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  1. LOL, The new Biden press secretary came so close to saying president Obama when referring to her corrupt boss you could see her face blushing ,just imagine what the MSM would have reported if it had been Trumps secretaries first effort way back in 2017.



    • They sent the smartest and best looking to get slaightered by the germans, leaving the ugly and stupid as your only population is never a wise move.
      America worked that out but not until veitnam, then they sent all the white trash and black folk.



    • Meanwhile the WHO have advised that lockdowns do NOT work and also told labs around the world to reduce the cycle count in PCR testing which will result in case numbers dropping through the floor. It will then be claimed that the vaccine is working.
      I also expect we will see the return of ordinary flu which has been missing in action for the last several months in the northern hemisphere.



  2. I see Cindy has declared 2021 the year iof the vaccine. Let’s hope that goes better than the year of delivery or fixing housing or child poverty or pretty much anything else she’s promised. The woman is a joke that never seems to end.



  3. Secondary schools set to include Kapa Haka as part of NCEA curriculum.

    More than 30 secondary schools and kura kaupapa Māori across the country will be introducing a Māori Performing Arts subject called Te Ao Haka (The World of Haka), available for NCEA at all levels.

    It was announced this week at Wellington’s Pipitea Marae, and a workshop for participating kaiako/teachers has now taken place over a three-day period.


    Retrning to t’s when we all did this shit voluntarily.




    • Viking the kapa haka ncea shit is just a sly way to get the brown brothers an ncea qualafication, cant read,spell,do math but can flail their arms and poke their tongue out boom ncea pass.

      Its quite a genius way of giving shit students a free pass at ncea… theres only a dozen jobs in nz that that qualification would be any use for tho



      • Sorry but wrong.
        There will be much need for full qualifications so that maorification “Plan A” could work.

        For example, like the electricity meter reader will be required to go up the whole haka display before entering your property to read the meter. 🙁

        The lines companies have for the moment got around that with the automated digital cellphone reading system 🙂

        The catch is then what will they pull out of the bag in Plan B.

        I do wonder if a computerized virtual reality haka would do, but then somehow European “copy right” & “trademarks” would put some of that Byte coin into “koha” form to be paid out.



  4. Morning all.

    I have always been intrigued by the Dunedin CC and ongoing disputes with Councillor Lee Vandervis.

    He has a website Leevandervis.com and I think he is the type of guy we would support.

    I find myself agreeing with his articles.



    • Dunedin has been a shithole for a long while.

      It went downhill under Dave Cull who was Mayor from 2010 to 2019.
      Under Cull they announced they would never be a base for offshore oil exploration.
      They went really mental over oil products… but still use them.

      In about 2013 they sold off any shares in things that were ‘unethical’ (oil based etc) and making a loss on sale.
      They lost ratepayers money.
      I would call that unethical.
      They were losing money on the Covered Stadium so moved the debt around to make it look ‘less bad’.
      They lost the 100 cars and gave contracts to gang members.

      Cull is now the Chairman of the southern DHB.
      As if they have not had enough problems in the last 10 years incl the board being fired in 2015 in Jonathon Coleman.

      The current Mayor is the green wanker, vegetarian, dickhead Aaron Hawkins who does not drive (there is a car hater) with a B.A. in Media, Film and Communications .
      All you need to know.

      Dunedin CC has been dysfunctional for a long time.
      Sheriff Pete George even stood for Mayor in 2013.

      I tracked Dunedin while my nephew was at Uni there until 2016.
      It really is a bad place.



  5. FFS How come nobody else has come up with the solution that Cindy has come up with for the housing affordability crisis ? god its so simple its incredible .
    We just build a house for all the folk that can’t afford one ,FFUUCCKK She’s a genius no wonder She is universally loved, get down on your knees people and thank God we have her in NZ to save us all again.



  6. Muppet of the Week Award?

    NZTA wasting money on an experiment that could see someone killed.
    Yes Clare – the planter boxes are not ideal – and you are experimenting with people’s safety. Unfortunately when your experiment fails someone else could pay the ultimate price.

    “I do get frustrated that people are getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty. It’s more about what kinds of neighbourhoods we want to create and the staff at Nelson City Council have been amazing to make this work,” she says.

    Clare does admit that the planter boxes are “not ideal,” though she wants to remind the community that the project is a trial and open for feedback.




      • Good point, but I’m stunned by the blinding arrogance of someone who knows the experiment is flawed, yet insults the residents for ‘getting bogged down’ with minor details like how long it will be before someone gets killed.
        Shame on NZTA and shame on Nelson City Council for spending taxpayer/ratepayer dollars on making the community a LESS SAFE PLACE.
        Bring on mass resignations and sackings of the criminally incompetent.



    • “to make the streets safer, slower and more about people than cars”. I always thought that the streets were there for the cars. To put large, heavy planter boxes and picnic tables on the streets to slow down cars is just plain dumb. Who wants to picnic on the street with cars driving so close-by?



  7. How many kids die each year eating cherios or ungrated carrots? Was just reading more shit on the nanny control freak state preschool food and its pretty much lvl4 lockdown on kids lunchboxs.
    Is banning shit all this govt can do? I note it says that lunchboxes will be searched… wtf this is just conditioning children from a young age to be compliant sheep.



  8. Why the fuck do niwa get any funding? For the last 6months theyve told southlsnd that we’re in for “long dry summer” yet since the official 1st december start of summer its snowed on the hills 7 seperate times, ive lost tally of the rain but already had 2 massive floods with the 1st week of jan being highest on record and minutes after reading a “long dry summer” piece i get a snapchat frommy mate up checking our camp and gear and our wetsuits are frozen solid witg about 1cm of ice and 1 of the tents got caved in with snow weight.

    Is it only trump and qanon that can get the missinformation label or is it time our weather agencies get that label too? Seriously i rekon they just throw darts at a board to get their “predictions”



    • Oh they got it right, we had 3 long hot days. Have you got a veggie garden? Weathers been so shit and cold it’s barely growing anything. No fruit on the trees thanks to a frost. Summers are just getting colder. Fires going, electric blankets on the bed, but I bet at the end of summer they will continue to push the myth it was the hottest on record,



      • Yep loys of vege garden, the bonus is zero irrigating needed this summer.
        Have a 50m3 and a 15m2 hothouse so theyre cranking while the outside beds stall and stunt, corn isnt even at my waist this year its absolutley misetable. Peas an spuds have done well outside tho.

        Our fires been full bore the last 4 or 5 days, are you on southland/otago area too RJ?



  9. I am a broken man.

    Yesterday, at exactly 3:30 pm RJ posted this:


    I am now blind in one eye.

    I have transitioned to a mincing transexual and walk like Mr Humphreys.

    Presently I am wearing my wife’s lingerie. She’s leaving and off to stay with her mother. Both are in tears. I want to have Artimus Pyle’s baby – it’s my right.

    My personal pronouns are ze/zau. I feel oppressed.

    I am no longer the brave leader of the resistance in Queen St against Cindy’s lockdowns. In fact, I AM a Queen.

    Thanks, RJ. You are entirely responsible. Please YSB bloggers, think before you post shit like this.

    And I love Big Sister.



  10. Bob goes into the public toilet and sees this guy standing next to the urinal.
    The guy has no arms…
    As Bob’s standing there, taking care of business, he wonders to himself how the poor wretch is going to take a leak.
    Bob finishes and starts to leave when the man asks Bob to help him out.
    Being a kind soul, Bob says, “Ah, OK, sure, I’ll help you.”
    The man asks, “Can you unzip my zipper?”
    Bob says, “OK.”
    Then the man says, “Can you pull it out for me?”
    Bob replies, “Uh, yeah, OK.” Bob pulls it out and it has all kinds of mold and red bumps, with hair clumps, rashes, moles, scabs, scars, and reeks something awful.
    Then the guy asks Bob to point it for him, and Bob points for him. Bob then shakes it, puts it back in and zips it up. The guy tells Bob, “Thanks, man, I really appreciate it.”
    Bob says, “No problem, but what the hell’s wrong with your penis?”
    The guy pulls his arms out of his shirt and says, “I don’t know, but I ain’t touching it.



  11. Here is a op-ed by an Irish journalist on RT.
    “Joe Biden is a swamp creature to his core, but to mainstream pundits, his arrival in Washington is akin to the second coming of Christ. The sycophancy is pathetic, but it’ll soon get dangerous when Joe actually starts to govern.
    The return of a clapped-out career politician to the White House has the mainstream media squealing with delight. Their liberal bias hasn’t exactly been a secret these last four years (“fiery but mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter protests vs. the “extremist insurrection” on Capitol Hill being the latest example), but their outpouring of emotion over Biden’s inauguration would make even a North Korean news anchor blush.”



  12. Good morning friends. I’ve caught up with ya’all on YSB and now I’m going into my home office with a cuppa and try to do some work.

    But it isn’t going to be easy. Banksy is on Magic Talk radio in ten minutes’ time and he’s gonna take precedence over boring accounts work! 😀



  13. I find it funny reading about how wonderful Joe Biden is and how great he has been so far. The problem is about the only thing he has done is re-commit America to the Paris climate change accord, all this will do is export jobs that Trump spent so much time creating. He is also reafirming his commitment to the U.N and W.H.O. Hollywood and and big tech will no doubt be happy but a lot of normal Americans may not be so pleased, throw in a couple of lockdowns and things might just change dramatically. Fortunately for him he probably won’t remember what he said and Kamala will be throwing him under the bewildered bus by then anyway.



  14. A photo of whit looks like outside the Oval Office, beautiful garden and lawn.

    More photos here

    So where are you joe to have a car outside one Oval Office window and what looks like a parking lot out the other, or are you so fragile they have done this to get medical to you quicker




  15. I am no longer a broken man (after having seen photos of Horsie and KKKlarKKKula posted by my enemies on YSB).

    My wife googled ‘my husband has turned into a complete fruit after seeing photographs of Jacinda and Boss Helen’.

    Google returned “The Pelican Club” in Eden Terrace ph 358-0900. Upon enquiry, it appears this is happening ALL THE TIME and they have specialist therapists: Brandy, Candy and Jasmine.

    After a ‘consultation’ with all three ladies, I am mercifully cured.

    The Brigadier is back in uniform at his desk, bigger and better than before. I dodged a bullet 🙂



  16. That’s alright google, there are far safer search engines for people in Aussie to use, please ban yourself from other countries too.


    Google says it will stop making its search function available in Australia if the Parliament passes the Morrison government’s proposed laws to force it and Facebook to pay for news businesses for their journalism.



  17. Fake news and a fake president

    So apparently we are to believe that this red button belongs to trump wind it brought in Diet Coke when he wanted it


    But wait here is it with Obama too, fuck off fake media bullshit


    Even bill clinton had it


    Guess They have to remove it so joe can have a medic alert button



  18. Twitter, the place you can’t say that there was election fraud but you can spread child porn and they don’t care. No surprise there.


    A minor boy and his mother are suing Twitter, alleging that it benefited from and neglected to remove an exploitative video — featuring him and another minor — which was retweeted thousands of times and at least 167,000 views on the platform.



  19. National’s Andrew Bayly hits out at Finance Minister Grant Robertson for ‘taking far too long’ on housing solutions


    Bayly, who is part of National’s finance team, said Robertson is taking too long.

    “Grant Robertson’s announcement that he will respond later this year to the Reserve Bank’s suggestions for more tools to cool the housing market isn’t good enough,” he said on Friday.

    “Given the Finance Minister has access to almost 400 employees at Treasury, this is an unnecessary and unacceptable delay.”



  20. The next steps in the Government’s firearms reform programme to include a three-month buy-back have been announced.

    “The last buy-back and amnesty was unprecedented for New Zealand and was successful in collecting 60,297 firearms, modifying a further 5630 firearms, and collecting 299,837 prohibited parts and magazines,” says Police Minister Poto Williams.

    “We are resolute in ensuring our firearms reform programme is stopping firearms falling into the wrong hands.”

    Williams says this next amnesty and buy-back is about removing further firearms and arms items that were prohibited and restricted through the Arms Legislation Act 2020 which passed in June 2020.

    “Once this group of firearms came to the Government’s attention, it was clear we had to act again to ensure all the good work done to keep our communities safe last year was not compromised.

    “The Government has allocated $15.5 million for compensation and administrative costs, noting that this buy-back is on a much smaller scale than 2019.”

    This year’s buy-back will look very different to the one in 2019 as there will be no large-scale collection events.

    Police will be managing the smaller buy-back through appointments at Police stations.

    The central elements of the scheme are:

    • The amnesty is in place for six months until 1 August 2021.

    • The buy-back compensation period will start on 1 February and end on 1 May.

    • Standard compensation must be applied for within those 90 days.

    • Applications for compensation for unique specified items must be made within 60 days.

    • The buy-back price will reflect the brand, make, and model of the prohibited firearm; its base price; and its condition.

    • A price list will be published today by Police.

    • The compensation for newly prohibited firearms and pistol carbine conversion kits will be 95 per cent of base price for those in new or near-new condition; 70 per cent of base price for those in used condition; and 25 per cent of base price for those in poor condition.

    • The compensation for parts of these items will be 70 per cent of base price for those in near new or used condition; and 25 per cent of base price for those in poor condition.

    • Compensation for newly prohibited firearms will only be paid to those with a valid firearms licence.

    • Dealers and manufacturers will be compensated for stock. Applications must be made within 60 days (and supporting evidence then provided within 20 days).

    • Hand ins will take place at Police stations by appointment – given the much smaller number of firearms expected this time.

    • Applications for endorsements to possess and use prohibited firearms and pistol carbine conversion kits can be submitted now and must be submitted within 60 days (by 2 April 2021) of the start of the buy-back.

    • There will be no modifications allowed for this group of prohibited firearms.

    “Police will publish more information on their website today to provide people with more details on how the buy-back will operate,” says Williams

    “Having a firearms licence is a privilege, not a right. I know most of our firearms community are responsible law-abiding citizens who have only good intent. However, our laws need to be robust enough to prevent firearms getting into the wrong hands.”

    National Party police spokesperson Simeon Brown is calling the government’s buy-back scheme a “markting exercise”.

    He says the increased number of firearms incidents we’ve seen across the country recently shows why the Government’s focus needs to be on gangs and criminals, not another gun buyback.

    “The first gun buyback was merely a marketing exercise. After spending $103 million on the scheme, the Government couldn’t even confirm whether it had made New Zealand safer or if it had collected all prohibited firearms.

    “That’s because most law-abiding New Zealanders handed in their now-prohibited firearms, but gangs and criminals, those who pose the greatest risk to our safety, did not.

    “This isn’t news to Police Minister Poto Williams either, last year she said she didn’t expect criminals to follow the law. National would be very interested then to know what her plan is to take their firearms off them.

    “The Police themselves estimated there could be as many as 180,000 now illegal firearms still floating around, but we will never know the exact number because even if a firearms register is put in place, those prohibited firearms will never appear in it.

    “Rather than continuing to punish law-abiding New Zealanders, the Minister should pick up our Firearm Prohibitions Orders Bill which gives police more powers to search and take firearms off gang members.

    “That’s where the focus should be.”




  21. Talking of the Wuhan flu.
    I’ve bin musing.

    Who wants to depopulate the world?
    Who have been screaming this message for years?
    Who ran peak oil?
    Save the whales?
    Decarbonize the world?
    Who are now pushing the Great Reset harder than ever?

    Does any group come to find?

    Certainly not the Chinese.

    So lets ponder for a moment.
    Lets just surmise that in fact the Chinese really didn’t release this on the world but that a certain group of depopulate the world group was responsible.

    Entirely possible and that same group could populate the narrative. They certainly would not be adverse to killing people for their goal.
    Perhaps the Chinese and the WHO should look a lot harder at the mad left of left world depopulating Greens.

    Just suggesting as often things are not what they seem.
    And to date no one including the Chinese have suggested a starting point. How hard would it be to start the virus off in Italy and have it transferred to Wuhan?

    good reason to debate this.



      • The Marxist foot-soldiers took over the carrot-munching soft greens and then have taken their orders since hiding behind an environmental org..

        They are only one arm of the enemy.
        Another is Greenpeace.
        Classic case in NZ. Rusty Norman went from one to the other.
        He knocked out affable Rod Donald in one org then after making GP dirty, moved to Greenpeace.
        this is well planned.



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