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  1. The Green support in Victoria is what got Daniel Andrews over the line, to extend the emergency powers in Victoria by 6 months.
    This is what NZ’ers will have to put up with, and the gullible will believe.

    “Victoria needs a Green New Deal”
    1 minute 14 secs : • Jul 1, 2020

    Bushfires, Covid, Recession, Homelessness, Environmental Destruction, Fossil Fuel, creating fears and then taa, daaa there is the other choice.
    “The Green New Deal”.
    Jobs, in creating, Big solar power & wind systems, 100,000 public housing homes, cycle ways & wider foot paths, regenerating the bush [planting trees] plus many more.

    Dream time life for the Aussie Greens, but do see that this matches in very much with just the NZ Labour policies too, which in part we have already suffered from.
    Tax payer’s money poured in, that is simply wasted, then the other effects like on the roads.

    This sounds so nice to the gullible, the ones who pay very little tax, and believe it is nice to have & not so directly effected much by those policies, and a great panacea for all of the “planets” problems.

    This type of “Great Reset” has to be shown up as global big con.



  2. Good morning all you wonderful ysb contributors and readers, yet another day in what used to be paradise before wine stone decided who would be the government and wrecked the country. Tax day announcement for the liebour party the name says it all, just like all the lies told before, nothing will change for them.



    • The PM clearly did not get the memo or more likely she did not read it. You know, the one that talked about the Labour policy plan. Only a couple of weeks ago she was talking about no new policies from Labour –“it’s going to be a Covid election” was the message from their Conference.
      They are a joke , although I will credit them as not being as bad as the Victorian Labour crowd.



  3. I guess on the upside if Cindy wins the day and NZ plays lockdown for another term, the wall to wall dope shops, just 419 around the country will be essential medicinal services during lock down.
    Melbourne you can leave your home for a couple hours a day to exercise, but can go to the shoot up shop even during curfew.
    What could go wrong, and people vote for these idiots.



  4. NZ Election 2020: Judith Collins thinks she knows what Labour’s tax policy will be

    Labour is set to announce its tax policy, but Judith Collins is pretty sure she already knows what will be in it.

    No fewer than six times during a three-and-a-half-minute appearance on The AM Show on Wednesday morning, the National Party leader said it would involve taking money off people, or spending “other people’s money”.

    “You can’t tax your way out of an economic recession – you’ve got to grow your way out. Who knows what they’re going to say? Whatever it is, it’ll be about taking more money off people.”

    “Jacinda Ardern doesn’t want to engage at all on policy with us… The fact is we’ve got policy coming out and we’re forcing the Labour Party to put out some policy, although theirs is mostly about getting other people to pay for stuff.”

    Labour didn’t increase taxes in its first term, but hasn’t ruled out a hike for the country’s biggest earners. The Greens have proposed not just increases for the top earners, but also on those with assets totalling more than $1 million (excluding housing, or vehicles worth less than $50,000).



  5. AA calls for roadside alcohol testing to ramp up to previous levels

    The Automobile Association wants testing for alcohol on the roads to return to previous levels.

    In 2013, 253 people died in road crashes, the fewest number of deaths on New Zealand roads since 1950.

    That year, the police stopped more than three million cars to test for alcohol on the breath of drivers, and caught 24,520 people under the influence.

    In the years since, police have changed the way they run alcohol checkpoints, moving to a targeted approach rather than an anytime, anywhere system.

    The number of people caught remains steady, again at 24,833 last year, but the total number of tests has halved.

    When asked when he last went through one, he said: “It was this year and it was actually on the Napier – Taupō road in the most bizarre strange place which I actually applauded as being a great idea.

    “It was in the morning, and I was heading to Taupō from Napier, a checkpoint just after a bridge, and I thought it was a really good thing.

    “But they just do not happen. The randomness of them doesn’t seem to be an often occurrence these days. I think the random checkpoints is a really good thing and it’s a really good deterrent.”

    Murphy said there needed to be more dedicated road police, and not just officers who got pulled to other jobs.



  6. Cindy goes to the doctor for her monthly physical. The nurse starts with certain basic items.
    “How much do you weigh?” she asks.
    “65” she says.
    The nurse puts her on the scale. It turns out her weight is 85.
    The nurse asks, “Your height?”
    “5 foot 8,” she says.
    The nurse checks and sees that she only measures 5′ 5″.
    She then takes her blood pressure and tells Cindy it is very high.
    “Of course it’s high!” she screams, “When I came in here I was tall and slender! Now I’m short and fat!”



  7. I see that the Pike Mine is making the news again concerning the possibility of finding human remains.

    I have the sneaking suspicion that there will be breaking news concerning the mine just prior to the election. It’s just a matter of timing to Cindy’s advantage.

    While we are talking about Cindy it’s interesting that Jethro is not to be seen. Apart from the obvious rumour doing the rounds I have heard that because he so unpopular and attracting bad press he has been told to zip it sweety and keep away from bobble head until after the election.



    • Pike River Mine was used as a cynical and selfish
      election ploy. The drunken dwarf announced he would
      be the first to enter the mine and people fell for it.
      I have great sympathy for the families who lost their loved
      ones in the disaster.



      • Yep.
        Pike River was a big issue at the last Election and Labour bleated to anyone who would listen that they were going to find bodies and prosecute those evil Nats etc etc.
        Mysteriously they have barely mentioned it for three years. And now it’s Election time….



        • Labour virtue signalling have thrown many millions down the Pike River hole without making a squeak of difference. How many houses could they have built, or funded operations, etc that would have had a very positive effect on many NZ’ers lives?



    • Well, we wouldn’t want to add to the growing perception that Covid Cindy is a failure at everything she touches:
      – failed at managing her Ministers
      – failed at building 10,000 houses
      – failed at planting a billion trees
      – failed at being a PM
      – failed at keeping Covid at bay
      – failed at managing the economy
      – failed at speaking the English language (“Jepradise”)
      and now we know she failed at being a partner to her loving and devoted husband

      Pretty poor show for a “perfectionist”?



  8. National Party promises to build more state houses across New Zealand

    “We can’t have people living in motels for the rest of their lives as we’ve seen.

    “When you see the state house wait list go from 5000 people, as it was when we were in Government and left Government [in 2017], to 18,000 now, that tells me we actually need more private rentals as well as the state houses.”

    Collins said she was “embarrassed” at the 5000 figure, but said it was “not National’s fault” it has now more than tripled.

    “We’ve got nothing from the current Government on that, so I think we could have done a bit better but I tell you what, it’s better than KiwiBuild, it’s better than the false promises, it’s better than $2 billion wasted, it’s better than empty houses left in Wanaka.”

    However, Collins did admit the last National government was “too slow to act on it”.



    • Well there is a long history of corrupt politicians finding ways to funnel public money to property developers with an unspoken agreement of backhanders for their largesse with everybody else’s money.

      Jimmy “two mums” is just doing the same as everybody else is. It’s not like there’s a breaking news story about dodgy political property deals in Mallard’s old electorate is there?

      Jimmy’s just so stupid he didn’t cover his tracks well enough. Can’t blame the poor bastard – when you grow up in a house without a real dad you don’t learn any practical life skills. He’s just a another pathetic victim of the feminarchy.



    • If they got the taxpayers money under false pretences, they should pay it back. Breach of contract and let them fight it at their cost like the rest of us do to right a wrong. In this case the taxpayer is the party that has been done wrong.



    • In April, the council approved the sale of several paper roads on the site for $165,000 plus $10,000 in fees.

      Was the sale of these council assets, notified? Most times they are, particularly to people who own property nearby.

      Could any of that those paper roads be alongside or access to a stream or Significant Natural Area. SNA. or reserve?
      In the future a nice tramping trail could have been put in place? or daresay a cycle trail.
      Was this loss of land from the Council offset by esplanades, trails, etc. reserves SNA’s put in place?

      Public submissions on the district plan closed last month.
      Council officers are now preparing reports before hearings will be scheduled.

      It would seem that this is a red herring, and the paper road sale has gone through?
      Did the public even know, to be able to make submissions on those paper roads.
      Just that the demand for housing would allow further development so it will just be a rubber stamp.

      Corruption in the Greens, and may even be found in that Council, but excused as ignorance or their regulations, or some lucky escape clause.



  9. More from Covid Cindy’s Troll-in-Chief

    From the Angry Andy’s (and Covid Cindy’s) ex Chief of Staff.

    A quick look inside the real policy changes that Covid Cindy will implement if re-elected


    I was just thinking Neale Jones was Chief of Staff in Cindy’s office when the violent sexual assaulter was working there before he was forced to leave – he must know who the male ‘violent sexual assaulter of female staff’ is – the one who was thought to be “vital to Labour’s re-election changes in 2020”. Seeing as he’s so keen on justice and fairness and the rule of law and all – it can’t be long before Neale’s conscience gets the better of him and his towering integrity and deep personal honesty forces him to let on who that violent abuser of females was…….

    Brief “Tui” moment overcame me there



  10. Who was it in Germany that blamed a religion for all their problems?

    Yes Chippy you absolute cockwomble – if you start saying it was the Christians who were to blame for the utter omnishambles Covid Cindy, you and Dr Silly Name have presided over – then you are just as bad as the fucking Nazis.

    To be honest, these days, I’m having a real trouble telling the difference between you lot and Hitler’s mates circa 1930!



  11. Labour to introduce new tax rate if it wins election – will it affect you?

    Labour wants to introduce a new top tax rate of 39 per cent for income earned over $180,000.

    He said the policy was about “everyone pitching in to make sure we can recover and rebuild from Covid-19”.

    Robertson said the proposed tax rate would affect two per cent of New Zealanders, and does not impact income earned below $180,000.

    He estimated it would generate $550m a year.

    “The new rate will cost $23 a week ($1,200 a year) for an individual earning $200,000, but it will make a big difference to the country’s ability to maintain the investments needed for the economy to bounce back.”



  12. Hitlers mates where called the SA.
    It was them that actually had the balls to take to the streets and fight for what they believed, who did they fight against you ask?
    They fought running street battles against the anti-fascist League read Communists, wow Ricko i thought they only beat up Jews and Darkies and such, no my little Hobbits they first and for-most battled the Communist threat from Russia trying to destroy there democracy framed after the 1st great war, a republic which Hitler destroyed anyway.
    Of course once the SA beat the commies the Nazis turned on them and killed their leaders then suborned the rest to military service, and it was the SA who did the fighting and dying in the streets not the actual Nazi leadership, anyone see a historic parallel in modern times?
    No Im not advocating Nazi shit, or commie shit, im saying grow some balls and fight for what you think is right, or those that make you believe Absurdities will make you commit Atrocities



    • A Vanguard, the initial softening up as per Russian Revolution.

      …… In its first phase, the vanguard party would exist for two reasons.
      Firstly, it would protect Marxism from outside corruption from other ideas as well as advance its concepts.
      Secondly, it would educate the proletariat in Marxism in order to cleanse them of their “false individual consciousness” and instill the revolutionary “class consciousness” in them. ……
      …… A vanguard party is a political party at the fore of a mass-action political movement and of a revolution. In the praxis of political science, the concept of the vanguard party, composed of professional revolutionaries, was first effected by the Bolshevik Party in the Russian Revolution of 1917. ….


      Youth guards, Student guards, Red guard, or sort of similar set ups, to carry the “torch” of their ideology.
      Eventually that is all phased into the “democratic” control by the One Party.



  13. Good article from the Telegraph, worth reading as much the same applies to NZ.

    Well done, Matt ‘we’re doomed!’ Hancock – Covid fear is now a bigger threat than the virus itself
    Once upon a time we were Blighty not Frighty. It’s time to get a grip or there will be irreversible damage to our national health

    8 September 2020 • 7:00pm
    Allison Pearson
    Matt Hancock has told young people not to “kill” their grandparents
    Matt Hancock has told young people not to “kill” their grandparents CREDIT: House of Commons/ PA
    Idespair I really do. The powers of the wretched Coronabeast are waning fast. “It has burnt through the dry grass, mainly those who would have died anyway in the next few months, and now it is infecting younger age groups but not harming them,” says a scientist friend. Admissions are only a fraction of the level compared to peak of the pandemic despite warnings of a second wave rolling across Europe. “Covid has gone from our wards, has been for weeks” reports the head nurse at one of the UK’s largest hospitals, “I can’t understand what the Government are going on about.”

    Boy, are they going on. And on. England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Van Tam – a Chieftain tank in human form – was deployed this week to warn that the public has “relaxed too much”. Relaxed? How much generalised anxiety, cyclists wearing masks, children instructed not to turn around in classrooms, empty trains, cancelled holidays, people solemnly washing groceries in Covid-free areas and all the other pointless pantomime of panic would be sufficient for the Professor? The nation’s a complete basket case and he wants us to keep weaving.

    And then there’s Matt Hancock. Like Private Frazer in Dad’s Army, our Secretary of State for Health has a lip-smacking relish for doom. As children settle back in the classroom after almost six months without friends or lessons and young people prepare for university, Matt had a few uplifting words to give them the confidence they so desperately need: “Don’t kill your gran!”

    I can’t believe he actually said that. Either Hancock doesn’t understand the science or he is wilfully misinterpreting the data to keep the population as terrified as possible. Yes, there were almost 3,000 new “cases” on two successive days this week. But PCR tests, like all medical tests, are not perfect and can be unreliable. Covid “cases” sound alarming, but a case can be anyone with a few remnants of virus on a swab test who presents zero risk. ICUs are still, in the main, eerie ghost towns. Corona deaths are down to a handful a day out of a population of 66 million. Basically, I have more chance of marrying Brad Pitt than you have of dying from Covid19.

    As Dr Carl Heneghan, the director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University, protests, “The norms of clinical reasoning are going out of the window. A PRC test does not equal Covid19, but in some definitions it does.” The Office for National Statistics has resorted to paying people a staggering £450 to have a series of nasal swabs. Those volunteers were never ill. They are among the silent millions who probably had corona without noticing and have boosted community immunity, making us all safer.

    This news should be a cause for cautious celebration. Just a small glass of Harvey’s Bristol, Marjorie. Yet the remorseless campaign of fear to which the British people have been subjected since March refuses to let up. However infectious Covid19 may be, it is a mere amateur compared to the contagion of dread which has insinuated its way into our lives like a noxious gas. According to a recent poll, the British public believes the death toll from the virus is 100 times higher than it actually is. Forget Keep Calm and Carry On. That defiantly bloody-minded, worse-things-happen-at-sea, cheer-up-love-it-may-never-happen nation we all felt glad to belong to is now an unrecognisable land of paranoia and paralysis.

    I asked my followers on Twitter a question: “How many people do you know who have been so scared by government behavioural psychologists that they are unlikely to resume a normal life even as Covid recedes?” The replies came thick and furious:

    Sebastian: “My mother-in-law – 70, ex mayor of her town, strong woman, will hardly leave the house now. Her friends are the same and all their social groups have disbanded.”
    Lisa: “My sister still requires her husband to strip off at the door after work and get straight in the shower”
    Sara: “I know someone whose mother even sleeps with her mask and gloves on. Her blood pressure went to 240. She’s killing herself!”
    Valerie: “Friends don’t read the Sunday papers until Wednesday. And all post and parcels are left for 3 days before opening.”
    Elsa: “My neighbour goes to her own shed in her own garden with mask and gloves on. I wish I were joking.”
    Danny: “My mother is panic-stricken. So much so my father has bought a treadmill for the house so she can have some kind of walk.”
    Hannah: “I’ve not seen my mum in over six months. She only leaves the house at night.”
    Jason: “My in-laws won’t come out of their house. My boys have all but given up on ever seeing them again. They sit and await a vaccine that is never coming.” Barrie: “I know people in their twenties who haven’t left their house since March.”
    Alex: “My mum is still washing everything, not hugged my daughter since the end of February until Thursday when I made her. She may have held her breath for the entire 5 seconds non-face-to-face hug.”
    What the hell have Hancock and the shroud-wavers on SAGE done to us? I really identified with Josiah who joked, “I spent the first month of lockdown persuading my parents to take Covid seriously. And the last 3 months trying to persuade them not to take it seriously!”

    That’s it, exactly. Fear, like a coffee stain on a cream sofa, is a bugger to get out. Those of us who try to do what Matt Hancock should be doing – offering encouraging facts, persuading needlessly timid people it’s OK to venture out, are often met with incomprehension, even hostility. So successful is the psychological warfare that victims don’t even realise they’ve been brainwashed. Yet was this horrifying obsessive behaviour planned deliberately?

    On the 22nd of March, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) produced a paper for the Government which must rank as one of the most successful and most damaging documents in our history. Options for Increasing Adherence to Social Distancing Measures laid out ways of bringing about behavioural change in the public to get us to comply with Covid19 restrictions.

    The Number 1 recommendation was “Provide clear, precise, credible guidance about specific behaviours’’. You can’t argue with that. It was at Number 2 that things began to take a darker turn. “Use media to increase sense of personal threat,” it said. When I first read that sentence I reeled back. It felt entirely un-English, more akin to Stalinism.

    But that’s exactly what those behavioural experts did. Instead of relying on people’s good sense and altruism (which proved to be remarkably strong) SAGE said: “The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.”

    Scaremongering headlines of a notably apocalyptic nature duly began to appear. “Coronavirus: I’m digging graves for people who are still living,” ran the ghoulish caption under a photograph of parallel muddy trenches in a field in east London. On TV, Government adverts thundered “everyone is equally at risk”. (Yet, we already knew that the average age of the fatalities in Italy was 82.5).

    Tactics that a nation would use against its enemies were turned against our own families and friends. In a hard-hitting interview for this week’s Planet Normal podcast, the former Supreme Court justice Lord Sumption told me that some members of SAGE have since admitted “this was perhaps overdone” but the use of fear was deliberate policy.

    “What you have to remember is that when societies lose their liberty it is not because liberty has been crushed under the boot of some tyrant, it’s usually because they’ve been frightened into giving it up voluntarily. And that is what happened. Fear is the number one instrument of every despot. I dare say the intentions of this Government are benign. But their methods have not been.”

    Who can doubt the good lord’s judgment in this case? Or the malign effect of Matt “We’re doomed!” Hancock, our very own tinpot dictator who accentuates the negative to keep people in mortal fear and achieve what exactly? What’s the strategy, Matt? The destruction of our economy is pretty much guaranteed if you continue to lock down entire regions at the first Atchoo! Other countries are not in the grip of this existential madness. They view the hysterical spasms of our previously phlegmatic nation with amused disbelief.

    Once upon a time we were Blighty not Frighty. We have to get a grip and summon that spirit again or there will be damage without end. If you know someone who is still really scared please let me know. People are going to need help to be unafraid. A lot of help. The Government’s behavioural scientists must put into reverse the disproportionate campaign with which they stole the people’s reason. Here’s one idea: “Use the media to increase the sense of personal safety.”

    I’ll go first. The contagion of fear now poses a far bigger threat to our national health than Covid-19. You probably won’t kill your gran if you see her, but not seeing her might just kill her. In my view, you are safe to resume your life. While it is reasonable to be scared of the dark; it’s a tragedy to be afraid of the light.



  14. Cindy positions herself in Whakatane for the tax announcement, so that she can dress it up with the “didn’t we do well with White Island” spiel. Bloody cynical. Do people not see through this shit. It’s using a tragedy for political gain. Bloody ambulance chaser.



    • …..“didn’t we do well with White Island”……

      She, with the qualified aid from the Police hierarchy, did an absolutely appalling job with White Island. People were to be left to die in the name of safety. The Police dithered & obstructed while the Mad Queen emoted for the cameras.

      Had it not been for a few heroic skippers & chopper pilots there would have been carnage.



  15. Election 2020: Labour’s closest political ally, the Greens, is not happy with the tax policy

    Labour’s closest political allies, the Greens, are frustrated at the party’s new tax policy, saying it’s just “tinkering” which won’t fix the systemic problems in New Zealand. … The party wants New Zealand’s richest to be taxed much, much more. “The Greens believe we should ask those who are benefiting the most to chip in a bit of what they’ve gained to help the people who need support during this crisis.”

    I would’ve thought that the Greens would take a sip of “shut the fuck up” flavoured green tea after the week of bad headlines they’ve had about wasteful spending of taxpayer money on a so-called green school.



  16. I just listened to Leighton Smith’s podcast for last week. He talked to a guy from the Democracy Institute in the USA who does polling around the Presidential elections. They poll slightly differently to other pollsters but were more accurate last time and they also correctly predicted the Brexit poll.
    One interesting question they asked was –are you happy to discuss your preference for president with friends and acquaintances?
    Only about 25% of Trump supporters said yes while about 80% of Biden supporters said yes. I wonder what the figures would be for NZ ?
    (BTW the poll had Trump ahead of Biden overall and also in the important swing states)



    • You have to be careful.
      I got verbally attacked at a Social function recently when the conversation swung to politics and I politely said I was voting for Judith.
      I got sneered at and called everything from a “halfwit” to a “bit of a racist”!
      And don’t even get me started on what happened when I criticised their beloved Jacinda on a FB thread… (Still can’t believe Labour trolls threatened my children- The backed off pretty quickly when they found out my background though)

      We are the Silent Majority.



      • Capricorn One:

        “Still can’t believe Labour trolls threatened my children”

        Tribalism on social media happens when these idiots hunt in a pack mentality. Let me guess: keyboard warriors hiding behind online aliases who think their internet footprints are untraceable?



  17. Disused prison buildings at Rangipo near Turangi are being mooted as a potential Covid-19 managed isolation facility. A local Iwi leader has pointed out that four separate campuses could house totals of 200-300 people in two week rotations.


    The proposal is not without merit as although the facilities are less than four star the low cost of the accommodation would attract the back packer scum & miserable, low spending tourists in broken down camper vans. (Your correspondent notes that they could be trained to use toilets while resident instead of shitting everywhere at will)

    Visiting fruit pickers & the like not wishing to pay $3000 at a city hotel might find the idea a boon.



    • “the facilities are less than four star”

      You devalue the concept of an Eketahuna-style bed-and-breakfast accommodation! Redbaiter used to wag his finger at you, but truth be told, he probably craved baked beans on toast and a cuddle with a lamb!



      • When meat & wool prices took as tumble a while back I toyed with the idea Nostra.

        I mentioned to Baity that I would sell pigs & lambs by the hour rather than the kilo but he seemed luke warm over the proposal. 🙂



        • Nasska:

          “I would sell pigs & lambs by the hour”

          That’s where your business plan came unstuck. You needed to contact Mikenmild at the Quarry Inn, when he used to run the joint before escaping into a public sector career, who apparently had a reputation for catering for the more “exotic” tastes of his discerning clients!



        • The customer is always right, so I do not believe pigs would be a good choice for many of that clientele.

          Locality locality locality, It used to be in Germany, and was an apparently an ok lifestyle choice.

          ‘There are now animal brothels in Germany,’ Martin told the paper, adding that people were playing down the issue by by describing it as a ‘lifestyle choice’.

          So for some it was a sad day despite their protestations of moving to Germany to be with lifestyle friends.

          …. Michael Kiok and his partner Cissy have been in a caring relationship for the past seven years, which would be unremarkable if not for the fact that Cissy is a dog. …..
          …….. Fellow protestor Oliver Bordinski was convinced that the German government had made up damning statistics to pursue its anti-bestiality agenda.

          “This has all come from propaganda,” he said. “500,000 animals apparently die from sexual abuse each year, which is complete nonsense.”

          He said moralists had a distorted image of all zoophiles violently abusing animals with sex toys. “These are the worst lies,” he said. …..

          …. “Banning it means that millions of people in Germany are criminalized,” …..

          So it finally went to Court, and the law stands with its fines.

          If only the influx of migrants to Germany were told. 🙂
          They have been had.

          For many migrants, it was not a problem, as so long as the animal when killed is sold to another village. Allah willing.



          • Simpleton1:

            Have you passed on this information to Stephieboy? His reading comprehension is notoriously bad, so he may need some help with Google searches involving goats and “animal brothels” (who knew there was such a thing?)



            • It is a problem to explain to the Stephieboy, that you can not have your cake and eat it.
              I think it may be related to his serving tea & cake at Saint Albans.

              However the very wise Ayatollah Khomeini gave great advice for his followers of Mohammad, as he did know you could not keep the cake, after you have eaten it, or when it got soggy.

              “The Little Green Book” “Sayings of the Ayatollah Khomeini”, Bantam Books 7- “A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, ewe, camels and so on.
              However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm.
              He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village;
              however, selling the meat to the next door village should be fine.

              Khomeini’s book, “Tahrirolvasyleh” fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990

              I tried to figure if SB2 was worried about his very personal equipment, as how soon after his orgasm to commit halal kill on the poor beast, and the knife may cut further than he planned.

              Then also he might have felt very sad at selling the meat to another suburb, and not being able to eat it as well.

              The poor animals, but if you do read more on that linked page.
              I did many years ago explain what his divine leaders were saying about very young children.
              Just shocking, so at this stage, leave his energy with his goats, and hope he is tender with it.



  18. Daniel Andrews caught out in a major lie,

    ~ Daniel Andrews finally admits it was HIS decision to enforce draconian curfew in Melbourne – moments after trying to blame someone else for making the call
    ~ Daniel Andrews admitted it was his decision to introduce Melbourne’s curfew
    ~ The chief health officer on Tuesday revealed he did not recommend the measure
    ~ Curfew brought in as the government declared a state of disaster on August 2


    So the curfew part may be illegal.

    The lawyers will now be taking this part all the way.
    Proving the police have been over zealous, will be easier now, and possibly will not have the powers they thought they had.

    Bump bump, as they go under a bus? 🙂



  19. AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine study put on hold due to suspected adverse reaction in participant in the U.K.

    A large, Phase 3 study testing a Covid-19 vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford at dozens of sites across the U.S. has been put on hold due to a suspected serious adverse reaction in a participant in the United Kingdom.




  20. Just let it go broke and then acquire it for much, much less.

    Winston Peters suggests Government should buy back full ownership of Air NZ

    “We’re saying to Air New Zealand that we’re prepared to back you as a Government but you’ve got to understand that you have to supply the regional airline capacity right around this country. You just cannot pick and choose what you’re going to do.

    “If we’re going to underwrite you for a second time we want you to provide a fair and reasonable service to every province in this country.”

    Peters said the Government should take a “100 per cent” stake in the airline “if it’s necessary”.



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Alice on Have Your Say
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The way we all feel about this useless government

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