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    • Will Jacinda follow Biden’s lead and ‘Defund’ Police here?
      Lefties seem to believe teams of touchy feely Social Workers will be able to handle Meth heads with knives or maniacs with a gun!
      Problem is your average bone carving-wearing Social Worker would be too scared to leave their cosy office if a call came through about a violent offender on a rampage…



    • A big part of the problem is so called “justice” that is now called “restorative justice” so that all the injustice is ok to be inflicted on any victim and continuously inflicted.

      Will raise interesting points about justice, and what has happened previously.
      It will be a finger tingling court case.

      “Trial by Jury”.

      So far not much information has come out about this.
      Like is the guy on remand in jail?
      Was there bail?



  1. Then click on that first video.
    A bit difficult to quickly see that it is a video as the cover form of the instagram? and being white on white and this is on wt video.
    Then there is a list of videos.

    More cheating.
    2 minutes 20 seconds. : Published on 05 Nov 2020

    Not only a firing, but gaol for that post master ! !

    There are more videos down below in the list.

    Every vote will be counted, “observed” scrutinized by a Supreme Court if necessary.

    It is a meme that “every vote will be counted”
    Just as “stop the counting” is a meme, that really means, every vote should be able to be observed, scrutinized.
    “No evidence” another meme for the court cases,

    I heard a 100,000 votes turned up belatedly.
    They were disqualified.
    It seems that this woman’s candidate for Presidency was only valid for the year of 2016, and here as Biden eloquently explanins in how it is organized.
    24 secs.

    So our NZ media, join the corruption, with out any consideration, that a number of judiciary recounts will be done spouting out the memes.



  2. This will be really funny if it works out. It seems the Democrats forgot to vote harvest for the House seats and the Republicans are gaining seats. There is a possibility according to this that the Republicans could win the House by a small margin. If so it would mean a Republican House and Senate and possible sleepy Joe in the White House . A lot of progress would be made by Joe in that situation ///


    Looking down the comments, this vote harvesting issue has been around for years. One comment relates a story of a Governor race in WA years ago.

    BTW. Remember the media going on about Trump not leaving the White House and he would have to be hauled out. All part of the grand plan narrative, showing this has been planned for a very long time.



    • A hell of a long time.
      Illinois under both the Mayor Daley’s
      Father and son.
      It is so common.
      Recently the Mayor of Chicago was Rahm Israel Emanuel.
      Obummer’s dirty mate.
      Obummer entered the Senate from Illinois.
      The Mayor of Chicago has a lot of power.

      The 1960 Prez election – Nixon v. Kennedy there are still valid questions about the vote count in Chicago under Daley /Teamsters Union/Joe Kennedy (patriarch to the clan K) /Sam Giancana (hint: SG did not run the local haberdashery)
      [and who Giancana and Jack Kennedy were mutually shagging]

      Some States are worse than others.

      I always wonder about the 2003 movie “Head of State’
      Chris Rock: where an unknown black chappie with no apparent connections and operating as a ‘community organiser ‘ comes from nowhere to become President of the US.
      Strange it was only a few years before it really happened.
      Long term planning, and seeding the mind.
      Or a hell of a coincidence. You decide.



    • “The people who cast the votes decide nothing.
      The people who count the votes decide everything”.

      No, Not quite: Joseph Stalin (communist leader).

      The current President has a full 4 year term.
      There may be a new “Presidential elect”, but the “fat lady is still to sing,
      Scrutineers, Judicial Re-Count now, and has rest of November, December and a big part of January.

      Can the Democrats with-stand the coming scrutiny, not only on the count, but the former Vice President?
      Certainly making it set for a “perfect storm”, that will lead the way for an overhaul of US elections.

      Now, how come our postal, early voting, went so much Labour in NZ?
      Can how votes, that is the party votes stand scrutiny?
      Were there scrutineers in checking the voting in NZ?



      • Not at all suspicious is it.

        NZ was a dry run for the US election – how else is the highly improbably Labour outright victory and the survival of the Greens explained (along with the SI farming areas going red).

        They got away with everything they tried here – it was a dress rehearsal. Fortunately in the US they’re not quite so utterly cud-chewingly sheepish and naive as we are here.



  3. It would seem that quite a few others are recognizing that others, are making far better reporters than the “main stream”.

    “Media BUSTED lying about lockdown protest in Melbourne yesterday”
    3 mins 05 seconds. : • Oct 23, 2020

    Though it may take some setting up, it is being done, and good on them. 🙂
    Their credibility, asking questions, is being rewarded by recognition in numbers is slowly swinging their way.



  4. A miracle! A bone fide miracle is happening on Kiwiblog

    Pinky Farrar has a post up in relation to a tweet that has got him thinking.

    The tweet says something like “People hate the cultural left so much that they’ll put up with anything just not to see the cultural left in power”.

    And this has got him thinking and he’s going to gather some data on it.

    We’ve seen Brexit, we’ve seen Trump, we’ve seen the rise of national pride around the world, we’ve seen anti-woke leaders by the dozen.

    And now! Finally, the National polling guru. The supposed “best pollster in NZ” thinks he might look into why it’s happening.

    I mean for Fuck’s Sake – no wonder National are so utterly lost in the wilderness! This is the guy who is supposed to be reading the political entrails for them. He’s dead silent at the moment on how obviously polls in the US are not polls, they are a voter suppression tool.

    And now, he’s thinking (5 years too fucking late) that he maybe ought to understand why Trump came to power.

    Fuck me does he read any of his blog comments?

    But Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Farrar might finally going to use his tiny little mind about something.



  5. Whatever the outcome in the US the vote count for President D J Trump is pretty phenomenal when you consider that the local (MSM) media filth has been anti him for 5 solid years; the international media filth has been the same; the local politicians in the USA and many many offshore politicians.
    Even Focks (Focked) News turned against him in recent months.

    The media filth (MSM )have been the main perpetrators of the lies.
    Truth in 2020 is a mere construct.
    It is what media say it is.
    We have lived in a post-truth world since 2015.
    Ask yourself why John Key was able to stand down after that !

    I doubt you could find a kind and positive comment about Trump from within 90+% of the worlds media in the last half decade.
    That is a hell of a wall to climb.
    Bigger than a wall on the southern border of the USA.

    When you look at what Trump achieved in 4 years and what Biden never achieved in his 40+ years you realise there is not a normal horizon in this.
    Jack Kennedy wanted to hold back on Cuba, Vietnam etc.
    He was shot by a lone (wolf) gunman in a book depository- well, maybe……

    Trump has largely curtailed the war machine.
    Certainly cut back its massive spend.
    Then ask yourself who is behind this.
    This is a long game.
    This is a Shell Game.



    • The irony howitis is that media are hated more, by a very large part of the population, than ever. There is more available information, via the internet than ever and yet they still seem to have a lot of influence.

      The other thing I cannot get to grips with is how the left do not understand they are being used by the money men/women and the political eilte . This is so clear with this US election , climate change, Covid etc. etc.



    • Ha ha .
      Turncoat and leaker Denise Lee out of a job.
      Jeepers, Notional can expel her from the party now.
      Her daddy left Notional and set up his own party.
      She is such a lightweight anyway- was even a weak Akl council person.
      One less Notional Christian in Parliament.

      Reti in by the skin of his chinny chin chin
      (is that wacist…who cares ?)

      Matt King out and this lets Willow Jean Prime take an electorate and let one more list Labour
      He is going for a recount.
      King lost by 163 votes as of Friday’s final count. He had been ahead by 742 votes on election night.
      I am not surprised.
      Mail in votes …again.

      Notional received 25% or one four votes from the country.
      From 44+% in 2017 that is a big drop and more than Covid.
      I think they need to go to church and pray for direction.
      Or just fire the fuckwits.
      There are plenty of those.

      In Rural fire management terms they might want to have some burn-offs and clear out the scrub and let the strong trees stand tall.
      Not that there are lot of strong trees left.



  6. If there was ever a compelling reason against NZ election postal votes this is it. It’s too vulnerable to fraud and if you can’t be bothered to rock up in person, how much do you care? There’s something about owning your vote in making an effort to turn up to cast it. Allowing a longer period to vote this year was more convenient. Polling booth signs were dotted around Christchurch long before election day.

    A friend from Nelson was visiting and we went out to Brighton for a stroll. When we saw the polling booth sign outside the library we both decided to vote and get it out of the way, a week before the election. Only 1 other person was voting and there was a deluge of staff vying to assist us. It couldn’t have been easier. Neither of us had our EasyVote cards and no ID was asked for, simply our names and addresses. Would you even know if someone else used your details to cast a vote?

    A son lives overseas. His NZ voter pack was sent to my address. Anyone could have used his EasyVote card. Luckily, he values his vote and was able to cast it himself from overseas. My neighbour was sent 2 voting packs for the people who lived there 9 years ago, one long deceased. My parents, who have lived at the same address since 1993 and always voted, received no voting packs. My sister, address unchanged since the last election, also received nothing. Who got theirs? All 3 voted but how do they check if someone else used their EasyVote cards? If a double vote was discovered, which vote would be counted? Theirs or the fraudsters? Or would both votes be nullified? Any EasyVote card is obviously vulnerable without photo ID. This could be covered by RealMe? Or supplementing the EasyVote card with a photo ID?

    Voters must feel safe that even if the vote goes against them, the process was fair and above board. Anything less breeds mistrust and unrest. Given their suggestion for a November election, it seems likely the Electoral Commission was aware of the shortfalls in their database and preparedness, concerns the government didn’t share.



    • Well said Coralsea.

      For local council the postal vote seems to ‘get by’
      Usually less than 50% voting anyway.
      I still think that while ratepayers funds councils it should be one vote attached to each rates bill.
      25 years ago New Plymouth was heading towards 50% funding ‘other than rates’
      Now it is a woke shell of its old self.

      Postal voting is so easy to defraud and has been in the USA.
      I think it is ironical when the US and the UN or even France and Britain step in and supervise elections in other countries where ‘democracy is in doubt’
      A better definition of irony you will not find this side of Jupiter.

      The home of democracy – Britain – in 2015 the Brexit Party received 1 in 8 (12.%) of votes but 1 seat out of 650 (.015% )

      Electronic voting would be worse or at least as bad.
      We saw the on line census in NZ in 2018 and how it was a shambles.
      However that was probably due to ‘nine years of neglect’ !!
      Wee Jimmy Two mums cannot be expected to be responsible for anything but still gets his Ministers salary//
      The Australian 2016 census was a similar failure so it was not that there was no warning.

      It is easy to vote now and I wandered in on the Friday of the first week and similarly was the only one there with 5 staff.
      It is more costly to run that way but easily meets the demands of good democratic structure.



  7. I want NZ and the USA destroyed. Mostly, I want the disgusting children of the left to suffer. I’m not going to lie. I am looking forward to it.

    Of course I might give their daughters $2 for food/drugs, in return for sexual favours. I’m not a monster 😅



    • It is quite satisfying to think that all the institutional stupid youth of today who are voting for this insanity are the ones who are going to suffer under the regime they’re are welcoming in to NZ.

      I doubt I’ll be around for long of the Chinese occupation of NZ, but the Chloe’s of this world can look forward to 40-50 years of existence under the terribly oppressive society they so wish for. Although, as is always the case with occupying powers, the useful idiots will be the first ones ushered into the organ harvesting concentration camps – it’s going to be delicious 😊

      And just to be clear, I’m not hating Chloe – I’m just hating her back!



    • Kea says
      ‘I want NZ and the USA destroyed’

      Well 50% delivered and the other 50% …pending…
      Based on electoral tampering.

      Imagine what the fake gnews media is worth to these politicians.
      They really delivered.
      Bugger policies and traditional campaigning.
      That is for mugs.

      $50mill will be a teardrop in the ocean after a stellar performance by the media party.
      Big rewards for them.
      …and…. in the middle of 2019 the likes of TV3 and Stuff were looking at planning a funeral.
      The trick of it is they get to use Your Taxpayer Dollars to throw crap at you.



      • I’ve turned a corner and no longer blame a mysterious “they”. It’s Kiwis. Not some hidden power.

        I also no longer make excuses for kiwis, by blaming the media. The simple fact is over 50% of Kiwis are shit people. They are bad people. No matter how they got there.

        I know good people. So I’m lucky. But most I regard as a disease.

        Strangely – this acceptance has bought me peace and serenity.



        • I have to agree there Kea.
          In the weekend after we were ‘released from’ level 2 in Akl I went to 7 different catch up functions on the Friday/Sat/Sun.

          I was quite (quietly) appalled by the ignorance of Kiwis.
          Mostly well educated people(e.g. one with 3 Masters degrees )but spouting out tropes.

          -generally thought Ardern is amazeballs;
          – hate Trump as if he had snuck into their house at night and slaughtered all the pets and first born child, and stolen Granddad’s mint condition Holden Special ;
          – live in great fear of ‘ the flu’ .
          – think Prince Ashley will guide them through ‘ the valley of darkness’
          and so on. Fear has worked and driven people to largely not question the ‘official narrative’

          I think this was reflected in the election.
          One guy, former lawyer and 88 years old, proudly told me he had always voted Notional but thought Ardern is a brave and great leader destined for great things.
          He was rightly cheesed off with Notional and decided to reward the Ardern mob
          It was not the food that made me sick that time.

          Make no mistake, Kea:
          the Media filth are the conduit for this misinformation .
          However people can choose to turn off.
          I just don’t do ‘TV gnews’
          In the past for things like visual events – 9/11, the Manawatu floods 2004, Christchurch Earthquakes.
          But for actual information they are the opposite of that.
          Much of it is in online vids now anyhow.

          You will find most people over 80 have weakened eyesight so use the Teev or radio for ‘info’.
          Thy generally do not use internet so do not search out real info.
          I use neither TV nor radio.
          A TV device to me is a screen to project (via Chromecast or HDMI cable) what I want to see.

          I find YSB very refreshing and a place where the brain can be expanded but out there, yeah nah.
          So your sentiments of ‘I give up on them’ (kiwis) has entered my lexicon in the last 3 months.
          Last year even after the Tarrant event I did not detect the resignation.

          NZ is not advanced or clever.
          Ernest Rutherford was born in 1871.
          The vote was given to women in 1893.
          The Hamilton jet boat, electric fence etc were inventions from more than 50 years ago.
          Rogernomics was copying Reaganomics and thatcherism.

          There is nothing to be smug about in NZ.
          Fonterra exports non value add milk powder in brown paper bags like its predecessors did 50+ years ago.
          The universities have been taken over by dickheads as heavily advertised during the ‘covid crisis’ – pink hair, misery guts baker, fuckknuckle hendry etc
          The Warehouse simply copied Walmart; Trademe simply copied eBay.
          Productivity is very poor in NZ but we do produce lots of scrotes who beat kids to death and some that go to Australia who get 501ed back here.

          In 2020 the Psyop has worked.
          The country is worse off for it.
          Cui bono



          • Well put, you say it howitis 😄

            We are already at the stage where we are careful of what we say and to whom we say it.

            Just yesterday myself and another guy were feeling each other out to see if we could talk on the same wavelength about Trump and the US election. I knew he was an ACT voter but didn’t know how much he knew of the big picture.
            I had opened with a neutral “see Biden might win the election?” And he had replied with “yeah I know, fucking hell!”. Just then another that was within earshot opined that Trump was pretty much destroying the world. No more was said as we just turned our backs and carried on with the individual tasks at hand. Just not worth it in the end. You can’t un-brainwash the sheeple in a quick off the cuff 2min convo.
            It’s going to take a lot more than words, mark mine.
            That will come later.



      • And Britain too. This is very much how I feel about the once beloved country of my birth.

        Zombie Nation. © Joshua Dalton 2020
        Britain is no longer great, it has not been for my entire life. I was born just days after the dawn of the Blair horror years in 1997, a year that marked the official end to the British empire, the death of Britain and the beginning of the end to classical liberalism and western civilisation. Again humanity enacts the fall of the latest greatest civilisation, casting aside its values, achievements, progression and social fabric. We may as well dream of living in the early fifth century, for that which is to come will be far worse for mankind than the fall of the western Roman Empire. Britain is a zombie nation, once a symbiotic union of kingdoms is now four carved up divided ancient lands thrown into a sack with a smily face drawn upon it sporting a tattered name tag reading ‘United Kingdom’. While the Scot-Nazis who occupy their devolved ‘Parliament’ seek to intrude on the privacy of speech in a domicile, the communists in wales ban the sale of baby clothes and state broadcasters harass the public in Northern Ireland. The head of this abominable monster, England, enters another 4-week, and utterly pointless, lockdown. And the sheep still comply, the dullards preach the virtue of lost liberty and I watch the nation I thought I loved and realise it’s not worth saving.

        The Ottoman globalists surround the walls of Constantinople once more, the walls which hold entrenched ideas of liberty, suffrage and democracy. And just like 1453 the wall will fall, the city will be sacked and the iconoclasts will be given licence, as they have been for years, to run rampant and destroy the world we know. Because within the walls of western civilisation are weak decedent fools who believe capitulation and surrender will win them mercy and fortune. The moral weakness and willing complicity of modern Britain makes me weep. How ignorant are people to still believe this 8 month affair is about anything other than radical global change to our way of life. ‘14 days to flatten the curve’ and here we are locking down until early December. British society is dead, British values are dead, democracy is dead and freedom is no more. Boris and his cabinet have blood on their hands and people cheer them on begging for the boot upon their neck and lap up the blood diamond handouts he throws down to them, furlogh bribes of complicity and grants of extortion. So long as a happy median are plied with riches and handouts to comply, the happy median will sneer at those who question their generous masters, willingly selling themselves to servitude and sneering with bile at those who question this blatant fascism and those who would rattle the cage. Because to Britons the poor don’t matter, the unemployed don’t matter, the mentally ill don’t matter and facts don’t matter. The new lockdown, like the last, will kill more than it could ever save, but this selfish, pitiful, weak, scared and condemned society does not care.

        There is no hope, only misery, suffering and bleak oppression ahead. All because of the virtuous beloved experts spouting subversion and surrender that is sold as a safety net to save us all from a virus less fatal than the seasonal flu. We are frogs in a cool bath slowly brought to boil willingly blind to the fact that our net for safety is a net of captivity keeping us underwater till the flesh is boiled from our bones. Slowly depriving us of our freedoms and ensconcing us into our fresh life of obedience and servitude. The idle willing blindness of the British people makes me ill, this government has exacted misery, despair and unnecessary death unto us yet people still defend Boris as he preaches to us smeared in blood and with bright red hands. People gobble down the blue pill daily and gleefully and those who chose the red come only to find out that there are red pills no more, just black pills camouflaged by the blood on Boris’ hands.



        • That’s great, thanks Alice. Sad to see Boris flip but l guess ‘they’ have their ways.
          Floyd ’79:

          “Did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter
          When the promise of a BRAVE NEW WORLD
          Unfurled beneath the clear blue sky?”



        • Well said Alice.

          they ‘got to’ Boris.
          He is very vulnerable right now with a young child and a couple of ex wives and lovers who could be ‘activated’ to destroy him.
          This was all in place for T. May to enact.
          Boris rocked the boat in 2019 and is probably (figuratively) looking down the barrel of a Mauser as I type.

          Tony B’liar kicked if off .
          He is a Fabian and was secret catholic that ‘officially converted’ after he had his way with Britain.
          Gordon Brown was no better and Eton boy Cameron was asleep at the wheel.
          B’liar is a part of the reorganising ‘Alt Govt’ while Obama was always too dumb to be any use after his stint – which makes linebacker Michael so angry all the time (a small victory in a sea of loss)



  8. Looks like Cindy’s got a new catch phrase. She’s going to “crack on with it”. Or “crack into it”. Puke.
    Unfortunately it doesn’t even come at the expense of “the team of 5 million”, which I take as a personal affront, as I’m not part of her fucking team, and do not want to be associated with it, or her.



  9. Intellectual and moral cripples spaz out over movie.


    Hitler may have been right about these abominations. Not because of what they were born with, but because of what they choose to become.

    Actually Hitler was right about pretty much everything. He warned us about Marxism. And we murdered his people for it.



  10. Newt Gingrich tells Hannity from Pox news what the deal is

    This was Bill Barr in September, on mail in votes.

    How voter fraud is carried out,

    The President knows. He always knew.

    Only now, do the GOP step up. FFS. Lindsey Graham (McCains chum)



  11. The wanna be maori joe maxwell wants to legalize mary jane specially for the maoris!
    Because of health and lifestyle jocies they pop their clogs seven years early than anybody else.
    They need the mary jane to help ease them on their way!



  12. Trump Campaign Wins Major Victory in Pennsylvania Voter ID Case

    WASHINGTON – In a huge victory, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania sided with the Republican National Committee and Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. in the challenge to Secretary Boockvar’s unlawful deadline extension for absentee voters to provide missing proof of identification. The court has enforced the proper statutory deadline and ordered that those ballots be segregated and not counted.




    • Point seven of a percent is about as close to a “knife edge” as you’d witness over a subject that divides us. Yet I accept that the argument is lost……for now. Had the Greens got off their arses & promoted their policies properly it would have limped over the try line. Laziness has its price.

      The reaction of Maori is understandable if the ridiculous prejudices of our correspondents against a plant are put aside. Police, rightly or wrongly, have always used certain legislation as a “streetsweeper”. In the NZ I grew up in it was “drunk & disorderly” or “loitering with insufficient means of support”. Nowadays it’s possession of marijuana.

      It’s enough to get the targeted scrotes off the streets & build up a sheet of “priors” in case they don’t get the message. Understandable from a cops POV but don’t be surprised when the issue becomes political.



  13. Labour not only won the election but also the marketing battle as it scooped up around half the nation’s votes despite spending far less than National.

    Nielsen has tallied political parties’ year-to-date ad spending – and it reveals National, on $2.8 million (just over half the $5.4m total), spent the most overall, and the most per-seat, as it crashed to its second-worst total of the MMP era.


    Organic coverage and the new media war

    Earlier, National leader Judith Collins complained that Labour got free publicity and kudos form Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s regular appearances at 1pm Covid updates. But figures compiled by The Conversation showed Ardern’s party also benefited from nearly double the organic (non-paid) interaction on social media – much of it driven by the PM’s daily video chats on Facebook and Instagram.

    During the campaign, AUT senior marketing lecturer Sommer Kapitan noted the “disarming, comfortable and relatable” Ardern had sky-high engagement rates against other influencers, let alone other politicians, providing her with an unmediated, direct line to voters. Some 22 per cent of Ardern’s 1.4 million Instagram followers tuned in to watch a two-minute clip near the start of the campaign, where she joked about her messy house before weaving in a couple of campaign themes. During one of her Facebook livestreams on Covid, going into the second lockdown, 34 per cent of her 1.3m followers on that platform tuned in.



  14. Hi Pissed off (Non de plume)

    Now the election is over, the ACT Party are conducting a nationwide survey to help us understand:
    • Our customers – that is, New Zealand voters, and
    • What you think our focus and priorities should be, now that we have 10 members in Parliament.
    We would love to hear from you!

    About the Survey
    This is an important survey that will help us get a deeper understanding of the motivators around considering or voting for the ACT Party, and how we can use this to become even more relevant to Kiwis.
    We have engaged PSL, an independent research company, to collect the results and provide vital insights.
    All responses will remain confidential, and we will not ask for names or details of those participating.




    • The last couple of donations I made to ACT the receipt was sent by Kokila Patel

      There cannot be many of these in Wellington in the political circles.
      Therefore either:
      -She is in ACT spying for Notional and Fruity
      -She is curtailing ties with the woker than woke Wellington woofter and Wrongman; the former Fruity pollster and beady-eyed new dad.

      Investigations shall ensue.



  15. “A nationwide survey” Who is paying for that?
    A rhetorical question of course. The hard working,
    long suffering taxpayer. Make no mistake ACT will become
    just another political ‘sound bite’ party. They have to toe
    the line once they get in to Government. The UN controls this
    country. Any minor party, regardless of their ambitions and
    strategies, is rendered useless. To deviate from the status quo
    is a death sentence. Sorry folks, you’ve been had.



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