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  1. France understands the shit they’re in. Too late buddy. Reap what you sow. Enjoy the harvest.


    Bit try hard to try and spin it that it’s all cindy as usual.

    Note too, the other night on the news re the new AUCKLAND breakout. They made extra special mention how hardly anyone at the pub visited by the new infection had used the Covid app thingy. They are planting little seeds to blame the team for the next lockdown, guaranteed.
    Be part of the TO5m or you will be blamed for lockdowns. This will morph into more peer pressure from the Karen’s towards those seen not to be meek and obedient.



  2. More vitriol coming our way guys.

    Labour now has more women MPs than men. The new intake is 16 women and six men, and there are no straight white males among them. Of the new faces, only half are Pākehā.

    Ardern said it was the result of a deliberate effort by the caucus, party president Claire Szabo and the New Zealand Council.

    “We’ve really worked together to make sure we had a good crop of people coming through and it has made the difference.”


    Tells you why’s the Nats failed and just to rub salt into the womb.
    “We won Morrinsville!” she says with sheer delight about her old home town.
    “It is probably the most historic thing that happened that night that has yet to be reported,” she jokes.

    “We won Morrinsville! We won it by 2171 votes to National’s 2138.”

    In 2017, after the infamous Waikato farmers’ protest and “pretty communist” placard, Labour polled a paltry 24 per cent to National’s 58 per cent in the rural town.

    “It’s quite a big change – very satisfying,” Ardern says with classic understatement in an interview about her party’s win and her plans.

    “I think we do ourselves and New Zealand a disservice if we are not constantly thinking about nurturing talent, bringing new people through, giving people opportunities and actually, it is always much easier to slot people into vacancies than it is to move people out.

    Will she toss the old toss pot Mallard oversea’s? He is list so not a hard to do. Get rid of the ferral prick.



    • Claire Szabo

      That is a Hungarian name
      There was an uprising against the communist soviet rule in Hungary in 1956.
      The Communist leaders brutally suppressed it.

      Some Hungarians escaped and among those were the Szabo family who made it to NZ.
      They started out with nothing.
      They lived in my street,

      The Szabo family escaped communism and the very, very sharp end of it.
      Now the (grand) daughter thinks Labour pardy socialism is cool.
      Good for her.

      The reason Claire Szabo got the role was because the prior Prez, Haworth, had to stand down due to the ‘hands down the pants’ fiasco at their kids training camp.



  3. Draining the Swamp.

    US prosecutors have charged Texas billionaire Robert Brockman with a US$2 billion ($3b) tax fraud scheme in what they say is the largest such case against an American.

    Department of Justice officials said at a news conference that Brockman, 79, hid capital gains income over 20 years through a web of offshore entities in Bermuda and Nevis and secret bank accounts in Bermuda and Switzerland.

    Prosecutors announced that the CEO of a private equity firm that aided in the schemes would cooperate with the investigation.

    The 39-count indictment unsealed on Thursday (Friday NZT) charges Brockman, the chief executive officer of Ohio-based software company Reynolds and Reynolds Co, with tax evasion, wire fraud, money laundering, and other offences.


    Meanwhile in a paraleel case we have our own swamp dwelling mud rat.

    The fall of Eric John Watson, from penthouse-dwelling playboy to prisoner in apparent penury, didn’t happen overnight. He’s also recently caught Covid-19, split from his long-time partner Lisa Henrekson, large swathes of his business empire are in liquidation and his companies owe Inland revenue more than $118m in back taxes and interest.

    His jailing this week for four months on contempt charges, after English courts ruled he’d been hiding assets from creditors in a “rainy day account” in his mothers’ name, was nearly a decade in the legal making. It followed what Lord Justice Christopher Nugee – whose London courtrooms deal with billionaire oligarch divorce proceedings – described as a “long-running and horrendously complex case”.


    Both intersting reads and no doubt there are a few more out there like these fella’s.



  4. Poor Jethro ,Cindy loves being all round inclusive with everyone but the fisherman, one of the most important things she wants to get on with is “My Wedding”,, ,shouldn’t that be “our Wedding” Cindy or is Jethro a fashion accessory just like baby Neave was ?



  5. Posted this last night but it is a serious breach of trust for the licensed firearm community.

    Police send approval letter for licence to possess semi-automatic firearms, parts to wrong person

    A gun owner says police shouldn’t be in charge of firearm licenses after they mistakenly sent him an approval for a license intended for someone else, with enough information to “rob them blind of their collection”.

    The approval letter – which included the intended recipient’s name and address – was for a special P-endorsement addition to a gun license.

    The endorsement allows holders to possess or use otherwise prohibited items like pump-action shotguns with a detachable magazine, or semi-automatic firearms, magazines and parts. Under certain circumstances, it allows holders to use these weapons for pest control.



  6. STRIKING ANOTHER HISTORIC AGREEMENT: President Donald J. Trump has brokered a peace agreement between Sudan and Israel – the third such agreement between Israel and an Arab-Muslim nation in less than three months.

    Today, Israel and Sudan have agreed to make peace and to normalize their relations in another landmark agreement brokered by President Trump.
    In the coming weeks, the two countries will begin negotiations on cooperation agreements in agriculture, economy, trade, aviation, migration issues, and other areas of mutual benefit.


    Biden did what in 40 years?



    • With all the learning and experience that Israel has in agriculture and trade, you would think that the other nations in the region would be lining up to send their brightest students to Israel to study.



    • But but but… Must be fake news . Nothing in the Hearld. Nor Stuff. Its in Al Jazeera, Uk Guardian…. And Kiwis think they are well served by our MSM. Morons, for the most part, as the election result proved unequivocally.



    • Not bad for a 74 year old dude with crippling covid !!

      You know, if President Trump had spent less time on the golf course he could have had 8 of these agreements instead of a mere 3 //

      Or, a different slant:-
      If he had not been tied up in fake crap from his very own traitorous DOJ he could have achieved more.
      If he had not had the distraction of a ‘trumped up’ impeachment carry-on what else could he have achieved?.

      The war mongers are really pissed off at him.
      These warmongers include the pro-war shitlickers and lying filth of the NZ media.

      Not so much hats off to President D J Trump…..
      ….More like – keep your MAGA hats on (except for that embarrassing wimp Toddy Muller. Fuck you Todd)



    • Was this even referred to in NZ media?
      Difficult to get out past the partisan hacks every where.

      Tony Bobulinski. …. recipient of the email published seven days ago by the New York Post which showed a copy to Hunter Biden and Rob Walker.
      That email is genuine. …..
      ……… I know it is fact because I lived it.
      I am the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings which was a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family. ……

      6 mins 30secs. • Oct 22, 2020

      Just get the last question a journal raises in the final seconds.
      Immediately trying to put the camouflage on.

      So today, as Tony Bobulinski points out, the 3 phones, all the documents, will be turned over to the Senate Judicial Committee.
      Lets hope that Committee get a concept of those goings on with an a day or 2 and then start realizing this.
      Tom Cruz, should be able to make a good case on this, and will not let it rest, as that early voting is on the way.
      Can they indict the “the Big Guy” or “my Chairman,” even before the election?



        • howitis;- Yeah right. 🙁
          Yet this is a major confirmation of Hunter Biden’s telling emails and about a possible USA President.
          The CCP buying, bribing a USA party, probably the tip of an iceberg..

          Now what about the political parties in NZ.
          The Belt & Silk Roads, but can you believe that NZ is as well balanced as this article paints things?

          CCP baited the hook, and will not let NZ go so easily.
          There are many ways for them to maintain & increase their influence.
          The “Confusions Institutes” involved with at least 3 New Zealand universities.

          Our media made a song & dance about this, as they wanted to compromise Bridges and National, but were shy at looking deeper & further, as to harm their own Mao division.

          Prof Anne-Marie tweeted on Monday, October 15, [2019]“The most concerning aspect to the controversy over National’s hidden donations is that the source of the funds is a leader in #CCP united front work activities.”

          The United Front is the Chinese Government’s department that seeks to influence the overseas Chinese population to extend China’s global influence and to expand its economic agendas, often in the guise of keeping unity and promoting the Chinese Communist Party’s values in China and among the Chinese diaspora.

          Makes one wonder how much money being borrowed in NZ, is background sourced from Chinese connections.

          As China had demanded of Fonterra to start companies in China, that became loss leaders, but China can enter the NZ market.
          Chinese financed take over over of Westland dairy,
          Other dairy companies being established under Chinese influence.

          Then there are electric Chinese trains, plus if not quite signed up are other deals in the wind for light rail etc…



    • Hunter Biden should already be picked up and in jail for treason.
      Then any links should put Joe Biden and the rest of the family in jail.

      Internal BHR documents show exactly how the Chinese military contractor was able to disguise its ownership via shell corporations and formed a joint-venture with the son of the vice president to facilitate the Chinese takeover of an American dual-use technology supplier.
      Additional documents suggest that Hunter Biden’s Chinese-backed venture funneled money to an entity controlled by Vanessa Kerry, the daughter of then-Secretary of State John Kerry, just one month before CFIUS approved the takeover.
      At the time, Secretary Kerry played a lead role on the Obama-Biden CFIUS committee.


      Lock them all up!



  7. If you want strawberries for Christmas it may be necessary to pick your own

    Orchards gearing up for influx of DIY pickers amid horticultural worker shortage

    He said this year’s crop is of “exceptional quality” and despite the COVID-19-related challenges, strawberries are highly sought after in the export market.

    “There are some challenges on the board but we need to be optimistic and positive,” he said.



  8. I was getting some takeaway last night and while I was waiting I had a look through the window of the pub nearby to see what the crowds were like.
    Anyhow, what caught my notice was there was a scroll on the bottom of the TV screen about covid and alerts; and wearing masks; and using the app.
    I am not sure what channel or if it was all channels but is this a precursor to the next late night panic alert on our phone?
    Achtung. Achtung!

    Fortunately no such notice on Netflix.
    Are we being softened for the next imprisonment?



    • Just about guarantee there will be another lockdown.
      The commie bitch has won the election, new Covid cases
      are being ‘found’ and the wanker Bloomfailed as well as
      the grubby little fart stain Hipkins are once again being
      seen on TV.



    • “I am not sure what channel or if it was all channels but is this a precursor to the next late night panic alert on our phone?
      Achtung. Achtung!”

      That alert was utterly fucking disgraceful.
      How many old people would have been scared into heart attacks with that shit late at night??
      Someone’s head should have rolled for that…



        • Ok Ignore. I dont watch TV and every time a covid announvement comes on the Radio I mute it, same goes for when ever Hipkins, Jacinda or Andrew Little start prattling on. I don’t think I have actually heard or seen Jacinda since the election, and I feel soooo much better.



        • ROL@1307

          I think Capricorn is referring to the ‘Alert’ that was broadcast over all mobile phones in NZ at aporox 2230 -2300, advising us that Dear Leader had decided to go onto Level 4 IMMEDIATELY!

          The timing and associated ‘Warning, warning, National Emergency’ -type noises more apropriate for an air raid, volcanic eruption or earth quake, was no doubt intended for maximum effect and to intill the greatest amount of fear…



  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU_ZlOcgs7Y
    Mark Levin: Pelosi’s Unhinged Meltdown Shows Just How Much She Hates America

    After years of sleepy journalism, Wolf Blitzer awakens from his slumber and asks Pelosi the tough questions- and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. As the Pandemic rages on, millions of Americans desperately seek financial relief. But as President Trump seeks a “go big or go home” stimulus package, Queen Nancy continues to stonewall negotiations. Is she honestly trying to help the American People? Or will she go to any lengths to destroy the President – even if it means holding a gun to the head of the American Economy? Mark Levin breaks down Pelosi’s unhinged CNN meltdown and exposes her as the political animal that she is.



  10. “Of the 220,000 Americans who have died of Covid ,how many of them survived” Joe (pass me a little girl) Biden on yesterdays debate ,,LOL.
    It’s criminal that at this very moment the MSM in the US are still reporting that the Biden hard drive is all a Russian conspiracy to dirty the Biden campaign despite the DNI and the FBI saying publicly that it is not, someone should assassinate Adam Schiff…



    • And did you catch Joe’s prediction that another 200K would die by the end of the year? How can people be so blind as to his stupidity. Of course, Trump is not perfect – but he is a businessman, noit a politician. It is not in his nature to be PC, or soft-soap. He just gets things done by cutting out the cr*p. I liked his taunting of Joe about what the ex-VP had achieved in his nearly 50 years in politics.



  11. Our beloved editor is feeling a little peaky so he visits his GP. While there he asks the doctor about how they determine whether or not an older person should be put in an care facility.”

    Well” said the doctor, “We fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a tea cup & a bucket to the person & ask them to empty the bathtub.”

    ”Oh, I understand” said Ed. “Because a normal person would use the bucket as it’s bigger then the spoon or the teacup”

    “No” he replied. “A normal person would pull the plug. Do you want a bed near the window or the door?”

    (I’ll get my coat…..)



  12. Is it politics?
    One thing that’s been really shocking to me is that in the US and I think all over the world, we have a really contaminated media. Their politics has really distorted truth… I think that has now contaminated public policy and science. There’s been a massive distortion — a complete almost disregard for objectivity, including in some of what were the world’s best journals like Lancet, New England Journal, Nature, Science: these people feel compelled to be politically visible, and that’s contaminated the discussion.”



  13. Cleanliness in a hospital must be a priority but they can’t even get the basics right.

    Mum takes sick daughter home rather than leave her in dirty, mouldy ward

    Last week, a patient contracted a “scabies” skin infection, likely originating from mites on rogue pigeons in the hospital roof.

    Maddie’s mother, Sarah Collins, was shocked at the “sad” state of her daughter’s room, which she described as unacceptable.

    “[It had] broken light fightings, the wall linings had tape to hold them down and it was dirty, dusty – it looked like mould along the walls.

    “It really was third world and there’s really no excuse for that.”



  14. Line up, line up. Who is next to want their own special public holiday?
    So “unfair”! //

    Hindu community calls for Diwali to be a public holiday in New Zealand

    Society President, Rajan Zed says it’s unfair for members of their community to be made to continue going to work or school during their most popular festival considering that other religious days like Good Friday are observed as public holidays.



  15. A shearer who killed a lamb, by hitting it on the head, has been jailed for 16 months.

    MPI animal welfare investigators went to Tredinnick’s home and recovered the remains. A post-mortem revealed the lamb had multiple skull fractures, meaning it would have suffered significant pain and distress before it died.

    MPI’s National Manager of Animal Welfare Gray Harrison said Tredinnick’s actions were appalling.



    • Seems excessive punishment considering killing kids gets a soft sentence especially if you are special. Should have used the defence that he was killing it according to cutural customs. ( Not that I beleive people who make animals suffer should not be punished, but then the whole meat industry and chicken industry should be in jail if the condition is pain and suffering….) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chick_culling




        • Not sure if Jail is he right punishment. Maybe a year cleaning corpses at the morgue or processing offal at a meatworks or something else unpleasant with no pay, and house arrest for the rest of the time.



      • ……”the whole meat industry and chicken industry should be in jail if the condition is pain and suffering”…..

        Bullshit! Although I disagree with all religious customs & the associated hocus-pocus on principle NZ has managed to create a workable solution to the requirement for an animal not to suffer yet comply with the cruel & barbaric practices of those of the Islamic faith. For ages we used stun guns but since the religious freaks require the animal to be at least technically alive when its throat is cut they have been replaced with electric stunners. Tests of brain activity, both in stock & chickens suggest that this bridges both requirements.

        BUT to the best of my knowledge no such compromise has been reached with Jews over kosher killing. Even after reading this verbiage https://www.wjcc.org.nz/post/shechita-update-in-new-zealand I’m little wiser. What I can state is that what I’ve seen of kosher killing would make the average person’s hair stand on end.

        Years back I had the opportunity to watch Shechita performed a couple of times while waiting to offload stock at the Ngauranga abattoir. The unfortunate animal was turned on its back in a crush & the rabbi drew a sharp sword like knife across its throat. Death was not instantaneous……..indeed it was as prolonged as a religious nut could make it.

        As a retired cocky given a sharp knife & armed with the experience & knowledge of how to actually kill a sheep I could despatch an animal quicker than any of the religious wankers.

        Just as the Godaddled require the aged & infirm to die in agony they’re not fulfilled unless they make an animal suffer to the max!



  16. Victorian Police, still acting as brown shirts in the rush to follow orders.
    The sad part is that many of the public support this. 🙁

    Melbourne: Man ARRESTED with 7-yr-old child for not wearing mask.
    2 mins 56 secs. : • Oct 23, 2020
    Thanks to Avi Yemini

    At 2 mins 40 secs, one can see in the back ground a photographer, with a mask on, being moved on too.



  17. A commonsense point of view for NZ, with some facts & figures.
    “Sink or Swim” that was sent out in some Farmers publications earlier this month.
    How would Auckland get on as a separate nation like Singapore?
    Contradictions, double standards, symbolic gestures
    “The Environment” has become a religion for some people.
    Lobby groups get their funding by creating anxiety.
    The Green Party gets most of its votes from wealthy electorates, so the rich, who tend to have the most GHG emissions from driving and flying, can appease their consciences.
    ~ New Zealand has clean water. …….
    ~ New Zealand always had poor biodiversity. ……
    ~ Why taxing methane is theft. …..
    ~ Reinventing New Zealand? Note the difference 1970 to 2020. ……
    ~ Reality check. …..
    ~ NZ’s productivity crisis. …….
    ~ Solutions. …….


    One can down load a copy of that to print and share.
    Something to build on, to expand, to simply point out.



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