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  1. Noticed something yesterday down on the foreshore at New Brighton. Each year Guy Fawkes is celebrated with a large fireworks show on the pier. Big flashing sign installed down there now telling everyone the celebration is postponed..until July 2021. I thought, thats odd. Then it dawned on me. July..aint that when the natives celebrate matariki??



  2. “If we want an alert level 1 Christmas break, I think people just need to start improving their efforts in this area and get with the programme, Bloomfield said on The AM Show.”

    And what “programme” would that be Mr Bloomfield?? Have you started wearing jack boots Ash? Dont threaten me pal. How about you cnuts lift YOUR game at YOUR end.



  3. Thought the early morning appearance of the Biden, then Trump families showed a very clear definition of class and arse. Why did Jill Biden feel it necessary to wear a mask when in the presence of her husband and then start waving like a demented woman.



    • Yeah, so the owner gives chase in another car, and the cops are going to throw the book at him. For doing their job.
      But wait, there’s more; there’s been a Give-a-little page set up for the pair of scrotes.



    • There’s only one thing that causes that kind of carnage, utter morons behind the wheel and excess speed.
      In the long run as bad as it is it’ll probably mean that when they’d finally been deported back here when prison time had elapsed in their mid 20’s they won’t take out some poor Mum and Dad and their Kids here in our Country..



    • Australian police allege that 37-year-old Mazen Kabbara woke up to hear his car being stolen and got into another car to chase the boys.

      He was arrested at the scene and taken to Fairfield police station, where he was charged with five offences,
      including dangerous driving occasioning death,
      driving in a dangerous manner (two counts),
      dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm,
      negligent driving occasioning death (two counts).

      A “givealittle page” for the guys lawyer’s cost, would be interesting.
      Yeah I know, it would be taken down as bad taste to such wonderful innocent boys who would be deemed to have rights, to take what they like, with no consequences. 🙁
      That could be said to be “Choice Bro.” 🙁



  4. Recode’s 15 Silicon Valley millionaires spending the most to beat Donald Trump

    (All $USD)

    1. Karla Jurvetson (philanthropist, ex-wife of early SpaceX and Tesla investor Steve Jurvetson): $27.5 million

    2. Dustin Moskovitz (Facebook co-founder): $25m

    3. Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn founder): $14.1m

    4= Jeff and Erica Lawson (Twilio CEO & partner): $8.2m

    6. Connie Ballmer (wife of former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer): $7.6m

    7. Jeff Skoll (eBay co-founder): $7.4m

    8. Eric Schmidt (ex-Google CEO): $6m

    9. Sam Bankman-Fried (crypto-currency trader): $5.6m

    10= Patty Quillin and Reed Hastings (Netflix founder & partner): $5.3m

    12. Jessica Livingston (Y Combinator): $5m

    13. Michael Moritz (venture capital): $3.9m

    14. Ken Duda (software company Artista): $3.7m

    15. Vinod Khosla (venture capital): $3.1m


    Now why would that be do we think?
    Note that Keys mate has gone sour as well and we know who that is. Our 24 hour citizen.



  5. The Serious Fraud Office has laid charges against two people as part of a long-running investigation related to iwi leader Roger Pikia, it is understood.

    The two are due to appear in the Auckland District Court next week, Stuff has learned.

    The investigation was launched almost four years ago after revelations that $775,000 belonging to Te Arawa River Iwi Trust (Tarit), which Pikia chaired, had been invested in Ka Ora Ltd, a health food company of which he was a director and previous shareholder.

    It was also reported that the small Tahu Whaoa iwi, which Pikia also chaired, had covered the $2.6m debts of a failing Tongan forestry company and had agreed to pay a further $3.5m in return for control of the firm.

    Pikia, a business consultant and advisor to the Māori King, said he had no comment about the charges.

    Tarit chief executive Eugene Berryman-Kamp​ also declined to comment, as did a spokesperson for the SFO.

    Pikia is also co-chair of the Waikato River Authority, which oversees millions of dollars in grants..


    Are we going to see all this shut down with our new Moari masters in Parliament?



  6. Well I turned on the 7.00 am ZB News this morning. First item was about the US elections, as expected. It is a close race they say but is leaning in favour of Biden because Maine results will help get him over the line. What BS –Maine is already in his total.
    So that was all I could take and immediately turned it off.

    I think President Trump played some clever politics last night with his “thank you to supporters” speech. He laid out the current figures for the remaining bigger states, showing everyone they were all basically impossible to go to Biden. Everyone knows the Democrats are going to play games but Trump showed the public how high the hurdles they have get over –eg. he is 700,000 ahead in Pennsylvania.
    Note how the 3 big states remaining all have Democrat Governors and they all stopped counting at the same time. Meanwhile Florida with a much higher population got it all “done and dusted” by 9.00pm their time.



      • Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their conscience. – CS Lewis



  7. Little Johnie was a very devout little fellow, every night he would kneel beside his bed and as his parents watched he would end his prayers by blessing the various members of the family and his friends.
    “Gentle Jesus meek and mild please listen to this little child – Hi Jesus this is little Johnie would please bless Mummy and Daddy, my brother and sister, Uncle Sam and Auntie Jane and their children, Uncle Mike and Aunt Flo and their children” – this goes on for a while. Finally he says “And please bless Mrs Roberts across the street. Good Night Mummy and Daddy.” he clambers into bed and is a sleep in an instant.
    Every night is the same. 
One night he goes through the routine and leaves off Mrs Roberts. He gets into bed after saying goodnight to his parents. Neither parent say anything about the missing Mrs Roberts. Next morning the family is awoken by Mrs Robert’s daughter informing them that she had died the night before. The parents express their sympathies and life goes on.
    Sometime later Johnie forgets to mention another neighbour and next morning that neighbour has also joined the choir invisible. Again sympathies are expressed and life goes on.
A week later while saying his prayers Johnie leaves his father out of the list – Johnie has been naughty and got a smack and in the way of children does not want to bless someone who has paddled his bottom. Johnie’s father is worried, it doesn’t take a genius to know that when Johnie leaves someone out of his prayers – that person’s time is up. Johnie’s daddy is awake all night wondering if he is imagining it all but still!!!
    He eventually falls asleep in his arm chair and is startled awake by a loud crash at the front door, when he opens the door there is the milkman laying dead on the doorstep!!!



  8. Here is a good summary of the US situation from Jo Nova


    Yesterday our friend Kea put up a cryptic post saying ” Will the USA fall today? “. I took it as a joke, but Kea knew a lot more than me.
    When we think back over the past few weeks the Democrats actually told us what would happen. They actually said Trump would be ahead on the night but Biden would win. They did not care Biden did not really campaign because the fix was organised. They made sure the Pennsylvania laws were changed so extra votes could be presented unchallenged.
    If there are no legal remedies in the US for this, then Kea will be right.



    • You got it.

      If Demoncrats were not winning by 10 pm EST then plan B (really plan A) kicks in.

      I saw a comment last night of a youtube – not sure which feed – which the commenter said he lived in Pennsylvania and the corruption is endemic at all levels.
      It was the home of US Steel and therefore strong unions and where there are unions in the US the corruption is strong.
      Illinois is another and chuck in Wisconsin.
      Where the industrialisation was strong the union corruption matches it
      That is why employers despise unions in the US.
      Unions are not a force for good.
      The are a mix of political movement and cash cow.

      For a bit of 1984 Doublespeak:-
      The state motto for Pennsylvania is :
      Virtue Liberty and Independence
      Ok Then!

      The media has been conditioning people for a Biden win (really Crooked Harris, an angry puppet like Obummer, but you cant criticise or you are wacist and/or sexist ) so the sheeple don’t think anything extraordinary is happening.
      The states that froze counting get the ability to do a switcharoo of mail ins.

      Trump is correct.
      You will not hear that in MSM.
      This is a globalist movement .
      Trump is a Nationalist.
      He must GO (say the crooks)




  9. The entertainment value of a Biden/Harris administration will just about make up for the leftie filth stealing the election from Trump, FFS imagine the cockups that are going to happen when the moron Biden can no longer lie to the American populace and must on day one face up to real tough decisions ,maybe the black tracker Obumma will be working the levers behind the scenes because Harris in her entire career has mastered only one thing, skidding around on her back..



  10. When Trump is finally given his well deserved win the Democrats will spur revolution with a series of false flag attacks backed by corrupt media and paid for politicians. They will try to incite the brainwashed masses to act and any defence of government or Trump people will be played as dictatorship and right wing. Sorry if I sound gloomy but everywhere “socialism” goes death follows and when we don’t teach history the same shit happens again.
    On another note, Eric Watson is still in Pentonville and despite various dodges dotcom can still use, it is time we ran a sweepstake for which US facility will house him and when!



  11. Here is how it works from a Constitutional point of view.

    “Under the Constitution the state Legislature always retains 100% exclusive legal right to appoint its electors directly, and it should not hesitate to do so whenever it thinks their state’s election result is lacking in credibility, or if the margin of victory looks smaller than the margin of problems, or if their election rules weren’t followed faithfully.

    Times like these are why the founders put Pres Electors solely into their hands. (not into judges hands, or crooked county election board officers, etc). They are the check and balance (not Scotus). Just like with impeachments, the standard is up to the sole judgement of the legislators, who in turn answer to their people. When the legislature abandons its right to override, the big-city machine knows there is effectively no ‘controlling legal authority’ over their hustle, even when it’s an open secret.

    Republicans control both houses of legislature in MI, WI, PA, GA, AZ. They are the only ones who actually have the power to stop a steal, override a fraud, or fix a big failure. They just need the guts and conviction to do what is their right and duty to do. And we have to have their backs when they do.

    imo the Speaker of the legislature should announce:
    – The state’s Pres election result may not be credible, or that their election laws were changed or ignored. Margin of victory is too small with mistakes/irregularities too large, for any confidence in the end result with such high stakes.
    – Will review of ballots, reporting, chain-of-custody, application of legislatures rules, and ask for everyone to document (where possible) or testify to things that are fishy, don’t add up, etc
    – Legislature will meet to review it, and will exercise its right to appoint the electors directly if they judge the results are not credible, mail-in system or ballot custody/progeny fails integrity, etc.”



  12. I don’t believe anything she says. She will do what she wants, not what others expect. 🤥

    Jacinda Ardern walking ‘centrist balance beam’ by meeting with unions, Business New Zealand

    The unions wants to see movement on Fair Pay Agreements in the government’s first 100 days.

    But businesses say now – more than ever – the labour market needs flexibility.

    Fair Pay Agreements were an area New Zealand First flexed its coalition muscle last term.

    E tū Assistant National Secretary Annie Newman said with them out of the way, there was no need for more delays.



  13. Still to be determined:
    North Carolina
    Nevada has take today off while their votes are still being counted.
    Arizona was called for Biden when there were still a million votes to count.

    Mulvaney argues Trump doesn’t want to disenfranchise voters

    Former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney argues President Trump doesn’t want to disenfranchise anyone during the 2020 election.



    • Biden supporters and the deep state degenerates aren’t worried. All they need to do is repeat the Wisconcin trick and “FIND” a box which contains over 130,000 votes for Biden (and lol none for Trump because that’s not at all suspicious) and put them through at 4am in the morning (hehehehe no one will notice if we sneak them in that early in the morning).

      The fix is in. Even if the count was zero for Biden in AZ, they’ll “FIND” the votes he needs to win.

      The big question is which of the SCOTUS judges will side with the deep state. We know Roberts has been compromised by the Epstein logs already – I think ACB is going to turn against Trump. She seems to me to be a perfect liberal type.



  14. Oh PLEASE!!!! people wearing MAGA caps and waving US flags 🤪
    Woke snowflake alert 🙄

    ‘Never drinking there again’: Ponsonby bar Hoppers slammed for hosting ‘pro-Trump’ election party

    An Auckland bar has come under fire for hosting an “aggressively pro-Trump” election night party, with one woman saying she felt threatened and was forced to leave after confronting patrons.

    Social media users are calling for a “boycott” of Hoppers in Ponsonby after images and video of the party were posted to social media, showing several people wearing MAGA caps and waving US flags.

    But the bar issued a statement on Thursday claiming to “have no political agenda”, saying the party was “purely a space for both parties to come together freely to express personal beliefs”.



  15. She’s still sprinkling taxpayer funding. Just delaying the inevitable.

    Jacinda Ardern pledges more Covid-19 crisis aid for small businesses in lead up to Christmas

    The Government is offering further support to businesses in the lead up to Christmas as part of its top economic priorities, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced today.

    She said her Government would be extending the small business loan scheme out to three years and extending the interest-free period to two years, as well as initiating the roll out of the flexi-wage job support programme.

    “The Government has two overarching objectives – to accelerate the economic recovery and to keep New Zealanders safe from Covid. These priorities reflect these objectives,” Ardern said in a speech to Business New Zealand.

    “With Covid getting worse around the world and parts of Europe re-entering lockdown, it’s clear the economic impact of the virus is going to remain with us for some time. It’s important that viable but vulnerable business, who may experience issues down the track, still have access to this line of credit to help them through.

    “Making these changes before Christmas provides small business with certainty, especially when the holiday period can be a quieter time for some businesses who may need to access the scheme.”



  16. And she’s off to the world stage… Cindy, the queen of business is to lead a business delegation across the world.

    Jacinda Ardern plans to visit United States, Britain, Europe and China when COVID-19 border settings change

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern plans to lead a business delegation to the United States, United Kingdom, European Union and China when the border settings change.

    The Prime Minister made the revelation during a speech to the business community in Auckland on Thursday where she laid out her Government’s priorities after Labour won the election in a landslide.

    “When our border settings change I plan to lend my support to extending our trade efforts by leading a business delegation to key trading partners, including the US, China and the UK and EU, who we are currently in free trade talks with.”



  17. My council is calling for submissions on reducing the speed limit to 80km on all roads that are not state highways! Also down to 60km outside schools!
    This sounds like a JAG initiative to me!
    Ain’t we lucky that lying cindy hates her and her green mates!



    • Reduced speeds already implemented up here Sooty. I hate it, it is ridiculous and the lower speeds makes no sense in most cases. Straight, easy driving country roads with few housing, some are 100km while others are 80km, then 60km, then 80km, then 100km. Literally changes every few kilometres. Remember too, there is no margin for going over the limit before fines can kick in. That’s if you even know how fast you are allowed to be driving at the time. My car indicates the correct speed but many vehicles don’t. 🤨



    • Submission is a key word in the matter of speed reductions. I doubt they actually take note of any submission not accepting reduction but expect your submission to the reality that you will be fined if you are detected exceeding the limits set.

      I did not vote for any of this garbage.



  18. The Herald reveals that a sperm donor killed his three month old baby daughter. Only just makes the news nowadays as we’ve become inured to the horror of out of control ferals killing kids.

    What makes this instance stand out is that “He (the judge) also granted him permanent name suppression to protect the identities of his other victims.”

    Since when does the identities of the victims matter a fuck in the context of a dead baby? They’re alive & the fact that they stood by & let a little girl get killed should be a crime in itself.




  19. What? Gobbledygook 🙄

    Jacinda Ardern predicts ‘difficult’ years ahead as COVID-19 cases reach levels ‘not seen since the first wave’

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is predicting “very difficult” years ahead as COVID-19 infections reach levels “not seen since the first wave” with global deaths now topping 1.2 million.

    “From where I sit it feels as though we have a borderless world for things like trade and the exchange of people and skills, and yet, rather than this leading to people being exposed to new and different ideas and ways of thinking, the advent of technology and the creation of online platforms has led us instead to find and build our tribes to entrench our existing views.”

    Ardern noted her concern about people locking in their opinions and reinforcing them, rather than allowing themselves to be questioned and have their perspectives tested.



  20. The Us has good mathematicians.


    Trump up 110K with 93% reporting

    Over night

    Biden is 20K up with 95% reporting

    2% different in reporting

    In order for Biden to get 20K over Trump with added 2% reporting

    Wisconsin would need 20 million votes for Biden to get to 20K

    The math doesn’t add up”



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