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  1. FFS here we go again,there is a report from Chinese officials that an outbreak of the deadly H5N6 birdflu is underway in Southern China .
    This virus has a 70% mortality rate but rhere is nothing to fear because the black tracker that runs the WHO says “there is no evidence of human to human infections”,,, now where have I heard that before??
    China is the filthy toilet block of the entire world and is being run by the most corrupt people on the planet and of course Joey Biden will restore the CCPs legitimacy in no time at all.
    Who could’ve guessed we’d be around to see the end of the world as we have known it ??



  2. Herald: “Gang corruption threat: Police establish National Integrity Unit to investigate links between cops and organised crime”
    A firearms register is going to endanger innocent families. This is the second attempt that I’ve heard of in the last year of potentially compromised police recruits. How many are going to get through? How many are already in the force? Gangs have more money than ever to obtain information.



    • Undoubtedly the Herald behind its pay wall, will have an update, and as this March article shows, although Commissioner says the problem is small, how much more is known.

      ….. Since 2015, 184 police staff have been investigated for possible misuse of the database.
      Eighty-nine of the allegations were upheld.

      As of October, 33 investigations had been launched into alleged police misuse of the NIA in 2019.
      Of those, seven had been upheld while 22 were ongoing. ….

      Mar 12 2020

      And the “political class” of experts, bureau-techno-crats that believe they know best, and only came down in the last shower, do not really care about the citizen.

      So the gangs increase by 13%, so the track of getting getting police information would have at least increased the same, if not much more.



    • I remain unhappy that Police continue to pursue an Arms register. I was not OK with the negative bias I perceived against Licenced Firearm owners from Police HQ, and the association, and reject that they should operate a register. Their performance has not given me any confidence the information will remain kept securely. I do not wish my family to be at risk after some fool has sold information.

      A register of arms will not stop thieves or do anything useful when containers go “missing” from the wharf. None of the contents in the particular container are likely to be registered.

      This current government is increasing its authoritarian approach and that is not acceptable. The Opposition parties need to step up.



        • And it will not help those who decide not to own guns any longer. Because they’ll still be on a leaked register as a former gun owner. Thieves and gangs (but I repeat myself) will still do home invasions looking for guns; and when people try to convince home invaders they don’t have guns anymore, the violence will just get worse. And all the people who want a register, won’t care or be held culpable.



  3. So much for the gun confiscation from law-abiding folk. What sort of arsenal could you fit in a shipping container – obviously don’t need something this big to bring in drugs.
    In June, a supervisor at the Ports of Auckland was sentenced after a shipping container flagged for inspection disappeared from the wharves on the back of the truck in the middle of the night. The container was linked to the Mongols gang and $90,000 was found in a shoebox at the port supervisor’s home.



    • I have elicited this through ‘press reader’


      The police only talk about drugs, and the trail of the container had gone cold.

      This seems to be kept quiet, and certainly know mention of guns, as it would show the police up, and their controlling gun seizure and registering guns concept, when there this is a possibly of being the tip of the iceberg of being a “gun running” operation, using containers.
      Now that seems to be a hard hitter.
      ….. one of the firearms seized on Tuesday was confirmed to be an MP38 submachine gun. …..
      What do they mean by lots, more than what they seized from legitimate licenced fire arm owners?

      30 November 2020
      ….. lots of firearms out there, very powerful military style semi-automatic weapons, ….

      …….. definitely been a bit of an upswing in people who are selling secrets or are helping these groups to facilitate their business.
      “One example was a young constable up in Counties Manukau, he got pinged diving into the police intelligence computer system, to dig out secrets, which he sold to some of these gangs. ….

      ….. There’s more guns and technology in use ‘every day’, …..

      Then continuing on into another mystery this month.
      Sure it is holiday time, and the courts do operate, so either no court, or no case to be bought.
      Lazy journalists? No further questions? Not even a suppression order?
      Are the media also in to censor, believing it is for the greater good?
      I wonder why?

      …. armed police searched a Rolleston home south of Christchurch on Monday morning, where the local president of the gang resides. The gang’s headquarters in Burnham were also reportedly raided. ….
      ….. search warrants had been executed at properties in Burnham and Rolleston but would not confirm any further details. ….


      No more news about this, …
      No arrests? no drugs? no guns? no stash of cash, nothing in court? …. Tipped off? …. hmmm …

      What is really happening in NZ where it is deemed that the legitimate fire arm owners who complied to be licenced and now to register, when so many times, like in New Zealand, Australia, USA, others of nefarious character obtain that data.



  4. China virus helped accelerate economic expansion by 5 years

    In the legal fraternity you hear the phrase “cui bono” a lot in relation to discerning the rationale for corruption and crime. It means “who benefits”. For us normal folk we all know that the easiest way to understand corruption is to “follow the money”.

    Let me give you an example. Bewildered by the unashamedly one-sided MSM coverage of corrupt and incompetent Covid Cindy? How is that explained? Follow the $100 million in bribes Covid subisidies paid to MSM outfits in the lead up to the election and it all becomes clear and understandable.

    On a far more sinister front, applying the cui bono approach to Covid, news breaks that 2020 was a fucking fantastic year for China!

    Thanks to the massive contraction of western economies due to their pig-fucking ignorant and generally insane approach to a bad cold season (ie fear porn Covid 19) – China is now on track to overtake the US as the largest and most dominant global economy by 2028 (previously that was not slated to happen until 2033).

    Just have a think about that! That is a massive, massive gain! China basically teleported 5 years fast forward in their great plan for global domination! And all they had to do was unleash a bio weapon on the world!

    There has been no blowback on China for releasing this bio weapon, in fact all of our bought and paid for leaders are scrupulously careful not to even hint that the CCP are fucking wankers for what they did! Australia made a peep about and now China is trying to extinguish them (a small taste of what will happen to anyone that dares point out obvious truths about China).

    Cui bono from the China Virus? Fucking China that’s who and under the circumstances what’s to stop them doing this again and again and again?



    • Your point about China releasing a bioweapon is well made, DP, but I’m in two minds about whether or not this is what really happened. After all a bioweapon would surely be actually dangerous, wouldn’t it? Whereas this Covid-19 virus isn’t really dangerous at all – as you say it’s more like a bad cold.

      I think we are under attack, yes, and it might well be by the Chinese, but the weapon is not biological, it is psychological. How else can you explain the sheer cowardly panic that has caused the devastation of the world’s economic and social structure over a mere sniffle?

      As I wrote on another thread, I suspect that AI has had a huge part to play in this and it has exposed our civilisation and shown us up for what we have become; cowardly, self-hating and basically rotten to the core.

      Did the CCP start this? Maybe. But if they did, then, our ‘leaders’ have certainly made their attack the success it has been and Xi and his mates must be pissing themselves laughing at us wài guó rén and the suicidal chaos which we have created for ourselves.



      • Good point, well made. I do agree. Covid was just the excuse – true that the real pandemic is fear resulting out of a sustained psyop attack against us.

        And also good point re our leaders. It seems very much like Covid Cindy has been groomed for this for a long long time. There is much that is rotten in her past:
        – Waikato Uni (need I say more)
        – scholarship from the Masons (Dad a cop – hmm that doesn’t smell at all fishy given in the UK how the masonic brotherhood in the cops has long sheltered the UK elite’s pedophile perverts at the highest levels)
        – Pres of International Student Youth (Comrade!)
        – grooming time in the war criminal Tony Blair’s office (who recently said “we have people at the highest levels around the world” – who could he have been talking about in NZ I wonder)
        – grooming in China as part of her Pres of ISY (which is always kept v quiet – I even saw it sneakily removed from Cindy’s Wiki page for a few days)
        – close relationships with the most evil people on the planet (Jack Dorsey, Macron, Trudeau, Podesta, psycho Hillary)
        – devoted worshipper of the UN and the psychotic Bill and Melinda Gates
        – funny how Auckland drug dealers get special treatment when Cindy was PM

        I could go on – but point is more than proven. Plus Cindy always runs for cover whenever she is asked any tough questions about her handlers the CCP.



    • If you want to go down this route of “who benefits” DP, you need to go back to the Repo market on Wall St in September of last year. It was 2008 all over again with the Fed having to pump in billions daily to stop the financial system collapsing and conveniently this “pandemic”comes along and there is cover for all of the massive money printing going on. Also cover for the coming collapse and new digital cashless system that is in the pipeline… all the viruses fault eh!

      As for the virus coming from China, are you not aware of it of covid-19 anti-bodies showing up in blood samples taken in Italy well before it was recognized in China?.. same for waste water samples in Spain.

      I know normie conservatives are very good at seeing the bias in the MSM for most things, especially “orange man bad” but have taken the “hook, line and sinker” for “yellow man bad”!



      • towaka ,absolutely correct, this virus has given useless leaders and power hungry wannabe dictators the excuse to do just about anything they want, especially here in Gayotearoa where 60 % of the voting public are stunned in awe of our great leader…



    • Remain strong Mellissa Carone!

      Another form of pressure is from Iran.

      The websites and social media accounts, called “Enemies of the People” and “Enemies of the Nation”, were created in early December and included the names, photos, contact details and home addresses of 38 US federal, state and local officials, as well as private citizens employed by Dominion – which sells electronic voting software and hardware.

      Rifle crosshairs were imposed on the images of the individuals listed on the websites.

      The thing is do not trust the government for your protection.
      So be wise, to be careful out there.



  5. A doctor tells his patient, well Mr Jones, I’ve got bad news and worse news for you.
    Mr Jones says, ok doc. Whatever it is, I can take it. Give me the worst news first.
    The doctor gives it to him straight. You’ve got cancer Mr Jones.
    Mr Jones winces as he absorbs the news.
    Then asks doc, what else?
    Doc says, you’ve also got Alzheimers.
    To that, Mr jones slumps over for a couple seconds as he takes it all in. Then he stands up straight looking somewhat relieved and says, well, I guess it could be worse. ..at least I don’t have cancer…



  6. NZ Herald behind the paywall!
    NZ has alot of beaches and some beaches drown people more than others!
    So the feral has done an investigation to find the most dangerous ones, where you are more likely to drown at! Only trouble is a secert to most people as it’s behind the paywall!
    Could the ferald beheld responsible when someone drowns.
    Will Woke Safe investergate a firm contributing to more drownings?



  7. A Catholic priest is walking down the street when suddenly a sweating, greasy Turk accosts him.

    “Pictures of little boys.” says the Turk.

    “Go away, I’m not interested.” says the priest.

    The Turk is persistent. “Go on – pictures of leetle boyssss!!!” he leers.

    “I’m a man of God – go away!” yells the priest.

    “Last chance – pictures of leetle boys!!!!!” sneers the Turk.

    “Oh okay then,” sighs the priest, “how many do you want?”



  8. Germany says COVID vaccinations will begin in early January

    German chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff, Helge Braun, has said he expects COVID-19 vaccinations to start in the country “in the very first days” of the new year.

    Braun added that he was prepared to help vaccinate people himself, and that he and Merkel will get vaccinated “when it is our turn”.




  9. Biderman Report of 1956 on Communist coercive methods for eliciting individual compliance:

    Monopolization of perception
    Induced debility and exhaustion
    Occasional indulgences
    Demonstrate omnipotence
    Enforcing trivial demands


    Posted below are the two reports. Bidermans and Amnesty Internationals,





  10. CNN tardos intentionally mis-quote Trump to fit their narrative “Orange man bad”
    On April 24th 2020 they distorted the facts to suit.
    If you listen to what he actually says, this next bit makes sense.
    22 seconds in.

    Trump knows, he always knows.

    Tel Aviv research: 99.9% of COVID-19 virus dead in 30 seconds with UV LEDs

    UV light, respiratory catheter for COVID-19 from Cedars-Sinai seeking emergency use

    Scott Adams. Dilbert cartoonist.



  11. It’s the third wave that sinks you. It feels like the world is just muddling through at the moment. What will next year bring?
    Sobering reading. What’s to come.

    The supply destruction that is going on behind the scenes as corporations shut down operations and scrap equipment, machinery and vehicles will only come to public prominence when governments declare the pandemic to be over. Only then, when key fuels and resources are no longer available to us in the quantities required will we fully understand the folly of shutting down economies in a failed attempt to halt the spread of a not particularly dangerous virus. But the consequences of that third wave, which will give rise to evils from third world debt defaults and increased poverty and hunger to trade and resource wars, will be beyond our capacity to resolve. Lacking the energy and resources even to develop a steady-state economy, the global economy which emerges out of the pandemic response can only collapse; most likely rapidly.

    Remember that the post-pandemic response is not simply a crisis of our governments’ making; it is also a continuation and an acceleration of an overshoot crisis which has been unfolding since the early 1970s. As I wrote at the beginning of the lockdown:

    “Neoliberal globalisation was an adaptive (nobody planned it) attempt to maintain growth in the face of declining surplus energy. Transferring and concentrating manufacturing in regions of the world that have cheaper labour in abundance, and which have fewer concerns about burning coal and living with pollution helped drive the price of goods down to the point that western consumers could (at least with the aid of credit cards) afford them. But as the energy cost of energy has continued to increase, even the growth seen in Asia since 2008 was already grinding to a halt long before some hapless Chinese diner decided that bat stew was a good idea.”

    Prior to Covid-19 we might have looked forward to another decade of gradual economic shrinkage; allowing us to save at least some of the trappings of an advanced industrial civilisation. That hope has now largely evaporated. When the third, post-Covid supply-side wave washes over us, the dislocation will be so great and so rapid that even the most basic activities like putting enough food on the table may well be beyond us.




    • Well, I am planting extra vegetables. Self reliance will increasingly become more important for well being.

      I do not trust government nor have any expectation government will provide. To date all they have done in my observation is increase living costs. This current outfit and their half baked ideology is not the answer. Self reliance and less government is the better objective.



  12. Interesting that Ardern is dropping hints that her time to bugger off is approaching.

    She will seek advice from friends and family. I am neither but prepared to tell her that it’s time to move on. Now !!!

    The going is starting to get tough for her and the fairy dust has gone. Her anxiety rating must be through the roof now that her paid media has given up on her. In addition her previous numerous lies have been identified.



  13. November Gun-Buying Activity Shatters Records, Highest Percent Increase In Over Two Decades

    Last month was the busiest November on record for FBI background checks in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, according to the Bureau’s month-by-month data. Background checks were up 40% from the prior November, with over 3.6 million checks performed throughout the month.




  14. Fauci says he altered public scientific estimates based on opinion polls

    “When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75 percent,” he told reporter Donald McNeil. “Then, when newer surveys said 60 percent or more would take it, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85.”

    Fauci admitted that scientists “really don’t know what the real number is,” though he himself estimated that the “real range is somewhere between 70 to 90 percent.”

    “But, I’m not going to say 90 percent,” he added, because “doing so might be discouraging to Americans,” according to the Times.

    Fauci’s reported admission that he altered his public scientific estimates on the basis of polling numbers is not the first time the doctor has admitted to misleading the public during the COVID crisis.




  15. It’s a five minute walk from my house to the pub
    It’s a 35 minute walk from the pub to my house
    The difference is staggering

    and when I get home

    People who wonder
    whether the glass is half empty or half full
    are missing the point.
    The glass is refillable.



  16. The optimist thinks the glass is mine and I can drink it and through my action refill it. The pessimist says it’s half empty and concentrates on their loss and negativity, as in their minds it must get worse and the level go down. In the meantime the optimist has enjoyed the glass and passed on . Most noticeable the pessimist is focused on the glasses level not the pleasure of the drink or the fact that half means half.



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