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  1. Good morning everyone, yes Tarquin I want to say no to the Ho and ditch the bitch too. Also would like to comment on the change in time. It sure does affect the old body clock for a while. Curtains….. not so much. Have a great day out there and don’t let them wear you down and you know whom I mean.



  2. Meet the nine ACT candidates who could be new faces in next Parliament

    Nine Act Party candidates – including a former Green Party supporter – could be entering Parliament for the first time after the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll suggested its best support in 17 years.



  3. In the middle of a pandemic that will cost our little Country 100 billion dollars what is horseface doing to start on a fix for our crippled economy ? oh yeah that’s right she’s banning stickers on fruit and outlawing plastic coffee stirrers ,so don’t worry about your future folks Cindy has without doubt started implementing the rescue plan.
    Another question ,WTF has Tova Obrien done to her fucking eyebrows ?



      • Saggy, F- -K that old bastard he spent million of dollars that were never accounted for when he run Waitakere city into the shit and then fled to Invercargill and conned those morons into supporting his lifestyle for the last 30 years ?
        I really hope he does some serious thinking about what a C- -T he’s been over the last five decades.
        At one time in Waitakere he set up a firewood venture with the local IWI ,all the equipment was purchased including 10 Jonsred chaisaws that never cut a tree as the whole truckload of gear was stolen from a secure locked shed that “somebody ” forgot to put a padlock on .
        The POS supposedly got kickbacks for that joke of an enterprise,fuck him and his equally useless mate Bob (put it in a brown paper bag) Harvey.



        • When Harvey sold his Advertising agency circa 1990 he pocketed a couple of mill but liked to present as ‘man of the people’.
          The money could have purchased over a dozen houses in the West at that time
          An Arch hypocrite.

          bob Harvey- Labour party through and through.
          Credited with getting Norm Kirk elected in 1972 (although probably would have happened anyway ) and given Norm Kirks very left leaning views it shows where Harvey stood.

          Bob Harvey is probably a good case study for the monied people who push socialism.

          Shadbolt was only mayor of Waitemata city so could do less damage than Harvey who was mayor for 18 years of the Waitakere City – larger after the 1989 merger (enacted by Geoffrey ‘Merry’ Palmer) .
          the Waitemata area had been the domain of the Dalis (Croatians) for a long time until Tim kicked the hornets’ nest.

          Shadbolt’s Indian wife/partner was always going to outlast him anyway at decades younger.



          • “Bob Harvey is probably a good case study for the monied people who push socialism.”

            I’ve often wondered why some monied people do that.
            – They feel guilt?
            – They are control freaks who love power?
            – They see themselves as the “elites” who are the ones who control socialist states? (Inside every socialist is a closet aristocrat. — Popper’s quote)

            If the monied wanted to help those less well off, you would think they would support systems of meritocracy in which hardwork, aptitude and diligence are rewarded (rather than socialism that punishes all of these attributes).



        • Hoirtis@0948

          In that context (and for the benefit of those younger readers in our midst) it’s worth recalling that at one time Shadbolt T was the face of the Socialist Unity Party in NZ, an avowed Communist, extremely anti-American (when it suited him BTW) and anti-Vietnam war activist (complete with a certain, infamous, yellow concrete mixer.). Helen Clark, and also P Goff were his acolytes. (about which ‘nuf said). Curiously, given his ‘anti-establishment’, anti-capitalist, Maoist activities and inclinations’, he seemed at some time to have had an epiphany and subsequently whole-heartedly embraced the excesses of the previously-despised’ ‘Capitalist running-dog’ culture.

          Perhaps ‘maturity’ (at least of some sort) comes with age…?



  4. Attended a social gathering with like minded citizens last night. All Nats & Act supporters.

    We all could not work out the Polls that favour the left. Are they something the media have dreamed up as no one in our group had been questioned by polsters or even knew some one who had been.




    • Polls have been used for the past five years as a form of instruction to the masses. In NZ, where we align more to our national beast – the sheep – than we do to independent thinkers, we derive particulary security from knowing that we’re following the herd.

      Ergo, if the opinion polls show us that “Everybody loves Jacinda while she’s burning the country to the ground” then we want to love Cindy too!

      It’s so easy to do, just over-sample the Labour interviewees a bit and under-sample the rest. Plus of course, there may be the 5th columnists from the centre-right. If I ever had a phone call from a polling company I’d magically change into a 24 year old transgender barista living at home, saving up for my next tattoo, loving Jacinda and worried about the environment. My view is that polling companies need to be treated with the respect they’ve earned (ie fuck all).

      We’ve seen this in the US for years now, why would we not think it’ll happen here? Aside from kicking Cindy to the kerb, the only thing I care about is the Greens being extinguished.



    • My political contact tells me internal polling sees both Labour and National in the 40s- and things quite a bit closer than the media are bleating.
      In his words “The fate of the Greens is absolutely critical to this election”
      Take what you will but this is from someone who works in the political environment.



      • Yeah I don’t get it C-1. I don’t hear anyone saying anything other than what a clusterfuck this government is and that Ardern is a vacuous soundbite. The mood in Auckland is not positive at all and I can’t fathom how that would translate into support for the government.



        • We’re being lied to by the corrupt, whoring MSM! Every day, in every way.

          The $50million bribe is certainly earning it’s keep.

          I don’t think Paddy Gower or Jessica M-M are going to make the mistake that Campbell did and try to be professional. Their jobs are at stake and they are going to stack the debate against Judith. Expect lots of patsy questions to Covid Cindy, lots of gotcha questions to Judith. There will be no 30 second bell showing what a bobblehead Cindy is, Judith will be cut off mid answer multiple times. Farmers won’t come up. White supremacy will as will conspiracy theories as will killing off grandmas as will the Goldsmith fuck-up on their forecasts. Nothing about Youth Rape camps or violent sexual abuse of female staff. No need to watch it now.



  5. Instead of an interview of Cindy I decided this was more informative and interesting to post. Go well old bird.

    Kererū raised in captivity before suddenly vanishing nearly 30 years ago makes surprise reappearance

    A kererū raised in captivity nearly 30 years ago before suddenly vanishing from his refuge has made a surprising reappearance.

    Kererū typically live to around 21 years of age. Pidge will celebrate his 30th birthday next March.



  6. “Do you really believe your husband when he tells you he goes fishing every weekend?” asked Jane’s best friend.
    “Why shouldn’t I?” said Jane.
    “Well, maybe he is having an affair?”
    “No way” said Jane “he never returns with any fish…”



  7. Was I having a nightmare last night or did I hear it reported that the guy that killed the kiwi cop in London had the pistol secreted up his rear end ?
    If it’s true he must have been playing hide and seek with half the labour caucus on more than one occasion to be able to carry that trick off, imagine the dangers involved in inserting the bloody thing or maybe he is that cavernous he inserts it and then loads it.
    Surely the fucking Pomms aren’t going to try and float that excuse for some plod not patting him down at all ?



  8. I’ve been wearing my “Make Ardern Go Away” hat everywhere in recent days but, sad to say, I have only seen one other in this strongly National Party electorate of Kaikoura. There was a very good turn out for the ACT meeting in Blenheim on the 17th though.



  9. Maggie Pie commenting over the road,
    GOD, I larfed last night, we were laying there and the partners scolling thru his twatter accouunt and he says,
    Here’s someone comparing Cindy to Mary Poppins,
    “Super Callous Fragile Marxist Absolutely Hopeless”.
    Loved it so much, I pinched it!



  10. Careful promising a ‘zero suicides’ strategy National. When the economy takes it’s inevitable plunge in the next few months mental health numbers are going to get a whole lot worse. Won’t be your governance that dropped NZ in it but you will certainly get the blame…

    National promises ‘zero suicides’ strategy, Minister for Mental Health role

    National will create a Minister for Mental Health role, one of a number of pledges on mental health the party has announced today.

    It will also create a $10 million mental health support package for small to medium businesses and have a “zero suicides” prevention strategy.

    The party also wants to have a mental health programme in schools for all years and fund 100,000 free counselling sessions to respond to Covid-19.

    The election promise would cost $179 million over four years.



    • Probably Notional are trying to throw the election.

      Will they then ‘rebuild’ ?
      I’m not so sure.
      They are pretty damn woke, FFS.

      With a President like Peter Goodfellow and a pollster dickhead like Fruity Farrar they appear to be throwing it.
      Perhaps they don’t want to gain the Treasury benches.

      The theory (only a weak, optimistic theory) being that Labour will sink themselves with the next three years is too big a prize to toy with.
      I don’t think the theory works. Notional were 21% in 2002 and came within a whisker in 2005.
      There was a 13% swing against sitting Notional from 1990 to 1993.
      Too much happens in three years to take that stance.

      But these people now in Notional are not that good at politics:-
      Amy Adams (resign/unresign what is it?) ; Denise Lee; Alfred Ngaro; Singh Bakshi; Maureen Pugh; Maggie Barry; Jami lee ross; Sarah Dowie; Hamish walker; Jian Jing; Andrew ‘weiner’ Falloon; woke Simeon; Parmar; Muller….

      They allowed Matthew Whotown to have too much control and put a precious petal like Wassis name Muller in a s Leader for about as long as a boxing match lasts.

      The policy announcement on technology is complete crap.
      In 2008 they were pushing ‘South Sea banking centre’ then when elected – not a dickey bird
      That would be easier to achieve than a technology giant.
      I have been in tech since circa 1990.
      The pressure the existing players will bring to bear so that they control the information, the money, and the technology will be too much.
      It will never happen.

      I watched ten minutes of Netflix ‘the Social Dilemma’ a few weeks ago. Yawn.
      It informed me of nothing I did not know.
      It is possible it was just blood-letting exercise to remove pressure.
      They are good at that. MS especially.
      When Microsoft gets a hit in Europe then the US hits back at one of theirs like Deutsche Bank or Volkswagen Audi.

      People remember the Blackberry phone. It was superb.
      It was also Canadian. Bad. It was killed off. I won’t go into details but the media might tell you it failed on its own. The media filth is ‘their’ tool and not your friend nor any source of honest info.
      Nokia: Excellent. Finland. Not USA. Goneburger.
      Anyhow I could talk for hours on it but a notable tech sector will never happen in NZ.

      The current gaffs by Paul Goldstein (yeah, yeah that’s what I will call him ) are pretty bad.
      The guy has no actual finance training or background. Bill English had both.
      If English got an ‘A’ on a finance exam paper Goldstein would be lucky to get ‘C-‘ on the same.

      Steven Joyce was a big step down from Bill English and this is a massive step down to Goldstein.
      English was a one in 50 years guy on Finance/2IC/Policy.

      Anyhow zero suicides sound stupid and Notional should not be doing the emotive stuff.
      Leave that to the toothy, scarf-wearing Gurl.

      People have the right to end their life if they choose.
      It is called free will. If I went fully blind it is something I would consider. It is My Choice.
      These people go on about ‘women’s choice’ well what about a choice for everyone here.

      I don’t believe some Notional (Vatican) party gobblegook that I would burn in the fires of hell for all eternity.
      Some Argentine Marxist in Rome does not have any sway over that.

      “The party also wants to have a mental health programme in schools”
      Where the hell do they think the problems start?

      This is more nonsense coming from Notional.
      It looks like they are throwing the game.



      • I have wondered that for a long time Nasska But in the big scheme of things who would in their right minds wish to be the leader party in a country that is totally financially fucked for the next three years? And of someone else’s making It will be a harsh reality for all the beneficiary class, child poverty we will look back and think this is nothing now in relation to the future. then they may wake up to the fact that the scarf wearing woman is worthy of saying no to the Ho and leave the party in droves. Or we may be living under the new communist regime of the south.



  11. Protesters chain themselves to vehicles in Bathursts coal mine today, 10 arrested!
    With the cold this morning, I would have hosed them down before ringing the cops?
    Bastards would have only too pleased to leave with the cops!



  12. I challenged that prick Farrar over his comments about Trump.

    Of course it was…

    [deleted by Mod, abuse of DPF]

    Did he change when he married? I thought he was gay.

    DPF and Freud need a socially distanced chat on the psychiatric couch.



    • Man* of many names: you say

      ” I thought he was gay.”

      What makes you think Fruity Farrar is not?

      He is a truly horrible lefty and globalist scum.
      A critter that has contributed towards a massively weakened Notional party in NZ
      A NINO.
      A NWO pimp.

      That is of more concern than his bedmate choices; esp when he has this ridiculous amount of influence over Notional when it is clear he is politically naive and can’t pick a winner.

      As touched on by me before- I suspect he was fronting for John Key and since Key has essentially walked away from politics Fruity is blowing in the wind without a clue.
      ie. Key did the analysis with people behind him. Farrar was a NZ based mouthpiece for their findings!

      * I am assuming you are a man Freud /Alex but you could be gender fluid or something 🙂
      Therefore making your disguise at the Aotea Sq rallies very effective !!
      The fluidity of Fruity’s gender remains very much in the frame…



    • Given the quality of our Tertiaries and who really runs them, another crap policy for Notional.

      If people have not woken up in the last 6 months to what lurks in these Universities – Wiles, Hendy, Baker et al then they never will.

      My nephew is picking for university next year.
      There are some cockamamie courses on offer.
      I challenge him to show where he will be with that course….in ten years time at 28 yo
      Will it set him up to earn and have choices?

      The likes of the Warehouse has some good management training.
      There are too few of these whereas 30 years ago the likes of Fletchers had cadet schemes.
      I’m not sure if they do now.
      People need to choose carefully if things are outside proper vocational training.

      This idea here of Notional’s sounds like 3M
      Mo’ Money for Marxists.
      Think it through.



      • ……”Mo’ Money for Marxists”……

        Another way to suggest that the Vatican Party are more skilful at handing out OPM’s money than Labour. The competition is fierce but you may have picked a winner.

        Yet it might, just might, wake up the academic wankers to the advantages of running courses that actually equip the gullible students for the real world. The $4000/head bonus may produce skill-sets other than bone carving & interpretive dancing.



    • Better if they gave that money to employers who do that for nothing these days.
      The polytechs are a rip off using people who couldn’t do the trade themselves.
      Polytechs need a haircut in funding just like the universities.



  13. Meanwhile David Seymour is in trouble with National for saying “National are just the backing band for Act”.

    Some people losing their minds have gone all pious saying Seymour “is smug and conceited”

    It’s called a sense of humour! 😂😂



  14. Magic Radio:

    Cindy when asked what the secret deal for Ihumamatao is said “it’s a very complicated matter”.

    She just called us stupid! We are obviously too stupid to understand so she won’t explain.

    Sean reckons Winston will sing on Friday as voting opens on Monday.



  15. Judith gives the left a lesson in decency after inane criticism for saying her husband is Samoan.

    NZ Election 2020: Judith Collins hits back at ‘disgusting’ accusations of her ‘weaponising’ husband’s ethnicity

    Judith Collins has scathingly addressed widespread criticism suggesting she exploits her husband’s ethnicity as a “shield” against accusations of racism, calling the backlash “disgusting”.

    During the leaders’ debate on September 22, Aorere College head girl Aigagalefili Fepulea’i Tapua’i asked the candidates what each would do in response to high school students being forced to abandon their education to support their families amid the economic fallout of COVID-19.

    “My husband is Samoan so, talofa,” Collins initially responded.

    “We’ve got to get people into trades [and] we’ve got to get them education,” she continued, revealing that her Chinese-Samoan husband, David Wong Tung, had also been encouraged to leave school by his family in order to find employment.

    Yet the Opposition leader was raked over the coals online, with social media users accusing Collins of “weaponising” her husband’s ethnicity as a “shield” against accusations of racism – which have dogged the Papakura MP in the past.

    “I was really disgusted, actually. I thought, how dare people try to disrespect my husband like that,” she told host Alistar Kata.

    “He is Samoan – not only is he Samoan, he was born in Samoa, raised in Samoa, grew up in a little village on Savai’i with his grandma. How dare people disrespect my husband like that. I just thought that was disgraceful.”



  16. Today’s “Newsroom” includes an article explaining how tetrahydrocannabinol the active ingredient of cannabis works. Emile Donovan of ‘The Detail’ speaks to analytical chemist Dr Joel Rindelaub. Along with providing a good definition of ‘psychoactive’ Rindelaub says, in his opinion:

    ……”if you weigh up ethanol and THC, one is certainly worse for society than the other.

    “Currently in New Zealand, alcohol has the most negative impact on society. Personal harm – it’s a carcinogen, you can die from taking it – but also societal harm through violent crimes and other things as well.””…….


    After the nannies & the knowalls have put the dreaded marijuana to the sword they’ll be coming for your favourite tipple.



  17. Labour on its way Down ⤵️

    1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll: Labour and Greens in driving seat, but ACT still strong

    Labour has slipped from the comfort of being able to govern alone in the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll.

    Meanwhile the Greens and ACT continue to rise but New Zealand First has dropped even further.

    National has managed to pull itself up to 33%, up 2% from last week’s poll, but is still trailing by a sizeable 14% behind Labour.

    Labour dropped down 1% to 47%, meaning it would have 59 seats in Parliament – not enough to govern alone if the results were reflected at next month’s election.

    But potential coalition partners the Green Party rose to 7%, which would give them eight seats.

    National would have 43 seats, while ACT – up 1% to 8% – would bring in 10. The two parties would not be able to form a government together with those numbers.



  18. How can they have a travel bubble from the south island to Australia?
    How are they going to stop Aucklanders from traveling?
    Anyone can get a south island addres using friends, relations, P O Box, mailing service.
    Easy as to get past the dumb clip board wankers and travel!



  19. Police considered charging the organisers of the New Zealand marches held in June in support of the US Black Lives Matter movement, because Covid-19 restrictions weren’t followed.
    n a briefing to the police minister, officials said guidelines were not followed despite assurances from organisers, and stated that possible moves to charge the organisers should not be made public.

    Police is now considering what follow-up actions are available and appropriate, including possible charges [not for public release],” police said in the briefing.


    While charges were considered, a police spokesperson said it was not appropriate.



  20. Labour aims for three-to-five year extension to life of the Southland smelter, including ‘supporting’ Transpower to allow reduced power costs for the smelter owner NZAS
    The Labour Party is now pledging to extend the life of the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter in Southland by three-to-five years, including allowing the smelter owner to negotiate a cheaper power price – something Labour had appeared to explicitly rule out earlier.

    So they are offering taxpayer money t Transpower then?



  21. At the end of its first term, we look at the economic benchmarks we when the Labour-NZ First-Greens government took office. The scorecard isn’t flattering if you were looking for a transformation

    This first term coalition Government is nearing the end of its three-year term.

    When it was elected in 2017, they made claims about what they wished to achieve. And at that time we recorded some key economic benchmarks by which we could judge those claims.

    We updated progress one year in, and again last year.

    And now it is time to assess the full term achievements (or otherwise).




  22. The second prisoner in a couple of weeks failing to return after funeral. Easy to spot with his name tattooed across his face.

    Hawke’s Bay man disappears after being let out of prison on bail for father’s funeral

    Sulusi was granted release from prison last Monday to see his dad before he died.

    However the 27-year-old failed to hand himself back into custody on Friday afternoon, in breach of his bail conditions.

    Rimutaka Prison inmate who escaped custody caught in Upper Hutt
    Sulusi is very recognisable thanks to a series of distinctive tattoos across his face and neck, one of which is his surname. Another large tattoo over his mouth and cheeks reads ‘NPR803’.



  23. Landlords are divided over Barfoot & Thompson’s recent call to the National Party to hold fire on their plans to overturn the Healthy Homes standards if elected.

    By Miriam Bell

    Barfoot & Thompson has co-signed a letter with the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation, the Hutt Valley District Health Board, Community Housing Aotearoa, NZ Green Building Council, and university researchers, which urges National Party leader Judith Collins to back the standards.

    move came after widespread reports that, if elected, the National Party wants to roll back the Government’s new Healthy Homes standards and tenancy law reforms.

    In the letter, Barfoot & Thompson and the other signatories say that backing the standards would ensure more New Zealanders live in warm, dry, healthier homes.


    The Nats are just hopeless and Barfoots should miond their own bloody business. If they don’t want to be a renatl agency they should let others do the job,. There is no proof from anyone that the claimed sick all come from rental houses.



  24. Party vote Act 2020 ☑️

    ‘It’s game on’ – ACT’s popularity continues to rise in latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll

    ACT Party leader David Seymour said his party would continue to rise as “the gap between the left and the right tighten”.

    “I think it’s game on … we’re [ACT are] consistent and constructive in the way we approach politics.”

    “There is just more right-wing voters looking for a home. They’re not as aligned to National or New Zealand First.”



  25. I just had a ring from a Labour Party volunteer for our electorate. She was checking to see if I knew early voting was starting this weekend. Then she started to mumble something which was heading to ask if I was going to vote Labour, I think. So I took great pleasure in stopping the mumbling and saying ” If you want a straight answer , I will not be voting Labour”. It made my day.



  26. “Justices Scalia and Ginsburg disagreed fiercely in print without rancour in person. Their ability to maintain a warm and rich friendship, despite their differences, even inspired an opera.

    “These two great Americans demonstrated that arguments, even about matters of great consequence, need not destroy affection. In both my personal and professional relationships, I strive to meet that standard.

    “I clerked for Justice Scalia more than 20 years ago, but the lessons I learned still resonate. His judicial philosophy is mine too. A judge must apply the law as written.

    “Judges are not policymakers, and they must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold.”


    Some of our Judges could do with some training in this matter.



  27. Two polls over the past 48 hours show ACT’s policies continue to resonate with voters.

    But we can’t take these results for granted. We’re in this position because of your support and we need to keep up the momentum.
    Can you help spread the word by sharing this email and telling your friends why you’re voting ACT?
    The latest polls are also an opportunity for voters to meet the team behind David. Here’s the rest of our top ten.

    2. Brooke van Velden is the future face of ACT. Smart, liberal and likeable. She is to ACT what Chlöe Swarbrick is to the Greens, but Brooke has an economics degree.

    3. Nicole McKee provided a calm, rational voice on firearms laws after the tragedy in Christchurch. She is already a crowd favourite on our nationwide bus tour.

    4. Chris Baillie has spent 30 years as a youth aid police officer and teaching children with special learning needs. He’s also a small business owner, running a pub employing 30 staff.

    5. Simon Court has 24 years’ experience as an environmental engineer and knows ACT policies will actually do something to improve the environment, unlike the promises from other parties.

    6. James McDowall, at just 32, has a PhD, runs a small business and is a father who works in the mental health sector. James would raise the standard of policy thinking and debate in Parliament.

    7. Karen Chhour brings a first-hand account of the failings of Oranga Tamariki and its predecessors because she was once a child in the system. She will bring a voice to Parliament for the children who aren’t being heard.

    8. Mark Cameron is a hands-on dairy farmer, up before 4:30am each day. He knows what our farmers have been going through. He will bring the authentic voice of rural New Zealand to Parliament.

    9. Toni Severin is a small business owner and will bring real representation for the struggles being faced by businesses throughout the country to Parliament.

    10. Damien Smith has an MBA and extensive experience in business, banking and company directorship.

    With advance voting opening on Saturday, we want to be front of mind for voters. We need your help to achieve this.
    Please share this email to let your family and friends know who could be joining David in Parliament.

    David needs to add two more and maybe a third. Wait and see.



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