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  1. Interesting! Did Trump set up the biggest sting operation in history?

    Well, Trump has been saying for months that the Dems will steal the election. And Trump has a history of trapping the lunatic left by letting them have a little rein to do their usual tactics (think when he announced that he had the authority to open up states during Covid – at which point Dem governors all over the country shouted him down- immediately Trump said “yes – you are the people who won’t up the states”. Making it clear that the oppressive lockdowns were from the governors and not from Trump. Remember Melania’s famous rickroll at the 2016 convention? Remember when he got all the networks to cover 30 mins of one of his rallies in 2016 when he said he would be speaking about Obama’s birth certificate – and then calmly said “Obama in an American” getting free nationwide coverage of his rally on prime time at creating no ammunition for his enemies.

    Well – given that history of springing traps and the fact that he’s been going on and on about election fraud.

    What if this clip is actually right? What if all the ballots are QFS blockchain encrypted (remember the election ballots are federally printed – not by the governors or the states)?

    Would Trump sit by and do nothing, knowing that the time-honoured practice of ballot dropping would be rolled out by the corrupt governors?

    Would the Donald Trump that has run rings around China do nothing? Would the Donald Trump that took out the 2016 election when everything (even his own party was against him) do nothing? Would the Donald Trump who has appointed unprecedented numbers of judges to fix the justice system, would he just give up? Would the Donald Trump that has beaten off all the lying Russia attacks just do nothing?

    Maybe it’s over and the infinitely corrupt left is going to be successful stealing the election and Kamala Harris will be in charge?

    But it’s hard to imagine that Trump wouldn’t have been preparing for this for four years, and what would his people be able to cook up in four years?



  2. If anyone thinks that America has this on its own think again.
    This election we had voting booths in malls which is fine but, they were energised by people who could go into the booth, register as a citizen and vote.
    No prequalifications at all.
    How many illegal votes are among that?
    and you all worry about internet voting.



    • Not one jot of ID shown to vote – anyone could have stolen election stuff from letterboxes and used orange card. Voting bins had completed ballot forms sticking out of them, if I had known the fuckwit neighbours were red morons, should have pulled the ballots out of the box to check! And don’t get me started on the covid queen’s 1pm addresses to the fearful masses, the paid off media and putting Auckland into second lockdown just after her party launch



    • She does great work wiseowl, even though I disagreed with her views on the virus.
      I have also read where there are large numbers of people from the US going to Australian centre right news sources for extra news now.



  3. I haven’t a clue how blockchain works but, we all have a unique DNA.
    Every qualified citizen could be identified by this and have it tied to a blockchain.

    One of the details is to ensure that this person is a quailied voter.
    NZ doesn’t have that in place and many people voted without any form of ID.
    Not right in this day and age.

    A longtime ago when bar codes came into being I though now one day someone would make a DNA reader the same.
    Reckon that will come.
    We are using finger print, face and eye scanners now in everyday use.
    Use it on our time clock.

    Sooner the better.



  4. An Australian tourist is walking down a country lane in Wales, when he hears a strange rustling from the other side of the bush, followed by a sheep baaah-ing wildly.
    Sticking his head through an opening, the tourist see a farmer having sex with a sheep.
    Stunned by the sight the Australian calls over “Oi, mate! Where I come from we usually shear those!”.
    The farmer, clearly stunned at being caught quickly pulled out and rushed to the front of the sheep, slowly pushing it back up the hill.. “Fuck off”, cried the farmer. “I’m not sharing her with anyone!”



  5. “A report last month showed the average asking price for houses is at a 13-year high.”

    This is the second time I’ve read this in the last week. Now I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but does that make sense to anyone?



  6. Interesting that fake news agents are running a hoax story about Putin resigning. Including our own gutter press.

    The Kremlin says it’s bullshit.

    I could [cough] find things I disagree with in Putin’s Russia. However, Russia is one of the last bastions of European civilization as the cancer of the hateful divisive far left consumes the world.

    Russia has never had it easy and never had good governance. Putin is the best they’ve had thus far



  7. The President had this put in place because of what we are seeing now, and in the past, regarding dodgy elections.

    In January 2017, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) designated the infrastructure used to administer the Nation’s elections as critical infrastructure. This designation recognizes that the United States’ election infrastructure is of such vital importance to the American way of life that its incapacitation or destruction would have a devastating effect on the country.

    CISA is committed to working collaboratively with those on the front lines of elections—state and local governments, election officials, federal partners, and vendors—to manage risks to the Nation’s election infrastructure. CISA will remain transparent and agile in its vigorous efforts to secure America’s election infrastructure from new and evolving threats.




  8. Just desserts, oh the irony

    Judith has been reported as saying that the incomparably idiotic Denise Lee’s attack on her leader during the final week of the election campaign over the review of Auckland cost National 5% of the vote according to their internal polling.

    5%! What a difference that could have made if it were all defectors to Labour.

    Still, what goes around to dumb bitches like Denise Lee – as they say – comes around.

    News yesterday that the special voters were counted and – oh dear oh dear oh dear me – National lose two seats.

    One of them being Denise Lee’s list seat.

    The dumb bitch couldn’t resist being a whiny fuck and ended up depressing the party vote – and she ends up costing herself her job.

    Oh the irony, the hot steamy delicious irony.

    National will continue to languish until all the CINOs get kicked out at every level of the party.

    The culture war is real, if nothing else the US election shows us that, at present the corrupt left is in the ascendant position and unless we find our own version of Farage or Trump in NZ – we are going to accelerate towards Venezuela-isation.

    Anyway that piece of shit Denise Lee is gone from parliament – a victim of her own towering stupidity. Fuck off and don’t let the door hit your fat arse on the way out.

    (I’m getting this hate speech out of the way before the new laws come in to power)



  9. Right, election won, MP’s sworn in, now back to business. Let’s keep moving. Let’s crack on with it. We have a mandate for this.
    “Jacinda Ardern calls on children to submit Christmas card designs for Govt competition”



  10. I was talking to a friend earlier and she said she had been reading that Macron is or wants to close France’s boarders –nothing to with Covid. Just getting boarder control back for independent France. Merkel has said that Europe should be like the USA –a collection of like minded independent countries.

    So are they signalling the breakdown of the EU ? Has anyone else read about this?



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