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  1. COVID-19: Government rejects National’s push for outbreak inquiry

    National leader Judith Collins wants an inquiry into contact tracing, public health messaging, testing – including whether saliva testing should be used more – and the legality of testing and self-isolation orders.

    Elements of this outbreak, she says, like confusing public health messages, mean a broader inquiry is now necessary.

    “We’ve got issues such as the prime minister ending up in a public spat with a shift worker from KFC over what messages were given. That is something that shows is clearly not the clear communication that we should expect,” Collins says.

    “It is a year on into Covid, when are they going to get this right?”



    • Collins is an ineffective nobody and her whole party too. And despite huge initial hopes, Seymour is starting to go down the same track as well.

      It’s totally the wrong stance to be arguing the minutiae of things like covid tracing or whether or not to use a new fart-into-a-bottle test. Whatever. It’s all bullshit.

      If our country is to survive, we desperately need a leader who has the courage to call this ‘pandemic’ what it really is: a stunningly successful exercise in control by a tyrannical cabal of quasi-communists. They need to clearly spell out that this virus isn’t particularly dangerous to healthy people under 65 and even then the chances of getting really sick are minuscule. They need to point out that it’s madness to lock down whole cities out of irrational fear and they need to call strongly for the people to refuse to allow their country, their lives and their freedoms destroyed.

      What we need isn’t a bunch of idiots trying to nitpick on the fringes. We need to come together and FIGHT AGAINST COVID TYRANNY and if we don’t start to resist pretty damn soon our country will be lost forever.

      Is there a potential leader out there? Someone who can genuinely see what’s happening and has the personality and charisma to activate this, the biggest challenge the country has ever faced?



  2. Dan Bongino

    tSp2onsorsechmd ·
    Being a liberal means spending your entire miserable life searching for new reasons to be “offended.” It’s a pathetic existence. Living an absolutely joyless life is the hallmark of liberalism. Worse is their desperate need to make everyone else miserable too. Friends don’t let friends do liberalism.



  3. Hey Cindy watch your back ,the Maori butch dyke from the east coast is after your job and she’s got it all going for her.
    (1) she’s maori,
    (2) she’s a lesbian,
    (3) she’s capable of miracles after all she has produced children without having a man involved,
    (4) she’s extremely manlike including her fashion sense,
    (5) she’s not a cripple but that is easily fixed she’ll just slip a rock into her shoe,
    (6) most importantly she is a great spouter of B/S ,possibly even better than you are,
    Maybe Cindy it’s time to bring her down a step or two ? dig around in her background I’m confident you can find a scandal that your minnions could leak to your press luvvies.



  4. Local Democracy Reporting
    5 Mar 2021
    New Zealand local councils not fit for purpose – academic
    9:12 pm on 5 March 2021
    Natalie Akoorie
    Natalie Akoorie, Local Democracy Reporting Editor

    A long-time councillor says inexperience, personality clashes and infrastructure costs are at the root of ongoing council infighting around the country, while a local government academic believes New Zealand’s sector is unfit for purpose.


    I have been quite vocal in our local neighbourly about this. As you know tauranga is io a mess. It culminated in the rsignation of Tenby Powel and that appoint mnet of commissioners.
    The reason that all this happens is that the ratepayer no longer bothers or has anyone take my notice of thioer wishes . They get trampled on by self serving know it all paid staff. staff that use the Law as it is made by Govt. to rule and fatten their own ego’s.
    Time we found a better way.
    Switerland seems to me to be a good model to start with.



  5. Opinion: Latest COVID-19 lockdown will have broken businesses

    OPINION: The widespread pain of this last lockdown will only dawn on the many COVID-19 fatigued business owners as they return to work on Monday.

    Bar owners are going to the wall – yes the wage subsidy worked in paying staff but many businesses have bled and enough is enough.

    The truth is this was an unpopular lockdown – number four.

    And it may yet prove to be a botched one too that could have been avoided had health authorities done a better job and not sent confusing messages.



  6. Some years ago a flying saucer landed in a park in Auckland. The alien got out & to his horror saw he had landed on one of the earthlings squashing it flat. Being a peaceful friendly alien, he decided to save the creature & put it back together, but having never seen a human he did what he could with the bits he could salvage, then took off to return & try first contact another day

    The next day a man walking his dog found a pair of human buttocks alive & talking through its sphincter. It said “um ah ah I’ve, I haven’t, um, I haven’t used my, um, I’ve answered, um, OIA”.

    And that kids, is how Jacinda Ardern was created.



  7. My wife thrust a picture under my nose. “What the fuck is this!” she asked.

    “Well,” I calmly replied, “It appears to be a photo of me fondling your sister’s massive breasts… But you do know that’s not real, don’t you, babe?”

    “Really? she said, calming down.

    “Obviously,” I replied. “They’re implants.”



  8. As Iv’e said on YSB many times the Horsefaced creature is a typical leftie coward, she’s realized that she can’t keep repeating her lies with Hosking so she’s done what all commie cowards will do ,cancelled him.
    Robbo ” bend me over the couch” did the same thing with Williams ,he’s another cowardly prick.



  9. Just another example of the govt’s reactionary Covid response. Who didn’t know air crew posed a risk?
    “An Air New Zealand crew member has tested positive for Covid-19 and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says officials are investigating whether air crew need to be placed under more restrictions when they arrive in the country.”



  10. “The Prime Minister will no longer do a weekly slot specifically on the ZB morning show.

    Good… Perhaps she is getting the message that folks are fed up with her waffle.

    It couldn’t possibly be that she is too scared to answer questions about her lousy performance, could it?



  11. Interesting stats coming through related to the vaccine. 966 deaths from approx 41 million jabs (in the US). For the flu vaccine they get about 45 from 170 million. So at this rate they will get about 4000 deaths if 170 million take the jab.
    Or if say half of the NZ 5.0 million take we might get around 55 deaths.

    Will Bloomfield please explain if that risk is worthwhile , given they are already saying a booster maybe required after the initial 2 jabs ( my interpretation of that is it does not work very well).




    • Only about 15 people there as it was organized on short notice. A few locals attempted to heckle the rally, ineffectually – one kept saying, “What about polio?” as though that was relevant.

      Lots of people out in the area, hardly any masks to be seen.



          • Sorry mate, but quietly ignoring the restrictions just isn’t good enough. How is that going to address the issue of thousands of business closing their doors, sports and cultural events buggered and tens of thousands of people thrown out of work if their jobs involve any level of personal contact?



            • It is part of the “great reset” as then councils, local government, bodies, NGO’s departments, will all be financed from Robbo’s Modern Monetary Theory of the Magic Money Tree, plus taxes, rates, fees, levies, etc., to create new jobs to mop up unemployed.

              This gym kept going. 🙂 as Avi Yemini reported last month.

              This is the fearless MMA gym that has NEVER closed for lockdown
              3 mins 42 secs : • Feb 16, 2021

              Though I do not know what exactly made the police to think again.

              The police might have found they would be part of the “sparring partner” session. 🙂

              The other part is to have enough or the other people, that is like the sea, so that the sharks, protesters, can swim among the fish, making it much more difficult to police, and then cameras, being witness.
              When many of the ordinary person/customer also stands at the door with the business owner.
              At this stage, where are even the more peaceful protesters.

              The police target people with the megaphone and the placard, but when all have a megaphone, and a placard, and the numbers are there, to counter the police numbers and know the police strategies and tactics.

              In the meantime, know ourselves, our civilization, to make known to others.
              Certainly not all, but many are thirsty to understand what is at stake, and what is the truth.

              At the moment many have been bought, “work @ home”, wage subsidies, and the money is flowing around.



  12. American black activists looking for their very own gravy train to pay reparations. We in NZ have seen this for decades with their very own TOW settlements and vast other taxpayer funded payments

    MIDTERM BACKLASH As Democrats Push Slavery REPARATIONS!!!
    Dr Steve Turley

    “Grievance politics is all about enriching the grievance activists. It has nothing to do with grievance activists supposedly helping those they claim to represent”.



  13. Out of interest, each day in New Zealand, how many people would speak a sentence in Te Reo that would include the terms “Te Ratonga Tirorangi” or “Waka Kotahi”?

    Why do we even have these terms plastered everywhere if their usage in a Te Reo setting is exceedingly rare?
    Let me guess: virtue signaling and woke-ness!



    • That reminds me of a time when I was flying overnight from Hong Kong to Auckland and had a window seat on the right side (starboard) side of the plane.
      I had my window shade up and was asked to pull it down.
      “Because when the sun shines in it will irritate the other passengers.”
      “Darling, if the sun shines in my window the position of my window shade will be the least of our worries.”
      Not even the cabin boss, who had been summoned by the trolley dolly, could grasp the significance of my remark.



  14. COVID-19: 97-year-old woman among elderly ‘fearing for their lives’ as deportation looms

    The policy allowed immigrants whose adult children already had residence or citizenship, to join them – but it was suspended in 2016. It officially restarted last year under different rules, but it was stopped when the pandemic hit without anyone being able to apply.



  15. Seymour sticks it right up the PTPM. Bloody fantastic!
    “You can’t deliver for New Zealanders if you don’t show humility, and this Government’s arrogance is getting in the way of solving problems and helping people.
    Jacinda Ardern’s decision to cancel her weekly discussion with Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking joins a long list of increasingly hubristic moves from the Prime Minister and her Government.
    Together they make up a rap sheet of high-handed, elitist behaviour from a group of Ministers who are showing themselves to be out of touch with the people that put them in the Beehive.
    Jacinda Ardern let the mask slip and attacked members of the South Auckland COVID-19 cluster, and then ran for cover in the days following to avoid scrutiny from the media.
    Stuff political columnist Andrea Vance was spot on at the weekend when she summed up the Government’s vaccine rollout as ‘a secretive, sluggish spin-fest,’ with the flow of information ‘tightly controlled and heavily politicised.’
    Meanwhile, the Government used urgency to pass Māori wards legislation it didn’t campaign on. These are laws that are foundational to how we conduct our democracy, but they were sprung on Parliament at short notice and rushed through without proper evaluation.
    You can’t paint yourself as a paragon of democratic virtue and then not walk the talk – not if you want to stay in favour with New Zealanders. Eventually that behaviour will catch up with you.”



  16. PTPM at podium now telling us we’re now only going to have Pfizer vaccine, and they’ve just ordered 8.5 million more doses, enough for every NZ’er. So what happened the other vaccines which were ordered? If they’ve just ordered enough vaccines for the whole population, does that mean prior to this order we didn’t have any left?

    She’s bullshitting us again here.

    Pfizer is more expensive and must be kept very cold. Ardern is telling us we’re going only with Pfizer because they will go to great lengths to protect NZ’ers. It’s crap. Other vaccine producers have obviously pulled the pin on our agreements.

    Chippy now trying to spin the advantages of only having to deliver a single vaccine.



  17. This Thursday March 11 marks the 10th anniversary of the big earthquake and tidal wave disaster (and the Fukushima nuclear power plant fiasco) up in Japan. Japanese TV is pumping out one documentary after the other this week, and it will be a major news filler on the anniversary day itself.
    I will be watching the Herald to see if they cover the anniversary in their World News section. I expect a column or two. It might even make it onto the TV news, although I don’t bother with free-to-air TV in this country any more.



    • That is Jami lee Ross
      and the Advance NZ carry on

      No thanks

      In case you are confused, Jami lee in this case is not Britney Spears sister.

      It is a He.
      Inasmuch as we are allowed to assign gender, willy nilly, or no willy.

      You can pick up some anti 5G pills from Jami lee and associates.

      Frankly I would avoid as those disappointed women who encountered him should have.
      None less so that Sarah Dowie.
      Standing in line as well, Tova No’Brain

      And he was a Notional MP for over 7 years and no-one picked up on what he really was including Somon Bridges until the end.
      The Notional party, not my gig !!

      Avoid their pain.
      Avoid this narcissist.



  18. So Russia is not part of Zero carbon, but gearing up production, and rail transport to China.
    China seems busy building more Coal fired powered electricity stations.
    While 75 coal ships swing on the anchor off China.
    Importing coal from the USA continues at an increasing pace.
    ….now it’s too late because the coal deteriorates over time. So I don’t think they will find a lot of buyers,” he said.
    “It loses a lot of qualities and moisture starts to set in and you really risk buying a cargo there that you can’t use.”…..

    Who knew that coal goes off, deteriorates?
    So it would seem whatever the rights and wrongs with Australia & China, the carbon burning is replaced to the advantage of another country.
    Even Joe BiBama, will not knock back the increased export of USA coal to China, that is replacing Aussie Coal?
    …. The Asian country imported 1.0 Mt of coal from the U.S. during the period, a 251.8% increase year over year and a 748.2% jump quarter over quarter.
    With the unofficial ban on Australian coal in place, Chinese buyers turned to other major producers to maintain operations.
    “As Chinese domestic coking coal reserves are depleted, they are experiencing a reduction in quality so need to supplement this coking coal with imported coal to maintain the correct coal quality for steelmaking,” …..

    Does the UN Paris agreement members really believe China’s commitment as it mines even more coal.
    Yet the executive director of the International Energy Agency expects all governments to do every thing to reduce fossil fuel use saying
    …..”Governments have to find financial instruments to support the good and make life difficult for the bad”
    ….. China’s greenhouse gas emissions last year climbed higher than their 2019 levels, preliminary data shows, in a blow to hopes that the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic would set the world on a greener path ……
    ….. China approved more new coal-fired power generation in the first half of last year than in the whole of the previous two years, according to Global Energy Monitor and the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air. China is the world’s biggest emitter, and if its efforts to recover from the economic shock of the coronavirus pandemic are focused on propping up its existing economy, rather than fostering green growth, global emissions will be strongly affected ….
    ….. “Many countries believe [coal] is still a cheap and domestic source of energy generation, and more importantly, in many countries coal is still the largest employment source.”….

    China does what is best for China and not what is best for the rest of the world.
    These experts and politicians should know this by now.
    Yet the gullible in New Zealand believe in the climate change cult, that will cost us very dearly.
    Forcing NZ to import dirty Indonesian Coal, and now planning how to import LPG,



  19. It’s probably a bit nawdy of me repeating this , but jeez, it’s a great day.

    Mike Hosking – 8/3/2021

    “She [Jacinda Ardern] no longer wants to be on this programme each week.”

    “It speaks to a lack of backbone that she would want to bail and run.”

    “The Prime Minister is a lightweight at answering tough questions. The number of times she’s fronted on this programme with no knowledge around the questions I’m asking is frightening.”

    “The reality is, too often it’s just noise. It’s waffle. It’s stalling. It’s filling. It’s obfuscation.”

    “As a publicly elected official you are asked to be held to account. So, it stands to reason you, at least, put yourself up, even if you don’t enjoy it or at times struggle with the complexity or detail of the question line.”

    “After all, it’s our country she’s in charge of.”



  20. I see the media are starting to roll the PTPM in glitter again!
    Vaccine for everbody! Yah!
    Muslim day in a week, tea towel on head, the media are going to all over her!
    Wonder how many media have come over the border to cover it?
    What happened to the yank fanboy, is he coming again?



  21. Another alternative vaccine, now offered with no patents.
    Could we produce that in NZ?

    Top vccne maker offers pndmc solution for free
    6 mins 30 secs : All subtitled to English : Published on Mar 07, 2021

    ….. An antigen, with an effectiveness even renowned virologists confirm.
    Professor Winfried Stöcker first tried out the vaccine on himself, his family and employees.
    All those vaccinated are now immune to Corona. …..
    ….. easy to produce in large quantities. ….

    It shows his background, experience, and the resources he has in the research and the way how this works so differently to the claimed vaccines.
    Then the problems with bureaucracy, and the pressure & problems so that he simply said, here it is:-

    …… He has now published the recipe for the antigen on his homepage in the hope that a pharmaceutical company will take it and produce the substance.
    He’s not asking for any money for it.

    Is it too good to be true?
    Following the money does not seem to enrich him, and he has done well for himself anyway.

    I get the feeling NZ could produce through the systems already in NZ that make vaccines for sheep & cattle.



  22. A posting from Qurious Kiwi

    Banned video discussing how the NZ Covid 19 Health Response Bill has the framework that could include proof of vaccination upon entry to New Zealand.

    “It could in the future include the requirement that someone is vaccinated, for example, if there is access to a vaccine in the future and that is something that the legislation will have the legal framework to allow for.”

    First the Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard, ordered the video to be taken down. [1]

    Then the Parliament’s Privileges Committee held a meeting, took advice, formed a conclusion and made a finding to back Trevor Mallard. All without any input from those who stood accused. [2]

    When the video was not taken down after the order, Trevor Mallard turned to Facebook to take it down, which they did. [3]

    Now the Covid Minister Chris Hipkins is saying: “I think vaccine passports are almost an inevitability”

    1. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/advance-nz-ordered-to-remove-facebook-video-claiming-labour-will-force-vaccination-on-citizens/GAFB2R4QB4TGU5YTFIMTXJTRFY/



  23. Diversion time. I see the lost royals are saying they would like to live in New Zealand. Cindy must have made them an offer to come down here for her wedding/ birthing.
    They can suss out the elite spots for a house. I hear Mt Albert is the go to place these days.



    • Yep, they would fit right in! Maybe we could make Harry the Governor General!!!
      He should be able to start at short notice, not as though he’s doing much!
      That would twist the knickers of the elite!
      Just imagine the outrage from the witch from on top of eden park hill!



  24. These mRNA were first started to be looked as cure to cancers, able to alter DNA.
    The mRNA seem to be able to be edited, by a chemical or an enzyme.
    “Like fire, it can be a good servant. But it can be a bad master.”

    A long article, but it has been emboldened to where to take note of concerns,
    There is a “time line” showing the start of the specialist studies in 2008 2010 and also and abridgment.

    RNA can be used not only as a backdoor to your DNA, but also to your brain, with the potential to make you and your future generations dumb without anyone ever suspecting it.
    We don’t know if this is being currently done, but we have the tools, the motives and the psychopaths to do it.


    Even a back ground skim through will broaden your understanding a bit more on rDNA and DNA.
    Also why there is an interconnection between the ones who have been at the forefront of developing the Covid mRNA “vaccines”



  25. Noted in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, many OECD countries, a very taboo subject, but starting it to call it, a “communication barrier”.

    ….. massive influx of migrants being treated in ICUs for COVID-19 “is a real problem”. …..

    ….. lamented about parallel societies among the migrant groups. “If you want to do something there, you can only do it with rock-hard social work in the mosques.
    And we can’t get in there.
    And that’s wrong.
    This group consists of four million people in Germany.
    This corresponds to a share of 4.8 percent. In the intensive care units, however, well over 50 percent are from this group.“ ….

    ….. “According to my survey, over 90 percent of intubated, seriously ill patients always have a migration background.
    We have agreed internally that we want to designate such patients as ‘patients with a communication barrier’,” …..

    ….. “In almost all OECD countries for which data are available, there is a systematic overrepresentation of migrants in Covid 19 cases and mortality,” …..

    ….. why migrants and those with a migration-background account for such a high number of severe ICU patients. …..

    The article becomes blurred to just what is the reason.

    The emergency powers extended by Merkel’s government.
    Would this be a way of covering the high ICU rates by immigrants?

    …. Furthermore, it is not medical authorities or expert-led panels who will determine what is an “epidemic of national proportions”, which is the legal basis for the current emergency powers.
    The task falls on members of the Bundestag; [parliamentarians] ……


    Absolute hypocrisy when those same parliamentarians lambasted other countries like Hungary, comparing them to the Nazi era.

    Though our Parliamentarians seem to want to whack our nearest neighbour to, in more than just sports.



  26. Trump Presses GOP Entities to Stop Using His Name, Likeness
    By Ivan Pentchoukov
    March 7, 2021 Updated: March 7, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    Former President Donald Trump sent cease-and-desist letters demanding that Republican National Committee (RNC), the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) stop using his name and likeness to raise funds, a Trump adviser told The Epoch Times.

    In a speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando on Feb. 28, Trump instructed supporters to donate to his campaign website and the Save America political action committee (PAC). The move suggested Trump aims to build financial leverage over the RNC, a theory that seems to gain credence because of the cease-and-desist letters.




  27. There must be a phone phishing scam going around? Today have had a phone call (one ring and then they hang up) from Lesotho and Samoa. Hubby also got calls on his phone.

    Presumably I’m supposed to phone them back. I’m guessing a prince with a large bank account, or a handsome stranger who would love me long time.



  28. 1957-58 H2N2- originated in China
    1968-69 H3N2- originated in China
    1997- 2004 H5N1- originated in China
    2003 SARS- originated in China
    2006 Bird flu- originated in China
    2009 Swine flu- originated in China
    2013 porcine Pestivirus- originated in China
    2019 Covid 19- originated in China



    • There is an old Japanese saying that in China they will eat anything with four legs except tables and chairs. Part of this is due to the practice of traditional Chinese medicine (known as “kanpo-yaku” in Japan). There is a huge overlap between food and edible medicinal materials. Moreover, local superstitions also play a part, with certain animal body parts highly prized for their (placebo) effects. This leads businessmen in China to go looking for rare, isolated and exotic pockets of animal populations to turn into “kanpo-yaku” (and cash).
      The trouble is that some exotic diseases hide out in these do-not-disturb populations of isolated animals. Bats come to mind, but there are many others.
      It’s a combination of ignorance, superstition, ego, too much money, a desire to impress your associates (or your mistress) and other factors.
      As a result of all this, plus the tremendous size of the Chinese population and the wide variety of ecosystems within its borders (from tropical to alpine tundra) and you have a recipe for the discovery and infection with a wide range of novel diseases that you just wouldn’t come across in most other parts of the world.



  29. Australia bringing in more reasons and how to deport any more problem makers.

    Direction 90 of the Migration Act 1958 adds family violence as a ‘primary consideration’ when assessing a visa. …..

    In making a decision under section 501(1), 501(2) or 501CA(4), the following are primary considerations:

    [8.] (1) protection of the Australian community from criminal or other serious conduct;

    (2) whether the conduct engaged in constituted family violence;

    (3) the best interests of minor children in Australia;

    (4) expectations of the Australian community.

    8.1.1 The nature and seriousness of the conduct

    (1) In considering the nature and seriousness of the non-citizen’s criminal offending or other conduct to date, decision-makers must have regard to the following:

    a) without limiting the range of conduct that may be considered very serious, the types of crimes or conduct described below are viewed very seriously by the Australian Government and the Australian community:

    (i) violent and/or sexual crimes;

    (ii) crimes of a violent nature against women or children, regardless of the sentence imposed;

    (iii) acts of family violence, regardless of whether there is a conviction for an offence or a sentence imposed;

    b) without limiting the range of conduct that may be considered serious, the types of crimes or conduct described below are considered by the Australian Government and the Australian community to be serious:

    (i) causing a person to enter into or being party to a forced marriage (other than being a victim), regardless of whether there is a conviction for an offence or a sentence imposed;

    (ii) crimes committed against vulnerable members of the community (such as the elderly and the disabled), or government representatives or officials due to the position they hold, or in the performance of their duties

    If it is legislated, then one will not need a conviction. Though I think there will be a number of court cases & appeals but it will be a bit difficult to over turn the intent of the legislation if it is done right.

    Probably time New Zealand should introduce similar laws?



  30. Thank fuck we have David Seymour.

    “If the Valentine’s Day outbreak has done anything positive it is this: The difference between New Zealand’s performance and the Government of New Zealand’s performance has finally been contrasted.

    There’s a saying in politics that you can’t argue with results. New Zealand has an enviable record in the Covid-19 era, with fewer infections and deaths, and lighter restrictions (over a year) than almost any country.

    Little of that can be attributed to the efforts of the Government – our response has been successful because of the actions of New Zealanders – but you can’t argue with results. No government faced an easier task, given our isolation, population age and density, wealth, and civil society. That may be true, but to point it out is to argue with results.

    The comedy of errors over the past three weeks has finally shown that the Government’s performance and New Zealand’s results are actually different things. The Government failed to fully trace a cluster of fifteen cases.

    Instead of saying, ‘we should have done better,’ it decided to blame the people. The Prime Minister publicly denouncing citizens who have no platform from the highest podium in the land was unseemly. When it revealed they hadn’t actually broken any rule, the Government had remembered to make, it was embarrassing.

    The excuse that the Government had texted someone fifteen times backfired. What it really told us is that there was no system other than sending endless unanswered texts to Covid-19 contacts.

    Triumphal announcements that the Government had secured vaccines seemed out of place while Auckland was locked down and the Government had a tenuous grasp of events. More worrying is that, nearly three weeks later, we have no better idea when vaccinations will arrive, when they will be distributed, or what being vaccinated will actually mean.

    It would be easy to indulge in a little schadenfreude. This jingoistic Government’s little dances, team of five million, and heavily scripted public service announcements are falling apart. Unfortunately, the situation is too serious for that.

    The Valentine’s Day outbreak and associated lockdowns were the final straw for many businesses that survived two lockdowns but not this one. The company liquidation pages are filling up, with the IRD behind many wind ups.

    The greater problem is that we cannot afford to stand still, because the Covid situation is moving. We need not only to deal with the Government’s current failings, but look forward to the Covid world of Q3 and Q4 this year, and beyond.

    That world is being reshaped by four big trends. Mass vaccination is changing the parameters of the pandemic. New variants are having the opposite effect, making it less predictable. Governments around the world are appending their Covid responses with new testing and tracing technologies in response. The public are becoming fatigued with the required measures, as are public finances.

    Those trends will make our current approach unsustainable. It will be harder to justify such costly restrictions when vaccinated people can fight off the virus more easily and have less chance of passing it on to others. Vaccines will crowd out other responses.

    New variants may undermine vaccines, at least temporarily, but they may appear seasonally for years, so will require a response that can last that long. We can’t seriously lock down and borrow money every time a new variant gets out, for as long as it takes.

    Fortunately, testing and tracing technologies allow for more surgical responses to outbreaks that don’t kill the patient. The problem is that New Zealand isn’t using any of them.

    New Zealand’s economy has recovered faster than expected, but even the bravest Finance Minister would think twice about repeating the monetary and fiscal sugar hit required last time. Ditto the level of compliance, the air was more defiant this time. Fatigue will compound the vaccine, variant, and technology issues, increasing demand for a new response.

    The good news is that the Valentine’s Day Outbreak has the potential to be a turning point, if we want it to be.

    Throughout the pandemic, ACT’s mantra has been to make constructive criticisms when necessary and helpful suggestions where possible. Stay tuned for more of that approach later this week.”



    • Waffle waffle blah blah.

      Why doesn’t he just tell it like it is and stop nitpicking around the edges?

      1. The Chinese virus isn’t a serious ‘disease’

      Oh what’s the bloody point? I’m getting fed up with repeating the facts. Just see my post above at 10am 🤣



  31. What will some of our local immigrants from the sub continent make of this?

    …… The Subject Expert Committee under CDSCO that looked into Pfizer’s proposal and presentation did not recommend that the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) approve the application at present.

    “After detailed deliberation, the committee has not recommended for grant of permission for emergency use in the country at this stage,” stated minutes of the SEC’s meeting dated February 3.

    This was due to concerns over certain Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) and the fact that additional safety information had not been generated from local trials in the country.

    “The committee noted that incidents of palsy, anaphylaxis and other SAE’s have been reported during post marketing and the causality of the events with the vaccine is being investigated.
    Further, the firm has not proposed any plan to generate safety and immunogenicity data in Indian population,” stated the minutes.

    What was Pfizer’s response?
    Pfizer has decided to withdraw its application until it can generate the additional information required by the Indian regulator.

    “Based on the deliberations at the meeting and our understanding of additional information that the regulator may need, the company has decided to withdraw its application at this time,” stated a Pfizer spokesperson.

    So is this why a batch of Pfizer turns up?

    In Israel a number of concerns raised and they seem to have the data about the Pfizer vaccine
    As they point the data does not show a pretty picture about Pfizer.



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