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  1. Headline: “East Cape crash: ‘My entire whānau have been wiped out'”

    (We must find the people who did this and bring them to justice. //)

    Ref: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/east-cape-crash-my-entire-whanau-have-been-wiped-out/76JMDC57WIUHRUNLWOPX5L27TM/

    “The Weekend Herald has learned that on October 1 Lance Rangihuna was charged with an unlawful act of sexual connection. He was due to appear in court on October 15, the day he died.”

    Looking at the tree in relation to the main road, you would have to either fall asleep at the wheel or deliberately veer off SH35 onto the gravel side road that forks out towards the tree.

    So, this guy dies under a shamefull cloud, and then a month later his partner and their two kids die at exactly the same spot very early in the morning (with no seatbelts).

    “There are no crosses, flowers, or police markings near the tree where Wimaki lost family twice-over. He drives past the crash site regularly, but refuses to stop.”
    Usually there are lot of flowers at these kinds of scenes. Something must be different…

    No one wants to put the pieces of the puzzle together, it seems.



  2. Quarter of Kiwis keep working past retirement age, double that of Australia

    Comparatively in Australia, only 12 per cent of people work past the age of 65.

    The Commission for Financial Capability says around 750,000 of New Zealand’s seniors have jobs.

    Many people have to keep working, clocking in to keep up with the bills.

    But for others, it’s a lifestyle choice: the sense of purpose and the social connections are worth so much more than a paycheque.



  3. A man sees a sign outside a house
    ‘Talking Dog For Sale.’
    He rings the bell, the owner appears and tells him the dog can be viewed in the back garden.
    The man sees a very nice looking Labrador Retriever sitting there.
    “Do you really talk?” he asks the dog.
    “Yes,” the Labrador replies.
    After recovering from the shock of hearing the dog talk, the man asks, “So, tell me your story.”
    The Labrador looks up and says, “Well, I discovered that I could talk when I was pretty young. I wanted to help the government, so I told the SAS.
    “In no time at all they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders, because no one imagined that a dog would be eavesdropping.
    “I was one of their most valuable spies for eight years.
    But the jetting around really tired me out,
    and I knew I wasn’t getting any younger so I decided to settle down. I signed up for a job at Heathrow to do some undercover security work, wandering near suspicious characters and listening in. I uncovered some incredible dealings and was awarded several medals.
    I got married, had a few puppies, and now I’ve just retired.”
    The man is amazed. He goes back into the house and asks the owner how much he wants for the dog?
    “Ten quid,” the owner says.
    “£10!!? But this dog is absolutely amazing! Why on earth are you selling him so cheap?”
    The owner replies.
    “Because he’s a lying Cunt. He’s never been out of the garden!!



  4. Tucker Carlson had messages back by Sidney Powell.
    So Tucker is being Fox’s message boy, for Biden?
    I have had doubts about Fox even a few years ago.

    Sidney Powell Return Fire After To Turker Carlson’s|This Was Expensive| Newsmax|Make Money React
    1 min 19 secs. : • Nov 20, 2020

    The truth has to sought, and weighed up in the courts.
    The problem is some Judges are elected.
    The media think they are the court, and can make rulings.
    Tucker, seems interesting, but his background on some issues, when one looks back, becomes a bit more questionable. It would seem he just follows the money, for him self.



    • Simpleton@1028

      Agree about Mr Carlson. He went fro believable to ‘lefty’ in about six seconds when unilaterally, suddenly, and in mid-stream he closed-down the debate about the US voter fraud problem.

      He still likes to tell-us that he is Republican, but the change was too sudden and complete to support THAT particular statement, to the extent that it seems his ‘orders’ came through mid-flight…

      A shame really, but supporting the Fox-lefty argument.

      NewsMax has now become Fox in- abstentia.



  5. Donald Trump is going to get re-elected President of the USA, not Joe Biden…
    basically what is happening is that all these Trump lawsuits are delaying several of these states from certifying their results until the end of December, thus preventing Biden from officially getting confirmed a majority of 270 votes.
    When this happens, the election will then get decided by a contingency vote in the US Congress, where each state gets one vote, and the Republican advantage in control of states will then re-elect the mad genius Donald Trump.



  6. Staying at a friends place and looking after his dog. The wireless is on constantly in the background, well, it was. I now need serious counselling. My earholes and grey matter have been exposed to Kim Hill/ red radio for the last 3 hours.
    I don’t know if I can go on.



  7. M H, It’s the cruelest torture known to man,they strap you to a bed in a soundproof room and put an endless loop of Kim Hills interviews on for 24 hours at a time .
    After that you’d be looking forward to your daily shower on the waterboard,,,LOL.



  8. A fulsome coverage of the USA elections and some of the shenagians.


    Batman will have a head ache, and in his backing of corruption, deceit & fraud.

    Farrar has gone on attack about Rudy Giuliani, seeming to have sold out to corrupt media, getting down & personal.
    He has joined the media court to demanding to know the evidence.

    Very few comments through, too much hang-over, and another way to deny truth, to rationally consider how the USA elections work?



    • Thanks Ross12, snap. 🙂

      Seems a bit repetitious, but does picks up on the Press repeating no evidence, then not looking at evidence..

      Fox News’ Tucker Carlson challenged lawyer Sidney Powell last night for what he says is a failure to provide his team with clear evidence of election fraud.
      But speaking with Glenn this morning, Powell says her team DOES have “massive amounts of evidence…to the point we haven’t even had time to process all of it.”
      But, more importantly, Powell says she’s hoping a lawsuit will be filed “by next week,” which will officially begin the court process to prove voter fraud was rampant earlier this month.
      Listen to her full interview with Glenn, during which she describes the steps the Trump team will take to prove our fair election process may be in serious trouble — steps which include posting some of their evidence online over the next few days.

      “Lawyer Sidney Powell Says Trump Team Has “Massive” Evidence, Lawsuits Coming SOON | Glenn Beck”
      14 mins 26 secs. : • Nov 20, 2020

      Glenn Beck was demonetized because he carried the Press Conference with out comment.
      Documents will be released this weekend.
      Have to be careful, as a number of people have had to security put in place.
      The manual tells how it is done, not design flaws, but designed and how to do it.
      One must realize Rudy, Sidney, Lin, are just civil lawyers, so no power to search or subpoena. etc.
      Evidence is still coming in, and just a matter of confirming and tying it together.

      “The world is a dangerous place, not just because of those who would do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Einstein
      But evidence, many more affidavits seem to be coming in.



  9. National was ‘far too focused on ourselves’, but will come back stronger – Judith Collins

    “We didn’t spend enough time talking about the things that mattered to New Zealanders. We were far too focused on ourselves.”

    “We have to motivate people to change the government in 2023. People will not vote for change without a reason.”

    Former prime minister Sir John Key also spoke at the AGM issuing a stern warning for National Party leakers – “if you can’t quit your leaking, here’s a clue, quit the party”.



    • ……”We were far too focused on ourselves”……

      The navel gazing part of their failure was small beer. What really fucked them was their loyalty to the Vatican coupled with their total inability to tune in to the aspirations & desires of the electorate.

      Opposing the Death with Dignity legislation showed everyone how far National were up their own arses. The vibes given off by one’s own pancreas are no substitute for a political antenna.



  10. They don’t get it.
    John Key talking to them?

    Key and Goodfellow should be the first to stuff off. I would consider them part of our ‘swamp’
    Goodfellow up Chinas arse and Key up Obumma.

    It’s a wonder fruity didn’t address them about what went wrong.



  11. Weirdest story I’ve read today.

    German ‘cannibal’ arrested after man’s bones found ‘totally devoid of flesh’

    A German schoolteacher has been arrested on suspicion of murder and cannabilism after police found a man’s bones “totally devoid of flesh”.

    An electrical engineer, identified as 44-year-old Stefan T, left his flat in Berlin just before midnight on September 5 and was later reported missing by his flatmate.

    A policeman told the Berlin daily BZ that one of the bones discovered was “totally devoid of flesh” and there were other indications “which make us strongly suspect that Stefan T was the victim of a cannibal”, according to BBC.

    BZ reported investigators found a saw and smelled human blood when entering the suspect’s apartment.

    They also allege Stefan R had researched cannibalism on the internet and engaged in a dating platform where he had contact with the victim.



        • Just to confirm my suspicions about New Zealands links to corrupt voting sytems.
          Auckland City Council and Dimension Data New Zealand Ltd.
          Pg 5.
          Executive summary conclusion excerpt:

          As of the time of report development, the RFP process has been completed, the vendor (and hosting provider) have been selected as preferred supplier, and a business case has been developed to enable decision making by the Working Party to proceed as required. Appropriate security measures and decisions have been made to the extent possible into the RFP and vendor selection process. The vendor selection process has been robust, and the selected preferred vendor and project team have the capability to deliver an on-line voting platform with the levels of security and risk as outlined in the initial objectives of the project.

          Pg 16
          Appendix A: Software suppliers review.
          The two remaining candidates, Smartmatic and Scytl, were invited to respond to additional questions / requirements, and to demonstrate their capabilities to a team representing both the Working Party, and the Technical Support team. Both Smartmatic and Scytl meet the objectives and requirements of the RFP and security requirements, and either are reasonable candidates for selection as the preferred supplier. From an observation perspective, Smartmatic demonstrated stronger flexibility in meeting changing requirements and demonstrated a stronger level of commitment to meeting tight objectives and time frames.



            • Ross12 Yes they did, and it was said it was all manually counted.

              Thank you for your request for information under the Official Information Act about how votes are counted at the New Zealand general election.

              Votes are counted manually by electoral officials in accordance with the requirements of [1]section 178 of the Electoral Act 1993.
              You have the right under section 28(3) of the Official Information Act to complain to the Ombudsman about the decision to withhold information or if you are not satisfied with the response to your request.


              Still knowing their is some connection in Auckland, and it is such a large city, I am still not sure if I can accept their assurances if the machines were there it does then beg to find out, just what is the situation and Smartmatic.
              Too much paranoia. 🙁



          • Quietly and slowly making their way into NZ


            Another part is who, may have put money into some of Smartmatic election systems in NZ and then able to access the data.?
            That may explain why they push for this computerized voting.
            Their small money would make a good return, guaranteed once they convince councils and a country to sign up, and pay.

            The bonus is the quiet accepting of bribes, assured election, or party, kickbacks etc..

            I am almost of the mind to have the finger dipped in the ink now. for a paper trail, and able to audit. 🙂



            • It is an interesting one about the data. Do these computerized counting systems allow someone with access to the data to match names and their vote? Ot so secret then, and it would be valuable information for data mining companies that can match up with other data banks. Also useful,to identify supporters of “the enemy “.
              The information may be available on the paper forms, but computers make it easy and economical to process.



          • https://www.scytl.com/en/customers/

            Then a little scroll down, then one can click on the “all regions” to get a ‘drop box’ of regions and then click on Asia Pacific India.
            Then you will see the dog balls of Auckland and so now much easier to track when you use the other filter.

            Then from “all solutions” filter the drop down box to click through.:-
            On line voting yes for Auckland.
            So much further expansion can quickly be done, like the election training done in Queensland. 🙂

            That is why I am a bit surprised, not used in general voting in Auckland, but I guess our Electoral Commission may have had it all covered. 🙂

            There is money rolling around in the system and just how responsible are our bureaucracy, our representatives, and this computerization seems to be so beguiling, for the ones who can say, this is the way to go, then all those kevins & karens pack in.



  12. At National’s AGM in Wellington on Saturday, Collins delivered a speech reflecting on why the party lost and how it plans to take out the 2023 election.

    Meanwhile down in the Bay.

    Simon Bridges
    is in Lake Tarawera
    28m ·So posted 6.20pm Sat.
    A not quite summer dip at Lake Tarawera


    Is he leaving?



  13. UN-WEF-NWO.
    Real Communism Exterminates People.

    China-Led Trade Pact Is Signed, in Challenge to U.S.

    The agreement, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or R.C.E.P., is limited in scope. Still, it carries considerable symbolic heft. The pact covers more of humanity — 2.2 billion people — than any previous regional free trade agreement and could help further cement China’s image as the dominant economic power in its neighborhood.


    Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Joint Statement The First Meeting of Trade Negotiating Committee




    • Who’s the silly ones then?
      Sept 30
      Nicaragua – The Country That Didn’t Swallow the Covid Blue Pill

      No curfews, no lockdowns, no “stay at home”, no psychosis, no covid-calamities. There has been much talk about the Swedish corona strategy but the strategy of Nicaragua has been by far more successful, with many fewer deaths, no “economic rescue” for big banks and only limited damage to small and medium sized businesses.

      In the midst of the worldwide economic debacle caused by covid hysteria, food self-sufficient, small business based, impoverished Nicaragua, has seen its exports grow over 10% the past 8 months because it did not shut down its economy.




  14. If Congress rejects the conclusion of the election, under the Twelfth Amendment of the United States Constitution, the House of Representatives would hold a “contingent election” to select the president. The Senate would also hold a contingent election to select the vice president; this would be very favorable to Trump.
    Regarding the election data, Brian Trascher of the Trump team said on Wednesday in a interview with Newsmax that they had recovered the raw data of the election from Dominion servers seized in Frankfurt, Germany.
    “The data that is going to come out will shake the globalists to their very core,” says Trascher. He pointed out the problems such as why U.S. election servers are overseas, how ballots are changed from one candidate to another, and how a nationwide fraudulent system is operated. He said that with this software, tens of thousands of ballots were automatically changed, and this information “will” be made public.
    The U.S. election fraud has now become the focus of the world, but the U.S. “mainstream media” is turning a blind eye to it and not reporting it at all. More sensational news won’t be covered by the mainstream media. Therefore, I am here to share it with you

    “Front Page”.
    “Inside story behind Michigan reversal exposed; Cash-for-Vote scheme used by Pro-Biden group”
    22 mins 09 secs : [circa 6:00 pm NZ time]
    Subtle black mail threats, made on some of those Michigan officials so they switched.
    Audit changed to only recount.
    The raw data on the servers sounds like it was seized.
    Lays it out well how the “game” courts, legislature’rs and the different ways, even if one way is not working, because there are sort of time run outs etc..
    Still too damm close for my liking, and difficult to count what has hatched. and figure how many eggs to hatch, or will it all be scram;bed eggs, and minced chickens, with shell and feathers.
    Thank goodness he speaks well,, takes times as he covers so many more points, and its effects.
    Time, patience, and figuring there is plenty of fight in Trump 🙂



  15. Got to love Trump supporters. People of integrity and no violence. What a difference from the left.

    It’s not about who wins: Californians rally for election integrity | Stop the Steal recap | NTD

    Californians Rally for Election Integrity
    Over a thousand Californians gather for the ‘Stop the Steal‘ rally at California state capitol last weekend.

    March for Trump rally in Washington DC
    Hundreds of thousands of President Donald Trump supporters marched at the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington last Saturday, protesting alleged election fraud.



    • A serious question was raised on a USA talk back station.

      Question, serious:- There were NO, NONE republicans there at either the Californian or Washington Rallys!

      Where were they ? ? ?

      Missing in Action. Those republican senators, those those republican congressmen those republican statesmen have NO Action ! ! !
      Politicking, behind the scenes, but not taking any risks.

      It is only President Trump that is up front.



  16. A young Arab boy asks his father “What is that strange hat you are wearing?
    The father said: “Why, my son, it is a ‘chechia.’ In the desert it protects our heads from the intense heat of the sun.”
    “And what is the long flowing robe you are wearing?” asked the boy.
    “Oh, my son!” exclaimed the father “It is very simple. This is a ‘djbellah.’ As I have told you, in the desert it is not only very hot, but the sand is always blowing. My djbellah protects the entire body,”
    The son then asked: “But Father, what about those ugly shoes you have on your feet?”
    “These are ‘babouches’ my son,” the father replied. You must understand that although the desert sands are very beautiful, they are also extremely hot. These babouches’ keep us from burning our feet.”
    “So tell me then,” added the boy.
    “Yes, my son.”
    “Why are we still wearing all this shit, when we live in Mount Roskill?”



  17. A cut and paste of a post from a US site sums up the situation well.

    “To believe Biden won, you need to believe that over 88% of the population of states like Georgia and PA registered to vote.

    You have to believe that 78% of those registered across the state actually did vote. In many cases breaking previous records for turnout by 20%.

    You have to believe that Biden could get more votes, despite Republican candidates across the state getting between 500k and 750k more votes than Democrats in total in house races.

    You have to believe that 100% of Democrats voted for Biden, plus 70% of independents, and 20% of Republicans in various swing states.

    You have to believe one million more people voted in PA than Ohio, despite having nearly the same number of registered voters and demographics. 97% of those extra one million, voting for Biden.

    Also to note is that every bellwether county other than one, with some never being wrong since 1964, got this one wrong.”



  18. Marama Davidson warns of growing ‘wicked divide’ between haves and have-nots

    Davidson, now the Associate Minister for Housing, said the deal the Greens struck with Labour “protects our unique political voice”, allowing them to criticise their major partner without fear.

    She says Ardern has shown an ability to reflect and review past decisions when situations change, so won’t give up pushing for policies Ardern has publicly ruled out.

    “We can actually take the opportunity right now to look at some form of wealth tax, some form of taxing unearned capital gains. At the moment our country taxes workers and not owners.”



    • 6 minutes of arc seperation is quite close but meh. Mark your calendar for the year 7,541. There is a double conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that year, where the first conjunction in February is also a grazing occultation and the second conjunctionn in June is a full occultation of Saturn by Jupiter.



  19. ……”Yep…..I might get a root….on December 21st….calender marked”……

    You have plenty of time to set up the lights & video recorders then.

    YSB commenters along with a wide selection of the blogatariat will be on hand to score you on stamina, equipment & technique. 🙂



  20. A lot of pressure, politics, and how some things mesh in.

    Pearson Sharp: Michigan is back in play!
    4 mins 04 secs : • Nov 20, 2020 By OAN

    [The threats were said on a zoom meeting, so proof is captured.]

    Using the black board helps follow the time line and the changes, with the effects and the due dates of decisions to the ultimate Michigan way Michigan will go. 🙁



  21. Had the mail out dates, and then the received back dates in Pennsylvania

    20K ballots received before they were mailed – about 80K impossible timestamps.

    1 min 02 secs. : Nov 20 2020

    A young guy worked through this.
    Now is based on facts, the data base.
    The tweet has been taken down, but others have copied it.
    Hard to tell as some are lambasting him, others supportive.
    The key is turning it over to some Trump lawyer.



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