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  1. As I get into my 2005 year workshop hack to start the 1st job I get warm Xmas feelz about Cindy and Neve with the fisherman in their new $150,000 Audi,it should have been a Ferrari after all she is saving the entire World from the CCP virus.



    • My ride is a more modern 2006 model but fine for purpose, very economical 950cc, and can travel a lot further than an EV without refueling.

      An issue for me is the advice from Treasury to the incoming government we cannot afford our obligations in terms of emissions under the Paris Agreement and will need to borrow. The PM having an Audi EV is not going to reduce emissions.

      Now how is that obligation to the Paris Agreement going to alter the climate or any rate of climate change. Answer is it will not. Living costs will increase as tax, excise, levies, whatever, are increased to cover the shortfall. Natural climate change over time will not be effected by the Paris Agreement or the Emissions trading regime. Global redistribution of wealth and compliance with the Paris Agreement is not a matter I agree to being taxed, levied, charged excise, or subjected to any other government revenue grab, on or for.

      Richard Harmon reports on the Minister Parkers enthusiasm for environmental taxes. I do not have any enthusiasm for any tax intended to alter behaviour. I’ll agree, with reluctance, to tax for essentials of sound government. Taxing me to force behaviour change is not my idea of sound government at any level.



      • 2006, try 1998 cefiro s/w. V6 hauls my caravan like a pro.
        Lonh enough to put 3.5 mtr long items inside and has a rear lift window for longer things.
        The things I do.
        Well it is getting long n the tooth but there is nothing that is a s good. Maybe a new Skoda perhaps.

        Talking of which there are several of different colours decked out with red and blue lights around Tauranga.
        the new police cars. Probably the trial ones.



        • Now is the time to buy a new car.
          If you have money sitting in the bank it is earning at best 1%.

          Upgrade to a new car.
          $27,000 to $36,000 will get you a whole lot of car.
          If you have an older car it may cost $20,000 to upgrade..
          If you use money on term deposit -at best 1% – that 20k has a financial cost of $200 ($4 a week, 1 cheap coffee)
          If you extend a 3% mortgage the 20k still only costs $600 (pa)

          For this you get a brand new car, warranty of 3 to 5 years (10 years for Mitzi- because they have to ) Usually 2 to 3 years full service, no WOF for couple of years, low annual rego, and the chance to drive a shiny new car.
          Insur may be a little higher but not worth full cover on car over 8 years old anyway except 3P.

          It has never been better with the current economic alignment..
          Food for thought.
          I got a new one in 2018 and kept the 2009 car as the opp cost is SFA.



    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elaine_Chao

      Elaine Chao. Grubby Mitch’s wife for 30 years.

      -In 1993, Chao married Mitch McConnell, a U.S. Senator from Kentucky and the eventual Senate Majority Leader. They were introduced by Stuart Bloch, an early friend of McConnell’s, and his wife Julia Chang Bloch, a Chinese American and a future U.S. Ambassador to Nepal, the first Asian American to serve as U.S. Ambassador, who >>> mentored Chao

      -Bloch described Chao as a “tiger wife”, a reference to Amy Chua’s 2011 book about her disciplinarian parenting style.

      -The New York Times has described her as “an unapologetically ambitious operator with an expansive network, a short fuse, and a seemingly inexhaustible drive to get to the top and stay there”.

      -Chao’s father has donated millions of dollars to Mitch McConnell’s re-election campaigns.[86] Chao’s extended family has given more than a million dollars to McConnell’s campaigns

      -In April 2008, Chao’s father gave Chao and McConnell between $5 million and $25 million,[93] which “boosted McConnell’s personal worth from a minimum of $3 million in 2007 to more than $7 million”[94] and “helped the McConnells after their stock portfolio dipped in the wake of the financial crisis that year”.[95]

      But no, that is not a bribe, just family money.
      Oh yes.

      The swamp..it really, really stinks.



  2. Nevermind that business is struggling after a difficult financial and pressure filled Wuhu flu year.

    Government confirms 2021 minimum wage hike


    The Government has confirmed it will raise the minimum wage to $20 per hour from April 1, 2021.

    Ahead of its landslide electoral victory in October, the Labour Party campaigned on increasing the minimum wage to $20 from the current rate of $18.90. The previous coalition Government increased the wage each year it was in power.

    The starting-out and training minimum wages are also rising to $16 to stay at 80 percent of the adult minimum wage.



  3. GRITS is so depressed today.

    My neighbour and his wife not only wear masks inside their car but also INSIDE THEIR FUCKING HOUSE!!!

    God knows if they wear masks in the shower and in bed!

    I know they will vote for any tyranny and any madness to save them from the worst plague in history. NUMPTIES!

    The problem is that there are likely tens of thousands of New Zealanders like this. And hundreds of thousands somewhat less affected.




  4. Another year-end dump from the transparent Labour party. We’re not going to see the report on Camp Kiddy Fiddler:

    The Labour Party has decided it would be “inappropriate” to allow the public see the full report reviewing its policies after the youth summer camp scandal.

    This is despite Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declaring the external report, conducted by Wellington lawyer Maria Austen, would be released when the criminal court proceedings concluded.



  5. I see our royal highness will be spending her Christmas with the family near a beach. I hear Hawaii is very relaxing this time of the year.

    Let the great unwashed eat cake and pitch their tent next to a swamp.



  6. Meanwhile in Aotearoa-istan, the war on men is on again

    If you want a taste of the “Time for all sides to come together and heal” crap that Biden is preaching, just look at NZ! The election is over and now ROAST BUSTERS is in the news again as police are charging to two of the “MEN” as a complainant has come forward – got to teach those “MEN” a lesson.

    I’m not holding my breath for the infinitely pathetic Children’s Hypocrite Commissioner to point out that – the “Men” were in fact 17 year old “Children” at the time and that we shouldn’t be prosecuting “Children” under the criminal justice system as they are just as much victims of society as …. uhmmm er “victims” and young minds are not fully formed and blah blah blah

    And of course in Aotearoa-istan, we don’t have a statute of limitations, so even though this is seven years ago – fair game (because I dunno “Diversity” I guess). The complainant will no doubt be as compelling and credible as Christine Blasey Ford was at the Kavanaugh hearings.

    So much kindness!



  7. Ali and Habib are beggars.
    They beg in different areas of London …

    Habib begs just as long as Ali does, but only collects £2 to £3 every day.

    Ali brings home a suitcase FULL of £10 notes, drives a Mercedes, lives in a mortgage-free house and has a lot of money to spend.

    Habib asks Ali :-
    ‘I work just as long and hard as you do but how is it that you bring home a suitcase full of £10 notes every day?’

    Ali says, ‘Look at your sign, what does it say’?

    Habib’s sign reads
    ‘I have no work, a wife and 6 kids to support’.

    Ali says No wonder you only get £2- £3

    Habib says… ‘So what does your sign say’?

    Ali shows Habib his sign….
    It reads,

    ‘I only need another £10 to move back to Pakistan’.



  8. We have one set of grandsons staying with us for a few days and it was my turn to prepare breakfast for the 5 year old and his 7 year old brother ,the younger wanted vegemite on toast so I made him 3 pieces cut into quarters .
    he gazed at it and stated “Granpa you didn’t cut the crusts off” , as I was putting together the baked beans for the older kid I said “just wait and I’ll cut them off in a minute” .
    Went back to pick up the plate with the vegemite mistake and noticed half of them were already decrusted ,I asked him “where are all the crusts” expecting them to be on the floor or on the couch,” I ate them ” was his answer.
    FFS we are raising a Labour voter…



  9. So Assange is innocent, it’s all another Obama/Clinton vendetta

    It’s getting so weird, there is now so much proof that the Swamp is out of control in the US that if you are sane then it’s unavoidable to think that Trump is right and something has to be done.

    Project Veritas released a recording of a 2011 call between Assange and a lawyer from Hilary Clinton’s State Department showing incontrovertibly that Assange did everything he possibly could to warn them and assist them in trying to prevent the leaks of classified diplomatic cables – it’s clear that he is taking great pains to ensure that the State Department act quickly to protect any of their assets that might be compromised by the leak. Assange confirms that WikiLeaks was not the releaser, he even tells the State Department who will be doing the release of the classified cables.

    One more reason for Trump to stick two fingers up to the swamp by pardoning Assange.



  10. This is interesting.
    Why do we even need ‘government’? Lets do our own great reset and remove the whole stinking filthy corrupt pile of shit that they are.

    “The Government has released the Briefings to Incoming Ministers or BIMs. Key takeaways are:
    MBIE says no more grants to tourism businesses (agree)
    Treasury says house prices will continue to rise (no surprise Sherlock)
    Treasury says Govt’s books not sustainable due to rocketing public service costs (borrow and hope)
    DPMC says child poverty rates will increase (Who’s the Minister?)
    Ministry of Transport says govt policies will not significantly reduce transport emissions
    91% of state houses do not meet the Government’s own compulsory healthy home standards
    DIA says we need to spend more money on Premier House
    MBIE wants the borders to open to allow in highly skilled migrants
    MSD expects 280,000 on the dole by Jan 2022
    MSD says some of those on the public housing waitlist will never receive a public house”



  11. “Republican UPRISING as GOP DEFIES Sen McConnell’s SURRENDER to the Democrats!!!”
    11 mins 57 secs. : • Dec 17, 2020

    Jan 6th may or may not certify the electoral vote.
    Particularly to reject states that have flawed election systems.
    If not the believed current belief is accepted;- then all hell breaks loose. 🙂
    The issues would then carry on to 20th Jan.

    Expresses very well the anomalies where just 4 cities that super performed for Biden, making them battle ground states. Just seeking to get to the bottom of what happened.

    The objection to endorsement needs 1 House of Reps, and 1 senator.. Noises from Rand Paul, to be a senator in objection support.. Then it can go to debate in their Houses. Still sort of a long shot.
    Challenging Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney of the Republicans
    Again good points in understanding “populism” and what it really means. 🙂
    ————– — – – — –

    So we notice those here in NZ, embedded in the political class, academia, judiciary, really twisting media, numbers, polls to continue their agendas.

    Just like the CCP embedded in China, setting up compradors & now figuring they go for full control in Hong Kong.



  12. I hate to say this, but I think Barely Sober deserves an award for finally growing a set. I haven’t seen anything else in the msm about the Mallard case. Admittedly I haven’t looked at Stuffed because I refuse to go there. Well done Bazza.



  13. So many others, like the pollsters, academia, media in NZ that should know better are being suckered.
    Makes one think, just who, and why they are being suckered.
    A trough that is automatically topped up, if they follow an agenda?

    This seems to explain the game, and just what is the turning point, to who wins or loses the Presidential election and the consequences either way.

    ….. multiple lawsuits and their voluminous affidavits and experts’ declarations pay off.

    The alternate pro-Trump electors in seven swing states are the fruit of all the lawsuits.
    The lawsuits allowed all the charges of fraud to be aired and the public — and elected officials — to learn just how badly Democrats behaved.

    Anything filed in court is privileged, which protects the plaintiffs.
    Without lawsuits, accusing anyone of fraud would have been very risky, and probably gotten Trump’s people sued for libel.
    What his campaign would be shy to say outside of court became protected speech when said in lawsuits.

    This means the court shuffle has been a dance for show, not for immediate results.
    All the players know what’s been going on.
    They’ve each played out their scripts for the public’s benefit.
    For Republicans the lawsuit flurry got their case aired and launched other investigations to reveal even more crimes to provide ammo to pull the trigger on what really matters …..

    ….. Trump team’s intention. They aren’t stupid. They knew the courts weren’t going to overturn a national election a mere five weeks after voting.
    Not even in one state.
    Not even a blatantly crooked state.

    What’s really been going on is they have made their “case” in the court of public opinion, which is the one that carries real weight with politicians, even with SCOTUS.

    It’s worked pretty well.
    Half the nation is persuaded the election was rigged.
    That wouldn’t have happened with just mainstream press coverage and no lawsuits.
    In a real sense, power still lies with the people. ….


    So another round or 2 of golf to be played, other points to govern on too, but relax, as it sounds like it will boil up on the 6th of January, and what happens earlier, though still important, is setting the stage, with the “props” to hand.

    And the parat of the focus comes down on the 2 Georgian senators, doing the runoffs in early January, looks like where a turning point, 1 way or the other, as whether Rino or not.



  14. “Mallard shows genuine contrition in wide apology” screams the head line. The reality couldn’t be much further from that. Trevett has obviously tried her very very best to make Trev look better, but a turd is still a turd no matter how much glitter you pour on it. Give it a rest Claire you just look stupid doing this.



  15. The Government has struck a deal with the Māori King, Tūheitia, over the disputed land at Ihumātao, buying the property from Fletcher Building for $29.9 million and holding it in a trust.

    The money comes from the Government’s Land for Housing Programme as there has been a commitment that there will be housing on the site.

    Auckland Council will maintain the land while the Kīngitanga leads a process to determine the future of the site, consulting with the mana whenua of the site.

    Housing Minister Megan Woods said all sides had committed there would be some housing on the land, alongside some kind of conservation.




            • Hobsons Pledge on Ihitomato.
              “Brash: Surrendering to protesters should make us all afraid
              Surrendering to the demands of noisy protesters should make us all very afraid, Hobson’s Pledge spokesman Don Brash said today.

              He was reacting to news today that the Government will buy the land at Ihumatao from Fletcher Building for $29.9 million.

              The Crown will hold the land on trust while today’s Kingitanga leads a process “to decide the occupation status of parties who claim a connection to the land”.

              Ihumatao has a history. The area was vacated during the inter-tribal Musket Wars in the early 19th century and occupation resumed after 1840 when British settlement made the area safer.

              When the tribal rebellions started, residents there in 1863 were given the choice of taking the oath of allegiance to the Crown or go join the anti-government Kingitanga.

              The area’s Te Kawerau a Maki iwi had Treaty settlement in 2015 that included financial redress of $6.5 million, most of Riverhead Forest, forest rentals, and more.

              Other iwi claiming connection to that land have treaty settlements in progress.

              “Stupidly, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern got herself embroiled in the dispute that was essentially between members of different groups claiming connection with that land,” Dr Brash said.

              “Today’s purchase of the land by the Government immediately calls into question whether any Treaty settlement with Maori could be regarded as “full and final” if any dissenting minority made enough noise,” he said.

              “Most New Zealanders of goodwill have supported the Treaty settlement process, aimed at paying compensation where it could be shown with reasonable certainty that that was appropriate. But that goodwill will rapidly disappear if more compensation can be demanded by any noisy minority,” Dr Brash said.

              “It won’t be long before the noisy protesters at Shelly Bay in Wellington – who are also objecting to a deal which tribal elders did – will be demanding that the Government overturn that deal as well,” he said.

              “This puts all private land at risk. Where will it end?” Dr Brash said.”



            • Apparently $29.9 mill

              May be more with a secret agreement but with the most ‘Nontransparent Govt Eva’ we will not be officially told.
              Eg secret payment to Fletcher’s for lost profit.
              This official sum is just for the land.

              So, 500 houses to NOT be built then
              (They will not be built, even if said so by the Liar In Chief)

              Surrender to the lawless and illegal occupiers and the homeless number grows more.

              Look, over there a squirrel !!

              By the by,
              after all the money given to the Sovereign Nations of the Pacific we generous taxpayers are paying more than twice the Ihumatao settlement – $75 mill -for vaccinations for Pacific countries.

              Pat yourself on the back, you good thing.
              Taxpayer scum have their uses //



  16. Mrs Nasska, having mislaid the waterboard, decided that today’s sufferings would include one of the final sorties into town for Xmas shopping. At one stage under a carefully staged pretext I managed to make a break for the bookshop.

    Regrettably one of the displays featured the Mad Queen’s biography complete with her full sized image on the front cover . Remembering the principles of turnardern I placed the top copy front cover down to remove the grotesque vision away from the gaze of innocent children.

    Her handlers have become devilishly cunning. There’s a large photo of the swamp creature on the back cover too! 🙂



  17. I have come to the conclusion that the WEST is in the middle of a COLD WAR of a FASCIST TAKEOVER.

    Who is involved:

    1) Government and civil servants
    2) Medical services including Directors-General of Health and most doctors (‘death by virus’ propaganda)
    3) Schools and universities (agitation and propaganda)
    4) Beneficiaries, pensioners and other unproductive (electoral support in return for money)

    Who is being taken over?

    A: The dwindling productive sector



    • Isn’t it lovely that she’s got a great stinking mallard around her kneck!
      From when she rises in the morning, till she goes to bed at night, it’s there stinking!
      Even when she goes on holiday and meets all the pretty people, there’s that great stinking bird!
      Have a lovely holiday cindy and no the stink doesn’t was off!



  18. “Islam is Right about Women” so the cops found him.
    Is islam Right about Gays”
    An expert says it is racist,,, and journalists get that into print.
    How does he class muslims as a race?
    Is a communist a race?
    Is nazi a race?
    Is a conservative a race?
    Is a socialist a race?
    ….”located and spoken to” a 36-year-old man in relation to a number of chalk messages ….
    Masjid An-Nur imam Gamal Fouda earlier said education was important when it came to preventing hate speech.

    So the police become sharia enforcers.
    An education from the koran? though not racism, maybe it is spec-ism?
    I am sure it will be explained just what is a Jew, but according to the koran;-
    And well ye knew those amongst you [Children of Israel] who transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath: We said to them: “Be ye apes, despised and rejected.” :- Quran 2:65
    Then the good companions of Mohammad regaled the stories of:-
    The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say:
    Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

    Sahih Muslim 41:6985, see also Sahih Muslim 41:6981, Sahih Muslim 41:6982, Sahih Muslim 41:6983, Sahih Muslim 41:6984, and Sahih Bukhari 4:56:791
    A way of not becoming a hate filled islamophobe, and then how to handle your homophobia.
    Guy: I don’t believe that women have any rights, and I think gays should be hanged
    Gal (wearing an Obama O shirt): Wow, what a complete primitive @$$hole you are! You must be a Republican
    Guy: No, actually, I’m a muslim and those are my religious beliefs
    Gal: Oh! I’m sorry! I apologize! I hope you don’t think I’m islamophobic

    So test flying gays has become one form aspiring how to help the most merciful allah.
    Since this act is one of the most criminal acts in Islam, equally its punishment is one of the greatest.
    All Muslim scholars agreed that death is the basic judgement …..
    …. Prophet Muhammad as;-
    reported by Ibn Abbas: “If anyone is caught committing the act of the people of Lut, kill both the committer and the person with whom the act is committed” (Abu Dawud).
    ….. a divergence of opinions on the methodology …..
    …To Ibn Abbas [Muhammad’s cousin], he should be taken to the tallest building in the town, thrown upside down while some men stand on the ground waiting to meet him with stone in replication of the destruction done to the people of Lut by Allah.
    Homosexuality: The Islamic viewpoint (2)
    Imam Sirajudeen Bakrin, Nigerian Tribune, December 30, 2011

    When will NZ police start to enforce some of these other concerns in sharia?



    • Yes howitis, and nor do any of the political class feel any winds of change.

      Eric Zemmour on the TV program C News.
      Mr. Zemmour discusses with his hosts the Islamization of France and the gradual imposition of sharia on the French people.

      …….. We know Islam is a religion, is a spiritual practice,
      but it isn’t only that. It is first of all a Law,
      with a capital “L”, that is to say a political system, a judicial system.
      And in ….. …… your political system, your judicial system, has no place. ….

      Just name the place 🙁
      Then they get your law, judicial system to work for islam. 🙁
      I believe the start is referring to “close the borders”.
      Eric Zmmr Yes, its all about slm
      1 min 23 secs.

      ….. they apply the rules of the Koran,
      and they apply even the judicial rules, that is to say,
      they punish those who have transgressed the rules,
      insulted the prophet, etc. …..
      …. the application of Sharia, because they are of the opinion that France
      is becoming more and more subject to Islam. ….
      ….. .. and we are a place of war. ….
      the communities have more Muslims who have more and more mosques.
      And each mosque signifies additional Islamic territory.
      Spoils of war, and so one applies Sharia…
      … It don’t think it is anything other than that.

      “Eric Zmmr Islamic terror is Jhd”
      2 mins 09 secs.

      I figure you are well up with the islamic play, but for the ones who do not know, read the koran chronologically, noting where the abrogation verses comes into play, and what that means.
      Then there are other books in a ranking of the most authoritative hadith, noting the Six Canonical Books of Hadith, then many more hadith.



  19. I have to admit, with a few sailing miles under the belt, not much gets me as excited as the Americas Cup. Counting down now to putting the feet up this arvo, and watching some rich pricks with massive toys pushing the boundaries of yachting and technology round our beautiful harbour.



    • I was going to answer half an hour ago, but fell asleep thinking about it.

      For a third of a Billion dollars (one tenth of what is paid for Ihumatao -as we are ‘officially’ told – not what really happened) of taxpayers and ratepayers money AmCup should deliver much more than it ever will.



  20. Catherine Herridge:
    ” Well DNI Ratcliffe leads the 17 intelligence agencies and he has access to the most highly classified information that is held by the US government. And he told CBS News that there was foreign election interference by China, Iran, and Russia in November of this year and he is anticipating a public report on those findings in January.”

    Senator Josh Hawley gives a few home truths to the Democrats at the Senate Hearing..



    • Edit definitely the report is delayed
      Who is delaying it? Why the delay? Trying to run the clock out on an option?
      Or a part of anptjer ;

      I thought the report was due by the 18th December if one of the plans were to be put into full on action.
      Maybe it is a Plan B or C?

      Maybe a change in tack, scubbing one of the plans, as maybe the 7 states double slate of electors that are officially certified or not on the 6th of Jan, plus the report then.

      For the ones who are aware, the bottom line is to show “election integrity” the lack of it, and to get that totally exposed and then completely sorted out.

      A lot of murky water to go under the bridge yet.



      • There could be 2 reports. This one they are talking about is the usual “after election” report and there is another which covers the important stuff such as what was on the Frankfurt servers, who controlled it etc.
        There is no way they would let DC swamp people near that server and any other detail about the fraud. It is more likely loyal military people doing that.



  21. No gathering is safe! Government threatens Christmas holiday lockdown. Vaccines may not be successful!

    COVID-19: Government secures two new vaccines, enough for every New Zealander to be immunised


    In Thursday’s announcement, Ardern confirmed that the Government’s strategy is to purchase different types of vaccine technology to ensure alternatives are available in the event that some are unsuccessful. The pre-purchase agreements in place cover three different variations of vaccine technology.



  22. In Spain, one hear calls out for their own people.

    “VX speaks to hpcrsy and ambitions of the left”
    1 min 58 secs. Subtitled.

    And they call us racists. No. They are racists.
    Those who are lying to millions of people in Africa.
    Telling them that this is the Promised Land — and having them risk their lives at sea. ….. we do not incite hate and phobia against immigrants. ….
    …….. We have a phobia against these progressive politicians who are calling them, destroying the ability to live together,
    destroying prosperity, generating insecurity. …..
    ….. We do not accept a lesson from the progressives and communists. …..

    This where the message that is targeted to, an elite global controlling political class.



      • My friend, so many progressives & liberals do not even think, no principles but bend when they are pushed a little.
        They do not even search, try to understand the figures, the possibilities, but just fill up on the media, tv, gunk etc… sold by the political liberal elite.

        Too easily bought off, but many do not recognize that, yet, and the cost they will pay later.
        The art is to get them to see this, and then understandably change, and make a stand.

        Losing, or is time against us, but the “force” “knowledge” is raising more questions in many places.

        Defeatism is too easy. Mistakes will be made, but what is seen now, can not be unseen.



  23. The steady unflappable Scott Goulet’s Front Page report.

    FBI, Texas Rangers and the U.S. Marshals jointly raided the headquarters of SolarWinds in Austin, Texas.
    This is big news, because the voting machines used SolarWinds’ products.

    Isn’t it interesting?
    No sooner had Barr announced his resignation on Dec. 14 than the Justice Department made its move.
    How do you interpret that?
    Also, in today’s episode, two separate slates of electors from the electoral college were cast in seven states, each casting votes for their own candidate, leaving 84 votes pending for congressional decision on Jan. 6th.

    But the left media still reported that the former Vice President “won” the election, another oddity.
    The former Vice president, under the malicious propaganda of the left media, credited these invalid votes to his name, saying that he got 306+ votes.
    If this is the case, then President Trump’s 232 votes plus these 84 votes should make 316 votes.

    FBI, Texas Rangers, and US Marshals united in action; Lin Wood: Georgia officials to be jailed?
    About 17 minutes. : 5:00 pm NZT Thursday 17th December 2020

    The double slate of electors, from 7 states hopefully will be sorted 6th Jan, and gives plenty of time for more information, evidence to emerge.

    Dominion ‘errors’ significantly are shocking
    Missing logs, etc.. + erasures, deletions, disaster.

    Michigan, Dominion , and so many more questions raised to come, at a hearing.

    Solar winds, CCP shadow is deep.
    USMarshall Service serves Federal Courts.
    From USMS is Texas Rangers, para military.
    Hacking attack and to big companies, US military connections etc.. etc… Vulnerability seems to have happened.
    Affiliates, investment companies, Alibaba hmmm. etc.. and connects to Twitter too.
    Take your time, so many connections & names.



    • Dot com is fine.
      Once the democrat and chinks get the bums rush and Hollywood and Disney mogels get jailed for their efforts there will no room for him and even less charges.

      Disney CEO is in the chinks take load.



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