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  1. Morning folks. Long weekend ahead and I’m
    looking forward to it. Haven’t seen or heard
    from Jacin-duh, so I wonder what she is up to,.
    Be nice actually if she had decided to bugger off
    to the UN, and didn’t tell her fanclub because she
    didn’t want to upset them. Anyway, have a great
    day and I will read the news here later on.



    • Well, perhaps. For example take the kiwifruit industry. Not known for violence and bullying but currently EBOP and Zespri are pointing out that sending people to orchards, and there is a growing acreage, where there are no facilities except behind the nearest tree is unacceptable.
      I happen to agree for those people going behind the tree are pissing and shitting in our water tank, handling other peoples food and if they worked in a building of any kind would be covered by local body & employment law requiring the employer to provide facilities that meet hygiene standards.
      Is there any good reason why they shouldn’t have good basic mobile facilities supplied.?
      I have heard how some of the ladies feel about this and in Maori culture (forgive me father for i have sinned), and others culture the toilet habits have a big influence on their behavior and how they eat etc.
      For the Kiwifruit guys that means around 2000 mobile portaloos will be needed and indeed my son has just trailerised some for a client.
      That shearing sheds can’t provide reasonable facilities seems to me to be outside of the current law.
      Drugs well drugs and alcohol have been part of the scene for as long as I can remember. Again that’s an employment issue and is a problem that is clearly defined.
      So yes there is an issue. Imagine being an asparagus picker or a strawberry picker, out in the weather and handling someones food and in the process needing a crap. No facilities to be hygienic.
      All the crap over spreading covig virus and we dismiss this as not worth bothering about?



    • Dorper sheep,
      Wiltshire sheep.
      As farmers are busy crossbreeding to no wool sheep (self shedding wool) and great savings on costs, time, and stress.

      The only thing I have heard against it, is that some silage & hay contractors are figuring that some of the wool gets up into the sealed bearings of their expensive machines.
      So advising to keep those sheep when shedding away from those hay & silage paddocks.
      I think this will improve as in time the breeding for shedding will become more efficient.

      Soon, very soon, what shearing industry. Those were the days. 🙂
      Then what coarse wool industry?.
      Not even a new house to put a woolen carpet in, will save the industry.



  2. The Government appears set to press ahead with the merger of TVNZ and RNZ into a new public media entity despite criticisms that it hasn’t explained what it would do and why it is being considered.

    The development of a business case for the merger was put “on ice” in April after the onset of the Covid crisis and in the wake of headwinds from coalition partner NZ First.

    Speaking at an event hosted by lobby group Better Public Media shortly before the election, Broadcasting Minister Kris Faafoi said Labour was committed to working to create a new public media entity if it was re-elected.

    “We think moving towards a single media entity that is strong, multi-platform and independent is extremely important,” he said.


    They won we lost.



  3. US Supreme Court: Donald Trump rejoices as Senate panel approves Amy Coney Barrett

    The Republican-led US Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved President Donald Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to a lifetime Supreme Court seat despite a Democratic boycott, clearing the way for a final Senate confirmation vote planned for Monday.

    By a 12-0 vote, the panel approved Barrett with all Republican members voting yes and the 10 committee Democrats boycotting the meeting after calling the confirmation process a sham. With Trump’s fellow Republicans holding a 53-47 Senate majority, Barrett’s confirmation appears certain.

    No nominee to the Supreme Court has ever been confirmed by the Senate this close to a presidential election. More than 45 million ballots already have been cast. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has planned a confirmation vote on the Senate floor on Monday.



    • A catholic just in time to implement the infallible (for now) papal instruction that gays can get married.

      It would be a bit more useful if the priests could get married.
      To women.
      What sort of outfit runs on 23/24 year old blokes swearing an oath that they will never, ever have sex with a woman.
      You are only going to attract mummy’s boys and complete weirdos.
      No-one else need apply.
      Therein lies the sickness.



  4. The Police seem to have no intention of doing the job of basic policing.

    Through the overall scheme of inclusive, meritless diversity, how the bomber of the Manchester Arena was not noticed by the kebab, prayer mat, police.

    …. she took the two-hour and nine-minute break to buy a kebab, ….
    ….. a worker saw the praying “crank” Abedi on the mezzanine and thought he was suspicious, claiming that she had informed PC Bullough of her concerns. ……
    …. CCTV footage showed Ms Merchant talking to the officer and pointing to the area where Abedi was praying. ….
    …. Delingpole: Bombing Victims Were Murdered by Political Correctness
    The security authorities, it turns out, had numerous ‘missed opportunities’ to spot the threat posed by Libyan suicide bomber Salman Abedi. …..


    So security and police ignore peoples concerns, that is when they are on the job.
    Are the police fit for purpose? Particularly the leadership?
    So lessons will be learnt from this ???

    It would seem that another principle is at work, that police do not owe a specific duty to provide police services to citizens based on the public duty doctrine.
    It is that they have not told us in such terms, but gloss over it with all the health & safety, precautionary principles, to be ‘institutionally non-racist and non islamophobic’, for YOUR safety, sake etc. etc.

    Bearing in mind how NZ political police work, looking after 1st fish, shows the rot, while lawns are mown, and then ok with road blocks etc..



  5. When this pandemic first took hold of our lives and we were forced to shelter in place, panic buying and re-supply disruptions created inventory shortages in many grocery stores here in Hamilton. This led to long waiting lines to buy essentials. I found myself in such a line at The Warehouse one day, patiently waiting outside to get in to buy toilet paper. A middle-aged woman in front of me decided to take advantage of the wait time and strike up a conversation.
    “So, what kind of dog do you have?”
    I replied that I did not own a dog and only had chickens and a big fish tank as pets. She asked,” Do your chickens eat dog food?”
    “Not usually”, I replied, “but they would probably try to if I gave it to them, they eat almost anything!” She gave me a funny look and said, “Well, what are you doing in the dog food line?”
    I had no idea that I was in a dog food line, but decided to keep this going. When someone serves a softball up and right over the middle of the plate, I can’t help but swing for the fences!
    “I decided to go back on that new fad dog food diet that is sweeping the country”, I told her. “It is amazing!” “The first time I tried it, I lost 30 kgs in 2 weeks!” “You just put a handful of kibbles in your pocket first thing in the morning, and when you get hungry during the day, pop a few kibbles in your mouth and you instantly feel full and your hunger pangs just disappear!’ “The excess weight just melts off!” “I probably should take it a little slower this time though, since the last time I was on the diet, I ended up in the hospital for a week!”
    With a shocked look on her face, she exclaimed, ”I knew it!” “Eating that dog food poisoned you!”
    “ No, it didn’t “, I replied.
    “Well then, why were you in the hospital after you went on the dog food diet?” By this time everyone within earshot of our conversation was glued to our discussion.
    I told the woman,” I bent down to sniff a pit bull’s ass and got run over by a car!” Everyone in line busted out laughing, and she had a confused and horrified look on her face as I split the line and went inside to buy toilet paper!



  6. Just wondering when this will infect NZ games.

    “You have fans here who are black, white, Asian. Don’t you feel accountability and responsibility to those people?” he demanded — apparently feeling it is the duty of club chairman to ensure that all players take part in the supposedly voluntary gesture. …
    …. on paper, “the choice of an individual player or players if they wish to take the knee”. …..

    yeah right.

    Knee all worked out with referee and the 2 captains. A rot from the top.

    There is even a “wear red” for red card nonsense.

    It would have a value if freely done; but noting it is an oppressive coercion of showing obedience to “wokeness” that has become ingrained with money for corporates.

    Perhaps kneeling for a French ‘free expression’ history teacher, would be more appropriate.
    The dam thing is that subservient kneeling makes it easier to cut your head off.

    All this nonsense, just get on and play the game, or the plug will be pulled on your money flow.

    “It’s better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction”.
    — Diane Grant



  7. Went to local Gull yesterday to take advantage of fuel discount. Had a $50 note told they dont take cash anymore for fuel . Card only .Cash could be used in service station for anything else Told the attendant that was stupid Took my cash elsewhere Got service and a smile as well as fuel .And they matched the discount



    • A real bad thing to do.
      If the pup was a nuisance and seemed to be easily caught and tied up, why was it not turned over to the SPCA or District Dog Control?
      So who caught it after those painful inflicted wounds?

      Journalist? Was the “pup” registered?
      Did the “pup” ever have an owner? It seems to be lost, or more likely a negligent owner as well?
      Who caught the pup and took it to the vet?
      Seemed to be no contact with this “lost pup” and any names could have been made anonymous.

      Is it all sort of suppressed as if there is a fear of transgressing some thing? or some people? or a fear of creating “institutional racism”



    • Go you good thing.

      The correct way to deal with media filth.
      Sadly most media filth are too stooopid to know they are puppets of others.

      Classic distortion was the bleach story earlier this year.
      Most of the TDS fools in NZ -there are lots of them- think it is true.

      Big ructions in AU in the last six months as a lot of these overpaid prats are ‘let go’.
      They are just a glorified ‘Siri’ (iphone) anyway.



  8. If you can play that video and it is Utube
    Stop video.

    Click on about centre of video, with right button on mouse.
    Should open a Utube drop-down menu.
    Then left click on the part you want. “Copy video url”
    Now you can go back to YSB and on comment part, then right click, so drop down menu, then search down then left click on paste.. You should see that url come through.

    Some sources of video means that when you have video in position, then right button click on the url up in the description code “search” box. and it should change colour, with a drop down menu, then to click copy.

    Then again to comment box or else where if you wish and then right button click, drop down menu occurs, then when on paste, with left button click.

    Good luck.

    Or just before so as not to activate video, left click, then hold down and draw across to the end of the link.
    A colour change should happen, make sure it is all in that colour change, then right click on it, so then the drop down menu, and then follow down to copy, then left click.

    Then proceed to where you want to post it, and then do the right button, to menu, then paste,
    Good luck,
    Keep on practicing.

    Can also google copy paste tutorials and then you can find more helpful ways, some times.



  9. To be honest, I don’t see a way out for the West with respect to coronavirus. I know so many people who are so, so terrified.

    There are two viscous cycles involved which feedback onto each other:

    1) Media beat-up > panic > click bait > $ for media > media beat-up > panic > click bait > $ for media… and so the cycle of disinformation continues ad nauseum

    2) Panic > government intervention > panic > more government intervention > panic… and so the cycle of dependance upon government continues ad nauseum




    • It will be completely forgotten in a few months except for the massive debt. The second wave running through Europe is already showing a much lower rate of serious cases. It will rapidly become endemic – just background noise like the usual colds and flus,
      except for countries like Australia and NZ. We might be lucky as it looks like the Oxford vaccine may work, though I can’t recall which one Taxinda signed us up to.



      • It will not be forgotten.
        No way.
        However the truth will never escape official channels just like the JFK assassination.
        Truth tellers will be marked as conspiracy theorists

        I dont need a vaccine from something that has a kill rate of 2 per thousand skewed to those with very compromised health.
        Something else might have got them soon anyway.

        I dont live in fear or on my knees.
        Wu flu. Less than 2 dozen deaths in NZ so less than one month of car deaths,
        Hardly a real problem,.

        I do want a vaccine against lying media filth, however.
        Oh wait, that is the OFF button.



    • That is where Trump is leading, leading by his confidence, just as Winston Churchill did.

      I can understand soldiers having post stress trauma, the old shell shock, but they were in the thick of it, heard things, saw things. so very understandable to have a fear.
      The public have got dependent and soft, and we all have to some point.

      Therr is an old saying, you only need a little salt, and it all changes.
      The salt of the earth just keep soldiering on.
      Know our selves, our values.

      The little boy crying wolf, based on a lie, and what attention he gained.
      The pyromaniac, seeing all the action, the thrill of the dramatic, what he created.
      Eventually becomes tiring to the ones who have this ‘nuisance’ inflicted on them.

      I posted yesterday a Veritas video and interview, last night, where James Okeefe, said it is hard to know if he is having an effect, but just knew he had to keep at it, to bring the truth out, and seemed like no one else doing it.
      Also being constantly blocked but the joy of sneaking past it.
      Just keep on keeping on. Others supported him in what he was doing, and others like even Tim Pool of Timcast Utube, sort of said, it was starting to have an effect.

      I always marvel, how ww2 was all done & dusted in 6 years flat, and Afghanistan is 18 years, and whatever the supposed truce resolution, yeah right. and either Iraq or Iran, or Syria.
      Still truth truth, and maintaining hope, so as to keep on.

      I wonder too, but life goes on, also life is to be lived, so get out there, make the most of that too. 🙂
      It is good to do what we can to try & safeguard the treasure we have here in NZ, like Australia, this “lucky country”, and “God’s own” 🙂



  10. The Pope has come out in support of homosexual civil unions, perhaps he needs to reread his bible, as Israel Folau seems to have a better grasp of its guidelines then the Pope does. Whether you agree with the bible or not, surely the Pope should be following it.



    • by Rosemary McLeod.

      Celebrating being totally F.I.T.H. for 50 years

      >>This long weekend join Rosemary to celebrate this milestone.
      Please, BYO. (she is a lefty)

      A gold coin donation is welcome to contribute to Rosemary’s many, many medications.
      Notes are better.
      EPTPOS available.

      Launch drinks this evening from 7pm.
      Gender fluids welcome.

      Line dancing competition tomorrow 10am.
      Entry and registration closes 9.00 am

      Go into the draw for the “I LUV Hilary’ T Shirt.
      Many to be won.
      Proceeds to go into the improvement of journalism in NZ //
      Made from organic cotton grown by 8 year old Indian Children and made into cheap T’s by 8 year old Bangladesh children.
      You’re welcome.

      CU luvvies.



  11. I did not watch the Us debate but it sounds like Trump hit it out of the park. I’m sure the MSM will report it that way.

    The “kill shot” would be when Biden said he would ban the oil industry. So there goes Pennsylvania for Biden –one state the winner has to get. I guess it means Texas definitely stays red –all those lefties from California moving there have made it a marginal state.



  12. Bloody cheeky!

    Physiotherapists claimed ACC fees for treating each other and family

    The Auckland pair have admitted the charges, and said they had repaid all $27,273 that was incorrectly charged for, before the hearing.

    The husband provided 77 treatments to his wife and 60 treatments to other family members, while his wife provided 195 treatments to her husband and 86 to other relatives.

    Each has been fined $3500 and ordered to pay 35 percent towards the Tribunal’s costs.



  13. An official with India’s oldest & largest Hindu nationalist movement said that a new soft drink made from cows’ urine could hit store shelves by the end of the year.

    The drink is currently available in New Zealand under the name of Lion Red.



  14. As some may remember your correspondent spent eighteen years chauffeuring livestock around the lower North Island. On occasions I had to stay overnight in Taranaki where the much vaunted local brew was a concoction labelled Taranaki Strong Ale.

    This would have been in the late 70s & I frequently saw a large Volvo tanker on the road. I got talking to the coot who drove it one day & he filled in the gaps. He was carrying bulk beer brewed at the Tui site in Mangatainoka (just out of Pahiatua) to New Plymouth. Commercial beer after fermentation has stopped has the hue of watered down cat’s piss & caramel is added to create the desired colour.

    Taranaki Strong Ale got an extra dollop of caramel when it was bottled or kegged at the New Plymouth facility. I dined out on that info for ages. 🙂



  15. That’s not normal. Lots of anger issues.

    Canterbury man jailed after beating lamb to death with shears

    Christopher John Tredinnick, 51, repeatedly struck the lamb while a shearing contractor at a farm in Oxford.

    He was shearing the lamb in February when it began to struggle and his shears broke.

    Tredinnick then hit the lamb in the face with the shears’ tension knob, fracturing an eye socket.

    After putting it in the holding pen and leaving, he came back and beat the lamb again with the shears.

    Its skull was fractured in multiple locations and the lamb died from its injuries after suffering “significant pain and distress”, the Ministry for Primary Industries says.

    Following the lamb’s death, Tredinnick put the lamb in his vehicle, telling the farm owner it had suffocated during shearing and he was taking it home to feed to his dog.



  16. Serious breach of trust.

    Police send approval letter for licence to possess semi-automatic firearms, parts to wrong person

    A gun owner says police shouldn’t be in charge of firearm licenses after they mistakenly sent him an approval for a license intended for someone else, with enough information to “rob them blind of their collection”.

    The approval letter – which included the intended recipient’s name and address – was for a special P-endorsement addition to a gun license.

    The endorsement allows holders to possess or use otherwise prohibited items like pump-action shotguns with a detachable magazine, or semi-automatic firearms, magazines and parts. Under certain circumstances, it allows holders to use these weapons for pest control.



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