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  1. Morning fellow deplorables. The final day of what has
    been an unprecedented year in NZ”s history as well as the
    rest of the planet. Thanks to all of you for giving me some
    hope during the cruel ‘lockdown’ with your humour, wisdom,
    and kindness. I love being a part of this little crowd of miscreants.
    Thanks Ed for this platform where people can be free.
    Whatever you are planning tonight, go nuts and enjoy yourselves.
    Happy New Year from Arty Pyle.



    • Right back at you Artimus. I wear my “deplorable” badge with honour!!
      Good riddence to the weirdest year ever and all the best everyone for an enjoyable and festive last day of the year. Good tidings to all.
      Make 2021 Great Again!!



  2. The nice thing about being a deplorable is that you can be nice to your fellow man.
    you can also tell the ohere’s that you don’t give a shit if you hurt their woke feelings.
    and we need to because otherwise the meek will inherit the earth.

    The ‘extinction of old forms’, Darwin wrote in 1859, ‘is the almost inevitable consequence of the production of new forms.’ The old moguls were outflanked, outfought, outbought. Now they’re on their way out or being assimilated by China entirely. ( recognise that bit?? Read yesterdays go woke.)



  3. Happy New Year to you all. I do fear for what 2021 will bring, but with all your good humour and your talent to get a grip on what is happening in our crazed world it will help to get me through. Thank you first to Ed for a great site where we can discuss the ways of the world without fear or favour and then to all the contributors I so enjoy your points of view. Thank you one and all. even Kea who at times has great sense and wit and others perhaps not so much///// See you in 2021 enjoy your festivities while you may.



  4. Waikeria Prison uprising: Tense stand-off heads into third day

    Where is Cindy and Angry?

    Neither have fronted up to this
    Why haven’t the media been knocking their doors down.
    Where is the dirty minister?
    In fact where are any of our paid overlords?
    Its a workday for many and not one of these entitled shits has turned up to apologise to the prisoners and berate the poor bloody taxpayer for having a such not nice comfy place for criminals.

    Now if it was covd there would have been a parade of the sleazeballs.
    It would be a reasonable assumption to say that there were a few 501’s s among the trouble makers.


    Where is the Queen of kindness????

    Some place off shore perhaps?



      • Special K -the Thug in a suit – Prezident of the 501s – would probably join the prisoners against the guards.

        It would be nice to see the guards take down the racist, ignorant shit and put him in solitary for … a year or two
        Given he has been in witless protection for 3 years that should be no hardship.



    • Please call back in February, cous !

      About the 5th
      The priNZess will be BBQing for her worthy subjects at Whaitangi
      You are not one of them (not worthy, that is, you deplorable)

      This time last year the tart was in aussie for weeks while the crooked AU press used her as an anti-Morrison tool
      A weapon of vapid destruction



  5. China and EU reach broad investment agreement

    Pact seen solidifying ties between two of world’s largest economies
    Chinese President Xi Jinping, top left, and European leaders attend a videoconference Dec. 30 on the investment deal. © Reuters
    YASUO TAKEUCHI and IORI KAWATE, Nikkei staff writersDecember 30, 2020 23:14 JSTUpdated on December 31, 2020 02:16 JST

    BRUSSELS/BEIJING — China and the European Union struck a sweeping agreement Wednesday on an investment pact that will deepen ties between the world’s second- and third-largest economies.

    The two sides wrapped up talks on the broad outlines of the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment in a video meeting attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping, European Council President Charles Michel, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron.


    China about to screw the EU.
    Of course they do.



  6. In moderation, thanks Ed in advance, must be a touch of those “social engineering” greenist cyclist contamination.

    The greens seem to have granted a lot of rights to cyclists in New York.
    Seems to fit in so well with getting social agencies instead of the “defunded police” to keep law & order on the streets.
    The jungle they have “social engineered” and seems like a lawlessness to create fear in the public.
    This does not seem to be BLM or antifa, but just the ‘good’ children of the streets.

    15 secs.

    Then do not be surprised when
    a chaotic scene around a stopped car surrounded by protesters, before the vehicle lurched into the crowd, sending some people and bicycles tumbling.

    So then the police turn up & detain the driver.

    Must be getting set up for a good Party night for New Years EVE?

    Not far off happening in NZ? when police, & Ardern supposedly legitimize road blocks.



  7. Things are heating up in US politics

    1st senator to object to Electoral College cert.; Stimulus checks coming to millions of Americans

    Senator Mitch McConnell introduces a new pandemic relief bill, new court filings show Vice President Mike Pence did not agree to a plan to overturn the election results, and the organizer of the ‘Stop the Steal’ movement says there’s an attempt to stop the January 6th march for election integrity.



  8. A blonde is out shopping when she comes across something in the store she doesn’t recognise. She grabs an associate and asks him, “What is this?”
    The associate looks at the product she’s indicating and says, “That’s a thermos.”
    “Oh,” the blonde says. After a pause she asks, “What’s it for?”
    The associate tells her, “It keeps hot food hot and cold foods cold.”
    “Oh,” the blonde says, “That’s neat! I’ll take it!”
    At work the next day, she has the thermos with her. A co-worker comes up to her and asks, “What is that?”
    The blonde replied, “It’s a thermos.”
    “What’s it for?”
    “It keeps hot foods hot and cold foods cold.”
    “That’s cool. What have you got in it?”
    The blonde replied, “Some soup and a couple of popsicles.”



  9. 18,000 Maori meet at the Semenoff Stadium in Whangarei for a ‘Maori Are Not Stupid’ convention.

    Hone Harawira addresses the crowd.. ‘We are all here today to prove to the world that Maori are not stupid. Can I have a volunteer please?’

    Kelvin Davis gingerly works his way through the crowd & steps up to the stage.
    Hone asks him ‘What is 15 plus 15?’

    After 15 or 20 seconds Kelvin says, ‘ Forty!’ Obviously everyone is a little disappointed. Then the Maori start chanting ‘Give him another chance! Give him another chance!’ Hone says, ‘Well since we have a huge crowd, world-wide press & global broadcast media here, I think we can give him another chance.’

    So he asks, ‘What is 5 plus 5?’

    After nearly 30 seconds Kelvin eventually says, ‘ Twelve?’ Hone looks down & just lets out a dejected sigh.
    Everyone is disheartened & Kelvin looks like he’s going to weep. But then the 18,000 Maori begin to yell & wave their hands shouting, ‘Give him another chance! Give him another chance!’ Hone, unsure whether he is now doing more harm than good eventually says, ‘OK then, what is 2 plus 2?’

    Silence hangs over the stadium.

    Kelvin closes his eyes & after a whole minute eventually says, ‘Four?’

    Pandemonium breaks out throughout the stadium as the Maori crowd stand to a man, wave their arms, stomp their feet & scream, ‘Give him another chance! Give him another chance!’



  10. Give them an inch and they take 10 mile.
    Never give them the opportunity!

    “It’s a communist one party state, we said.
    We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought,” said Ferguson.
    “And then Italy did it. And we realised we could,” he added.


    Sadly the USA also has descended down that track.

    NZ the same, even being ok with tyrannical “unofficial” road blocks on public roads.
    Just what have we sold our souls for?
    To be able to use “Emergency” that then takes precedence over so many other laws. 🙁



  11. Data is wonderful.
    I love looking at data.
    so, here’s some very interestingdata analysis done on the Georgia elections.
    This is a hearing by the state into the fraud allegations.
    I’m blown away by some of the stuff. In particular the fellow who did and name analysis. interesting stuff and if we have any data people out there it would be interesting to see how our election went. Uding names and don’t forget those of ethinic local origin that have multi[ple names. anyone who can do this?

    But here is the video link. worth the watch.




  12. Amazing stuff coming out Viking but will anything happen? Where is the FBI or CISA ?
    I cannot believe they are brazen enough to continue with the ability of manipulating data on Dominion machines. I would have thought with this runoff they would have tried to be squeaky clean.
    For others here is part of the hearing Viking links to with the inventor explaining how his team has shown the machines currently being used in the Senate run-off are linked to the internet and they have “hacked” into them and could manipulate data if they wanted to.

    In any other banana republic the other whole Presidential election would be called null and void, and rerun based on what is coming out in the USA.



      • The GA Senate Committee has voted unanimously to have Pulitzer run all the Fulton County ballots through his process. He says he can do 500,000 in a couple of hours. Given Biden only has a “lead” of about 28K and Fulton County is the main problem county, this could be very significant. I hope they run more than 500K.



  13. It’s finally happened. A major worldwide government has just bestowed a huge vote of confidence and legitimacy onto the world of cryptocurrencies. China, in an unprecedented move, just announced that they are officially adopting a certain cryptocurrency as China’s official coin.

    The government of China just informed that they have chosen a preferred firm for the purchase and marketing of their new coin – YuanPay Group. The sales of China’s coin officially started on 2020 December 14 in China and on 2020 December 23 these coins were introduced to New Zealand by the YuanPay Group.

    China deputy minister of finances, Liu Kun, stated the initial price of the new official coin which was only 0.000000375 $ New Zealand Dollars. Its price has risen to 0.01698225 $ by the time of writing this article. That’s 45286% increase within just 15 days!




  14. Let’s play a thought game.

    Say that your government defines a death where the deceased has previously tested positive in a PCR test as a “Covid-19 death.”
    If we know that the PCR test will throw up a certain number of false positives, then, the more tests you administer, the more positives you will get. Each of these people will be “tagged as PCR-test-positive”.
    If death is a random event, then the more people in the population who are “tagged as PCR-test-positive” then greater the number of these people who will die in any given period.
    Voila! The government can claim that the number of “Covid-19 deaths” (as they define it) are increasing, even if there is no virus and all the “tagged as PCR-test-positive” cases were false positives.

    The government will get the “facts” that it requires to implement its policies. What’s not to like?



  15. News just in.

    The new Skodas are being prepared for poo lice work.

    Some highway (aka. goat track) patrol vehicles will be fitted with roof mounted speaker systems and Blaupunkt stereo systems so that poo lice can follow safely behind fleeing drivers and play recorded guitar music to keep the misunderstood and put-upon (generally unlicenced) drivers calm in their execution of illegal activities.

    This is all part of the ‘Be Kind’ to crims policy enacted by a caring Govt (not like those other ones, who don’t care) !!!

    Poo lice research has found that playing guitar to criminals makes them feel safer in their illegal work and more appreciated with a feeling of belonging (to the criminal community)
    This message has been approved by Worksafe NZ.
    Well known friend of criminals, Marama Davidson, has also approved this message (and Jimmy two mums can just go along with it or get the bash; remember the black eye Jimmy? )

    On second thought, that may not require a sarc mark.



  16. I caught a glimpse of this article, when I posted about “bicycle” rampages in New York with the many excuses..


    This feeds on to this video, where in this interview, it seems to more accurately point to the problems, and in whose hands are the answers.

    “Why is America so Racially Divided? | Shelby Steele | Cancel This #12”
    34 mins 06 seconds. : • Dec 28, 2020

    Shelby Steele is an African-American conservative author, columnist, documentary film maker, and a Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.
    He is a best selling author, penning numerous books, such as White Guilt.

    Born into a militant black family, and was when young, an activist for this.
    The battle for that is long since over, back in the 1960’s and saw the futility of the militant approach.

    The black people are not victimized by race now.
    Black identity now is victim focused, but little racism can be found.
    There is no victimizatiom, except the political left want to use it.
    So invent it, structural, systemic, bias, unconscious, etc.. but it is so contradictory & self indulgent.

    Blacks are scared of freedom, to be free to compete with the rest of the world.
    Which they now are; Free!
    Blacks now have the choice, to train, to work to be a Dr. or a businessman etc..
    Strangely the education was better for Blacks in the 1950’s, but now much worse off.

    Using “race” is a way of gaining power, that leads to corruption & does not serve the “good”.
    “White Guilt” not that white feelz of guilt; but it is used as a “terror” on white people, a fear of to be seen as racist.
    So the Blacks are rewarded, by using racism, in systems of inclusiveness, so the Blacks feel they are gaining real power, [fools gold] BLM exists for white people, not the black people.
    So now inclusive diversity programs and corporate monies to prove “innocence of racism” by using racism.
    white power = black power.

    The real issue is the collapse of the black family.
    At least in the past, poor blacks were working, fathers were in the home, and were slowly moving up in American life. Now stopped, with an expanding under-class.

    Circa 80% of children, into unstable families. with no father.
    What “social program” is that? Then the priority of “safe spaces” for children.

    The untold story, is how blacks were able to advance, the choice if they wished, since 1965, with that freedom, to have the choice to adapt to the modernity, and they have to do it themselves, to see the opportunities, and make the choices, and do it.
    That it is up to “me” to “make a life” with all the opportunities there, if you work, train, educate, etc..
    That would be the best way to represent “blackness” as you also become an individual.
    – – – – – – –
    That should be shown shown to Hone Harawira and his crew, and all those supporting “karens”.

    Sadly they will be rewarded, with more “social engineering” and $ thrown around,
    All in the name of “equality of outcome”, the fastest way to gain “poverty for all”

    Sir Winston Churchill :- “… [I object] on principle to doing by legislation what properly belongs to charity.”
    Nor was Winston Churchill a scrooge either.
    “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”



      • When there is a quarrel between the past and present, some will will claim that they cannot recall the past, while others will claim that they cannot forget it.

        It is better to forgive one’s fellow man for the crimes of his grandfathers and to move ahead as one people towards a promising future.



  17. Front Page : Scot Goulet puts together another report.

    Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley warned Monday that socialism, despite its history of failure, has become mainstream this year and is being adopted by Democratic politicians as their go-to economic policy.

    A latest poll shows that 72 percent of likely Republican voters think President Donald Trump should be the role model for the GOP going forward. Will he be our next President? Many people have already turned their hopes to Vice President Mike Pence, hoping he will reverse the election results on Jan 6. On that day, there is a joint session of Congress, where members of the House and Senate will elect a president. Will Pence live up to people’s expectations? We’ll talk more about that in today’s episode.

    The CASH bill faces an even tougher road in the Republican-led Senate. One of the biggest sticking points in negotiations over the relief bill for months has been the cost. Republicans did not want to spend more than $1 trillion, and some Republicans did not want to spend more than $500 billion. The Covid Relief Act, which was just signed into law, cost about $900 billion

    Trump Now Most Admired Man in America 2020; Democratic Senate-Elect promotes CCP propaganda
    15 mins 00 secs : circa 12:01 pm NZT 31st Dec, 2020

    Trump calls for end of religious persecution, marking the Thomas Beckett’s stand in the 12th Century.

    Texas Congressman files lawsuit against Mike Pence which would grant authority for Pence to strike down electoral college votes that are tainted with fraud.

    Promoting the main CCP media to be in the USA by a Democratic candidate. Is he owned by the CCP?



  18. Anyone seen Kelvin? He’s MIA. Someone needs to tell him his prisoners are playing up. I’m hoping he’ll give us a poem outlining his plans to sort this out. He can even do it in Te Reo, so most of us can’t tell he doesn’t have a clue.



    • You mean the same intellectually challenged Kelvin Davis who constantly criticized Serco for prison fights when they were running the prisons and he was an opposition MP reading pre-prepared statements?
      Seems this is way more serious and where is the useless, paedophile defending (look up his history as a school principal) wanker? In witless protection courtesy of the corrupt NZ media.



  19. Evidence enough to de-certify Georgia?
    If this is not evidence, then nothing is evidence?
    Supposedly unhackable voting machines, not even supposed to be network enabled. ….yeah right…
    Who certified these machines, the techno-bureaucrats, of the know it all “political class” acting as “know it all” for the best; opposed to the working populist citizens.

    The thermostat connection and even more, not just 1 way but also 2 way wifi.

    3 mins 18 secs : • Dec 30, 2020

    If this happens in Georgia on this voting machine, then how many other states with similiar machines means that they have a very questionable election result, and so should also de-certify?

    Looks like 150,000 votes were affected, created? swapped? by this.

    How will the Senate election be run in Georgia now?



  20. Already done in New Zealand.
    Just a bit more fine tuning, so take note in Tacoma, Washington.
    ….. More than 40 homeless people moved in and indicated that they had no plans to pay for additional nights.
    The activists are demanding that the city or county pay the motel bill and designate the motel a shelter, …..
    …. The county has providing alcohol and other controlled substances to entice homeless residents not to leave locations being used ……
    …. “Housing people in unoccupied hotels doesn’t ruin anyone‘s business,” ……
    …. “If you care about protecting empty spaces more than saving human lives, that says a lot about your ethics and values.
    We will not accept one more death on the streets!” ….
    …. repeated protests in the parking lot have driven away most of the other paying customers. …..

    [How to keep a place unoccupied, 🙁 ]

    Life long “couchees”, so having nothing, they will be happy. 🙁

    Another way to make sure the owners have nothing.



  21. Had this woman been drinking before she wrote this jibberish?


    Opinion: Bilingual road signs in Aotearoa New Zealand would tell us where we are as a nation
    By Claire Breen for The Conversation

    Road signs help us to get where we are and to where we’re going, that much is obvious. But, at another level, road signs show us where we are and where we’re heading as a people and a culture.

    So the language of Aotearoa New Zealand’s road signs is important — not least because they are also expressions of the exercise of state power in our everyday lives.



  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJx-U_uK_r4
    RINO Bryan Cutler Pennsylvania House Speaker visited at his home by PA Deplorables

    Today groups of Pennsylvania patriots drove from Scranton and all over Lancaster county to protest at Rino(Republican in name only) Bryan Cutler office and home.

    He has not acted in helping to desertification of the fraudulent vote in Pennsylvania using the excuse his “hands are tied”. He has also ignored or brushed off his constituents.



    • Thanks wiseowl –will go off and read it.
      I have been thinking this afternoon –what happened to all the information on the Frankfurt server ? They did not go to all that trouble for nothing and there had to be useful (for Team Trump) data on it.



  23. Dr.Steve Turley at his most hopeful best, rant & all.

    BOOM! Senator Josh Hawley Announces He Will OBJECT to Biden Electors!!!
    https://youtu.be/-ILlTDgO9eQ?t=116 Set to start 2 mins in to miss blurb & ad.
    14 mins 02 secs : • Dec 31, 2020

    Young Senator Josh, not lining up with Mitch McConnell.
    Rest of Republican senators will now have to think how they vote, and where their political career will go. 🙂
    This will put the facts, the fraud, the evidence, in front of the public, and difficult for the fickle media to spin this.
    This house debate may now go on for several days or even more.

    The media still denigrate, but will prove they are hecklers, with an agenda, not journalists, not reporters.

    Looking to the day when more politicians & activist populists will not care 1 iota about their reputations as defined by the mainstream media. + continues …..+ …. an excellent rant by Turley, figuring the media, leftist control will soon be over. 🙂 They will not define us. 🙂

    I hope he is right, as still every vote in Congress and Senate, will have to be counted, just like the chickens to be hatched, to know if the facts, the evidence, stack up with courageous conviction.



  24. Ardern’s & Brenton Tarrant’s great friends are out there in Colorado, looking to cause eco-terrorizing deaths.
    ….. an “intentional attack” on gas service lines in Aspen, Colorado, that left thousands of residents and businesses without heat as temperatures in the skiing mecca plunged to near zero degrees. …..
    …… coordinated acts of vandalism occurred Saturday night at three separate Black Hills Energy gas line sites, ……
    ….. police said they found the words “Earth first” scrawled, and investigators were looking into whether the self-described “radical environmental group” Earth First! was involved. ……
    ….. “It’s almost, to me, an act of terrorism,” Pitkin County Commissioner Patti Clapper, who lost heat in her home due to the vandalism, told The Aspen Times newspaper.
    “It’s trying to destroy a mountain community at the height of the holiday season.
    This wasn’t a national gas glitch.
    This was a purposeful act.
    Someone is looking to make a statement of some kind.”

    That Commissioner is legally allowed to read an eco-terrorist’s manifesto, and should familiarize herself with it.
    Death & Destruction on your County if you do not understand what is going on.
    That Commissioner expects hard working people to make repairs to warm her home, as she politically pontificates, with an air of nothingness. 🙁



  25. We may not know how to exactly, nor have the exact tools to sort out the “rot” in NZ, but we know, there are parallels, and parts of what Trump does, particularly in regard to “free speech” decrying the “fake news” is so important in NZ,
    A compass needle that gives direction too, and an encouragement to shove back at them.
    …. “You’ll always find bipartisanship there because that’s where they go to line their pockets after they leave office or once they move around the bureaucracy, they figure out ways to make money.” ….
    ….. According to Carter, the corruption in Washington is why Trump faced such retaliation during this time in office.
    “It’s a beast and it feeds on itself and it knows how to slow roll.
    Which is why the Trump administration had such a difficult time.
    No matter how many times President Trump tried to do something or enact some kind of policy,
    if there were people opposed to it at the Pentagon,
    if there were people opposed to it at the state department,
    we might never know their names,
    but they just sat back and said you know what,
    we’re going to slow roll this policy so that it never comes to fruition,” Carter said.
    Carter credited Trump for his dedication to the American people and exposing the truth.
    “Thank God for President Trump because it exposed it in such a way that it will never be able to hide again.”

    We must also come up to speed, on the inter connections of local and national government, particularly on issues of the proposed 3 waters, and then systemic controlling iwi, with interlocking “Climate Emergency” going for a controlling social credit financial Reset as well,



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