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    • Morning Floyd. Cock duly unhanded and socks will
      be on within the next 10 minutes or so. Just finishing
      up breakfast. Coffee and a cigarette, the breakfast of
      all hardworking peasants. Have a great day mate.



    • Floyd ,I went to pay my quarterly rates bill here in the smelly city of Auckland yesterday, something my Mrs normally does and was astounded to see a “convenience fee” of nearly $19.00,FFS 1.5% of the total ,that means we are paying $80.00 a year to transfer payments directly into the thieving C – -T Goofs accounts, seriously WTF is going on in the once great Country of Gayotearoa ?



  1. Imagine that the CIA had been using software for years that could undetectably alter vote counts in electronic transit between ballot centres and central vote collection sites. How inevitable is it that sooner or later this same program would be used within the USA. There is a karma to this. The US played dirty games in other people’s elections for years, so it any wonder that having created the weapon and trained operatives to use it, that it would eventually come back to bite the US?

    Electronic voting is a wild invitation for fraud. It can not be any other way.

    Hammer and Scorecard are the names of the two programs designed by the CIA to interfere in foreign elections and now allegedly being used in the USA itself.




    • Yes. but for no extra charge they got an angry hateful bleck woman of very, very diverse background who has continued the diversity with many men.

      Old Joe will comfort his voters with stories about pulling leg hairs as he copies old Franklin’s fireside chats.

      When his hawk-like aids ask if they can bomb North Korea Doppy Joe will say:-
      “Well now, my wife shops at the Korean grocer, or is it my sister, or niece, never mind.
      Don’t bomb them or we get no milk and my wife..or sister…or niece…will clip me around the ears.



  2. FFS ,After bagging Trump for 5 F- – – -King years since he came down the escalator in Trump Tower the democrats and their MSM slaves are now calling for the U S to “come together” collectively for the good of their Country, right there Folks is an indication how brain dead the people of the entire free World have become.
    We here in our country are amongst the most stupid we elected with an absolute majority a fast talking Woman who’s entire business experience was wrapping fish and chips as a teenager, My advice for what it’s worth is get on with your life despite being surrounded by selfish,stupid morons and forget about what’s going on because with Trumps defeat things are only going to get worse and quickly.



    • Another new one on the map.


      It is official. Newsmax TV surpassed both Fox Business and CNBC in daytime ratings the day after Election Day.

      Nielsen reported Wednesday that Newsmax drew 287,000 average viewers per minute in the key daypart 9am to 4pm, outpacing CNBC with 285,000 viewers and Fox Business with 281,000.

      Newsmax also outpaced Fox Business in primetime, with 205,000 viewers compared to 138,000.

      The Nielsen rating only tells part of the story. OTT viewership on platforms like YouTube added an additional 100,000 per minute live viewers tuned into Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

      “We’re in less cable homes, our channel position is usually not as good as competitors, and our brand is less known, yet we’re beating these guys,” Chris Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax TV said. “We have a better mousetrap and viewers are flocking to us.”

      Ruddy noted Newsmax’s new programming lineup, including shows like “Greg Kelly Reports” and Sean Spicer’s “Spicer & Co.” only started this year.

      “Our trajectory is like a rocket right now,” Ruddy said.

      They were the first to call Florida for Trump 🙂



      • Well done Newsmax. I had not really heard of them but looked them up yesterday (back to winter down here in Wgt). They look good, with some good journalists / commentators. Recognised at least one face as ex Fox.



  3. Heard dear leader talking to Hosking this morning, she must have had a bit of voice training since the election. She sounds like she’s been gargling treacle but still comes out with the same non answers in an even more condescending fire side manner than before. Had to turn it off or my breakfast would have made a come back. No doubt at all the power has gone to her head – at least there’s plenty of empty space up there.



  4. Religion says hell no! Happily for me I can’t be threatened in an ‘afterlife’ I don’t believe in. I can make my own decisions without being manipulated.

    Euthanasia referendum: Catholic clergy say assisted dying runs against core values, Islamic leader threatens Muslims who choose it with Hell



  5. “Ardern says she worked well with Trump”

    Trump didn’t even know who she was.; thought she was Trudeau’s wife. She called him orange, and a professional arsehole.
    Wonder what it looks like when she doesn’t work well with someone.



    • Absolutely fucking appalling

      See, I asked last week why Fruity Farrars offsider Kokila Patel was involved with ACT.
      There is that and nine new MPs with not a lot to do.
      Between now and February there are a handful of sitting days and they are all list MPs > so much time to stir up trouble.

      Parliament is completely out of whack .
      A lot of sitting days in NZ Parliament were cancelled in 2020.
      In the British parliament now there 50 MPs allowed in the house and 120 online.
      That leaves 480 out of the 650 with nothing to do – although under their system they are all electorate MPs.
      Although in most populated areas (much of England) they are in lockdown so can’t visit the MP anyhow.
      The kippers will nab ’em – if they are white, its not right.

      There are all these list MPs with so much time and so few responsibilities- another fail of MMP.
      Fomenting dangerous mischief, for sure.

      An email is on its way.



      • So Act are just as bad as all the rest of them.

        Democracy is broken.

        Surely 71 million US citizens are now of the view that they’ve reached that point that Franklin talked about (and quoted by Alice below – I’m repeating it here to break it out as it needs to stand alone)

        The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure,”

        The theft of the election was so blatant, so unashamed that it could only have been meant to send a message to anyone that thought of repeating Trump’s patriotic sacrifice. The message was very clear:
        – we can do whatever we like, with impunity
        – democracy is a sham, every election result is pre-determined

        It was obvious after the blatant assassination of Epstein that the rule of law does not exist for some interests in the US. The election coup underlines this.

        This is a raw statement of power. It is a very threatening caution. It is manifest tyranny.

        If the NWO can steal the US presidential election in broad daylight, in front of the world’s media and get away with it – they can do anything.




        • On the money again DP. It is an arrogant and sneering
          media who have done their job, like the good little boot
          lickers they are, in tandem with Big Tech and the power
          of their corrupt platforms.
          Democracy is dead.



        • DP says
          The theft of the election was so blatant, so unashamed …

          Totally agree.
          I see I am not alone.

          Good point.
          I did not think of it like that but it is clear.

          I was closely watching Treason May as PM of Britain.
          She just lied so often it was ridiculous.
          No-one called her out.
          Clearly she was protected.
          Boris Johnson was not supposed to replace her last year.

          The great Reset was well underway in 2015.
          The pace setters stood aside in 2016. You know who !
          Fear is the Key

          Ardern can lie to the point she barely tells the truth – if she did it would be put down to an accident.
          She is protected.

          The Reset is underway.
          There were a few flies in the ointment
          These are being shunted aside.
          Trump being one.
          The wee shill for the left- Demoncrat Fruity Farrar – got a lot of followers under false pretences and then unleashes his TDS.
          Big subject but here is something to mull.
          There is all this meat replacement stuff going on.
          Soylent Green or whatever.
          But the primary producers are being hung out to dry.

          What happens next..
          The meat replacements – source of protein – are ‘invented ‘ by companies that hold patents and you can only buy through them.
          As part of the replacement – real protein is replaced with artificial protein
          The price will be cheap – while there is competition = farmers.
          Get rid of the Farmers and …voila..no competition.
          Hike the prices up.

          This will be a 20 -30 year process. It will happen slowly so you don’t notice.
          Boiled Frog.

          Why do the Greens oppose farmers = part of the marxist agenda.
          Farmers are independent thinking, resourceful, and hard to control. They have initiative and can fix things and be quite creative.
          Not good!
          Takeover Agenda item 17a – Get our media mates to bag the farmers into submission.

          Why is arable farmland being replaced by trees under some ‘carbon credits crap’ ?

          Think it unreasonable?
          30 years ago the ITC world was the wild west with start-ups here and there.
          A lot of the originals are still here.
          Apple and Microsoft and Oracle.
          They have gone around like pacman swallowing up (and generally burying ) troublesome competition.
          They control the transfer of information as people have noticed in the last 8 weeks (or longer if you were paying attention) .
          It took 30 years .
          ITC obeys Deep State. They know who runs things.

          Monsanto cornered the market on seeds.
          A long process.
          Create weed killer.
          Create seeds that are resistant to weed killer.
          Control the supply of these seeds.
          Render seeds sterile for no regrowth/replant.

          Voila… you control the market and edible plant growth.
          Nek minute: make all food plant based….

          A brief introduction.
          Feel free to discuss.



  6. Nait Cane on Parler wrote:

    I’ve spent 23 years in cybersecurity/information security. The bulk of my work has been in vulnerability assessment and validation. I hold credentials as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with ISC2. I’m a Navy Qualified Validator (NQV) authorized to…
    …validate some of our most sensitive information systems used by our nation’s warfighting platforms. I am a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for cybersecurity Assessment & Authorization (A&A), Vulnerability Management, Tenable. sc Continuous View, DoD Assured…
    …Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS), DHS Continuous Diagnostics & Monitoring (CDM), and NIST SP 800-53rev4 Security Controls. I received my cybercore training at NSA’s school. I have designed, engineered, audited, and deployed information systems for the US Army, US Navy,…
    …US Marine Corps, DISA, White House Communications, VA, and FBI. I blew the whistle to the DOJ IG Horowitz, HPSCI, and SSCI in 2017-2018 on multiple issues, one of which was the FBI ‘s threat assessment on electronic voting machines, which I felt they had got wrong, missing…
    …a critical insider threat to the elections by the mass integration of tabulation software made by Dominion Voting Systems nationwide, centralizing the tabulation for votes at the state level for multiple states. Incidentally, the company’s owner was the former chairman of…
    …the George Soros Foundation. So for those wondering who I am, believe me when I tell you I know what the hell I’m talking about. There are too many unanswered irregularities with this election, and I’m only talking about the electronic voting and tabulation. There have also…
    …been multiple accounts of backdating ballots by the USPS, other ballots dumped or destroyed that were from Trump heavy districts, dead people voting, ballot harvesting, ballot box stuffing, etc. You also have a mass media and big tech election interference conspiracy which…
    …colluded with the Democrat party, that has silenced the voices of millions of Americans and attempted to install their candidate by any means necessary, deciding the election before lawsuits and recounts have been settled. Everything needs to be audited, because as of right…
    now, this election is a farce. If the US Supreme Court does not get involved and quickly, we will be looking at the first successful coup of our country, a color revolution, which may in the end result in another American civil war. Except this time it won’t be a country…
    …divided by North and South. It will be neighbor against neighbor, much like at the onset of the American Revolution where Patriots fought against their neighbors who where loyalists to the crown. In this case you will have Patriots against loyalists to the establishment.
    It may very well be that time Jefferson warned us all about, where he said “…the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure” I pray this is not the case.



  7. Interesting snippet this morning about the Orthodox priest shot in France the other day which was assumed to be an Islamic terrorist attack. Well it turns out he was shot by the aggrieved husband of the woman he was shagging he has told the police. The husband has confessed and admitted his guilt. So this is one of those very rare cases where it is NTDWI.



    • They are coming for us all!
      They are busy making their lists.
      Plod is busy cross referencing the gun licence.
      Plans have been drawn up for the gulag.
      But they put Twit Twyford in charge of construction.
      Thank fuck for that!
      We’re all safe till the next election!



    • Stand tall. Stand proud.

      the lying media feckers can contact me if they require an education (which they do)

      new shub – 100% overseas owned and complete trash.
      Owned by Discovery channel.

      See if they ‘Discover’ the truth and facts sometime soon.
      So far an appalling job.



  8. Now that whinestones been sent to the knackers yard, they have started big changes to horse racing!
    Avondale racecourse is to close down and heaps of houses will be built on prime land.
    NZ First Foundation donaters will be pissed of. All that money given and nothing to show for it!
    Bet that’s the first of it, without whinney at the helm, what other changes will robba have!



  9. Inspite of the increasingly desperate denials from over (((leveraged))) slum lords – the Reserve Bank has now expressed alarm at the epic levels of mortgage debt we are clocking up as we enter an historic recession.

    The shysters and their victims, are in big trouble. Unless they borrowed and lent sensibly. Which they haven’t.

    Bwwaaaahahaha 😅



        • “Cabinet agrees to extend Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme by three years”

          There you go. More fiscal anesthetic to make the pain go away.
          The side effect is that it creates zombie corporations.
          In Japan the zombie banks are a greater menace to the capital than Godzilla.

          “From 1990 onwards, a collapse in equity and real-estate markets sent many Japanese lenders into insolvency. Rather than allowing them to die, however, Japan’s government decided to keep them in operation by bailing them out and providing guarantees. As a result, the banks continued to absorb deposits from their customers, but crucially they stopped using such deposits to lend out to borrowers. They continued propping up troubled customers—known similarly as zombie companies—by writing down their bad loans. Despite struggling themselves, the banks in some cases continued to allocate credit to severely impaired zombie borrowers to prevent realising their own losses. With no injection being provided back into the economy, Japan’s zombie banks and companies proved to be a significant drag on the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth, resulting in what became known as the nation’s “lost decade”.

          Source: https://internationalbanker.com/banking/spectre-zombie-banks/



            • In many respects we’re paying for the lessons people learnt in the aftermath of the 1987 share market crash. The big money boys are so dishonest & underhand that the Mum & Dad investors are shorn like sheep when stocks fall in value.

              They’ve put their money in something they understand & have some control over. We see the results today with homes inflated out of reach of those who need them & industry starved of much needed capital investment.



                  • The issue is not a shortage of houses. It’s an excess of debt, causing inflation.

                    Simple. It’s a fake market propped up to buy votes.

                    A story:

                    Mikey crawled to his shyster and exclaimed ” I can’t afford any more loans, the interest is enslaving me”

                    Oh, cackled the shyster, I can help you. I will half the interest rate and lend you twice as much.

                    Mikey with tears of gratitude kissed his shysters feet.

                    The result:

                    1. Mikey’s interest payments are identical.

                    2. He now owes twice as much.

                    The stupid Goy 🤣😃😅



                    • Maybe so, but…

                      When you owe the bank a million dollars, you have a problem.
                      When you owe the bank ten billion dollars, the bank has a problem.



  10. Sitting in the car waiting for Mrs C this afternoon. Turned on magic radio and the first thing I heard was Sean Plunkett inviting people who thought that there was fraud in the US election to phone him and he would disavow them of their idiocy (or words to that effect).
    What is it with these guys? At this stage, on the face of it, it looks very likely and there is certainly no definitive proof that it did not happen. I didn’t stay tuned to listen to his bs answers. I do hope Trump is confirmed again and Plunkett can swallow some humble pie (vegan of course).



  11. HUGE BREAKING NEWS IN GEORGIA – 132,000 Ballots in Fulton County, Georgia Have Been Identified Which Are Likely Ineligible


    132,000 “Change of Address” RED FLAGS in Fulton County, GA. These votes are “highly likely ineligible to vote and have moved,” per source.

    Biden leads Georgia by 10K votes as of last update.

    It’s enough to be a *gamechanger.*



    • So have the idiot media included Georgia in their totals to get Biden over 270 ? If so he’s a goner. I’m confident the SC will rule in favour of Trump/Republicans in Pennsylvania so that will take Biden back below 270, I think.

      There is a lot more to go. There was another computer “glitch” Michigan –it affected a State House seat but it showed the fallibility of the software again and therefore the need to check more tallies by hand.



  12. Just watching Steve Hilton on Fox. One of his guests made an interesting point, most people on the Left are not realising.

    There is really only about 60,000 votes spread over 3 states separating Biden & Trump or put another Biden’s media appointed crown is only being held up by 60,000 fragile votes. Given the level of fraud, that can be wiped away in a nano second.



  13. Oops, from “amazeballs” to Christmas “Grinch”

    Coronavirus: Full managed isolation spaces during Christmas ‘sadly the reality’ – Jacinda Ardern

    Kiwis complained the nearly-full facilities had ruined their Christmas plans after thousands of New Zealanders booked out the system.

    The Prime Minister said on Monday the finite number of rooms available meant some people would miss out.

    “This is sadly the reality of any booking system, where in the short term there is greater demand than there is supply of spaces,” she told reporters.



  14. I see the boss has been playing golf alot……cool as a cucumber…..dude.

    Attorney Sidney Powell Drops Massive Bomb: “We’ve Identified 450,000 Ballots That Miraculously Only Have a Vote For Joe Biden”

    “To manufacture votes for Joe Biden. They’ve done it in every way imaginable, from having dead people vote in record numbers, to absolutely fraudulently creating ballots that exist only for voting for Biden. We’ve identified over 450,000 ballots that miraculously only have a vote for Joe Biden on them and no other candidate.




    • I think they have the Hammer and Scorecard programs “under control”. Montgomery is supposed to be helping. If they have a way of somehow recording the changes in real time even in just the key battleground states –PA , MI, WO, AZ etc that would enough.
      Maybe it is just taking a little time to collate all the data in a form that can be put before the Court and then they drop the bomb.
      All the stuff Rudi and co are doing will end up as window dressing.
      At least I hope that happens !!! Then there will be warehouse loads of eggs needed to spread on thousands of faces.



    • Thanks. Christ don’t show Mikey🤣:

      ‘We’re got to wait … for the enormous crash that’s coming next year, when the reality of the situation is no longer smothered. Mass unemployment worldwide,” said Jones, who also described himself as an optimist.

      He also said investing in residential property was a “stupid thing to do”.

      I’d rather be flogged, 30 lashes every hour than having to own a residential property.”



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