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  1. Well of course he was.

    Speaker Trevor Mallard embroiled in Labour Hutt South donations controversy
    It’s been a mystery for nearly three decades, but Stuff has finally been able to reveal details of the close relationship between the Labour Party and the New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union (NZPFU).

    That relationship may seem immaterial now, but in the late 1990s the two organisations were at the forefront of the country’s first citizens-initiated referendum and drove the political debate in its aftermath.

    It’s no surprise that Labour had a close relationship with the union. Unions are integral to the party’s history and its constitution, with affiliated labour unions still having a strong say who leads the party.

    But the relationship between the NZPFU and the party runs closer than most.

    During the late 1990s, reforms of the Fire Service were a hot button political issue. The then-National Government (and later National-NZ First Coalition) proposed cutting the number of professional firefighters and changing the way the Fire Service was funded.


    In a note published on the NZPFU’s website in 1998, the Union thanked Mallard and Grant Gillon, an Alliance MP, for following up on issues it had raised with them.

    “The Union appreciates very much the assistance given by both Trevor Mallard (Labour) and Grant Gillon (Alliance) in following up various issues for the Union with the Minister of Internal Affairs – particularly through the use of written questions to the Minister,” the note said.
    That release has since disappeared from the internet, but the quote has been preserved forever in a Government press release from June 1998, in which then-NZ First Internal Affairs Minister Jack Elder called the episode a “gross abuse of Parliamentary process”.

    The Parliamentary record shows dozens of written questions from Mallard that term, quizzing both Elder and Prime Minister Jenny Shipley on everything from the upkeep of buildings, pay of fire service executives, and allegations of a conflict of interest concerning then-head of the fire service, Roger Estall.

    No surprises there with this sleaze.
    Retire him.



  2. Four commercial-scale meth labs busted in Waikato, four facing charges

    “Ultimately, we were able to do this due to the resolve of our community who helped us identify this harmful behaviour in their neighbourhoods and came forward to let us know,” he said.

    “It is not lost on our communities that methamphetamine use has the greatest impact on our most vulnerable and we need to work in partnership to disrupt this type of offending.”

    He said information can be anything from unusual comings and goings of vehicles, to chemical odours, to the presence of security or surveillance systems.



  3. The rubber hits the road today with the all-important opening up of the Government’s books today. The Treasury will unveil its Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update (Prefu) – something it required by law to do ahead of every New Zealand election. It is expected to reveal the country has a $200 billion dollar deficit. Just a little larger than Stephen Joyce’s $11b hole the left made so much fuss over.

    Robbo has warned that unveiling of New Zealand’s GDP numbers on Thursday will “not be pretty reading”.



  4. Mike is not holding back today!


    I think the silent majority agrees with him.
    The majority of my social circle (which is pretty broad) detest Jacinda Ardern and this endless lockdown madness.
    This election is going to be way,waay closer than Ardern’s media are bragging.



  5. Clearly they need Cindy to wag her bony finger at them.

    Coronavirus: Mongrel Mob members ignore COVID-19 gathering limits in tangihanga for fallen mobster

    Gangsters in Auckland have flouted the Government’s COVID-19 gathering rules by holding a huge tangihanga for a fallen Mongrel Mob member.

    Video footage from the funeral posted to Facebook on Monday shows a hearse being escorted by dozens of people down a street in the south Auckland suburb of Papakura.



  6. How to turn back whales that have taken the wrong turn and end up in salty croc infested tidal river.

    Mystery surrounds humpback whales’ journey up crocodile-infested river Australian river

    Marine authorities are puzzling over how to persuade at least one wayward humpback whale to leave a murky, crocodile-infested river in northern Australia and continue an annual migration to Antarctica.

    He estimated there were two adults and a younger whale, around 10 metres to 12 metres long.

    “The west Australian humpback whale population has absolutely exploded. It’s the great conservation success story in the ocean,” Fowler said.

    “There are so many humpbacks heading up the W.A. (Western Australia state) coast now, they’re bound to end up in new places. What’s incredibly weird is the fact that they’re up a muddy, shallow river full of crocodiles — that’s unheard of,” he said.



  7. “Closed until further notice”

    Government’s ‘panicked’ Covid-19 response has caused ‘enormous harm’ – Judith Collins

    “I think the Government panicked around Covid-19 and we’ve been spun a whole lot of stories around how dreadful it is in Australia. It’s not at all. It’s only Victoria which is a basket case,” Collins said.

    “They’ve actually got some leadership and they’ve got some people that understand,” Collins said. “You don’t have to stuff the economy just to keep people safe.”

    “What we’ve seen in New Zealand is a big fat hammer of the state coming down and frightening people, and we’ve had panic essentially, and a panicked Government has caused enormous harm to the economy, which means that we’ve got a lot of people who are now looking at being unemployed.”



      • China-Centric policy, what else would you expect from the brought and paid for by China, NZ politicians of all party’s.
        From a strictly academic perspective, its interesting to see the mix of last Century’s Socialist and Fascist Tactics all rolled into one political movement in an attack on all things they disagree with.
        Cancel culture, eco extremism, TDS, Anti-fa, the explosion of media controlled narratives and the dis information campaigns for covid all will provide generations of political students much scope for study.
        Personal i stick to a tried and true method of judging a politicians honesty, if their lips are moving, they are lying.



    • Yes, and I hear today being taxed to provide another $200M for meals in schools. Subsidising parents responsibility to care and provide for their children is not my idea of a fair deal for taxpayers needing to meet their own families needs. The Minister of Education has not got that one right at all.

      Personal responsibility means caring for your own and not expecting a state handout for basic parental duties. The current government may think a further election bribe is OK but this taxpayer does not. The handout mentality needs to be slowed and then stopped rather than added to and perpetuated.



  8. NZ Election 2020: Judith Collins expecting dire news at pre-election economic update

    But the Leader of the Opposition believes there will be dire news on Wednesday, claiming the Government “panicked” with its COVID-19 response.

    “They shut down just about everything, including the construction industry. I am now hearing of property developers or people doing the buildings, you know, the building people building houses, who are going broke. Why? Because they had months of not being able to get work done,” Collins told The AM Show on Wednesday morning.

    “It is [a] totally naive situation to expect people to just keep going with businesses, keep up the costs and just think that’s going to solve it. I think today, when the Government is forced to open its books, we are going to see just how bad things are.”



  9. The aircraft carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln was finally inching up to the pier at homeport when the Captain of the ship noticed a sailor on the flight deck gesturing wildly with semaphore flags. He then noticed an attractive young woman standing on top of a station wagon, also waving semaphore flags.

    Always concerned about security and never having seen something like this, the Captain barked at his Bridge Signalman, “What message are those two people sending?”

    The Signalman concentrated intently and soon reported, “Sir, he is sending FOXTROT-FOXTROT and she is sending ECHO-FOXTROT.”

    Not having any clue as to what these messages could mean, the Captain dispatched an armed Marine to escort the sailor back to the Bridge.

    The sailor arrived, out of breath from running up the many ladders to the bridge, and saluted smartly. “Seaman Endicott reporting as ordered, sir!”

    “Seaman”, shouted the Captain, “Who is that woman on the pier and why are you exchanging signals FF and EF?”

    “Sir, that’s my wife, Sir, and she wants to eat first!”



  10. Things cannot be as good as the MSM say for Labour in the polls. They have had to drag out Bloomfield for another political. fear mongering, propaganda broadcast. Desperation !!!

    How the hell can he say that many more would have died ? It is utter BS.


    I do not think Wellington has had one positive case (except for the two ladies who came down from Auckland early on). My guess is there would scores of places around the country with the same record.



  11. Winston Peters was visiting an old people’s home to drum up a few more votes.

    He went up to an old lady in a wheelchair and said “ Do you know who I am?”

    “No” she said “ but if you ask the nurse on the front desk she will tell you “



  12. Oh dear, should have stopped. Hope everyone is ok.

    Dozens of children injured after school bus and train collide in Manawatu

    A spokesperson confirmed no children were seriously injured and the total number of children on the bus is being determined.

    A witness told Newshub the bus involved was a school bus carrying high school students and there are now 30 to 40 children wrapped in blankets on the side of the road.

    They said they have not seen the driver.

    The front of the bus was allegedly hit in the incident and is covered in a large tarpaulin to hide it, the witness said.



    • How could a professional driver fail to stop at a train crossing (assuming that the crossing had no barriers, bells or lights?)
      It reminds me of that 31-year-old stevedore and father of 7 who was in a “do not enter” zone on board a container ship and was squashed by a falling container.
      A company can have safety rules and can test workers to see if they understand these rules, but unless you have a supervisor watching each individual worker all the time, you cannot prevent workers from chosing to place themselves in danger, either because of negligence or a desire to get the job done quickly.
      Was this the same for the bus driver? Negligence or time pressure?



  13. After the 6 week lockdown people went on a spending spree. This spending will skew the figures on the predicted future economic plunge.

    What to expect when Grant Robertson opens the Government’s books

    Kiwibank’s picking a 12.5 percent drop for the quarter, ASB 11 percent and the NZIER 10.5 percent. All predicted much bigger drops earlier in the year.

    “The bounce out of the lockdown was really vigorous – much more vigorous than anyone really could have expected,” ANZ chief economist Sharon Zollner told The AM Show on Wednesday.

    But it was “assisted by an enormous fiscal spend-up” that “can’t be sustained”, she said. The Government has borrowed tens of billions of dollars – at record low interest rates – to spend on things like the wage subsidy, bringing forward infrastructure projects and setting up a rainy day fund, with the future trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic uncertain.

    “It’s extremely expensive,” said Zollner. “The question is, where do we actually land when that fiscal tsunami starts to recede? And also the tourism hit from the closed border is really a summer story, so we haven’t yet felt that either.”



    • There are reports in the US that car loan deliquencies are actually falling, due to people using the extra money from job subsidies to pay off their loans. Usually in a recession the number of loan delinquencies rises. This time it’s different.

      All these pain-killing subsidies must surely lead to an increase in the numbers of “zombie jobs” and “zombie companies” that are actuallyt dead but jst don’t know it. Yet.



    • In Victoria, Melbourne,
      7 minutes.

      Just another form of control, and the ongoing threats, from experts, WHO, bureaucracy Director Generals in Health, Commissioner of Police, all that support a tyranny like what takes place with road blocks and as mentioned above, the ‘tangis’ that rule, with much enough ‘bended knee’ and acclamation in the name of “well being” “kindness” so long as a hijab is worn.

      One wonders how are these small business’s will ever recover.
      Then to consider how tight those belts will be, then is it worthwhile trying,

      In NZ we have the Greens with Shaw wants environmental risk put into accounts, then what about the risk of governmental interference for anything, any excuse.

      Like Covid, earthquakes, fires, hailstorms, floods, rains, drought, climate whatever that must apply all with in agenda 21/30 of Zero Carbon. 🙁
      The man from the government with 4 year degrees & clip boards with tick boxes, and I am here to help you, but it is all on his terms & conditions.
      They are the most dangerous, unleashing system of witch doctor’y mythological “science” of stupidity.



  14. Just heard Winston Peters say “I’m out campaigning as hard as ever”.
    Let me clarify what the smelly MAGGOT means over 24 hours….
    (1) Take a $300.000 luxury bus and load his fat bloated arse onto it.
    (2) stop at a few small quaint towns and lecture 11 people about how fucking good you are.
    (3) Leave the small quaint town and find a big town with a 4 star hotel,
    (4) Go to the best restaurant within the entire city for free gourmet meal and free piss.
    (5) Stop at wholesalers for premium whiskey purchase,
    (6) Drink the bottle of whiskey and smoke untold ciggies until 2am,
    (7) Wake in the morning for a 5 star brunch
    (8) Back into luxury bus and out to another quaint small town,



  15. My daughter has a back-room function as a designer for a computing company in the Auckland CBD.
    Until March of this year, she would commute into the head office five days a week. All this has changed.
    She now mainly works from home (and is very busy) and only goes into the office once or twice a week when face-to-face communication is essential.
    Covid-19 has provided the push to get companies up and over the fear-and-uncertainty barrier to having more back-room staff working from home. I think this will be a permanent change that will bring efficiencies and cost-savings for the companies.
    In a way, this marks a full circle in the Industrial Revolution. Two hundred years ago, before the mills and factories, the workers worked near or at their homes. Now we are back where we started.



    • I take your point, but I think over time people will recognise the value of the social aspect of working in an office environment (ie. they will start to miss it) and we will have a move away from working at home so much.
      What I would like to see is companies recognising that there is no need to have offices in the CBD or nearby and they can do just as well in the suburbs or even better, out of the main cities.



  16. National release $800 million health plan ahead of election, including increased funding for Pharmac

    National wants to increase funding for Pharmac and have reiterated earlier promises to establish a rare disorder fund of $20 million over four years and a dedicated cancer drug fund costing $200 million over four years.

    It also wants to increase funding for cochlear implants and create a “surgical mesh register to allow for the full scope of the problem to be revealed, and to allow for proactive action to be taken to work with patients who may be affected”, the policy states.

    National’s health spokesperson Dr Shane Reti said the new initiatives had been costed at $800m over four years.

    “These are practical solutions that will have a tangible impact on New Zealander’s lives for generations to come.”

    National also want to add primary care navigators – non-clinical frontline staff – to every general practice, costing $64m a year.

    “Primary care navigators will support general practitioners by providing the additional time to talk to patients who need help accessing the right services.



      • “Primary care navigators will support general practitioners by providing the additional time to talk to patients who need help accessing the right services.”
        That is what is what the practice manger does as part of their job –at least is sizeable practices. One of my cousins has done this, for at least the last 25 years.



        • Ross12 , It’s complicated going to the doctor ,eg you turn up at the docs and tell him you have a sore knee, he slaps his forehead with his hand and says “fuck this is very serious let me consult my primary care navigator” .
          Some fat sloth with glasses and a bone necklace comes in and asks you if you think your problem was caused by a childhood sexual trauma and were you aware ACC will give you a bulk payment if it was.
          within 10 days the plod have arrested most of the old men in your street for questioning and lawyers are circling like sharks in a bloodied ocean ,you become so traumatised by the carry on that you run screaming from your house and are struck and killed by a concrete truck.
          Other than that it sounds like a fucking great scheme that only the nutty left in that useless national party could come up with FFS..
          Right there is the problem, there are 120 fucktards down in that big house in Wellington none of them have a clue what to do to get our country out of the deep shit we are in.



  17. Well done POTUS.

    Trump touts ‘dawn of a new Middle East’ as Israel signs pacts with two Arab states at White House

    Israel today signed historic diplomatic pacts with two Gulf Arab states at a White House ceremony that President Donald Trump declared will mark the “dawn of a new Middle East”, casting himself as an international peacemaker at the height of his reelection campaign.

    “We’re here this afternoon to change the course of history,” Trump said from a balcony overlooking the South Lawn. “After decades of division and conflict, we mark the dawn of a new Middle East.”

    Under the agreements, the countries have committed to exchange embassies and ambassadors and to cooperate on a broad array of issues, including education, healthcare, trade and security.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the day “is a pivot of history. It heralds a new dawn of peace.”



      • And to the downticker, I have been to Israel. I have seen how the
        Palestinians are treated as barely second class citizens, I have seen the poverty in Jericho and the West Bank, I have seen the massive walls erected
        around Bethlehem with cameras all over them, I have seen the Palestinian land
        confiscated by Israel for more Jewish settlements, I have seen the heavily
        armed IDF at border crossings between Israel and Palestine. And that asshole
        Netanyahu has encouraged all of this. Fuck you. What have you seen?



        • AP, you have to understand that Zionist supporters are the lowest possible representation of humanity. They are vile filth. The thing they fear most is – The Truth.

          Their diseased ideas are founded on a nested bed of disgusting lies.

          Believe me, those downticks show you are a good person.



            • All the lies, abuses, and hypocrisy, will come back to bite the Jews.

              This is why so many Jews don’t support the fanatical Zionist movement. They have learnt from history that you can only abuse the goyim so much, before they push back.

              The attrocities of Israel should be dealt with now, to protect the Jews in the future.



              • I like the Jewish people and have
                no arguments with their religious beliefs.
                My anger is directed at the hardcore Zionist filth like Netanyahu and the warpigs in the Knesset. They constantly
                remind the world of the Nazi atrocities. yet they are doing exactly the same to the Palestinians in the open air concentration camp that is the Gaza Strip.



  18. Air New Zealand to cut 385 more jobs, but keeps Shanghai-based contractors – union

    Air New Zealand appears set to cut a further 385 cabin crew jobs less than a month after the airline’s CEO said there were “no plans to decrease or increase the number of staff” the airline has.

    An internal email sent to airline staff on Wednesday said a lack of demand for international travel means there will be changes made to their international schedule and as a result, further job cuts.



  19. Taxpayers Union.


    Treasury is now projecting deficits right out until the end of their projection range in 2033/34. This is a change from its forecasts at the May Budget – when Treasury had expected we would return to surplus by 2027/28.

    The result for taxpayers: net crown debt is expected to be $269.3 billion – or $149,600 per household – in 2033/34. That’s up from the $132,700 per household forecast at the Budget in May.




  20. It looks like Ardern & co are getting desperate to keep up the fear campaign over this virus. Bloomfield comes out with the BS I linked above, this morning. Now we have the computer game player from Auckland University –Hendy coming out with more BS.


    This is clealyr a co-ordinated extension or raising of the propaganda levels. The question is WHY ?



  21. Apparently, this was snuck in under the radar in the UK.
    Sneaky bastards.

    Distributing vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and flu

    Consultation description
    The UK government, with the Minister of Health in Northern Ireland, is seeking views on proposed changes to the Human Medicine Regulations 2012.

    The consultation covers:

    authorising temporary supply of an unlicensed product
    civil liability and immunity
    expanding the workforce eligible to administer vaccinations
    promoting vaccines
    making provisions for wholesale dealing of vaccines




  22. Economic update ‘very dire reading’, Govt have ‘a lot to answer for’ – Judith Collins

    New Zealand’s economic update is “very dire reading”, says National leader Judith Collins, who added that the Government have “a lot to answer for”.

    “We are looking at or are in, the worst economic recession in living memory,” Collins said.

    “It’s not just our children that pay for this, but most likely our grandchildren. This is a really serious time.”

    She said the Government “has a lot to answer for”.

    “The Australians have a seven per cent drop, we are looking at a 16 per cent drop.

    “The Government didn’t need to shut down the construction industry – that’s just a starter.

    “Instead we’ve been yo-yo-ing in and out of lockdown, we’ve still got all of the country in at least Level 2, that is really hard for people.”

    Unemployment was expected to peak at 7.8 per cent in the March 2022 quarter, with the near-term economic outlook “less negative” than previously forecast.

    “Unemployment will be substantially worse in 2022 and 2023. Treasury predicts 100,000 more New Zealanders will lose their jobs in the next two years,” Collins said.



  23. According to Minister Responsible for Pike River Re-entry Andrew Little, the critical area for forensic examination known as Pit Bottom in Stone has been reached.

    “The infrastructure located in Pit Bottom in Stone is of very significant interest in determining why 29 men went to work on 19 November 2010 and never came home,” Little said.
    There is a lot of work to be done now the Pit Bottom in Stone roadways have been reached.

    The Government outlined the next steps:

    Recovery of the drift will continue up to the existing Rocsil plug at 2,240 metres. This section of about 360 metres will require extensive re-support work and the removal of a debris field so it could take up to 2 months (assuming no unexpected conditions that are not currently known)
    Plus there is more.

    Another 50 mill I’d guess.



    • Christchurch gelato store makes special flavours for political party leaders

      Each leader has their own flavour of gelato. There’s cookies and cream for ‘Cookie Crusher Collins’, ‘Jacinda Fever’ – or red velvet cake – for the Prime Minister, ‘David S’more’ – or marshmallow and chocolate – for ACT’s leader, ‘A Shaw High’ made with pistachio and hemp brownies for the Green Party co-leaders and ‘Naughty Ol’ Winston’ made with liquorice and chocolate lumps for the New Zealand First leader.

      News of the high poll rating was broken to Collins by Newshub in Parliament on Wednesday.

      “Am I? I love it, maybe I should visit them,” she said.

      Seymour said he was “stoked” to be coming in third in the scoop poll.

      “I’ve heard it’s the most accurate poll in New Zealand,” he joked.

      He’s also happy with his flavour.

      “Delectable, dreamy and incisive, a bit like the real thing,” he said.



  24. Another ‘F’ for Fail under Cindy’s watch.

    Two critical reports into Ministry of Health’s measles and influenza campaigns

    Confusion, lack of leadership and poor vaccine distribution. Those are some of the themes laid bare in two critical reports on the Health Ministry’s measles and influenza campaigns.

    A review of flu vaccine distribution chains found “extreme frustration at the inefficiencies”.

    And a separate report into measles was even more scathing. It found public health was “understaffed” and providers “ran out of vaccine stock” during last year’s outbreak. And those in charge lacked training in how to manage such a crisis.



    • They are both fails under Bloomfield’s watch also.
      The man is in denial…

      “I don’t think the public was misled at all,” Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield says.

      “I myself didn’t see emails about flu distribution issues before we announced the campaign. We were keen to get the campaign underway; we had the vaccine and we wanted to start vaccinating people.”




      • Well if the media read YSB they would be bedda informed and months ahead of the shit they spout.

        posted on YSB 14 Aug 2020 by moi

        “Bloomfailed lies
        -Flu vaccine availability
        -Adequate supply of normal medication
        -Adequate testing
        -Border control
        -Rigid ‘quarantine’ with tests at 3 and 12 days
        -No mix and mingle of different arriving cohorts
        -Army level discipline
        The bastard simply cannot tell the truth to save his life or that of elderly people
        Ashley Bloomfailed…Dr Death. ”
        Two months earlier , so 3 months ago
        20 June 2020
        One does not really have to wonder about Silly Name …Ashley ‘Ernst’ Blofeld.
        He is a villain.
        His Jun 2018 start as CEO of the Ministry if Health is squarely a Liebour appointment.
        His 3 years prior to that as CEO of Hutt Valley DHB was no victory either.
        Blofeld is a strong self promoter.
        Since his start has been the :-
        -The Meningitis outbreak with poor handling
        -The Measles outbreak with poor handling that spread the disease throughout the Pacific and resulted in 83 dead babies alone, in Samoa
        -Now Covid and dreadful handling.
        This baby killer Blofeld has a dreadful record.
        I would like to think if Tony Ryall was in charge Blofeld would be ‘Bonded’ .

        It does look like David Clark is a Post Turtle and Ardern and Blofeld are working in collusion.
        An item in the toolkit of Marxists is Fear.
        They generate this in spades.
        Fear and uncertainty to throw people off their game.
        It is working.
        ENDS extract

        At that time I offered $50 for anyone who could demonstrate when Bloomfailed told the truth.
        This Expired 31 Aug 2020 but was open for three months.
        No one collected.

        Ashley Bloomfield is total scum and a day in, day out liar.
        A baby killer



      • It is a real mess.
        The DHBs owe more than $600 million dollars in back pay due to incorrect payroll calculations over the last ten years.
        0.6 Billion dollars…in back pay owing

        Most DHBs ran at a loss last year (end 30 June 2019)
        This could be because they want to end DHBs (a H Clark creation)
        However. I do not think they are that cunning.
        Just stupid mindless marxists with pretty much no-one in the top 10 in cabinet having worked in the private sector, even as an employee.

        Massive incompetence has amplified a solid challenge into a serious FAIL.
        Presided over by idiots who could not deliver even 5% of promised new build houses or any transport projects.

        Ritchie Cunningham press release Sept 2020
        ‘We may not have the funds to pay staff or for surgery (despite closing theatres for more than 2 months) but we promise to Be Kind and give lots of hugs.”

        Yep, health is bad.
        In addition the doctors who trained for the last 7-8 years are now coming off compulsory training and have to seek out their own employment.
        Many cannot find work for next year.
        They cannot go overseas as an option as many previously took.

        Doctors cannot find employment (a relative in this situation right now)
        This is why this has not been a medical event- all along it has been a political event
        ..when doctors cannot find work ??



        • 2020 is certainly the weirdest year. It takes huge incompetence or an evil agenda to create such carnage in such a short time. Thank goodness the election was delayed to give more people time to become aware. I pray there is a quiet underground revolution who will vote these communists out of our lives.



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