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  1. NZ’s new mega polytech to pay six deputy chief executives $250k to $400k each
    Lee Kenny05:00, Sep 18 2020

    A “nimble” body set up to run the nation’s 16 polytechnics will pay its seven top staff at least $2.3 million in its first year and has spent $1.3m on consultants in its first six months.

    The New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (NZIST) has revealed the salaries of its six deputy chief executives – with the new recruits earning between $253,249 and $392,214 each a year.

    The new organisation – which has fewer than 20 staff at its Hamilton head office – will pay the six deputies at least $1.6m in total, while chief executive Stephen Town will take home $688,235 – one of the highest public sector salaries in the country.


    We need ACT more than ever.
    Clean out thes troughing bastards.

    Then start on the Poly’s themselves.



    • If you are paying these people so much, presumably they are very capable people so why do they need to pay out $1.3 million to consultants ? Oh I forgot –that is the recruitment company’s fee to arrange employment for their mates.

      How many management and admin people in the polytechs have lost their jobs? If none what is the point ?



    • That Stephen Town jumped out of his role as CEO of Auckland council early to take up that role.
      Prior to Akl he was CEO of Tauranga.
      An eternal underperformer.

      What was the point of closing down decentralised leadership of so many polytechs that were able to provide their own flavour and USP to create an out of touch bloated bureaucracy from day 1?

      Oh right, little Chippy guided by his mother.
      We got Ardern calling London to see what to do over Covid (similar disastrous economic outcomes as UK, therefore) and Chippy asking mummy what to do about skool; and David Clark asking his God if he can go to the beach or mountain biking.

      I don’t think we need to legalise dope.
      We have got dopes already ‘running’ the country.



  2. NZ Election 2020: ACT’s David Seymour on holding politicians to account

    He said ACT is a party for the self-starters and the independent thinkers.

    “If you wanna see a group of thoughtful, independent minded MPs sitting in Parliament holding everyone accountable, that’s a reason you might give your party vote to ACT.”

    Seymour said the party is principled and gets things done when it really counts.

    ACT is focused on reducing debt for future generations, he said.

    “We are not going to support splashing the cash in every conceivable direction.”



  3. In Seymour’s alternative budget, given to Stuff, he plots a drastic debt reduction path, aiming to slash borrowing by $76 billion over the next decade.

    That would be enough to have net Core crown debt down to 37 per cent of GDP by 2030. The current Government’s debt track would see borrowing hit 53 per cent the same year.

    “Every other political party is in a race to spend more money. But every extra dollar government borrows today means higher taxes or fewer services for our kids and grandkids,” Seymour said.

    It’s totally irresponsible to lump kids with a mountain of debt when they have no say on the issue,” he said.


    “ACT would reduce the 30 percent income tax rate to 17.5 percent, and cut GST to 10 percent for 12 months, to put more money in Kiwis’ pocket and boost the economy,” Seymour said.

    “New Zealand’s historic debt levels demand serious political leadership. Our current fiscal track is totally unsustainable. Party leaders need to front up with plans for getting on top of out-of-control spending and debt,” he said.

    “It’s not good enough for us to kick the can down the road. We need an honest conversation now about our out-of-control spending and debt,” Seymour said.



  4. ***PROTEST ALERT***




    And don’t forget to social distance, wear masks and all the other shit I’m supposed to tell you or the Gestapo will come after me and the YSB editor.

    Alexander the Great will be there, dressed as some kind of exotic nut bar.



  5. The little girl was eating watermelon and her mother noticed that she was swallowing the seeds.
    “If you swallow watermelon seeds”, her mother warned, “a watermelon plant can start to grow inside you and your belly can get so big that you will need an operation.”
    The girl stopped swallowing the seeds.
    Later in the day, her mother’s friend, who was 7 months pregnant stopped for a visit. The little girl patted the woman’s belly, smiled at her and said, “I’ll bet I know what you’ve been doing.”



  6. NZ Election: All the things ACT will cut or abolish to pay back the COVID-19 debt

    Leader David Seymour says it’s “not fair” a future generation of workers will be lumped with paying back the nation’s debt, estimated to reach 55 percent of GDP in the coming years – high by recent New Zealand standards, but still lower than the situation many of our OECD peers were in before the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “Labour said they want to put children at the heart of everything, but they’re handing them a $140 billion bill for their current spending,” Seymour told Newshub.

    “ACT’s plan will reduce total debt by $76 billion over 10 years. That is the most important gift we can give those children currently at intermediate school who have no say in what’s going on and will otherwise be left with Labour’s bill.”

    “The ACT Party would reduce GST by five points for one year to stimulate the economy, reduce the middle-income tax rate from 30 percent down to 17.5 percent so people keep more of their own money,” said Seymour.

    ACT’s alternative Budget estimates the cost of dropping GST for just one year will cost $6 billion, and the income tax change $2.7 billion in the first year, rising to nearly $5 billion a year by the end of the decade.



  7. Winston got caught smoking in a ‘no smoking zone’, and called out on it, said someone handed him a cigarette while CCTV showed him pulling the packet from his pocket. Nekminit, Winston is campaigning for cheaper cigarettes. Guessing the OAP is looking to save money for when his pension becomes his main income.

    Duncan Garner: Winston Peters has plummeted to a new low with latest policy

    In his desperation to be relevant and to be heard, Winston plummeted to a frightening new low this week. I thought I’d seen most sides of Winston, but this was shameless and an irresponsible pitch for votes.



    • Another culture attacks the demeaning of “special people”, as it accurately portrays a muslim family system, that is ok with marrying of young girls, let alone. young infidel girls which can be taken as “what the right hand possesses”, and so can be raped per Suras 4, 23, 33 and 70

      Leftist kiddie porn, offending a certain religion, that is ok and even sanctifies the abuse and marriage to adult males and just to take any infidel girls, for the sake of “sexual emergencies”.

      Islam and Lefties, for a moment a misstep, so which is higher up the totem pole? or hoisted on their own petard. 🙁

      ….. its offensive and stereotypical depiction of Islam and Muslims. ….
      … The movie, about an 11-year-old girl from Senegal ……
      ….. demeans the Islamic religion.
      Specifically, the group says the film depicts the girl’s father as a polygamist,
      her mother as oppressed,
      and features a scene in which her family conducts an exorcism,
      leading the young girl to gyrate and “twerk”
      while wearing revealing clothing,
      all as an Arabic recitation plays in the background. …..


      Phew, then the rest of it is all right, for the pious devout muslim, as “what the right hand possesses”, so it can be halal. 🙂
      Lefties push islamphobia too, as a tool against the rest of us, but nail their true colours in this kiddie porn. 🙂

      Netflix might pull this movie, as after all, they will not want to show islam in a bad light, and then “Charlie Hebdo” might be talked about, as another righteous halal act.
      Who wants to be “Je suis Charlie”? //



  8. Fox News Cuts Off Newt Gingrich After He Points Out George Soros Role in Electing Prosecutors

    “He paid for it,” Gingrich, who was obviously taken aback by the interruption. “I mean, why can’t we discuss that fact that millions of dollars….”.

    “No he didn’t,” Harf interjected. “I agree with Melissa. George Soros doesn’t need to be a part of this conversation.”



  9. Election – Temporary tax cuts from National. On average $3,000 in workers back pocket to stimulate the economy.

    National promises to slash income tax for 16 months to boost spending, if elected

    It could mean the average worker, earning $64,000 per year, would get to keep an extra $3226 over a 16-month period, with the policy estimated to cost $4.7 billion.

    The party also wants to suspend Super Fund contributions and “eliminate wasteful spending like Fees-Free and KiwiBuild”.

    “This will give Kiwis the confidence to go out and spend, which will be crucial for our retail, tourism and hospitality businesses to survive this economic crisis.”



  10. NZ Election 2020: National promises 16-month tax cuts if elected, ‘$3000 into back pockets of average earners’

    “It’s clear New Zealand is in for a tough year in 2021 and we will need more stimulus to avoid prolonging the recession and to reduce the economic and social scarring,” National Party leader Judith Collins said on Friday.

    “To keep our economy ticking, New Zealanders need more money to spend. National will deliver temporary tax relief that puts more than $3000 – or nearly $50 a week – into the back pockets of average earners over the next 16 months.



    • Just heard an interview where they will review at the end of 16 months, so it could be longer. Goldsmith kept emphasasising they are against Tax increases. I suspect this could be permanent if they get elected.

      Any stuff on removing Landord loss ringfencing, although I am sure they said they would repeal that.



    • Now people will understand why Liebour and the Red/Greens are so hell bent of eliminating the taxpaying and working base.
      If you smash up the taxpayer base then these sort of policies will not attract votes.
      i.e. one does not pay (net) taxes then tax cuts mean nothing.

      This goes back to 2008/09 when Bill English wanted GST to be 17.5% not 15%.
      It made sense.
      This way GST matches the median tax rate in buy/save decisions.
      -It also gave more room to move in times like this.
      -It also means more extracted from the millions of visitors who have been visiting NZ on the tourism dollar – they pay more and this is kept in NZ.
      Meantime raising GST rate has no adverse effect on business exporters.
      Key wanted to keep the new GST rate in 2010 at 15% and so it came to pass.

      The raising the tax brackets eg 17.5% personal income tax bracket to the $20,000 to 64,000 range is only neutralising ‘bracket creep’ (aka fiscal drag) from the changes since 2009.
      Hardly a brilliant announcement.
      Making a virtue out of a necessity.
      Nothing innovative and they had previously announced (not sure which of the 3 leaders in the last 6 months) that they would index tax brackets to inflation with adjustments each three years
      Too little too late.
      All very cute and WFF is STILL there in this low wage, high cost economy.

      Vote ACT.



    • Good start by ACT. Easy to save another Billion annually by canning any further contributions to the Paris Agreement. I have no doubt we could apply good common sense and innovation to deal with any identified climate issues that actually emerge in NZ. I do not need an unelected Eurocrat to tell me how to live.



    • If you’ve never seen the Aussie programme “Rake” with lawyer Cleaver Green it is well worth it for a laugh. He is not a man that plays by the rules of Sydney’s polite legal society. LOL

      I believe it is on Netflix.



  11. You will all be pleased to know Newshub are promoting some wanky app that will translate your English name in to Maori. The upshot of this is I will now be known as Tarakina. Armed with this revelation I’m now off to the pub to try out my new woke name and new mana in a most pious way on the unsuspecting locals. I predict a punch up by 4pm.



  12. Storming off because you don’t like the question is not a good look Winston. This is still a democracy?

    “New Zealand’s racing industry was given a $72.5 million emergency support package by the Government in early May to mitigate fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

    Winston Peters storms off after reporter’s ‘defamatory question’ about racing industry donations

    “Do you know how much money you get from the racing industry in donations?” Bradford asked.

    “You’ve asked me that question before and the answer is take your defamatory questions somewhere else Katie,” Peters responded.



  13. Thanks wg. 🙂
    I sense there should also be a “Stand by Your Man” as well, if the state keeps piling on. 🙂
    “saying now is not the time to be “raiding” the Covid-19 recovery fund”,
    “I think it’s totally irresponsible,” Ardern continued.


    Crowds, Social Distancing, Masks, etc., at work; a la Ardern as she “irresponsibly” shovels other peoples money around.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern grabs a selfie with fans at Massey University in Palmerston North on Thursday.

    No responsibility about Covid either, and holding people in her declared “alert lockdowns”, so long as it is a “selfie” for her, just like the resigned Minister of Health, David Clark;- no masks?, no social distancing?, bubble grouping of large crowds?, Aucklanders?, etc.. etc..

    Find a bike, get on it and keep on peddling.



  14. If no law is broken, just in case, you will / could be detained.

    Daniel Andrews’ plan to give police the power to arrest people who haven’t even committed an offence were put to parliament today. The new laws would even give public servants the power of arbitrary detention against citizens they think might breach lockdown |
    2 mins 5 secs.
    Starts on no crime arrest at 26 seconds.
    Preemptively detain any one with Covid, and or their close contacts, even if no law is broken.

    The officer and other delegated powers from other departments, just might think you may breach something, so judge and jailer they will be.

    No limit on detention time, no legislated over sight, no clear avenue of appeal,

    Will not ease restrictions yet, as the tail has to be jumped on, while the economy is being smashed.

    What will tomorrow’s freedom march be like Saturday in Melbourne?

    ……… The Victorian government could also enlist protective services officers and WorkSafe inspectors to enforce public health directions under the proposed law, ……
    ………. strengthen the state’s pandemic response, including broadening the types of government employees who can act as authorised officers. ……..
    ……. in the proposed bill include the ability to make procedural changes by government regulation rather than legislation, ability to extend family violence orders, online hosting of local council meetings and parliamentary committees, judge-only trials ……….


    There seems to be not thought though, of just what will be caught up in the “consequences” that become the “unintended consequences” that will be borne by the ones caught up with these arbitrary laws.
    Already having seen how this bureaucracy operates, the authorities seems to believe they have full indemnity in doing what they believe, in what it takes.

    Makes me think of Alexander Sohsykin advice regret/.



  15. Another problem for voters under Ardern’s regime. They should have already started building a second harbour crossing!

    The flipped over truck hit the central structure of the bridge closing 4 middle lanes until further notice.

    Damage to Auckland Harbour Bridge could see a “significant reduction” in traffic capacity for weeks after two trucks were blown over while crossing the bridge this morning.



      • We don’t want those two headed North Shore types over here on the Akl mainland.
        Bring back the toll.
        $20 one way!
        Keep those voortrekkers over there in New Capetown and New Johannesburg !!

        Anyhow Nasska when you go from the ‘rapa to your drug den up north you can turn off at Manukau, north on the 20, onto the 16, go through Helensville and emerge at Wellsford.



        • ……”you can turn off at Manukau, north on the 20, onto the 16, go through Helensville and emerge at Wellsford”……

          Sounds complicated if not dangerous. I’d probably make a wrong turn & end up in a hangi pit somewhere 🙂



          • I have been using the No 16 route for over 20 years now to go north.
            It avoids the logjams at Puhoi, Warkworth and Dome valley and is a far more pleasant drive.

            Up to you.
            Have a look on google maps if you wish.
            Turn off at Manukau towards the airport but continue over Mangere Bridge, via the Waterview tunnel, and roll on up No 16.
            No tolls.



  16. Second prison term for paedophile.

    Paedophile Nikola Marinovich sentenced to three years, six months’ prison for images of kids being sexually abused

    A convicted paedophile who worked as a cheerleading coach and as a cameraman for NZ Football, Auckland’s MOTAT and popular children’s TV show What Now has been sentenced to three years and six months in prison.

    Nikola Michael Marinovich appeared in court on Friday, having been found guilty of seven charges including possessing, sharing and making images of children being sexually abused.

    He was found in possession of 4658 objectionable images, including some photos of infants being abused. Girls’ school uniforms were also found in his bedroom, along with two large bags of women’s underwear and cheerleading uniforms.



  17. Crowds gather at Maketu to fight eviction from inherited land

    Dozens of gang members, activists, lawyers and politicians have descended on waterfront properties at Maketu in the Bay of Plenty, vowing to stop the eviction of the Mongrel Mob owner.

    Portable toilets were being trucked on to the site on Friday afternoon and those present were preparing for the long haul, saying it could become “another Ihumātao”.




  18. I agree with this critical thinker.

    “Scientism – the religion of worshiping the authority and opinions of bureaucrats appointed to read the scientific studies and interpret on our behalf, which we are not allowed to do directly nor question in any way without being considered an anti-scientism heretic.”



    • “Catholicism– the religion of worshiping the authority and opinions of bureaucrats appointed to read the Latin texts and interpret on our behalf, which we are not allowed to do directly nor question in any way without being considered an anti-Christian heretic.”

      There, found a historical parallel in Mediaeval Europe for you.

      Now, where is Martin Luthor when you need him? (The printing press was the Internet of the day.)



        • The printed political pamphlet is still a formidable weapon in the right hands and minds.
          – Invincible to the network
          – Un-hackable
          – Cannot be stopped by any electronic means
          – Untraceable
          – Able to deliver its message for an extended period without a power source



          • You make a valid point. Political dissenters have concentrated & limited their communication to online social media which is censored or deplatformed at will by NWO sympathetic staff & owners.

            Yet right under most peoples’ computer desk sits a printer capable of reproducing leaflets by the thousand at the price of copier paper & cartridges.

            Without censorship!



    • The part where “open all state borders”

      Funny that I think all the other states may not agree.
      It may not be an issue of CoVid.

      Just keep all the silly buggers and their ideas, out or their own states. 🙂



  19. The many. many lies of Covid


    “Leaked emails have revealed health authorities knew a man thought to have died from COVID-19 didn’t in fact have the virus – but didn’t tell his family or the public for three days.
    Nathan Turner, 30, was initially declared Australia’s youngest coronavirus fatality when he was found dead in his Blackwater home, in regional Queensland, on May 26. ”

    Of further note:
    “Mystery surrounded the suspected coronavirus case, after it was revealed Mr Turner had not left the small town in months and there were no other known local cases. ”

    They were just desperate to blame Covid and try to justify lockdown, economic destruction, and destruction of the right to freedom of association
    That is the real plandemic !

    In this case they tested and retested for days trying to prove Covid.
    It is much simpler in NZ.
    They just lie outright.
    Ashen ‘Ernst’ Blofeld is the right critter for that.



  20. ROYALS
    Other countries set to follow Barbados on the pathway out of the Commonwealth

    Commonwealth countries are still coming to terms with the announcement from Barbados that the island nation will soon leave the monarchy behind and become a republic – a move rejected by Australia at a 1999 referendum.




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