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  1. Extreme left-wing Antifa violence in Auckland this weekend

    How do I know this?

    It’s because it’s what the global NWO socialist playbook dictates. In the US, while violent, murderous left wing thugs loot, riot and kill with impunity – ordinary, decent, law-abiding citizens are attacked and assaulted in the streets for daring to express an opinion.

    When civil society gets so pissed off, so over the excesses of authoritarian left wing governments there is an order of management by the globalists and their allies in the media and the police
    1) While the protest is small, in the nucleonic stage – fascists shall ignore thee totally
    2) When a little momentum is gained and protests get beyond the threshold that would normally warrant nationwide reporting of socialist protestors – the Stasi shall start to harass thee, but the fascist media and political classes shall ignore thee
    3) When hundreds start to gather and a movement is clearly going to grow – fascists shall panic and spend a week or two trying to work out how to suppress and punish thee, the fascist media and political classes shall start to make fun of thee as “conspiracy theorists and deniers who are endangering the sheeple”
    4) When it’s clear the protests are going to be huge and will be unavoidable in shifting public opinion – the modern fascist playbook involves calling in the left’s black-shirted paramilitary force (Antifa) to threaten, assault and violently suppress anything which threatens the narrative and starts to open the sheeple’s eyes. The police will look the other way. The media will accuse the ordinary, decent people of inciting violence against the mainly peaceful leftists paramilitary force

    I think the lies are starting to crumble. I think there is an awakening that we are being oppressed in the name of kindness “Fur ihre seicherheit” – as the Nazis used to put on the boxcars to the concentration camps.

    I suspect criminals like Valerie Morse and her Auckland Poverty Action thugs are going to miraculously have an epiphany and will turn up this Saturday as “Health Activists” while screaming with megaphones at ordinary, decent mums and dads as they protest Covid Cindy’s excesses.

    Today that reads like a “conspiracy theory”, but what if it happens this Saturday or next? Is everything a conspiracy theory until it happens? Isn’t that the very definition of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”?



    • I will be attending this protest in Auckland this Saturday. Are you aware of any credible threats? (If so I will go in disguise but I am not going to get in a fight.)

      I’m thinking of changing my handle from ‘Te Rauparaha’ to ‘George Washington’ 🙂



      • No TR. I don’t know of anything at all. I’m just an armchair analyst of world events. There are clear signs there is a clear global socialist playbook, with clear tactic response patterns and common messaging.

        Remember Ghandi’s words:
        “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

        They are done with the “ignoring” approach, the whole “conspiracy theory” bullshit that is being pedalled in the media is the “laugh at you” phase. It feels very much like the election is too close and they need to paint those in society who can still think for themselves as “violent extremists who want to kill your 84 year old mum”.

        Be careful TR. The MO of Valerie Morse and her lot is to do everything they can to get a reaction, they’ll insult, spit, shout in your face, hit you when you back is turned – because they know they’ll get away with it.



  2. A man with impeccable political judgment supports James Shaw – attacks Judith – hmm

    Chief Labour shadow Twitter troll and hate-monger Neale Jones keeps on showing the insightful (or was it inciteful) political savvy that helped Andrew Little become “Angry Andy”. He’s very happy to spray the Twitter shitshow with misogynistic attacks on Judith Collins, but he’s equally happy to guide us all on what a very lovely, lovely fellow James Shaw is.

    I think this tweet was made before we found out that James Shaw was going full Nancy Pelosi and was holding ransom $3bn dollars worth of shovel ready projects until his Green crystal school got their $12million profit boost for their 25 student school. Such a nice. lovely, lovely man!



  3. Government too slow in rolling out bluetooth technology for Covid-19 contact tracing – National

    Government too slow in rolling out bluetooth technology for Covid-19 contact tracing – National

    The National Party says the Government has been too slow to roll out bluetooth technology for contact tracing.

    Tech entrepreneur Sam Morgan has walked away from CovidCard, saying he was frustrated with the project being bogged down with bureaucracy.

    “We can’t keep living in this yo-yoing in and out of lockdown, we have to be able to very rapidly contact trace and even though we are being told that is happening at the moment, something like the CovidCard would achieve that much much more quickly,” he said.

    He said he hoped the opportunity to use CovidCard will not be lost, as National sees a place for the technology in its border protection policy.

    “It is very important for the minister to clarify in the next very short time exactly what has happened here,” he said.



  4. Over 3000 nurses and health administration staff set to strike tomorrow

    The strike will include staff across more than 500 general practices and accident and medical centres nationwide.

    Chris Wilson, NZNO Industrial Advisor for the Primary Health Care (PHC) Sector said this situation was simply not good enough considering negotiations have been going on for nearly a year.

    “The Government has known about the urgency of pay parity in PHC for at least a year, and to not pull out all stops to address the serious PHC recruitment and retention issues is beyond belief.



  5. Judith Collins vows to find out who created ‘misleading’ National ad with her name on it

    Collins told The AM Show on Wednesday morning that she wasn’t behind the faked letterhead – but she would find out who was.

    “Well, not me. I am going to find out today. I am going to get to the bottom of it. It’s possibly someone trying to be clever. I am particularly annoyed that it has happened. It’s not like its $11.7 million for the Green School. But it’s still not acceptable and I will sort it out today,” she said.

    The leader reiterated that she did not sign the post off, despite it saying she had done so.

    “We will sort it out today. I would say it is possibly an error from someone who is overly enthusiastic, but whatever, it’s not acceptable, and certainly not putting my name on things when it’s not true. I will be sorting it today. It will be sorted.”



  6. President Trump visiting Kenosha in wake of police shooting, protests

    Trump insisted his appearance in Kenosha could “increase enthusiasm” in Wisconsin, perhaps the most hotly contested battleground state in the presidential race, as the White House said he “wants to visit hurting Americans.” He was expected to take credit for calling in the National Guard — an act taken by Evers — and for surging federal law enforcement to the city to restore the peace. The White House said Trump was not going to meet with Blake’s family.

    “I am a tremendous fan of law enforcement and I want to thank law enforcement,” Trump told Fox News in an interview Monday night. “They’ve done a good job.”



  7. Home ownership ‘absolutely crucial for Kiwi way of life’ – Judith Collins

    Ms Collins today told TVNZ1’s Breakfast the issue has been “concerning her for quite a long time”.

    “I was the housing spokesperson. I also asked for RMA reform because the Resource Management Act I felt was really holding back sections being available and certainly putting up the price of sections so there is a lot we can do around that.”

    Ms Collins says freeing up the land for housing and making it cheaper to actually get a house built will help more Kiwis into home ownership.

    “And actually, the people who are paying for it are the people at the bottom end of the socio-economic scale.”

    Ms Collins says she is “absolutely committed” to people being able to buy their own home.



  8. Nicked from behind the Telegraph’s paywall.

    Restrictions have turned care homes into ‘prisons’, charities warn Government
    Curbs on visits mean vulnerable people are being left distressed and in some cases unable to recognise loved ones
    Laura Donnelly,
    12 August 2020 • 5:11pm

    Care homes have been turned into prisons, with residents “losing the will to live” as they are deprived contact with families, charities for the elderly have warned.

    The All-Party Parliamentary Group on coronavirus was told that restrictions on visiting homes have become so extreme that vulnerable people are being left distressed and lonely, in some cases unable to recognise their loved ones.

    Charities said belated attempts to keep residents safe from the spread of coronavirus were too often creating misery and isolation.

    They criticised the Government for acting so slowly to attempt to protect care homes from the pandemic that 6,000 deaths had occurred by the time testing was introduced.

    In July, the Government issued long-delayed guidance to care homes after four months of lockdown, suggesting future visits should be restricted to just one family member.

    Helen Wildbore, the director of the Relatives and Residents Association, suggested attempts to protect the vulnerable sometimes forgot about their social needs.

    She told MPs: “Sadly, many of the callers to our helpline have been telling us that the current situation in care homes is now very much like a prison, with such restricted visiting, residents unable to leave the grounds of the home, and limited interactions with other residents and staff.”

    Ms Wildbore said the effects of such isolation were particularly devastating for those with dementia and their families. Often such residents could not understand why they had been denied visits, with some left fearful of what had become of their family, or whether they would ever visit again.

    “We hear daily from our helpline callers about how relatives in care are deteriorating, not just their mental health but also the knock-on impact on their physical health of older people losing weight and losing speech, losing their memory, no longer being able to recognise their family members,” she said.

    “One relative put it to us that they’re losing the will to live.”

    Judy Downey, who chairs the charity, criticised the Government for acting far too late to attempt to protect care homes.

    She said that by the time guidance was changed in April, with hospitals told to start testing those discharged to care homes, there had already been 28,000 patients transferred, and almost 6,000 coronavirus deaths.

    “It is hard to be positive when you ask what Government support was. The guidance was confused, contradictory and too late,” she told MPs.

    Other charities said that the circumstances in which people had lost loved ones – with restrictions on visits meaning many had been kept apart from relatives in the final months of their lives – would make bereavement even more difficult.

    Morgan Vine, from Independent Age, said: “We did some calculations and we estimate that about 98,000 people have lost a partner during Covid.”

    She said the figure was around one and a half times greater than is normal for this period.

    As a result, many people in later life would be left experiencing multiple bereavements, in some cases suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because of their experiences.

    “You couldn’t be there with the person, you don’t know if they had a good end of life, and all of that can combine to create a situation where people experience PTSD symptoms and would really need some professional support,” she said.

    The charity also raised concerns that some elderly and vulnerable people who had stayed at home for months lacked access to food, a situation it feared could be repeated in the event of a second wave of coronavirus.

    Chris Hopson, the chief executive of NHS Providers, which represents hospitals, criticised the Government for stopping efforts to isolate and trace Covid-19 cases. Mass testing and tracing was abandoned in March and not restarted until June with the roll-out of NHS Test and Trace.

    He told MPs: “Test and Trace should have been in place three months before it was. Now, we need to up the percentage of who we are putting into the test and trace system, giving their details and then isolating.”



  9. Jeeeez try as I have I just can’t imagine a tantrum by two mums Shaw being enough to scare others into giving the little soy boy what he wanted,unbelievable actually.
    I saw in the news that the bloated tosser Jones has more than 100 million dollars to donate to marae for “renovations” FFS did I hear it wrong or is the 3 billion dollar fund running out of more important projects to fund? these maraes get up to 25 k annually for maintenance now ,where has that koha been going?



  10. I suspect Brownlee was on to something. She has let slip they knew since July 31st

    ““What we now know is that it was the 31st of July, which tells us how many chains of transmission there might have been sitting around it.” Seems to me she is admitting to that date, which she and St Ash have been telling us the community transmission started days into August (off the top of my head 7th Aug???). Now she is admitting 31 July (when the adverts mysteriously started again) which made our household very suspicious!!”

    From about 8:30 in this clip…. https://www.magic.co.nz/home/news/2020/08/where-is-the-accountability–ryan-asks-pm-jacinda-ardern-this-mo.html



    • From memory, the US government warned their citizens about people travelling from NZ on August 7 which made the NZ media laugh because “what a dumb-dumb Trump is”. Then on August 11, after Bloomfield demonstrates how a CCP flu test is done (and a week after telling people to get PPE masks), we get an emergency announcement at 9pm that there is community transmission of four people in one household.



    • Listening to Magic Talk just now Peter Williams said the Covid-app has been downloaded over a million times, approx 500,000 are using the app and David Seymour asked yesterday in QT how many had been traced by the CV-app? Apparently that would be ZERO!



    • Judith Collins is playing great politics on this one. Keep the issue in the headlines, undermine the Green vote. I doubt whether she would worry if Shaw resigned or not , but helping kick the the Greens below 5% is the key tactic.



  11. NZ election 2020: Judith Collins calls for James Shaw’s resignation over Green School grant

    National Party leader Judith Collins says Green Party co-leader James Shaw should resign over his mistake approving a $11.7 million grant for Taranaki Green School.

    “I’m surprised he didn’t resign yesterday. I think he should,” Collins said.

    Shaw also held up the process of releasing the list of government grants for “shovel-ready projects”, she said.

    “It’s not just that he advocated for a particular Green School that doesn’t even have education registration to be a school, but that he’s actually held up all these projects on the basis that he was holding the rest of the government basically to ransom,” Collins said.

    “This is totally unacceptable.”

    Collins said about 400 people lost their jobs every day last week and approving the projects was important to ensure organisations had certainty about upcoming work.

    Oops, snap rol. 🙂



  12. Nutty COL strikes again.

    Under Level 2.5 Cindy has set for Auckland is a limit of 10 who can congregate other than at funerals and tangi. Meanwhile there is a conference being held in QT with many more than 10 Aucklanders flying down to attend. 🙄



  13. Missus has been shopping, I have been telling start your christmas shopping early as we will get another lockdown for sure before christmas. Any way she says the Wharehouse shelves are half empty, so can’t buy fuck all. May have to go to high street!



  14. “Hipkins says within a week the Government will issue a schedule of the routine testing that will occur at the border.” This was stated at 10:34 or there about on the 2 September. Surely for FUCKS sake this was thought about a few months ago?????


    Hipkins, do us a favour and Fuck Off, you usesless scabby Cunt.



  15. Same should happen here.
    Start reporting the truth, and not an ideology…or else.

    BBC DEFUNDED: Boris To AXE TV Fee ‘In Weeks’ and Tell Beeb “Find New Way of Funding Yourself”

    BORIS Johnson’s Government is to make non-payment of the BBC Licence Fee a non-criminal offense ‘within weeks’ and axe the hated tax, according to reports.

    The corporation will be forced to find a replacement to the fee – but Brits will not be forced to pay for the BBC by law.

    The BBC’s new boss is set to face a ‘billion pound’ blackhole with the BBC forced to cut services and slimdown its operation.




  16. Just looking at Willie Jackson answering a question in parliament, there’s no doubt about it his physical appearance lends itself to a career in radio rather than TV and of course he’s dishing out the millions to his BROTHERS only, whitey need not apply.



  17. Some supermarkets in Wellington are worse than level 4.

    Long lines and you must either have electronic government tracking or fill in a form with the following info:

    1. Time
    2. Date
    3. Full name
    4. Email
    5. Phone number
    6. Address
    7. Legal signature

    Countdown Cable Car Lane, if you dare doubt me.



  18. Chippy earnestly explains to (real medical dr) Dr Shane Reti.

    Health Minister Chris Hipkins on why South Island is under alert level restrictions despite no COVID-19 cases

    “If you were to say to someone, if you’re going to have an alert level 2 in Auckland but an alert level 1 at Queenstown, and someone decided to fly from Auckland down to Queenstown to attend a large event, then it would kind of defeat the purpose of having the two different levels,” he said.

    “Basically, once you get below level 3, really everyone needs to be at the same level because of the freedom of movement that you have across the country.”

    ACT leader David Seymour asked Hipkins if the Government ever considered asking Southlanders if they would rather be at alert level 1 and have no Aucklanders.

    With a smile, Hipkins said it wasn’t something the Government ever considered.



    • Just scroll on down & will find some other ones who made the connections to other events.

      The liverpool of Football champions march, 2005,, on the bottom right picture.
      Berlin love parade had very big numbers left pic. and the people are not spacing.

      Sadly it seems we need a signature newspaper news of the day to indicate what date some of those pics. are taken.
      Some of those photos have been used for other events for showing numbers it was a large march too…



  19. Ok now that he is dead? His conviction one of NZ’s most unfair and sad.

    Supreme Court allows Peter Ellis appeal to continue after his death

    The Supreme Court has allowed the appeal by Peter Ellis against 16 charges of sexual offending to continue after his death.

    The former Christchurch Civic Creche worker always maintained his innocence after being found guilty of 16 counts of sexual abuse in 1993, and repeatedly sought to overthrow the convictions.



  20. NZ Election 2020: Judith Collins uses Jacinda Ardern’s ‘source of truth’ statement to attack Government’s record

    National Party leader Judith Collins has used Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s “source of truth” statement made in March to attack the Government’s record as Parliament wrapped up before the election.

    Ardern said back in March the Government would be New Zealand’s “single source of truth” after a false rumour that originated in Malaysia spread about imminent COVID-19 lockdowns in Australia and New Zealand.

    Collins used the “source of truth” quote to question the Government’s policy delivery since coming into office in 2017, including the promise of 16,000 KiwiBuild homes in the first three years of the housing programme.

    Collins pointed out that Housing New Zealand or Kāinga Ora houses were not included in the KiwiBuild programme, and Ardern said she was speaking broadly about the Government’s housing initiatives.

    But Collins continued to use the “single source of truth” statement, asking how that could be if only two-thirds of border-facing workers were tested for COVID-19 nine weeks after the Government said there would be asymptomatic testing of all border facing workers.



  21. Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins hit back after Winston Peters savages COVID-19 response

    Peters said Labour Party ministers could have done a better job of combatting the coronavirus, taking aim at the Government’s testing woes and promoting his own border policy.

    Peters added, “We let our guard down. Too many things fell through the gaps, or the hole rather, that was left by the bureaucracy. The fact of the matter is that the Labour ministers are the only ones in charge of all that.”

    He said testing “wasn’t going fine”, surveillance “wasn’t going on” and the “oversight and scrutiny that should have been done by the military was not happening”.

    ACT leader David Seymour said Peters’ comments suggest he has “conceded that he’s been completely impotent” inside Cabinet.

    “Peters today condemned his own Government’s response to COVID-19. But he is one of seven members of the COVID-19 Cabinet Committee and the Deputy Prime Minister,” Seymour said.

    “It’s unsurprising his ideas haven’t been taken seriously inside the Cabinet. Winston Peters is yesterday’s man.”



    • Maybe he could not remember what happened in Cabinet. In my view he cannot stand up and badmouth Cabinet; he is DPM and cannot distance from the failings without saying he does not have confidence in the government he still is technically a part of.

      Very difficult to see him or his party ever again in a Coalition given this poor behaviour. Surely he is not electable. He has done his dash long ago.



  22. Louis Houlbrooke, Taxpayers’ Union

    The response has been massive: since Friday, 11,700 New Zealanders have signed, and the petition has featured on Newshub. We now think we can hit 20,000 before delivering it to Police Minister Stuart Nash, who is yet to comment on this major move by the Police.
    Earlier today we spoke to sources within the Police who tell us frontline officers are NOT happy about being told to enforce zero-tolerance approach, and do not expect it to save lives. The zero-tolerance approach is reportedly being pushed by higher-ups in Wellington, desperate to impress the Government in the hopes of promotion.



      • I move in Police ‘circles’.
        The higher-ups are the Police Executive.
        The guys on the street (Constables and Non-Commissioned Officers) hate the Government and detest their power-tripping Minister but are terrified of losing their jobs if they speak out.
        They have all been warned not to bad-mouth their Minister or this insane Government.
        Trust me- These are unprecedented times for Police as well…..



    • I see the police tart that started all this is saying they are sic of cleaning up the bodies.

      Well dear use a statistion and work out from the data where the accidents are occuring.
      Its not where you think it is you uneducated ladder climber.



  23. I just purused KB. What a tepid hell hole of white middle class privilege.

    As a life long social justice warrior I wanted to throw up reading that contrived shit.

    Fact is real people bond …. Against those in power. They are not too concerned about race or what gender you choose to imagine you are.

    If only some retired sheep cocky would spit out the devil’s lettuçe and pray for me.



  24. Is Hipkins a Moron? Well, don’t answer that, its rhetorical. Did you hear Hipkins on Aucklanders going to the expo in Queenstown. Quote “Asked if he was comfortable with Aucklanders going to conferences in Queenstown, Hipkins said: “No is the simple answer to that.

    “We are asking Aucklanders to continue to take their alert level restrictions with them.”

    Actually Fuck You Hipkins, I wont be taking your fucking restrictions anywhere…. Twat



    • Personal integrity must be short supply for senior cops who need to keep their high level positions by doing as the “single source of truth” and her ministers prefer. I hope they have the sense to vote for Act or National while in the privacy of the voting booth. 😏



    • Here is an earlier video, where the police visited a woman of the house, also about a face book post, where she simply stated, she was going for a walk.

      3 armed cops initially in 2 police cars, then another police car turns up.

      I wonder if this was the same lady?
      The post that was mentioned was about the protest on Sunday [it’s in the video] but was she really organizing it? or just sympathetic, or just going out for a walk.
      What is the truth about that face book post?
      Are the police overstepping the mark?

      To me it seems the police are overstepping the mark, like perhaps a warning, or seek to educate.
      Context is key, but straight off and with my other video link, the police are more than pushing things.

      Did the police check on, arrest any one, who arranged the muslim wedding that breached their levels in numbers?
      Did the police check on the the ones who arranged the BLM marches in breach of their alert levels?

      Between Ardern, Bloomfield, Hipkins, they all sail up to the line of claiming ultimate authority, and it is only the elections that seem to be holding them going a step too far, for the moment.

      Still working on it for the NZ police force, so that is full of diversity of meritless inclusiveness.
      Just a tad more cultural understanding, and they will be there.



    • A bit more on this, also hear the arrest has been on Channel 7.

      Including a version of the face book post she put up.

      Police have vowed to quash the protests after weekend demonstrations in Dandenong and have arrested several other organisers.

      Three police officers even came to the door of a woman in southeast Melbourne and warned her about the possibility of incitement charges.

      She had hours earlier made Facebook and Instagram posts encouraging Melburnians to take their allowed one hour of exercise at the same time.

      Ms Lee’s ‘peaceful protest’ even stressed that attendees follow restrictions like wearing masks and social distancing ‘so we don’t get arrested’.

      Also further comments from Alan Jones Sky News pundit.
      All full on control for the State of Victoria. 🙁

      …. 76-year-old man has been charged over a planned protest in Melbourne ….

      ….. [police] He said pretending to exercise would not trick police and that any protester faced serious ramifications.
      “Stop playing us and the wider community for fools,” he said. ….



    • So the sheep and now the lambs can die,
      Perhaps foxes politicians riding herd on the sheeple seemed to be worried about themselves.

      …. some farmers are unable to perform pest control, leading to an alarming increase in the number of farm animals being killed by foxes. ….
      ….. Firearms dealers are questioning why they were forced to stop trading – including a suspension of their online sales – with no advance notice, while retailers such as JB Hi-Fi remained open. …..


      Shows a real deviousness, passing the buck, and blatant lies to slip this into a variant of CCP viral control. hmmm 🙁
      PS the link to the earlier face book link I put about “Megan.T.Kira is another young lass, that showed up the police 3 police + 3 police cars turning up. 🙂



  25. COVID-19 Lockdowns Over 10 Times More Deadly Than Pandemic Itself

    The results are nothing short of staggering, and suggest that the lockdowns will end up costing Americans over 10 times as many years of life as they will save from the virus itself.
    For the first time in its history, America has experienced a situation so crippling and perilous that long term financial and social stability have been legitimately threatened.




  26. Buzzfeed were up against the wall for publishing anti Trump propaganda.
    He warned them.
    They slipped into insignificance.
    They were dying.

    So, lo and behold, they started to print real news again. Amazing!

    China Has Built 268 New Re-Education Camps, Some Large Enough To Hold 10,000 People

    Unlike early sites, the new facilities appear more permanent and prisonlike, similar in construction to high-security prisons in other parts of China. The most highly fortified compounds offer little space between buildings, tiny concrete-walled yards, heavy masonry construction, and long networks of corridors with cells down either side. Their layouts are cavernous, allowing little natural light to the interior of the buildings.




  27. Coronavirus cases may have been overestimated by 90%

    An explosive new piece from the New York Times confirms what some had speculated earlier this year: the way we’re testing for the virus’s presence is questionable. As Steve explained on Monday’s episode of “The Steve Deace Show,” some virologists believe our PCR testing is “too slow and too sensitive.” Deace explained that if the Times article is correct, we may have overestimated the number of cases by 90%. We may have knifed our economy for nothing.




  28. Economists knew today’s economic figures were going to be bad, but the actual news is much worse than anyone feared.

    Australia’s finances have been hit with the biggest quarterly fall on record and the steepest annual plunge since the end of World War II.


    Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the economic figures represented a “heartbreaking” day for the nation.

    “This is a devastating day for Australia,” he told Parliament. “Our Australian economy has been savaged by the COVID-19 global pandemic and recession. It is delivering an awful and heartbreaking blow to Australians and their families all around the country.

    “Australians know why we are now in a COVID-19 recession. And they also know, as the government has known, that this day, as I said, would come. The government has acted to protect lives and livelihoods.”

    And when you compare the recession we’re now in to others, the severity of the situation is clear.

    It means we are now in the grip of our first recession in 30 years – amid the worst yearly growth contraction since WWII.

    The economic disaster is even more severe than expected by experts and even the Reserve Bank.



    • So wrecking the entire economy and the lockdown “to flatten the curve” and save the NHS (in Britain) was not actually necessary if they had just used HCQ + zinc and Azythromycin – which they have known about since Doctor Fauci praised the treatment back in 2005 – for anyone showing the first symptoms. Well that’s a turn up for the books!



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