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  1. Morning all. Will there be any bars or restaurants left in Auckland when the vanity project lockdown designed to crush the people is finally over? I feel so sorry for all those people who used to have hospo jobs before Cindy threw them under the bus. Say no to the Ho.



  2. I feel sorry for all the retailers, restaurants, bars, cafe owners and workers its hard to imagine what they are going through at the moment. Their stress levels must be through the roof. Who would have thought this time last year we would all be in this state, the country would be in this state. Definitely say no to the ho.



  3. Tarquin, We tried to go to our local club for tea tonite (sunday) on ringing to find out whats the story were told 10 people only and its booked already ,FFS 10 people will look like the place is empty its a joke .



    • All the schools and clubs are cancelling events flat out, and we are allowed to have 100 fleeceable victims up here. Even with that number, the amount of people you need to take the names and enforce the social distancing etc makes it a logistical nightmare. It’s going to be a bad year for fundraising. On a slightly different note, Heads FM out of Mangawhai are playing some brilliant covid piss take ads. They have got the condescending voice perfect and when you first hear it you have to think twice. They normally come on with the news.



      • My club says you have to sit down, server comes to you with food and drinks.
        Limit at table. So I stay home! Don’t have to spend my money that way if I don’t choose. Tough on jobs maybe, but it’s my money and I will spend it as I choose. Was talking here about wharehouse selves empty and the need to go to the high st, well I only go there for christmas and birthdays and they tell me that there are lots of empty shops. I shop at the building supermarket only!



  4. News of the World ho does puff piece on Covid Cindy

    Gutter journalism training ground News of the World got flushed under and New Zealand got one of their alumni – Po Ho Andrea Vance. She’s shown over the years that she’s not afraid to deploy her NOTW skills, batting her eyelashes at the walking vanity project (Peter Dunne nothing useful ever).

    Today, she’s trying to draw some kind of fake news equivalence between Covid Cindy and Maggie Thatcher (apparently both of them hated the nickname the gutter press – lol Andrea – gave them).

    For your information Andy (I bet you hate that too) Covid Cindy is not even equivalent to the toilet seat that Maggie shat through every day. If you are looking disrespect of an amazing woman – your article is a perfect example of it. Comparing a glove puppet like Covid Cindy with the Iron Lady is like comparing Andrea Vance to Joseph Pullitzer.

    You see, that’s what the point of the article was for! It’s not about the trivial issue of the name – what it’s really about is the ongoing psyop regarding Covid Cindy. Propaganda is based on saying the same lie, over and over again, so often that the sheeple in society start to believe it.

    We’re supposed to believe the lie that Cindy is a great female leader. We’re supposed to be programmed that a SLG – who doesn’t know the difference between GDP and Crown Financial Statements, a moron who over and over again mispronounces common words (WTF is “Jepradise”) – is in any way at the same level as the greatest UK PM of the 20th – a woman who smashed the glass ceiling, a woman ahead of her time on the EU disaster, a woman who led a country through a war, a woman who smashed the unions threatening to destroy the UK economy.

    Andrea, keep your bullshit NOTW fake news to yourself. Yes your entitled to your OpEd – but everyone is entitled to call you out for the pathetic attempt to pander to your paymasters. Why would anyone trust a failure who gets passed over by a lightweight like Mutch?



      • Thank you again TR for what you did yesterday. You are a legend in my book for that. My friend you have to be more careful about protecting your identity though, I believe the chances are greater than ever that we are descending into fascism – outspoken and easy to identify critics are the first ones to be punished.

        Also, looking at the footage of the march, I noticed that Maori were significantly over-represented (I thought closer to 25/30%) would that be a fair reflection of what you saw?

        I’m trying to get my head around that (well in terms of the media’s narrative anyway that Maori are predominantly Labour supporters).

        I haven’t formed an opinion about why this would be the case yet, but I’ve got a bunch of things that I’m mentally sorting through on this issue:
        – Covid is being used by Covid Cindy to subvert personal sovereignty (ie where Covid is concerned “my body my choice” is verboten) and sovereignty is an enduring issue for Maori
        – Covid Cindy is using Covid to remove freedoms – and Maori have a much richer and intimate experience of rights being extinguished
        – Maori have learned that the only way to deal with injustice is to speak up about it
        – Maori have learned that when your rights get taken away from you by motherfuckers, that it can take hundreds of years to get them back
        – Maori have learned through their history that when some pale-faced motherfucker tells you they are doing evil shit to you “because they have your best interests at heart” that you are about to get royally fucked over

        In short, are Maori ahead of the curve on Covid Cindy’s excesses compared to the rest of the population?



    • What a load of absolute drivel by Vance. My brain is dumber for having read it. Men get called all sorts of nicknames including diminutives, whether they like them or not. So it is hardly “paternalistic”. Leftards frequently called Bill English “Billy”, especially “Billy-no-mates” after the 2017 election.

      Obviously, Vance has never been outside her ivory tower.



  5. Has anyone else tried Vote Compass?


    I got some interesting results in How much you agree with the parties.

    NC = 70% Nats = 67% NZF =66% ACT = 64%

    The really interesting thing is I rated Peters as 0 and the other 3 party leader as close to 10. O being useless and 10 being very good.

    Needless to say my vote is going to National. However, this may explain what parties get the votes they do.

    I suspect a number of National MPs may rate NC higher than the Nats on vote compass.

    Some of you may like to try Vote Compass




  6. DPF’s TDS is getting worse

    Days after the Atlantic’s fake news story about Trump was debunked – fruity is pushing the narrative.

    Here is White House Press Secretary providing some facts on the lie – not that it will make any difference to Farrar.

    Come on DPF – four anonymous sources for the story and 8 ‘on the record’ ones refuting it? Build a bridge, get over it.

    For goodness sake – look at the facts.

    The DNC in the US is in favour of; rioting, cancel culture, putting men in women’s bathrooms, restricting freedom of speech, exporting jobs to China, importing poverty to the US, endless overseas wars, destroying the US economy, executing people in the street if they wear the wrong hat, they want to elect a demented old man who can’t even read from a teleprompter without screwing it up.

    But Trump is bad, because a bunch of liars tell lies about him?

    No wonder National have lost their way if DPF is reading the tea leaves for them.



    • Remember that Massey University ‘expert’ One News rolled out bleating that there is nothing wrong with Saint Jacinda’s pronunciation of ‘Jepradise’?
      Apparently the English language is evolving all the time and Jacinda is some kind of innovator! (My wife and I were howling with laughter)
      Yet if someone dares to get a Maori word wrong…



  7. I object most strongly when someone is declared to be a ‘Marxist’.

    There is no such thing. There are no Marxists anywhere.

    What does exist however are people who believe they should be in charge of a totalitarian system eg Cindy, Jack Daniels of Victoria, university professors in gender ‘studies’ and all of the Main Stream Media.

    Call them ‘Marxists’ if you wish. I call them rissoles.



  8. Trump’s Mount Rushmore follow up has this directive in his brief 2 page Memorandum.
    Trump simply gets on with things and goes to the very core where he can be effective.

    ….. These types of “trainings” not only run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our Nation has stood since its inception, but they also engender division and resentment within the Federal workforce.
    We can be proud that as an employer, the Federal government has employees of all races, ethnicities, and religions.
    We can be proud that Americans from all over the country seek to join our workforce and dedicate themselves to public service.
    We can be proud of our continued efforts to welcome all individuals who seek to serve their fellow Americans as Federal employees.

    However, we cannot accept our employees receiving training that seeks to undercut our core values as Americans and drive division within our workforce.

    The President has directed me to ensure that Federal agencies cease and desist from using
    taxpayer dollars to fund these divisive, un-American propaganda training session


    Critical Race Theory now needs to be discredited for the cultural marxism industry that it has become, in the academia, universities, education system, judiciary, media etc…



      • This in part is a contributing source for the Burning Looting, & Murderous Mayhem.

        In NZ we have this flowering weed, and sadly we water and feed it, constantly appeasing, dishing out money to save ourselves? for the sake of peace?
        Other peoples money, will only be as long as others/elite can take your money and hand it over until it runs out.

        When will that money run out? Borrow more? An addiction? Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?

        The gravy train of this “theory” needs to be decried, where ever we find it.
        Ingrained on “maori science” “black science” etc. of anecdotal “dream times” seeking empathy, and like “Lysenko science” is another form of seeking riches, power, and ultimately control.

        Judge Richard Posner of the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has “labelled critical race theorists and postmodernists the ‘lunatic core’ of ‘radical legal egalitarianism.'”

        ….. What is most arresting about critical race theory is that…it turns its back on the Western tradition of rational inquiry, forswearing analysis for narrative.
        Rather than marshal logical arguments and empirical data, critical race theorists tell stories – fictional, science-fictional, quasi-fictional, autobiographical, anecdotal – designed to expose the pervasive and debilitating racism of America today.
        By repudiating reasoned argumentation, the storytellers reinforce stereotypes about the intellectual capacities of nonwhites.

        Posner, Richard A. 1997. “The Skin Trade.” The New Republic 217:40–43

        A well put together article, about Critical Race Theory, covers a lot of ground, but takes time to read, and more time to absorb.



  9. What are the big changes underfoot in the world?
    A crashing birthrate in the Far East and the West is entrenched. This is a glacier that has been advancing since the late 1980s. Everyone has known about it. My parents have 6 grandchildren. I will be lucky to have one.

    Make no mistake that an ever-growing population will put more and more pressure on resources. If mankind reaches “peak technology” then a precipitous decline will be inevitable. In a way, we will be no different to a resource-starved colony of bacteria in a Petri dish.

    There are pros and cons to a declining population. The trick is being able to manage the situation and to eventually be able to pull out of the dive. What do couples need to have 3 children?
    – A husband being able to service the mortgage on the 3-brm family home (within a 40-minute commute from his place of work), pay for his children’s education, cover medical bills, put food on the table, run a private vehicle and still be able to save a little bit for a rainy day.
    – A wife being able to stay at home until the youngest of the 3 children enters primary school, whereupon she will have more time to work for extra income if she so choses.

    I don’t think such a lifestyle is possible in many cities in the Far East and in the West. As such, populations will fall.



    • That “Serene Teffaha’s letter” needs to be served on those police.

      This explains how it can be used, and the personal liability that each policeman takes on enforcing those political issues.
      “An important message to all policy enforcers”
      21:19 : • Aug 23, 2020

      When that letter is copied up, and well distributed, it will fire a shot across the police bows, and they know that next one will be in their fuel tanks & magazine.
      An enertia of clamour from some bloggers, journalists, sky news etc.. and there are many points to pick up on from that letter.

      Even dumped on our police, particularly that Commissioner Bush, would have been fun to watch.

      Just need a good wise QC to do a redraft of it, and customize to NZ.
      Maybe some one like Stephen Franks who served 2 terms as an Act MP, and now of “Franks & Ogilvie”
      Though I think he may do it for free, I know there is a tremendous amount of time, research to get something like that to be right, and also stand some test of time.
      Or maybe he could refer us to someone more able, or some work is already going down that track.

      Would a whip around help if he was able to do it?

      His blog site.



        • Agreed freethinker; a summary, would be good.
          Customize to NZ circumstances.

          Hi-lighting would also help in the mean time, and this is a good start.
          Maybe the guys who challenged the 1st lock down & showed the illegitimacy of the Order.

          At this stage, how much in NZ have the police over stepped the mark?
          Not as obvious as in Victoria or the UK., though I believe they have sort of coerced, pressured, and persuaded.

          ACT needs to be aware of this letter too.

          Something like this helps, as others will think on, and trigger them to a more simpler “card” for NZ.

          In the meantime, the limits in NZ for what the police can do:-

          Then where do the Health or Emergency or Alert Levels fit, and just what is a “directive”, that police then “decide” things like curfews, road blocks that then are ruled by police hierarchy, supposedly requiring police enforcement.



  10. The Devil finds work for idle hands.
    One of the great things about a man having a mortgage and a family is that he will do everything he can to hold on to his job and to stay on the straight and narrow path. His boss knows this. His government knows this.

    Look at the BLM and Antifa activists who riot in the street. How many of them have fulltime jobs, responsibility, and a stable lifestyle?

    Is it possible that the lack of order and purpose in their lives induces them to create mayhem for the lives of others? Do they resent and hate those who have stable lives? Why else would they wreck and burn small businesses and create havoc in otherwise peaceful suburbs?



    • You’ll find the vast majority live in their parent’s basements or otherwise live at home. The Left have always managed to maintain professional protestors though. You see the same faces at every Left wing outrage mob, at least here in NZ.



  11. Its a cracker photo Ed and I am wondering if it is photoshopped. If not it should be out in the media, she looks like she actually really is, not the kind sweet and caring woman many think she is. Fantastic that it has gone to the pathetic excuse for a journalist vance, why are they all such soy people?



  12. Mental illness level of self-delusion:

    If you support New Zealand journalism…
    Make a contribution

    We’d like to ask for your help. In a fast-changing world where misinformation spreads on social media, the need for trustworthy journalism has never been greater. But the media industry faces strong headwinds. Traditional means of funding journalism – such as advertising and subscriptions to our newspapers – have declined, compounded by the economic impact of Covid-19.

    We’re asking our readers to help us continue to play our vital role in society. Stuff holds a special position in New Zealand, with the largest network of newsrooms – hundreds of journalists from Northland to Southland. We’re part of your local community, doggedly pursuing the issues that matter.

    We hold the powerful to account – from making sure your rates are spent wisely to challenging Cabinet ministers who flout the rules.

    We uncover hidden truths – from the Defence Force’s activities in Afghanistan to which companies commit the greatest climate damage.

    And we champion Kiwi communities and values – from fighting for New Zealand history to be taught in schools to enhancing coverage of Te Ao Māori with our new Pou Tiaki section.

    In an age where rumours and speculation spread unchecked on social media, Stuff’s professional standards of accuracy, fairness and balance are more vital than ever. Please consider becoming a supporter. Make a contribution from as little as $1 and help sustain trustworthy independent journalism.



    • Te Rauparaha, I refuse to donate to an organisation that doesn’t mention LGBQTI rights or support legislation going to parliament that legalizes myself marrying my neighbors donkey.
      Iv’e approached Winston about the marriage thing and he assures me that if he gets back into power he will be “all for it”
      I also approached 2 mums Shaw but he just looked at me and said ” look we’ve had that marriage legislation before the house for years” and I believed him ,LOL.
      The people of this Country are being trained to swallow dead rats without knowing its even happening, just look at the cascade of fuck ups by the C O L with zero public backlash.



    • The same Stuff who in their relentless quest to be ‘Trustworthy’ Media breathlessly reported that Matariki the Wellington Whale had mystically arrived in the Harbour to celebrate Baby Neve’s birth?
      (Basically labeling the poor kid as some kind of ‘Messiah’ child)
      Honestly- We mock North Korea’s sycophantic media but our own State-funded outfits are just as bad!



    • Over reaching, over stepping Commissioner of Police, needs to be sued! and cleansed of any further income source.
      When is a journalist, lawyer going to serve him that Serene Teffaha letter.

      [pg 22 – 23] This means we, in fact, have no state of Disaster or Emergency in Victoria at present as the
      Victorian Premier has failed to comply with the Act – Section 23(7), which does not give to 23 of 25 the Police Minister the powers under Section 24 of the Act to provide continuance of the lockdown.

      The Victorian Premier had the opportunity to report to the Parliament when it last sat on 4 August 2020, and he failed to comply with subsection 23(7).

      If the government then sits to change laws, then people need to note this when the elections are done.

      The people will only get what they deserve, if they do not investigate, the academia, the media, bureaucracy and the politicians, exposing them with official information acts etc..



      • Just a question. The house sat and passed some new draconian law. Does that give them these poewers? Evidently 3 traitors sided withe the communists? I don’t know enough about how Aussie systemeswork, but I am hoping that somebody finds the laws illegal and starts sueing the cunts right left and centre.



  13. I see the media are milking the death of the former Cook Is PM as a covid death. Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn’t he been very ill for several years –I seem to recall an emergency flight to NZ for surgery or serious care ? I do not know about his brother but I saw a headline yesterday saying he “was killed” by Covid. Talk about irresponsible “journalism”



  14. Didn’t Jethro start the rot?

    The role of a politician’s partner has been brought into the spotlight recently, after the husband of National leader Judith Collins criticised the Prime Minister on social media.

    How the role of a politician’s spouse has morphed to become an integral part of a campaign

    Historically, the role of a political leader’s spouse was to quietly stand by their partner’s side.

    Lees-Marshment said the spouse has now become part of the politicians’ overall campaign brand – such as former National leader Simon Bridges’ wife Natalie, and Jacinda Ardern’s husband Clarke Gayford.

    “Increasingly, the partners of politicians have been brought into the campaign and they’ve been marketed as part of the product partly to try and show their partners as being relatable as being human beings, as being somebody who we might feel we can trust to run the country because they’re somebody who their partner trusts at home.”



    • A professor and an expert in political marketing – whatever that might be. If she was any good she would have a real job doing what she professes to be good at instead of hiding in a University doing quack studies in an attempt to look relevant. Suggesting Gayford is a marketable commodity and some kind of barometer shows she is nothing more than a sycophantic drip who clearly hasn’t watched his fishing show and doesn’t know what a Nanny is.



        • Who thinks the nanny will let Jethro off the porch to go electioneering with civid cindy?
          I think the labour conference was a oncer to fool the members that all is well in covid cindys relationship!
          I think he got paid a fortune for that dog and pony show!



      • People in the region’s have their own opinions. They don’t all march in lockstep towards totalitarianism. Eccentric and diverse people are accepted.

        Some may be Ardernites twisted with malice. While others may be decent people.



    • “This is your Action News reporter with all the news that
      is news across the nation on the scene at the Tabu sex shop in Eketahuna. There seems to have been some disturbance here. Pardon me, sir, did you see what happened?”

      “Yeah, I did. I’s standin’ over there by the crotchless underwear & here he comes – flyin’ through the blow up dolls, past the nipple clamps & vibrators, nekked as an Alpine Parrot. ‘n’ I hollered over t’Ethel, I said “DON’T LOOK, ETHEL!!” ‘n’ it’s too late – she’d already been KEAed.”

      News travels fast in the regions!



  15. I’ve been booted off facebook!!!

    I don’t know which post(s) upset the ‘authorities’. Perhaps it was my photo from yesterday’s protest showing a Gestapo officer with a zoom lens camera?

    Although it’s not unexpected it’s very upsetting.



  16. Plan ‘B’

    ‘Not lockdowns’ – Controversial epidemiologist calls for end to ‘irrational’ Covid-19 elimination strategy

    An epidemiologist is calling for an end to what he says are fear-driven and “irrational” lockdowns in New Zealand’s bid to eliminate Covid-19.

    He told TVNZ1’s Q+A there is a lack of public debate and diversity of opinion about New Zealand’s elimination response to Covid-19.

    Dr Thornley also alleges the New Zealand Government “has been captured by scientists who have extreme views”.

    “The fear and panic that has driven the response of many scientists, politicians, policy makers and the media, we [Plan B] believe is unwarranted and it’s even irrational.



  17. Really. These “experts” don’t live in the real world! If you can’t do proper due diligence on projects then “shovel ready” applicants shouldn’t receive taxpayer funding until it has been. This taxpayer is quite capable of wasting my OWN income without the govt chucking it down the toilet.

    James Shaw’s decision to sign off the funding for the Taranaki Green School is not Shaw’s issue, but “a project design issue”, one political commentator says.

    Thomas said because of the high number of applications for shovel-ready project funding “you’re just not able to do real due diligence on those projects”.

    He said it was unfair to accuse Shaw of hypocrisy because the Green School project did meet all of the criteria that was laid down.



    • “He said it was unfair to accuse Shaw of hypocrisy ……”

      What a lot of rubbish, the hypocrisy was to do with how it conflicted with Green policy. They are really desperate to cover Shaw’s rear end !!!



  18. Former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbot asks the uncomfortable questions.

    ~ Mr Abbott said governments approached the pandemic like “trauma doctors instead of thinking like health economists”
    ~ He accused Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews of wanting to extend a “health dictatorship” by pushing for an extension of state of emergency powers
    ~ He said the media had spread “virus hysteria” and people should be allowed to make their own decisions

    …… governments have approached the pandemic like trauma doctors instead of thinking like health economists, trained to pose uncomfortable questions about a level of deaths we might have to live with,” he said. …..

    That last sentence is the triage of trauma doctors, to let the worst die, treat the ones that should respond, and put on hold the rest, that is put all the rest into quarantine “bin”.
    He is right, they have not had the training, but relate like a kindy teacher, with feelz, believing it is kindness being dished out.

    Same to be asked of all this NZ “kindness” “well being” “anecdotal jitterbug of dance”, comradely single mindness government.



  19. In the city of Birmingham, who is going to be moved for the diversity of meritless inclusiveness?
    Who will resist the most?

    In addition, “every elected councillor and every member of staff will be required to participate in mandatory equalities training, which will take place at least annually”.

    A certain culture will not bend for gender fluid or feminist ideologies or any equality between the sexes.
    The concept of law, will be based on another book.

    So the white BLM believe it is all going to be rosy, and continue forever?

    Trump as mentioned above, is putting in place directives to knock this on the head.



  20. Snap Ross12, we are running parallel systems on the same issue. 🙂
    All good as a lot of this is pushed through the academia, with no responsibility, into the educational, judiciary, bureaucracy, politicians, and media for decades.
    Exposure, information, to gain knowledge, is the best form to know what is wrong, and then how to make better decisions, and apply pressure, reason to a better way, but on our terms.

    Just what is “The Great Reset” which seems to be a balance of creating fears & terror, to force a global recognition to accept change one way or the other.
    A review of a book, so it is in a way a summary.

    ….. truth of the matter is that it is the measures imposed in the name of Covid-19 that have caused widespread economic destruction, not the virus itself.
    That distinction is one that mainstream outlets in particular refuse to engage with. …..

    …….. Whether it be in the name of Agenda 2030 (aka Sustainable Development), The Green New Deal or The Great Reset, it would amount to largely the same outcome –
    the subjugation once and for all of national sovereignty where the nation state is subordinate to global governance.


    A bit dry, but brings a part of the different things going on, and what is driving them and where they may work in collaboration, how some things may be leveraged, amplified, and for me, probably censored too.
    Pointing out the push to rush things, in fear of the “the great reversal”.



  21. Novus Ordo Seclorum. The tyranny of a one world government is
    well underway. This has been orchestrated and covertly planned
    for decades. Every nations government has signed on to this hellish
    plan through the UN, the World Bank and the International Monetary
    Fund. The people we ‘elect’ do not serve us, or our interests.

    What is happening now with this ‘Plandemic’ is only the beginning.
    You have been warned.



  22. Here we go again. Typhoon No. 10 is bearing down on Kyushu.

    The Chinese might call it “Haishen,” the English-speaking world will have another name for it, but for Japan it is the tenth typhoon of the season, so it is reported in the Japanese media as “Typhoon No. 10.”

    Auckland is so calm by comparison. (I really don’t miss the typhoons and earthquakes of Japan.)



    • Hundreds of yachties blocked from seeking refuge in New Zealand as cyclone season approaches

      Guy Chester, a Roving Rear Commodore with the club, has been fighting to get the hundreds of people a safe place to spend the season.

      He said in June, they were told there would be a border exemption process for humanitarian and compelling reasons.

      But last week they discovered cyclone refuge was not included.

      Chester said they felt betrayed by the government.

      “We’ve run out of time,” he said.

      The club had been working with the New Zealand health processes, talking to officers, said Chester.

      “We’ve now got the situation where we have just been told that cyclone refuge is not a compelling reason and exemptions will not be granted, in which case, it’s now vital.”

      The cyclone season starts on 1 November, but with most boats between 2 to 6 weeks away from somewhere safe, it had now reached crisis point, he said.



  23. No details except stabbings “close to the area known as the ‘Gay Village’.
    Another ‘lone wolf’ attack?

    Police declare ‘major incident’ in UK city of Birmingham after multiple stabbings

    According to the BBC, the cordon was close to the area known as the ‘Gay Village’ in the centre of Birmingham, where many people had been seated at outdoor tables eating and drinking.

    “Work is still going on to establish what has happened, and could take some time before we are in a position to confirm anything. At this early stage it would not be appropriate to speculate on the causes of the incident,” a police spokesperson says.



  24. Controversial California study claims Americans are OVERESTIMATING their risk of getting coronavirus and that the odds of infection are around one in 4,000

    For Americans between ages 50 to 64, the risk of being hospitalized is one in 852,000 and the risk of dying is one in 19.1 million

    The team says action from governments, media attention, and the lack of feeling in control may be influencing the perception of risk




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