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  1. Around the world the Scam-demic narrative is collapsing

    This was always going to happen given the MSM hysteria, the hysterically inflated epidemiological modelling numbers, the way leftist political hacks leapt on the disease.

    The latest brick in the wall to fall out is the staggering revelation that only 6% of the 160k US Covid deaths were actually caused by Covid.

    I’ll say that again another way. The CDC over-reported the Covid death toll by 1600%!

    All the rest of the Covid death toll was attributed to people who had co-morbidity factors (co-morbidity is the official sounding way that professional liars say “were more or less dying already”).

    Once again I’m minded of Mark Twain’s wise words that were presciently written for this monstrous fraud perpetrated on the Western world this year.

    “It’s easier to fool a man than it is to convince him he’s been fooled”

    Try pointing this little fact out to any of the Covid Karens or Covid Kevins you bump into. They are so heavily invested in the lie that they’ll insult you before they’re prepared to accept that they have been so foolishly gullible.

    And finally, they say that there is nothing more confirming than an official denial – so if you want the best confirmation possible that Covid is a massive conspiracy – here is an official “denial” from the EU that anything questioning the Covid narrative is a conspiracy theory

    They’re running scared folks!



  2. This toxic mess has been kicked down the road long enough. Someone needs to dispose of it and clean it up. Does Jimmy, the Greens chief virtue signaler have12m he could spend on it?

    ‘We shouldn’t have to live like this’ – Mataura resident on third toxic waste scare

    Residents of the Southland town of Mataura have their bags packed ready to evacuate in case potentially lethal ammonia gas is released from toxic waste stored there.



  3. This is who DPF wants us President of the USA

    Seriously, DPF can support Adele’s new hairstyle for US President if he wants, I don’t give a fuck. But his judgment, his astute and nuanced reading of the political landscape is that humanity’s interests are best served by putting this vegetable in the White House with his finger on the nuclear button?

    How can someone whose judgment is so obviously flawed on politics is supposed to be wisely guiding National as the main reader of the tea leaves?

    If National don’t save us from Covid Cindy this election, a fair part of the blame must rest at Farrar’s door for reading the mood of the nation incorrectly.



  4. 1000 kiwis a week are returning to NZ.

    Record-low housing stock, sky-high asking prices as COVID-19 pandemic impacts market

    “Our national housing shortage is not getting better and with all-time stock lows in nearly half of our regions, buyers across the country had less choice than ever last month,” said Realestate.co.nz spokesperson Vanessa Taylor.

    She said New Zealand’s fast-growing population coupled with an increase in the number of Kiwis returning home due to COVID-19 was likely increasing the demand for property.

    “With many Kiwis unable or reluctant to relocate overseas right now, this too is likely putting a strain on the market.”



  5. Hipkins has just argued that masks are not bullet proof. Read this from stuff carefully.

    “The guidance to schools was a bit different depending on which age group was involved, Hipkins said.
    “If you’re talking about early childhood, primary schooling, then obviously we’re saying mask use is probably not going to be that effective there, because they’re going to be touching it all the time and taking it on and off and all of that sort of thing.
    “In secondary schools if students want to wear masks, teachers want to wear masks, that’s absolutely ok there. In fact, it’s fine for schools to encourage it. It’s not compulsory but it’s ok for them to use those extra protective measures.””

    I,.E if you are touching it, or removing it and putting it back on, they are a waste of time. Further, does he want kids and teacher’s faces looking like this:


    if that link is iffy just google “face mask skin damage”.

    Finally after assuring us schools are safe, will he resign if an out break occurs in a school …..



    • Cactus Kate normally writes well, but the post you have linked to here is thoroughly far kin brilliant. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. It is links like this that are helping make this site real good.



  6. In a very posh English school, there was a very strict teacher, in his gown, reading the register and he had just yelled at some other boy for failing to call him “Doctor.” He gave a long speech about how people must be addressed by their correct title as he has earned that respect, all with a large smirk, and then he moved on to the young man next to him who the story is about; he called out the young man’s last name and waited to hear the reply that he is present.
    “Suffolk.” There was a pause, and the teacher repeated himself “Suffolk!” still no reply. The teacher walked round to the boy who was grinning at him. “Why aren’t you replying, Suffolk?” he demanded.
    The young man replied, “Because you have got my title wrong, doctor. I am the Earl of Suffolk so the correct address is My Lord.”



    • Sounds very progressive compared with my old boarding school. The teaching/administration staff were addressed as Sir, the incorrect modulation & physical stance whilst uttering the word being a caning offence.

      Pupils were depersonalised to their surnames which were further objectified should there be more than one eg Smith 1, Smith 2.

      Somehow I found it liberating. It’s so much easier to despise an arsehole for what they represent. 🙂



  7. China detains Australian journalist as tensions between countries run high

    Tensions between Beijing and Canberra have been running high since the Australian government called for an international inquiry into the origins of the novel coronavirus. Beijing has since imposed trade tariffs and anti-dumping probes on multiple Australian products.

    Australian citizen and journalist Cheng Lei, who worked for Chinese state television’s international channel, CGTN, in Beijing, had been detained for two weeks, the statement said.

    It said the Australian government received formal notification of her detention from Chinese authorities on August 14.



  8. Remember the good old days when National called the shots.

    Had National even dreamed of facial recognition the great unwashed would have been rioting and burning vehicles.

    They were so paranoid about Big Brother.

    Now that labour are in power they are championing this along with the Police not having a speed tolerance to make up for dodgy speedos, tyre sizes….



  9. Whatever suits the COL’s latest agenda. I thought Cindy was going to eliminate the Wuhan flu from NZ. Now it’s the Chippy flip flop and all is well just living with it.

    Coronavirus: Alert level 1 possible without finding source of cluster – Health Minister

    The next step down on the alert level framework is alert level 1, for when COVID-19 is uncontrolled overseas, there are sporadic imported cases and there could be isolated local transmission occurring in New Zealand.

    Speaking to The AM Show on Tuesday, Health Minister Chris Hipkins said we aren’t yet ready for what is the most relaxed of the alert levels.

    I’ve just been to NW. What a load of bollocks all their systems are.
    Shopped at the local $2 shop for a Fathers day card. The nice Korean man said it is very, very quiet. He looked sad. I hope his business survives, it is handy for cheap and cheerful necessities. 🤨



  10. I watched a movie the other night called “Vice”. It is about Dick Cheney’s political life. Worth watching if you are interested in US politics and recent history. Given it was made by Hollywood ( Brad Pitt was one of the producers) and it’s about a Republican you have to watch it with that in mind, but still worth a watch.



  11. James Shaw has just had a press release and says it’s all the fault of the NP Mayor and nine long years of Nationals fault that he dished out 12 mill to a private school, that is out to make a profit.
    Dancing on a head here James. Been watching Shane and the mad queen on tv, have we?
    The school us built out in the sticks away about 10/15 km from NP on farmland, so all the pupils will be delivered to school by bus or mummy’s SUV.
    Along with all the teachers and maintenance staff all driving in. Maybe they will ride share.
    The closest town is about 4 km, which is a dormitory settlement.
    Pupils at the school are charged 20/45 thou a year to attend.
    All of this raises questions that the media should be fighting over,
    Where did the land come from, is it donated, rented, how much, too who, why there?
    Then there is the business of the school it self.
    To me it seems like one big vanity project that in rural Taranki will have trouble self funding!
    Maybe it would work in a denser (dorklanders) population?
    I just hope that the buildings are transportable!



  12. Oh dear, Megan Woods and Air Commodore Webb do the clown show today at 1PM..
    Where is the mad queen, chippy and Ashley Bloomfield?
    Something strange is going down, that they don’t want to tell us!
    14 new cases today. Some are from India that come via Fiji, which sounds strange. What airline flys from India to Fiji, fom which way?
    146 linked to the south auckland cluster that turned up out of the blue.
    The Ho Panicked and thru Ak under the bus and locked it down. Then let you out with a multitude more cases out and about know. But they don’t count, there’s an election to win!



    • Lot of Indians in Fiji Sooty. I’d say flights pretty frequent on that route normally.

      A couple of days ago, Spindy was asked if the Health Officials had given any advice that Auckland stay longer in level 3. Ashley wasn’t there, but the woman standing in for him (can’t remember her name) gave Ardern the death stare when Ardern said all the health advice was to go to level 2.
      Now, my theory is that once again Ashley is getting positioned in the bus lane, in case things go pear-shaped. If this is the case the MoH will be rightly well pissed. This could account for the no-show. Yesterday they were at lengths, when asked of his whereabouts, to inform us that Ashley was well. (Funny thing to say now that I think about it).



  13. Facebook threatens to stop Australian users from sharing news

    Facebook is threatening to stop Australian users from sharing news if the social media giant is forced to compensate media companies for publishing their stories.

    Facebook executive Will Easton said a code of conduct being pursued by the Australian government ignored the relationship between social media and news organisations, which he claimed would suffer the most.

    “Assuming this draft code becomes law, we will reluctantly stop allowing publishers and people in Australia from sharing local and international news on Facebook and Instagram,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

    The threat follows similar warnings from Google, which claimed the proposed media bargaining laws could force it to offer Australian users “dramatically worse” Google Search and YouTube products.

    Mr Easton said Facebook supported the Australian government’s goal of supporting struggling news organisations, but its solution was counterproductive.

    He argued the government wrongly assumed Facebook benefited most in its relationship with publishers, when the reverse was true.



  14. Coronavirus: Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters claims officials ‘covering their butts’ over Auckland COVID-19 outbreak

    When the cluster emerged last month, Winston Peters told Australian media he was told by a “usually very reliable” journalist the city’s outbreak was linked to the quarantine system.

    He doubled down on those comments in the days that followed.

    Officials then and now maintain the source of the Auckland outbreak has yet to be determined. Health Minister Chris Hipkins on Tuesday likened the cluster to a “puzzle” and said a few pieces were still missing.

    Asked by Magic Talk’s Peter Williams if he still believed the outbreak came from the border despite officials not yet determining the source, Peters said, “They’re doing their best to cover their butt”.



  15. More global warming. Snow and Capetown are like Jacinda and Organised. Not going to happen, but look here….


    I does snow on the Mountains further in, But Table Mountain, very very rarely. Unless of course we are experiencing Global Warming….

    and more Warm, Global Warming Summer Snow, different to winter snow, you know, – Ask Greta, …



    And does the Herald report this, the BBC, CNN, no of course not…. Fuckers



  16. Jacinda Ardern, Judith Collins butt heads in Parliament over Covid-19 accountability

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today insisted the Government “fronts up every day” on Covid-19, after National leader Judith Collins appeared to question her accountability.

    The exchange came after Ms Ardern on Sunday said she was “incredibly angry” after learning of a Facebook post from Unite Against Covid-19 asking people in West and South Auckland to be tested for the virus, even if they didn’t have symptoms.

    There is a 2nd video of Judith speaking on her and National MPs visit to Taranaki and the annoyance of school principals that their state schools requiring much needed maintenance have not received funding such as the privately run Green School has from the current government.



  17. So beltway! The country surely wouldn’t care a stuff

    Judith Collins apologises over National Party ad Chris Hipkins complained was misleading

    House Speaker Trevor Mallard said in Parliament on Tuesday he had received a letter from Hipkins raising with him a “matter of privilege” – a reference to matters affecting Parliament’s rules.

    The image, posted to the National Party’s social media pages, was made to look like a Labour Party letter and showed a written answer by Hipkins to National’s health spokesperson Dr Shane Reti about COVID-19 testing.

    Mallard said under “normal circumstances” he would be “inclined” to refer it to the Privileges Committee – sort of like Parliament’s court – because the post “purports to be authorised by the leader of the Opposition” even though Collins says she did not see it before publication.

    “The general manager of the New Zealand National Party has taken responsibility for it,” Mallard said. “The post involved the manufacture of a fake ministerial letterhead to lend authenticity to the misrepresentation.”



  18. Watched Oral Questions in the House briefly today.

    Got the predictable patsy for FinanceMinister Robertson at Q3 from Greg O’Connor, must have been his turn. There primary question was answered using page one of Minister Robertson’s notes and then the supplementaries using pages two and three. All very predictable, rah rah, we are doing well from Minister Robertson.

    Then David Seymour popped up with a supplementary that the notes did not provide for. The answer was waffle and David Seymour took the view the question was not answered. Speaker Mallard rushed to determine it was yet David Seymour did not feel that was the case. Mr Seymour persisted, twice, risking getting ejected but stopping before that point with sufficient conciliatory tone to stay in there.

    I was listening carefully and took the view the question was not answered. I do not see the exchange as one of the finer moments in the house. My view is David Seymour did well and, while the question was not answered in my view, won the exchange on the basis of integrity.

    The exchanges over Q3 today demonstrated the governments improper use of questions to enable rah rah answers from the Finance Minister. I do not find his answers useful or convincing given the situation the country faces.

    I thought the response to Paul Goldsmith from Minister Robertson over the Green School Grant was also unconvincing. Leaving it as a matter for the Infrastructure Group did not convince me the Governments decision on this case has been made with integrity or regard for taxpayers. Laying out the now very tired “decade of neglect” response does not justify the very poor situation in relation to the Green School.



  19. Have they stepped up the pace to authoritarianism? Panic is setting in with the left as they can see people are very sceptical of the lockdown, etc so their intention for a “one world order” is beginning to unravel?



  20. Bye Bye Greens, don’t let the door smack your arse on the way out. I hope this finishes them. The rank and file Greenies will be pissed.

    “Green co-leader James Shaw refused to sign-off on $3bn of infrastructure projects unless Green School was included”

    “Minister Shaw won’t sign this briefing until the Green School in Taranaki is incorporated.”

    The email said Shaw discussed the ultimatum with the Education Minister.

    “Minister Shaw has also discussed this one with Minister Hipkins.

    “Sorry to be the spanner-in-the-works, but if we can get the project included, he’ll sign everything this afternoon,” the email said.

    Not the brightest thing to do it on an e mail…. Muppetts.




    • And Hipkins is playing fast and loose with the truth as well – Thanks Maggy

      Today in Parliament Chris Hipkins has been very coy about his involvement with this project:

      7. NICOLA WILLIS (National) to the Minister of Education: Was he or the Ministry of Education consulted about any aspect of the application by Green School New Zealand for funding prior to its announcement; if so, did he raise concerns about providing Government funding for this project?

      Hon CHRIS HIPKINS (Minister of Education): I had a conversation about the application with James Shaw towards the end of July and I gave him feedback that from an educational portfolio perspective the school would not be a priority for investment.

      Nicola Willis: Well then, why did the project get funding?

      Hon CHRIS HIPKINS: I’m not ministerially responsible for that.

      SPEAKER: Yeah, I should have cut off the—well, the member’s used a supplementary, so it’s all right.

      Nicola Willis: Was he aware of Treasury advice that “… it would be inappropriate to announce or provide government funding for a project that does not yet have the necessary education approvals”, and has the Green School met the legal requirements for registration?

      Hon CHRIS HIPKINS: No, I wouldn’t have seen that advice because I was not one of the Ministers involved in approving the project.



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