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  1. Let’s do this! There are growing calls to a recent suggestion that Joe Rogan host a four hour LIVE debate between Trump and Biden on his Joe Rogan chat show. MSM would not be involved. The candidates to answer wide ranging questions on what they attend to achieve as president. Trump has already Tweeted he will do it while there has been no response from Biden’s camp.

    President endorses Trump-Biden debate hosted by Joe Rogan

    President Donald Trump says he would take part in a four hour election debate with Joe Biden hosted by popular Youtuber and comedian Joe Rogan

    NZ needs this internet style of debate between Judith and Cindy. There has been a suggestion Ryan Bridge as the moderator.



    • Is that Jill Biden’s ex husband getting sick of the lies that Joe and Jill Biden met on a blind date but actually they started having an affair and running off together? Another cheating, lying couple who deserve each other.



  2. It must be time that the good people of New Zealand be reminded of Our leaders hidden agenda as we approach the general election.

    Some interesting items on YouTube where she clearly proves her socialist ideals. In fact she uses the term Comrade many times when addressing a gathering of what I understand to be a Marxist rally in a communist country.

    In the pre election standups I do hope she is asked to explain what appears to be her communist leanings.

    Beware of the wolf in sheeps clothing and vote accordingly.



  3. Replace the word “Dan” with “Jacinda” and Bolt is describing NZ

    The mad socialists are all playing from the same playbook. It’s scripted. It’s just not possible for the same scenario to play out in two different locations.

    The psy/cyber social media op is working. Mass delusion is possible. We’re living in the middle of it.

    In the land of the blind the one eyed man is not a King! He is ostracised and accused of conspiracy theories.



  4. “Waiheke Island ‘full of activists and lunatics’ – former Auckland Council CEO Doug McKay’s microphone blunder” from the NZ Herald.

    Mr. McKay has committed the unforgivable crime of telling the truth. I understand that “full of” means “has a significant proportion of”, but the luvvies will seize upon this.



  5. This is getting repetitive… Why isn’t the media asking why the number of shootings is rising after $200m of taxpayer money was spent in Cindy’s failed buyback scheme?!

    Person ‘seriously injured’ in firearms incident in Oropi, Bay of Plenty

    A firearm was discharged again near Seales Rd shortly before 1am, hitting a civilian vehicle. No one was injured.

    A 51-year-old man was located at a local address and after negotiations with officers, was arrested at about 3:30am.

    The man has been charged with recklessly discharging a firearm and is due to appear in Tauranga District Court on Monday.



  6. The Sales Director from the Rowntrees Confectionery Company decided to do some market research.
    He visited the local Sunday School class and took along some samples with him. He figured that if the children liked the new product, his company would be on to a winner.
    He gave the kids some orange flavoured sweets and asked them to guess the flavour. “Orange,” they all shouted together.
    He then said to them, “We’ve made two new flavours. See if you can guess what they are, and tell me which one you like the best.”
    The next flavour was strawberry. The children guessed straight away. “Strawberry,” they shouted.
    “Well done, now try this one and tell me what flavour it is.”
    The Sales Director was feeling pleased with himself as he handed them a honey flavoured sweet.
    The kids tried it, but gave him a blank stare. They couldn’t identify the flavour. Nobody could guess it correctly.
    He gave them some more, but it was no good. The children had no idea.
    He began to feel disappointed. “I’ll give you a clue,” he said, “It’s something your mummy sometimes calls your daddy.”
    One little girl decided to spit her sweet on to the floor. “Ugh” she said, “They’re arseholes!”



  7. It appears disabled people are at the bottom of the heap behind self-indulgent beneficiaries when it comes to Labour funding services. Guess they are not seen as Labour voters?

    A disability services provider is furious with the Government for what it says is a paltry funding increase, despite a big deal being made about extra money in the May Budget.

    Matthews said CCS’s operational deficit meant they would have to continue to rely on donations to stay afloat.

    “There comes a point when we simply can’t go on subsidising the Government in relation to the provision of support to disabled people.”



  8. I suspect the mailer is not a Trump supporter. //

    Envelope addressed to White House found to contain lethal poison ricin

    Letters tainted with the lethal substance were also sent to federal agencies in Texas, the New York Times reports, citing a law enforcement official briefed on the matter. Investigators are now working to determine if more envelopes containing the toxin are circulating through the postal system.



  9. Paul Goldsmith on Q+A

    National defends targeting middle-income earners with 16-month tax relief

    Goldsmith said the policy focused on middle-income workers who “work hard to provide for themselves and their families”.

    “It’s their own money that we’re going to be returning to them,” he said.

    Also video of Robbo interview disparaging National’s economic policy.
    “Hugely irresponsible of National to offer those tax cuts.” – Robinson



  10. So SHANE. ( the policeman’s helmet on the end of my tool is to stop my hand from slipping off ) JONES reckons Maori housing in the north should be exempt from any Council regulations at all , is that racism ?
    FFS what is happening in our country when a fat entitled bloated wanker like that can get away with shit like that?



    • Separatism it may well be but so is it pragmatic. Car cases would be an improvement on much of the existing Maori housing in the Far North. Much of the land needed to house an over-breeding population is tribally held & no lending institution will consider advancing money against it. An already bad situation will deteriorate even further unless:

      1) A way for tribes to guarantee money to banks is found.

      2) Individual Maori accept some self responsibility for housing their loin fruit. (Just joking)

      3) The never ending wank re building codes is relaxed in the full knowledge that Kaitaia is subtropical & cannot be compared to Invercargill.



      • Yep.
        However if the tribes at north had managed to agree sufficiently to settle their TOW claim they would by now have had sufficient fund to start to repair their needs. Instead they can’t agree, the can’t get funds and what they do get is piferred by the elites etc.
        Put Honi in charge of the lot. (perhaps).



        • The Iwi are divided to such a point that it’s a wonder that they even agree on their ancestry.

          Anecdotally there are two hapu, west of Houhora, who are potential recipients of funds from the sale of cutting rights on land adjacent to 90 Mile Beach to JNL in the early 80s. The Maori Trustee holds the money but the hapu cannot agree on who should represent them in negotiations. The sorry saga was detailed in the Northern Advocate about three years ago.

          What hope for the future?



            • Rule one is that Kaumatua never starve. Second rule is that Kaumatua travel by BMW. Third rule is that though Kaumatua advocate for the “trickle down” principle settlement monies seldom trickle & even more rarely downwards.

              They get away with it in most of NZ because the elders defied the drift to the cities in the mid to late part of last century & stayed on the land. When settlements are made they are made to the “proper” people.

              In the Far North most of the hoi polloi have stayed right where they are & keep an interest in what the high placed ratbags are up to. It’s that scrutiny that forces the Kaumatua to keep their BMWs for three years & sometimes more.



          • The iwi will never unify because:
            – Too inward-looking (can’t see beyond one’s own immediate family)
            – Distrustful of “others,” especially other iwi
            – Excessive nursing of ancient grudges and grievances
            – Narcissism
            – Inability to take responsibility for one’s own problems (“victim” is the default setting)
            – Cannot grasp the potential power they would all gain through forgiveness, mutual goodwill and unification
            – Elders of the various small iwi fear they would lose their individual power if the iwi unified. They put themselves ahead of the group.

            I suspect that the paranoia and fear of being double-crossed is a reflection of the iwi’s own willingness to double-cross others. They accuse others of doing what they themselves would do, and fear that others would do to them what they themselves would do if they had the opportunity.



        • KEA ,knowing Maori and Pakeha history,whakapapa,what canoe you arrived on ,DNA evidence etc etc means nothing at all , it’s always been the same with all human beings as long as we’ve been standing on two legs “WHATS IN IT FOR ME”
          KOHA is the word in our Country.



        • If you read/study “Pakeha Slaves, Maori Masters” by Trevor Bently you will begin to understand the maori way. Moari have always had slaves and slaves are non persons.

          We should require all Maori (indeed all Kiwi’s) to have their DNA done and lkisted on Ancestory. Then we would find out who screwed whom and how intermingled all their dna really is.



  11. History seems to have a rhyme,
    And many people pull the blanket over their own head, la la la la,

    …… In 2010 the Brotherhood had al-Qaeda and militant factions within ISIS.
    In 2020 BLM has New Black Panthers and militant factions within Antifa.
    In 2010 the Brotherhood tore down statues and symbols they identified as culturally oppressive to their political views.
    In 2020 BLM tears down statues and symbols they identify as oppressive to their political views.
    In 2010 the Brotherhood burned books, destroyed history and removed their cultural opposition by force.
    In 2020 BLM promotes burning books, destroying history and cancelling their cultural opposition by force.
    In 2010 the Brotherhood used social media to organize their political activity and Big Tech facilitated even by setting up local networks for protest.
    In 2020 BLM uses social media to organize their political media and Big Tech facilitates by deploying all local networks to assist.
    In 2010 the Brotherhood attacked the police and framed their Islamist movement as oppressed by law enforcement.
    In 2020 BLM attacks the police and frames their movement as oppressed by law enforcement.
    In 2010 the Brotherhood destroyed the notions of secularism and viciously attacked any form of Christianity.
    In 2020 BLM advocates against secularism and viciously attacks Christianity, while conspicuously never criticizing any element of Islam.
    In 2010 the Brotherhood was very strategic as they hoodwinked moderate Islamic supporters into voting them into power. Once in power they removed all of the institutional systems, government offices, judges, constitutional balances, local elections, and anything that would impede their ultimate stranglehold on power. Sharia Law replaced common legislative law. As a result, the ordinary population was brutalized, property was taken by force; businesses were taken by force and the Islamic regime now controlled every element of their lives.
    In 2020 the approach of the BLM movement appears very strategic as they hoodwink a multitude of supporters by defining their victim class and role.
    Much like the 2010 Brotherhood approach grievances are made personal. Bonds between families and friends are severed by force and demands to adhere to the movement’s ideology.
    It will be interesting to see if BLM supporters recognize the deception in 2020;
    because the Brotherhood supporters in 2010 did not recognize it until it was too late.
    There are many similarities.


    Only one man has put a lot of that Arab Spring back to bed, and only so far as he could go.

    Then consider who else, the academia, the media, the politicians, who are still running in the same vein.
    Just who are they? and their agenda? hmmm
    Still kicking around and causing trouble and fomenting troubles where ever they can.



  12. Holy crap the Cindy clone running for Auckland central is starting her political career with the biggest lie.
    “I have a better chance of winning because of the fantastic job labour has done over this term” ,,,FFS can’t any of these bastards be truthful, it’s just more slimy shit moving into Wellington ,one piece of shit retires and another piece of shit gets elected. we are FUCKED.



  13. somebody needs to convince Maggie Pie to move allegiance….
    “[Deleted. You are risking your auto-posting status with this and similar recent posts. Suggest you be a little more discerning in your outbursts. Mod.]”

    Fuck off Mod .



  14. FBI sounds alarm on rampant personal-data theft by China-backed hackers

    China is engaged in massive data mining in the United States and likely has stolen personal information on nearly half of the entire U.S. population, FBI Director Christopher Wray revealed this week.

    “If you are an American adult, it is more likely than not that China has stolen your personal data,” Mr. Wray told the House Homeland Security Committee on Thursday, adding the theft is “on a scale so massive that it represents one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history.”

    Other Chinese data hacks over the past five years involved gaining access to more than 60 million records from the health care provider Anthem and more than 22 million records from the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management, including very sensitive data gathered as part of security clearance probes.




  15. Julian Assange was offered a presidential pardon if he helped to resolve the “ongoing speculation about Russian involvement” in the hacking of Democratic National Cmte. emails leaked during the 2016 U.S. election campaign, a London court was told Friday.

    Assange’s lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, said she saw then-Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., and Trump associate Charles Johnson make the offer during an August 2017 meeting at London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange was evading arrest at the time. His seven-year stay there came to an end in April 2019 when Ecuador revoked his political asylum and invited police officers inside to arrest him.




    • RBG really put a cat among the pigeons by dying. Most thoughtless of her.

      The grand plan was for the democrats was:
      1) Lose the election
      2) Use vote harvesting, voter fraud, counting up to 3 days after election day to claim they won
      3) Go to court (win due to corrupt judges), case appealed to circuit court (win due to corrupt judges), go to SCOTUS (win by tie breaker because they have dirt on Justice Roberts what with all his flights on Epstein’s Lolita Express
      4) Steal the election – destroy USA at the bidding of George Soros and CCP

      But with RBG dead – even if the DNC stop a Trump appointee – they have to rely on Kavanaugh doing his RINO routine to steal the election. And I’d have thought after how utterly disgusting Kamala Harris was to Kavanaugh – that’s just not going to happen.

      Personally, I hope Trump forces the issue. Uses the Senate majority no matter what and gets Amy Barrett on SCOTUS and that fucks everything for the corrupt left for 30 years (unless they want to try and take out another SCOTUS judge like the did with Scalisi)



  16. National have really upset Cindy and Robbo with their proposed tax cuts. Good job National!

    NZ Election 2020: Paul Goldsmith ‘not surprised’ Labour ‘highly agitated’ over National’s proposed tax cuts

    “I’m not surprised that they’re highly-agitated at the thought that any Government would put more money back in the pockets of New Zealanders,” Goldsmith told Magic Talk’s Road to the Election on Sunday.

    National is promising to put “$3000 into the back pockets of average earners” with temporary tax cuts if elected.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Friday the proposed cuts were “totally irresponsible” – however, Goldsmith disagrees.

    “The economy is shrinking – these are pretty dramatic times and we’ve got to shake things up a bit,” Goldsmith told Road to the Election host Mitch McCann.

    He said the best way to get some “excitement” back into New Zealand’s economy was the short-term stimulus from tax cuts.

    “That’s the big difference between us and the Government,” he said.



    • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn penned a missive dealing with governmental tyranny against his people in the former Soviet Union, that casts a dark shadow of what was and what could be in Australia and New Zealand.

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”



  17. A crime ridden Melbourne arrest // again, this time at the beach
    How many police in attendance?

    A series of arrests here
    A few photos of the cops enforcer events.

    The guy seemed to only ask a question, but immediately taken down.
    2m :20 sec.
    This guy explains enough.
    Reinforcements keep rolling in.
    At least a number questioned, and kept filming.

    Some slight overlay of photos, vid of some of those “arrest-ful” events.

    If the fines stick, although I guess ramifications and court may be months away.
    The cops think they are on a winner, by escalating, then I guess that is why there are so many cops.

    Would wonder a bit just what the key part of the cop profiling points are?
    The value of shaking down a good citizen, compared to a “special ethnic”, that is given amnesty?



  18. This explains the change of policing, as we once knew it.
    A consortium of cities, that figured a different way of policing.
    This would seem to be the type of policing that Professor Spoonley wants, to make things to be super diversity to be meritless “inclusiveness”.
    This will allow full on support of the UN Global Immigration Pact, as per the agreement, that no word, speech is to be allowed that would offend an immigrant.

    Melbourne – Strong Cities
    • Sep 17, 2020 : • 17 mins

    Just look at the badges in the photos, their uniforms, their cars.

    A bit more of the background connections of Daniel Andrews and some of the upper level police.

    Then see what they look to control the most..
    Guest Article: The Pandemic That Continues to Spread: Now More Than Ever We Must All Come Together to Stand up to Racism, Bigotry, Hate, Intolerance, and Extremism
    Here you will see what they are looking to do.

    Now which of NZ politicians have travelled around for these benign// conferences, signed up to this “globalism” and all of its camouflaged organisations.

    An article from that with more links.

    Civil society contributions are critical and that is why I am delighted the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has invested in over 30 civil society led projects that will safeguard vulnerable Londoners from radicalisation, stop the spread of harmful ideologies and empower the capital to challenge hate in all its forms.
    Reaching over 100,000 Londoners from across all of London’s 32 boroughs, these projects will work through; schools, colleges, universities, community, sport and performing arts centres as well as online platforms.
    They will challenge all manifestations of extremism from across the ideological spectrum with a focus on those most prevalent in our city.


    So this is one of the parts of the global network, to enforce!
    Some may be unwitting, not aware, but it is relentless, to forcefully do the job, if they can to gain the point of no return.
    Just like mentioned above, the Arab Spring, now BLM.



  19. Kiwis ‘more fiscally responsible’ than current Government, according to ACT’s Debt Destroyer tool

    ACT leader David Seymour says according to his party’s Debt Destroyer tool, Kiwis are “more fiscally responsible than [Finance Minister] Grant Robertson and want to reduce Government spending”.

    The interactive tool allows people to choose the parts of Government spending they would like to cut to start paying off debt.

    Options for reducing spending include pausing contributions to the Superannuation Fund, ending KiwiSaver subsidies and ending Winter Energy Payments, all in line with ACT’s tax policy.

    Seymour said Debt Destroyer puts Kiwis in control over what spending takes place.

    “Of the more than 1300 respondents, 90 per cent chose to save the taxpayer money.

    Here’s the link to Act’s ‘Debt Destroyer’



  20. Hands up those who haven’t watched “Reefer Madness” twice today. Only one month until the referendum & you don’t want to enter the polling booth with an open mind. 🙂

    …..”Dr. Carroll: Yes. I remember. Just a young boy… under the influence of drugs… who killed his entire family with an axe.”…….



  21. Judith Collins dismisses ‘$4 billion gap’ as ‘entirely inconsequential’, says Jacinda Ardern should apologise

    Judith Collins is dismissing the ‘$4 billion hole’ found in its fiscal and economic plan as “entirely inconsequential” – and says Jacinda Ardern should be the one who apologises.

    But speaking after National’s campaign launch on Sunday, Collins says the mistake “means very little”.

    “It’s actually over 10 years,” she explains.

    “It’s the difference between a 35 percent debt-to-GDP ratio and a 36 percent. That’s nothing compared to Labour’s 48 percent. It’s actually only a matter of projections.”

    “Jacinda Ardern should apologise for promising New Zealanders that $2 billion would kickstart the KiwiBuild programme, that 16,000 houses would now be built and now there’s 500,” she says.

    “When we talk about this it’s best to remember, you know, 100,000 houses promised for Kiwibuild, child poverty, children being told that material hardship for children would go down significantly – it’s gone up for 4000 children in three years. You just think about the state house waiting list.



  22. From Wikipedia:

    ……”Originally financed by a church group under the title Tell Your Children, the film (Reefer Madness) was intended to be shown to parents as a morality tale attempting to teach them about the dangers of cannabis use.”……

    Nearly makes Bob McCoskrie seem sane by contrast!



  23. Not long now!!

    A DARPA-Funded Implantable Biochip To Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets By 2021

    The revolutionary breakthrough came to a Canadian scientist named Derek Rossi in 2010 purely by accident. The now-retired Harvard professor claimed in an interview with the National Post that he found a way to “reprogram” the molecules that carry the genetic instructions for cell development in the human body, not to mention all biological lifeforms.

    These molecules are called ‘messenger ribonucleic acid’ or mRNA and the newfound ability to rewrite those instructions to produce any kind of cell within a biological organism has radically changed the course of Western medicine and science, even if no one has really noticed yet. As Rossi, himself, puts it: “The real important discovery here was you could now use mRNA, and if you got it into the cells, then you could get the mRNA to express any protein in the cells, and this was the big thing.”




  24. Six weeks of Traffic chaos in Auckland.
    To go with bouncing in and out of lockdown and magically conjured up ‘levels’.

    This will affect the whole city.:-
    As people from the North Shore route through No 18 (Greenhithe) and onto No 16 (Nor’ Western ) there will be chaos.
    Freight movements will be messed up including from supply depots around Wiri/Mangere to Northland.
    Truckers will be longer on the road – running up driveable hours with poor results and extra RUC.

    I remember when a truck rolled at the base of the Bridge in 1987 and there was gridlock and chaos for a day.
    This is six weeks of it – four weeks to the election.
    Let us hope this bears poorly in election results for the ruling nutters.

    The worst part of it – any remedy is with NZTA who could not open a tear tab beer, they are so useless.
    -They stuffed up driver licensing and allowed crooks to run riot
    -They stuffed up WOF allocation
    -They stuffed up every motorway /expressway project they have been involved in including having to resurface the Kapiti Expressway within one year of opening
    -..and the Transmission gully is just another of their cock ups.


    We’ll all be bedda after a ‘blessing’ and chanting blah blah and a good dose of koha while little gets done //
    Back in 1998 when the power went out in central Auckland there was a fast tracking of power run along the railway line in a matter of weeks.
    That sort of leadership has left the building.



    • Your frustration saddens me Brother howitis. Doubtlessly the evil, aesthetic sodomists who partake of the Devil’s Lettuce are to blame for the situation you now find yourself in.

      Down on your knees, screw your eyes shut & pray to Baby Jesus to deliver you from gridlock & marijuana.



  25. I am very surprised at how that dog did not bite some one on the bum in that noisy melee.

    Walking a dog in the park.
    The Granny is very raucous and her lungs work pretty well, though does seems a bit hysterical, which would trigger some dogs to do something.
    Note the first lady being arrested, and the white bag to be folded up at their feet, & then the police go into arrest mode as Granny seems to be doing a cellphone camera too.

    “Police Handcuff Grandmother at an Lockdown Protest”
    6 mins 34 secs, : • Sep 19, 2020

    Then on her release it looks like she got a citation or ticket so possibly heavily fined for being more than 5 km from home.

    Did she say something? or do something?
    What triggered the cops, to escalate this? probably immediately to hands behind the back, hand cuff arrest.

    How long have they been in the force?
    New recruits indoctrinated with some “strong cities” policing ethics?
    What training have they been given and more importantly by who?
    What and where are the police commandeers manuals of instruction.?

    Who is teaching the cops that they are above all else?

    So was Granny doing her civic duty, caring for the cops, by recording everything?

    Seems to me it is intimidation enforcing, to break people the population, and get them to believe whatever.



  26. We have a Govt that is pro-crime.
    Two ministers who are particularly pro-crime are Angry Andy Little and Kelvin ‘find me if you can’ Davis.

    The fawning mediatards also follow this criminal thought pattern.
    When some bastards gets it wrong they go to the lying media filth to do a whinge.
    The criminally biased lying media filth often oblige.

    Some bro-friendly geezer has been trying to sell a thing in his restaurant called a Trumpet.
    This is already trademarked by Tip Top.
    Decent businesses don’t infringe other’s copyright or trademark but journo scum do not fit that category.
    Do unto others and all that….

    It is a complete piece of shit in Stuffed from a moron called Bevan Hurley.
    Bevan Hurley is a criminally-inclined dickhead.

    A co-owner found the desist notice reasonable but that does not stop dickhead Hurley chugging around social media to find fellow criminally-inclined fools to do a whinge about how the law is :-
    >for thee, but not for me.

    Bevan Hurley of Stuffed Forever, GFY



  27. Just noting nothing is too rosy either in Australia.

    Even Prime Minister Scott Morrison admits the official unemployment number is artificially low, as Australia grapples with its first recession in almost three decades.

    Despite the creation of 111,000 new jobs in August, good news during an economic crisis can be very deceptive, with the true unemployment rate likely to be at the highest levels since the 1930s Great Depression.

    National Australia Bank chief economist Alan Oster feared the winding down of JobKeeper will see unemployment climb

    National Australia Bank chief economist Alan Oster said a better measure of the labour market downturn would be to add the 11.2 per cent under-employment rate to the official jobless figure of 6.8 per cent.

    This means 18 per cent of the workforce doesn’t have a job or wants more hours.

    Mr Oster feared the unemployment crisis would worsen as JobKeeper wage subsidies were pared back from September 28 and again in January before being phased out in March. …….

    ……. ‘It probably will be getting worse. They’ll be people that are basically on JobKeeper and when they reopen, they just won’t reopen,’ Mr Oster told Daily Mail Australia.

    New Zealanders should also note, that it will not be an easy row to hoe either, particularly if there in no Great Parliamentary fiscal Reset.



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