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  1. Teacher addresses a student and asks: “How many kidneys do we have?”
    “Four!”, the student responds.
    “Four? Haha,” The teacher was one of those who took pleasure in picking on his students’ mistakes and demoralising them.
    “Bring a bundle of grass, because we have an ass in the room,” the teacher orders a front bencher.
    “And for me a coffee!”, the student added.
    The teacher was furious and expelled the student from the room.
    On his way out of the classroom, the student still had the audacity to correct the furious teacher:
    “You asked me how many kidneys ‘we have’. We have four: two of mine and two of yours. ‘We have’ is an expression used for the plural. Enjoy the grass.”



    • Better joke than the last few days Ed.
      The tide was out for a while !!

      You say
      ‘The teacher was one of those who took pleasure in picking on his students’ mistakes ‘

      That was exactly what Geoffrey Palmer was like when he was a law lecturer at Vic Uni.
      He would pick on a first year 18 year old student and work to humiliate them in from of their friends.
      He was a true prick from day one .
      He did not wait to be a politician to become one.

      Palmer left a lot of bad legislation.
      He prepared the RMA but it was Notional’s Red Bolger/Softcock Upton that passed it.
      Residents of Traitor Town .



  2. I’m more worried about what Goofs gonna do to my rates ,a 760 sq meter “section” 3 down from me sold for $1.85 million ,my rates are already pushing 4 grand a year FFS.
    Our house has a Council valuation of $45,000 and there are fricking mansions being built all around us, progress I guess, Pffffftt.



  3. This is a Trump supporter, there are 80+ million of them – the deep state needs to be afraid

    This amazing guy in California says it all – it seems to me that for a bunch of people who always think they’re the smartest ones in the room – the NWO are being incredibly retarded.

    It feels to me that all the NWO fuckers have done is pushed their good thing too far, they now seem to have opened everyone’s eyes to the evil they have been perpetuating since that sick fuck Bill Clinton took office and sold out. The level of fraud is so massive that it’s clear that Trump’s victory was unprecedented on a scale that means America has changed forever. 30 million legal gun owners in the USA (God knows how many other patriot types are illegal owners). These guys are organised and many of them are veterans of the most devastating military machine the world has ever seen – the US military.

    Clearly Trump’s war on the pedophacracy has got the disgusting child-abusing degenerates of the NWO really spooked and they had to move a lot earlier than they wanted to because Trump was getting close (with the Epstein case particularly) to unmasking them and the sinister animalistic way they violently sexually abuse children. Of course, the Chinese were more than happy to dive in with the human rights abusers – because it was a pathway for them to destabilise Trump who has been crucifying them on the world stage since he took office. And when you throw in George Soros’s advancing years – that old fucker can’t wait too many more years to see his life’s ambition (the destruction of the USA) realised.

    But it’s all back-fired, I do think the Deep State will continue to do the most outrageous and brazen things to try to deny the will of the American people – I think:
    – on Jan 4th the Georgia Senate run-off elections will be fraudulently given to the DNC
    – on Jan 6th the Senate and the Congress will dishonour the will of the people and install Sniffer Joe and I think Mike Pence will betray Trump in a Brutus-like moment by counting the DNC votes instead of the GOP votes for the contested states

    if all that comes to pass, imagine the mayhem that will ensue (most probably violently targetted at the RINO GOP traitors who turn against Trump). Surely the traitorous RINO Republicans know that they will be the first ones to be targetted – they’ll think that the scratching of their vehicles and the nasty tweets of Antifa will pale in comparison to what a Special Forces trained patriot will do to them once the gloves are off.

    The RINO Republicans are the worst of the enemies, they are the ones who need made the NWO pedophacracy corruption possible.

    And when you look around NZ, we have the same people doing the same shit here. The National party! No wonder they supported Cindy’s irrational gun ban!



  4. A bit random, maybe out of left field. A thought popped in. Are they getting ready for something big? Is something worse going to be released on us?

    “An unusually large number of changes” doesn’t sound like it is coming from the natural world/order of things. Is that a pointer towards a human influence? At this point, I’m still unconcerned. But still, we must watch for the subtle changes in the narrative. Are we being prepped for something a lot worse to come?




    • Orwellian times, what you are told doesn’t match with what you see. Stay alert and prepared.

      A little side note. I’ve had a summer cold the last few days but I have survived despite my crappy immune system. I’ve been isolating as you normally do when you have a normal HEAD COLD and feel like crap. I did not rush off to have a swab pushed up my nasal cavity!



    • I was listening to Victor Davis Hanson, among other things he is an advisor to Trump. He was talking about the progression of Covid and that the Chinese are now making money out of Covid. He commented “New Zealand among other countries are using Chinese made covid apps to track citizens”.

      Hubby just deleted the app from his phone. I’ve never uploaded it.

      Up the revolution!



      • ……”Hubby just deleted the app from his phone”……

        Is he certain that he is actually rid of it? Could be like freeing yourself from Norton AV.

        I can’t see our totalitarian overlords or their CCP enablers letting go of a victim easily.



      • I love walking past the covid app signs, its easy to do just keep on walking and don’t look back. Feel for all those people stopping to lock themselves in to a surveillance system of the government. Poor bastards sucked in



        • Wouldn’t you just hate to be behind karen, while she finds her phone in her handbag. Find the app, scan and except it. Put the phone away again and move on . Meanwhile you would be be pulling your hair out, if you were behind her! Me I would have to tell Karen to get her shit together and she wouldd need to go to her safe place and have a cry! Karens no better in the queue at the bank for example, you have to be careful or the bank, will close your account!



      • Poto the Minister for the po po

        from ‘Poto of the po po’ wiki page

        -Williams, who is of Cook Island descent,[1] was born in Wellington and grew up in Auckland, where she attended Beresford Street School and Auckland Girls’ Grammar.[2] Williams graduated from Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia with an MBA[3] and
        as of the start of 2014 was completing a doctorate on Pacific women’s leadership.[4]

        Great, another Labour critter that wants a useless PhD. Seems to be a lefty thing (Jill biden)

        -In May 2017, Williams suggested removing the presumption of innocence afforded to alleged perpetrators of sexual assault.[20]

        Fuck youse fellas and the rule of law.

        She seems rather stupid.
        Assumption of guilt in sexual assault (male on female only, of course.) but assumption that crims will have a change of heart and 2 weeks later;
        ..the 14 year old that stole a car with his mates and drove away from the cops will pop into the local po po station and ‘fess up.
        Yeah. Nah.

        A brown female born in NZ but obsessed with her Cook Island heritage.
        Either you are an MP for New Zealand or you are not.
        Fit in or Fuck off.
        Another shocker. Another YT hater like Daft Davis.
        Did they think this one would be better than Stewy Nash?



    I’ve been wondering how I can help in some small way and I considered donating money, but then I thought what guarantee is there that it will actually do any good?

    Far better to give something like food or medical supplies – so I found out that there are 4 containers leaving for Fiji in the next few days (2 each from Wellington and Auckland). The Auckland ones are collecting non-perishable food items (no clothes needed) at:

    66 Stoddard Road, Mt Roskill

    If others from Auckland would like to donate some canned foods, rice etc, then I’m sure they would be very pleased accept. Also it would be great if you could pass the word or post this info on other blogs and social media.

    The Fiji High Commission in Wellington are sure to know where the Wgtn containers are.



  6. China’s fishing fleet heading for Australia amid trade war

    Hundreds of them.
    Beijing’s monster fishing fleet has long since stripped its own waters bare. Now it is aggressively prowling the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans for a catch. And it is coming to Australia.

    It grabs as much as it can. As fast as it can. Wherever it can. Not that there is anything entirely unusual about this.

    What makes China’s fishing fleet different, however, is that the Communist Party officially sanctions its behaviour. It is organised and overseen by the Communist Party. And it’s used to assert the territorial ambitions of the Communist Party.

    It’s also huge.

    even worse for the Aussie recall that the Northern Territory govt. Sold their Port in Darwin to the Chinks.
    Australia’s rock lobster industry is just one of many targets of Beijing’s punitive economic acts. Now Australia’s fishers are worried Beijing’s fishing fleet may come for them: The site of a proposed new $218 million Chinese port is right in the middle of the Torres Strait rock lobster fishery.

    And we are just down the road. A couple of bloody big cyclones needed soon.

    Read an weep then look at this.
    China America Report.


    Cindy is going to wet her pants.



    • It seems to be another form of war, as the Dutch & Germans plunder British seas.
      Does Macron, Merkel European Parliament care about dolphins, porpoises, marine reserves.
      …. The bodies of dolphins and porpoises have washed up with alarming frequency along England’s south coast in recent days. ….
      …. This fleet of ten super-trawlers – an unprecedented number for this stretch of the English Channel – has been busy scooping up thousands of tons a day of herring and mackerel.
      But these fish are hunted by dolphins and porpoises as well – and conservationists blame the industrialised fishing giants for the spate of deaths as the air-breathing creatures are injured, killed or swim into the nets. …..
      …. should be prevented from entering protected and sensitive maritime areas,’ said Will McCallum, head of oceans at Greenpeace UK.
      ‘If they come across a pod of dolphins, their impact is inevitably much greater than a smaller vessel.’
      One Sussex fisherman told me that he believes the super-trawlers were ‘smashing the hell out of our seas’ ahead of the end of the Brexit transition period on December 31. ….
      ….. There is widespread global concern over 300 Chinese fishing boats and supporting fuel tankers in waters close to the Galapagos Islands, with their unique wildlife, to scoop up hordes of giant squid and fish.
      China, the world’s biggest exporter of seafood, has 17,000 ‘distant water’ vessels compared with an EU fleet of 300 boats and a 230-strong US fleet.
      Having depleted their own seas, they are sailing far further afield.
      Many Chinese boats are so big they grab as many fish in a few days as African or South American vessels catch in a year.
      Chinese crews often stretch nets between boats, a technique loathed by marine conservationists since it leads to huge bycatch.
      Analysts believe Beijing heavily subsidises its fishing fleet to extend its influence and reach around the world, while also supporting an industry that employs millions of Chinese to ensure they stay loyal to the Communist regime. …..
      There is widespread global concern over 300 Chinese fishing boats and supporting fuel tankers in waters close to the Galapagos Islands, with their unique wildlife, to scoop up hordes of giant squid and fish.
      China, the world’s biggest exporter of seafood, has 17,000 ‘distant water’ vessels compared with an EU fleet of 300 boats and a 230-strong US fleet.
      Having depleted their own seas, they are sailing far further afield.

      As the EU does not care, nor does the CCP.
      Either gear up, so you can make your stand;- or keep appeasing until totally capitulated. 🙁



    • And where is that Scott Morrison now after starting the first day off with being a token Maori.
      Im switching over to something else to cut out all the bullshit, fucking kindness, being nice and James Tame dressing up and acting like a girl..?
      Give me fucking strength people !~



  7. Front Page, Scott Goulet, goes through how he see the news points and how they tie in.

    Today we will talk about why the Pentagon suddenly paused transition meetings with the “president-elect” team. Acting Defense Department Secretary Chris Miller stated the reason behind this is for Christmas vacation. We will also discuss how hackers are targeting sensitive US departments.

    On Dec. 16, a petition appeared on the White House petition site, it stated, “ask President Trump to order martial law to save our country.” It points out that the United States is “heading toward a lawless socialist state” and that “we the people do not want to live in a country without security, freedom and free speech.

    As reported by media on Dec. 17, Tuberville believed the Senate should support a challenge to the Electoral College vote. He revealed the possibility of a challenge in a joint session of Congress, like Rep. Mo Brooks (R-CA).

    Pentagon: Pauses transition, Perfect time for a vacation?; Hackers target sensitive US dept
    15 mins 42 secs : circa 5:00 pm NZT Sunday 20th December 2020

    Navarro Report:- “The 6 key Irregularities of the Election” where politicians did not do their constitutional duties of investigation. State courts, SCOTUS, Legislatures have failed the people & if left to stand fail the people over “elections integrity”.
    Navarro’s book, “Death by China”

    Tommy Tuberville, wants more support for a Senate challenge in support of Trump.

    Biden’s supposed cabinet is being further revealed in some old e-mails, like with Hunter Biden.

    Pentagon abruptly halts transition team with Biden. Holiday time just to be polite?

    The Ratcliffe Report; foreign powers interference in the election or not?

    Cyber Pearl Harbour Incident. Far ranging compromises in nuclear, energy, Federal agencies, critical infrastructure, & private companies

    Advanced Persistent Threat, APT to gain access to many other systems.
    Organized by countries, organisations, but is it a convincing Russian direction as portrayed by media, who conveniently forget about the APT10 group which has previous history, that is with the CCP.
    Nor does the media connect “solar winds” with ‘alibaba’ & their own [media] financial connections to CCP.

    Is Justice Roberts compromised? Questions raised, remains.
    Navarro’s book, “Death by China” May 5, 2011
    Wikipedia shows it as an alarmist book going over the top.

    Sifting through reviews & comments, for some it is too much, and for others, he has a point.

    At the end of 2020, is the book on point now?



  8. The dwarf has awoken.
    NZ First president and secretary resign while party reviews election campaign

    New Zealand First’s president and secretary general have resigned as the party reviews the election campaign which saw it booted out of Parliament.

    The resignations of president Kristin Campbell-Smith​ and secretary general Liz Witehira​ were confirmed by acting party president Darroch Ball.

    New Zealand First’s treasurer Holly Howard has been made secretary general.

    In an email to supporters Ball, who was number 6 on the party’s list at the election, thanked Campbell-Smith and Witehira for their hard work over the last term.


    Winston not mentioned but then he wouldn’t be would he?



  9. It runs in the family it does.

    Although the DUI marked Biden’s first offence in Pennsylvania, the 33-year-old’s criminal record in New York includes spending more than US$110,000 on a stolen credit card and allegedly assaulting a New York Police Department officer.




  10. We had a visit from one of our granddaughters today. Delightful girl of 28 summers but presently carrying an attitude that could be photographed. She works in aged care & as night shifts end at 11pm she is no stranger to being caught up in police alcohol check points.

    She was stopped at such a point on SH2 going home one night last week & was given the full checkout, She drives an immaculate little sports car, registered, warranted, her licence was in order & she hadn’t been drinking. All good so far but she was questioned about what she was doing out “so late at night” despite being in her working uniform.

    For crying down the shitter! What business is it of anyone including the Police where an adult is heading at 11pm?



    • I understand

      i was a dinner in July 5 years ago in Kelburn and drove to the motorway by Tinakori Rd.
      Breath tested ; all fine. The motorway entrance was blocked to enforce compliance.

      10 minutes or so later on SH2 just north of Petone it started to rain.
      I was in rental car.
      Dropped to 90 km/hr to be safe on a road I was not a familiar with, 11.30 pm, wintertime, rain,
      All the right things

      A cop car came screaming up and pulled me over. Wanted to know why I was driving slow.
      Slow would have been 60 km/hr
      90 km/hr was probably the top in those circumstances.
      then he asked to breath test me .
      twice in under 15 mins.
      Also 2 days before in lower hutt a piggie said i did not have my lights on, a big lie, then proceeded to breath test.

      So three times in three days
      I guess they had to get some bollocks test numbers in.
      Nothing to do with road safety.

      The Wellington area cops are the pits- the ones harassing bar owners and New World Courtenay place.
      Free reign to ext Reb.

      I cant say there is no real crime in the Wellington region …..
      With Ardern and her mob, the biggest criminals are in Wellington.



      • They’re a law unto themselves howitis. In the 70s & early 80s I was employed by a Wairarapa cartage company & averaging at a guess two trips a week carrying stock to Ngauranga & occasionally Gear in Petone, The cops had/have a weigh station about halfway along the Hutt Rd & would regularly (like fortnightly) pull you into the station to be checked over.

        Instead of pulling in a couple of rigs they’d do half a dozen at a time & make everyone wait maybe 20 to 30 minutes while they had a wank or a cup of tea or whatever it was that the officious bastards filled their day with. They were rude & arrogant.

        Radio frequencies were in short supply & our allocated central Wairarapa ones were duplicated in Wellington. The traffic cops monitored the RT to catch drivers exchanging info on where the garbage were operating so we used codes.

        My favourites were (instance),”you can get your photo taken at Melling”(radar) & “there’s a mermaid on the Hutt Rd”. The latter translated to “a cunt with scales”. 🙂



  11. Apple and Facebook have been tangled in a fight over Apple’s new privacy updates since the summer. Tuesday’s update is only the first half of big changes — the second part is due to roll out early 2021, and will actively ask users to opt in to being tracked for advertising.

    This feature was originally supposed to launch in September, but was delayed after developers including Facebook said it would gut their ad revenue.

    The two tech giants have attacked each other ferociously over the feature. In a November letter to privacy-focused nonprofit groups, Apple accused Facebook of hoovering up as “much data as possible” to monetise their products while showing a “disregard for user privacy.”

    Facebook retaliated by accusing Apple of trying to leverage its market position to give itself an unfair advantage in collecting user data. “They claim it’s about privacy, but it’s about profit,” a Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider at the time.


    Let the battle commence.
    Customer should be the focus.
    Fakebook will lose it’s revenue , which would be justice over its treatment of trump.
    apple will get a serve sooner later with its support of the chinks.



  12. A tourist is driving through the Australian outback
    He turns a corner to see a guy having sex with a sheep on the roadside

    Disgusted and shocked he sees a pub up the road and calls in.

    As he enters he sees a one legged Australian masturbating against the bar.

    “Dear God” he says to the barman..”This country is disgusting”
    >Barman replies “Why is that mate ?”

    Tourist says “I’ve just seen a man having sex with a sheep and now a one legged man masturbating by the bar”

    “Be fair mate”, said the barman, “You can’t expect a one legged bloke to catch a sheep !!”



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