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  1. Morning all, election day is getting closer and pork barrel politics is well underway. What ongoing economic benefit is this $10m of taxpayers money going to have? Shane buying PI votes.

    Regional Pasifika churches receive $10m from PG

    The government has announced $10 million of funding from the Provincial Growth Fund for the renovation and improvement of Pasifika churches in the regions.

    The money would allow much needed renovations and improvements on many provincial Pasifika churches while providing up to 400 temporary construction jobs, Jones said.



  2. “Shocked”, really? Living in a lofty, rarefied world where taxpayer money is swilled about for pc arty fripperies.

    Creative NZ ‘shocked and disappointed’ after funding decision criticism

    “We’re really shocked and disappointed at recent low blow targeting of artists we’ve funded – we stand by them and our decisions,” it wrote.

    “Ngā toi (the arts) and creativity are crucial for New Zealanders’ wellbeing, especially during a time of crisis such as COVID-19.”

    However some social media users were appalled by their justification.

    “It must be great to have a bottomless pit of free money to give away for things like poetry while small businesses all over the country are going broke and thousands are becoming unemployed,” one wrote.

    “It’s not the concept, it’s the quantity of funding for some particular projects that seems absurd,” another Facebook user commented.

    “You are a joke of an organisation and an embarrassment to all true New Zealanders.”



  3. Get ready for a financial raping folks if we are inflicted with a Shaw/Ardern regime on oct 18th, has that POS horse features said NO to two mums Shaws wealth tax yet.
    With all this shambolic Auckland traffic we’ve been seeing for months lets not forget one of the very 1st things fricking Ardern did was to cancel the last part of the Auckland ring road that would have made travelling around that city far easier, all the land had been purchased and all the planning done, FFS the job was about to start.
    Guess who pressured that disastrous decision ? YEP, beta boy soy boy Shaw and his smelly unwashed group of green communists.



    • Isn’t the wealth tax proposed by the Greens something like 1% on assets over $1M and 2% on assets over $2M? Say you had $10M in assets. So for argument’s sake say it’s all paid at 2%pa. That means if you owned that asset for 50 years, you would have paid the entire value of it in wealth tax. From unrealised assets. Even if you had no income stream.

      They will obviously have to come for family trusts, or it’s a waste of time. So they’ll need to target beneficiaries, who are subject to being changed over time. Many of the beneficiaries will be children.

      I think while I’m still in good health, I’ll make Jacinda a beneficiary of my trust. She can pay 20% of my wealth tax. First sign of a dicky ticker, I’ll bump her off.



  4. Are those two people being charged for the NZ 1st shenanigans who we think they are, and are they close friends of the maggot himself because that will be problematic for the little drunken C- -T ??
    My guess would be they aren’t NZ 1st members on purpose just in case this exact scenario was to appear, it ain’t over by a long shot for the maggot.
    As usual the prick is making the most of what’s been released knowing full well it’s nowhere near over for him personally.



  5. Blatant lying!
    The press conference in March, the video has been found, albeit hidden away,
    Nails what is wrong with Dan Andrews testimony!
    Will the media continue to hide this?

    47 seconds.

    The sad thing, is that the Inquiry is not a “Royal” so only wrist slapping will occur.
    As lying, so patently obvious, is allowed.

    In NZ we must push to a full on Royal Commission inquiry, where there are consequences for saying lies, like fines, gaol.



  6. Judith interviewed. She really has settled into the leadership role, is relaxed, prepared and enjoying electioneering.

    NZ Election 2020: National rejected zero-tax band for low-income earners because they already get help from Work and Income – Judith Collins


    ‘We’ve got to build more houses’, Judith Collins says ahead of policy announcement

    Ahead of National’s housing policy announcement next week, Judith Collins says increasing the supply of affordable housing for low-income New Zealanders is a key step to lifting people out of poverty.



      • Most went to comminity housing groups. Most were old and needed a lot of money spent on them. Many were on large sections that are now better utilized. I think you are on the wrong blog. Bugger off back to your socilaist nirvana wherever that is.



    • So in other words Notional are happy to lock in Working For Families -WFF
      ..good to know
      ..were never going to repeal or remedy WFF
      …so they won’t repeal or remedy Zero Carbon either

      Re Zero Carbon. Lest we forget:-
      Notional committed NZ taxpayers to $1.4 BILLION a year for 10 years -$14 Billion In total – for starters -which is still being paid this year – re the Paris Accord.
      Most other countries said F. This.
      It was a European wank thing, plus NZ

      But Notional will (and did) stop payments to the Super Fund.
      either way now it is borrowed money that is paying a) Paris accord and/or b)The Super Fund

      Given a choice of either/or :-
      I would see money go to the Super Fund – $14 Billion – than some knob end fantasy about climate
      Fkg Notional
      Vote ACT



    • When it comes to who is more comfortable lying between Cindy and Whinny, I give Whinny the edge; mostly it’s due to the length of time he’s been in politics but he is such an arsehole as well (though Cindy is on the fast-track to surpass him).



  7. A woman goes to the funeral home to visit her late husband whose funeral it is the next day.
    Upon seeing the body, she says to the funeral director, “Oh, no, you’ve dressed him in a blue suit! He hated blue and I’ve given all his other suits to charity!”
    The funeral director says, “I’m not sure what we can do at this late hour, but I’ll see what I can do.”
    The next day, the widow returns and asks if they had managed to sort things out and the undertaker says, “Well, as luck would have it a lady came in last night and said her husband was dressed in a grey suit and that he hated grey”.
    “Oh good!”, says the lady.
    ”Yes”, replied the funeral director, “all we had to do was swap the heads”.



  8. Somewhere there will be live streaming of this when it happens.
    Hour and a half for the tragic belt way followers, no adverts either. 🙂

    First presidential debate
    Trump and Biden will go face-to-face in their first debate on
    September 30, 2pm (NZ Time)
    in Cleveland, Ohio. Fox News’ Chris Wallace will be moderating.


    Now will I have the time?, as the forecast is for fine spells increasing, the morning showers past, and a sunny afternoon.



    • I have not seen it and will not but hey, people voted for MMP in 1993
      Peter Shirtcliff started a campaign to change peoples mind at the 11th hour but as he was Chairman of Telecom who had a very bad rep in 1993 this went nowhere.

      To be realistic- Peters only took advantage of a stupid political method that allowed him to leverage a small election result.
      Just saying

      I certainly did not vote for it.
      Even Albania and Romania were smart enough to drop MMP after a brief dance
      NZ – not so much.
      Do stupid things, get stupid results.



  9. Did anyone else spill their morning coffee/tea earlier when on the radio news they had that guy Patman from Otago University on, when the US debate was mentioned, saying that “it is well known most New Zealanders do not agree with the Trump administration”
    Well Mr Patman you do not speak for me or many other thinking Kiwis. It is a travesty that people like you get to teach young New Zealanders.



    • It’s how the Left operate.
      They claim to speak for the entire nation.
      The Mad Queen did it the other day when asked about Hate Speech legislation- She babbled something about ‘New Zealanders as a whole support our proposals’
      But with ZERO fucking evidence to back that up….



    • Yet another dickhead form the shithole of Otago Uni

      Would you expect anything else?
      Not seen it.
      Why bother.

      If I remember from Paul Henry days he was a dour miserable git.

      Otago – the alma mater of Fruity Farrar.
      They are like secret agents of the extreme left who have been buried, then activated in the last few years !!!!



  10. Yes, cut down the health bureaucracy costs and put it into patient health.

    NZ Election 2020: ACT promises to launch independent review into PHARMAC

    The ACT Party plans to launch an independent review of PHARMAC’s operating model and reduce the number of District Health Boards (DHBs) if elected.

    “The decisions made by PHARMAC can mean life or death,” Seymour said.

    “Having access to the right medicines can make the difference in someone’s quality of life, whether they experience chronic pain or whether they’re able to work. We have to get this right.”

    He said the current model was set up 27 years ago, with no material changes since then, but the world of medicine is changing and the model needs to reflect this.

    ACT also announced its plan to reduce the number of DHBs in New Zealand from 20 to six. There would be four in the North Island and two in the South.

    “This will save approximately $50m per year in overhead costs which can be put towards patient care.”



  11. I saw a telling comment on another blog. David Parker ( Min of Environment) brings in new regulations for farmers which include all crops needing to be planted by October 1 which is tomorrow –but half the South Island is covered ion snow at the moment !!!

    The Met Office site says Wellington has a temperature of 11 C but feels like10.2 C. Outside is a clear blue sky and sunbathing would be possible.

    Idiots !!!!



  12. Herald: “Two of the country’s biggest mobile networks have joined forces for a social media takedown of customers criticising their moves to embrace te reo Māori. Vodafone changed its network name from VF New Zealand to VF Aotearoa at the end of Māori language week as part of its ongoing support for te reo.”

    “Aotearoa” = “woke” Therefore, “VF Aotearoa” should be translated as “VF Woke.”



  13. A bit of self-promotion from returning ” brand strategist” expat.

    ‘Provocative’ campaign encourages Kiwis abroad to ‘meddle’ in election, by voting

    A brand strategist is using “provocative” means to get Kiwis abroad to “meddle” in the upcoming election by casting a vote from overseas, as voting from overseas opens today.



  14. We thought Kea was trouble. 😂

    Foul-mouthed parrots removed from park in UK after abusing visitors

    The African parrots have been teaching each other obscenities while they quarantined together in the same room.

    “When you get four or five together that have learned the swearing and naturally learnt the laughing, so when one swears, one laughs and before you know it, it just got to be like an old working men’s club scenario where they are all just swearing and laughing,” Nichols said.



  15. Peters has been quoted as saying:

    …..”“You spend decades building a political reputation, and someone tries to smash it down in a matter of seconds,”.”……

    Reminded me of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s comment: “The louder he talked of his honour, the faster we counted our spoons”.



  16. Snow White sacks the drunken dwarf.
    Not really, but hey, you never know?

    Disney to sack 28,000 US employees due to coronavirus

    Disneyland in California has remained closed because Gov. Gavin Newsom has not allowed theme parks in the state to restart operations. About 32,000 people work at the Disneyland complex and the majority are unionized and have been on furlough since A…




      • Correctisimo Feathered One

        Bathhouse B was rather thick and had a whole backstory made up to ‘legitimise’ the prick.
        a complete stuttering zombie without notes.
        His mother was completely nuts – a self loathing white hater- a bit of an outlier in that time but common now – and he did not move up the ranks with the ‘wife’, Michael.

        Took down Libya which had better education standards and better universal healthcare than USA could dream of.
        Of course if you listened the media scum and utter filth you would not know that.

        Funded insurgents to attack the legitimate Govt of Syria
        Of course if you listened the media scum and pure filth you would not know that.
        Rebadged Al Qaeda – established by the USA in the 1980s -to bring down the Libyan Govt.



  17. Now we’re talking.

    South Korean-Built Mini Nuclear Reactors That “Won’t Melt Down” Approved For US

    Now for the first time South Korean-built key nuclear components will be used in the United States as part of efforts to introduced further safeguards at US facilities. The cutting edge new ‘miniature’ design was previously described in Forbes as a reactor that “doesn’t need the complex back-up power systems that traditional reactors require” and which “won’t melt down or otherwise cause any of the nightmares people think about when imagining the worse for nuclear power.”




  18. Cindy was virtue signalling about NZ climate emissions in the debate and how she would announce a climate emergency if re-elected.

    Judith threw a spanner in the works by replying that as a result of Cindy’s captains call to ban oil and gas it had resulted in more coal than ever being burnt to produce electricity.



  19. Late political analysis report from AP.
    The commie skeleton was arrogant, rude and
    bordering on childish. I believe she was trying to
    portray herself as a ‘decisive’ and ‘strong’ PM.
    Judith shot her down quite well. Golden Shower
    Gower showed his left leaning bias by not allowing
    Judith to talk, and showing his lips were planted firmly
    on Cindy’s ass. I compiled this in depth opinion after
    only 10 minutes. My TV lives to see another day.
    But we won’t if the Marxist mole gets back in.



  20. Judith wiped the floor with Cindy’s ‘lovely’ hair. She even managed to shut Paddy the ghost hunter up on occasion.

    Dear little sheep, tell us your vote:

    Do you vote for hopes and aspirations?

    Or do you vote for factual information and actual figures?

    Umm……. Baaaa?

    Like I said to the boss after the 1st debate (neither of us have ever watched one before), “shame that those who vote for her will be the hardest hit aye!”

    Snigger snigger snigger

    You get what you vote for so be careful out there, and don’t forget to be kind!

    And what’s with the whitest ever murri on the panel afterwards? Hahahaha what a fucking joke.



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