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  1. Why does it rain so much here in chc? Cold. Ask me about the cold.
    Just about everyone wears black.
    Lots of obese individuals.
    Called into Pak n Save Wainoni for a few bits and pieces (booze). Talk about the old star wars bar scene…I walked out feeling much better about myself.



  2. The Human Rights Commission is calling for the Government to “honour human rights and Te Tiriti o Waitangi” – laying out 39 issues it wants the Government to adopt.

    One of the issues was to create a written Constitution that honours Te Tiriti o Waitangi “to “help us build a vibrant inclusive democracy which protects everyone’s human rights”, Hunt said.

    He also said the current laws around hate speech “does not safeguard other protected characteristics such as religion, sexual orientation or disability”.

    Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon continued to call for the collection of hate crime data by Government and police.



  3. Department of Internal Affairs’ Charities Services general manager Stephen Reilly would not comment further while an investigation was ongoing, but said he was not aware if the trust’s delay in filing its returns was related to the information being assessed.

    A complainant has shown a bank statement to Stuff showing a Crown payment of $100,000 was deposited into its account on May 31, 2019, followed by $5000 withdrawn as a cheque to Abdul Aziz Wahabzadah the same day.

    Two trustees gave different reasons to Stuff for that payment.

    Aziz, who is the trust’s treasurer, said he was surprised Stuff knew about the transaction, but claimed the money was used to fund a “big party” with about 300 attendees held for supporters of March 15 victims, at a hotel he refused to name.

    Charities Services investigating Linwood Mosque finances


    So Cindy was sloshing dosh into the Muslims bank account.
    Pity she didn’t tell us before the election.



  4. Imagine this, the DNC are so communist that they are ignoring Bobby Kennedy’s son

    For decades Robert Kennedy JR has been an absolute darling of the lunatic left, not just because the martyr status of the two assassinated Kennedy boys in the 1960s – but because he’s been a leader in environmental activism around climate change.


    Now Robert Kennedy JR (ok RKJ), is being ignored and “fact-checked” by the lunatic left (you know that the moment somebody or something is fact-checked as “FALSE” by the Soros-funded conspiracy cover-uppers that you are on to something).

    So why is RKJ being silenced? Well simple. He is convinced that the Covid fear-mongering is a coup attempt by an evil cabal of all of Covid Cindy’s bestest mates (big tech, big data, Bill Gates – who owns the WHO, big pharma).

    He asks a bunch of obvious questions in this video that no political leader around the world is asking and says we should be suspicious until these are answered.

    When the lying, whoring MSM is trying to silence a Kennedy leftwing political activist on the scamdemic – you know it’s a conspiracy (and not a theory)!

    There’s no science that says economy-destroying lockdowns are effective at anything else other than destroying the economy.
    There’s no science that says wearing masks are effective at controlling the spread of virus’ (otherwise we’d have all been wearing face-masks every year to avoid getting the common cold.
    There’s never been an ability to develop an effective vaccine for the common cold (coronavirus) so why do we all of a sudden believe that by helping Bill Gates get rich with vaccine research we can do it now?

    Cindy is in the vanguard of this movement. She’s besties with Melinda Gates. New Zealand is going to be given a dodgy untested Bill Gates enriching vaccine in the next 18 months and the NZ population are going to be the lab rats to see if we all start to die off. And it’s going to be non-voluntary, if you don’t accept the vaccination you will be effectively shunned from society, you won’t be allowed to work, you won’t be allowed to shop, you won’t be allowed to socialise, you won’t be allowed to do anything unless you can prove you have helped make Bill Gates even richer.

    Catastrophes always make the super rich even richer, it always shifts the wealth up from the middle classes because a growing middle class will eventually start to think for themselves and vote for things like Brexit and Trump – and that can’t be allowed.

    I leave you with Kennedy’s most important words – he said at the Nuremburg trials Goering was asked how the Nazis managed to get the most liberal, enlightened, educated people in Europe to support the evil Nazi regime. Goering replied “That was easy, the most important role of government is firstly to make the population afraid – after that they will let you do anything you want”.

    The role of government is to make you afraid! Then they can do anything they like!

    Sound like anyone we all loathe?



  5. NZ noticed internationally for Cindy taking freedoms

    Victor Davis Hanson laments New Zealand’s COVID-19 quarantine ‘camps’ as end of personal freedom

    Hanson told host Laura Ingraham that such draconian measures that Ardern’s orders make no sense given how little the pandemic has affected the island nation.
    Laura Ingraham mimics Cindy’s accent. LOL
    COVID-19: US TV host mocks NZ accent as Fox News falsely claims country has ‘terrifying new’ measures ‘throwing people into quarantine camps’



    • Not time for a complete search but I believe
      I thought a while ago NZ developed a policy that if you were tested positive, even from a “community cases” then it is mandatory to be bundled up and put into quarantine management.

      Anyone who receives a positive test must now stay at a managed isolation facility, rather than isolate at home.
      There also iwi groups who have signalled an interest in establishing their own MIQs.”
      The MOH also said quarantine was not mandatory.

      It would seem that possibly a different exemption will be for “special people”
      It also made it difficult for people with pets, who will take care of them?
      Another big hit will be a farmer, so who pays for a manager, to take care of the stock?
      A business owner/ manager, so who runs the company, or should it just shut down? Lay off the employees?

      The two community cases are household contacts of the case reported yesterday, which is not connected to the Auckland cluster.
      The case reported yesterday is a recent returnee who arrived in New Zealand from India on August 27 and completed managed isolation, returning two negative tests at the facility in Christchurch before returning home to Auckland on September 11.

      The case reported yesterday was tested after developing symptoms on September 16, and returned a positive result. He and his household contacts self-isolated when he developed symptoms. They were all moved into the Auckland quarantine facility on September 18, when the first case returned a positive result.

      This does not seem to be fully picked up on, about “community transmission” and you may be swept up in it.
      Another hush by the media, prior the election.
      Just what is the MOH policy?
      How do they differentiate between people who will be taken in, and the ones they will not.
      It was an impression I had, was that “self isolate” was not good enough.



  6. I know it’s 6 months away but-
    Will there ever be another Anzac Day dawn service/parade in New Zealand?
    Was talking with a mate who is in the Services last night. He pointed out that Jacinda has used excuses to can them for the past two years and wonders is she will even need an excuse now that she has a clear ‘mandate’ to do whatever she wants?
    It is no secret she detests such Commemorations..



  7. India has signed an agreement to share military intelligence with the US for support against China. Many other Asian countries want to join the agreement as a united front against the bullying of China.

    KT McFarland: US-India military intelligence agreement is a ‘huge development’

    Former deputy national security adviser KT McFarland reacts to the news that U.S. and India signed an agreement to share military intelligence



  8. Twenty-six people arrested, millions in assets seized in major Auckland drug bust

    It follows a lengthy investigation, Operation Cincinnati, run by the National Organised Crime Group.

    Among the items seized were a large quantity of drugs, including methamphetamine and MDMA; commercial-grade drug making equipment; illegal firearms; and millions of dollars’ worth of assets, including high-end vehicles.



  9. Latest from The Taxpayers Union..a big read but well worth it.

    “Dear Supporter,
    The election may be over, but the wasteful spending hasn’t stopped.
    I thought I’d give you an update on what’s happened since 17 October and what you might have missed while party politics dominated headlines.

    Councils hike rates beyond inflation despite a literal pandemic
    New data has confirmed that many local councils failed to take necessary steps to avoid increasing costs for struggling households.
    In March, we launched a campaign for local and regional councils to freeze rates, and were pleased to see 14 of 78 step up to the task. Most others slashed their proposed rate increases as a result of our campaign.
    So why the massive increase? Simple: Auckland’s Phil Goff.

    Auckland Council’s size combined with its decision to opt for a massive rates hike (despite the vast majority of Aucklanders who told them not to!) made the nationwide average rates bill grow at nearly twice the level of inflation.
    The hike of rates (and increased spending) comes at the same time as those in the private sector are forced to cut costs.
    The economic pain of COVID-19 will extend far into next year. If councils fail to plan for rates relief in their 2021 annual plans, they should expect a ratepayer revolt.

    Another domino falls in Ihumātao omnishambles
    Largely lost in the post-election coverage was another group of protestors demanding privately-owned land.
    A group in the Bay of Islands are occupying private property set to be developed. Ratepayers or taxpayers can expect to fork out for the land if the protestors get their way.
    This is the inevitable result of the Government’s deal-making at Ihumātao. Unless the Government changes tack and refuses to make a deal, opportunistic protesters will keep occupying land and taxpayers will clean up the mess.

    New Creative NZ grants include $45,000 for homeless community “dialogue” theatre
    Creative New Zealand has released yet another round of taxpayer-funded grants and, unfortunately, standards haven’t gone up. We’re shining a light on spending like this:
    Do homeless people really need an avant-garde theatre production? Presumably, unlike Creative New Zealand, they’d recognise that taxpayer money could be put to much better use.

    Revealed: Taxpayers foot bill for Landcorp staff’s animal welfare violations
    If you were ticketed for speeding while on the job, would you expect to be reimbursed by your employer? Unlikely, but that’s what’s happening with animal welfare fines at our taxpayer-owned farming company, Landcorp.
    While analysing the SOE’s spending, one of our researchers discovered that taxpayer money is regularly being used to reimburse Landcorp farmers for animal welfare fines. Here are examples she uncovered:

    A $500 reimbursement for an animal welfare fine for transporting a cow that birthed a calf en route to slaughter on a moving truck.

    A $500 reimbursement for an animal welfare fine for transporting an angus bull which was tender on its forelimbs and sore in all four feet.

    Two $500 reimbursements for animal welfare fines for transporting a calf for slaughter which had contracted tendons in both forelimbs.
    Fines are meant to be a stinging reminder not to break the law. When the penalty is removed, so is the incentive to maintain the gold standard in animal care that we should expect from our state-owned farms.

    Media receive an additional $75 million sweetener
    Another story which was buried just prior to the election was Labour’s promise to hand out $75 million for “public interest journalism”.
    That’s the second handout for media this year — they already received $50 million in a COVID-19 recovery package (and that was of course on top of the wage subsidy).
    In all, these payments are a $125 million reason to stay on the Government’s good side”



    • Landcorp paying workers fines is corrupting the process.

      Councils hiking rates, mainly so the entitled can have the social structures they find desirable

      There needs to be formal enquires into both!

      There won’t be however.



    • TPU says:
      “Auckland Council’s size combined with its decision to opt for a massive rates hike”

      Lest we forget.
      The chairperson of the Finance Committee at Auckland Council is Desley Simpson.
      The Finance committee is always the most powerful as it controls where the money goes.
      The role is sought after.

      Desley Simpson is married to Peter Goodfellow (sic) , the Party President for Notional
      She is very close to Phar Goff.

      The Deputy Mayor of Auckland is Bill Cashmore.
      He is a proudly a long term Notional Party member .

      Desley Simpson (previously married to Scott Simpson – National – Coromandel) loves to spend.
      She went for the higher rates rise and is not prepared to cut the cloth of Council to fit.
      Tax and spend ; rates and spend.
      No rationale.

      If anyone asks if Notional has a disconnect this is one of many places to look.
      It is all over the high spending Council.
      This is Notional 2020.

      Given Notional is guided by the Big Fella in the Sky then it must come to pass that god likes spending too 🙂
      We’re doomed. Doomed I tell ya.



  10. Rolling out data tracking

    Government to start ground trial of Covid-19 contact tracing card in Rotorua

    Some New Zealanders could soon be carrying an extra eftpos-sized card with them as a way to help with contact tracing.

    The Government is launching an “on the ground” trial of a contact tracing card in Ngongotahā, a suburb in Rotorua.

    Between 500 and 1500 people over the age of 19 are being sought to participate.

    Cards can be worn on a lanyard or clipped to the wearer’s belt. It will exchange signals with anyone nearby who is also wearing one.



  11. Philippine police chief killed by rooster in cockfight raid

    The freak accident that killed San Jose Police Chief Lt. Christian Bolok happened Tuesday in Madugang village in Northern Samar province. Police in the central province have been cracking down on illegal cockfights, as the gatherings have been blamed for helping spread the coronavirus.

    Bolok, who was in his mid-30s, was trying to grab a rooster when one of its gaffs — small steel blades attached to a rooster’s legs — cut a gaping wound on his left leg and hit his femoral artery, provincial Governor Edwin Ongchuan said.

    “He was trying to confiscate the roosters but the problem was the rooster’s blade may have been laced with poison,” Ongchuan told The Associated Press by telephone.



  12. Cindy has been caught lying again. They claimed officials had told the tested had been carried out when the had not been. They throw the officials under the bus. It turns out that there were emails telling them that proper testing was not being carried out. NZ now has far more active cases per million that all of Australia.




  13. With its withdrawal from the EU and its concerns over China’s regional hegemony, Britain is picking up the pace of its rapprochement with Japan. A new trade agreement is likely to be reached in the course of 2020, and there are plans for the British Navy to be part of a joint deployment with US and Japanese forces in the Indo-Pacific in 2021. With a tight bilateral relationship not seen since the 1902–23 Anglo-Japanese Alliance, a Six Eyes alliance seems closer than ever.

    Ah, the 1902–23 Anglo-Japanese Alliance: https://www.reddit.com/r/PropagandaPosters/comments/ivuks2/190506_uk_conservative_election_poster/



  14. Jesus Christ… if the Marxist chic goes with the Greens this country is fucked.

    I guess all we can do is sit back and wait to see what develops.

    Farmers and like minded people will not sit back and watch their livelihood go down the drain.



  15. Have the Human Rights Commission adopted the Green party’s policies?

    ACT calls for abolishing Human Rights Commission, Greens label the stance ‘bizarre’

    ACT is accusing the Human Rights Commission of pursuing a left-wing manifesto and for that, says the organisation “must be abolished”.

    ACT leader David Seymour came out against the Commission after it called for the Government to “honour human rights and Te Tiriti o Waitangi” and laid out out 39 issues and ideas it wanted the Government to adopt.

    Some of those included Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon continuing the call for the collection of hate crime data and Disability Rights Commissioner Paula Tesoriero saying there needed to be better employment opportunities for disabled people.

    “Its new manifesto calls for a new hate speech law, a living wage, raising benefits by 47 per cent, ‘fair pay’ agreements, more government departments, two new human rights commissioners, and another public holiday, among a raft of other policies,” ACT leader David Seymour said.

    “The Commission is no longer interested in helping real people with actual human rights issues, but simply advancing a left-wing agenda.”



    Update: CERT NZ is warning that a virus, known as Emotet, installs malicious software (malware) onto a computer without the owner knowing, and the attack is typically financially motivated. Once the attacker has gained entry to your computer the malware steals login details, sends fake invoices to businesses customers, or even blocks access to your files and demands money to get it back. The virus can affect computers that use Windows, and it is a concern for businesses as it can deploy further malware that may enable ransomware attacks – such as those affecting the healthcare sector in the United States. This ransomware – known as Ryuk – encrypts the affected individual’s or organisation’s data and holds it for ransom. Contact CERT if you have been affected.




  17. I am still in disbelief that there are so many infantile
    retards in NZ who voted for an avowed Communist and
    her lunatic party to be the ‘elected’ government.
    All of them should be arrested for treason.



  18. Eh? Someone organises and pays for a poll on who voted which way in a referendum, with the poll results to be announced the day before the referendum results. My head hurts.

    “Election 2020: New poll shows majority of Kiwis voted ‘yes’ in euthanasia referendum”



  19. Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas apologises for comments on trans people as backlash grows

    New Perth Lord Mayor and media personality Basil Zempilas has apologised to transgender people for comments he made on his morning radio show, saying he “forgot” his new role as an elected representative.

    Yesterday Mr Zempilas, who was elected to office earlier this month, told listeners of the breakfast show he co-hosts on 6PR it was “wrong” for someone to identify as a gender different to their physical anatomy. “If you’ve got a penis mate, you’re a bloke,” he said. “If you’ve got a vagina, you’re a woman. Game over.”

    Mr Zempilas also called for any women with a penis to ring the radio station for the chance to win a $100 store voucher.

    I’m guessing that no “woman with a penis” has called in to claim “her” $100 store voucher yet.

    Meanwhile, predictably, as the article notes: “[t]here has been strong backlash from Perth’s trans and LBGTIQ community”. Apparently, free speech is important, but it must also be “approved” speech.



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