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  1. Some undeniable facts:

    * Donald Trump, President of the USA.
    * Mount Egmont.
    * New Zealand is the name of this country.
    * Trevor Mallard is a cunt.
    * Cindy is a liar.
    * Climate change is a crock of shit.
    * and finally, YSB is epic. Have a great day
    folks, and let’s be careful out there.



    • Thanks Arty. Have a good day at work. Cheers me up in this mass hysteria of Climate Covid. FFS my neighbour and his bint are wearing masks inside their house!

      My only problem with your list is you are wrong about Mallard and Cindy. Mallard is an asshole, not a cunt and Cindy is a completely useless bitch as well as a liar. So is the MSM.



  2. “With the technological advances being developed at this very moment natural gas is the hope for a clean air future”. Daniel Yergin one of America’s top energy experts 17/12/20.
    Oh dear who’s going to tell Cindy



    • https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6216766098001

      This is an interview with Australian of the Year 2020.

      It is a useful insight into the fucked-up heads of deluded doctors who think they can play GOD. I had to laugh when he admitted he only got a ‘ban the sugar, ban the sugar and panic, panic, PANIC’ reply from…. Australia Post lol


      ‘2020 Australian of the Year Dr James Muecke says a sugar tax could be used to combat diabetes. Dr Muecke told Sky News, “sugary drinks have been linked to type two diabetes independent of obesity in many studies now and in 17 separate countries a levy on sugary drinks has been shown to reduce purchase and consumption. “If we look at it, 20 per cent levy on sugary drinks…would raise over $600 million which could be then used to fund heath awareness initiatives and to reduce health inequalities that exist in our society.” Dr Muecke said it is a “David and Goliath battle” to get a sugar tax introduced because the sugar cane industry is a significant money-maker and employer, so he is also pursuing other methods to combat the problem. “I’ve written to all the major supermarket chains and stores asking them to remove the sugary products from checkout counters where they’re preying on our addictions, they’re preying on the vulnerable and our kids,” he told Sky News. “Another thing I’ve been doing is writing to all the major universities in South Australia, the women’s and children’s hospital asking them to remove sugary products from vending machines in those institutions, and fortunately that’s happening”.’



      • He’ll be around to shut down hubby’s strawberry jam production. Equal quantities of sugar to fruit by weight. 3 large punnets of strawberries with 1.5kg sugar. That’ll blow James Muecke tiny judgemental brain and control tendencies.



      • As soon as he said “I came out” That was it for me, I did not watch any more and it had just started. . My daughter has eaten a whole food diet for years, she was this year diagnosed with bowel cancer which has spread viciously. Actually you can please yourself what ever you choose to eat and no bastard can tell you to do this or that. Once only 2 eggs a week were the go, and now that has been disproved so bugger them. I am very sceptical regarding food and eating this or that special diets my daughter was thin and very fit and yet at the end of the day she is where she is now. Why should any taxes be placed on what people choose to eat?



        • Yeah, well after spending 52 years of my life in the food business all I can say is there are plenty of food nutters out there.
          What I can say is that what you like and what suits your system is definitely defined by you genetic heritage. People from different p[arts of the world adapted to the food source that was their for a million tears. Survival of the fittest ensured that the gene pool in any given area developed to accommodate the food source. Didn’t like the food then stave to death or move.
          Its a bit more complicated now as populations are more mixed and thus when one kid likes this or that and the other doesn’t then that reflects the mixing of the gene pool.

          Well you are a pomasation cocka terrior as a breed are you not?



        • Well hell.
          Media have lied forever.
          Randolph Hearst was a classic example.
          It is not new.

          In recent times there has been the campaign to lie and MSU (Make S*** Up) about globby warming and climatey things

          In the 1980s there was a campaign to discredit basic cheap foods – and they are cheap and effective -like cheese and eggs. Lamb or pork chops on the griller – 15 mins plus 5 minutes drip time, all ready.
          This was implemented – again- by media filth after ‘fake studies’ by university turds paid for ‘research’ and masters/PhD by the big food companies.

          See the pattern here-
          1. Big companies with vested interest: over the years- Kraft, Nestle, Danone, Tyson foods; coupled in more recent years by Microsoft, Google, Amazon, et al.
          with 2. media filth;
          and 3. universities.
          They are a trifecta of fraud .

          They are so powerful now, the politicians bend to them.
          Just look at the last 10 months in NZ and media liars, the creeps from the universities (pink hair, baker, hendy) , and the 2 huge supermarket chains staying open while others forced to close.

          The outcome of all that- pure doublespeak – was people eschewed basic healthy food and instead purchased well-marketed processed foods and fast foods like burgers, KFC, quiche, TV dinners, et al.
          Essentially junk food.
          Butter was discredited despite it being better – like all things, in decent portions- than all the artificial spreads with food colouring and previously suss oils .

          18 holes of golf in the morning – a banana and a couple of hard boiled eggs will do. Coffee in a to-go cup.

          Good simple food was discredited to sell marked-up shite that often contained the very ingredients that were ‘discredited’ .
          What is in a pizza?
          But they did not discredit sugar despite it being near poison in high intake.
          The likes of University food campaigners is white noise.

          The big bonus for the media filth – print, radio, and TV, is they have received massive income from advertising processed foods over the last 40 years.
          They would never get that from advertising eggs and cheese.
          But egg mcmuffin, another story.

          Of course media were not going to squeal. They are your enemy and run a pure propaganda campaign.
          If Truth ever happened, it would be by accident.
          Just like the Herald received massive income in the early 2000s from the myriad of dodgy finance companies (27 of whom collapsed) they were never going to investigate let alone report truth.

          Media know where their income comes from and they bend accordingly ($50 mill free money anyone !! )

          Re GRITS earlier quote
          “20 per cent levy on sugary drinks…would raise over $600 million which could be then used to fund heath awareness initiatives ”
          Yep, there it is
          Universities suggesting millions be diverted to media to ‘awareness’.
          The Evil Trifecta at work
          This has no notable change to consumption; is another Tax; provides massive revenue for media filth; looks like something is being done; the Trifecta wins. (maybe Triad !)

          The people who buy these fizzy drinks in bulk generally don’t understand money (Uni critters should know this ) so purchase anyway, based on parenting and ingrained habits.
          If people were affected by price (20% tax) they would buy their drinks at supermarkets not dairy of gas station where it is double the price.
          Price is not a deterrent or they would drink tap water or cheap cordial. Duh.

          I join with WG, Lizzie, and say sorry to hear about the cancer. Best wishes there.



  3. Bumped into an old Aussie mate the other day and he looked upset.
    “You alright mate?”
    “No cobber” he sobbed..”my best mate Mekang died, he was a Goose Farmer from Thailand.”
    “Is he the one that produced the feathers for quilts?” I asked.
    “Yes” he replied..”Thai Mekang grew down Sport.”



        • I just phoned Fletcher Building’s corporate affairs dept on +6495259000 and expressed my support for them and my dismay at the government’s trampling on their property rights.

          I didn’t catch the guy’s name (he sounded a bit Seth Efricaan actually). He was very gracious and, although understandably he wasn’t going to open up to a complete stranger, I’m sure he appreciated the support.

          I think this stinking ‘deal’ effectively spells the end of private property rights in New Zealand. The tribalist fuckers will be after your land, farm and house next. 😡



          • Anyone who was forced to to endure the shambles that Fletcher Building made of running the EQR in Christchurch will have zero pity for them. What a trough that was for them. For years, they gave fully insured property owners the run around while we endured their wily obfuscations, outright lies and third world repairs. That Fletcher Building has now been given the run around by another bunch of cowboys seems like just deserts to me.



  4. With the new Covid-19 outbreak in NSW, I don’t think the travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand is going to happen anytime soon.
    Imagine a Christmas lockdown! It would be a wonderful test for a controlling government to try on its population.



  5. Be careful who you get for a neighbour.
    especially you’se rich rpicks that have a stable in the Bahama’s.

    Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard was arrested on charges alleging he sexually abused women and girls after luring them into his orbit with opportunities in fashion and modeling over the last 25 years.

    The 79-year-old Nygard awaited an appearance in a Winnipeg courtroom after his Monday arrest by Canadian authorities at the request of the United States. His lawyer, Elkan Abramowitz, declined comment.

    His arrest on sex trafficking charges came after US federal authorities raided Nygard’s Manhattan offices earlier this year.

    The FBI raid came soon after 10 women sued Nygard, saying he enticed young and impoverished women to his Bahamas estate with cash and promises of modelling and fashion opportunities. Several plaintiffs in the suit, filed in New York City, said they were 14 or 15 years old when Nygard gave them alcohol or drugs and then raped them.


    So who is next. Branson has his own Island there doesn’t he?

    Who else.



  6. and climate change has come to the Noerth east.
    That will slow down the virus and the dems.

    A large swath of the United States’ northeast has been blanketed in snow by the first major storm of the season, which smashed a decades-old snowfall record in Pennsylvania.

    “Williamsport Regional Airport made history,” the National Weather Service in State College said, reporting 24.7 inches (about 62cm) of snow.

    Forecasters said that was the most snow from a single storm on record, breaking the previous record of 24.1 inches (about 61cm) set there in January 1964.




  7. “We’re falling into a trap of sensationalism,” Ioannidis told the documentary film-makers interviewing him remotely on March 23 as he sat in a studio at Stanford. “We have gone into a complete panic state.”

    The video would be viewed more than a half a million times on YouTube before it disappeared. Six weeks after it was uploaded, the footage of Ioannidis was removed by YouTube, which said the interview with one of the world’s foremost epidemiologists had violated its policies on Covid-19 misinformation.

    Ioannidis – whose talks for TEDx, at Google and in university lecture halls have circulated online for years – said he was stunned. But he was hardly silenced.


    Rather chilling that Fake book and goooogle and Twatter ll eliminating other points of view and being propped up by the media as well.



  8. The constantly offended , give us money crowd are at it again.

    The inclusion of tā moko in Cyberpunk 2077 has left a gamer and design consultant “shocked” by the hyped dystopian video game.

    “As a gamer, it doesn’t ruin the entire game, but it … casts a shadow on it for me as an indigenous person,” said Morgana Watson​, the creative director of MW Consultancy and 4Phase Games.

    “I can’t in good conscience play a game when I know that they’ve just taken something sacred from our people just because it looks cool.


    personally , they can wear one but I actually think it makes some quite attractive faces look bloody awful.
    Look at the one in the article. attractive face destroyed. Yuck.
    No longer a nice smile but a longdrop face.

    “I know it looks cool, but that’s not any reason at all to just steal it.”



  9. I hope NZ authorities are paying attention though it would hardly surprise me to learn that they are not.
    They only blocked the use of HCQ because Trump promoted it. They are so evil they wanted the death toll up high to blame Trump. Go figure

    UPDATE: American Medical Association Considers Resolution On Statement Against Prescription Of Hydroxychloroquine For COVID-19 Patients
    Full article here:




  10. IT IS ALL ON ! Buckle up team, the big guns are out and starting to fire in the US. Lin Wood has said Chief Justice Roberts is corrupt and should resign !!!


    I think I am correct in saying Lin Wood’s speciality is defamation law, he knows what is up against saying this, so he must have the information to back up the statements.



  11. Dr, Steve Turley, observing the pressures on the electoral college & how the Congress & Senate powers will work,

    “Trump URGED to Declare MARTIAL LAW as Congress Poised to BLOCK ELECTORS!!!”
    11 mins 54 secs : • Dec 18, 2020 : Dr, Steve Turley,

    Legal and legislature fronts + A new layer of action, now executive powers being advised from a number of corners to bring to effect.



      • Yes, he is bit light. 🙂
        and a bit repetitious, but the nuances of USA elections, history, compared to the media, still a refreshing drink.,.. Just do not fill up on it. 🙂

        I do like how in some videos, he has touched on the “political class” verses “populism” “nationalism” and sees that this point will remain, as people want to decide things.
        Still effervescent but there is a need for the counter argument that brings some commonsense.

        So we can see in parts there is an alternative to what the NZ government systems wants, and to see that as New Zealanders, we too can also hold firm, argue, and counter challenge the stasis of government here.

        Always appreciate how you cut through the crap too,



  12. Have a look at this data on Arizona. They are doing an audit in the state. They just have to look at the work these guys have done. Over 700,000 laundered votes !!!! (remember the 90 mile long car rally in Arizona !)


    I just hope all this manipulation is “recorded” on the Frankfurt servers —given what Maria Bartilomo (sp?) said on Fox yesterday about what her intel source told her , this could be the case.

    ( the irony is that Farrar would normally be all over work like this, like a kid in a candy shop but he is so blinded by his TDS he would not even acknowledge the work’s existence)



    • “The irony” Ross12.
      TDS is only a symptom.

      It is a belief that right or wrong, to be a part of the political class, a global supremacist elite.
      That is why the detestation of nationalism, that is prepared to break with controlling globalism, or Euro centralism, and work out their terms.
      The denigration of populism, which is people gaining information, knowledge & understanding to make their choice.

      Even having an ability with numbers, that one would think raise questions, maybe not with absolute certainty, but then jumps the rest of the way into a quagmire.

      Same as believing in computerized digital voting systems, and seeming to be so adamant they can be fool proof,
      Then refusing to see the sleight of hand, the influence behind some of the systems, like Scytl, which has gained a toehold in Auckland, smartmatic, Dominion, and then just the numbers that came into resurrecting, repeated play, not even caring about “irregularities”.

      Just like others in China join & believe in CCP supremacy over all others.
      So many connections in NZ, political parties, universities, sister cities, dairy companies,
      + forestry, etc. etc..

      Like Boris Johnson of being learned about Winston Churchill, but not really of the real politics behind W,C,
      Talks the talk, but not the walk, where it becomes difficult, stressful & a personal cost may have to be made.



      • Dairy companies yes.
        China owns Westland Dairy.

        When they decide to line up Fonterra for the ‘wipeout’ Fonterra will have nothing with which to respond.
        They are massively useless and cleaned out the bank after years of good results.
        They even had to sell Tip top ice-cream.

        Fonterra would not know ‘value add’ if it bit them in them in the RS.
        The outfit that saw ‘fit’ to pay a complete numpty like Todd Wassis-name $800 k a year will be like South Samoa in the 2009 Tsunami when China activates Westland to ‘strike ‘ like a dragon.

        I would suggest Anne Maria Brady has more smarts than all the top (sic) Management at Fonterra.



        • I agree with you. How can the Nats could think an ex leader of Fonterra, and now AirNZ are the answer to their leadership woes is beyond me. They are fucked if they think another JK is the answer. I think if JK was to come along now, even he would struggle to beat Cindy.
          The political environment has changed for the worse. To many wanting free stuff, a govt willing to give it to them and the taxpayer is muted.



  13. ‘Senior advisers Heather Simpson and Sir Brian Roche were urgently commissioned in August to review the regime after revelations many border staff were not being tested for Covid-19.

    The report highlights shoddy communication, a lack of clear leadership and confusing processes.’

    ‘The Government has pumped an extra $2.86 billion into the country’s testing and border response after a long-awaited report into testing revealed severe shortcomings at the Ministry of Health.’

    Saint Ashley’s outfit fu*ked up.
    Will the lying prick stand down?
    He is the CEO.

    No surprises.
    The only surprise was it was dumped at 10 am Friday and not 5pm.

    Ashley Bloomfailed should go.
    Sadly he will not.
    Dirty Ash is a crock.
    The deification of this failure should stop.
    It will not.
    Not while lying media filth have lead in their pencil to spray bullshit everywhere.

    Three Billion Dollars
    (taxpayers money)
    3 Bill to fix this
    It never ends.

    One can but hope that Scots College wipe this 3 Billion failure, Bloomfailed, off any Honours Board.



    • Actually, I don’t think Bloomfield is the problem. I beleive he is the scapegoat for the governments fucking inability to organise anything. I believe that if you dig deep enough, the issue lies with Hipkins and Arderne, but they are sacrosanct, so someone else needs shoving under the bus.



  14. https://www.sunlive.co.nz/news/258493-commission-to-be-appointed-to-tauranga-council.html?fbclid=IwAR1kot4gZa2mLCelhb2s9iJlkYAbKVjiYELmJIWm318mY_PY4MirNrY6-1I

    The Minister of Local Government has confirmed a Commission will be appointed to Tauranga City Council.

    Nanaia Mahuta wrote to the Council in early December that she intended to appoint a Commission due to significant governance problems among the Council’s elected representatives.

    As required in the Local Government Act 2002, the Council was given 10 days to respond.

    “The Council’s response has not presented me with sufficient evidence on how it is addressing its problems. I consider a Commission to be necessary to deliver the strategic leadership that the Council and city needs.

    “I will be sending the Commission a strong direction to ensure that the Tauranga community is engaged with and consulted on all significant decisions of the Council, as is required in the legislation,” says Nanaia Mahuta.

    “I hope that the elected representatives will work collectively to support the Commission. This will put the Council in the best position to return to fully elected representation at the 2022 local authority elections.

    “I am mindful that this has been a stressful period for Council staff and local ratepayers who are looking for certainty about the future of the Council. The confirmation to appoint Commissioners for Tauranga will help to pave the way for the next set of decisions early next year.



  15. This is an interesting read on China versus Aussie. Oh and throw in Canada for a side serve.

    China’s ban on Australian coal backfires spectacularly as electricity shortages worsen

    Beijing’s brutal bullying tactics have hit Australian businesses hard – but it turns out the communist state is shooting itself in the foot.

    am Clench is in New York to bring you the latest US political news, which includes speculation on which one of…

    China’s savage trade war with Australia has brought a string of industries to their knees – but now, it appears the feud has also spectacularly backfired for Beijing.

    In recent weeks, the superpower has rolled out harsh restrictions on many Australian sectors, including wine, timber, barley and lobsters.

    Aussie coal has also been unofficially banned since October, with steel mills and power companies apparently told to steer clear.

    It has also emerged that more than 60 ships carrying thermal and coking coal are stuck off China’s coast, unable to unload almost $700 million worth of Australian goods.
    Will you be boycotting Chinese products this Christmas?
    Will you be boycotting Chinese products this Christmas?
    Yes, it’s important to send a message to Beijing
    No, China makes too many of the things I need

    Some have been in limbo for months, with the ABC reporting there were suggestions environmental quality problems were being blamed for the delay.

    The brutal tactic has caused the price of Australia’s premium hard coking coal to plummet by 22 per cent since October, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison slamming the informal coal ban as a “breach of WTO rules” and “obviously in breach of our own free trade agreement”.

    But it turns out the decision is also having serious consequences for the communist state.


    According to The Australian, power shortages are increasing in China with millions of citizens resorting to rationing their heating over winter and avoiding using elevators.

    “You cannot pretend that bad relations between China and Australia haven’t contributed to this situation,” a Chinese energy insider told the publication.

    Last year, Australia supplied more than half of China’s thermal coal imports for power stations and more than 40 per cent of the nation’s imports of coking coal.

    According to Garda World, the world’s largest privately owned security services company which offers business solutions, electricity shortages are expected to affect parts of Hunan, Jiangxi, and Zhejiang provinces until early February 2021.

    That could lead to temporary commercial and communications disruptions, including mobile phones, as well as traffic disruptions caused by malfunctioning traffic signals and train delays due to impacted signalling devices or overhead wires.

    Supply chains and essential services like ATMs and gas stations could also be disrupted, with officials ordering a number of factories to operate during non-peak hours only.

    RELATED: Pay up: China’s Aussie bans backfire
    Crew members of the bulk carrier Anastasia have been stuck aboard their ship for several months as a trade dispute between Australia and China over coal exports intensifies. Picture: Twitter/@AnnaKrien
    Crew members of the bulk carrier Anastasia have been stuck aboard their ship for several months as a trade dispute between Australia and China over coal exports intensifies. Picture: Twitter/@AnnaKrien


    Earlier this month, the price of coking coal in China soared to a four-year high, with analysts from Chinese financial information portal Hexun Futures claiming the restrictions on Australian coal was a contributing factor.

    As a result, China has had to buy coal from Canada, which is one of the few remaining viable options – and the lack of competition has almost immediately led to higher prices.




    • I would say that there would be few countries that can ramp up coal production!
      I’m picking that the coal for the huntly power station coal maybe priced out of jazzhands price range!
      Never mind just stick up another two dozen wind turbines. What, takes at least five years lead in!



    • The Chinese can hike the tariff on Australian wine to make a big splash with the Chardonney-quaffing luvvies and to get millions of dollars of free publicity.
      However, the Chinese are in grave need of Australian coal and iron ore to keep their industrial juggernaut moving. They are far more vulnerable to Australia than they wish to admit. (And I think Australia knows it.)



    • Winter has barely started in the Northern Hemisphere.
      From Christmas the days slowly get longer, the cold will get stronger for a couple of more months.

      Of course Trudeau is in the CCP camp, to export coal, as he has been with the China’s “People’s Liberation Army”.
      What will Ardern make of her polygamous husband making money out ‘fossil fuels’?

      Just as Canada benefited from importing steel & aluminium from China, & then trucked versions of it into the USA.



    • Our political class think they have all the understanding of culture, shame, pandas, but forget melanin. etc. etc.

      China is “incurably militant” under communism: Gordon G. Chang

      On the topic of engagement theory, which held that China would become benign as they grew in strength, Gordon says:-
      “We’ve seen that, in fact, the opposite is true — [China] has become more hostile, more belligerent and certainly more dangerous. ……

      …… “But these hotlines with China don’t work, because when China doesn’t want to talk to you, they don’t pick up the hotline.”
      The video there is 6 mins 27 secs.
      So full of virtual signalling want to guide in the ways of the world for Winnie the Pooh- Xi, but do not realize;- do not get between bear & his honey.

      They risk tears dribbling down all our faces, which no hijab is going to dry. 🙁



  16. I don’t know if anyone else has seen this, which I came across via Google news, but it appears that Dear Leader is importing enough anti-Covid vaccine for 5 million people. As I am both religiously and ethically – opposed to compulsory injections and a firm believer in both personal responsibility and freedom of thought and action, it will be interesting to see what coercion ( aka ”Friendly Persuasion’) will be used to get us all jabbed, and what ‘legal incentives’ will be trotted out to be used against those malcontents who won’t co-operate. It promises to be an interesting time…



    • importing enough anti-Covid vaccine for 5 million people.

      That certainly shows intent that every one is to be vaccinated.

      Probably come in different batches.
      In the beginning probably keeping quiet about compulsion “friendly persuasion” until the uptake eases and gone through a number of priority groups.
      Then able to turn on seeking compulsion like no hospital or Doctors or nurses, unless vaccinated, or some other variant.

      However like the ministry of health stuff-ups, like the measles, flue vaccines, to bear in mind the “use by dates” “temperature tracking data” the logistics, any mixing, done by who and where, and are you able to check on this as we live in an open and transparent government, so they say.

      Trust them , well can not even trust Rolf Harris, British Paints, “sure can” 🙁

      Then noting that poor nurse in Curious’s comment captured on twitter.
      One would have thought she must have ticked all the right boxes, pregnant? drug allergy? egg allergy, just allergies? so why that collapse?

      Also to wonder about any longer term affects on the body, in so many different ways.



    • It concerns me too Komata. We will, by bribes or coercion, be compelled to accept a fast tracked vaccine into our bodies. If it sickens us or kills us there will be no comeback via the government that bought it nor the firms that supplied it. This in a country that embraces safety to the point of absurdity in all other facets of our lives.

      We are being softened up to trust the Labour Party. There is no organisation on planet Earth that I trust less than a clique of totalitarian socialists.



  17. Point by point Scott Goulet goes through the issues.

    Georgia Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene said in her tweet: “Every ‘Republican’ that isn’t fighting for @realDonaldTrump’s 2020 landslide victory is supporting the Chinese Communist Party takeover of America.

    In a retweet, attorney Linwood said, “CCP is our enemy. Our country needs to come together to battle a common foe. We always have. We always will.”

    Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama refuted Mitch McConnell on Dec. 15, saying “Senator McConnell is not the key to this. The key are the American Voters.”

    Mo Brooks told Newsmax that “he’ll object when Congress convenes Jan. 6 to count certificates of electoral votes.” “If you surrender, there is zero chance of success,” “Fighting yields a better chance than surrender, so I fight.”

    On December 15 the “Stop the Steal Coalition” said at a press conference at the Capitol Hill Club that seven Republican Congressmen had already responded to Brooks’ proposal to help President Trump and carry out the challenge when Congress convenes on January 06.

    Lin Wood: Unite to fight common foe; Supreme Court dockets Pennsylvania case | Front Page
    14 mins 25 secs. : circa 5:00 pm NZT Friday 18th December

    7 Congress men unite and will fight for Trump.
    The Senate hearing about the election “irregularities” and so more hear about the violations.

    Many legal points, some stymied, some are still slowly moving forward.

    Error rates of Dominion machines, seem to be way out of wack, as the forensic audits seem to be proving.

    President Trump will not concede & if needs be will challenge right up to 20th January, bearing in mind Article 12.

    Seeking special council to investigate.Hunter Biden taxes.

    Brief history of the Insurrection Law, to know & understand.

    Radcliffe’s report, yet to come if proving overseas interference in the election.



    • The original article written by Nikki Haley in how she believes what Biden should do if he gains Presidency, that is continue with much of Trump’s policy.
      …. I’m confident I will disagree with many Biden policies.
      For instance, his intention to rejoin the Paris climate accord is foolish, elevating platitudes over real economic and environmental progress and putting the United States at the mercy of other nations, such as China, ….
      … hold China accountable. Biden would endanger U.S. interests if he reversed course ……
      …. If Biden fails to push back, there will be no stopping Chinese communist aggression in Asia and beyond. ….
      …. Venezuela. … …. Cuban regime ….
      …… A Biden reversal in either country would amount to an embrace of socialism and give a pass to the most monstrous regimes in our hemisphere. ….
      …. continue to isolate Iran and encourage harmony between Israel and the Arab states, ….

      Maybe? Nikki thinks Biden has won?, but she is also showing the good in Trump’s policies, and to continue fighting for them.
      Biden and his Democrat crew, Blinken, from Obama’s time and John Kerry though now to climate enviro, will continue their socialist ways.



  18. Newly-released texts from former FBI agent Peter Strzok suggest that the Obama administration’s investigation of then-candidate Donald Trump for supposed “Russia collusion” began earlier than the official government narrative has acknowledged.

    Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who chairs the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, released new texts on Thursday from Strzok. One text, dated July 28, 2016, refers to “[o]ur open C[counter-]I[ntelligence] investigations relating to Trump’s Russian connections.”




  19. A group of Chinese-Canadian associations are marking the 70th anniversary of the Korean War by publicly condemning the United States and its allies, including Canada, as aggressors and imperialists while lauding China for fighting alongside North Korea.

    More than 26,000 Canadians in the army, navy and air force served in the United Nation-authorized military campaign to defend South Korea from China-backed North Korean forces in the early 1950s. The war claimed the lives of 516 Canadians, whose chief adversaries were Chinese and North Korean troops.




    • Viking, you mention Korea,
      Overall it was a hell of a time for all Koreans, but at least one half, though it has taken time, is flourishing.
      Just figure how well they would be doing from 1950’s if it was just all free, and not the costly defence systems having to be kept up, to high levels.

      This immigration, making it “inclusive diversity”, only brings on identity politics, a tribalism politics.
      It also shows the insidiousness of causing disruption, like one of the early “cultural revolutions” that was successfully used by Mao Tse Tung.
      Remember he also said,
      …. We Communists oppose all unjust wars that impede progress, but we do not oppose progressive, just wars. Not only do we Communists not oppose just wars; we actively participate in them. ….

      ….. Every Communist must grasp the truth; “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” ……

      As I mentioned in an above comment.
      China is “incurably militant” under communism: Gordon G. Chang

      It seems that Russia’s Putin, Brazil’s President & Mexico’s President all congratulated Joe Biden on Mitch McConnell’s announcement.

      So far the North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un has not seen fit to congratulate Biden.
      That was on the Front Page Scott Goulet’s above video.

      I wonder why?? His Kim’s understanding a lot more of US politics than the misfits here in NZ?
      Not wanting to get wrong about Trump surviving to a 2nd term? 🙂



  20. Incoming Southern District Health Board chairman Pete Hodgson says he wants to move away from a Dunedin-centric approach to secondary care.

    Hodgson, a former Minister of Health and chairman of the Southern Partnership Group, was appointed to replace Dave Cull, who stepped down in October after being diagnosed with a tumour on his pancreas.

    Remember this nasty piece of crap.



  21. What can we say?

    Ngawai Kararaina Maria Himiona, 30, was allegedly murdered by a 34-year-old man at an address on Kentucky Crescent, Hamilton, on Wednesday.


    Another warrior takes utu.



  22. I know this is American, but how deep & in what forms is it also in the NZ education system.
    There is a lot of money being pushed into this in the States.
    So often NZ follows these systems, and this is where we too often lead the way also.
    Would this be one of the ways NZ children are being ‘dumbed down’.

    A good article from what this concerned guy has worked out, and picks it apart.

    some excerpts from the document:

    “All students are entitled to quality instruction within an equitable learning environment, designed to meet their specific learning needs.”

    What stood out from this sentence was “….. an equitable learning environment“. We wondered, “what does that mean?”
    Reading further it became clear what it meant and it had nothing to do with math.

    The document explained further:

    “Promoting and supporting equitable practices for students is a complex process and is best supported when your collaborative team examines several factors. The National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics’ (2008) position statement on equity recommends that mathematics educators:” [NOTE: Only educated idiot psychologists and sociologists can make something a complex process]

    ~ “Respond to equity as a meaningful process to address social justice issues of race, language, gender, and class bias.” [and they call this math!]
    ~ “Embrace a mindset shift from a student deficit perspective of equity to a focus on creating opportunities for equal access to meaningful mathematics.” [what does “equity” have to do with math?]
    ~ “Recognize underachievement not as a result of group membership but more likely a symptom of varying beliefs, opportunities and experiences to learn mathematics.” [more gibberish]
    This so-called mathematics-teaching document finished with:

    “Recognizing and responding to these important facets of equity will promote the rich conversations needed in your collaborative team to promote high-quality instruction and equitable classrooms. Use our discussion questions in your collaborative team to facilitate the conversation.”

    So then we decided to look into the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM). We started with their mission statement, which reads:

    “NCSM envisions a professional and diverse learning community of educational leaders that ensures every student in every classroom has access to effective mathematics teachers, relevant curricula, culturally responsive pedagogy, and current technology.”

    One of the items contained in the mission statement was the continuing liberal theme of “equity”.

    “Motivate mathematics leaders to maintain a life-long commitment to provide EQUITY and access for all learners.”

    It is how they get a hold of the children, and start indoctrination.
    I know the maths arithmetic seems to be totally butchered.

    Nasska would know more maths off the top of his head, just how many things to a pen, total up weights and numbers, but actually have the real feelings of maths, and can easily see something is not right, when some one tries to computerize him with some fancy answer.
    My mother was the same, faster than a calculator just on straight arithmetic.
    So why this persistence from the political elite to change what is tried & true?

    When a 12 year old a 100 years ago, would be able to work out problems, that many university students have to be bought up to speed.

    Basic cabin boys that rose through the ranks, could work a sextant, sun sights, plus 3 star sights, and then use the havesines, cosines tangents, etc. tables to work out their position on this earth.

    Often we know or feelz something is not right, but when in words, like this, then we can focus, and push back with much more substance, and knock this nonsense on the head, and raise others to also think & question, just what is going on.

    In moderation, so thanks Ed in advance.



    • You’re largely onto it Simpleton. Basic arithmetic makes individual’s lives function. Assuming that pocket calculators would take over such fundamentals the overeducated & short on common-sense “educators” aimed their sights at calculus which I suggest that 60% of mankind is not equipped to comprehend.

      So instead of people who could work out what 5% off $10 was we ended up with a generation of people who consider everything mathematical to be double dutch. The dumb still didn’t couldn’t send a rocket to Mars & the intelligent couldn’t understand their bank statements.

      As an aside your correspondent could well understand fertiliser applications but anything more complicated looked like “If I have 10 marbles & you have 11 cats, how many pancakes will fit on the roof? “



  23. Hunty has an extremely sore arse today.
    Hunty has exposure to A2 Milk which has just had 2 billion dollars wiped of its market cap due to covid and a drop in sales thru the Chinese Daigou channel.
    I shall drown my sorrows in Pegasus Bay Chardonnay. Woe is me.



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