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  1. “I was terrified of that great white shark” Clarke Gayford yesterday,,,FFS of all the men in NZ you’d think that scripted soy boy would be the least afraid of BIG THREATINING TEETH…
    Not only are we afflicted with having horseface rammed down our throats daily now we’ve got that fucking idiot to contend with on the MSM..



  2. When looking at the header photo a phrase from Stealer’s Wheel came to mind ; ‘Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, Here I am, stuck in the middle with you..’

    Very appropriate methinks and a good summary of the MSM…

    Thanks for posting it.



  3. Morning folks. December tomorrow.
    Fingers crossed that Horseface will let us have
    Xmas. Have a great day. Just had a quick look
    at Stuffed. What a bunch of woke, PC wankers.
    They should be permanently banned. Utter trash.
    I don’t live in Ayotee arowa. Tossers.



  4. A terrorist attack by Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist organization, left at least 110 people dead in Nigeria on Saturday, with most of the victims appearing to be farmers.

    “The assailants tied up the agricultural workers and slit their throats in the village of Koshobe,” AFP reported. “The victims were laborers from Sokoto state in northwest Nigeria, roughly 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) away, who had traveled to the northeast to find work.”

    Now wait for the protest marches, riots and more Black Cap kneeling in support of Black Lives Matter….



    • The Dominion rang us the other day grovelling for us to start buying it again. I enjoyed telling to lady we bought it and read it for 20 years but gave up 15+ years ago. She said “but you read it online” –“no way” I said, ” I want to read reports of the news not 20 something’s opinions. It is all opinions these days and I’m not interested in being told how to think.”
      “Oh thank you for your feedback”.
      They must be struggling because it is at least 4 years since we had a call like that (at that time we got them about once/month for quite a while.



  5. Hidden in the back pages.
    Oh dear.


    a sample of the utter bullshit.
    Under those principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, and a sense of what it means to be New Zealanders, we commit to acknowledging wrongs that have been done to Māori through reporting and business practices since our first newspaper began in 1857. We commit to redressing wrongs and to doing better in the future, in ways that will help foster trust in our work, deeper relationships with Māori and better representation of contemporary Aotearoa.

    doers that mean they just might tell the truth as it was or does it mean they will tell the story as it is now fabricated.

    Will they accurately report the US elections?



  6. I have come to the conclusion we are looking, tragically, at a FASCIST takeover of the globe.

    The Xmas relaxation (only a little!) of rules in Britain is so the bureaucrats can have a little Xmas celebration. After that it is back to 100% control of every aspect of their lives, including SEX.

    Black people are the new Aryans. YOU are the new JEWS.

    Welcome to 1933.



  7. It all seems great on the surface. Preventing the deaths of elderly, chronically ill people. Preventing forest fires in forests full of fuel.
    Then, when the die off or burn off inevitably comes, the State uses the event to raise levels of fear and to demand greater control (to prevent deaths and stop “climate change”).
    Storing up a disaster waiting to happen could be a useful thing for a government bent on greater control of its people.



  8. We will fiercely protect our editorial independence from commercial interests, including our own, and any political influence. Our journalists will;

    Report without fear, bias or favour;

    Uncover the misuse of power and hold the powerful to account;

    Pursue and report on the truth no matter how challenging the truth may be; and

    Serve the public by safeguarding the democratic right of public interest in Aotearoa.

    I look forward to them tossing the Labour toss pots into the bin and holding them to account to the truth.
    will we see the rest of the terror story? because that is what they have just promised. No excuses.
    Will they tell us about the Labour funding channelled into their company via various means ?
    Will they pay the taxpayer back?

    If or when they take a principled view of the news and lean right then I might pay.
    Meantime I can find news else where if I have to.



  9. This guy shows many connections to Iran, and their influential lobbyists in the USA that connect to bureaucrats and politicians, as you scroll down his twitter thread.
    Seems like war, international interference.

    From @SidneyPowell1 ’s lawsuit filed in Georgia
    “… the Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China & Iran in order to monitor & manipulate elections, including the most recent US general election in 2020.”


    That is on page 9 and in no, 14
    The whole 104 pages of Sidney Powell’s with its 211 points.

    We know servers have been seized in Frankfurt, and Trump has set up a “work a round” with “military intelligence”.
    Just when the net is full, may take some time, even though we feel that pressure, that Trump must be feeling or is it playing, that there will be a transition.?
    But will it be Biden at the inauguration, and who else may not be there?



  10. It’s all over at Kiwiblog. Fruity is online with the swamp:


    Why bother? Cricket is more worthless and boring than Golf.

    [Mod: This is bordering on hate speech!]

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2REPLY REPORTNOVEMBER 30, 2020 9:47AM



    • Yeah, well if she’s so convinced that taxation is the solution, then she should have backed her conviction, rather than bowing to popular opinion. But to say it’s the public’s fault, is the epitome of fuckwittery. What a front bottom.



    • I do not wish to be taxed on our home or any other assets. Taxing me will not alter anyone else’s ability to get cracking and purchase a house. I know it can be hard; we have been paying for our housing for the over 50 years we have been married.

      Paying Local Government rates based on asset value is theft enough.

      If the government did not waste money on Firearms “buy backs”, Royal Commissions of Enquiry that it hides the Reports from, and a mulitude of other pointless crap, taxation could be way less and housing for anybody would be a lot easier.

      For Example, purchaesed a vaccum cleaner today. The porice includes GST. The government did abosultely nothing to earn the GST as revenue plus it will take a slice of the retailers gain on making the sale. The tax paid has reduced my ability to operate. And that includes covering housing costs. I watched the Maori Party behavior in the House. Just a pointless waste of taxpayer funds providing an expensive circus achieving very little. And they are worried about dress standards and whether or not a tie is required.

      The government is the problem. It is not a solution. More taxation in any form is not a solution.



      • Lefties have an ingrained belief that the pie is only so big. If someone has a bigger piece of that pie, then someone else is going to miss out. The concept of making the pie bigger doesn’t exist for them. Therefore it’s all about envy and redistribution.



        • Lefties don’t understand that you can bake your own pie and feed yourself if you have the skills and motivation (investors will lend you the money for the ingredients and you can lease the oven and equipment).



  11. Rotorua-based helicopter company that rescued survivors off Whakaari/White Island when emergency services were instructed not to respond has confirmed it is one of the parties that has been charged by WorkSafe.

    It has been confirmed today that 13 parties related to the tragedy that claimed 22 lives in last December’s eruption will face charges after a WorkSafe investigation.

    Volcanic Air pilot and director Tim Barrow has confirmed to the Rotorua Daily Post the company has been notified it would face charges.

    He said they were not yet sure of the nature of the charges but once notified more would take time to seek legal advice.


    Now that would be a misscariage of justice if ever there was.
    Won’t encourage anyone to help others anymore. Why would you?

    Workjoke. John Keys legacy to NZ.
    I wonder if you noticed that Salter is going through the mill iwht the police over his charges. They are endeavouring to confiscate his business as a proceeds of crime even after he has been fined by workwoke.

    And of course Worksafe have played this to allow cCndy to cover up her refusal to allow us all to see the evidence on the Moosque effort. and to cover up er climaye emergency.
    Dishones t as all hell. Just like Biden and co.

    This will be a good test of Suff.
    You rmember this morning all their promises to report the truth?
    Lets so just how much their new promises mean.



  12. Barry Soper says on HDPA on zb talkback live on air commenting about amazeballs,
    “well you heard it from the horses mouth”
    Love it!, bet he doesn’t say that again. Labour will be bending him over the desk!



  13. Re Vikings 2.15pm post…

    “Most Maori seem to have Scotish or Irish grandfathers. Have’t heard of Welsh ones. ever.”

    I remember from my early Army days that more Maori recruits then qualified for the kilted NZ Scottish Regiment, than Pakeha…(https://www.odt.co.nz/lifestyle/magazine/scottish-ties-still-strong)

    My brother in law (Police Officer) told me that when he transferred to a new Station, the Senior Sergeant got a hell of a shock to see a Maori boy come in to his office (having preformed ideas that the new cop with two Scots Christian names and a Highland surname was anything but).

    We have a local Maori family named Lloyd, but agreed, the Welsh didn’t sow their wild oats about as much as the the Scots/Irish whalers and sealers.



  14. Have been reading over todays posts…
    Falcon at 8:56 am re bilingual traffuc signs says…
    “Traffic signs need to be clear precise and only as many as are absolutely needed for safety etc…”

    A few years ago when this bilingual nonsense was kicking off, I visited the local hospital and noticed for the first time the double signage…..offices and departments such as Oncology, Pharmacology, Radiology etc all had made up Te reo names plastered on their doors.

    There was a door to a small room down one of the passages that read in English, “Keep Out-50,000 volts” with a lightening bolt picture. There was no Maori translation to this warning so I wrote to the Hospital CEO to let him know that if there was any one room in his hospital that need a bilingual sign,,,this was it.

    Never got a reply.



  15. Newshub also discovered foreign-owned companies that don’t pay tax in New Zealand have taken the wage subsidy.

    China Southern Airlines, Air China, and Lufthansa, collectively took hundreds of thousands of dollars. China Southern Airlines recent third-quarter profit was reportedly $150 million.

    As well as those Kiwi and tax-exempt companies, some of the most valuable, most profitable companies in the world have taken New Zealand’s wage subsidy.

    Adidas, Coca-Cola, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes-Benz, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and Toyota collectively took $11.5 million.

    “They’re sucking the cash out of New Zealand taxpayers to the benefit of their overseas shareholders,” Wong told Newshub.


    Now that’s more like it. One for Newshub today rather than the woke ,weak at stuff.

    Says plenty about the Govt and there way they structured the payouts.



  16. This maths test can predict your favourite film. Not sure how it works but it does. Mine was Star Wars.


    Pick a number between 1 and 9.
    Multiply by 3.
    Add 3 to that number.
    Multiply by 3 again.
    Add the 2 digits together.
    Now discover your favourite film!
    3. Oliver Twist.
    4. Star Wars.
    5. Forrest Gump.
    6. Saving Private Ryan.
    7. Jaws.
    8. Grease.
    9. The Joy of Anal Sex with Male Sheep & Oiled-Up Lady Boys.
    10. Mary Poppins.



  17. Some one did a bit of a long drive in the North Island, with a small arsenal?
    Some interesting tools.

    Ten firearms were located at the Tirohanga property, eight of which had been recently stolen from an address in Eketahuna, along with methamphetamine and GBL, also known as rinse or liquid ecstasy.

    Perhaps some wallabies need a bit of seeing to in the Bay of Plenty? 🙂



  18. An interesting article, and how the progressives are trying to shut down any ideas and discussion.

    Mr Knowland’s sin was to question the current radical feminist orthodoxy.
    In September, he created an online lecture called The Patriarchy Paradox examining the prevailing idea of ‘toxic masculinity’.


    Just good commonsense, plainly put points over this gender issue, and what is what.
    So many issues that he shows up, has made their heads explode

    That teacher if he can stay and continue those courses, will be the underlying reason, why good parents will send their boys to that school.
    I would not have considered such a school, but a teacher like that, if only we still had NZ charter schools.

    Hope he wins in spades, and gets some of those progressive toffs, sorted, or some good college makes him a good offer.



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