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  1. A Russian Jew was finally allowed to emigrate to Israel.

    At Moscow airport a Customs officer found a Lenin statue in his luggage and asked “what’s that?”

    The man replied “What’s that? Wrong question Comrade. You should have asked … who is he? This is Comrade Lenin. He laid the foundation of socialism and created the future and prosperity of the Russian people. I’m taking it with me as a reminder of our dear hero”.

    The Customs officer let him go without further inspection.

    At Tel Aviv airport the Israeli Customs officer also asked the man ‘What’s that?”

    He replied “What’s that … wrong question Sir. You should be asking who is he? This is Lenin, the bastard who caused me, a Jew, to leave Russia. I took this statue with me so I can curse him every day”.

    The Israeli Customs officer said “I apologise. Sir, you are cleared to go”.

    Settling into his new house he put the statue on the table. To celebrate his arrival he invited his friends and relatives to dinner. One of his friends said “What’s that”.

    He replied “My dear friend, what’s that is the wrong question. You should have asked what’s this. This is 10 kg of solid gold that I managed to bring with me without paying any customs duty or tax.


    The art of politics is telling the same shit in different ways to fool different audiences to allow you to look good all the time.



          • Maori have the right to live in NZ. I never said they didnt. But Im at my limit with them telling me everyday that they are hard done by. That they are superior. That they are special. How about Maori just shut the fuck up, get on board with the rest of us New Zealanders and start moving forward together as one. Stop your constant fucking moaning. Stop beating your children to death. Put the pipe down.
            Stop blaming everybody else for your short comings. Own them. Lift your fucking standards. Stop crying poor me. Until that happens you lot will continue to just be a pain in my arse.



            • To be fair it turns out Maori have been herded by the Marxists for 40 years to be weak arse cry babies who demand and demand and demand. They are the major stock being farmed for their votes. It’s all part of the plan and Maori have happily lined up in droves with their hands out to become political pawns for the left. Mummy Ardern is their latest saviour.



              • Mummy ardern is the saviour till the wahu flu vaccine is not given to them!
                There is only 1.5 million doses and labour party sycophants beat maoris and greens hands down!
                Actually will the roll out of wahu flu decide the result of the next election? Those who miss out, will be pissed off and may just move their vote, as payback for not been saved!
                Just as well she was put in only a short time ago and has plenty of time to arrange her berth at the un!



  2. Hey Ardern
    Influenza virus historically kills 500 people a year in NZ
    Covid lockdown meant flu cases were down 99% year on year so 495 people didn’t die of the flu this year
    Covid virus only cost 25 lives ( 18 from eldercare homes and MOH stuff ups, the rest largely from your border stuff ups ) so your strategy effectively meant you eliminated the flu virus ( this year ), by accident, and saved 495 lives, but you killed the hospo, tourism and travel sectors
    Does this mean we’ll have a lockdown every year now to stop people dying from the flu virus ?
    BTW can you explain to us why you think the “Hail Mary” vaccine strategy will work when there is no vaccine for so many viruses, typically because of antigenic drift ?
    Think herpes, Ebola, AIDS …… no vaccines, even the common flu, flu vaccines are only 40% effective because the virus keeps mutating and that leads to “antigenic drift”
    Covid-19 is already mutating rapidly so you’ve got issues there
    Anyway ask Ashley, he gets most things involving Covid wrong so he’ll have the wrong answer, again, or your expert data modeller Shaun Hendy, the one with no expertise in infectious diseases, virology, or epidemiology, he only missed his prediction of 80,000 Covid deaths in NZ by 79,975 … and oddly enough that’s about how far Twyford was wide of the mark with his Kiwibuild house predictions
    Enough rambling, let’s get down to the important stuff … is Neve appearing in the “Woman’s Weekly” any time soon ?



    • Mike, you have described brilliantly the political kindergarten that (apparently) most Kiwis love to pieces.

      The adult question is: how do we get out of this pickle?

      Does it take economic collapse? Invasion? A real crisis – perhaps a REALLY severe earthquake or tsunami?

      Will we get rice with our tsunami?




      • The adult question is: how do we get out of this pickle?

        I don’t think ‘we’ will get out of this pickle. Mainly because there seems to be no ‘we’ in NZ any more.

        The Marxists have successfully atomised our society over the past 25 years or so to the point where good honest intelligent hard working family oriented kiwis have pretty much been erased from the social landscape.

        Identity politics has taken over and the conquest is complete. We have become a country of uneducated tattooed transsexual eco ‘activists’ all gibbering bits of fake Maori to each other and each locked into their own ‘communities’ (as defined by race, gender, sexual orientation etc) at the expense of national cohesion.

        So, GRITS, there is no ‘we’ any more, and that, sadly, is the truth. Fuck, they’re changing place names hell-for-leather and it’s only a matter of time before even the name of our former country is erased.

        One thing we don’t realise is that New Zealand doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of things because we are so small – only the population of an average sized city in world terms. Maybe in 25 years’ time a few people in Europe or somewhere will ask “I wonder what happened to New Zealand?”, but then the conversation will drift to other more important topics like their president’s recent species change into a panda.

        Meanwhile in Aotearoa there will just be warring tribes grubbing around in the dark. Exactly like it was before the evil colonialists came and ruined their beautiful civilisation.



        • NZ dropping off will be just like I mentioned below, South Africa has dropped off.

          In a democracy you get the government you deserve.
          Supposedly human rights are supposed to safeguard the citizens, but far too often, to make it work;- it takes freedom, liberty, enslaves other citizens for a few to benefit.

          Is this because another sense of “values” have come into place?
          NZ supposedly becoming more secular, but was it really ever that religious?
          Was NZ really that full of “religiosity” or just to point a finger at. as an excuse?
          Why did those values change, what was the change? from? and then to?

          It is said generational experience, like WW1 Depression, WW2, as then the “cradle to the grave” started to run in government considerations.

          Now very noticeable how changes seem to sweep the world, and NZ is not necessarily the world first, or “punching above its weight”



  3. We could have had a lovely day here on YSB discussing nice things but I guess between Mr Hunt and The Ghost the situation is normal: ALL FUCKED UP 🙂

    Anyway, here is a superb series on the rise and fall of a variety of civilisations which I came across in my Sumerian studies. It is not for the faint-hearted as each episode is over two hours long. I’ll say it again: SUPERB. The West is arguably at this point: economic decay, invasion of its borders, decline in learning, ruled by nutters (gayest parliament in the world) etc.

    Now back to the Sumerian verbal chain…




    • Ghost Rider in the Sky. and such similar history in Roman Times?
      History continues its rhymes and its patterns to go through.
      The Bible, as a history book shows up the human wishes, corruption, the fall of kingdoms, flaws of people, and the wondering of why they stuffed up.

      Even a faster decay of western civilization, that seems to be censored so that we are relatively unaware of it.
      Posted late last night.

      Read the whole article, as there is much more than the angle I have taken.
      Then figure, that many will be looking for any way, or reason out of South Africa.
      Then figure that the black people prefer to go where there are white people, for some reason. 🙁
      New Zealand is going to be led by the “guilts” by what it did to South Africa.
      Then who will push and are among the most gullible to kindly receive & welcome them?

      The selling of false credentials is big business and is illegal in South Africa. One online site boasts that a fake degree will be sent within 24 hours and promises “Our products are extremely realistic and professional…and we are South Africa’s safest and most reliable fake certificate online store, we guarantee you the best results always!” It adds, “Our products look so real that it will fool ANYONE!”

      Many South Africans have purchased these degrees or lied about having a real one and unqualified South African officials in various levels of government have been a major embarrassment to the government.
      Just another reason why South African leaders have lost credibility.


      Will this be coming to a place very near us?

      Now what standards are being set in NZ and the agreements coming to fruition?
      NGOs, church groups, and western governments, welfare and free stuff to them immediately upon entry!
      While we pay for it with our money, property and personal safety.
      Just want to redistribute your assets under the UN Global Migration Pact that makes sure you can not say anything and all in line with UN-World Economic Forum
      Floodgates will be open wide, more like Borderless so as to be kindly and with well being for others.

      Yet not one of those protesters decades ago, will accept that just maybe they were wrong, and did they ever really care about democracy? or understand how it can be undermined to bring about the downfall, collapse of a country, when human rights, constitutions really give no protection, so tyranny of expectations by the majority will rule.

      Can NZ, just in itself afford the tyranny of expectations that are being built up in NZ?



  4. I know this is behind a pay wall but it may interest some who read the Herald.

    Bruce Cotterill: If honesty is the best policy, why don’t we try it?

    I listened to the Prime Minister this week speaking about her call for a climate emergency. “People will lose their homes,” she said. For me, it echoed her comments from March of this year when, announcing the Covid lockdown, she said “80,000 people could die”.




  5. Dr. Turley following the changes and its effects on Georgia.

    GA Governor Orders BALLOT AUDIT after SHOCKING VIDEO EVIDENCE of FRAUD Emerges!!!
    13 mins 04 secs : • Dec 5, 2020 : Dr. Steve Turley

    The Rino Governor, has backed down as pressured mounted, and evidenced accrued to fraud occurring, to allow signature auditing.
    The fraud shown pulls in that the effect is “is out come determinative”, so the Supreme Court if called upon would more than likely then take the case.

    Great in showing the concept of “populism” and why some decry it. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Why some want trade offs. and then why not to trade off. 🙂
    Lessons we here in NZ we need to note.
    To toughen up just how enrollment and how elections are run.



    • What do they expect, with low interest rates, like 0.1%
      Fees for putting it in, then fees for accessing it.
      Bank days closed, less open hours, resulting in closing branches.
      Removing cheques.
      Computerized digital banking is not always so easy for quite a few.
      Then a charge for having money in the bank.

      how a negative interest rate could be brought in,

      Once you have the cash, really who do you have to account to?
      Note how any one who has over $10,000 are suspected of money laundering for drugs, terrorism, crime etc. , but perhaps now a pool of people are now quietly working through life, with their cash. 🙂

      Why are they surprised.
      It seems that the authorities want to search bedrooms, to check what you may have stuffed in your mattress.

      Same thing is increasing in NZ I believe.

      Though I would take a leaf out of Mike Hunty’s book, a bit of gold & silver, in the hand, would be nice too.



  6. Right, so one vaccine is going to make any difference? Virtue-signaling mole.
    “Will I publicly be vaccinated? Absolutely. For me it’s all about leading by example,” Ardern told The Project on Friday.
    But the Prime Minister couldn’t guarantee that she would be one of the first to receive the vaccine.
    “The first vaccinations need to go to front line workers, those at greatest risk, and that’s where our priorities should be.”



  7. 40 States Will File Antitrust Lawsuit Against Facebook

    A recent report claims that a group of at least 40 states led by New York is set to file an antitrust lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook as early as next week.

    A recent report from CNBC states that sources believe that a lawsuit could be filed against social media giant Facebook as early as next week. A group of 40 states led by New York have been investigating Facebook for possible antitrust violations and plans to file a lawsuit against the company, according to four sources.

    The lawsuit would be the second major case taken against a major tech firm this year following the Justice Department’s lawsuit against Google in October. Over 40 states reportedly plan to sign on to the Facebook lawsuit one source said, but would not provide the list of states.


    Happens when you piss off enough people.
    Interesting I had noted how they were no allowing Real Trump stories without a tag.
    Roll them over boys.

    Facebook has faced criticism from both Republicans and Democrats in Congress, as well as President Trump and Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden. Democrats allege that the social media giant has been too free in the speech it allows on its platform, while many Republicans point out the social media site has often suppressed conservative voices. Facebook claims that it aims to support free speech while limiting “hate speech” and harmful content.



  8. Lots of regsitered firearms owners in Auckland it seems.

    Worsening gun violence linked to gang turf wars, illicit drugs and the insidious cancer of organised crime has left more than 350 people with firearms injuries across Auckland in five years.

    More than half of the wounded were treated at Middlemore Hospital as violence in South Auckland spilled over into bloodshed, leaving numerous people dead and scores of others fighting for their lives.

    At least 63 people have been shot and hospitalised across Auckland this year alone as of October 8.

    Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers said police had zero tolerance for gun violence and were committed to holding armed criminals to account.

    There’s a Tui fo ya.



  9. The Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, has been arrested
    Anderson was reportedly arrested earlier today by Merseyside Police alongside four other men, in connection with bribery offences and witness intimidation.

    Anderson, 62, was reportedly arrested earlier today by Merseyside Police alongside four other men, in connection with bribery offences and witness intimidation as part of an investigation into Liverpool building and development contracts.

    Officers made arrests at addresses throughout the city – as well as in Ormskirk and Southport, the Liverpool Echo reported.




    • Very good Bn
      Here in NZ Ardern is complying by bringing in “emergency climate change” that will then be able to ride rough shod, over other laws, or turn a blind eye to, with decrees, quietly given in some cases to government departments.

      For example, she has done this all along, like complying with UN direction to increase conservation areas, by forcing councils to follow up and gain authority over private property, by declaring Significant Natural Areas, SNA.
      This is all done by Local government District Councils, but pressured through Regional Councils that are pressured by Government Departments to comply with laws on the books, that have been tweaked.

      All done by bureaucrats, and the supposed representatives are happy to be paid, and not look into what is really going on. “Representatives in Name Only”. Only unless one makes a costly time consuming fight of it, that one may get a half pie concession.



      • S1, The lunchbar I went to yesterday had a TV on, spewing out it’s propaganda ad infinitum.
        I noticed one of the ads (i think it was a warehouse ad), was recommending not to give people throwaway gifts for Xmas, but to give them a native tree sapling instead.
        That’ll grow well in an apartment toilet. Toilet brush maybe?
        The blanket greening of the earth is a fantasmal wet dream for Jimmy Shaw and the like.
        What they want, is less people so the resources that are left, are just for them.



  10. So stuff is really happening

    More on the special forces raid in Germany on the CIA servers. The gossip is that the CIA Director (Gina Haspel) was there and it was her protection squad who started the firefight with the special forces team. The special forces secured the servers and Gina Haspel, who was injured and interestingly hasn’t been seen anywhere since the election. The reports about the fleet of 40+ special forces helicopters heading down Gitmo way seems to mesh with the CIA operatives being taken for their own personal waterboarding experience. Word is the now ex-CIA director is singing like a songbird and Michael Flynn’s old command at the 305th Mil Int brigade have the data and the full story of the CIA’s role (still doing that Commie fuck John Brennan’s bidding).

    Georgia is going mental right now. The Georgia RINO establishment are doing their very best David Clark impersonation as the people of Georgia are blowing up. They’re are trains of cars driving up and down the road outside the Governor’s mansion and after video footage emerged from security cams of the counting room – actually showing after the count was stopped – suitcases of ballots being pulled out of a hidden alcove and being counted AFTER the announcement was made that counting had stopped for the night! Finally the Governor is crying saying he’d really like the equally corrupt GA SecState to do an audit.

    Meanwhile the Georgia Deplorables (probaby 25-50% of the Republican base) are livid. There is a Senate run-off race on 5 Jan and the Deplorables are going to stay home unless the 5 November fraud is dealt with and Trump gets the win he is due.

    All this is vitally important because we on YSB are NZ’s Deplorables. We’re all sick to fucking death of having a choice between socialist Labour or socialist National. We know that our views are not represented by either main party, we know that our interests are always damage by the main parties. We know that the political class IS THE ENEMY.

    John Key was the last straw. National are now on the sidelines. NZ Deplorables love NZ. We love our culture. We love our freedom. We reject the fascist CCP virus lockdowns. We hate the division that cultural Marxism has brought to our shores. We hate masks as we refuse to see our neighbours, families, workmates as plague vectors.

    There is no longer Right vs Left.
    There is no longer Red vs Blue.
    There is only ‘we the people’ vs ‘the political classes who continue to abuse us’.
    If the GOP don’t defend Trump, they are gone. The democracy will be dead in the US and a second American Revolution will commence.

    It hasn’t reached here yet, but this is a worldwide phenomenon that is spreading like wildfire.

    The Deplorables aren’t going to take it anymore. The fuse has been lit.



    • Start listening to John Fredericks. He’s got a YouTube channel that is electric. He runs a phone show and he gives plenty of airtime to ordinary voters and the anger is palpable.

      And if you are not watching Steve Bannon’s War Room – you are missing the greatest entertainment possible about the new American Revolution. It is staggering to watch real journalism again.



      • Even a few weeks ago you wouldn’t have seen that level of disagreement. That was brilliant for free speech. Thank you President Trump for exposing what has been hiding under the rocks and to expose the control we have been under.



      • On Bn’s twitter RexChapman

        The older guy is more at risk with covid, but wants to figure commonsense.
        The young guy has less risk with covid but wants to take control with his health message.

        Good to see some debate, that will lead to further questions, and just what are the ramifications and consequences.
        Transparency, sunlight, consideration, as the truth has become very shaded, for other purposes.

        All the answers seem to be shadow banned, and the connection to the ones seeking political power & control,
        It is just like the election, the voting and ballots, which should ;be over and above politics, but is being played with no respect to what should be the integrity of the election.

        Once trust is gone, very difficult to get it back.
        Unless they are going to rule by tyranny.



    • There is no longer Right vs Left.
      There is no longer Red vs Blue.

      They are really the “uni” party,
      The “uni” party are the ruling elite pragmatist.

      So no way do they want to accept how the ordinary citizen sees things.
      A national populist renewal that threatens the ruling elite pragmatist that “knows best” with “kindness”,
      This is at odds with the citizens, who are looking to bring back. a redemptive democracy that reflects the actual concerns of the ordinary citizens.

      So that is why nationalist, populist, is disparaged.
      Some may coat themselves with this, as some other fresh ones have popped up in NZ politics, and need to be thoroughly questioned, as although they seem to be on the ball, but will not deliver as Trump has delivered in his 4 years, in placing the USA citizen 1st.
      It is a start, and I appreciate the total fight on “freespeech”, and many of the commonsense things they ;take on.



    • I wonder how this is all going to end?
      Scenario 1. Trump unveils detailed records of Democrat fraud, backed up by hard proof, and is declared the winner of the election.
      Scenario 2. The Electoral College declares Biden the winner and suddenly it’s all over (for now).



        • The Deplorables know this election was stolen. There is so much hard evidence now that even if your option 2 plays out, it’s all on.

          RINO Republicans will be ousted (and the DNC won’t give a shit and they’ll let it happen). Sure Trump’s reforms will be wiped out overnight – but the genie is out of the bottle now. There will be no electoral reform and the world’s largest standing army (the US civilian militia will rise up in a bloody revolution). The DNC want to defund the Police – so there’ll be no police to stop the militia. The Armed Forces know there is a coup and that their blood has been spent by the NWO to sell guns and missles – they’re not going to intervene. So it’s going to be down to Antifa and BLM to hold the line – my money is going to be on the Deplorables.

          I think this scenario plays out anyway, because if Trump is given his rightful victory a lot of feckless cunts are going to be facing firing squads and they will not do that without using all their wealth and power to defend themselves.

          We’re watching China set fire to their only global rival – either way China’s position is strengthened, they are definitely going to win this battle of the Great 21st Century Information War.

          We’re such a fucked in the head species, we can’t go 3 generations without a global conflict, what is the matter with us all?



  11. Thank you to Senate President Karen Fann and House Speaker Russell Bowers – and all, for what you are doing in Arizona. A fast check of signatures will easily give us the state. Votes against have been reduced to a very small number!




    • That is a fucking scandal of global proportions!

      What a fucking disgrace!

      If NZ wasn’t such a 3rd world banana republic, maybe we’d have similar testing underway and politicians (I’m now going to refer to them as ‘the Enemy’) would be wanting to know if NZ had widespread Covid 6 months before Cindy started shit-mouthing ‘Be Kind’.

      This was an assault on the West by CCP. This is WAR.



  12. My current thinking is the only way to solve the US election issue is for Team Trump to collate all the information received from Frankfurt, together with what the military “white hats” got in real time, of information flowing from the US to Germany on and around election day/night. ( The Colonel who spoke at 2 of the recent hearings confirmed this). Give this to SCOTUS and say they think this meets their ” election determinant outcome” criteria.
    ( Apparently SCOTUS are waiting until the case presented to them will determine the election outcome based on their decision).
    I think the really important information is on those servers.

    Team Trump asks them to take the case based on the evidence plus any major parts of the mountain of affidavits they have and ask that if the Court agrees after their is presented in the SC that they send the election decision making part to Congress to get it all cleared up ASAP. If need be, tell them Plan B is to invoke the EO signed on September 2018.

    All the Court cases going on now are necessary, because it part of the “process”, but it is becoming political theatre because the judges are “playing down the clock”.

    If it all goes to plan and Trump is re-elected then a massive public information campaign has to start explaining what was really going in the USA over the past 10+ years. What the swamp, FBI, CIA etc. were really doing. Open it all up.



    • Agreed Ross12
      Time wasting on judiciary and many of those politicians, Governors, Secretaries of what ever etc.. seeking to clock-out Trump.

      A lot of info we get is not so readily available in the states, unless you dig for it,
      Just consider the decade of deviousness from face book.
      Where we are bumping up on Utube censoring and “shadow banning”.
      Then there is googles algorithms to effect and prioritize what you may find or not.

      So many fronts, and Trump seems to be working them all, to bring a greater transparency, of just what has been going on.

      So many USA citizens have gone a long with it, and so are indoctrinated, not to a rabid support, but that is what they consider when weighing things up.

      It will take some time, but the egg shells need to be broken to make scrambled eggs.
      Still to be careful and a skill that is often taken for granted, as one does not like eggshells getting into the mix.



  13. I thought my old outfit Victoria University voted against changing its name?
    It is calling itself ‘Te Herenga Waka- Wellington’ on its Facebook page!
    I guess Left-Wing Academics know best eh?…



    • It could be worse.
      It could be calling itself “Te Herenga Waka-Te Whanganui-a-Tara”

      (Note: Te Whanganui-a-Tara = Wellington (or part of the harbour at least)

      Remember boys and girls, the more syllables you can pack into the woke version of the name, the more points you get.
      Victoria University = 9 syllables
      Te Herenga Waka-Te Whanganui-a-Tara = 14 syllables (a clear winner!)



  14. Front Page with Scott Goulet, explains piece by piece.

    Dear President Trump: We support the invoking of a limited Martial Law, and to hold a New Election to protect our vote.

    “You must act, like Lincoln did, to silence the destructive media’s one-sided propaganda designed and proven to influence the election outcome,
    and end the unlawful censorship of Big Tech,
    to restore the confidence of the American People in our electoral process or we cannot continue as a nation.
    Failure to do so could result in massive violence and destruction on a level not seen since the Civil War. Limited martial law is clearly a better option than civil war!”

    “Many will object to these actions, as they did in Lincoln’s day,
    but we assure you that We the People understand that no less action will suffice to prevent the loss of our Constitutional right to vote and preserve our Republic.
    It is time to honor your oath, Mr. President.
    It is time for you to boldly act to save our nation as Lincoln did.
    We the People will support a national re-vote.
    We will also have no other choice but to take matters into our own hands, and defend our rights on our own,
    if you do not act within your powers to defend us.”

    “We tell the government what they can and cannot do.
    They can’t control the people.
    This is our country and we are going to take it back.”

    “Now is the time.
    Every patriot in our country should stand up and let their voice be heard. And are counted.
    Every person in the government, whether local or federal, works for you.
    If you pay taxes for them, you have the right to choose who you want to choose.”

    “You and your children and your grandchildren and their children deserve the very best America has to offer.”- Lin Wood

    “All Patriots, stand up, Powell says;8M phone calls made by CCP organization to influence US election”
    24 mins 58 secs : circa 5:45pm NZ time, Saturday 5th December.2020

    plus much more, step by step, collates the events of the past and sums up it up and

    Frankfurt server seems that there was an attack to seize them.

    How far off is Civil war, or martial law, and how Big Tech pushes things.



    • The full page ad put in the Washington Examiner over the past day or so and mentioned in the above report of “Front Page”.
      Too important not to know of the full detail.
      I have posted in full as I think for some it is a bit difficult to find.
      Exercising Extraordinary Authority in Defense of Our Vote
      May be Required because Martial Law is better than Civil War!

      In the months following the start of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln struggled to preserve the Union.
      Many objected to Lincoln’s extraordinary use of Presidential authority, in particular his suspension of the right of “Habeas Corpus”.
      On June 12, 1863 Lincoln defended his extreme measures in a letter published in the New York Times.
      Citing Article I of the Constitution he argued:
      “Ours is a case of rebellion…in fact, a clear, flagrant, and gigantic case of rebellion; and the provision of the Constitution that ‘the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when, in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety may require it’, is the provision which specifically applies to our present case.”
      Lincoln used the same reasoning in justifying a series of extraordinary Presidential Orders:

      • Lincoln ordered hundreds of Northern newspapers that spoke against him to be shut down and their owners and editors arrested.
      • Lincoln ordered the arrest of Ohio Congressman Clement Vallandigham for the crime of speaking out against him.
      • Chief Justice of the US Roger Taney ruled that Lincoln had violated the US Constitution when he illegally suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus. After hearing this Lincoln signed an arrest warrant to have the Chief Justice of the U.S. arrested.
      • Lincoln ordered the arrest of thousands in Maryland for the crime of “suspected Southern sympathies” including ordering the arrest of US Congressman Henry May from Maryland. These people were arrested and held in military prisons, without trial, some of them for years.

      While some debate these measures still today, no one disagrees that Lincoln and his use of Presidential power were responsible for saving the Republic.
      While History, and even former President Obama, has judged Lincoln as perhaps our greatest President, few would have agreed at the time he took those actions.
      Then, as now, a President with courage and determination was needed to preserve the Union.
      Today, the current threat to our United States by the international and domestic socialist/communist left is much more serious than anything Lincoln or our nation has faced in its history – including the civil war.

      We have well-funded, armed and trained marxists in ANTIFA and BLM strategically positioned in our major cities acting openly with violence to silence opposition to their anti-American agenda.
      Attacking federal buildings and police, cowardly punching innocent people in the back of the head, assaulting people just eating in restaurants, and burning minority-owned businesses to the ground.
      All with elected officials in Democrat/Socialist-controlled cities openly encouraging this planned violence against civilians and businesses.
      Then, to advance their cause, these socialists are acting to “Defund the Police,” creating chaos and suspending the rule of law that protects millions of average, and particularly minority, Americans.
      The results being massive increases in violent crime and deaths in our cities and the destruction of small businesses orchestrated by those politicians and leftist groups, many funded by domestic and international communists.
      We are literally under attack from within!

      Then there are admitted Democrat/Socialist federal officials plotting to finish gutting the US Constitution after 100 years of trying.
      They promise to take away critical individual rights like
      free speech,
      religious freedom
      and the 2nd Amendment;
      destroy states rights by eliminating the electoral college and more;
      pack the Supreme Court with activist anti-constitutionalist judges who will make law from the bench;
      give the right to vote to tens of millions of non-Americans;
      and open our borders to more illegals which will reduce wages.
      No one voted for these things that were hidden from the majority of Americans by the corrupt media.
      Not only do we have corrupt media, like in Lincoln’s day, we have a new and more sinister form of media in Big Tech, actively censoring free speech and promoting leftist propaganda to blind our citizens to their real goals and the real consequences of their actions – the end of America as we have known it.

      The Socialist Left has been openly working to destroy the United States since Obama promised and tried to “transform” America in 2008-16, and having been stopped by the will of the American people, they openly staged a four year long coup attempt to remove the duly elected President.
      Culminating in this corrupt and provably fraudulent current election planned to illegally and un-constitutionally deny the American people their most sacred honor, right and privilege – which is the right to elect their Representatives!
      How can we have a Representative Republic if we cannot hold fair elections to elect our Representatives?
      There is no doubt that this attempted stealing of these elections again “is a case of rebellion…in fact, a clear, flagrant, and gigantic case of rebellion” that requires exercising extraordinary authority to preserve our Union.

      President Trump, you and every other official in our local, state and federal governments, and everyone in law enforcement and in our military have sworn an oath that says “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”
      It is time for everyone who swore that oath to act upon it. The enemies are within our gates and our Constitution and Nation are in real risk of being lost to this socialist/communist invasion unless you act decisively.

      At least half of all Americans do not and will not accept this fraudulent election because of the eyewitness testimony, and the material, statistical and mathematical evidence of OVERWHELMING fraud.
      The other half will not accept the outcome if the courts see the evidence of fraud and rightfully overturn the election!
      The Left has literally been planning riots just for that occasion for months.
      We the People must not and WILL NOT cede our exclusive Constitutional right to elect our Representatives to judges, lawyers, courts, Governors, Secretary’s of State, Congress, corrupt election officials and local politicians, the corrupt media – or Leftist threats of violence!
      It is OUR EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to decide our Representatives not theirs!
      Therefore, We the People MUST demand a NEW and fair national vote, a vote that all Americans can trust and live by regardless of the winner!
      Without a fair vote, we fear, with good reason, the threat of a shooting civil war is imminent.
      Gun sales are at an all time high and 40% are first time gun owners looking to defend themselves, their property, and their rights.
      Therefore, Mr. President you must act now before there is no peaceful way left to preserve our Union.

      When the legislators, courts and/or Congress fail to do their duty under the 12th Amendment, you must be ready Mr. President to immediately declare a limited form of Martial Law, and temporarily suspend the Constitution and civilian control of these federal elections, for the sole purpose of having the military oversee a national re-vote.
      A vote that assures a fair election in every jurisdiction and reflects the true will of the people.
      Federal candidates only.
      Paper ballots.
      No computers.
      Hand-counted with both parties watching every vote.
      Only registered voters.
      Photo ID to prove residence.
      Conducted safely with everyone wearing masks and six feet apart, just like we did in Ohio.
      Only then can the winning candidate be accepted as legitimate by a true majority of We the People who must give our consent to be justly governed!
      Unfortunately we are at a point where we can only trust our military to do this because our corrupt political class and courts have proven their inability to act fairly and within the law.

      You must also act, like Lincoln did, to silence the destructive media’s one-sided propaganda designed and proven to influence the election outcome, and end the unlawful censorship of Big Tech, to restore the confidence of the American
      People in our electoral process or we cannot continue as a nation.
      Failure to do so could result in massive violence and destruction on a level not seen since the Civil War.
      Limited Martial Law is clearly a better option than Civil War!

      Many will object to these actions, as they did in Lincoln’s day, but we assure you that We the People understand that no less action will suffice to prevent the loss of our Constitutional right to vote and preserve our Republic.
      It is time to honor your oath, Mr. President.
      It is time for you to boldly act to save our nation as Lincoln did.
      We the People will support a national re-vote.
      We will also have no other choice but to take matters into our own hands, and defend our rights on our own, if you do not act within your powers to defend us.

      Paid For by the We the People Convention
      Thomas R. Zawistowski, President



        • Thanks AP..
          It was not hidden, but still not easy to find.

          I just feel it needs to be repeated, and shared around, even here in NZ.
          So that we can weigh up and value what is right in NZ too.

          USA media will be like a rabid dog and eventually our media at some stage too, will try and shred this with innuendo, supremacy, war mongering, tyranny, etc. etc..

          Principles there have stood the test of time, and were seriously weighed up & considered, as it was a very costly sacrifice for the USA,

          A real nice touch to include a Democrat President too, 🙂
          While History, and even former President Obama, has judged Lincoln as perhaps our greatest President, few would have agreed at the time he took those actions.

          A national populist renewal, that threatens the ruling elite pragmatist that “knows best” with its cruel “kindness” of “delivery”.
          This is at odds with the citizens, who are looking to bring back. a redemptive democracy that reflects the actual concerns of the ordinary citizens.



  15. Is it just me but it seems that every time it looks like irrefutable evidence of election fraud is presented it doesn’t seem to make any difference. It is either ignored or outright rejected by corrupt state officials or dodgy judges.
    I hope Trump has got a Plan B.



    • I know what you mean, and it makes one feel like we are on the spinning end of a yo-yo.
      Sometimes I have my doubts too, but then to know that the fight, this issue is fought, argued in full to best of ability that the election was done with integrity.
      To question “election integrity”, to test it, to be sure is no bad thing, and a number of issues should be resolved, and as guided in the American Constitution.

      I commented up above the video, by Front Page, and then immediately after, the ad “WE DEMAND A NATIONAL RE-VOTE”
      Front page video with Scotts sonorous steady slow tones should ease the worry, lower blood pressure and get a good nights sleep, 🙂

      Plan A or B. would seem a bit painful in parts to go, but it will all be in the timing, and it needs to be accurately done, and hopefully concise.
      After all in life we have consequences, and in our “civilizing” look to responsibility with accountability, though through history it can be in different forms, with some points being a bit of a bloody sacrifice.

      But at the end of the day as I touched on a day or so a go, how with what now looks like great wisdom, “Harry Truman had negotiated Japanese surrender on the condition the Emperor would not be executed or put on trial. SCAP carried out that policy.

      Joe Biden concedes? and how far “crimes” would be charged on others or absolved by a mia culpa, then a form of “banishment” “censorship” or “house arrest”?

      BLM and antifa one would think have only a small hard core and then ragtag idealists and dreamers.
      Like the Red Brigade in Italy, or Red Army faction also known as Baader–Meinhof Gang and eventually got pinned down, and maybe now looking for renewal in eco terrorism, like the infamous one in NZ,

      My point being the Plan B is hopeful wise, quick and succeeds with a minimum of disruption.

      I put up a wiki link how the Allies occupied and ran Japan, which had a number of challenges, but got Japan through the process of change.



  16. Friday, during an interview with Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) explained his plan to challenge the Electoral College vote, which had gotten traction in recent days as Politico took notice earlier this week.

    It even drew Brooks praise from President Donald Trump, who would benefit if Brooks were successful.

    Brooks said momentum was building for his effort in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    “On the House side, momentum is building strongly in favor of fighting various state submissions of Electoral College votes. To mention a few — Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania. It is quite clear, based on overwhelming evidence, that Donald Trump if the law was obeyed, if only lawful votes cast by American citizens were counted, Donald Trump easily won those three states. And as the evidence comes out to a larger and larger degree, the public is, of course, starting to react. They’re starting to better understand this voter fraud and election theft crisis that we’re in. And they’re demanding that their congressmen and senators help clean up our election system. Part of that cleanup is making sure that those who try to steal elections do not profit from it. So, it is moving in the right direction.”

    According to Brooks, when it is time for Congress to certify a Joe Biden victory on January 6, he will challenge the results if he can find a Republican from the U.S. Senate to join him in the effort.

    He based the strategy on what is laid out in the Constitution.

    “A lot of people don’t understand,” Brooks explained. “They think the courts resolve these disputes. That is false, OK? Courts can influence the outcome, no question like they did in the year 2000. But in the United States Constitution, Article 1 — Sections 4 and 5, Article 2 and the 12th Amendment, the United States Congress has absolute final say on election contests that involve any federal elected position. That’s the House, that’s the Senate and that’s the White House. I’m hopeful that we will exercise that authority and protect the sanctity of our voting system and stop the election theft that is undermining credibility of our republic.”

    “The procedure is on January 6 at one o’clock, states will submit to the United States Congress with Vice President Mike Pence presiding, so it is a joint session, the states will submit to Congress their purported Electoral College vote results,” he continued. “And it is done in alphabetical order, and at any point in time, if one House member and one Senator file a joint objection, then the submissions by other states are stopped. We immediately take a two-hour recess from the joint Congress. The Senate goes back to their Senate chambers. The House stays on the House side. We have two hours of debate. At the conclusion of that two hours, we must have a House floor vote, and we must have a Senate floor vote on whether to accept or reject a state’s Electoral College vote submission.”

    Brooks said there was “ambiguity” about how the vote would be decided. He explained it would be based on a majority in the Senate. However, in the House, it could be based on a vote by state congressional delegations according to the 12th Amendment. According to the Alabama lawmaker, 27 of the state delegations are controlled by Republicans and 20 by Democrats, with the others being evenly split. However, he said it could also come down to a simple majority of members of Congress, as well.

    Brooks encouraged listeners to watch the video from Georgia, which shows what some are alleging is wrongdoing during a vote count.




  17. GA Gov. Kemp is calling on Secretary of State Raffensperger to call for a signature audit of votes.

    Governor Kemp appeared on The Ingraham Angle in the wake of damning security cam footage that showed poll workers in Fulton County illegally processing ballots with no observers.

    The pressure is on the governor after mountains of fraud were presented during the hearing in Georgia today.

    One video showing poll workers pulling out briefcases of ballots has been making the rounds.

    The Georgia Senate Subcommittee Hearing today dropped bombshell after bombshell. The list of ways illegal votes were cast is long. Anyone and everyone voted in the 2020 election.. If you had a pulse, you could vote.

    The videos below are just a few of the many examples including the video of workers pulling out breifcases with ballots to run through the machines. This was after the workers at the State Farm Arena were told to leave because of a supposed water leak.

    How can Georgia have a runoff election in January if this shenanigans isn’t fixed?

    The Georgia vote FACTS!
    2,506 felons voted
    66,248 under age not old enough
    2,423 not registered
    1,400 cast ballots po. box
    4,926 council registration
    10,315 dead voted
    395 ballots cast in another state
    15,700 change address
    40,270 moved county lines.



  18. Victoria’s state of emergency powers, due to expire on Sunday, will be extended.

    Health Minister Martin Foley said the extension came from the advice of the public health team.

    “To not do so would see the establishment of the hotel quarantine arrangements collapse on Monday,” he said.

    “Hotel quarantine powers are based on the declaration of the state of emergency.”

    Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton told a parliamentary inquiry the state was reaching a point where rules around compulsory use of masks could be eased.

    Who’s advice are they really following?



  19. Has Australia the will to withstand the pressure from the CCP?
    A strategy of being able to ally and be able to harbour resources like good fuel storage back ups?
    What is it with the different states tying in financially, big projects and leases, to China?
    Barnaby Joyce :- ·
    The actions of China are no different to that of the general human experience of relationships.
    Once the stronger party believes it has its foot on your throat, it will increase the pressure to increase its pleasure. The stronger party rarely acts as an article of benevolence.
    That is for religion to preach, though it rarely adheres to it

    The dominant party wants to assert its power in fact and in appearance.
    It wants acknowledgment of that power by the supplicant It will call them “partner” as it drives toward vassal.

    The creation of a dominant and supplicant relationship is done by overt power, or as economist Henry Ergas referred to recently, by the actions of compradors.
    Compradors simply put are people who receive a benefit from the big fella pushing around the little fella even though they live in the little fella’s house.

    The dominant party can rely on loyalty or at least advocacy from the comprador in what otherwise would be a broader deleterious relationship.
    China is very well versed in how the actions of a comprador work.
    China suffered the duplicitous graft of agents for others when it was dominated and partially colonised by European powers at the turn of the twentieth century.
    China is not going to turn its back on its own history so as not to offend us.

    Dominance in a relationship self-evidently does not accept equivalence.
    Dominance is not only felt, it is seen.
    China is making sure we see it.
    We are not in the chair beside them, we are in a chair below them.

    So really the question is what is Australia to do?
    If you are prepared to hand over all that was ever fought for by this nation then, guess what?
    It still won’t be enough.
    A bully never sees itself as a bully.
    A thief never sees itself as a thief.
    A violent partner always has a reason why it happened and an alibi that they are misunderstood.

    These are hard times for all of us because we must challenge ourselves, are we as earnest as our rhetoric?
    When it actually hurts, are you going to stand in the playground against the bully and say ‘that is enough?’
    Are you prepared to accept what happens next and for the period of time it will hurt and cost?

    The judgement of character is not to be part of the pile-on for when the position is self-evident.
    To be honest, the gratuitous singing to the choir is a sign of a saccharine search for relevance.
    Whenever fear says “sit” is when you must ask yourself: do you have the courage to stand whilst engaging your brain as to understand the consequences so as to be prepared.
    How far in NZ with China, the projects like Kiwi Rail, and the locomotives,
    The tunneling machine in Auckland, but who is financing the 4.4 billion project rail project?



  20. This cop would get my vote!
    A county in California.
    Note how he is pushing back on the higher ups, and calling them out as actual bullies with their black mailing threats to the local community, to make every one suffer whilst shifting blame to the sheriffs..
    A well put together speech!

    Message from Sheriff Bianco 12-04-20
    2 mins 58 secs : • Dec 4, 2020

    Great commonsense on the CCP virus also
    I hear there are more than half a dozen counties pushing back in California.

    Then to lighten up, 🙂
    Kevin Bloody Wilson : Commonsense
    3 mins 38 secs.



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