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    • Kea ,That is F—-King unbelievable , so now all the Countries criminal filth just have to have a meeting with Poto Williams and work out what crimes will necessitate a pursuit and which ones won’t ,Oh its so simple how come it’s not been done years ago?
      I know it’s been said many times but we are truly F—D.
      Would it be a law to benefit Maori and Pacifica as most new laws are these days?



    • So speeding along at say 111km/h, see piggy wiggy with read and blue lights behind me, I accelerate to 150kmh and the piggy wiggy backs off? Seriously? On that note I have seen a dramtic increase in pigs doing speed patrols and far fewer police chasing real criminals….. I dont have a major beef with the run of the mill copper on the beat doing police work, but this over emphasis on speeding is a crock of shit. I beleive the Waikato is especially bad where tolerances dont exist. Hope they get syphilis for Christmas.



      • Last year 28 Dec I was driving south from Auckland.
        I was planning the usual No 1, No 2. No 27 to Tirau,
        The No 2 across the Hauraki Plains was slow, very slow.
        So I turned around and went back to do the dreaded No.1 Goat-track of the Waikato.

        In the 1980s and 1990s that was a 1 hour 20 to 1 hour 30 trip, (Akl to Ham) .
        Since NZTA messed with the road it is never under 2 hours.
        A stupid road on a long swamp that needs constant rework to keep it open.

        I was flowing for about 20 km south of the Bombays then trouble.
        There was a road sign ‘Slow to Taupiri”
        It was a crawl.
        Another sign. The same.

        Then I got to Taupiri.
        There were Maori wandering below the cemetery on State goat track number uno.
        Throwing beer cans to each other and so on.
        Two cops there – doing nothing. Just Like Ext Reb protests, and Ihumatao
        They even warned us on road signs that they were prompting criminal behaviour.

        Three hours ten minutes to get 92 kilometres.
        Due to useless piggies.

        To add insult to this I received a ticket 2 weeks later for doing 103 km /hr that day near jenniferann.com formerly known as Pokeno.

        5 years ago – similar- coming up the Bombay hills from the south in early new year; you have to use the accelerator up that hill.
        I crested the hill and took foot off the accelerator.
        There was a piece of uniformed scum there with a camera – knowing this.
        A ticket for $30 at 102 km/hr

        I hate the fkg Stasi whose only role in NZ is to defend criminals.
        They are the mortal enemy.
        They allowed Brenton Tarrant, Brenton Tarrant, Brenton Tarrant to get the guns to kill 50+ people and stopped medics going in to save lives.

        They are low lifes, those cops.



      • Those ‘run of the mill’ coppers voted for the gun thief, serial liar and all-around scaredy cat Cahill for their Union Prez, as well as supporting Coster in his continuing excuses for iwi roadblocks and tangi excesses, so those run of the mill coppers are not notably on the side of law abiding citizenry.



    • Then the “karens” will want the next cure from the “expert class”

      Something like an immobilizer, set up in the computer systems of cars, that police can trigger.

      Along with that do not be surprised some form of governor that will not allow that excess speed,

      All under high fines for tampering and seizure of vehicle if one by-passes that sealed system.
      Well that will strongly be applied to the law abiding.

      More laws put in place, so more laws will be broken.



  1. Covid vaccine – totally safe, nurse faints – nothing to see here, move along

    At the risk of Covid Cindy’s new thought police sending me off to the Gulag, can I recommend you guys have a look at this video.

    Nurse Tiffany Dover, faints on live TV 17 minutes after getting the Pfizer Covid shot. That all seems perfectly legit! Right?

    Fortunately Tiffany was able to explain when she recovered consciousness that she “has a condition that means she faints when she feels pain”.

    So Tiffany dear, we all have that condition where our body reacts badly when strange genetically modified organisms and mercury-based compound poisons are injected into our blood system to treat a disease that most of us won’t have a fucking clue we actually had – it’s called AN IMMUNE SYSTEM!

    And re Tiffany’s explanation … “There’s pain? Pain so intense it makes you faint?” Nobody mentioned the pain.

    So to recap:
    – This is about Covid, a disease that’s so lethal – most of us won’t know we have it
    – It’s a disease so lethal than only 4 out of a 1000 people who do get it will die (and even then only if they’re so terribly ill they’re just about at death’s door from cancer or something else horrible)
    – And even though humanity has been investing billions to cure this disease (the common cold aka Corona virus aka Covid) over half a century – all of a sudden this injection of toxic GMO sludge is “for our benefit”
    – And when there’s a prom night beauty pagent for this nurse to show how safe it is – she blacks out?

    I don’t know why anyone at all would be suspicious of the whole thing.



    • DP you summarise the insanity of the COVID hysteria perfectly.

      Now, how the fuck do we get out of this horror movie of cowardly panic and state control?

      I’ve done the Queen St protest but was only one of a hundred in a city of a million.



      • Probably the most effective protest will be to stand out of sight & well to the back of the queue when the forced immunisations start.

        It won’t take many followers of the Mad Queen to pass out or drop dead from the effects of the vaccine before even the most dense realise the risks outweigh the possible benefits.



      • Well that is a very good question GRITS. To be honest, the most important issue for every sane person at present is that Trump is President for the next 4 years (personally I’d make the orange bugger Pres for Life). If he triumphs, then there will be a lot of collateral damage:
        1) bad actors in NZ (looking at Covid Cindy and Soros’s buddy Helen Clark) will be exposed
        2) election integrity will become a huge issue (well if we have any kind of balls or intelligence from Act it will)
        3) there will be an unravelling of CCP’s infiltration across every level of the western world (exposing NZ’s
        ‘colony’ status)

        If Trump is cheated out of what is increasingly looking like a historic landslide victory – then there is no hope and the best we can do is go dark, install a VPN and watch 1984 for tips on how to survive and what not to do. Trump is the last and best hope for sane folks – if he loses then you just need to keep your head down.



  2. “It’s sodomy. It isn’t gay love, it isn’t natural, it isn’t acceptable in the eyes of the Lord, it isn’t a right.” Preached the priest from the pulpit.

    “And it isn’t my turn this week,” shouted a choirboy from the back of the church.



  3. Eventually the ordinary people will have to declare “I would rather take the .01 percent risk of dying of COVID than endlessly suffering the tyranny of doctors’.

    Are doctors going to stop us driving, eating what we want, skydiving, jogging, sailing…




  4. GRITS;
    “Now, how the fuck do we get out of this horror movie of cowardly panic and state control?

    I’ve done the Queen St protest but was only one of a hundred in a city of a million.”

    You vote your way into socialism, but have to shoot your way out.

    A hundred in a million. Therein lies the problem, as we all know. By design we are all busy chasing our tails through our short little insignificant lives. Already slaves. Slaves to debt, slaves to the dollar. Too busy to become an organised resistance. I don’t have the answers.

    This coming vaccine may be a line in the sand moment for humanity, it remains to be seen. It will be more dumbing down of society in any event.
    The sheeple will concede without a wimper. How much coercion will play a part will be the crucial giveaway.

    Most of us want Trump back in, but that only buys 4 more years. I do not think he will be allowed back in. If he somehow manages to beat the swamp creatures I would put a dollar on him being taken care of (arkansawed/Epsteined). The US is at a great crossroads. Interesting to watch. At least they have true patriots, unlike our hundred in a million aye!
    Will they rise up against the tyranny there? Interesting to watch.

    Something immense has to happen for the cabal to achieve their goal of a half billion population under a one world government. Will the vaccine play a part in this?

    I recently read that history shows us that the further a civilisation falls from the moral foundations of Christian values, the faster the civilisation collapses. We currently mirror Soddom and Gomorrah.

    Nice summary here of the great reset and the guiding hands involved:


    Nothing new for those that have looked into things, but short and easy for those that are just beginning.

    There are two types of people in this world.
    There are those that believe there is a great conspiracy to take over the world and enslave humanity under a One World Government, and those that have not looked into it yet.

    Have a great day all, chore time…….



  5. Dr. Steve Turley fizzes away.

    Pentagon HALTS Biden Transition Briefings as Patriot Militias Are INFILTRATING Government!!!
    Skips the initial blurb and starts straight in.
    12 mins 59 secs. : • Dec 19, 2020

    Trump as quietly installed some loyalists in the Pentagon.
    Veterans, and other conservatives have been putting themselves up for election in local government.

    The dreaded “populist” realignment 🙂 the people vs the political class, the expert class.
    A political paradigm that is rising around the world, as a reaction to globalism.
    Leading to different connections that have led to alliances, coalitions at grass roots, and extending up.
    – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Where I relate to more is when he talks about the “populist” realignment, that we wonder about here in NZ?
    The local government that is following the “democrat” way in the USA, with no effective push back.
    Ahead of the play as we here know, is not to have Republican National Nino alternatives to Labour/Greens.

    So how do we get ahead of this?,
    Not only Labour but also the Nino “expert class” the “technocrats” with their “bureacrats” that feel & use their power & control.
    They despise any form “nationalist” “populism” and will do everything to slyly sabotage, denigrate

    Turley points out that this is bigger than the focus on Trump, and will continue in the States even with out Trump, and is quietly building, though this is still in a formulating stage.
    That part of his optimism, is encouraging, as the alternative is ‘defeatism’ leading to nihilism.
    Still a realist, just like Winston Churchill, Trump never ever give in



    • I watched Turley earlier Simpleton. The growing “militia” groups are organising with a huge uptake of police members and ex-military joining to rally behind their president. We don’t know the half of what is going on behind the scenes. The left are being surrounded on all flanks.



      • An after effect of the fiery “peaceful” BLM & antifa ‘kindly’ protesting as explained by the media.

        Gun & ammo sales rocketed too, and so they will group up, learning how to use such, having fun, chatting, and thinking.
        One of the reasons of masks, social distancing, closing churches, pubs, etc.. so people can not meet up to talk, compare, discuss, question, and so think on things.
        Making it so only media information and that type of thinking is to be imbibed.
        But enough see through the lies, and can see the fun in Trump’s tweets and reactions

        Not only the increase number of members, but the influence in putting themselves up for election, and sounds like winning more than a few.

        What I take from the militia comment, is that people put themselves forward, either as the “dog catcher” “sheriff” “constables” “deputies” etc.
        Though unsaid that will coalesce at some near time as they elect their attorneys and Judges turning the judiciary.

        Though he did not say it, I also figure that others are putting themselves up on “school boards” etc., that when enough get on their influence will be good push back on those new nutty curriculum’s.



  6. Cindy and her friends the Greens demanding equity for the poor need to watch Jordan Peterson reality lesson.

    “It isn’t a redistribution of wealth that is going to fix the problem. It is way more complicated than that.”

    “A small proportion of people produce that is of value.”

    Truth About The “EVIL” 1% of Society (secret behind the 80/20 rule) – Jordan Peterson Motivation



  7. For those with technical bent below is a link to a study, which if I am reading it correctly, shows a significant correlation in the over 65’s between the flu vaccine and deaths from covid 19. The author does point out that correlation does not prove causation but that further investigation is warranted. It is a hard read, hopefully someone like Ivor Cummins will pick it up and make it easier for us lay people to understand.




    • This is all coming from the media (filth)
      Taking their orders in pay for play

      Making Russia the enemy ..as usual.

      Surely the real enemy is the one within
      The swamp critters.

      This is the same media who ‘reported’ election results last month
      Who have denigrated Donald J Trump repeatedly for 5 years straight

      I’ll raise my excitement level above zero when there is logic and proof.

      -The downing of two Malaysian airliners 6 years ago and only ever Russia a blamed – with no proof and massive media hysteria
      -The Novichok killings – that were not – with this ‘deadly’ Novichok (?) from Salisbury- a couple of miles from a Brit chem plant
      -The coup in Ukriane that was clearly orchestrated by USA but …
      – the Russia vessel grounded by a NZ harbourmaster in 1986 – sunk by cold warrior Captain Jamieson
      – years and years of the ‘russian interference ‘ in the 2016 elections (when we know with a little bit of Dominion… you can get it if you really want..)

      If you give media filth credibility for one you have to give credibility for the other….
      …and vice versa
      One only has to lie once to be a lair.
      And media have lied more than once.
      Truth would make them break out in a rash.

      The Chinese have far greater tech capability and they have their gear in place all over the Western world.

      Right now China has AU$700 million of coal in boats from Australia they wont let dock’
      China put tariffs on Aust wine and other products

      But but but Russia (ally in 100% of World wars) is the fecking enemy

      Do people admit that the Russians – the only ones to get astronauts to the ISS for most of the last 20 years have better tech than the USA and their fake feckers like M/soft, Amazon, Fakebook, Apple etc.
      Where USA destroyed better phone companies than their low quality US crap (CDMA) – like RIM and Nokia.
      Oh but ‘the media said’ they were going to go down anyway.
      Yeah right!
      The media conduit say what they are told to say.

      I was saying for 4 years the media/Demoncrat/swamp/Alt World Govt lies of the ‘Russian interference in the 2016 election’ was fake and told for nearly 4 year I was wrong.
      ….then the slow kids have finally caught up

      It is a constant con game out there.



    • Well I do agree that it is MSM fear porn to distract us, but ..the modus operandi of the NWO motherfuckers is:
      1) Pretend they’re terribly clever by telling us sheeple to watch out for the next plague they intend to visit on us
      2) They buy stocks in the companies that will benefit from the fraud (think IT companies with the Y2K bug, think green investment funds for Climate Change, think big pharma for Covid, I guess it’s time for the big IT and tech firms
      3) Then surprise, surprise the “wise and all-knowing” globalist NWO motherfucker stands ready to “Save the World” from the malaise they’ve inflicted on us.

      I suspect that there will be an attempt to show us what our future feudal serf status is going to look like by a manufactured cyber pandemic on critical infrastructure – we’ll be locked in our homes (again) for our own safety (again)



  8. Dr, Steve Turley, for the belt way points about the election.

    Supreme Court Gives Trump HUGE WIN as John Roberts Accused of FEARING RIOTS!!!
    Starts after his ad blurb:- https://youtu.be/TdI9xKKAt8Y?t=90
    12 mins 46 secs : • Dec 19, 2020

    The case of not including illegal aliens to vote, is won.

    Pressure on some of justices of SCROTUS,
    – –
    Judicial philosophy was originally based on “natural law” human not invented but discovered, and to reflect transending a divinely ordained integrity, for humans to discern.
    Law & Justice is eternal.

    Science revealed just chemicals, biological chemicals etc. so “legal positivism” replacing all legal norms of “natural law” as considered to be just human fabrications & inventions.
    So do not interpret the law but to construct the law as its power is derived from the “State”.

    Laws may change, but justice is supposed to be a constant.
    That is why then citizens can contest unjust laws.
    Under legal positivism there is no way a citizen can contest the law, as it is the States decrees.
    ———– – – – –
    It is often the last snippets, more of where the real focus, on the issue is, in bite size takes that I relate to the most, as I have paraphrased with e&oe of my understanding.

    So this may be the reason why even the SCOTUS and judiciary are actually part of the swamp, and creating defence systems of their constructed laws, knowing that justice is also malleable for them too. 🙁
    Is this why “law makers” are so flexible in accepting globalism? the WEF, UN, with inclusive diversity for the CCP?



  9. President Donald Trump on Friday signed legislation that would kick Chinese companies off U.S. stock exchanges unless they adhere to American auditing standards, the White House said, giving the Republican one more tool to threaten Beijing with before leaving office next month.

    “The Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act” bars securities of foreign companies from being listed on any U.S. exchange if they have failed to comply with the U.S. Public Accounting Oversight Board’s audits for three years in a row.




  10. Frog-Marched Into Klaus Schwab’s Dystopian Nightmare

    Matteo Salvini in Italy, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Russian President Vladmir Putin, Nigel Farage in the UK and even a flawed figure like Donald Trump are all examples of men who history will remember as having stood up when needed.

    At times each of them tried to move heaven and earth to stop the degradation of society, culture and the human condition in the face of an implacable enemy – communist ideologues bent on forcing humanity into submission to their will.




  11. The ‘constructism’ of defence of the shot kid seems to be staunch//
    …… Abdi had graduated from Christian independent school John Paul College at Daisy Hill before counter-terrorism police began investigating him.
    During his time at the school he was integral to the formation of the ‘Unity Council’ which emerged in response to discrimination in Australia based off overseas events.
    Under the group’s umbrella he even visited federal parliament to call on politicians to embrace multiculturalism and urge the media to play a more positive role in spreading the message. …..

    A message of “meritless inclusive diversity” imbibed by Parliament.



  12. The mindless still tout for “open borders” in support of the UN Global Migration Pact.

    Just like you don’t drink your mother’s milk anymore, the days of needing open immigration are gone.
    We are in a new world with over 330 million US Citizens and over 7.8 billion people on the planet.
    The immigration being good for this country argument is a flat-out lie.”


    If certain help can be done in their own countries, but the difficult choice, it is in their countries and to create the will to do it, only if they really want it.
    I do not think it can just be done on our western “human contructism”



  13. This corrupt communist govt is really pissing me off with its dodgy tricks releasing critical health info at the very last minute.

    Sadly we have a Govt that does not give a flying fuk about honest citizens.

    Where is National ?



    • ……”Where is National ?”……

      Bunkered down in the basement of its HQ in Pipitea Street working on its 2023 election strategy revolving around control of women’s wombs & introducing the death penalty for possession of marijuana.



    • Where is National ?

      At Christmas mass…daily

      And at confession asking a ‘man of the cloth’ for forgiveness for a mere 26% of the vote
      -without trying to understand why
      -nor asking if voting is a fraud here as well

      Where have they been since 2017?

      Certainly not in opposition.

      Notional 2019 – we will vote FOR Carbon crap laws that cost NZErs
      Change it ‘when we get into Govt’
      What a retard position.

      They better tell that lie in confession
      For a start, they <> Labour laws.
      The last to do that was Muldoon in 1975 when he stopped the new super scheme .
      The ones since are too scared to to do that as it involved people being being mean.

      Perhaps they better tell the priest in confession about their breaking of commandment X
      Thou shalt not steal

      By collecting salary for being in opposition but not doing any opposition they are effectively stealing .

      They will burn in the fire of hell !!



    • National is the enemy.

      At least Labour are honest about being psychotic socialists – I can give them credit because they basically are what they say they are.

      National is full of left wingers. They lie about who they are because they hold us voters in utter contempt and they are part of the globalist cabal. They are the other side of the UniParty coin. Imagine being so utterly morally corrupt that not only will you do the bidding of the NWO fascists, but you will lie about being conservatives.

      National are our mortal enemies, crooked fuckers like Labour who are out in the open – fair enough. But being absolutely identical to Labour and trying to fool all of us that they are conservative – that is the fucking pits.



      • They are conservative but only in a social sense. They believe that it is their absolute right to dictate the morals/behaviour of this nation’s citizens but when it comes to welfare & finance you couldn’t slide a lubricated Zigzag rice paper between them & Labour.



  14. What’s a bad web site?
    Big Bruvva is calling.

    IMF Proposes Punishing Dissidents by Lowering Their Credit Score if They Go to Bad Websites
    The Orwellian nightmare is taking shape.

    “Recent research documents that, once powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, these alternative data sources are often superior than traditional credit assessment methods,” they wrote, claiming that “the type of browser and hardware used to access the internet, the history of online searches and purchases” would determine a person’s credit score under their dystopian vision.




  15. Watching the America’s Cup boats today, gawd the British boat is a complete dog with nothing functioning properly and Ben Ainsley in frustration mode.
    They really haven’t progressed since the days of the Morris Oxford, the oil leaking British Leyland, the Maxis, Marina’s etc..? Nasska could add to the list..?
    Fucking dogs the lot of them !~



    • It is easy to forget that in the UK for two thirds of the last century competition was repelled not by superior British efficiency or innovation but by military force.

      Britain should be remembered for giving us third grade, know nothing, whining unionist tradesmen who wouldn’t have worked in an iron lung & Hillman Imps,



  16. FS. Defence force staff needing psychiatric counselling after working in managed isolation. You have got to be kidding. Fucking beam me up, Scotty. How would they have gone in rat-infested mud in the trenches, with bits of dead mates rotting around them, disease-ridden, getting mortared, gassed and their arses shot at? Our fallen must be turning in their graves. We’re fucked.



    • I think the problem that is so unsettling for NZ troops would be referred to as “rules of engagement”.
      Having the responsibility put on you, but really could not do anything!

      If some one spat at you, or did the dirty, you simply resolved the problem, like a grenade rolling around in their tent.
      Problem solved, as that guy would not know if next time the pin could be pulled out.

      The rules of engagement was kill or be killed. That eased a lot of frustrations. 🙂

      Here they were on duty, keeping watch, but simply could not touch any one, who walked past them, told them to sexually explore things, so they had to ring the police to apprehend any escapee.

      Yet if they did anything untoward or wrong, they would be court-martial’ed.

      A good poke or 2 with the bayonet would have sorted it, immediately.
      A round or 2 loosed off, whether over their head, or not, would have given them satisfaction. 🙂

      That is how to cure their mental afflictions, get rid of that civilian legal beagles oversight. 🙂

      Just read & see the price these Australian soldiers paid for relieving some of their stress.
      Just a bit of gallows humour.
      They were not drinking out the enemy’s skull.

      ~ Australian soldiers used a dead enemy’s fake leg as a war trophy in Afghanistan
      ~ The fake limb was then mounted to a wooden board under the words ‘Das Boot’
      ~ A photo shows a senior soldier drinking out of it in the Uruzgan province in 2009
      Soldier drinking ….
      He has voluntarily stood down from his position following leaking of the picture
      Two more senior SAS soldiers in pictures have been given ‘show cause’ notices
      Do you know more? Please email stephen.gibbs@mailonline.com

      ‘You think it, talk it and then walk it.’

      And none of those civilians that call for this & then judge “walk it”.



    • That heroic patriot has openly called John Roberts a crook – when a defamation lawyer says something that is defamatory and “truth” is the only defence – you know he’s got hold of the goods on Roberts!



  17. John Roberts won’t be coming down on the side of the righteous when this is all over. He is protecting himself not doing what is right. Lin Wood would not be calling him out if he didn’t have proof.



  18. Steady Scott Goulet, for Front Page presents a few sober points, and shows a realism of just how close the election is, and what it may turn on.

    Today we will discuss the Republican Congressmen who is going to join the electoral college vote challenge and we will dive into the 400,000 ballots discrepancy in PA.
    Trump has taken an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution, and he has the presidential powers to do so.
    “Trump should use those powers as president to safeguard the future of our republic and arrest those who have conspired to deprive people of their rights through the results.
    The Insurrection Act enables Trump to use the military to seize the key electoral evidence in contested states and deliver a transparent, accurate accounting of the vote.

    “Our system is in crisis. Trump would act to restore the rule of law.” Rep. Mo Brooks told Newsmax, “Any two people, one congressman and one Senator who object, can force houses of both to set it for a vote.”

    If the majority is against the objection, the result of the electoral vote will stand.
    If the majority is for it, the objection is sustained.
    The dissenting electoral vote is immediately invalidated.
    If neither President Trump nor Joe Biden has 270 votes, the House of Representatives will vote a President in and the Senate will vote for the Vice President on a one-vote per state basis, in accordance with the 12th Amendment.

    Republican Congressmen to join electoral college vote challenge; 400,000 ballots discrepancy in PA
    13 mins 28 secs. : Saturday 19th December 2020

    Congress heats up. Get real, will the numbers be there, after their debate? as some Democrats will have to cross the floor.

    Senate hears evidence, on many points. Transparency by electoral officials seems to be a mess.
    Evidence coming to light, legal channels are blocked, and people are starting to see this.

    Congress may fail, to get the numbers.

    Quite a number support Trump to get to the bottom of things.
    To find what is the real vote?
    So waiting until the official Ratcliffe Report is still far off from coming through, then maybe Trump can move to the Insurrection Act.
    ——— – – – – – –
    But remember by then the Electoral College vote ond Congress may have gone against Trump.
    Scott seems to be a lot more realist, and seems to be wanting to “deliver a transparent, accurate accounting of the vote.”.
    Sort of wanting as many of the public to see the wrongs done, so as to have as much support as possible, and then to get Trump to sort the election fraud out, with all the ramifications & consequences.
    January, will be an interesting month of tussle between the political class of bureau-techno-expert-crats. who believe in “humanist positivian law”, verses the will of the people, populism who look to the Constitution, the “natural law”.



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