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French magazine Charlie Hebdo caused social media outrage Saturday over its front-page drawing of Queen Elizabeth II kneeling on the neck of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

A caption on the drawing translates to “Why Meghan left Buckingham.” A quote bubble near Meghan’s head reads, “because I couldn’t breathe anymore.”

In the photo, shared on the magazine’s Twitter account, a menacing-looking Queen Elizabeth II pins Meghan down with her knee. The image is a cartoon recreation of George Floyd’s death when a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes during a May 25 arrest. […]

Social media users slammed Charlie Hebdo over the drawing, with some calling it racist.

“Words cannot describe just how disgusting I found that Charlie Hebdo cover. Punching down and constantly drawing racist caricatures it’s not satire. It’s called being a d—,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Charlie Hebdo is a disgusting newspaper that promotes Racism, Xenophobia, Islamophobia and sexism. For years it has made fun of many serious social issues that exists in the world, whilst making millions of dollars,” another posted.

One user said the cover was “absolutely disgusting.” …


    (1) The Blues are looking good for a triumph in 2021,
    (2) The Warriors are looking good for a triumph in 2021.
    I’ll leave the smart people on YSB to figure which is which …LOL.



  2. What;s next? Promoting safe shooting practices in
    armed holdups? How to steal cars safely? These fuckwits
    are out of control and out of ideas. Hipkins is a useless tool.
    Just like his stupid commie leader Jacin-DUH.
    Have a great day folks.



  3. By Jack Phillips
    March 14, 2021 Updated: March 14, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    Major cities on the West Coast were among those seeing riots and protests Saturday night as demonstrators marked the one-year anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death in a police raid in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Several U.S. cities were beset by riots and protests on Saturday night as demonstrators marked the one-year anniversary of the death of Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle saw protests and clashes between crowds of people and police. Rioters threw rocks at police officers in Hollywood and smashed store windows, according to reports and footage published from the scene.

    Videos showed riot police at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

    so I guess all those “Hollywood Stars” will all move out now their turn is coming.
    Or perhaps they already have given over their palaces to the cuase.



  4. Good GRIEF has the creature had collagen pumped into her sunken cheeks, Seriously she looks like she’s done 10 rounds with Joseph Parker.
    Nah come on folks she’s got her hair pulled down over her left eye /cheek ,WTF is going on has the fisherman clipped it ?



  5. During a lull between the speeches at a Parliamentary function, Jethro leaned over to chat with Grant Robertson.

    “You know Grant, I bought Jacinda a parrot for Christmas. That bird is so smart, Jacinda has already taught her to pronounce over two hundred words!”

    “Wow, that’s pretty impressive,” said Grant, “but, you do realise that she just speaks the words, she doesn’t really understand what they mean.”

    “Oh, I know,” Jethro replied, “Neither does the parrot!”



  6. Three nuns – Sister Abigail, Sister Beatrice, and Sister Cassandra, died in a car crash and, of course, went to heaven. They were met at the Pearly Gates by Saint Peter. He looked at the ledger & noticed that Heaven had almost gotten its full quota of nuns for the year with just enough room for two more. One of them would have to go on the waiting list for next year. He told them this news & said that what he’ll do is ask each of them a simple question from the bible & if she answers correctly than she can go through the gate.
    “Okay, that seems fair,” they said.
    “Sister Abigail, what did God create on the 6th day?”
    “Mankind.” Said Sister Abigail.
    “Right you are, go on in.”
    “Sister Beatrice, what were their names?”
    “Adam and Eve.” Answered Sister Beatrice.
    “Right you are, go on in.”
    “Sister Cassandra, what was the first thing Eve said to Adam?”
    “OMG!!!” Said Sister Cassandra, “That’s a hard one!!!”
    “Right you are…go on in!”



  7. Government ‘doing the best we can’t to deliver widespread changes to mental health services- Andrew Little.
    This after three and a half years of blaming Nationalthe previous Government of blatantly underfunding Health and makes the excuse that $1.9 billion invested was always intended to roll out over 4 to 5 years. With early investment in key infrastructure and ramping up over that time.
    He says the Government ticked off large ticket items fro the ” to do ” list including setting up a Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission, a Suicide Prevention Office and devising a Suicide Prevention Strategy.
    Like his failed rolls in the Uniona d his stint as Labour Leader in the opposition Andrew Little is piss and wind with plenty of failures and less of the positives to be in charge of the Health Portfolio.



    • Imagine the difference to mental health if they had spent the 45milliom + wasted on Pike River non entry. This govt wastes more money than any other. What came of the millions spent on working groups with nothing to show for it.



      • How many million did the working groups cost the taxpayers?
        What happened to all the labour sycophants that were on the groups?
        They would have left (probly well) paying jobs been sycophants.
        Were are they today?
        Were they promised their jobs to return too?
        Or are they now in new public service/NGO jobs created?



        • Labour achieved what they set out to do setting up of working groups, they created well paid employment for their loyal members such as Michael Cullen. Labour’s ease at spending other people’s money without result is of little consequence and no conscience at all to the socialists of the Labour pardy.



  8. Well another week of propaganda from Ardern and her motley crew coming up…

    I just heard her doing a soft interview with Chris Lynch. So different of one we would have expected from Mike Hosking. The operative word is SOFT.

    Now that Ardern has confirmed her lothario fronts for Labour Im waiting for the announcement that he has taken over Chippies job.

    Get used to seeing him being her spokesperson.



  9. “A woman who fell from a moving vehicle in South Auckland has died.”
    Ref: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/woman-dies-after-falling-from-moving-vehicle-in-aucklands-mangere-bridge/AAZJXUZF43YSMC7JRSRQPV5QBA/

    If she was riding inside the vehicle, and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt or the door opened, I would expect the headline to read, “A woman who fell OUT OF a moving vehicle in South Auckland has died.”

    The use “fell from” instead of “fell out of” suggests that she was riding in the back tray of the vehicle (if a small truck or ute) or else she was riding on the roof or the bonnet or on some other inappropriate part of the vehicle.
    We don’t know if this was a car. The article only says “vehicle” it could even be a motorcycle (although if it is a motorcycle the press will usually report it as such).



  10. “If you want to start a fight at a dinner party bring up climate change”.
    Patrick Moore discusses his new enlightened book on the mischief that is the invisible scam industry.

    Greatest threat to civilisation is ‘apparently non-existent’

    Sky News Australia
    Former Greenpeace Canada president Patrick Moore says it would seem the greatest threat to civilisation is “invisible and non-existent”.



    • S’OK
      Mental health disease is the ‘new normal’

      -you can be a boy but scream and run to the media if people don’t call you a girl
      -You can ‘see CO2 in the air’ and it is coming to get you, ha ha he he
      -You can imagine the world is getting hotter because some knob-end on the teev says it constantly with no proof
      -You can think the recent ‘bad cold’ is going to kill us by the thousand but not question it at all or whether deaths are just normal deaths (like being 85 years old) and not some new thing
      -you can listen regularly to a lair with hyperactive jazz hands but still say the tart is kind, obey the skank’s stupid diktats, then vote for the fisherman’s folly to keep on doing at it next election.

      Nuts is Normal.



  11. Energy Minister Megan Woods has hit back at claims from ACT that New Zealand’s highest annual coal import figure in 14 years is linked to the ban on future coal and gas exploration.

    ACT climate change spokesperson Simon Court says the record coal imports was evidence the Government’s “marketing-led environmentalism has been mugged by scientific reality”, adding that the “environmental case for allowing natural gas exploration is now overwhelming”.

    “There is no environmental benefit to banning gas exploration if Indonesian coal will be imported instead,” he said.

    “The Prime Minister needs to show that her ‘nuclear-free moment’ wasn’t just a line in a speech by reversing the ban on exploration for natural gas so New Zealand can begin to make meaningful long-term reductions in our emissions.”



  12. Right, a bit of analysis for Ed.
    Lack of transparency on YSB

    The cloak of invisibility strikes .
    Missing threads and comments on YSB

    On my HP Probook
    O/S Win 10 (same on Win 7)
    Google Chrome latest ver
    Also same on Brave browser, auto latest ver
    Also on Chinky-sounding Android phone

    All logged in can post and all is well.

    Simply close the browser and reopen without turning off PC.
    You remain logged in but if you refresh to see new postings you are logged out.
    Can then see today’s header for HYS but no comments.
    Any others threads posted that day are not visible.

    There is a halfway state where you can see postings up to the last time you were logged in.
    I did not investigate the cause or likely scenario.

    Effectively, if you are not logged in you cannot see much
    Therefore outsiders wanting a casual browse cannot see much from today.
    This will kill off new traffic to the site

    Log in again and things are visible

    Without logging in you can see prior days threads and comments in full .

    Can I suggest if you want bedda transparency you contact Molesworth Stables, Molesworth St, Wellington.
    Ask for Head Mare and sometime breeding stock.
    This Mare only answers patsy question so Be Kind.
    If not available, the stable hand, Jethro, is authorised to make announcements.
    The Head Mare wants to assure you this is not a Nanny state and wayward nannies will be punished.



    • When I used wifi on my lap top in the library, it did cross my mind that somehow as it was government sourced, whether a sort of “shadow ban” was in place.
      Logging in did cure access to the rest of YSB posts, and to comments.

      Reasons sort of talking about election integrity etc.
      Talk of different viral medicines.
      Issues about the CCP virus and their vaccines.
      Supremacy issues can be triggered by knights and crusaders of temporal times.
      Are things denied about the globe and its weather systems?
      Then whether things are black or 2 faced? to which is must give way to the other?
      Cut or uncut, the whole job or not, can be signs of many things going on.

      So many things to debate & discuss and all these easily triggered things have other surveillance systems over a barrel, to whether is a side by side or under & over , with the issue of what maybe in a magazine, and how many pages it may be allowed to have, but then it may be a “turn around” mag?

      Perhaps AI, putting in algorithms to search out all the suspicious characters around is interfering with things?



  13. Does anyone know anyone in ACT’s hierarchy ? I know Pascal has a bit to with them Someone needs to supply them with a bit of the good information about the “vaccine”, we share with each other on here.

    From their latest newsletter

    “At this point it’s probably worth pointing out that Free Press has always been and always will be a pro-vax publication. Vaccination is one of the greatest technologies in human history. We are not seeking to embolden anti-vaxxers, or their rebranded ilk the ‘vaccine hesitant.’ ”

    They obviously do not know or understand these Covid “vaccines” are totally different to other vaccines. They are based on totally different technology.
    If the ACT people think, is it any wonder NZ is heading down the slippery slope.



  14. Inland Revenue (IRD) says its turning its hidden economy focus investigation on to the real estate sector.

    “Inland Revenue believes the issue is widespread and we must act. People are claiming private expenditure but not keeping logbooks or other business records to support the claim.

    “So, we recommend people approach us before we contact them”, Richard Owen says.

    As a business owner, you can also tell Inland Revenue voluntarily about your own tax situation especially if you think there’s something wrong with your tax returns because you’ve overclaimed expenses.



      • And they thought it was hyperbole when I said all this was coming…

        In regard to Ardernism, it’s gone beyond my most dire of warnings. The worst stuff doesn’t even make it into the headlines. It’s an insidious campaign of law reform, only followed by those of us autistic enough to read law.



  15. Labour keeps lead but Cindy pIunges 15% as preferred Ieader in first 1 NEWS-Colmar Brunton poll of 2021


    Party support:
    Labour Party: 49% (down 4%)
    National Party: 27% (up 2%)
    Green Party: 9% (up 1%)
    ACT: 8%
    New Zealand First: 2%
    Māori Party: 2%
    New Conservative: 1%
    TOP – 1% (up 0.7%)
    Don’t know: 5%
    Refused: 4%
    *Percentages do not add to 100 due to rounding.

    Preferred PM:
    Jacinda Ardern: 43% (down 15% since December 2020 poll)
    Judith Collins: 8% (down 4%)
    David Seymour: 4%
    Christopher Luxon: 2%
    Simon Bridges: 1%
    Don’t know: 27%
    Refused: 6%

    The poll showed Labour take a dip of 4% since the last December poll – which was the first poll after election 2020. In this poll, Labour dropped from 53% down to 49% support.



    • So Woke Notional are STILL seen as political poison/dead loss politically.

      No surprise there.
      Split among 3 people they get approx 10% pref in total for PM.

      Labour party at 49% is very dangerous, Anything above 43% is.
      Sadly with that is well positioned for Ardern to flake off and the fat poof take over; which has always been his intent.



    • Luxon ?
      What the hell has he contributed to any thing left ,right or in between?
      Just dumb gnats wanting to recreate a Key!
      Can’t happen ,times and the electorates have changed.
      I so want to see some real positive opposition!



  16. Stella Immanuel MD

    Every Friday, VAERS makes public all vaccine injury reports received by the system as of Friday of the previous week. This week’s data show that between Dec. 14, 2020, and March 5, a total of 31,079 total adverse events were reported to VAERS, including 1,524 deaths — an increase of 259 over the previous 7 days — and 5,507 serious injuries, up 1,083 over the same time http://period.In the U.S., 85.01 million COVID vaccine doses had been administered as of March 5.

    This week’s VAERS data show:
    • Of the 1,524 deaths reported as of March 6, 30% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, and 46% occurred in people who became ill within 48 hours of being vaccinated.
    • Nineteen percent of deaths were related to cardiac disorders.
    • Fifty-three percent of those who died were male, 45% were female and the remaining death reports did not include gender of the deceased.
    • The average age of those who died was 77.9 and the youngest death confirmed was a 23-year-old.
    • As of March 5, 265 pregnant women had reported adverse events related to COVID vaccines, including 85 reports of miscarriage or premature birth. None of the COVID vaccines approved for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) have been tested for safety or efficacy in pregnant women.
    • There were 1,689 reports of anaphylaxis, with 59% of cases attributed to the Pfizer-Bio-N-Techvaccine and 41% to Moderna.
    Remember, less than 1% of vaccine injuries are reported to the CDC

    Multiple countries in Europe have put further administration of the COVID vaccine on hold due to concerns of blood clots and other reactions



  17. You can imagine what it’s like now.
    This is the most evil, sick in the head, government we have ever had.

    John Campbellend talking to sallies.

    Lt. Colonel Ian Hutson- 24/04/2020

    John: “In short lockdown, job losses income cuts have exacerbated the existing social and economic issues and disparities in this country.”

    “6000 parcels in a week, I think it was what 4 times up on the comparable week a month earlier.”

    Ian: “It’s incredibly sobering that behind all those 6000 parcels, is families.”

    “The other day when I went around to deliver. You can see in the eyes of people you see a mixture of gratitude, but also a degree of shame… that shame brings on people, that anxiety over time… it has a long term impact.”

    “The numbers are big, Work and Income are… struggling to deal with this.”




  18. Mike Hosking – 15/03/2021

    “Once, a murder was something of horror, upset, and sadness. And it came, at times, with a debate as to whether there were issues to be addressed.

    But that has been replaced by Ms Jones, whose suggestion is that men need a curfew, men not allowed out at night… within 24 hours the headline was to be found in a local outlet here, “Why a man’s curfew isn’t such a bad idea.”

    If you’re on the right side of the PC ledger you can literally say anything and get away with it.

    I also saw over the weekend stories about the Oprah memes, post the interview.

    Sadly, if you were part of that, and you aren’t black, you are a racist. It was deemed so, by some tragic social media warrior that you could only post those memes if you’re black. Because if you’re not, it’s the equivalent of digital black face.

    How long before we wake up, grow up, and get back to some semblance of normality?”

    Source Newstalk ZB:



    • Completely moronic statement by that Baroness tart.
      A fecking greenie skank as well.

      After 6pm
      No male cops.
      Let all females (and those who identity as such handle all the domestic violence.
      5 ft 3 woman weighing 67 kg and able to do the coast to coast each year sorts out 110 kg drunk Polynesian man.
      That’ll work.

      Get only the many firewomen to do night shift at the fire-station.
      Volunteer firemen stay home if there is a callout after 6pm.
      Burn baby burn

      Lefties are stupid and the greens are special class of total fuckwit.



  19. Could only happen on Flightlessbirdblog. DPF puts up a post about the possibility that Labour could support a decriminalisation of marijuana as opposed to legalising it & the Godaddled turn it into a wankfest about gay marriage complete with a hymn sheet, prayer & four part harmony.




  20. Rotorua locals fed up being used as ‘dumping ground’ for New Zealand’s homeless – National’s Todd McClay

    During the first lockdown last year after COVID-19 hit, motels were filled with homeless people rather than international tourists that were shut out by the closed border.

    Despite this ending in April when alert level 4 was lifted, there are estimates that up to 2000 people are still in motels in Rotorua.



  21. Treasury warned Government against the way it did Ihumātao deal

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the deal wasn’t rushed. “No, not at all,” she said on Monday when asked if the process was hurried along. “It was something we spent a significant amount of time developing.”

    But Newshub can now reveal the Government ignored stern Treasury advice about how it tackled the Ihumātao deal.

    The Government used a workaround to buy the contested land from Fletcher’s for $30 million, taking cash from a KiwiBuild programme called Land for Housing, but Treasury says that’s not what the programme was designed for.



  22. First case of negative vaccine reaction in NZ that I have seen. Must be others being covered up I suspect.
    Not sure why the link isn’t working you may have to copy and paste into your browser.



  23. The great patriots of the mother country.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    The successful convening and closing of the “Two Sessions” aroused great repercussions among overseas Chinese living in New Zealand, and inspired the fighting spirit of the Chinese community.
    Everyone talked about the results achieved by the “two sessions”, which can be described as rave reviews. Overseas Chinese leaders said that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”.
    The convening of the “Two Sessions” across the country coincided with the timing, which encouraged enthusiasm, increased confidence, stabilized the hearts of the people and the world ,
    The role of warming the hearts of overseas Chinese.
    On March 12th, in the \ “New Zealand Overseas Chinese Community Hot Discussion on the “Two Sessions”” activity initiated by the New Zealand Chinese Association, the New Zealand China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association and the New Zealand Huaxing Art Troupe, the overseas leaders spoke and shared With my joy and heartfelt thoughts (in no particular order):

    Guo Hong, chairman of the New Zealand Chinese Association, said : ….. …..

    Zhu Xi, president of the New Zealand Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China, said : ….. …..

    Li Fen, head of the New Zealand Huaxing Art Troupe, said : ….. …..

    He Zhiyun, Chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in New Zealand, said : ….. …..

    Che Weixing, chairman of the New Zealand Chinese Women’s United Foundation, said: ….. ……

    Yan Junren, president of the Shanghai Association of New Zealand, said : ….. …..

    Xin Jinyan, chairman of the New Zealand Federation of Chinese Literary and Art Circles, said : …. …..

    Hu Chongbao, President of the Auckland Central Chinese Association, said: …. …..

    Rao Jinsheng, Chairman of the New Zealand Culture and Arts Foundation, said: ….. …..

    Chen Shuizhen, President of the New West Overseas Chinese Association, said : ….. …..

    Gao Hejun, president of the Wellington China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, said: ….. ….

    Wang Jianjing, chairman of the Association for the Promotion of China’s Peaceful Reunification in the South Island of New Zealand, said : …. …..

    Wen Jiabao, president of the Qingyuan Fellowship Association of New Zealand, said: …. ….

    Chen Jinming, president of New Zealand Henan Fellowship Association, said : ….. …..

    Cheng Leisheng, Chairman of the Otago China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, said: ….. …..

    Zhang Honghuan, President of the Chinese Association of Christchurch, New Zealand, said: …. ….

    Han Youfang, President of the Panmure Chinese Association in Auckland, said: ….. …..

    He Health Care, President of the China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of Rutorua, said: …. ….

    Su Qizu, president of the Fujian Association of New Zealand, said: ….. ……

    Zhou Xiaowen, chairman of the New Zealand Overseas Chinese Culture and Art Center, said : …. …

    Wang Jinyuan, President of the Tianjin Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand, said: …… ……

    Hao Lianqin, president of the Auckland Onehunga Chinese Association, said: ….. …..

    Shi Hongjun, President of the Hunan Association of New Zealand, said: ….. …..

    Zhou Huibin, President of the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand, said:

    President George Bin of the New Zealand Friends of Peace Association said: ….. ….

    Zheng Lin, head of the New Zealand Boya Zheng Group, said : ….. ….

    Yang Chunpi , chairman of the New Zealand Jasmine Foundation, said: …. ……

    Xu Jie, chairman of the New Zealand Chinese Artists Association, said: …. ….

    Wang Yanke, President of the New Zealand International Art Exchange Association, said: …. …..

    Lei Aihua, deputy secretary-general of the Auckland Association for the Promotion of China’s Peaceful Reunification, said : …. ….

    Guan Xingnian (from Hong Kong), President of the Auckland Epsom Chinese Association, said: …. ….

    Wang Zhiping ( Christchurch ) , president of the New Zealand-China Cultural Exchange Association, said : …. ……

    Xu Weidi, president of the Dunedin Senior Chinese Association, said : …. ….

    Sun Qixiang, president of the Western Oakland Chinese Association, said: ….. …. .

    (Text compilation/New Zealand Federation of Chinese Groups and the Secretariat of the New Zealand China Peaceful Reunification Association, picture/Xinhuanet)

    Then I used google translate.
    Just scroll down a bit, then all the NZ connections giving such lyrical full hearted support.

    Well worth giving it skim through, and then to ponder, on what influence there may be.



  24. Norway Reports Three Blood Clot Cases After AstraZeneca Shot

    The people, who were all “of younger age,” had a reduced number of platelets in their blood, the Norwegian Medicines Agency said in a statement on Saturday.

    Health authorities in Norway are telling people under the age of 50 who’ve received the AstraZeneca shot in the last 14 days to see a doctor if they feel ill or detect skin hemorrhages more than three days after vaccination.

    Norway on Thursday followed countries including Denmark in pausing use of the vaccine over concerns about blood clots, after a person in Austria died and others fell ill after being inoculated.

    “We can’t say if there is a connection with the vaccine, but we will investigate thoroughly,” Sigurd Hortemo, a doctor at the Norwegian Medicines Agency, said at a press conference from Oslo.




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