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  1. Yep, pretty much how I would have described it, lol.
    A shooting in an Auckland waterfront bar is understood to have happened after a woman caught the father of her child out drinking with another woman.

    “[The man] was there with his side-missus and then his main baby mamma caught wind of it and came down and absolutely lost the plot and this all evolved,” one source told the Herald.



  2. It is nice to develop a “friendship” but the “feelz” is and what is coming out, is that there is another purpose, like creating compradors.
    …. On November 17, four US Senators introduced legislation to investigate the “sister city” partnerships between communities in United States and China. …..
    …… “The Xi administration”, according to Professor Anne-Marie Brady who, among other things, has studied Chinese influence activities in New Zealand, “has revived traditional CCP policies of utilizing people-to-people… relations in order to coopt foreigners to support and promote China’s foreign policy goals”.
    One of the ways that they do that, according to Brady, is to “[u]se sister city relations to expand China’s economic agenda separate to a given nation’s foreign policy.
    The CCP front organization, the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries is in charge of this activity”.
    According to Brady:
    “CCP united front officials and their agents are tasked with developing relationships with foreign and overseas Chinese personages to influence, subvert, and if necessary, bypass the policies of their governments and promote the interests of the CCP globally…
    The Xi administration’s strategy of working more with local governments for economic projects has now revitalized the CPAFFC, as well as the local equivalents they work with such as in New Zealand, the New Zealand-China Friendship Society “.

    An American equivalent of the New Zealand-China Friendship Society is the US-China Peoples Friendship Association, a not-for-profit organization that describes as its purpose “to develop and strengthen friendship and understanding between the peoples of the United States and China.
    USCPFA was founded as a national organization in 1974, working on people-to-people diplomacy between Americans and Chinese.
    Nearly 35 chapters in four regions spanning the U.S. comprise the organization”. ….

    The number of twin sister cities in NZ.
    Usually they have junket tours of the officials and their entourage, whether on their rate payer’s dime, or some reason.
    So how many made the most of what was on offer, believing what happens in China stays in China,,…. yeah right, to be tapped on later when needed.
    Ashburton;- China Puyang, China
    Auckland ;- China Guangzhou, China
    Christchurch;- China Wuhan, China
    Dunedin :- China Shanghai, China
    Gisborne;- China Rizhao, China
    Hamilton;- China Chengdu, China …; China Wuxi, China
    Hasting;- China Guilin, China
    Hutt;- China Taizhou, China
    Invercargill;- China Suqian, China
    Marlborough:- China Ningxia, China
    Masterton;- China Changchun, China
    Napier;- China Lianyungang, China
    Nelson;- China Yangjiang, China
    New Plymouth.- China Kunming, China
    Palmerston North;- China Guiyang, China
    Queenstown-Lakes;- China Hangzhou, China
    Rotorua-Lakes;- China Wuzhong (Suzhou), China
    Selwyn;- China Shandan, China
    Taupo;- China Suzhou, China
    Tauranga;- China Yantai, China
    Timaru;- China Weihai, China
    Wellington;- China Beijing, China ……; China Xiamen, China
    Whangarei;- China Haikou, China
    What business deals?, financing, even for private business?
    Hong Kong Shangai Bank would easily make money flow, would it not?
    Any New Zealand government audits?
    A number of NZ companies I know use them, and honestly so, but who else, …… hmmm
    The more digital banking has become, it is even more difficult to notice.

    Australian banking giant ANZ went as far as to claim there is nothing wrong with its employees having their own CCP branch, complete with 23 members.
    “An ANZ spokesman said the bank did not interfere with its employees’ ­involvement in political groups.”

    Can not deny, it is in their culture. …. hmm.

    Thanks to Anne-Marie Brady, her perseverance, to overcome the ‘shite’ of even some of our locals, seemingly influenced & guided by the CCP that complained about her.



    • How many Hong Kong directed companies now own or are trying to own our infrastructure via our foolish councils?

      Talking rubbish, water, telecoms, lines etc? and food.
      diary companies.
      Diary companies gone broke because diary land prices drove the economics of NZ. Same with Kiwifruit. 4000 hectares of Gold from stolen bud wood via Chinese tours now threatening the Kiwifruit industry.
      No way to stop the oirates.



  3. TV1s Campbell circus is becoming creepingly weird, WTF is going on at TVNZ are their no advisers to look the netball player and the soy boy ponce in the eyes and say STOP IT,STOP IT,STOP IT.
    The first ten minutes of the crap just now was uncontrollable hyena like cackling, The netball player seriously looked like a bit part actor from the original Mad Max movie, and her TDS is at stage 11.



  4. Who gives a damm about your marine protection areas?
    Who gives a damm about your porpoises & dolphins?

    A surge of industrial supertrawlers from the EU are devastating Britain’s territorial waters, including marine protected areas, …..
    ….. “Between them, these supertrawlers have not only caught masses of their target fish species but tonnes of fish and marine life that they do not want, including marine mammals.
    These are usually ground down for animal feed or thrown back dead as bycatch,” ,,,,

    “We see a surge in dead dolphins on Sussex beaches when supertrawlers are here or during the weeks after.
    “Although the UK government already recognises cetacean species to be protected by law, by-catch caused by factory trawlers continues,”


    The leaders of the EU seem to be all ok with this,, and then tell every else to reduce Carbon, worry about bio enviro ecological effects etc. ……. yeah right,

    Could NZ stop something like this? …. yeah right.
    Turkey or Ham, what ever the Australian Christmas dinner is, but this treat has become more affordable. 🙂 along with their plonk.



  5. Bombshell: Security Audit Dominion voting machine proves fraud


    Even though Google buried this three pages down, the dam has burst. The truth is out.

    Trump has to appoint a Special Counsel and start holding military tribunals.



    • Significantly, the computer system shows vote adjudication logs for prior years, but all adjudication log entries for the 2020 election cycle are missing.
      Likewise, all server security logs prior to 11:03pm on November 4, 2020 are missing. Other server logs before November 4, 2020 are present, therefore, there is no reasonable explanation for the security logs to be missing.

      Dominion Voting Systems Uses Firm That Was Hacked

      A company that provides voting systems in 28 states uses an Internet technology firm that was hacked.

      Dominion Voting Systems uses SolarWinds software, according to a Dominion web page.

      SolarWinds does not list Dominion on its partial customer listing but says its products and services are used by more than 300,000 customers around the world, including all five branches of the U.S. military and more than 425 of the U.S. Fortune 500.




      • Yes Toko, and all this action & connections

        They may blame “hackers” but it seems like it is war.
        Just like saying BLM are just ideas. ….yeah right. ….

        The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is requiring all Federal civilian agencies to disconnect or turn off any SolarWinds Orion products by noon today, as a nation-state hack of the tools pose a significant cybersecurity threat and is linked to a hack at the Treasury and Commerce Departments.

        CISA’s emergency directive, issued just before midnight on December 14, requires agencies to check for any indicators of compromise, requires agencies to block all traffic from external hosts where any version of the Orion software has been installed, and treat all hosts monitored by Orion monitoring software as compromised with further persistence mechanisms in place. The directive also instructs agencies not to upgrade their version of the Orion software until approved by CISA. ….

        …… includes multiple cities, prestigious universities, all branches of the military, the intelligence community, and the Department of Justice (DoJ) and State Department, to name some users. The breach comes on the heels of cybersecurity firm FireEye suffering a nation-state sponsored cyberattack on its internal systems, which Reuters’ sources tied to the SolarWinds vulnerability.

        The early reaction from the cybersecurity community suggested that while the breaches at Commerce and Treasury are not the norm, they are likely not the only agencies affected. …..

        And then there is the big push to get every one to go “digital computerized banking”.
        And the experts think they can keep that secure.
        When my above comment @ 6:12 am it is noted the ANZ has its own community of CCP workers.



    • Very good DP.

      …. As a result of this examination, the investigators found that “that votes can be and were changed during the second machine counting.”
      “That should be impossible,” they noted. …

      …. administrator user account for the machines was a security risk as well, and that “The user logged in has the ability to make major changes to the system and install software.” ….

      ….. “A staggering number of votes required adjudication.” …
      … “This is caused by intentional errors in the system. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, or audit trail.”….

      ……… a user attempted to zero out election results.” […]
      🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨”This is direct proof of an attempt to tamper with evidence.”

      And many more ways of just how alterable just in the voting precinct.
      Also picking up that there was a cover up there also.
      Let alone all those legal shenanigans.

      Here in NZ so many have blind faith in these systems, or are they so blind?, when they have enough brains, able to research, university educated,and numbers are an important of their life.



    • Funny how it’s all coming out all at once, just when it is creating a very powerful understanding of how every major player in the DNC is a crook or a pervert or a spy or a moron or just a spiteful old hag.

      It’s almost like there is some massive coordinated campaign to create a mood in the public to be ready to accept something vast and staggering. It’s the sort of thing that you could only do if you had say… oh I don’t know …. the massive cyber warfare power that the 305th brigade’s can deploy.

      What we are seeing is a show of strength to China. It is a glimpse of what Michael Flynn’s old command (emblem – a Kraken) can do if they want to deploy their ‘information warfare’ capability against a domestic enemy. It is insidious and all consuming.

      This is the equivalent of the Cold War nuclear tests – China now understand that they don’t want to waken the sleeping giant lest this sort of “information warfare force” is deployed against them and the CCP’s grip on the populace. If I was the Chinese Pig Farmer – I’d be thinking now is the time to cut loose and let my DNC assets burn – possibly even now is the time to be conciliatory and to pay homage to the God Emperor by colluding.



  6. They may feel their power, but it is a trip to no where.
    So long as the rest of us stay on guard, and do not let them get away with it..

    A handful of Twitter users can make so much noise on public debates that they influence real-world decisions ….

    ….. “small number of people can make a lot of noise.
    “[But] there is no democratic reason to privilege them in decision making,” ….

    He acknowledges it is “hard to imagine politics without Twitter,” as the “tool designed in San Francisco in 2006 as an alternative to text messaging has become the predominant means of political discussions online.”

    Therefore, it makes sense that local leaders will stay updated on what people are saying on Twitter.
    However, their decisions should not be swayed by what appears to be the majority’s opinion, as it is likely the viewpoint fueled by a small group of individuals.

    ….. an obvious but often forgotten point – Twitter does not represent reality.

    All those social media warriors, along with pollsters, breakfast shows, etc. have run into reality, do not like it, so their next step is to subvert democracy, by censorship, cancel culture, ultimately to wreck “election integrity” in so many ways, even treasonous ways, believing there is no consequences.



    • $300k – don’t forget that there would have to have been a much larger private settlement with that poor bastard’s employers Parliamentary Services (which is the Department of Internal Affairs).

      Fortunately every year every Department gets asked to list all of it’s employment settlements to their respective select committee – so unless the CE of the DIA wants to lie about this – it’s going to come out eventually.

      $300k is just the tip of the iceberg of what it would cost to deal with the outrageous and egregious behaviour of one of the leading fascists in the land.



  7. None of these things are coincidental – everything that happens with/to the partners in the coup conspiracy is related to the coup

    As the coup starts to unfold with the release of the results of the forensic audit of Antrim county’s Dominion machine – it is not coincidental that Google, YouTube and GMail all experience f=a simultaneous global server shutdown.

    This is sinister. Who knows what it is but for, it could be any number of things:
    – it could be the white hats hacking the Google system to get the proof they need for the fraud prosecutions that are coming
    – it could be the CCP scrubbing the evidence of their cyber war campaign
    – it could be Google trying to clean house before the massive anti-Trust and RICO prosecutions start
    – it could be Google harvesting data of it’s billions of users to use against us all

    But one thing is certain. There are no coincidences. This is not an innocent “event”.

    As PAO says in the first post of the day – things are moving fast now.

    The big questions are, now that it’s looking like the coup is going to fail:
    – are the insane and radical left in the USA going to go quietly into the night (I don’t think so, I think we are going to see a scorched earth campaign
    – what is the evil CCP going to do now that their covert coup is just about to be out in the open, will they try to deflect with either:
    a) a military distraction (either in India or Taiwan) possibly involving the use of tactical nukes to get the coup off the front pages
    b) will all the CCP troops training in Canada invade the USA

    (I know the latter is the stuff of fairy tales – but 12 months ago if I said “Every western democracy will lock all it’s citizens up and do everything they can to destroy their own economies” – it would have been written off as the stuff of fairy tales. BUT IT ALL CAME TRUE.

    In wartime, extreme things are very plausible. The CCP and the USA have been at 21st century warfare since the God Emperor Trump took office. )



      • While I’d mourn terribly the devastating loss of life of the poor ordinary Chinese citizen – it does look like there is a distinct possibility that an Act of God is going to destroy the US’s enemy.

        How ironic that the crappy sub-standard Chinese concrete and low quality Chinese steel will be their undoing.

        What a fascinating time to be alive.



      • “The worst time to visit China is from June to August in the monsoon. The rainy season delivers the majority of the annual rainfall and is humid, cloudy, and hot.”

        The monsoon period ended a couple of months ago. It was unusually wet this year. If the dam is going to be under pressure, it will be in the 2021 monsoon season that will start around June next year. Winters are usually dry.



      • Hi Ed, so pleased you followed up on my posts about the dam – the cause may actually come from the dam above the main dam, if it breeches the wave of water could well over top the main dam. The 3 Gorges dam was supposed to be about flood control but if the Dam fails the consequent flood will make previous floods look like puddles.



    • The crash.

      Not sure, though as there are a numbers of hackers, that can coincide, like the moon, the sun, planets etc.. that cause major “climate change” ravages, that are just “King Tides” and tie in also with barometric pressures to bring up a storm surge, all combing into a natural “perfect storm”.
      Then many say this is the sign of “climate change”, and most of that is “man made” 🙁

      b) will all the CCP troops training in Canada invade the USA

      The number of CCP in Canada are negligible, so no invasion from them.
      Listening, monitoring, influencing Trudeau’s ilk etc.. would be where they will be at.

      From the “china files” it seems that the Canadian military are not to happy with Trudeau’s directives to them either.

      This is a fluid situation, with many natural things happening. The flow on now of just reporting things is to create fear.

      Many years ago our electric power would consistently go out, a storm, a car crash, for half a night or more.
      Now it is turned into big news. So instead of checking with some neighbors around if power is out, the media gleefully report 1,000’s have no power.

      Sure, we must keep an eye on things and weigh them up.
      So collate what we find, but have no fears.



    • What could happen in 2021?
      – Biden becomes the next POTUS and 2021 marks a return to “normal times”
      – Biden becomes the next POTUS, but is replaced by Harris in mid 2021
      – Trump refuses to go quietly, and tension in the US escalates (Trump triumphs or is imprisioned or worse)
      – Something major happens that no one saw coming



      • OD – Something major happens that no one saw coming –
        Miltary arrest thousands in the 4 days pre xmas when the legislature if closed – talk of sedition/treason/corruption/& SCOTUS head visiting Epsteins Island with Billy boy and other high profile people. Popcorn I hope.



        • Is it in Trump’s nature to do such a thing? (There is a precident, but the nation was embroiled in civil war at the time.)
          I don’t think such a strategy would work in peacetime. Trump will do a sweet deal, concede, and fade out of the limelight.
          The GOP will have plenty to do to prepare for 2024. Let’s hope that the next election can be free of scandle.
          From New Zealand’s postion, what is good for China is good for us. We are moving away from the US and towards China. (Look how many Chinese are in Auckland compared with Americans!) Biden is closer to the CCP than is Trump. (It’s good for Japan, too.)



  8. Sherlock and Watson returned from a walk around London. Sherlock says “Damn, I think stepped in some dog shit. Watson, can you check?”
    After checking the shoes of the detective, Watson confidently announced
    No shit Sherlock



    • Tolley allegedly asked the Solicitor General so possibly bound to follow his advice, the point is just because it may be legal does not make it right, checkout the Nazis at Nuremburg who found that out just before they were hanged.



  9. The long arm of John Key.
    Shitting on us again.

    NZ’s biggest bank imposes stricter deposit requirements on property investors
    ANZ says it will require a 40 per cent deposit from residential property investors as a step to bring balance to the housing market.

    Loan-to-value restrictions limiting the amount of small-deposit lending banks can do were lifted earlier this year, but will be reintroduced next year.

    The Reserve Bank is proposing a return to their previous level of a 30 per cent deposit requirement for investors. The banks have already reintroduced this but now ANZ is going a step further.

    Cause they know best.

    That will stop house sale in their tracks. 35% are to property Investors.
    Less ANZ employee’s as well.
    Have the ANZ invested too much money in the chinese wave both here and australia?



    • “That will stop house sale in their tracks. 35% are to property Investors.”

      That leaves 65% for “others” First home buyers and the like.
      It will slow down new investors however 40% deposit wont be a problem for those older investors who have been around for a while.
      A house nextdoor to one of mine in Christchurch sold yesterday for $405000. 2 bedroom townhouse, nothing special. It was a deadline sale. 12 offers. Only on the market for 2 weeks. Sold to a first home buyer. Theres plenty of heat left in this baby.
      Im picking interest rates to start moving up again mid to late next year. I’ll be locking mine in around Feb-March for the best 5 year rate.



      • Agree about the rate. can’t wait till I can in Feb. 5 years set and forget.
        ANZ will just piss off their biggest customers. single transaction shit makes them little money and can be bailed from easily. Not so for those with a lot at stake.
        Other banks will follow along.
        They would be better to do their sums properly on each and every customer.
        The CEO key sacked raised ANZ from bottom of the customer stakes to the top. Key is taking them on the way back down just like he did po.litics . would n’t have fucking clue about long term relationships. He is, was and is still a gambler at heart.



  10. It seems like may not have told National what she did.

    As deputy speaker, Tolley said she set up a process that would protect all speakers of Parliament.

    “At some stage National will be in government and they will have a speaker. We’re a much more litigious community these days, so it may well be that National’s speaker gets into trouble.”




  11. I see NZ Blood Services has given in to the homos and hookers. It someone has inject illegal drugs once they are banned from donating for life? Why for life? There is no logic just pandering the the government funded AIDS Foundation.



  12. The allure of Marxism.

    Jealousy is a very powerful emotion.

    Any political philosophy that can harness the natural resentment that under-achieving human beings will have for the minority of the successful can be used to manipulate them to perform all manner of attrocities.



  13. The effervescent Dr, Steve Turley, so full of optimism & encouragement.

    how some GOP electors announced they cast their ballots for Trump, what it means for the ongoing contesting of the election, and why all of this further underscores the fact that this is not yet over by a long-shot;

    “BREAKING! Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada Electors VOTE FOR TRUMP!!!”
    11 mins 29 secs : • Dec 15, 2020 [circa 11:00am NZT]

    Procedural votes, believing the case being under challenge so the votes could be overturned.
    So the challenge by Trump can continue until Jan 20th.

    Many other suits being filed in the States supreme courts.
    Contested electors in 3 states.

    So more rulings to be made, then it is the legislatures.

    Pressure being put on Turley so he can not explain about Dominion and what is “irregularities” as Front Page, Scott Goulet refers to “fraud”

    It seems that there is a lot of pressure in numbers, inquiries, questions, want to get to the bottom of issues, and many would like a special state legislature sessions, so evidence can be bought forward.

    Still a lot of procedures to go through..



    • Now it is 5 states.
      “State legislatures in Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania have selected republican electors to preserve cases and lawsuits of election fraud in each state.
      If the outstanding court cases are successfully argued the republican electors would be able to cast votes for President Donald Trump”.

      That should allow a lot more time, up to 20th January, for not only evidence to be found, but verified, and proven and be able to get through the technical aspects of court, legislature procedure.



  14. There is a very strong Constitutional theory that the power to open and count the votes of the presidential electors is vested exclusively in the President of the Senate. The President of the Senate is actually the Vice President of the United States – Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence.

    Therefore, if this theory is true, Mike Pence can simply open the Republican certificates and toss the Democrat certificates into the trash. The Democrats could howl and shout and gnash their teeth, but they cannot count votes that Pence doesn’t open.

    I have laid out the legal arguments and historical precedent for Pence’s power in my earlier article, so I wont repeat them here. Suffice to say, if opening and counting the votes of the presidential electors is like playing white box D&D, then Mike Pence is the designated dungeonmaster. And nobody gets to argue with the DM.




  15. Tolley allegedly asked the Solicitor General so possibly bound to follow his advice, the point is just because it may be legal does not make it right, checkout the Nazis at Nuremburg who found that out just before they were hanged.



  16. Dr. Steve Turley, pointing out the resolve to gain “election integrity”

    14 mins 12 secs. : • Dec 15, 2020 [circa 9:00 am NZT]

    The people are really noticing the stonewalling by Rino’s
    The political class, dismiss the people, but they are showing resolve, and will not be vanquished.

    Then the belief of just getting on with the “great reset”, but the resolve is increasing, that will realign politics.

    Turley explains populism and how it transcends, & I think creeps up over the political class even in NZ.
    – – – – – – – – –
    We are noticing the symptoms of this in NZ. :-), and becomes stronger than ever.. 🙂
    Now who will set up, be principled enough for the people, to ride the wave?



  17. Hundreds of senior employees at British banks HSBC and Standard Chartered have been members of the Chinese Communist Party, according to documents seen by The Daily Telegraph.

    The lists show that at least 335 HSBC employees were CCP members. Current members include the senior vice president of HSBC China, the president of HSBC’s Shenzhen office and the deputy manager of Hong Kong Corporate and Consumer Products are listed as members.

    Standard Chartered has employed at least 290 CCP members. Among active members who have pledged an oath of loyalty to the country’s ruling party are the deputy president of the bank’s Chinese subsidiary, head of investment management and head of business banking.

    The names were revealed in a leaked database of nearly 2 million registered party members that highlights the full extent of Beijing’s influence. The Telegraph conducted its own research to assess whether senior employees still worked for the banks.




  18. Dame Tariana Turia says Oranga Tamariki chief executive Grainne Moss should step aside and make way for Māori leadership.

    The Māori Party says it’s wrong that the most senior Māori leader at Oranga Tamariki is resigning from the ministry, and is calling for his boss to go instead.

    Hoani Lambert has quit as the deputy head of Oranga Tamariki to take up a role at the Department of Internal Affairs.

    This tart is worse than Clarkula. Its time she fucked off and minded her own business.
    But he insisted his departure was not a protest against Moss.

    “I was very grateful to Grainne, who gave me my first opportunity to be the deputy chief executive in a government department,” Lambert said.

    “In that time we have established two Treaty units, we have begun the process of setting up strategic relationships with iwi and Māori organisations.

    “I’ve also been given the privilege of establishing our first transition service – supporting young people who have spent a significant amount of their time in state care and right across the four years with her I’ve been very grateful other for the opportunities that she’s given me.”

    Nasty bitch that she is.
    Doesn’t even recognise what has been done to help and by whom.Typical fat entitled hori.



    • Turia..another nasty racist who conveniently forgets about her white blood.
      They still think that they are relevant and they have something of value to add.
      Go away you racist old slag. Nobody is interested in what you think.



    • After hiring a team of 300 consultants, they have fixed all of their problems:

      “We have recently re-named 2 of the functions. ‘Early Intervention’ has become ‘Early Support’ & “Intensive Intervention” has become ‘Intensive Response.’ This is to better recognise our role & approach in each of these areas”.

      Gosh I love paying for all that stuff Cindy.



  19. Congratulations David Seymour. He’ll be PM one day.

    “Thank You, Merry Christmas
    Free Press is signing off after perhaps the most extraordinary year in modern history. If we’d told you about 2020 this time last year, you wouldn’t have believed us. Amongst the chaos, the ACT Party Free Press readers like you support has succeeded enormously. In the last Free Press for 2020, we review what you’ve supported.

    10 David Seymours

    How are ACT’s new MPs going? With every exposure, ACT’s new MPs have come up trumps. Three have given Maiden Statements since the House resumed, and Nicole McKee, Chris Baillie, and Simon Court’s speeches are well worth the watch. Brooke van Velden hasn’t even made her Maiden Statement, but her speech against raising income tax has been viewed 15,000 times online. By supporting ACT, you have helped raise the standards of debate in Parliament already.

    David Seymour’s 2020

    At any given time, Parliament contains only two to three politicians who can actually shift votes. Last election, it was Ardern and Peters. Everyone else lost or maintained. Now ACT has one (alongside Ardern and Chloe Swarbrick). He is now consistently rated third in the preferred Prime Minister stakes, and polls as second most trusted behind Ardern. In Epsom his majority increased again, bolstered by 23 per cent of Labour voters. Even 10 per cent of Green voters giving him their electorate vote. You can be sure you are backing a real change agent.

    Real Change Already

    1,893,290 New Zealanders voted Yes to the End of Life Choice Act. David Seymour says he was proud to have his name on the bill, but the real story is a team effort. The team included, not least of all, then staffer and now ACT Deputy Brooke van Velden. The Act combines ACT’s philosophy of freedom with human compassion. Thousands of New Zealanders will now avoid excruciating death, instead having choice and control over how their life ends. Even those who disagree with the concept agree ACT delivered real change.

    The COVID Period

    The Herald’s veteran Political Editor Audrey Young describes ACT’s COVID response as ‘Pitch Perfect.’ David Seymour’s mantra of constructive criticism where necessary and helpful suggestions where possible was widely admired, as was his performance on the Epidemic Response Committee. Our Wellbeing Approach to COVID has stood the test of time. The Government is slowly introducing aspects of it months later. This week the PM even speculated about private sector isolation.

    Honest Conversations Ahead

    With our platform 10x larger, ACT has serious work to do for New Zealand. We will be called on to defend the core of our freedoms, free speech. The Government will follow its symbolic climate emergency with the first carbon budget that tries to micromanage the economy. ACT will be putting forward a better way with Honest Conversations about the emergencies the Government should have declared.

    Honest Conversations about Some Other Emergencies

    The country is practically uninhabited but we can’t build enough homes thanks to dysfunctional infrastructure and planning rules. We spend a fortune on a state education monopoly but Kiwi students are sliding down international rankings. Productivity growth is anemic, but Government policies are almost entirely focused on expensive regulation and redistribution instead of growth. There is a lot more to do for our country.

    We Need Your Support as Much as Ever

    We raised $1.6 million for the election, and our analysis shows Free Press readers are the biggest givers to ACT. Many people understandably think we only need donations in election year, but you don’t fatten the pig on market day. With our Parliamentary caucus, our party apparatus is growing. We need your support more than ever, so if you’re someone who’s had a good year, please consider investing in ACT’s future.”



  20. We have our own swamp looking after their best interests on the back of the taxpayer.
    Speaker Tolley signed “so speakers, including Mallard, would have access to the same legal financial support as ministers.”


    Tolley, a former National MP, changed the rules last year while she was deputy speaker so speakers, including Mallard, would have access to the same legal financial support as ministers.

    She later signed off on the use of taxpayer money being used to cover Mallard’s legal bill.

    “It didn’t seem right that there was not a similar protection for him,” she told RNZ.

    ‘He has made a mistake’ – Ardern critical of Speaker, but still backing him after defamation case fee controversyPlay Video00:53



    • The battle may be over, but the war will go on…
      It’s a long game.
      Four years will pass quickly enough. Think back to where you were when you first learned that Trump had won in 2016. Seems like only yesterday, doesn’t it!



      • If Biden is inaugurated , there will not be a Republican President again for decades , if at all. The Democrats will have got away with so much fraud, that it will embolden them and they will put in place “systems” that will block the Republicans at every move –it is just that likes of McConnell and co are too stupid to work that out.

        On a more positive not I watched a video with Dr Jerome Corsi –experienced US political scientist and commentator. He is still confident Trump will prevail. He said it will be a rocky road –ie a continuation of the recent roller coaster, but he will get there.



  21. Jazz hands had a lovely chat to HRH the Queen last week?
    Jazz was to busy to tell us last week. What with th muslim shooting, the duck and organizing her christmas holidays. Someone said she’s off to the islands to checkout the quarrintine.
    Hope someone is checking flight tracker!



  22. How does an emaciated, solo mother who is a
    die hard communist, and whose work experience
    involved the wrapping of fish and chips get to be
    the PM? And why the fuck can’t the stupid creature
    keep her stupid head and hands still?



  23. Government doesn’t know what the upfront cost of having a ‘carbon neutral’ public sector in four years’ time will be

    The Government can’t put a price on the headline policy underpinning its climate emergency declaration.

    When a climate emergency motion was passed in Parliament a fortnight ago, the Government announced all departments and ministries would need to become “carbon neutral” by 2025.

    Asked by National Climate Change spokesperson Stuart Smith for estimates around the financial costs and environmental benefits of the commitment, Climate Change Minister James Shaw effectively said he didn’t know.


    Shaw gets paid how much?
    And they are on about a $1.4 million legal bill for the Transmission gully. Of course that nasty tart Genter raised that.



    • Kept from a comment a while back.

      This is an excerpt from Lomborg’s book False Alarm, Chapter 8 – Why the Paris Agreement is failing.
      He comments on NZ’s policies because Ardern ordered estimates of the costs.
      ———- – – – – – – – – –
      It is instructive to look at the case of New Zealand. It was actually the first country in the world to promise to go carbon neutral.
      It is also the first country to have spectacularly failed, and the first to promise for a second time to achieve the same thing.

      In 2007, Prime Minister Helen Clark declared her vision was that the small nation would become carbon neutral by 2020.
      She was celebrated by the United Nations as a “Champion of the Earth.”
      If only cutting carbon was as simple as winning attention. New Zealand not only failed to achieve the vision, but also failed even to reduce any emissions.
      The latest 2019 official statistics show that the country’s total emissions will be higher in 2020 than they were when Ms. Clark’s ambition was declared. New Zealand is on track to be a whopping 123 percent off Ms. Clark’s vision.
      Yet, in 2018, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reupped the pledge, promising to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
      Legislation aimed at achieving that goal was passed in 2019.

      New Zealand is a fascinating case study because, to its credit,
      Ardern’s government actually asked its leading economic authority to estimate the cost of her promise.
      Thus, we have what is likely the only official, academically credible estimate of what it will cost to achieve carbon neutrality.
      This research, undertaken by the leading independent economic think tank in New Zealand, shows that just getting halfway to the target—cutting 50 percent of New Zealand’s emissions by 2050—would cost at least $19 billion annually by 2050.
      For a small country with a population similar to that of the Republic of Ireland or the state of South Carolina, that’s a big deal, about what the government spends now on its entire education and health care system.

      And it is only the cheapest cost of getting halfway to Ardern’s target.
      Getting all the way will likely amount to more than $61 billion annually, or 16 percent of GDP by 2050.
      That is more than New Zealand today spends on social security, welfare, health, education, police, courts, defense, environment, and every other part of government combined.

      To achieve their promise, New Zealanders will need to accept an escalating carbon tax that ends up so phenomenally high that it would be equivalent to a gasoline tax of $8.33 per gallon.
      And even the 16 percent GDP cost relies on a fairy-tale assumption that every single policy will be enacted as efficiently as possible.
      Bearing in mind the evidence that costs double in the real world, it could be 32 percent or more.

      The cost doesn’t just start in 2050, which would make it easy to ignore.
      Getting there requires policies starting in 2020, meaning the costs will start coming in now, ramp up to 16–32 percent in 2050, and stay there for the rest of the century.

      Across the century, the cost adds up to more than $5 trillion and could reach beyond $11 trillion.
      If we imagine each New Zealander paying an equal share of this amount every year across the century, the cost would be the equivalent of at least $12,800 for every single New Zealander, every year.
      If the policies are done badly, as they have been done so far across the globe, the cost per person could even go beyond $25,000 per year.

      As a back-of-the-envelope exercise, if we took the percentage cost of going carbon neutral in New Zealand by 2050 and applied it to the United States, that would imply a cost of at least $5 trillion in today’s money.
      Not just once, but every single year.
      That is higher than the entire current federal spending of $4.5 trillion. And again, under realistic assumptions the amount could be closer to $10 trillion a year.

      But at least New Zealand will help the world in dealing with climate change, right?
      Even if the country will be going through a huge and protracted, self-inflicted cost, it will also deliver some good?
      Yes. But barely.
      Let’s get a sense of the size of the impact. If we assume that New Zealand this time will actually deliver on its net-zero promise in 2050 and stick to it throughout the rest of the century, the total amount of greenhouse gas reduction will, according to the standard estimate from the UN’s climate panel, deliver a temperature reduction in the year 2100 of 0.004°F, or about four-thousandths of one degree Fahrenheit.
      Given the expected temperature increase by around 2100, this means that New Zealand going net-zero by 2050 will postpone the warming that we expected to see on January 1, 2100, by about three weeks to January 23, 2100.

      So, New Zealand is considering spending at least $5 trillion to deliver an impact by the end of the century that will be physically unmeasurable.
      This will make it hard to get Kiwis to support such strong climate policies continuously for the next eighty years. Sooner or later, and likely sooner, a politician is successfully going to argue to dump the net-zero promise that will deliver zilch in a century, and instead double spending on things like health, education, and environment, and get some tax reductions.

      THERE HAS NEVER been an official estimate of the cost of the Paris Agreement, nor has there been one that gives a meaningful evaluation of its impact.
      Looking at the numbers, it is obvious why.
      The Paris Agreement will be the costliest pact ever agreed to, by far.
      It will cost us $1–$2 trillion per year from 2030 onward, if actually fully implemented.
      Yet the agreement will do almost nothing for the climate: all of its promises will reduce the temperature rise by the end of the century by an almost imperceptible 0.05°F.
      And none of the big emitting countries are anywhere close to actually delivering on their promises.

      Spending trillions to achieve almost nothing is, not surprisingly, a bad idea. Every dollar spent will produce climate benefits worth just 11¢.

      Lomborg, Bjorn. False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet (pp. 121-123). Basic Books. Kindle Edition.



  24. My Lord, trotted over to that outher swamp infested blog. Reckon most of them have gone full retard and are rolling the champagne out after the Biden speech.
    They live in another world in the swamp.
    Maggie pie I don’t know why you go there. That nasty little wee man MMM continues to be unkind. Thats how many years?

    I’m drained. Like themorning telly and even theevening shit, I just don’t want to go there again.
    Oh one exception.
    When Trump is reeleceted.
    That will be fun to behold.



  25. It isn’t over. The election of the president by the congress is made by the new intake and they aren’t sworn in until the new year. Next News explained it the best but I can’t find the link.

    Stephen Miller: We have more than enough time to right the wrong of this fraudulent election result

    Salty Cracker explains in his own way what is happening.
    WW3 About to Kick Off As Trump Readies Election Executive Order



  26. Must got to give NZ Herald a gong for brilliant reporting – not Read the quotes below

    “Two people were killed in the crash and three others – the children – were seriously injured before they were later airlifted separately to Wellington Hospital.

    Two parents are reportedly feared dead and the couple’s children survived the crash.”

    If they “killed” in the crash, a how the fuck does the second sentence add to the story? Or can one be killed but only feared dead?

    Morons writing for morons.



  27. Joining some dots.

    The Missing Link: SolarWinds ORION Software interfaces with SENTINEL, the FBI system developed and created by Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister and her company Chilead

    Fire eye Case Study.
    Strategic Election Security
    Solutions in action case study
    Government preparations for critical election protection

    FireEye, U.S. Agencies Affected By Cyber Attack On Solar Winds Software



  28. France’s Macron proposes to add climate goals in French constitution

    French President Emmanuel Macron announced a referendum to add the fight against climate change and the need to preserve the environment into the French constitution.

    The referendum will ask if the French constitution should be revised to include environmental protection and fighting climate change.

    Speaking on Monday to a citizen’s group in charge of making proposals on climate-related issues, Macron proposed a change in the constitution that requires a parliamentary vote, and then a referendum.

    He acknowledged that France doesn’t do enough to be in line with its climate-related commitments aimed at curbing global warming. France is missing its national targets that had been set under the 2015 Paris Agreement and the country has delayed most of its efforts until after this year.


    Must ave bin takin to Cindy and thunderbum



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