention the CDC revised numbers at his next press conference.
        I’m not on Fakebook or twaddle.
        It’s time to use the bastards who have used us for donkeys years.



  17. Sneaky buggers.

    Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. Agrees to Pay Over $122 Million to Resolve FCPA Case

    Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. (Herbalife), a U.S.-based publicly traded global nutrition company, has agreed to pay total penalties of more than $122 million to resolve the government’s investigation into violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The resolution arises out of Herbalife’s scheme to falsify books and records and provide corrupt payments and benefits to Chinese government officials for the purpose of obtaining, retaining, and increasing Herbalife’s business in China. This includes a criminal penalty of over $55 million and approximately $67 million to be paid to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in a related matter.




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