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  1. Excellent heading this morning Ed. Let’s keep moving to the unemployment line. Jesus pose and all.

    I wonder what today will bring?

    Gorgeous day in the Waikato. 🌻
    Have a good one wherever you are! 😎



  2. They are all stealing party policies from each other.

    ‘It’s seriously needed’ – NZ First pledge expansion of free dental care

    NZ First wants to then provide means-tested free dental care to everyone under 26, parents and caregivers, pregnant women and people aged 65 and older – “then to everyone else”.

    “It’s seriously bad,” leader Winston Peters said of the state of accessibility to dental care in NZ. “It’s seriously needed.”

    “It is affordable if it’s on a means-tested basis.”

    It was estimated by NZ First to cost $515 million each year.



  3. NZ Election 2020: Jacinda Ardern slams Paul Goldsmith’s ‘ridiculous and desperate’ claim of $10bn gap in Labour’s financial plan

    Goldsmith, National’s finance spokesperson, has pointed out that Labour’s fiscal plan hasn’t included costings or funding for two expensive election promises, pumped hydro and light rail from Auckland CBD to the airport.

    “Pumped hydro has estimates starting at $4 billion. Yet there is no mention of it in Labour’s pamphlet. Labour can’t have a policy targeting 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2030 without a clear plan to get there and how it will be paid for,” Goldsmith said.

    “Labour’s also promising to reboot its failed light rail project, which has been estimated to cost at least $6 billion… This is at least $10 billion worth of projects that will have to be funded but Labour hasn’t included in its numbers.”



    • Wonder if you were listening to talkback early this am Chuck.
      The calls attacking Trump were the worst I have heard.Some stupid woman saying he should drink disinfectant and others gleeful about his situation.
      There was pushback from some good callers and I think the host copped a heap of texts supportive of Trumpy.



        • The Globalist propaganda arm – the MSM is highly effective.
          Sad but true.

          Yesterday, Friday I had a ‘First Friday ‘ business lunch and there is real fear of Covid the sickness, but not Covid the Globalist tool for reset.
          Business people are now like little children waiting for permission to do the next thing.
          That kills creativity and innovation.

          Then I went to golf and in drinks after I was surprised at the level of Covid fear – remember:- 7 months of constant fearmongering and little else.
          The media filth are a key part of the Fear Equation .

          Then at a daylight saving BBQ- it was a bit cool by then- most surprised at the fear factor and the desire to ‘follow the rules’ despite no-one being able to identify anyone, somebody, they know who has covid.
          But how many people do you know last year who had the flu…and did not need a test to establish that?

          Basically because I have not watched TV in the last six months (why bother) I did not know what was going on!! Ok Then!

          It saddens me that Kiwis are not the bright innovative bunch that they think they are .
          I mean hell, Fonterra still puts milk powder in brown paper bags and exports it like the co-ops did 50 years ago.
          The creativity theory is a c-myth.

          MSM is the propaganda arm of the Globalists and they actually do a good job of a bad actor.

          Sorry, cant see much upside.
          People are simply too lazy to do their own research so are majorly misinformed.
          I suspect the globby warming stuff was a test run to see how gullible people are.
          Tests results in: people are as gullible as all hell.

          Executive summary.
          We’re fucked and the media play their role in fucking us up.



  4. With Trump getting the Chinese flu, what are the chances of Cindy announcing the very same thing. I ask this because the poll numbers of all world leaders, who have gotten the Chinese flu, have gone up.
    What better way to get the public sympathy than to make an announcement that she has it.



    • Something is in the pipeline

      Labour need a hail Mary to save them, their high was to do with March 15. Cindy missed out on her annual celebration of her defining political moment because of Covid. The sentencing was also a bit of a damp squib because it got caught up in the “OMFG Cindy can’t even isolate and isolated country” quarantine fuck-up.

      The left are seeing how there is a twitching corpse of life in “REEEEEEEEE! White Supremacists” after the Chris Wallace debate with Trump this week. You can bet that there is going to be an attempt to bring attention back to Tarrant before the election.

      The current degenerate socialist left is nothing if not predictable.



      • Jeepers.
        I went across to the FruityFarrar Bog as run by the beady-eyed, effeminate, hard left Globalist for the first time in a while.
        What a bog alright.
        Drain that bog!

        Two articles of hate alone yesterday.
        Glee at Trump’s Covid diagnosis and a hit on ‘The Proud Boys’ because they support Trump.

        Fruity clearly does not believe in democracy or two sides presenting a view.
        On that matter he is a total leftard.
        As his contributors point out :- BLM- Burning Looting, Murder – does the damage, not the outfit that Herr Farrar would like to ban- all because they have a Different POV from the proud, white male-hating wee NINO Fruit.

        Kiwibog was once a National Party home but given the LSD flashbacks that Farrar seems to regularly have the people stay there but counter his psychotic ramblings.

        Thanks for the heads up Viking.
        It shows what a class act our Editor and Holy man has done with YSB.
        A valuable service for those of us that can still see the horizon.

        PS. Does Farrar need some medical attention- in the top three inches?



          • I wonder who Judith is using as her polling company? Surely not that old has been one above. Someone who visits there regularly should ask who does Farrah thinks will win the next election. Republicans and Trump, or Biden and the dems. Cindy and Liarbour, or National and Judith.
            No doubt going on his previous form, he will get it wrong in both examples.



            • Key was a Globalist and had strong ties offshore.

              These powers were doing the numbers work for him and I suspect he used Farrar as the local ‘Front’ to make it look local.
              Once Key had done his job – or lack thereof depending on how one views it – he was off quick smart.
              Trump’s election in Nov 2016 was an indication of pushback against the globalists.

              Key’s legacy is : No great South Sea banking system; no RMA reform; Maori’s inside the tent; the mess of the one-off Auckland City merger; Labour held councils up and down the country- moving further across to Green; an open faucet on immigration; no house building to match that large impact; An additional $160 Billion in housing mortgage to bankers with no net new housing/new dwellings to represent it. The rest was treading water for 8 years.
              The only good thing was getting Christchurch back on its feet.

              Farrar pretended the mojo was there (and his own ) but he was a day late and a 100 polls short .
              Fruity is a sad has- been pretender who really does not understand the USA and USA politics.
              I suspect he just cribs off Five Thirty Eight and tries to fake it till he makes it .



          • Sadly Sooty I suspect that is a reflection of the Notional/Vatican party today.

            Ceteris Paribus Collins will be cast aside in latter 2021 and another god botherer – Luxon, as signaled- will take over this facile outfit.
            There are too many people with knives out for Collins to withstand a loss.
            This is notwithstanding the hard words I used when she was elected Leader.

            Collins has campaigned extremely well and full credit to her but the ‘machine’ behind her is a shadow of what is was before Bolger sowed the seeds of decline.
            Until Pres Goodfellow is gone the decline will continue.



      • Viking I followed the same road given what you said. What a cesspool !!!
        Batman, who has TDS on steroids, has made a comment that he too hopes Trump recovers because then he will be around to lose the election in landslide !!!



          • Absolutely Sooty. But he has TDS at a much higher level, which is saying something because DPF is one of the worst I have come across in NZ.

            I have been thinking a bit more about where KB has gone in the last 18 months. Obviously the moderation stuffed it up but I think even more the underlying tone of many of the comments are now just so negative.
            On here we all make a comments against some issues but I think most comments reflect a reasonable happy, positive person behind them. I do not get that feeling from KB, on the fewer and fewer occasions I go there to read the latest.



      • Viking@1316

        And not only DPF personally; the moderators as well. I positted recently the evident fact-based possibility that, by ridiculing The President and his supporters (most recently the Proud Boys), DPF was ipso facto supporting Antifa, BLM and the Dems, and suggesed that DPF was no longer the ‘Free speech’ champion that he likes to portray himself as being.

        The ‘Duty mod’ removed it sans comment, an action which is becoming increasingly common as the mods weild more and more control ( aka ‘Censorship’) on that site, evidently with the owner’s complete apprroval.

        As a result ‘Truth’ and reasoned discourse are becoming rare and exotic flowers on Kiwiblog, and Sic Transit gloria etc. would seem to be appropriate sentiments.

        How the mighty doth fall…



  5. Australia will open the borders to some states.
    Is this cindys lightbulb/shower head moment of Hulun?
    The punters have got a sniff of freedom and are restless.
    They say to fuck with home reno’s, we’re going on holiday in the sun!
    If aussie holidayers have to quarantine, the local tourist attractions/motels are going to die!
    Along with restaurants and cafes.
    You watch for some pacific islands to open for business!
    Will this lose the election for the poor dear?
    It may do, as kiwis vote on their way out to the aeroplane!



  6. Lol, someone buy Grant Dalton a beer:

    In another email, he declines an invitation to a seminar to identify risks for next year’s event, saying “I would rather staple my c*** to a burning building [than] attend a Health and Safety briefing — are you kidding me, that would be the most f****** boring arse covering load of mind numbing bullocks ever invented”.



  7. When someone says, “I wish he would die!” because another person holds beliefs and opinions that they do not agree with, the alarm bells should start ringing.
    “Death to our enemies” is the cry of the fanatic.



  8. When rumors of a dangerous flu emerged from Wuhan, China, last December, the Taiwanese reacted fast. Carrying the memory of the 2003 SARS epidemic, they rushed to buy face masks, threatening to deplete local supplies. In the city of Tainan, an engineer named Howard Wu created a fix: a mapping system to track available masks, using Google GPS and Places API. The platform was an immediate hit. Tang reached out to Wu and secured funding from Google to support and extend the project, which eventually inspired a similar system in South Korea. By spring, the Taiwanese government was managing the supply and distribution of cheap N95-type masks through neighborhood pharmacies. All 24 million residents of Taiwan could buy a certain number per week, at any pharmacy, based on their national health insurance card. Long lines got shorter, and people went about social distancing with confidence. The success of this model — Taiwan has had fewer than 500 total cases and just seven deaths — was what attracted the Dos Monos rappers to Tang.


    Good read all round. Perhaps someone might wave it in cindy’s eyes.



  9. Why is is that socialists are so lacking in self-awareness, they are such broken human beings

    Mandy Hagar (yes the sister to the hate filled, lying weasel Nicky) has these lovely words on her Twitter account “..trying to spread love and compassion, one book at a time..”

    Aww isn’t that nice, she must be such a “kind” person. I bet she never has a bad word to say against anybody – especially if she doesn’t agree with them.

    So it must have been her rat-faced brother who stole kind, loving, compassionate sister’s Twitter account and posted this gem about David Seymour’s correct analysis that the plastic bag ban was just virtue-signalling.

    “Fuck off Mandy, you dark-hearted, hate-filled totalitarian monster, your wish to censor legitimate political debate is a far bigger threat to your kids future than David Seymour ever could be.”

    There, I feel overwhelmed that I too have now had a chance to taste from the same cup of love and compassion as Mandy Hagar – boy oh boy I feel full to the brim after that virtue-signal, although that cloak of sanctimony is making it a bit hot (or is just the fact that like Hagar the horribless, I just moved a few paces closer to hell.



  10. Priorities of Maori Party with taxpayer money in a recession… Wouldn’t housing be a better investment

    The Māori Party has promised to invest $29 million into kapa haka – with $19 million to go towards the world’s largest kapa haka competition Te Matatini – amid concerns around “funding inequalities” in the arts sector.



  11. Make yourself a drink and read through this. Its lengthy.

    Government Inquiries and Working Groups.

    1 Investigation in Waikato DHB CEO Nigel Murray $174,467
    2 Govt review to look at how to control prison population
    3 Govt reviews six contracts for new charter schools
    4 Review of Christchurch Regeneration Anchor projects $78,893
    5 Tax Working Group $4,000,000
    6 Housing Stocktake Report $32,455
    7 Ministerial Advisory Group established for Health $300,000
    8 Investigation into NZDF water contamination $3,800,000
    9 Irrigation funding review $110,000
    10 KiwiFund Bill $42,377
    11 Inquiry into fuel pipe outage
    12 NCEA Review $3,500,000
    13 Digital Economy and Digital Inclusion Ministerial Advisory Group $2,313,000
    14 Independent Climate Commission $3,615,000
    15 Kauri dieback programme review
    16 Chief Technology Officer $500,000
    17 Independent Expert Advisory Panel Review of the Reserve Bank $46,626
    18 Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act review
    19 Productivity Commission inquiry into Local Government funding and financing $2,200,000
    20 Primary Growth Partnership review $100,000
    21 Waste Minimisation Act review
    22 Mental Health inquiry $6,521,000
    23 Joint Working Group on Pay Equity Principles Reconvened $20,000
    24 Local Government Commission review
    25 Film Industry Working Group $12,000
    26 Pike River Recovery Agency $35,000,000
    27 Institute of Small Business
    28 Royal Commission of Inquiry into historical abuse in state care $80,000,000
    29 NZ foreign aid spending review
    30 Auckland Housing Working Group
    31 National Bowel Screening Programme $250,000
    32 Dairy Industry Restructuring Act review
    33 Abortion law reform $515,000
    34 Whistleblowing law review
    35 Human Rights Commission culture review $5,000
    36 Review of Tomorrow’s Schools $45,453
    37 World Digital Rights Working Group $26,000
    38 Upper North Island Supply Chain Strategy working group $850,000
    39 Public Media Advisory Group $1,381,000
    40 Public Media Funding Commission
    41 EQC Independent Ministerial Advisor
    42 Investigation into boosting trans-Tasman business and exports
    43 Review into how Australia and New Zealand can work together digitally
    44 Bid to host International Working Group on Women in Sport $1,815,000
    45 Charities Act review
    46 Insurance contract law review $40,000
    47 Freedom Camping Working Group
    48 Provincial Growth Fund Panel $528,000
    49 Tobacco tax review
    50 Broader Economy and Inclusion Network
    51 Southern Response inquiry
    52 Future Technology Leadership Group $450,000
    53 Crown/Māori Relations hui $84,312
    54 Residential Tenancies Act review
    55 EQC inquiry $3,300,000
    56 Dolphin Threat Management Plan review $280,000
    57 Defence Capability Plan review $90,000
    58 Criminal Cases Review Commission $14,600,000
    59 Monetary Policy Decisions Committee $1,200,000
    60 NZ Business Performance Panel $23,500
    61 Local Government Road Safety Summit $11,542
    62 Takata Recall Oversight Group
    63 Early Learning Strategic Plan Reference Group $56,640
    64 Early Learning Strategic Plan Ministerial Advisory Group $47,400
    65 Future of Work Ministerial Group
    66 2014 family justice system reforms Independent Panel $2,000,000
    67 Whānau Ora Review Panel $800,000
    68 Inquiry into Operation Burnham $7,000,000
    69 NZ Racing review $81,353
    70 Refresh of the Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan
    71 Independent panel on nurses pay $45,301
    72 Progressive and inclusive Trade for All Agenda
    73 IGIS Reference Group $21,000
    74 Interim Climate Change Committee $3,615,000
    75 Power price review $1,500,000
    76 Criminal Justice Summit $1,625,360
    77 Internal review into Renew Energy waste-to-energy scheme $5,425
    78 Review of the Funded Family Care policy
    79 Review of culture at MSD $331,110
    80 New infrastructure agency
    81 Primary Sector Council
    82 Review of Marlborough schools co-location
    83 Three waters review $1,500,000
    84 Review of entrepreneur work visas
    85 AI action plan $100,000
    86 Wider review of the RMA
    87 Three-way forum on Future of Work
    88 Education Summits $3,119,000
    89 Education Summit Advisory Group
    90 Education sector group taskforce (Joint Taskforce on Reducing Compliance) $5,500
    91 Consulting on Govt approach to social investment $800,000
    92 Curriculum, Progress and Achievement Ministerial Advisory Group $158,720
    93 Stocktake of ethnic diversity on public sector boards
    94 MPI “reorganisation” $6,000,000
    95 Review into ITP sector $217,217
    96 Review of Working for Families
    97 Investigation into Filipino builders
    98 Forestry advisory group $6,000,000
    99 Animal welfare hui $10,000
    100 Fair Pay Agreement team $300,000
    101 Review of TIF criteria
    102 Paid Parental Leave review
    103 Study to measure in-work poverty $120,000
    104 Curriculum, Progress and Achievement Reference Group $70,000
    105 Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal $8,000,000
    106 Child Poverty Unit $7,900,000
    107 RMA oversight unit $3,100,000
    108 Home-based ECE review $2,300,000
    109 New central agent to lead national family and sexual violence strategy $2,000,000
    110 Child Wellbeing Unit $700,000
    111 Family justice system reforms expert reference group
    112 Independent Fiscal Institution
    113 Crown Property High Country Advisory Group $36,000
    114 Review of the Government’s use of algorithms $50,000
    115 Funding review of risk-index
    116 Just Transitions Unit $300,000
    117 Just Transitions Summit
    118 Secret ACC review $77,166
    119 Power price review $1,525,000
    120 Holidays Act task force $500,000
    121 Review of the health system
    122 Meth testing review $86,500
    123 Building product quality controls review
    124 National Sword taskforce on plastic waste
    125 Housing and Urban Development Ministry $30,000,000
    126 Safe and Effective Justice Programme Advisory Group $1,300,000
    127 National archives and libraries work programme
    128 Investigation into the Whakatohea Maori Trust Board $162,625
    129 Review of DHB alteration of after hours mental health service
    130 Construction Skills Action Plan $97,585
    131 Review of RUC rebate scheme
    132 Inquiry into Wally Haumaha $150,000
    133 Reference Panel for Green Investment Fund $75,000
    134 Firearms policy review
    135 Advisory group of principals and teachers to consult on NCEA review
    136 Wool Summit $11,347
    137 Financial Inclusion Industry Forum (FIIF) $10,000
    138 Wool working group
    139 Maori Education expert think tank $51,674
    140 National tattoo removal strategy
    141 Psychoactive substances working group
    142 Kahui Wai Māori – the Māori Freshwater Forum $890,000
    143 Trade for All Advisory Board $48,400
    144 Investigation into bus safety
    145 Small Business Council $135,000
    146 Game Animal Council review
    147 Review of Camping-Grounds Regulations 1985
    148 Review of freedom camping compliance regime
    149 Review of national consistency through camping zones
    150 Review of self-contained motor caravan administration system
    151 Review of the Freedom Camping Act 2011
    152 Review of Pacific immigration
    153 Review of temporary work visas
    154 Overseas Investment Act review for water
    155 Open Government Ministerial Advisory Group
    156 Review of MPs pay
    157 Māori justice summit
    158 Regional justice summits
    159 Special victims’ conference
    160 Māori education wānanga
    161 Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council
    162 Racing Industry Transitional Agency (RITA)
    163 Racing NZ Consultative Forum
    164 Special review of the structure efficacy of the RIU and Allied Integrity Bodies
    165 Inquiry into Meka Whaitiri’s assault
    166 Urban Development Authority
    167 Review into Bella Vista
    168 Whitebait working group $37,000
    169 Dunedin hospital delay working group
    170 Office for Māori Crown Relations: Te Arawhiti
    171 Review of the CTO role
    172 Food Industry Taskforce
    173 Inquiry into leak of Whaitiri report
    174 International Visitor Levy Governance Group
    175 Family violence joint venture $2,000,000
    176 Review into 1080 drop
    177 Ministerial Group on the Construction Workforce
    178 Review of Vocational Education and Training
    179 Fuel price margins inquiry
    180 Freshwater Leaders Group
    181 Freshwater Science and Technical Advisory Group
    182 Greater Christchurch Claims Resolution Service $4,350,000
    183 Fuel Price Inquiry $1,500,000
    184 Mental Health inquiry (Working Group after inquiry – 21 member team) $0
    185 Inquiry into bullying in Parliament $200,000
    186 Market study into NZ fuel prices $1,500,000
    187 Water contamination around Ohakea and Woodbourne air bases $3,800,000

    Resource Management Review Panel




  12. Trump walking to his helicopter to be flown to Walter Reed Hospital. If he does require hospital care for Covid we won’t see the president stretchered or helped out of the White House looking helpless. Politically an astute move.

    I will never forget it’: Trump gives thanks for ‘tremendous support’ as he goes to hospital

    President Donald Trump has thanked everyone via video as he moved to hospital for the “tremendous” outpouring of support he received after his positive COVID-19 diagnosis.



  13. Michale Dowling with the COLFO voting guide, succinct and to the point:

    Fair and Reasonable
    Dear Alice,

    Last night we held our National Firearms Debate in Masterton. As we had hoped, was a mix of tough questions, debate, fun. If you didn’t watch it live, you can replay it via our Facebook, and YouTube sites.

    And today we are releasing our How to Vote Guide:
    We’ve prepared a detailed table of the political parties’ firearms policies here.

    We’ve also summarised our advice below.

    Party Vote

    This election, COLFO urges voters who want to protect or affect shooting sports rights, to be bluntly realistic with their party votes. Don’t vote for any party that has been hostile to our rights. Do vote for parties that have shown they stand with us. How they’ve voted in Parliament is critical. What they say they intend for the future is less relevant.

    But something else is just as important. Will your vote put someone or keep someone in Parliament? If not, that vote is wasted. Completely. It may actually help hostile parties. If your preferred party is not reasonably sure to get over 5% of the party votes, don’t vote for it. They will not be in Parliament. Your vote will be useless.

    For this election, it looks as if only ACT and National will be in Parliament, of the parties who respect our rights. Protest votes are hardly ever influential. In this election, do not throw your vote away.

    Constituency or Electorate Vote?

    It does not matter much for shooting sports rights which candidate gets your electorate or constituency member vote. Of course we’d hope that you did not support individuals who have been hostile. But for this election no constituency MP vote is likely to make the slightest difference to which party forms the government. And who governs is what matters above all, this time around.

    You could use your electorate vote to say ‘thank you’ to candidates who have shown their respect for our rights. It will not affect which parties rule.

    How not to vote

    Do not give your party vote to the Greens or Labour. It would strengthen them.

    They’ve been painting licenced firearms owners as the real villains. A Labour-Green Government unhampered by NZ First could make the existing situation far worse.

    A vote for NZ First is likely to be pointless now, even if you think they kept a brake on the worst that Labour and the Greens wanted to do to us. That is not a judgment on their policies. Simply that there appears to be no prospect of them making the 5% MMP threshold for returning to Parliament.

    Giving your vote to any party unlikely to be in Parliament just means it is shared among the parties who are in Parliament, in rough proportions according to their party voting success. In short, a vote for a party unlikely to be in Parliament may mean in effect that most of your vote is shared among Labour and the Greens, if they get the most votes. At the moment it appears that only ACT, National, the Greens and Labour are likely to be in Parliament.

    It is conceivable that the Maori Party will be there, off the back of success in a Maori Electorate. From our experience of trying to interest Maori electorate MPs in the risks of bad firearms law on Maori, there is no point wasting your party vote on the Maori Party, if you are concerned about good law in this area.

    Unhappily we also have to caution you when considering a vote for New Conservative, despite them having firearms policy we can applaud. COLFO realises that this advice will be hurtful to some. We wish we could reward the New Conservative party policy, but a ‘reward” vote that does not affect who is in Parliament is not a sensible vote. The brutal reality of the MMP 5% threshold means that for this election a shooting sports vote for New Conservative will be useless unless they get 5%. That looks unlikely on current polling.

    Our role to inform LFOs
    COLFO is politically non-aligned. That means we are not members of, or beholden to any political party. But nor can we be politically neutral. We have to urge you to vote for the parties that will have practical power in Parliament to value, protect and advance the rights and interests of our members and supporters.

    COLFO hopes that we will be able to encourage voting support for more parties in the next election.

    But we can’t wish success for political parties and politicians who are hostile to our rights and interests. And part of our role is to make sure you know which party is in which category.

    That does not mean we refuse to engage with hostile parties. We will help them understand unintended consequences to minimise the damage they might do. But for an organisation like COLFO, set up to guard legislated rights, election time is when we need to steer votes to where they will do most good, and avoid most bad.

    So our voting guide has to be ruthlessly realistic. At each election, COLFO will not beat about the bush. We will tell you how we think you can have the most influence with your vote. Election time is the only time most of us get to tell politicians what to do, decide who will exercise power over us, and how they treat us.

    If you want to understand more about the individual firearm policies of every party contesting this election see our how to vote guide by clicking here.

    Repeated studies show that most New Zealanders still struggle to understand the details of how MMP works. If your interested, there is a good summary on our website.

    So let’s stick together this election, and make sure the voice of licenced firearms owners is heard.

    Thank you for your support,

    Michael Dowling
    Council of Licenced Firearms Owners



    • ……”a shooting sports vote for New Conservative will be useless unless they get 5%. That looks unlikely on current polling.”……

      At least the COLFO live in the real world. A vote for the religious nuts may be tempting because of the “add ons” to their manifesto which they hoped might push their Trojan horse over the line. It serves as a timely reminder that the NZ Conservatives don’t give a flying fuck for shooters’ rights, landowners’ rights or 90% of their own policies. They’re there to flesh out their core desire which is to deliver a 1950’s version of NZ to God.

      If you wish to see out your days on your knees praying to something that doesn’t exist then ticking the “New Conservative” box on your voting paper should do the trick.



  14. Covid Cindy has voted already.
    If you are not sure, I wold advise to hold of till the last day and then vote. You can bet your balls that labour will stuff it up between now and then, guaranteed! Do any of you think that Phail Phill, robba, the black tracker could just put something in their cake hole! They just can’t help themselves!



  15. Why do we have early voting? I remember having to in 2005 due to an overseas trip, and I had to prove it….tickets etc. It seems unnecessary, and stupid too. Anything might happen in the next two weeks. Can somebody explain what’s changed please?



    • Labour voters don’t vote as often if Election Day is wet. Or can’t be bothered getting out of bed for anything less than Joseph Parkers next fight in Manakau So to cater for the feckless and fucking lazy the voting period is now 2 weeks long because even the most lazy Maori will visit the store for piss and fags in that time, and maybe even vote, if they can be fucked registering



  16. A near majority of Jews dominated the top ten to twenty leaders of the Russian Bolshevik Party’s first twenty years and the Soviet Union’s secret police was “one of the most Jewish” of all of its institutions.

    During the Cold War, Jews, mostly from Eastern Europe, accounted for 40–50% of the American Communist Party’s membership, and counter to the denial of American Jewish publicists, Jews played a “disproportionately important role” in Soviet and world Communism until the early 1950s.




  17. A great turn out on The Esplanade today waving signs for Team Bishop and National. Bloody windy down there but we all had fun. Was amused by the lovely 60’s something minimum dears driving along pulling the Fuck You bird. That just gives us something to laugh and cheer about you vacuous, befuddled old cunts! Anyway good toots and thumbs up for South Hutt area, I would put my money on Bishop this year and here’s hoping Mallard and Ginny get the arse card.



  18. “Communism and internationalism are in truth and in fact great virtues. Judaism may be justly proud of these virtues”

    Harry Watan, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 80



    • “…What amazes me about Rabbi Harry Waton, is the combination of intellectual brilliance with blinkering. He identifies with the pre-Stalin Jewish Bolsheviks yet, despite the ideological universalism he proclaims, ignores and denies the cruelty and totalitarianism of the system they created.”

      Brilliance with blinkering.

      “An elephant is like a piece of rope!”, one blind man said…
      The parable of the blind men and an elephant is a story of a group of blind men who have never come across an elephant before and who learn and conceptualize what the elephant is like by touching it. Each blind man feels a different part of the elephant’s body, but only one part, such as the side or the tusk. They then describe the elephant based on their limited experience and their descriptions of the elephant are different from each other. In some versions, they come to suspect that the other person is dishonest and they come to blows. The moral of the parable is that humans have a tendency to claim absolute truth based on their limited, subjective experience as they ignore other people’s limited, subjective experiences which may be equally true.” Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blind_men_and_an_elephant

      Rabbi Waton was a blind man. Communism was the elephant in the room.



      • “We Jews, we the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do, will meet our needs and demands. We will destroy because we need a world of our own.”

        Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, page 155



        • Maurice Samuel was a novelist, translator and lecture.
          Like a priest, a poet or a politician, he had words to thank for his position. (A line stolen from the Police.)

          I think his writing was a little sensational, to put it mildly.



        • That’s a little careless of him.
          I get the feeling he has little worldy experience, having been born into and raised in a sheltered community, with little to no understanding of how the world works or with much empathy to the ways of the “other” i.e., people outside of his group.



  19. Biden and Bernie have promised a 700% increase in refugees. “Congratulations Minnesota”.

    ‘Lock her up’: Trump crowd chants against Ilhan Omar

    A crowd of Donald Trump’s fans have broken into a “lock her up” chant after the president spoke about claims linking “crooked” Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar to illegal ballot harvesting in Minneapolis.



  20. For those curious about what role Comey played, in the Russian collusion hoax.

    A family affair.

    “James Comey was not questioned about his relationship with Peter Comey in his confirmation hearing. DLA Piper is the firm that performed the independent audit of the Clinton Foundation in November during Clinton-World’s first big push to put the email scandal behind them.
    DLA Piper’s employees taken, as a whole, represent a major Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign donation bloc and Clinton Foundation donation base.”


    Clinton aide in hacked email: Need to ‘clean up’ Obama answer on email server

    New Zealand helping the cause.

    Confirmed: $5.5m For The Clinton Foundation In 2018/19
    This is in addition to NZ$8m given to the organisation since 2014.

    JUL 11, 2019
    James Comey’s daughter is a lead prosecutor on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case.



    Maurene Comey’s husband (US Attorney Lucas Issacharoff) has taken over the Ghislaine Maxwell case

    August 10. Epstein dead.

    James Comey’s wife is Patrice Failor a tragic Hillary supporter.



  21. Hello all you YSB reprobates – it’s been a while so I thought I’d post a quick gudday. Just having a few drinks with my mad Jap chef flattie and watching the sun slowly recede over the Waitaks.

    Nasska – most disappointed to see our taxes going to church building. Even more disappointing that in the current climate I see little point in objecting to it. It seems the current mood is that nothing should be off limits for Labour Party largess (bribery).

    Maggy W – my spud earlies (Jersey Bennes) are just about ready so will sing out when I’ve put a box on a truck for you (2 weeks?)

    Regards to Ed and my love to all.




  22. Big Tech pushed to make changes.
    Thanks AG Barr.

    Google agrees to pay news publishers $1 billion for content

    Google said a new format, called the News Showcase, will allow publishers to decide what content will be displayed on its search platform.

    The company said it will also pay some of the content producers to include premium articles at no cost to readers.

    Google’s agreement will pay producers more than $1 billion over three years and will begin immediately.




  23. Canterbury District Health Board ‘stunned’ by $180 million cash injection from government

    Clinicians and doctors at Canterbury District Health Board are stunned by the Government’s deficit-matching cash injection, but say it leaves many problems unresolved.

    Health Minister Chris Hipkins on Thursday met with management and clinical leaders to discuss their dire financial situation, at the same time announcing a $180 million equity injection.


    Elected board members spoken to by RNZ were not aware the minister was in Christchurch on Thursday and were not invited to the meeting.




  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40bIOS8NrdU
    Tucker: The left’s shocking reaction to Trump’s diagnosis

    Twitter to suspend accounts wishing death on President

    I see Boris phoned to give his best wishes to President Trump but Cindy’s office asked the embassy to pass on NZ’s best wishes. She hasn’t been given the presidents office phone number or guessed rightly that a personal phone call wouldn’t be welcome.



  25. When President Trump, a so called “obese” 72 year old by his detractors recovers from the Wuhan Flu, what next? Won’t look good for those touting its death ray like effects…
    But don’t forget. Wash your hands. Be Kind. It’s the New Normal.



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