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    I will be wearing my green Yasser Crackafat head scarf – which doubles as a ‘mask’ or a disguise if needed.


    As one of YSB roving reporters I will try to send material from the protest through to the Editor 🙂



    • I’m still worried about the “Antifa” brigade being rolled out. At present, I think they’re all on a leash as it would be a bad look for Covid Cindy if violent left-wingers turned up and started assaulting people after weeks of 100% peaceful protest.

      On the other hand, I feel that Covid Cindy’s vote is beginning to collapse – as I said before – now that MSM whores are saying with one voice “It’s all over, it’s in the bag, only Cindy can win” – I’m beginning to have a bit of deja vu from Trump’s “No path to victory” lies in 2016.

      We know when the fascistic left get desperate they always turn to violence, if Valerie Morse and her ilk turn up today to “counter-protest” we know that Labour are getting worried.

      Still to any YSBers out there attending – do be careful – don’t engage with the psychotic leftards. You have to remember they are working in coordination with the cops. If there is a scuffle, leftards will be released without charge. Ordinary, decent NZers will have the book thrown at them. The judiciary is corrupted with leftards. The police are Covid Cindy’s running dogs. The MSM will not report the truth. It’s a one sided set-up by design.



  2. Hospitality businesses can’t make money at Level 2 because of single server and social distancing rules. Meanwhile, the person responsible for the rules is self-serving and not social distancing.
    We’re glad Jacinda Ardern is finally taking a balanced approach to Covid-19. It’s a pity she’s balancing it with her reelection campaign and not the needs of small businesses.


    Share this around the aucklanders.
    They have a right to be pissed.



  3. North Shore residents will have more incentive to work from home!
    2020 is shaping up as a memorable year. All Auckland needs now is a lengthy power cut.
    What else could go wrong?
    – Major toxic spill?
    – Gang war?
    – Terrorist act?
    – Sex scandle?
    – Political bombshell?



  4. A plea for hunters not to take their guns into the area to hunt a dangerous pig, a grunting captain cooker who then chases walkers in a local pine forest. A pig hunter with their dogs and a gun would have this matter sorted toot-sweet. In contrast I marvelled as I watched the ‘rangers’ setting up cameras to track the captain cooker pig. There was advice if this pig should attack you “not to lose your feet as it would end badly” while showing pictures of toddlers on the beach next to the pines where it roams.

    Young men’s encounter with wild boar sparks terror at Canterbury beach settlement
    A wild boar has sparked terror at a small beach settlement in North Canterbury, with authorities mounting an elaborate search after young men reported an unfortunate hog encounter.



      • Ed ,a wild boar is a formidable beast ,Out duck shooting in northern Queensland about 20 years ago circling a water storage pond when I came across a family of pigs getting a drink ,the huge boar immediately came at me in a rage,shot him squarely in the centre of his head from about 7or 8 metres which knocked him down on his haunches .
        as I was only using birdshot the pellets actually completely stripped one side of his face ,as i moved towards it to finish it off it bounced back onto all fours and came for me again FFS ,shot it again at vertually point blank range which stunned it enough for me to put it out of its misery with a third shot.
        This was a huge animal and I’ve never had any doubt it would’ve killed me if I’d missed it with the shotgun,there wasn’t even a tree I could have climbed and the beast had tusks about 150 mm long which I still have on the garage wall.
        These animals can’t even be consumed as they are full of TB.



        • Obviously no Maori fellas down there. They would have been after that black piggy for a hangi.
          Pigs are very short sighted so can’t see far. But the can smell you way off. Unless its had been dogged, which doesn’t appear to be the case, it would run away. Not so a sow with piglets. They can be like any fine; woman cranky bitches.



  5. No, he was never going to answer that.

    Winston Peters lost for words after being asked if Jacinda Ardern is a Marxist – ‘I was never going to answer that’

    “Jacinda, is she a Marxist? I’m serious,” the man said to a smattering of laughter.

    Video of the meeting shows a grinning Peters gather his thoughts, before going on to give his list of NZ First’s achievements in Government.



    • It is a shame they did not record his response to my question. As I said yesterday I have serious concerns he will get to 5% because of many seniors who should know better. Let us hope the SFO report comes out soon. I hope Judith finds time to address Grey Power.

      I wonder if Seymour will ask him why a lawyer cannot fill out a from correctly.



    • Peters never answered the questioned, and the “No’s” only answer his questions, and infer to Ardern as not being Marxist.
      Yet this is confirming that Ardern is setting out to establish some Marxist policies, so Peters has inferred that Ardern is Marxist.

      “Do you see a Capital Gains Tax? No,” Peters said.
      “Do you see interference with leases all around this country? No.
      “Do you see a whole lot of things which you wouldn’t like? The answer is no because there has been a party in Government called NZ First.

      So why dabble with Marxist bed fellows? Should have been the follow up question.
      “If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas”, and their bite marks all over you.
      As mentioned here, the “inner Mongolian Horse Industry” and the money flow.
      Something is possible trickling around to other parties, but just a bit more skillfully covered over.



        • Can not find that version;-
          Not quite what Winston Peters said, but then again, by his actions he sided with a marxist that calls : “capitalism a blatant failure”
          “Far too many New Zealanders have come to view today’s capitalism, not as their friend, but as their foe.
          “And they are not all wrong.
          “That is why we believe that capitalism must regain its responsible – its human face. That perception has influenced our negotiations.”
          He’s also talked about “irresponsible capitalism”, and isn’t much of a fan of neoliberalism either, saying in a speech earlier this year: …… …… …


          However he would seem to be still guilty of “crony capitalism” along with the ones that fill up his “trust funds” and “foundations”

          The real marxist reveals her hand, and deviousness.
          Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called capitalism a ‘blatant failure’

          So as Winston beds down with dogs, so he will be covered with bite marks from fleas.



          • I’ve also looked for Peters saying it at the announcement of which party NZ First would support. I can see it as clear as day in my mind as I remember being shocked by his foreboding and dangerous statement.



            • I actually agree wg.
              and also had the shocking sense of foreboding.

              ” ‘We could and should be doing far better’ – NZ First chooses Labour”
              30 mins 32 secs. •Oct 19, 2017
              Winston’s Speech starts at 1 min 10 secs, and runs to 7 mins 50 secs for Winston’s speech, then rest is press conference.

              It was the context of how Peters puts things, from 5 mins 04 secs,
              of economic corrections, housing market slowdown, Reserve Bank & banks nervousness, property ownership concerns, receding consumer optimism, ebbing retailer confidence, then the looming dangers will come, & blame will be placed on them, so he is high lighting these future problems.

              6 minutes 54 secs where he says
              ““Far too many New Zealanders have come to view today’s capitalism, not as their friend, but as their foe.
              And they are not all wrong..
              “That is why we believe that capitalism must regain its responsible – its human face. That perception has influenced our negotiations.”

              It certainly seemed that he had thrown capitalism under a bus, but can not be convicted on saying that.

              It is his actions that throws capitalism under a bus that has a “well being” “kindness” socialist bus driver, with the speedo set on full marxism.

              Then the supposed tussle over hand-brakes and claiming in a sense of guiding the bus, with Ardern’s foot to the floor with full on marxism, while Andrew Little, Twyford, Hipkins, and etc.. crew, keeping the steering wheel heading over the cliff, whilst draped in a red flag of glory.



  6. A lady was walking past a pet shop, when she heard someone say “Hey lady.”
    She looked around to see a parrot sitting on top of his cage outside the pet store. The bird then said “You’re ugly!”
    She angrily walked away. Next day the bird saw her coming and again said “Hey Lady. You’re Ugly!”
    This went on for several days, and finally she stormed into the pet shop and screamed at the owner “That damn parrot outside is pissing me off. If he embarrasses me by calling me ugly ONE MORE TIME, I’m going to sue your ass off!”
    The owner grabbed the bird and said “Listen bird! If you call that woman ugly again, I’m going to wring your stupid neck!”
    The next day the lady was walking past the pet shop when she heard “Hey Lady!”
    She walked up to the bird and snarled “You have something to say, bird?”
    The bird replied “You know.”



  7. Yeah right-o!! 🤥

    NZ Election 2020: Auckland Central poll puts Labour’s Helen White way out in front

    Mellow has much stronger loyalty from National supporters, with 77.9 percent planning to give her the tick. She thinks the poll is wrong.

    “I’ve talked to thousands of voters since I was selected. I don’t think the results are as they are – our support is much higher and it’s solid and it’s growing… When this poll was conducted I’d been the candidate for less than a month. Most of that time we were in lockdown so that really hampered our efforts to be campaigning.”



  8. Jacinda Ardern says public ‘difficult to control’ after being accused of breaking distancing rules

    David Seymour has criticised Jacinda Ardern for breaking COVID-19 social distancing rules.

    Ardern was on the campaign trail in Palmerston North on Thursday, meeting with the public.

    But during the visit, the Prime Minister broke social distancing protocols to take a selfie with fans.

    ACT leader Seymour slammed the selfie as hypocritical.

    “New Zealanders will be asking whether Jacinda Ardern is part of the team of 5 million after she clearly flouted the rules she has asked us to live by,” Seymour said



  9. The protest was principally about the problem of child trafficking in its various forms.

    There were a few AdvanceNZ folk, whom I spoke with. They were most friendly 🙂

    And hi to “Down With This Sort of Thing” sign 🙂



  10. Ardern has spent her life trying to tear down free market democratic capitalism. Why do people believe she wants to rebuild the economy?

    Our main earners were farming and tourism. Tourism is done for and she is already attacking farmers to stop them from rebuilding the hated capitalism.

    The day after the disasterous treasury report, fake news The Herald, ran a story saying the economic slump was already over, wasn’t that bad, and all because of the Dear Leader. Utter bullshit.

    Our economy is destroyed. As a nation we are bankrupt, unemployed, and have zero prospects. While the media tell us our most pressing issue is racism and Trump.



    • It would seem that Ginsburg sadly over reached in her last words.

      ….. Ginsburg said that her “most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” …….
      ….. “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president,” McConnell said in 2016.
      After Ginsburg’s death was announced, Senate Minority Leader Chuck SChumer, D-N.Y., tweeted those exact words.
      But in his statement Friday, McConnell laid out why he would not wait until after the election to attempt to fill Ginsburg’s seat.
      “In the last midterm election before Justice Scalia’s death in 2016, Americans elected a Republican Senate majority because we pledged to check and balance the last days of a lame-duck president’s second term.
      We kept our promise. Since the 1880s, no Senate has confirmed an opposite-party president’s Supreme Court nominee in a presidential election year,” McConnell said.
      “By contrast, Americans reelected our majority in 2016 and expanded it in 2018 because we pledged to work with President Trump and support his agenda, particularly his outstanding appointments to the federal judiciary.
      Once again, we will keep our promise,” he said


      Action is called for, even over dead bodies.



  11. It must be electioneering time. I thought Peters was against race-based policy. Wouldn’t everyone want cheaper mortgages. Peters didn’t worry when we were paying 20% mortgage rates.

    Winston Peters says mortgage repayments for Māori and Pasifika need to be 30-40% lower

    Winston Peters says mortgage, rates and insurance payments are too high and need to be more affordable for Māori and Pasifika.



  12. The Greens say if it had been possible they would already have brought these changes in this term.

    NZ Election 2020: Labour’s sick days, minimum wage increase promises see pushback from business

    Business New Zealand says both pledges are too much pressure for employers.

    “There will be some small businesses and larger businesses that simply can’t afford it because of the circumstances they’re facing due to COVID,” says BusinessNZ’s Kirk Hope.

    National Party Leader Judith Collins agrees. “I think the Government is very clearly just asking other people to pay for their promises.”



  13. Polling numbers can’t be good for the bag of wind to see the writing on the wall.

    NZ Election 2020: Shane Jones concedes NZ First can’t rely on Northland seat, vows to kill off Green Party

    “I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure the Greens do not survive,” he told Newshub.



      • No; Labour, Greens, and in its actions NZ1st are all marxists.

        Peter’s no love for the Greens, as it takes a devious marxist to recognize the other, as discussed through some threads today, that by his actions he supports marxism.

        Just appearing to be a man on a white horse, to hoover up votes, desperate for more party votes, as if being anti green has some votes in it for his party to bring balance to the old coalition.

        In the meantime the Marxist bus driver’s foot is firmly on the gas, greens entangled around any brake foot, whilst a cabinet controls the steering wheel, holding course for Venezuela.
        A tussle with the hand brake, will not achieve much.

        Just giving an excuse to get close & personal in some mud slinging, but after the election, all is forgiven to gain the baubles of power again.
        Still not going to sling off too much about the Labour Party.

        Curse both parties of no principles, that have devious corruption at their inner core.



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