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  1. Morning all. Final month of what has been
    a shit of a year. I really hope next year will
    be an improvement.
    To quote the ‘Hill street Blues’ station seargent:
    “Let’s be careful out there” Have a great day.



    • Raining on the North Shore now.

      3 hours of Sumerian cuneiform lessons for me today (I am one of an extremely tiny number of folk world-wide who can read this).

      When all your books are gone and the final computer has been smashed, my beloved cuneiform tablets of the world’s first civilization will be waiting under the sands for subsequent discovery 🙂 If you have a spare moment Dr Irving Finkel of the British Museum is fascinating on this subject – Youtube.



          • Good on you Mr T. I am just as outraged.

            You gotta laugh at Stuff’s bitching about the past as if they own it or can change it.

            Now we need to get Northland and East Coast to delete their use of POT and P.

            Equally dangerous.



            • I have been told the Waikato Times had three pages of apologies for slights against Maori for the life of the paper in the past. Three pages it took. I don’t belong in New Zealand any more it’s gone too far left for me



          • I have just spoken a friend, who I have trying to get to stop his subscription to the Dominion for several years. Yesterday’s 4-5 page was the last straw, so he has stopped it after about 40 years of buying it.

            He told me Hosking talked this morning about a column in “The Australian” which really ripped into NZ newspapers. ( It was Nick Cater who wrote it, apparently)



        • To be fair, probably more people could read and write (sic) Sumerian cuneiform than Maori.

          Maori had a base of under 400 words 250 years ago that has been extensively added to, especially by the land-grabber Missionaries.
          The language was simply not going to grow until there was a written form to capture and develop.

          In other words, most ‘Maori’ was ‘made up’ by white folk between 250 and 160 years ago !!
          Ancient maori tradition, my nono
          Put that in your pipe and smoke it.



          • Howitis….
            An old Coast lady whose first language was Maori, told me that she liked to listen to the Maori news on the radio in the days before non Maori words were still spoken in English. She said that when the made up words come into being, she gave up on the ‘News In Maori’ as she no longer knew what they were talking about.

            You read old journals and writings from British seafarers from the pre 1820 years and Northern Maori had an ‘S’ sound in their language…eg
            Shongi Shika = Hongi Hika, Shauraki = Hauraki, Shokianga = Hokianga.

            Captain Cook has the odd NZ place name on his charts containing the letter ‘V’, so obviously Maori would have still been using Eastern Polynesian pronunciation in his time.

            The hard ‘F’ sound for the ‘wh’ is another that has been hijacked by the Te reo revisionists…Thomas Kendall wrote that the top teeth never touched the bottom lip with the ‘wh’ sound.



  2. The twitter account, that some say is strongly connected to being an origin of the CCP’s war of words, tariffs, boycotts of Australia.

    Flag of ChinaIR & Business Student, History Buff, USA Watcher,

    Tāmaki Makaurau
    Joined April 2020
    1,118 Following 1,989 Followers


    The connection here to Auckland University of the graphic, “cartoon”.
    All in the name of free speech, and seems to be closely part of the CCP.

    The Auckland Confucius Institute – which has strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party – has been acting as a conduit between the University of Auckland and the Chinese Consulate-General, documents obtained under the Official Information Act reveal.

    Part of the cultural exchange, masked by Confucius Institutes, one of them in Auckland university.

    All took on the news, but no mention of the NZ connections



  3. Posted late last night.

    An interesting article, and how the progressives are trying to shut down any ideas and discussion.
    A fight back against the authorities

    Mr Knowland’s sin was to question the current radical feminist orthodoxy.
    In September, he created an online lecture called The Patriarchy Paradox examining the prevailing idea of ‘toxic masculinity’.


    Just good commonsense, plainly put points over this gender issue, and what is what.
    So many issues that he shows up, has made their heads explode

    That teacher if he can stay and continue those courses, will be the underlying reason, why good parents will send their boys to that school.
    I would not have considered such a school, but a teacher like that, if only we still had NZ charter schools.

    Hope he wins in spades, and gets some of those progressive toffs, sorted, or some good college makes him a good offer.



    • For good pushback from an anti-feminist woman over 50 years of age.

      Canadian, Janice Fiamengo

      Anti-Feminist Professor | Janice Fiamengo | WOMEN’S ISSUES | Rubin Report

      Also her twitter is

      She is fairly active there.
      Her profile on twitter.
      ‘Contrarian, pro-liberty, anti-feminist, defender of men’s rights, free speech, the principles of western culture, and the right to dissent.’



    • Thanks howitis.

      Further to blame on any male hormone, and not recognize where the problem is.

      fashionable Leftist shibboleths was this:
      “Why are men more likely to be perpetrators of violence?”
      One speaker suggested that the attack was all about men not being allowed to be weak, self-centered, weepy narcissists:
      “Anger, that is really what we think about when we think about emotional men.
      They are subject to social sanctions if they deviate from masculinity.
      If you are perceived as failing at it, you are subject to being called a fag, a pussy, a wimp, pretty much what women are, right?
      So when you have this limited ability to sort of express your emotions and possible feelings of emasculation, of low self-esteem, how do you really [deal with] that?
      A lot of times they … engage in violence.
      They need to compensate for their loss of masculinity in the most manly way they have access to, and unfortunately, a lot of times that’s violence.”

      Of course! It was all about toxic masculinity, don’t you see?

      All those points in the article, to camouflage, mask over the report,
      …..“was found to have an image of the ISIS flag, a handwritten manifesto with instructions on how to behead someone, and reminders to pray to Allah.” …..

      Strange it is never to be said that the “perfect man” in his sayings, deeds, actions could well be described as “toxic masculinity”, but none of that ilk call that out.



  4. Can this really be true? Whilst White Island was getting ready to blow the government agency tasked with work place safety was out there checking to make sure Maori workers weren’t being mistreated, this was only a couple of weeks before the mountain killed 2 dozen people, FFS what a cocked up ridiculously PC Country I live in.
    Woodhouse is waffling shit just like all MPs always do, Ffuuucckk.



    • Not sure what Michael Wood was waffling but it was predictable he would not have much to say. I was not impressed though to learn Worksafe have had 28 people working for a year on the White Island matter. That seems a massive and disproportionate investment from the state to see if someone, some business, can be caught out.

      The understanding I did gain that an arm of the State is laying charges on another arm of the State does not impress me as a taxpayer.



    • Other countries have been as woke also, with “precautionary” ideas.

      …… uncertainty in a March 31, 2009, meeting in L’Aquila, a medieval city in Abruzzo.
      Comparing the situation to a large quake that struck L’Aquila in 1703, Boschi said,
      “It is unlikely that an earthquake like the one in 1703 could occur in the short term, but the possibility cannot be totally excluded.” …..

      …… they did not do their duty in communicating risk to the citizens of L’Aquila and holds them responsible for manslaughter.
      A guilty verdict could carry up to 15 years in jail. …….

      ….. if Italian scientists are criminally liable for bad predictions, wouldn’t all seismologists be just as criminal for their imperfect predictions?

      “There’s sort of a pattern here,” Stein said. “Nobody knows how to do this very well.
      Countries have large programs to make hazards maps … these things are often big failures. …….


      People should not be allowed to cross a road.
      There is a risk that a cyclist could crash into you.
      There is even a higher risk that a car could hit you.
      Do not cross the road!

      Mitigation, look left, right then left.
      Is that good enough. Yeah naaaahhhhh;- NO 🙁

      Close the road to vehicular traffic to remove the risk.
      Simple, Problem solved, for the government bureaucrat



  5. Serial Kiwi inventor banking on corn starch and wool combination to save the wool industry

    Logan Williams calls himself a serial inventor and entrepreneur, and he has earned that description at the tender age of 25.

    Hailing from Timaru originally, Williams has already sold four of his inventions, three to overseas companies, and is embarking on a much bigger mission, to save the strong wool industry in New Zealand with his new invention.

    It is a biodegradeable material made of a combination of strong wool and corn starch to make all sorts of products as a replacement for plastic. It is called Keravos.


    Maori legends wont save us from the world but people like this young man will.
    We need a lot more science and a lot less lawyers, land agents, social busy bodies, woke press, politicians, oh you know all the useless money wasters that we have.



  6. Marae makeover project gets $80k boost to kick-start work.

    An $80,000 grant will help kick-start plans to upgrade one of the most important marae in Taranaki, with the first phase prioritising the place which provides hospitality to visitors.

    Owae Marae, in Waitara, is one of the region’s most prominent places and hosts important events on the Māori calendar, including Te Rā o Tā Māui Pōmare/Sir Māui Pōmare Day.

    However, buildings on the three-hectare site are between 80-130 years old, and in its application to the New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) marae development fund, the Manukorihi Pā Trust said its members had seen a steady decline in the state of facilities.

    So,if my buildings get run down can I apply to the council for restoration or new building funds?
    Hell, It’s a nightmare even getting consent for something let alone get a grant.

    A good reason why Maori Wards should not be entertained at all.
    Its not the ratepayers job to fund your buildings.
    That’s your responsibility.



  7. A poor family from India move to London in search of a better life.
    On their first evening in their new home, the man of the house goes out to buy what he can with the little money he has.

    He finds a small store where he buys some food for his family. Paying for the food he remembers he should buy some toilet paper.
    The shopkeeper recommends Double Quilty Softy Soft, £5 for a 4 pack.
    “No no no sir, too expensive” says the Indian gentleman.
    The shopkeeper then recommends Quilty Soft, £3 for a 4 pack.

    “No no no sir, too expensive” again explains the Indian gentleman.
    The shopkeeper THEN recommends Soft toilet paper, £1 for a 4 pack.
    “No no no sir, too expensive” yet again says the Indian gentleman.

    Running out of patience, the shopkeeper offers the Indian gent a pack of unlabeled toilet paper, “look mate, this stuff isn’t great, it ain’t even got a name, but it’s only 30pence for a 4 pack”

    “Yes yes yes, I will take” says the Indian.

    The following day, the Indian man returns to the shop.

    “Excuse me sir” he says to the shopkeeper, “I have come up with a name for that no name toilet paper you sold me the last night. It should be called John Wayne Toilet Paper”

    “Yeah? Why’s that then?” Asks the shopkeeper.

    The Indian explains “well sir, it’s ROUGH, it’s TOUGH, and it don’t take no shit from Indians”



  8. Cleaning house of some ideology? 🙂

    A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander was killed overnight Sunday, …..

    “Muslim Shahdan”

    “Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.” — unknown

    “Politeness has never defeated an existential threat.” — Chateau Heartiste



  9. Just when you thought it was safe to go into a Petrol Station or Supermarket again- There is a new Woman’s Weekly out!

    “Jacinda’s Message of Hope for Christmas”
    (Accompanied by the usual ridiculously airbrushed picture to make her look 25 years old)

    I quickly paid for my Petrol and got the heck out of there before I projectile vomited over the magazine rack…



  10. It will be interesting to see just how much Labours proposed hate speech legislation will affect us.

    Reading through numerous blogs there are many that are very very critical of Ardern and her useless rag tag bunch.

    If we do not give the knee to them are we liable to be punished and shipped off to the neighbourhood gulag ?



  11. From Twitter this morning.
    David Farrar has extended a public invitation on 21 January at Parliament grounds to celebrate the removal from office of Donald Trump with non alcoholic ( woke ) champagne breakfast.
    The guy should pull his head in, and Ardern Mallard and company should pull theirs in.as well for allowing this use of parliamentary grounds.
    An action that is insulting to the US and 75 million plus Trump voters.



  12. Stopping the Steal: Are things getting interesting now?

    Very interesting thing I came across. Source.

    As reported by the “patriot daily press” on Friday (November 27), the DoD launched a raid on a CIA-run server farm in Frankfurt, Germany, to secure servers that contain proof of CIA interference with the 2020 election (i.e. backdoor manipulations of election results via Dominion voting machines). But new information is now surfacing that indicates there was a firefight at the server farm facility, involving US Army Special Forces units, engaging with CIA-trained paramilitary units that were flown in from Afghanistan in an emergency effort to defend the facility.

    One CIA officer was killed during the firefight, and he is now being reported across the mainstream media as being “killed in Somalia.” Five US Army soldiers were also killed, and they are being explained away as dying in a “helicopter crash” in Egypt.

    Despite the deaths, the servers were successfully acquired by the DoD, and those servers were turned over to President Trump’s private intelligence group, which is now once again led by Gen. Michael Flynn, recently pardoned and now allowed to process top secret information, since his security clearance has been restored.

    I guess this explains why Trump had to rush the pardon for General Flynn. It’s like a Hollywood movie script (before they all turned into child-abusing producers of shit films in the name of “Diversity”)

    Nice for Flynn though, he can exact some payback!



    • Remember Sidney Powell’s “releasing the Kraken”.

      Well colour me surprised. Why did none of the mainstream media mention the DoD/US Army 111th Military Intelligence Unit (the one that used to be commanded by Lt General Flynn. Have a guess what their emblem is?

      That’s right – it’s a Kraken!

      So releasing the Kraken – means Michael Flynn is being let loose on the CIA/FBI motherfuckers who set up the whole trap to keep him out of the way and unable to access top secret info because he was under investigation. And he’s got crack Delta force special forces at his disposal and the full range of military intelligence aparatus at his disposal.

      How interesting. That bit about the oath officers take to “defend against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC” is about to get exercised.

      It’s looking increasingly like a CIA coup (how many thousands of novels and movies have had a rogue CIA doing this kind of shit).



  13. D P That Arsewipe Obumma was responsible for what happened to Flynn and Flynn knows where ALL the bodies are buried ,the next 12 months are going to be extremely embarrassing and dangerous for that bisexual crackhead Barry.



  14. A pack of Wellington desk jockeys decide to go overboard and prosecute 13 parties to White Island events a year ago.

    The ‘transparent Government ‘ goes stum.
    It is ‘before the courts’
    We go Sergeant Schultz on you.

    Cave Creek. 1995.
    14 deaths.
    Caused by a Govt Dept.
    The stupidity is that DOC controls one third of the land in the whole country and is another example of a ‘march through the institutions’
    The greenies and weirdos have taken over.
    DOC- run by school prefects and those who could not even make that, who are stuck at that level forever.

    Let us never forget the CTV Building.
    115 people dead.
    22 February 2011.
    People in shorts, T shirts and sandals who went to the building on a Christchurch summers day.
    It was safe!
    Christchurch Council said so.
    There were classrooms, talking head TV people.

    It was not a ‘dangerous site’.
    It was not an active volcano.
    It was not a methane heavy mine with too few vents and one that should have been open cast, except for, wait for it, greenies.

    So nothing done about 115 dead in an inner city building that fell down and killed people but extreme reaction and nit-picking where people died on an active volcano that erupted.
    My condolences to the people who died; to the families left behind; and the people who were injured and have lower quality lives from here on.

    The incongruence is sickening.

    The NZ Govt(s) have promoted adventure tourism for more than 20 years.
    Then this happens and they get desk jockeys to lay charges in a scattergun approach.
    Not my country.

    This will also have serious repercussions on rescue helicopters.
    Delays and getting clearance from cops, who will have no idea what is happening so will err on the side of conservatism.

    The future: More rules and regulations but adventure tourism will continue.
    Until the next adverse event.
    Then more rules and regulations, some more absurd than we can imagine today.



  15. In light of Stuffed’s new stance on an anti-truth bastion, and racism towards non-brown people they have redone Churchill’s famous ‘fight them on the beaches’ speech.

    Churchill Original, 1940:-
    We shall go on to the end.
    We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air,
    we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be.
    We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds,
    we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills;
    we shall never surrender,

    The 2020 version from Stuffed and the owner/editor of the $1 rag, Sinead Boucher :-

    We shall go on to the end.
    We shall lie in print, video, html, audio and any medium,
    we shall lie on the seas and airwaves,
    we shall publish mistruths with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, on pop up video, and the internet;
    we shall denigrate our most southern of Islands and the non-brown colonists, whatever the cost may be.
    We shall withhold truth on the newsstands,
    we shall berate those who think differently to ourselves on the landing grounds,
    we shall print porkies in the fields and in the streets,
    we shall lie in print, in video, on radio, and any new medium that comes along;
    we shall never tell the truth,



      • No, I did not, Ross.

        I sent one email from my gmail account to -reply to newsletter address
        plus one from my mail email acct direct to Seymour
        No reply on either.

        At $150+ in donations this year and some last year that was my first and last venture into political donations.
        I’ll stick with selected charities – where I get one third back anyway!

        I also attended 3 events in the two weeks prior to the election to show support.
        Unless I see some results – I am doubting it – then my engagement with ACT is parked up.
        That was so stupid to attack the current elected President of the USA.
        If you do that at least go after the warmongers, which is what I said.

        70,000,000 people voted for Trump.
        In 2017. 13,000 people party voted for ACT.

        The idiot who wrote the diatribe is very stupid.
        Mmmm. I have $60.
        Do I purchase a bottle of 12 year old Glenlivet on special or donate to ACT?
        Let me see. Econ 101. Limited resources. Only one can get it….

        I will write to 2 MPs whom I talked to at these pre election events – candidates then- and express my disappointment .
        No rush. They are on paid holiday until Feb. You average list backbencher MP will have been paid (by taxpayers) gross $60,000 for about 7-8 days work.
        No wonder it is sought after and beats picking stone fruit for income.



  16. I see the woke wankers are prosecuting volcanologists because a volcano erupted.

    But not the gutless pig cunts who tried to stop the rescue and who tried to prosecute the brave civilian rescuers.

    Dirty corrupt cowards in costumes.



  17. Rumors, Rumors and more Rumors
    Yesterday I heard that either FBI DIrector Wrey or CIA director Hapsel were in Frankfurt at the time of the Special Forces raid on the CIA server farm…..later there were rumors that it was Hapsel who had been shot at the CIA facility in Frankfurt….

    Have a look at this…Hapsel found dead of ‘natural causes’….

    “Shock at Langley right now as this just has circulated around DC about an hour ago. Now its going viral in gov circles but there is currently a strict news blackout.”



  18. On Sep 9 2020 Robbo, being interviewed by HDPA, categorically ruled out changes to the Bright Line Test (amongst others). He needs to be held to this.
    Robertson: Labour will not introduce any new taxes beyond this announcement

    “What the policy says, there’ll be no other changes to tax beyond what we’ve announced today,” he said, adding the narrow caveat that excise on tobacco and alcohol would continue to be assessed annually as part of the Budget process. “But nothing in terms of those other taxes.”

    Du Plessis-Allan needed convincing. What about the bright-line test?
    “No,” Robertson responded.
    Not the rate, and not the years?
    Robertson said, by point, laughing



    • Missed one Earlier this morning Dr. Turley released this utube. 🙂
      He has been a bit quite since Pennsylvania slipped through its certification.

      This was an on again, off again then on again.

      HUGE Win for Trump as Judge Orders Dominion Voting Machines in Georgia IMPOUNDED!!!
      12 mins 18 secs : • Dec 1, 2020 : Dr. Turley.

      Jill Stein, USA Green Party, a case last month. showed the voting system is not transparent, not voter friendly, and also arguing that American’s have the right to inspect the machines though it seems it was 4 years in the making.

      when Stein sought access to the software code used in Wisconsin’s voting machines — something state law permits for recount petitioners — the vendors who made the voting machines waged a protracted legal fight that has left Stein’s computer experts still waiting to see the code, four years later.

      But then look at the shenanigans then, and what followed, to try and stop any more looking at how an election is won.
      The history of this is shocking, as it seems to be run as fiefdom, for the ones who gets their snouts in a trough.
      And hear I am, sort of supporting a Green, well in checking out election systems.

      Then the ones decrying about no evidence is bought forward to the Judge.
      Seem to be just as ready to be as corrupt, do not support audits, saying recounts are fair.
      Do they really believe in transparency for a government?, when they are prepared to cover, disguise, and hinder people getting to the truth.

      I am including NZ media, NZ bloggers, NZ universities, and some commentators on other blogs, who do not seem to believe things should be tested out, to find the truth.

      Nor do I want to go down every rabbit hole, a bit of a probe maybe, but some things take time to rise up, and be seen, with confirming evidence.
      The risk is others lay false trails, use other incidents to blur, dust over, and sell red-herrings to waste time, energy & money.



  19. I finally bought a bottle of 2018 Grant Burge Barossa Ink Shiraz on the advice of a couple of wine connoiseurs on YSB.

    50% pricier than the Selaks Shiraz a la Pac n’ Sav that I usually treat myself to on a Friday.

    First impressions: the 2018 Grant Burge Barossa Ink Shiraz has very little tannin or oaky flavors, but is very dark (hence the “ink” name). It’s actually noticibly sweeter than most of the budget Shiraz I come across. Almost too sweet. It is like drinking cherry juice.

    I need to study it a bit more, but I am not that impressed by the sweetness. Maybe the 2018 needs to be cellared for a couple of years. But then, what do I know.

    Has anyone else tried this wine?



  20. We are in a moment of global reckoning with the pandemic sweeping across the globe, worldwide protests for racial justice and the climate emergency. Misinformation, hate speech and fake news is fueling and distorting all of these challenges. It acts as a virus. It exploits our weaknesses. Our biases. Our prejudices. Our emotions. Often we share on impulse. Before verifying content. Before letting the endorphins subside. The hope of the UN is to create a global moment that will encourage us all to fight misinformation around COVID-19 by pausing before we share content and stories with our loved ones, friends and colleagues.’




  21. Anyone watch that tv program on Taranaki town Waitara?
    Started myself but soon turned it off. Memories, don’t pass for pure shite!
    Thick as a brick, wanna be, try hards, that came across as a bun h of idiots!
    To think someone paid for that to be made and thought they had made a good job!



  22. White Island volcano should be charged by
    Wanksafe for being a volcano.
    Robbo is a fat lying poof.
    Jacin-DUH is as real as unicorn piss and
    half as intelligent.
    Covid is a load of shit.
    Helen Clark has a penis.
    Fishboy is a disgrace to real NZ men.
    I’m tired. Enjoy your evening.



  23. Your sweet nothings, into the ear of your dearest, could be regarded as “hate speech” in Norway.

    legislature adopted (without even a vote) a new criminal law that punishes people for saying anything deemed hate speech toward transgender people in their own home or private conversations.

    ……. declared victory because speech regulation must be “adapted to the practical situations that arise.”
    The “practical situation” includes speaking to your own spouse or family.

    ….. allowing people to speak out against transgender values or issues “has been an eyesore for trans people for many, many years.” ……………..
    …….. ………… ………
    ….. free speech advocates, …. …… this road leads in places like Norway. ……
    Once we cross the Rubicon into speech criminalization and controls, Europe has shown that it is rarely possible to work back to liberties lost.
    We are moving into potentially the most anti-free speech period of American [New Zealand’s] history — and possibly the most anti-free speech Administration.
    Many politicians are already arguing for citizens to give up their free speech rights in forums like the Internet.
    With the media echoing many of these anti-free speech sentiments, it will require a greater effort of those who value the First Amendment and its core place in our Constitutional [waitangalized] system.


    Some commentd:-
    a Norwegian law professor offering a lame defense: “The bar for prosecution is high, requiring direct incitement against people or language that dehumanizes them, she said.
    ” No it’s not a “high bar” at all, when the victim group gets to decide what is “dehumanizing language based on their feelings; it’s a limitless warrant.

    if you are alone in your house, can you then speak freely?
    Just don’t let Alexa hear you.

    Think of Parsons – “When he is turned into the Thought Police, he is grateful that he is caught before he causes any damage to the Party society. He is even proud of his daughter for having the intelligence to turn him in.” https://1984literaryanalysis.blogspot.com/2011/03/characterization-parsons.html
    Seems to be the next point beyond “1984”

    Liberty lost is hard to gain back. ….. Who wants to go down the road of lost liberty?

    ___ ____ —– —- ____ _______
    One gets the feelings that the NZ Labour government is viewing how to put all aspects of this into NZ laws, whether one big step, or a series of steps, and at which differing levels.
    It will never go back, but ratchet to total thought control.

    “Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” John Adams, 1775



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