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  1. So the creature Ardern has signed us up for the Belt and Road initiative with the Virus maker the CCP and today is the 1st I have heard of it, thanks again Peters you Maggotty little Bastard.
    Its being reported by the Epoch Times this morning FFS.



    • So it seems like something has been agreed, but perhaps to be kept under wraps until after the election?

      September 28, 2020 Updated: October 1, 2020
      New Zealand and China will upgrade its free trade agreement (FTA) within the framework of the controversial Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), according to a report by Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN) on Sept. 25.

      Gao Feng, a spokesperson from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), reportedly announced the news at the virtual China–New Zealand Joint Committee of Trade and Economy meeting on Sept. 23.

      The rest of that article is behind a paywall.
      Just a few months ago, obviously trying to stay with the agenda.

      June 16 2020
      New Zealand and China are still hashing out plans to work together on the controversial Belt and Road Initiative, …..
      The two countries signed a “memorandum of arrangement” in March 2017 to develop a work plan for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) within 18 months.

      However, a change of government in New Zealand later that year delayed the completion of the plan, with Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters expressing scepticism about the speed at which the National government had signed on to the deal, and concerns about Chinese-funded aid projects in the Pacific.

      While Trade and Export Growth Minister David Parker’s visit to the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing last year seemed to augur a change of tack, there has been little public discussion from the Government about the state of talks.

      However, heavily redacted briefings from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), released to Newsroom under the Official Information Act, show negotiations between Chinese and New Zealand officials on a work plan were still taking place late last year. [2019]

      In October 2019, ministry officials wrote to Peters seeking his agreement for the next stage of talks, noting Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s commitment to progress the work plan “as soon as possible” during her visit to Beijing earlier that year. …..

      Like rust they never sleep, and keep going with their agenda.

      Could you trust the Labour and Greens to do even a half good deal with the “tar baby” of the Chinese Communist Party? hmmm. 🙁



    • Will Labour be signing NZ up to a ‘debt trap’?

      During the meeting, the two sides exchanged in-depth views and reached consensus on deepening bilateral cooperation


      So the experience of David Parker, yeah right, while the Labour Party & Greens may see this as a “free” money tree.

      So one can see the good & the bad.
      China seems to be a tad hungry.

      In the first eight months of 2020, China’s milk powder and mutton imports from New Zealand increased by 8.6 percent and 10.7 percent, respectively.
      China is one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing sources of foreign investment, and the two-way investment exceeds 8 billion U.S. dollars.


      What price is the NZ soul?




    Doesn’t have the same ring as ‘New Zealand’ but I’m just a fuddy-duddy apparently for not wanting to change our name to something no one can spell let alone, pronounce.

    It’s a beautiful Sunday 🙂 But I still hate fuckin’ lefties, commies and the woke.

    I hope Donald is feeling better soon!!!



  3. We watched the Netflix doco drama ” Social Dilemma ” last night. Some interesting stuff in it but also a couple of things that were blatantly false. But it clearly shows the big tech guys make the GCSB look like playschool kids.

    Anyone else watched it? I would be interested in your views.



    • We watched “Social Dilemma” a couple of weeks ago and has been interesting listening to comments from others since. I barely ever check my FB page but have noticed since watching the programme I get plenty of reminders from FB to. Tough on kids not having had any life without constant social media connection. “Social Dilemma” (on Netflix) is worth a looks and makes you aware of the manipulation by social media sites.



        • I heard a story of a grandmother annoyed at her visiting grandchildren constantly using their phones and not interacting. She put an old cell phone in a glass of water on the dining room table and when the kids asked her why she said that whenever she sees a cellphone she has to drop it in water. She never saw their cellphones again during their visit. 👏👏



    • I watched the first ten to fifteen minutes of it a few weeks ago.
      I am in IT. There was nothing new and basically what I had known for years .

      I have run parallel to Microsoft for 30 years so know what they are capable of- technically, not a lot but I gave up decades ago trying to educate the great unwashed of that.
      They buy in most of their technology – and even then do not understand it as is superior to their intellect and the product withers on the vine.
      William Henry Gates III (call me Bill) is a fraud and always has been.
      See the way he treated Paul Allen when he got cancer in their early years, yet he was the technical intellect.

      Google started out great then took a hard left turn circa 2013- at the time they dropped the ‘Don’t be evil’ gig .
      Russia bad, oh, except when it is Sergey Brin 🙂

      Look at the companies run by Indians and know they are crooked. The Indians are puppets for….

      I joined fakebook 10 or so years ago. You can’t really delete it and it loads onto your PC even if you never signed up to it. I abandoned it after 2 years and very little use and blocked emails from it.

      The bit I saw had valid points but I ran out of the enthusiasm juice pretty quickly.
      If people can’t work this out already….
      But for say 16 year olds I imagine it would be good. Better than nothing.

      you say
      “the big tech guys make the GCSB look like playschool kids.”
      Yep. That is what I have been saying for years. all this fear over Russia and China and their spying- they ain’t got nothing on all those Yank tech companies who will kill off any competition (see Tiktok) so the Notional Party idea of have an Tech centre in NZ is farcical.
      …but people get their paranoia from the carefully worded messages on MSM.



  4. Jeeeeeez someone better have a word in Alfies ear and tell him to stop pumping because Robbo is about to explode.
    These lefties just love their subsidised Kai ,there’s no doubt about it just look around the caucus they are gaining kgs as fast as they are giving away other people’s money.



  5. I hate Labour. I hate the Greens. I hate communism and
    I loathe the control freak that is pretending to be a Prime
    Minister, when she is actually an evil dictator.
    This is the most corrupt and dirty government in
    New Zealand’s history. Treason, committed by self
    serving and greedy politicians who don’t care that
    the country is ruined and bankrupt. Hell wouldn’t
    want these bastards.



      • 😆 😆
        Parliament doesn’t own them all. Our local council has a bloody big collection of the wastrells and communists.
        We have had a private waste collection for over 20 years. Council did the right thing and sold it off.
        Now the fucking communist bastards under Tenby Powell have ruled they are taking it back and giving it to the chows. No compensation to any of the current contractors. Just blatant theft of their property rights and the ratepayers property rights. Then they are going to stick the rate payers with an increased cost and a much lesser service.
        Evil bastards.
        Want to see the rubbish guys go to court and get and injunction against the council as the don’t own any of this.
        Tauranga council as a fucking disgrace.
        There’s more to come. They fucked up on Bella Vista and now the truth is being given daylight. They have fucked up over leaky buildings and much more.
        They are way short of being an anyway a successful council. More sacking needed. Maybe even someone put in to run the place.



  6. Selling one’s soul, their sovereignty, their reasoning to the UN Global Migration Pact.
    Record numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel are “not a threat” to Britain, and could even be a boon for taxpayers, the United Nations (UN) has claimed. …..
    ……. the international body argued that Britain should open new channels that would allow many more low and no-skilled third world migrants to enter the country legally in order to deter individuals from paying people traffickers. …….
    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ ….. …… that the thousands of people who have broken into Britain in recent months were not a problem. ……
    Taking aim at “the sort of narrative that we’re seeing in the media and elsewhere that suggests these arrivals by boat present… a danger, a threat to the UK, when in fact [illegal immigrants are taking] simply a different route,” the UN official insisted that third world migrants are “not a threat”. ……
    …… popular destination for migrants due to its reputation as a “champion in terms of multiculturalism”, and called for the government to create “safe, legal routes” for migration.
    ….. complained, explaining that the government limits claims to members of the nuclear family, such as parents and children. …
    The UN ….. ….. a huge expansion of chain migration would “not be a massive burden” on Britain and its welfare system and public services.
    Other ways Britain could reduce the number of people migrating illegally would be to open up legal pathways for unqualified, low-wage labourers from the third world to resettle in Britain, as well as with an expansion in “study visas”, the UNHCR representative said.
    However, she warned …. ….. asserting that immigration to first world countries is set to soar.
    “The notion that any individual country can seal itself off” from mass, third world migration is “impractical and unrealistic”, she said.
    ….. claimed she had “seen a study” which showed that migrants contributed more to the UK treasury than they cost in services. ….
    ….. In fact, EU-sponsored, pro-immigration researchers from University College London found that migration from outside Europe cost British taxpayers £118 billion between 1995 and 2011.
    Studies from across Europe have come to similar conclusions, finding that third world migrants and their descendants are significantly more likely to be unemployed or in low-paid work than indigenous populations.
    The UN’s call for Britain to expand opportunities for chain migration comes days after NGOs, along with a cadre of more than 70 so-called celebrities, made similar demands for the government to greatly boost immigration from the world’s poorest countries through family reunification. ……


    How will the Labour Party, and the Greens negotiate, debate and argue with the UN.
    As already proven, they just sign up, and very happy to give away NZ sovereignty to the UN, as did NZ First.
    Just look at the reasoning used, well mindless memes as if they are the truth.

    Do they really care for the current New Zealand citizens?
    Or just another way to wreck the New Zealand way of life for the UN fodder for the UN Agenda 21/30 +50

    Just pull out of the UN, if this is they way they think, reason, work, and indoctrinate.



    • Posted this last night but since you’ve mentioned the UN Global Migration Pact. Trump at his best rarking up the crowd at Minnesota rally by questioning Biden’s intention to increase the already large Somalian refugee numbers in Minnesota.

      Biden and Bernie have promised a 700% increase in refugees. “Congratulations Minnesota”.

      ‘Lock her up’: Trump crowd chants against Ilhan Omar

      A crowd of Donald Trump’s fans have broken into a “lock her up” chant after the president spoke about claims linking “crooked” Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar to illegal ballot harvesting in Minneapolis.

      Get well POTUS.



      • Biden & Bernie hmmmm
        Whilst Biden is trying to play “inshallah” both ways, there is still the bottom line reverent intent of the 700%

        Tuesday’s debate marks at least the second time that Biden has publicly said ‘Inshallah’.

        Taken literally, the term “inshallah,” consists of three Arabic words (In sha’ Allah) which translate into “if God wills it.” Spiritually it represents a submission to God’s will.
        [submit to allah via Mohammad, koran, hadith & sira, with the ummah.]

        Sure it has the colloquial way of meaning “never”, but look at the policy Biden laid out, to gain more votes, as he seeks ongoing Presidency.

        Biden had set specific targets that will increase refugee resettlement in the United States.
        His plan would aim to admit 125,000 refugees to the U.S. (that’s up from a ceiling of 18,000 under Trump, and more than Obama admitted).
        In his announcement last week, he added a new pledge: to work with Congress to establish a minimum admissions number of at least 95,000 refugees annually.
        In addition to those actions, Biden has promised to pursue policies that increase opportunities for faith and local communities to sponsor refugee resettlement.
        I will make more channels, such as higher education visas, available to those seeking safety.
        I will repeal the Muslim ban—and other discriminatory bans based on ethnicity and nationality—and restore asylum laws, including ending the horrific practice of separating families at our border.


        Now just what are the Greens and Labour’s intent for New Zealand, when the pressure from the CCP virus is eased.
        Considering we know that Ardern backed imam Gamal Fouda’s Christchurch Call, for “hate speech” laws.



  7. Well done Boeing. They are shifting the manufacturing of their 787 aircraft to South Carolina.

    The Governor of Washingston state is now bleating ” Let me be clear. Once the market for aircraft improves Boeing must bring these jobs back to Washington State”. Typical leftie –thinks he has control over a private business. Doesn’t understand that to shift this type of manufacturing operations will costs tens of millions, if not more so the decision is not made lightly. Add that to the obvious denial of probably the key reason to move –he and the Seattle mayor have made the place shithole.



  8. Auckland Central looks interesting. Colmar Brunton has Labour – 35% , National – 30% & Greens 26%.

    Given the National lady came into the race late and had little public profile beforehand, she is doing well.



  9. Education is the key battleground, we need to return to education and not indoctrination as the priority

    You can’t make this shit up. So this is the week where:
    – on Tuesday evening Covid Cindy categorically stated she had “No intention to reform the RMA”
    – then on Thursday lunchtime Covid Cindy did the biggest flip flop EVAH and announced the repeal of the RMA

    A clearly insane Marxist school Principal tweeted out about National that “…you just can’t believe them. Their leaders lie. Their leaders mislead. They are a flip flop party right now.

    She should be fired immediately. We can’t have kids being indoctrinated by people who are so clearly politically and morally corrupt. This, from a Principal, someone who is charged with running the school, being a thought leader and a defender of politically neutrality in school.

    Utter human garbage like Cherie in schools are the reason that the country is in trouble. Education has to be fixed, politics has to be taken out of schools, education has to be the sole priority and there has to be diversity of thought in all education.establishments.



  10. Assistance Requested.
    I have a thirty something son who basically swallows all of the msm lies about Donald Trump. He doesn’t believe that the media can possibly be as biased as they actually are.

    Can anyone point me to a video that covers the bs dished out about Trump which shows what the media said and a clip of what he actually said? I have seen a number around incidents such as Charlotesville and Mexicans being rapists etc but don’t recall a single video covering several instances.

    I would be grateful for any suggestions.



    • Hi Curious. And welcome. I’m not sure I’ve seen posts from you before, but it’s always good to see new posters here adding to the rich thread of conversation among like-minded adults.

      And good question. I’m not sure I’ve seen anything which provides an omnibus debunk on media lies. And it’s a real problem when you have systemic abuse of all media platforms to push propaganda like we have at present.

      I’m not sure you can actually do anything about a 30-something with TDS. As time has gone by that generation has devolved to the level of teenagers that spawned the saying “Listen to your teenage kids now, while they still know everything”. I believe political discourse is now dead and political positions have hardened into quasi-religious dogma.

      Imagine trying to have a rational debate with a religious zealot on their faith, nothing you could say would shift their views. I worry that for 30 somethings that the indoctrination is so deep that you would experience the same obdurate cynicism. If you are among the sane and you have retained a healthy cynicism about who and what to trust and rely on your own judgment rather than what some shyster tells you (and I presume you are, as you are here at YSB), then I feel for you. It must be sad to see your progeny buy into propaganda. But I don’t know what you can do.

      I think the only thing you can do is leave it be. And hope that your son matures at some point into being able to exercise his own sense of judgment too – with you as a parent, you’d have to say there is hope. I find with the “true believers” I try to have rational discussions with – that no matter what I do – every single counter-argument I raise seems only to harden their irrational position.

      Imagine that you (with your knowledge of world history as it is now) were transported back in time to 1930s Germany, what could you do to say to any of the people around you then that the German people were on a path that was going to set the world on fire for half a generation? I don’t think you could convince anyone of the 93% of Germans that voted for Hitler that they were wrong.

      I have friends and family who are similarly deranged. I’ve decided that all I can do is treat them as if they have a mental illness and avoid the subjects that trigger them and love them anyway. That sounds terribly patronising, but I know right from wrong. And I know that I don’t want to be on the side that wants someone to die of Covid – merely because I disagree with his politics. And I know that if I value someone despite their Trump Derangement Syndrome that I’m prepared to be the bigger person and make the necessary adaptation to retain all the other things that I appreciate in those people.

      I’m not sure that’s any help and I apologise in advance if I’ve said anything that offended – that was most certainly not my intention.



      • Thanks DP for your comments certainly nothing to offend there. I don’t think he is a completely lost cause as yet. I have an older son (40) who has started to come around after watching Trumps address at Mt Rushmore then reading how the media portrayed it. We live in hope.



    • Try this. Good luck getting your son to watch and hopefully he will open his mind. It is difficult to believe there is a huge and well funded manipulative subversive power behind the politician veil the public are allowed to see. It would have been easy to miss if I hadn’t watched and listened carefully during the Trump election and his presidency. Once you see the conspiracy it is obvious. Trump knew about the communist deep state. That’s why he stood for the presidency – to save his country from the hobgoblins.

      A Coup in the Making
      Amazing Polly

      This might be the most important story out there right now. Deep State is openly planning how to subvert the election results and they are planting the seeds of the narrative as we are distracted. The second half features a retured army Colonel and JAG officer giving a warning of the dangers he sees.



    • Curious.
      Honourable Ann Bressington
      Independent member of legislative council

      South Australia.

      Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

      Ann Bressington outlines the origin of Agenda 21 or the Rio Declaration. 21mins


      Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

      LOCK STEP – A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback




    • Curious
      I can’t think of a quick fix.
      It has often required putting in the hard yards (or metres if you are French) to understand.
      I seldom bother with MSM and essentially don’t watch television.
      However it is easy if you do.

      My brother is tuned in to the real (alternative) stories but was complaining a week back that he gets all these garbage media feeds on his phone that distract.
      Basically current event po rn.
      I mainly use a PC – I have three and hotspot via my phone but a couple of times this week looked up google on my phone and the complete crap that comes up as prompts is heartbreaking.

      People take the easy path.
      They sit down in front of a TV and listen to the crap.
      I have not bothered with TV news since the vietnam war.
      I was at university amd never had a tv; then when working was out playing squash, 5 aside, gym, or whatever in the evenings. I was in my thirties when I bought my first TV. Good stereos are more important.
      I was never in the habit of TV junkfood. And that was with a VCR so still did not watch tv shows.

      But TV gnews is junkfood for the mind. You might know it is not good for you but people succumb to it.
      About 15 years ago i was staying with my father and watched the 6pm gnews with him
      At every story it was twisted – I was saying ‘that’s wrong’
      I was sent to my room.
      People want the mind junkfood. It is easy, Ity is addictive. It also means ‘you fit in’ and follow the herd and wont be rejected. That is important to note.

      I watched a couple of things in March on the teev but not since April not even these wanky 1pm ‘lectures’ or whatever they are from liars like Ardoom and Bloomfailed.
      Sadly people are drawn to this and happily misinformed.
      …the drug you are taking when you don’t know you are taking a drug.

      I did take note last December with White Island.
      I was out in the afternoon, heard about it about 5.30 pm, sat down to look at it at 9pm.
      The NZ media was crap.
      I went to AU and UK media outlets and was far better informed.
      Over the next 2 weeks NZ media was gingerly reporting the gnews about 36 hours behind the AU- who had an interest with many citizens affected – and the UK.
      It was a classic example of how manipulative the media are and how they take time to ‘inform you’ after sanitising anything that does not fit the agenda.

      I think you have to have a curious mind and be willing to do the work to find out.
      The easy spoon feeding and mind junkfood is everywhere and well established.
      Real facts requires effort.
      Reading YSB is a healthy hobby !!

      Best I can say is make it clear – kid, you are out of the Will.



  11. A woman complains to her veterinarian that her dog is hard of hearing. The vet examines the dog and tells her to get some hair remover for the inside of the dog’s ears.
    She goes to the pharmacy and speaks with the clerk and asks him to recommend a good chemical hair remover.
    “This a a good brand, he replies, but dilute it 50% and apply it to your legs for 5 minutes…” She interrupts him, “it’s not for my legs”.
    “Pardon me Madam, dilute it 25% and apply it under your arms for 10 minutes”. Exasperated, she says, “No, no, no, it’s for my Schnauzer!”.
    “Oh, well in that case, apply it at 100% for 15 minutes but don’t ride a bicycle for a week.



  12. Isn’t this Labour just re-affirming their Healthy Homes policy already? Wouldn’t DHB’s already know which of their patients have rheumatic fever? I see the taxpayer funded DHB’s will now fund soft furnishings, etc to help fight this disease. What about all patients with other health requirements? Labour, buying votes off poor brown people.

    Labour promises to expand Healthy Homes to all DHBs to help fight rheumatic fever

    That expansion would cost $39 million over four years, with the money spent on supporting the purchase of curtains, floor coverings, heater, beds , bedding, mould kits and minor housing repairs.

    Another $16 million would be spent over the next four years on compliance and enforcement team staffing at Tenancy Services to make sure the new standards were followed.

    Ardern said a new registry of rheumatic fever patients would be created, which will help to assist with follow up reminders to them about the ongoing treatment required.



  13. Shots fired in Ohio during support parade for US President Donald Trump

    “I wouldn’t think it was anybody in our group because everybody is so friendly and nice, and I just don’t see that happening,” rally organiser Mary Ann Walker told NBC.

    It appears no-one was injured in the shooting and a police investigation is continuing.

    The incident comes after revelations Trump and his wife Melania had been diagnosed with COVID-19 on Friday. He’s currently being treated in a military hospital.

    “I’m starting to feel good,” Trump said in a video update posted to Twitter on Sunday (NZ time).

    “We’ll be seeing what happens over those next couple of days.”



    • I do not think the break down will really flow through from the 17 year old college student.
      They will just be chewed up, as the “CHOPS” in Portland.

      I hope no Civil war, but this book “Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America” by Thomas W. Chittum. written last century sadly seems to be tracking in parts.
      In a commentary that updates this, to current times of this month, that shows how this problem is tracking.
      It is best to know some things of what is happening and this series of articles, shows how the “mid west” may not be so aware of the deeper malignancy that has been occurring for half a century.

      “Empires consist of peoples of different religions, languages, cultures, races and nationalities,” he said.
      “Nations are dominated by one group that makes up a majority of the population.
      Nations are inherently stable while empires are always unstable.” …..
      ….. The 20,000 member “18th Street Gang” in Los Angeles owns the streets.
      They coordinate all drug traffic, extortions of businesses, prostitutes and robberies.
      Their power, along with MS-13 gangs in 40 American cities, grows by the day.
      Over 60 percent of the members are illegal aliens and the other 40 percent are legal immigrants. ……


      In part it would seem Trump will have a grasp of this, with out totaling scaring every one, but just positioning things to be in a much more stronger place to fight back with reason, and telling the straight truth, with a probably a carrot but to carry a big stick, yet with in the law, as brandishing it. is not effective. It’s immediate use is. 🙂

      ….. Chittum states, “Street gangs will doubtless form the core of future black and Hispanic urban militias…consider the following…they are well financed by drug trade…they are ethnically oriented…are heavily armed…organized and disciplined…and numerous beyond belief.” …..
      Chittum states, “Their leadership is composed of courageous, industrious and intelligent men because promotion is based on leadership, business acumen and application of ruthless violence.”
      When you look at the massive $120 billion annual drug trade infecting this country, it’s evident.
      “These urban gangs are evolving into serious armies, armies hostile to the established government.” …..
      If you think the rampant crime in Bogata, Columbia is far away, think again. The numbers of gang members in the US proves otherwise.

      Chittum quotes another dictator who succeeded: “A revolution is not a bed of roses,” said Fidel Castro. “A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.”

      Chittums book here, and so the reviews plus comments through the years give an interesting take.

      So now we have got it, Trump wants a strong nation, not an empire.

      How does NZ work out in building up a multiculture society, with Peace at any price?
      Have we similiar parallels that may show through in a few decades?



  14. Understanding the back ground of the US swamp, of constructive legislation, business operations, lobbyists, influence’rs, and finally the politicians that go on profitably being a “sustainable virtuous circle”.//
    A good read, well written, covering many aspects, simply put and brings one well up to speed in making sense of some of the USA Trump politics, and shows how the many different troughs are kept topped up, and the different “feeders”.
    …….. Politicians were not happy without their indulgences, but the issue was actually bigger.
    No K-Street expenditures also means no personal benefit; and no opportunity to advance financial benefit from the insider trading system.
    Republicans and democrats hate the presidency of Donald Trump because it is hurting them financially. ….
    …….. his impact is very real, very direct, and hits almost every politician in the most painful place imaginable, the bank account. ….
    …… many long-term politicians on both wings of the uniparty bird were completely disrupted by Trump winning the 2016 election.
    That is one of the key reasons why so many politicians retired in 2018. …..
    …… President Trump often says “they’ve been trying to get this through for a long time” etc.
    Most of the legislation that is passed by congress, and signed by President Trump in his first term; is older legislative proposals, with little indulgent value that were shelved in years past.
    Example: Criminal justice reform did not carry a financial benefit to the legislative bodies, and there was no financial interest funding the politicians to pass the bill.
    If you look at most of the bills President Trump has signed, with the exception of a few economic bills, they stem from congressional construction many years, even decades, ago.
    When we understand the business of DC, we understand the difference between legislation with a traditional purpose and modern legislation with a financial and political agenda.
    When we understand the business of DC we understand why the entire network hates President Donald Trump.


    One may understand a bit why, some here in NZ seem to have much in sympathy with the USA trough feeders, like our media, poll pundits, bureaucracy, academia, etc., have in noticing this in the USA.

    This article brings greater understanding of the work to be done, and the reason for the resistance to draining the swamp.
    Here in NZ much to be drained also.

    Knowing something deeper of how these “swamp” systems work, seeing how there are similarities in NZ, then guides to be more on target, helps one to be more effective, and to keep on for the good of all citizens of NZ.



  15. David Seymour has integrity and his principles are to focus on what is good for the country, not on the baubles of power for himself.

    NZ Election 2020: David Seymour says ‘no’ to possibility of being Deputy Prime Minister

    ACT leader David Seymour has flatly rejected the possibility of becoming Deputy Prime Minister under a National Government, saying he prioritises his “independence” over the materialistic “guff” associated with a higher political rank.

    “I think that’s a scenario that you may well see. If you look at the End of Life Choice [Bill], John Key asked me to be a minister – I looked at the limo, the pay rise, the title, all the guff that a lot of people spend their political career trying to get – and I asked, ‘Well, can I make a bigger difference for New Zealand by maintaining some independence?'” he told McCann.

    “One thing about the Nats – and why I never joined them – is they’ve been in power for 48 out of the last 71 years, and still haven’t reversed a Labour policy. I just ask, what’s the point in campaigning against Labour and telling everyone how terrible they are, if you’re just going to be custodians of their ideas?”
    Party Vote Act 2020 ☑️



    • I met him today on an Epsom street corner (for our half an hour slot) – what an awesome guy who seriously knows his stuff. I shook his hand looked him in the eye and said I was shaking the hand of NZs next deputy prime minister. He spoke to each and every person and listened intently to the concerns that were voiced. He was really lovely and got my vote 💙💛



      • I’ve come to admire David Seymour’s tenacity & abilities as a politician but his growing popularity gives cause for concern.

        It’s likely that by 17th Oct he will be besieged by lovestruck women demanding that he father their babies. 🙂



      • I have also met David. It was some time ago at a small Act meeting before Act’s momentum in the polls. He is authentic and intelligent. Time for a landslide movement of votes for Act and a change in government.



      • I went to his street corner meeting today as well.
        It was very good.
        Bellevue Road one.
        There were about 20 people there.
        A labour lout drove past and shouted abuse.
        This got a wicked retort from David.
        He started these in March and I went to one but they were stopped with the covid carryon.

        I probably have seen him 5 times this year.
        he had Friday afternoon sessions lined up but this too was stopped by covid so Jizzindarella could dominate all messages.
        A dominatrix..like Hulun!!

        There is an ACT public meeting in Pakuranga next Sunday 2pm



        • I took my dad (St Heliers imposter) to the one at Marama road/Owens road – dad just loved it. Only about six of us there with heaps of people tooting as they passed. Some miserable prick abused David from the comfort of his kitchen window and David cut him down with another David one liner – we all suspected he was a labour prick lol!!!



    • The last bit is how i have felt for a longtime.

      “One thing about the Nats – and why I never joined them – is they’ve been in power for 48 out of the last 71 years, and still haven’t reversed a Labour policy. I just ask, what’s the point in campaigning against Labour and telling everyone how terrible they are, if you’re just going to be custodians of their ideas?”

      They simply don’t, won’t, can’t, walk their talk.
      Too many Catholics and Maori.
      We are all poorer for their efforts.

      Indeed Act might have better luck with Labour. Dare I say it.
      After all that’s where its founders came from. Dissaffected Lange supporters.

      No no one that I have seen has suggested that David could be PM with a Labour party supporting him.
      That would be fun. Ridding the country of the Princess in the process.

      😆 😆
      What’s not to like about this?



  16. I suspect nasska might be right about Martinborough.

    I’ve never seen a place with so few businesses doing anything useful. The patrons, in the numerous cafes and wine bars, also seem to lack practical utility.

    I bet the smarmy pricks all vote for farmer hating Labour and Greens.



    • The place has gone to the dogs Kea. It’s a bit out of my territory but occasionally when I had a late stock delivery I’d park up the truck & trailer in the Martinborough Freighter’s yard & walk down to one of the two pubs for a quick brew & a feed of shark & shavings from the takeaway.

      They hummed. Standing room only until after 7pm & every one of the patrons was employed. You may recall the old Pukemanu as the venue for a Kiwi TV soap of the same name. The characters you could meet there were legends in their lifetimes. I recall a cocky, Tinny Herrick, who had a reputation for driving a exWW2 bren gun carrier around the square one night. Same gentleman was the bane of the authorities in many ways yet he had a heart of gold. Blocked one officious “enforcement officer” from exiting the property after the wanker drove past him without acknowledgement. Took the local cop, well used to Tinny, to convince him that although the council employee’s warrant did say that he could enter a property any time it also meant that he could leave.

      There were hundreds like him……all good men with a loathing of bullshit & pretension.

      As your visit today confirmed, they are no more. Onanism & the grape reign supreme.



    • Martinborough has gone backwards if you are from the real world.
      I last went there 15 years ago.
      It had become pretentious and shite.

      Paul Collins lives there.
      He was the dullard who was CEO that drove Brierleys into the ground. ..and paid himself out a $5 million golden handshake- quite bit of dough in the early 90s.
      You could say with that payout he asset stripped the asset stripper.

      Patsy Reddy current Gov General also lived there and will probably return.
      No titles and no respect for those two.
      She was the Legal Counsel at Brierleys that blocked people who questioned the shit stewardship of P Collins and his team of pretentious dullards.
      I won’t call Reddy a c..t while she is GG but, later, later…

      About 20 years ago I was riding my motorbike from Wellington to Auckland and went there – it is out of the way going south east from Featherston.
      I knew largely what I wanted and had room in my saddlebags for the wine.
      I was wearing full leathers for the long open road trip.
      The silly bitches ignored me and paid attention to some pretentious twats who actually never purchased any wine. I got mine and buggered off. No idea that lot.
      I mean the wine is about $3-4 a bottle more than it is in the supermarket so if they don’t make it an occasion; forgetaboudit .
      The ones around Kumeu, Huapai, Riverhead get this and do make it a memorable occasion.
      (and before you say, damned Aucklanders, I was born and lived in Martinborough hence why my brother and I made trips back there; only to be greeted by the replacement dickheads.)

      Four occasions in 6 years incl long waits for food- even when there was no-one there – put paid to ever returning.
      I’ll leave it to the poseurs.



  17. Cindy’s next cabinet.


    Jacinda Ardern – Prime Minister

    Kelvin Davis – Corrections, Maori Crown Relations,

    Grant Robertson – Finance, Infrastructure , Sport, Racing

    Megan Woods – Transport , Managed Isolation, Energy, Defence

    Chris Hipkins – Education, State Services

    Andrew Little – Foreign Affairs , Justice, Treaty Negotiations

    Carmel Sepuloni – Social Development, ACC

    David Parker – Health , Environment, Attorney-General

    Nanaia Mahuta – Maori Development, Local Government, Police

    Stuart Nash – Revenue, Small Business, Economic Development, Tourism

    Jenny Salesa – Building and Construction

    Damien O’Connor – Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries , Trade

    Kris Faafoi – Immigration, Housing, Broadcasting and Communications

    Peeni Henare – Civil Defence, Whanau Ora,

    Willie Jackson – Employment, Internal Affairs

    Poto Williams – Children

    Michael Wood – Workplace Relations

    James Shaw – Climate Change

    Marama Davidson – Associate Housing, Associate Health.

    Eugenie Sage – Conservation

    Outside cabinet

    Aupito William Sio – Pacific Peoples

    David Clark – Commerce, Consumer Affairs, SOEs

    Meka Whaitiri – Customs

    Kiritapu Allen – Associate Forestry and Associate Fisheries

    Kieran McAnulty – Associate Agriculture

    Jan Tinetti – Associate Education

    Barbara Edmonds

    Ayesha Verrall


    Good luck with that lot.



  18. Quote:
    “Greenpeace use the slogan #BuildBackBetter
    Joe Biden uses the slogan #BuildBackBetter
    Boris Johnson now uses the slogan #BuildBackBetter
    Trudeau uses the slogan #BuildBackBetter
    the World Economic Forum is using the slogan #BuildBackBetter”

    #NWO #Lockstep #TheGreatReset



  19. Oh no! the poor leftie heads will be popping all over the place….boo bloody hoo!😂😂

    Trump campaign YouTube takeover to feature Trump message thanking Americans for support

    A senior Trump campaign official told Fox News that the masthead was a seven-figure buy, and described it as “the most valuable piece of real estate on the internet.”




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