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  1. Worst variant of COVID-19 lockdown nothing tsunami evacuate don’t go near the seaside, nothing it’s been a week really hasn’t it? Ptpm surely will be happy to have saved you again or………not? All bullshit again, when will the masses realise it’s all a controlling mechanism? ….or are they getting what they deserve, Ysb readers the exception here?



  2. Where is Ardy???

    Is Ardy still on some hilltop, binoculars in hand, awaiting the Kermadec Islands final countdown to ‘surfs up’ and The Great Flood of Gayotearoa?

    Did Ardy take his boogie board?

    Has Ardy taken a pigeon to release?

    Does Ardy even know Auckland is on Jacinda Worship Level 2?

    Are the girls of Pornhub missing Ardy? Is anyone missing Ardy?

    Who will pay the Jacinda Tribute if Ardy isn’t at work tomorrow?

    So many questions!!!

    I hope he doesn’t end up like those Japanese soldiers who hid in the jungles of South East Asia for YEARS, not knowing their country had surrendered in 1945!!!




  3. Lord Sumption on many points.
    There are excerpts of his answers in the article.

    On civil disobedience:
    On the ethics of law-breaking:
    On sacrificing civil liberties:
    On the dangers of public fear:
    On the fragility of democracy:
    On being a liberal:
    On what the Government should learn:
    On his critics:

    The excerpts in the article are well worth a read, and then the video.
    The video link is 51 minutes of the interview.



    • Thanks for posting this, Simpleton1.

      I watched the video and I’ve seen Lord Sumtion online before and his take on this is absolutely spot on in 99.763% (my invented statistic LOL) of what he says.

      During the interview he said that people will just quietly start ignoring lockdown rules and that in some respects this is already happening. I think the example he gave was people breaking lockdown rules and going around to friends’ houses and having a drink together.

      He then went on to say that there’s no need, nor would it be a good thing, for mass rallies with people taking a microphone and encouraging public resistance against lockdown.

      I think Lord Sumtion is wrong on this point because however quiet and ‘under the radar’ disobedience is, this still doesn’t do anything to address the tyranny of closing up businesses wholesale and strangling both the economy and all our basic freedoms of association, trade, speech and movement.

      If Dave and Jennifer invite Dave’s best mate over for a surreptitious beer in defiance of the lockdown, then good on them – but this doesn’t do anything to address the issue of shuttered malls, broken restaurants, destroyed businesses and the inability of either Dave, Jennifer or Dave’s best mate to travel to even the next town! It also does nothing to help Jennifer with the ovarian cancer that she doesn’t yet know she has because the health service is virtually closed down.

      Lord Sumtion is a beacon of reason in the UK, no doubt about it. But he seems to be stopping short of calling for what we desperately need in the Western World; which is a popular uprising and a revolution against tyranny and the reassertion of our freedom from oppression.

      It’s absolutely crazy that we have meekly allowed almost every facet of a free society to stripped away in front of our very eyes.



      • “…a revolution against tyranny and the reassertion of our freedom from oppression.:”

        What proportion of ordinary voting New Zealanders feel that they are oppressed? Most seem pretty happy to go along with the government.



      • Thanks Eurokiwi
        I think that Lord Sumption is also on a journey, that starts with the first step, and so he has started to travel in his thinking.
        I see your 99.763% and you are right. Always a slight deviation, or variation so whether a correction, calculation may be needed later. 🙂

        Though very bright & thoughtful, it is not until at a certain distance down the track, he will look around, and see things from another perspective, and in a different light of time.
        What he makes of it then, will be even more interesting.

        A good mind, takes in new facts, to put in with his experience, knowledge, that contemplates, thinks and ponders on these things.

        He does in good part explain and bring an understanding of “First know your self” and articulates that very well, in ‘civilizational’ terms
        From that then you have a great foundation and strength.
        Then one has something to stand on, to lever at the despotic laws, where others seek security from fear.

        To understand from the vaccine agenda, is very different and needs much more facts, information and knowledge.
        To know where Fauci’s motivations, and ilk & etc. that leads on to the “Great Reset”.

        So I as in one part he mentions “good or bad options”.
        Still refreshingly covers a lot of ground.

        A revolution, hmmm but with whom? a mob? anarchy?

        I figure in a way Lord S, is an institutional man, so would seek to have that reaffirmed in all its “goodness” to hopefully drop the “despotic laws”.

        Whether others will also make a stand? talk up with similar views?



      • Lord Sumption is definitely “an institutional man” S1. He believes the system will work and right itself…eventually. He lost me about the same point as EK, more disconcerting was he believes in having the vaccine and happy for the separation of those who do comply and those who choose not to but are excluded from being part of society.



      • Perhaps it is like many of us.
        He is very good on where he has knowledge, experience, and can see the lock down issues, loss of freedom & liberty, civilization history, laws, etc.

        How ever to know the back ground of the CCP virus, Fauci’s part in it, and then to spend the time to find out, and then to research check & verify, and even I have my own doubts in many parts on just what is & where is truth.
        Then to put it together about the vaccines. After all the media, and etc. are not picking up on any problems, that would make people question things.

        Un-like NZ, in the U.K. many people will know of each other who have had covid, and know of families that have had a parent die, or some one infected who did not shake it off so easily. Plus longer and harder lock downs, and no real border controls as greater numbers come across the channel

        Every one will weigh up what choices they have in this lottery of life, that fits in with where they are at. Is it just pragmatism?
        So Lord Sumption may not be perfect, for our salvation, 🙂

        Still I encouraged that he does speak and question, and hopefully some others will also speak out, perhaps differently, but questioning, pushing to find the truth, and more than the vaccine way out.
        To be more aware of the “Davos Set” of the “Great Reset” where and what they are pushing and more able to counter that. They need exposure.
        Just as the great pressure to try and lever the rock off the Hiden Biden & Harris, and where, who is the actual puppeteer? An ideology that would eat parts of its own and then agendas being pushed there.



  4. Ex-Medical Examiner: The “500,000 COVID Deaths” Number Is a Lie

    McGowan says that he’d love to evaluate every death certificate in the nation so that we could know for sure. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for transparency.

    After all, politicians have justified their destructive, onerous lockdowns partially by citing artificially high mortality figures. So what would happen if they admitted that there were “only,” let’s say, for argument’s sake, 30,000 COVID deaths per “cold” season, making the disease comparable to the flu? They’d first, of course, have to relinquish the emergency powers they’ve seized using corona fears.




  5. Up to 500 million dollars is what the bus drivers wife Robbo estimated this week long jailing of Auckland could cost us for 4 people that weren’t even sick .
    That amount of money could have built a good sized hospital in Auckland to relieve the pressure on an already grossly overloaded system, to be fair a new hospital wouldn’t get the creature Ardern any international media attention and we all know how she lives for the adoration of the worlds ignorant masses.



  6. I am sure that the COVID-19 panic is further reducing birth rates in developed countries around the world.
    East Asia, particular South Korea, has been hit hard. Even NZ is reporting a drop in births.

    This will be heartening news to all the people who fear global overpopulation. The thing is, the overpopulation is not spread evenly. This point is NEVER discussed. Similarly, depopulation is not uniform. If you visit any of the major cities in the Tokyo or Osaka regions of Japan, you will notice the millions of people. On the other hand, in rural areas and in the remoter coastal and mountain villages, you will see hundreds of abandoned houses and towns full of mostly old and bent-over geriatrics shuffling around.

    People wonder who will pay the taxes and provide the labor to look after all the elderly? What is the guarantee that immigrants will want to be like you, and support your language, culture and heritage? The less they are like you, the greater the likelihood that your country will change to become like theirs. Are you happy with that, or are you simply too old to care?



  7. The kindness factor, makes shops decide to close down.
    Is it a form of “love tax”?

    ….. loses about $1,000 per day in merchandise because of shoplifting. ….
    ….Theft of less than $950 in goods is treated as a nonviolent misdemeanor under California law.
    But in most cases, for shoplifting, the criminal is released. …..


    How far behind this in New Zealand are we?



  8. Today’s question, if N.Z lose the cricket today will John Banks piss himself laughing? I personally hope they do lose so they can slope off and reflect on what go woke go broke really means.



  9. Some good comments on Jonova especially around wind farms


    Scroll down to TonyfromOZ…

    quote “In 18 wonderful YEARS of operation for that remarkable engineering feat that was Challicum Hills wind plant, it has generated an extremely whoppingly humungous 2280GWH of electrical power, you know, the same amount of power delivered by that disgusting hoped to be closed down soon Bayswater coal fired power plant under normal operation in, umm ….. FORTY EIGHT DAYS.

    Isn’t wind power generation just so wonderful, eh!”



    • To be fair, you need to compare the designed power output of the Challicum Hills wind plant with that of the Bayswater coal fired power plant.

      “The Challicum Hills Wind Farm, owned and operated by Pacific Hydro, is a 35 Turbine Wind Farm that generates 52.5 MW of electricity.” (It was designed to output up to 52.5 MW of power.)

      Bayswater Power Station is a bituminous (black) coal-powered thermal power station with four 660 megawatts (890,000 hp) Tokyo Shibaura Electric (Japan) steam driven turbo alternators for a combined capacity of 2,640 megawatts.

      So, to be fair, Challicum Hills Wind Farm (52.5 MW of power) vs. Bayswater Power Station (2,640 MW of power). Moreover, a typical wind farm’s actual energy output is typically about 25% to 30% of its rated theoretical maximum output. Okay. Let’s divide 52.5 MW by 4 to get Challicum Hills Wind Farm’s realistic output = 13.1 MW.

      So, Bayswater Power Station pumps out the juice at a rate 2,640 MW / 13.1 MW = 201 times greater than Challicum Hills Wind Farm.

      So, 18 years equals 18 x 365 = 6570 days. 6570 days / 200 = 33 days. The Bayswater Power Station should produce the same amount of power in 33 days that Challicum Hills Wind Farm would require 18 years to equal.

      I conclude that the Challicum Hills Wind Farm performed better than expected!



  10. South Island and others “back to Level One” No cases since May 2020, why the need to control. What are the requirements – “Wear face coverings on public transport
    Wearing a face covering helps keep you and others safe. It helps stop droplets spreading when someone speaks, laughs, coughs or sneezes.
    At Alert Level 1, face coverings legally must be worn:
    on public transport
    on domestic flights
    by taxi and ride-share drivers — while it’s not compulsory for passengers to wear them, we strongly encourage you to.
    There are exemptions for some people and services.”
    Don’t see a lot of buses but haven’t seen a lot of masks either so is that being done. Borders have mandatory controls, wash your hands (wow) and Keep Your Distance (don’t want the masses communicating). Keep track of where you have been (we want to know your movements)
    Why on earth is this Government so intent on maintaining this level of control over its citizens – stupid question really but why is the so called opposition not also saying this?
    Just some Sunday Morning musings.



    • Exactly rol, most despised and the Court judgement needs to be read out, to what a Judge makes of Michael Mann.
      Some excerpts in this thread, plus link to the judgement.

      ….. conclusively demonstrated that Mann’s use of data was “deceptive,” “misleading,” and consistent with scientific definitions of “fraud” and “falsification.” ….
      …. Mann engaged in deception and misconduct or fraudulent data manipulation were true. …..

      ….. Hockey Stick graph: image fraud, data cherry-picking, and data falsification.
      She then describes Mann’s years of stifling criticism and harassing scientists who criticize his work, demonstrating his misconduct in violation of long-established norms of scientific discourse. …..


      That judgement needs to be publicly read out by NZ media. 🙂
      So entertaining too.
      As it shows the institute that supports him, and incidentally helped to cover-up what was going on in the locker room showers, as touched on in that Judge’s report.



    • What matters is that Michael Mann was saying the things that elites wanted to hear and which supported the narratives that they were pushing.
      The truth has nothing to do with it. It’s the utility of what is being said that matters. Utility in the achievement of certain agendas.

      If I want to scare the population into submission, I will choose the computer model-maker whose models generate the scariest outcomes. It’s simple stuff, really. It’s not science; it’s politics.



    • If they are looking for the other terr or ist Cindy Bin Lyen they will find her in Gayotearower

      Not hiding in a cave, therefore easy to track.
      She turns up to Parliament about 10 times a year and on 1pm propaganda sessions when there is good gnews to spout.

      Come and take her away chaps.



    • What a sledge.
      Brilliant article.

      So much in there.

      War 2001 to 2021.
      20 years.
      What was the problem in 2001?
      What is the solution in 2021?

      It is like the US army is experimenting with other country’s people rather than the experiments they were doing with US soldiers in the 1950s and 1960s.

      This thing has been so much propaganda.
      NZ sent soldiers to ‘build schools and hospitals’.
      What a sack of cobblers.
      The yanks are protecting the poppy fields is a key component.

      I love this bit:
      “There is no Dari or Pashto word for the terms ‘gender’ and ‘gender equality.’…Afghans often simply use the English word without any translation.”
      So, The Maori would form a committee and the Govt would pay ‘Elders’ $5 m to hold a hui and make up a word or two.
      NZ is progressive like that !!

      Yanks can be so out of touch then they send emissaries around the world to spout their F…ed up agenda.
      We have seen this with Julie Anus Genter here in NZ.
      This is no accident.
      Exporting Cali Crazy .
      Not only to other States in the USA but around the world.

      “To integrate women into the Afghan army, the US sent “gender advisers,” built :women’s training centers and schools, housing, child care centers, gyms, dining facilities, and bathrooms.”

      These Yankee pricks are trying to deconstruct then reconstruct an established society with its own ebb and flow and traditions.
      They were doing this to the Native Americans only 130 years ago and slaughtering then if they did not comply.
      What is different here?

      They are trying to export the worst of American crap that has led to pulling down statues, take the knee, shit food, gender bending, ‘anyone can use’ dunnies.
      At present if you want a sex change in the USA it is better to enter the US Army and they will pay for it.
      If you need major surgery and are poor, commit an offence that gets you to prison and your health needs will be met.
      Better treatment than an honest person gets and the backing of the ACLU.
      It is really F…ed up there.

      There is evil in those swamp creatures.
      Pure malice.
      I doubt Trump could have dented the devil in even two terms.



  11. I also notice that the Health Department has issued this
    “On Friday 5 March 2021 a Section 70 order was issued.
    This applies to the following people:

    Any person who attended the City Fitness Gym at Hunters Plaza, at 217 Great South Road, Papatoetoe, in Auckland on 20 February 2021 between 11.15am and 1.45pm, or 26 February 2021 between 3.25pm and 4.30pm.
    Any other person who has already been contacted by Auckland Regional Public Health Service and advised they are a close plus, close or casual plus contact during this outbreak and who is still required to isolate and/or be tested, to continue to comply with the following instructions regarding isolation and testing they have been given by the relevant public health unit.
    These people are required to do three things:
    To isolate at their usual home;
    To report for and undergo medical testing for COVID-19 at a time and place to be specified by a medical officer of health; and
    Except as required in order to undergo testing as directed, to remain isolated until they receive further direction from a medical officer of health.”

    Does this mean that they are acknowledging that their instructions were not clear and now are relying on legislation. I will wait for the apology from Ardern to go with it.

    ” close plus, close or casual plus contact” what crap



  12. I’ve been reading about how the mad queen is stressed and under pressure.

    Not the sort of thing I want to hear about someone that holds our livelihood in her kind hands.

    Stop the world I want to get off.



  13. Quick someone get this to Alfie’s wife.


    By Neil Clark in RT as an Op Ed.

    “The UK government has set MPs a trap from which even Harry Houdini would find it hard to escape. The long lockdowns have done great harm to the country (the economic cost has been calculated as £2.4bn a day), but extending furlough until the autumn and not reopening fully will only increase the damage.

    So why is the government doing all this? The only logical explanation is that under the smokescreen of fighting a virus, they are engineering a radical restructuring of the economy and society. A ‘Great Reset’ in fact. And the ‘Great Reset’ (copyright, World Economic Forum), is about constructing a permanent ‘New Normal’ , not going back to the old normal of early 2020. ‘Build Back Better’, the slogan of the ‘Great Reset’, repeated ad nauseum by its devotees, implies that there needs to be quite a bit of controlled demolition in the first place, and that hasn’t yet been completed. So lockdown continues. Repeat and rinse, into 2022.”

    125 Comments at time of my posting here
    We are not alone but are at the end of a sharp stick wielded by liars (incl. Robber’s son) and manipulative, malicious scum.

    Free speech is likely to be ended before British Lockdowns.
    Oh, and how is that contagious ‘British Variant’ going?
    Or the ‘South African’ one?
    You know, the one over there , that no-one can see !



  14. Ok..so the dude behind this fesses up.

    Deepfake videos of Tom Cruise went viral. Their creator hopes they boost awareness.

    Then low and behold, someone who is supposed to be trustworthy (journalist), posts this friggin crap.
    They wonder why the world is so messed up.(or do they?)

    (WATCH) Fearsome Volcano Eruption (White Island)




  15. What were some funny moments during World War II?
    William Craig’s book “Enemy at the Gates: The battle for Stalingrad” had an interesting story about a ‘friendly fire’ incident:

    In World War II, each Red Army soldier received a daily ration that included 100 grams of vodka. The liquor was so indispensable to the troops that during the winter months of the battle of Stalingrad when supply boats could not cross the Volga, bottles of vodka had to be parachuted down. For Lieutenant Ivan Bezditko, nicknamed Ivan The Terrible after the 16th century Russian Tsar, 100 grams was simply not enough. To quench his raging thirst for liquor, when men from his artillery battalion died, Ivan The Terrible would report that they were still ‘present and accounted for’ so that when their liquor rations arrived, he would take them all.

    Predictably, his scam was easily discovered by the supply officer Major Malygin, because it was impossible for any unit to be in Stalingrad for any lengthy period of time without suffering heavy casualties. Major Malygin telephoned Ivan and threatened to report his fraudulent behavior to Army headquarters. Okay, fair game. But Major Malygin went one step further, probably one step too far, he said he would cut off Ivan The Terrible’s vodka ration.

    Ivan screamed over the telephone “If I don’t get it, you’ll get it”. Not intimidated, or probably not getting the threat, Major Malygin went ahead and canceled Ivan’s vodka ration like he’d said. Now infuriated, Ivan The Terrible contacted his 122 mm batteries, gave them a precise set of coordinates and ordered them to open fire.

    Three rounds hit the vodka warehouse with Major Malygin still inside, shattering hundreds of bottles. Luckily, the Major survived the ‘friendly fire’ incident, he staggered out of the wreckage to the nearest telephone and contacted headquarters to accuse Ivan The Terrible of this terrible crime.

    The person on the other end listened to his story patiently, but replied unsympathetically: “Give him the vodka. He was just awarded the Order of the Red Star, so give it to him.”

    From then on, no supply officer would mess with Ivan The Terrible’s vodka ration.



      • The East Coast is one place I’d be a little cautious about tsunamis even allowing for the fearmongering, arse covering attitude of today’s authorities. The main fault is close to the shore & you’d be lucky to get more than a couple of minutes warning before things went pear shaped. The 1947 quake would be a prime example.

        I’ve stood in the bar of the Tatapouri Hotel a couple of times & wondered about how it would have felt to see the water level with the windowsills.



  16. From Hooker Phil above

    “South Island and others “back to Level One” No cases since May 2020, why the need to control. …”

    So this begs the question. Plane loads of people from Auckland and elsewhere went down to Queenstown and other ski area spots last winter and probably through out the summer. There have been positive tests reported in Auckland over that time and yet nothing in the South Island. The propaganda tells us that this is a terrible virus that spreads easily etc. etc. etc.

    Tell me again why the economy has been crushed.



  17. Help Save New Zealand Raw Milk

    In one of the more draconian enforcement actions ever taken against raw milk producers, the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industry (MPI) brought criminal charges against the farmers of nine different raw milk dairies for violations of that country’s Raw Milk for Sale to Consumers Regulations 2015 (the “2015 regulations”). Some of the defendants have also been charged with violations of the Animal Products Act (APA). The raw milk charges assert that by engaging in the supply of raw cow milk “a direct or indirect risk to human or animal health would be created.”




    • Braybots@1337

      Fools! The raw milk ban was put in place many years ago to prevent the spread of such diseases as Salmonella and Listeria; diseases which are lethal to humans and were some of the reasons that Pasteur originally invented his process.

      Several years ago, and wishing to attract the ‘urban hipster’ ‘Remuera Mummy’ vote, the NZ Government directed the Min of Ag to permita loosning of the rules, permitting various opertiors to sell the raw product.

      They were warned that there would be abuse as a result, but chose to ignore the ‘naysayers’.

      This result was predictable, but because the ‘back to nature’ move is so strong, any successful prosecutions of the ‘poor and harrased suppliers’ will be resisted (with the media’s active help) and used to create the necessary martyrs to the ‘Raw milk’ cause.

      That the prosecutions are self-inflicted on said suppliers, is, of course, irrelevant.

      One does have to wonder however, what these ‘cool’ people will do when their children ( for example) contract Salmonella.

      I somehow doubt that they will self-blame and ‘tough it out’…



      • My family has drank raw milk for over a decade now and no complaints apart from it goes lumpy quicker. Straight from the vat every morning and a thick layer of cream forms so needs a quick shake before ya use it.
        Tastes far superior to supetmarket/manufactured milk.

        Fonterra strip it down into many conponents then blend it back together for “standardised milk” nuthin natural at all about supermarket milk



      • In Braybots nemesis article
        An attorney representing one of the charged farmers has been unable to find evidence that any of the charged farmers made anyone ill with the milk they produced.
        Under the law, MPI can only prosecute those whose products pose a public health risk.

        Possibly some other part under the technicality of law that seems to be driven more than than just the concerns of health.

        Pasteurized, like the milk was done decades ago.
        Tuberculosis, Brucellosis close to eradication, and cattle are monitored and tested.
        And Salmonella were the 3 main diseases that were stopped by this.
        Though salmonella can still cross contaminate pasteurized milk.

        Listeria is an environmental issue post milking so though milk is said to be risky, there is still a risk of cross contamination in the fridge, like from lettuce, strawberries, meat.
        Listeria can arise in pasteurized milk and products if not kept correctly or too long in the fridge.

        Cows milk is test sampled & monitored for somatic cell counts, fecal contamination.

        Also these days, much better hygiene and sanitation, acid, alkali wash downs plus high temperature hot washes as stainless steel can with stand the rigorous clean downs.
        The cute clear-skin milk maid, with mutton fat to grease the cow teats, with the wooden pail is long gone.

        Now much more is automatically done to milk in processing.
        It would seem almost all milk is also homogenized.
        Often broken down for lactose, casein, fats,
        Then permeate that came out can be added back to the milk too, as it all natural so the milk can be precisely reformulated to an exact formula to meet the supposed measured “standard”.

        Regulations for testing, for sanitary, hygiene are well adhered to, and monitored.
        Well some ‘ooops’ from even the big companies.

        However can that be said once any food, what ever it is, gets to a person’s home.
        Kept to the right temperature, for how long, no access by other animals, clean fridges, benches, etc.

        A farmer’s wife is breaking the law if she runs a home stay business, and puts the “home killed” meat on the menu, as for the guest and her own family.

        I do see that many people do not understand “food hygiene” so perhaps they only should be allowed to eat food at KFC and MacDonalds where they have well sussed and formulated.
        All to be eaten with in the hour of being of served.

        It only needs to go to a calorie count, healthy meals and so the ration can be exactly just right for the individual.

        Lets hope they do this in the form of “free school lunches” too.
        That will be a great aid in solving the obesity in the children, and so giving them a much better start in life.
        A great savings in hospital care in decades to come?

        Before long, no one will be allowed to fall, cut, split, gather firewood.
        Only approved licenced fire wood companies, and probably to go through a “wood pelletizer” system.
        Houses will not be allowed any fire as they are dangerous in so many ways.
        Plans already afoot so no gas stoves or heating systems.
        Only “heat pumps” will be allowed, and will be hooked up via the “smart meters” that can remotely control just what electric appliances and at what times are permissible and what the temperature will be set at.

        So the companies merge, take a life of their own in corporations of “crony capitalism” full of regulations for the benefit of all “stake holders” on the planet.



        • “A farmer’s wife is breaking the law if she runs a home stay business, and puts the “home killed” meat on the menu, as for the guest and her own family.”

          Yep…killing a Christmas lamb for towney friends and relations, a long held NZ tradition, is against the law….it won’t be long before you won’t be able to kill your own house mutton as in the UK…will all have to be done in a licensed abattoir.



  18. PTPM is doing a lot to increase her profile after getting a drubbing in the media.
    Who believes the kid sent the letter to her about the father not using soap washing his hands!
    To me it looks too good for a kid, more like aadvertising agency blurb!
    Went for another look at the irsh kid but could not find it!
    Bullshit is all I can say. PR exercise at best!



  19. Ad for NZ Free Speech Radio.

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  20. FACT CHECK – Face Coverings are unsafe and ineffective – Here’s all the evidence…

    This 2020 meta-analysis published on the CDC website in the USA found that evidence from randomized controlled trials of face masks did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza, either when worn by infected persons or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility.

    This review carried out by the Norwich School of Medicine and the School of Environmental Sciences found that masks had no effect specifically against Covid-19, although face mask use seemed linked to, in 3 of 31 studies, “very slightly reduced” odds of developing influenza-like illness.

    This 2019 study of 2862 participants showed that both N95 respirators and surgical masks “resulted in no significant difference in the incidence of laboratory confirmed influenza.”




  21. As long as they don’t stop kiwis free speech. Chatting on-line provides a place to vent amongst themselves. It’s good for our mental health and must be a saving for the government on the cost of depression medication and blood pressure medication!!

    Blocking website used by white supremacists should be a priority for New Zealand intelligence agencies – expert



      • To add, the Japanese ultranationalist groups (collectively known as the uyoku dantai) are not really “right wing.” They are definitely fascistic, and want to re-impose the Emperor as the head of state. They definitely want to turn back the clock to a time (in their minds) when Japan enjoyed a significantly large empire in East Asia. In a way, they are like British arch-monarchists who somehow want a Queen Victoria-like ruler for Great Britain and a recreation of the former British Empire and its colonies.

        In other words: they are deluded, impractical, pining for the impossible, living in the past, and can offer nothing constructive for the Japan of today. They are the Japanese equivalent of neo-Nazis and just as whacky.

        The Japanese Communist party, the typically left-leaning Japanese press and the unions have a fratricidal hatred of the uyoku dantai, Many foreign journalists like to link the uyoku dantai to “trump” which is patently absurd, but draws a lot of traction among English-speaking readers who should know better.



  22. Chris Hipkins – 7/3/2021

    “The science is still evolving. So the clinical trials for some of the vaccines hasn’t been finished yet.”

    The clinical trial end dates for the experimental mRNA/DNA Pfizer and Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines are:

    ▪️Pfizer mRNA BNT162b1: 31 Jan. 2023

    ▪️Oxford AstraZeneca AZD1222: 14 Feb. 2023

    Section 10 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights states:
    “Every person has the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without that person’s consent.”

    Video Source:

    NZ Bill Of Rights:



    • “Section 10 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights states:
      “Every person has the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without that person’s consent.”

      What if the government accepts a vaccine as “approved,” then it wouldn’t be “experimentation” legally speaking (even if it actually is).



      • Thats true O-sen, yet the choice to be vaccinated will always be yours…until it isn’t.

        Polish Doctor Mocks Critics Of COVID-19 Vaccine While Taking Jab. Dies Just Days Later
        Dr. Witold Rogiewicz passed away just days after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Here is what he said while recording himself getting jabbed.
        “Vaccinate yourself to protect yourself, your loved ones, friends and also patients. And to mention quickly I have info for anti-vaxxers and anti-coviders if you want to contact Bill Gates you can do this through me. I can also provide for you from my organism the 5G network. I am sorry I hadn’t spoke for a bit but I was just getting autism.”




  23. Venezuela to introduce 1-million-bolivar bill as inflation persists

    The new banknote will be worth just 52 U.S. cents at the current official exchange rate. Interannual inflation was running at 2,665% as of January, according to the central bank.

    In addition to the 1-million-bolivar banknote, the central bank said it will introduce 200,000- and 500,000-bolivar banknotes to circulate alongside the 10,000-, 20,000-, and 50,000-bolivar bills currently in circulation.




  24. Halftime at the rugby, Hurricanes getting another hiding……anyway I digress, the Bunnings ad comes on and the guy says that after 2020 it is time for everyone to reset in 2021 -who has he been talking to?



  25. Is a “Liberal Conservative” a contradiction in terms?
    Maybe not. Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libertarian_conservatism

    Libertarian conservatism advocates the greatest possible economic liberty and the least possible government regulation of social life, mirroring laissez-faire classical liberalism, but harnesses this to a belief in a more socially conservative philosophy emphasizing authority and duty. Libertarian conservatism prioritizes liberty, promoting free expression, freedom of choice and free-market capitalism to achieve conservative ends and rejects liberal social engineering.

    Libertarian conservatism can also be understood as promoting civil society through conservative institutions and authority—such as family, country, religion and education—in the libertarian quest to reduce state power.

    Who would consider “libertarian conservatives” to be “far right”? Hint: People who don’t want to reduce state power, for starters. You can see that libertarian conservatives cannot be fascists, since the latter just love an all-powerful and all-encompassing State.



    • So the world embarks on Part II of the biggest fraud in history: CASHING IN


      Potential market value: 7,674,000,000 people x $50 profit (say) per person = $383,700,000,000 in vaccination revenue

      This EXCLUDES doctors charges!!!

      And that is assuming you don’t need a new vaccination EVERY YEAR!!!



      • New Zealand:

        There are 16,292 practicing doctors in 2019

        5,000,000 * $50 (say) per inoculation administered = $15,300 profit per doctor per annum.

        No wonder the doctors here are so silent on the ‘danger’ of coronavirus!!!




    • Well, lloks like I may only travel once the madness ends. If the vaccine proves to be d=safe in a few years, I may consider it. Else, well fuck it, there are lots of places to visit in New Zealand.



  26. Have you guys seen this? The US woman at a fast food window to collect her drink order and the server won’t hand her the drink but says he would hand her a mask to wear so she can then be handed her drink order.

    Someone on YSB had similar problems with a server expecting to hand his food order over only after he fully put up his drivers window. How the hell does that work? Commonsense is seriously lacking in some.

    VIRAL: Woman in Drive-Thru HANDLES Woke Rules Perfectly



  27. Deeper annnnnnd….
    FIFTH woman, fourth aide comes forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against Cuomo



    David Sirota: Media should ‘apologize’ for early coverage of Cuomo’s pandemic handling


    NEW: The Albany Times Union’s editorial board, which has endorsed Cuomo for governor three times, calls on him to resign, citing the cover-up of nursing home deaths, the lying about why nursing home deaths were covered up, and the lying about why it lied.



  28. Oh goody… more control freakishness

    Vaccine passport: WHO warns against using Covid jab proof for foreign travel

    VACCINE passports have been heralded by many as a way to safely return to travel this summer as the UK emerges from lockdown and holiday-hungry Britons are unleashed on the world. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has dealt a blow to this plan.




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