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  1. Mike:@0535

    On the basis of such a loss in popularity, perhaps FB may find it necessary to find other fields in which to fish? He has form in that regards…

    Time will tell (although the NZMSM won’t).



  2. AP off to work. I am delighted to be part of the team
    of YSB. Cindy can shove her ‘team of 5 million’ up
    Robbo’s well stretched ass. Then she can climb in as well.
    Be good peasants today.



  3. CNN, MSNBC, Fox News See Major Ratings Drops After Trump’s Exit From Office: Analysis

    Former President Donald Trump’s exit from the White House has correlated with a decline in ratings and viewership for a number of cable news shows, according to an analysis.

    CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News have all seen overall declines in viewers, Variety said in its analysis, which added that since Trump’s second impeachment trial, “audiences for CNN have plummeted” and “MSNBC is seeing about half CNN’s drop,” while Fox News is down by single digits.


    “The next opportunity for Trump to dominate the headlines will be if he declares as a candidate for the 2024 elections in 2023, with over two years to go until that potential milestone,” according to the report. “In the meantime, the left-leaning networks will have to rely on politicians making the occasional gaffe and just get used to the post-Trump slump.”



  4. Good morning, and welcome to the upside-down.

    Where what you see, can never be,
    and what you know, just isn’t so.
    Where bad is good and wrong is right.
    Where truth went down without a fight.

    Where you might just say, every day is opposite day.

    Can I offer you a mask or an anal swab?
    Rape is the law, if its for a good cause.
    Oh no, it isn’t mandatory, that would be cruel,
    but you have no choice, that’s our only rule.

    Before you enter I must tell you about the world’s deadliest disease.
    It can take you out with a single sneeze.
    It’s a clever bugger too, it can’t take out a violent mob
    it only thrives in those with jobs.

    But luckily, we have the only cure,
    it won’t stop it from spreading but that’s all we know for sure.
    So “What does it do?”, you may ask.
    No one knows, so please be sure to double mask.

    “It’s super safe” the doctor said.
    Even if you end up dead,
    because the antidote can’t kill you since
    it’s the leading cause of coincidence.

    Now roll up your sleeve and let’s go,
    I’ll take you through the backwards show.
    Where doctors kill and science shills
    for our lord and saviour, a man named Bill.

    To your left you will find our grand display
    of courageous men with nothing to say.
    They don’t provide, or lead, or slay.
    They smile, nod, and let you have your way.

    To your right you’ll see our exhibition of empathy.
    Where the rich stay home,
    and through their phone,
    demand that old folks die alone.

    Follow along the yellow dotted line,
    to our memorial of dissent, our evil shrine.
    The thought criminals and sense seekers and those who disrupt,
    the ones who tried to turn us right side up.

    They did not shrink to double think,
    so all of them died from “suicide”.

    Thank you very much for visiting THE UPSIDE DOWN!
    Now please return to the circus with the rest of the clowns.



  5. Horseface isn’t going to ring the Aussie PM “because he knows how I feel ” about the 15 year old garbage that was deported last week.
    Let me correct her “I’m not going to ring the Aussie PM because he’s just gonna tell me to fuck off again”



    • Aussie PM is tired of waiting for Cindy to get her shit together with the TT bubble. He’s wants to go with Singapore. We’re invited into a 3-way bubble, but no doubt that will now be a riskier proposition for RBF.



        • I would like to see the 15-year-old’s file.
          A group of 3 yooof attempted to steal a friend’s Triumph motorcycle from a CCTV-equipped car park in Auckland. The police caught one of the crims. He was aged 16, but apparently had 67 convictions on his record (according to my friend from what the police told him).

          You can be sure that Australia will be saving itself a lot of money by getting rid of this legally New Zealand trash.



          • Discussed on YSB last week.
            Three ‘girls’ aged 15 or so bashed an elderly woman who later died from the injuries.
            2 on Home D and 1 a teeny bit of prison time.

            Aussie sees a problem and addresses it.

            Aussie gets big challenges such as long (real) droughts, bushfires, and great floods.
            They have to face up to things and make decisions.
            Right now it is China bullying while NZ Fuckwit polis take a snipe instead of being good Anzac friends who have their back.

            NZ just dithers.
            Look at the the RMA and house prices.
            Nothing done in over 20 years.
            Yik yak. Hands in pockets.

            The only thing done fast is the sneaky shit like Notional passing homo ‘marriage’ late one night; gas cancelled- Labour.
            Ardern – oh a little girl wrote to me so I changed the F…ing law.
            All sneaky and sniping critters.

            Good on Aussie for chucking out the trash.
            Just a pity it lands on our porch



        • Sooty says
          ‘That youth will not be lilly white! ‘

          Racial profiling.
          Right now ‘Sweet Andy’ Coster is getting an armed assault team ready to breach your house.
          Bad thoughts;
          Bad thoughts.
          Must wipe out unconscious bias
          Must wipe out unconscious bias
          Must wipe out unconscious bias

          Sooty is heading back to skool for re-education!



    • My mate just flew to aussie a couple of days ago, during his stop over he said many aussies were ripping the piss and abusing the ptpm for being the piece of shit she is.
      I usually regard aussies as lower iq then kiwis but they can see our mung been pm for what she is but 50% of kiwis cant… i think the brain drain helped cindy big time as it left many easily impressionable retards here to vote



  6. Ysbers, yesterday the police dude on radio/tv urges us all to report all followers and supporters of dangerous idealogy… hope you all narked in those that follow the koran, the extreme maori activists that want white ppl gone and biggest of all we best report socialism and this fascist govt.



      • The comments came after the 4chan nut in chch got exposed by a member of the public yesty. I dont watch tv either but id imagine it was on the “news” thecomments were played repeatedly on magic talk during the news segment.
        I may be incorrect about who said it as i listen while operatimg heavy machinery but im sure it was police xxx that made the comment maybe it was police spokesman.

        The wording was that dangerous idealogy needs to be reported even if its friends or family members as police would rather prevent a massacre then respond to one.
        Must report family and fiends for thought crimes.



    • Those ideas are in vogue just like Ardern’s adhan.

      ….. voted overwhelmingly to “[welcome] the Commission’s intention to oblige e-mail, messaging and chat providers to search all private messages for allegedly illegal material and report to the police” on social media. ….

      ….. “There is no requirement of a court order or an initial suspicion for searching your messages.
      It occurs always and automatically,” he warns, adding that
      “If an algorithms classifies the content of a message as suspicious, your private or intimate photos may be viewed by staff and contractors of international corporations and police authorities” ……


      False flags have been triggered causing investigations of innocent people.

      Perhaps all communications by Parliamentarians, staffers, departments, police, bureaucrats, etc.. should all be freely published, to be open & transparent.



    • Sharon Osborne on the View or whatever it is
      Poisonous yikkety yak programs
      A lot of naaasty women anyway

      Not a loss as far as I am concerned.

      These people know the cancel culture is here.

      They got their President cancelled and replaced with a gibbering moron.
      That is where you start addressing issues.
      Not women’s yik yak shows.

      Osborne managed an alcoholic drug abuser for years and made him successful.
      She is smart.
      Don’t make these statements in the cancel culture environment then complain about it.

      I would not die on a hill for Piss Morgan.
      He is a controversial flip flopper that needs attention.
      He was all mates with Trump; ….and then he was not.
      Morgan went very septic.
      He was Editor of the scabby News of the World which was closed down under his auspices because it was so intrusive.
      One of the Irish tarts in media in NZ worked for that festering tabloid.

      These are the ground rules.
      Lefties can do and say the most horrendous things (Jessie Smollet, Princess Smegs Sparkles, Bet Midler, Kathy Griffen) and get a free pass.
      Anyone to the right of extreme left is a target.
      This is the new normal and probably the groundwork for civil war.



    • Forms of this has been going on for years.

      …. Taihape people established the teaching farm on 12 hectares next to Taihape College 30 years ago but the Ministry of Education has taken it and put it in the landbank for Treaty settlements, and the school can now only lease it. ….

      ….. The town’s high hopes have turned into an exhausting 17-year-long fight between country and city, going on under the radar between bureaucrats and those townspeople who believe they’ve been ripped off.

      …… Her father-in-law Jim Cherry sold the block cheaply to the college in 1989. …..
      …. “He wanted the best use [of it], and I think he would be aghast at how that little piece of land now looks.
      “I think he would probably use some very, very strong expletives, and say bloody politicians,” …..

      ….. “It wasn’t funded from one cent of operational grant. The ministry did not own it, at all,” ….

      The rest of the article shows the tanged mess of principles & legalities of costs, going no where.



      • Will a new generation of Maori aristocracy be created?
        How does a landed-gentry-class of ticket-clippers and ground-rent collectors benefit the nation in terms of economic growth and new business creation?

        I imagine that an elite iwi would attract young part-Maori who would want to marry into the iwi. Over time, the iwi population would increase thanks to larger families, and so the income per person from these passive incomes sources would decline. In the end, they could be back where they started from, unless they use the money wisely to educate their members and cultivate self-sustaining enterprises that can compete fairly in the marketplace.



        • The income per person probably won’t decline because they have got bugger all from day one and any new monies will be quietly siphoned off to pay for new cars and to finance dodgy businesses run by the elites relatives. Tribalism never changes it’s just the way they wrap it. The epitome of a stone age system.



        • “unless they use the money wisely to educate their members and cultivate self-sustaining enterprises that can compete fairly in the marketplace.”
          You are having us on, surely. They are not Japanese you know.



          • What should I say?
            “Be granted exclusive licenses with anti-competition clauses to exclude competing businesses (like the protection enjoyed by whale-watching operations in Kaikoura) so that the iwi can subcontract out the day-to-day operations to a license-holder and take their “administrative fees” for essentially doing nothing.”

            Is that better?
            (Ticket-clipping will not develop skills. It will bring in money, but that’s all it will do. You’ll have lots of money, but you’ll be poorer in every other metric.)



          • Odakyu-sen another one so the money flows to the elite in this major compensatory “koha”.
            which revealed Maori deep-sea fishing, once touted as an economic saviour for Maori, now depends on Asian and Ukrainian FCVs where conditions are akin to sweatshops.
            Government attempts to moderate the use of FCVs has been resisted by some iwi, which say without them they cannot fish.
            Iwi rent out their quota to operators who use FCVs with most of the catch shipped to China for processing.

            Political pressure has been exerted to make some changes, cosmetic or for real?



  7. Do sweetheart deals to urban iwi help suppress urban radical Maori activities?
    Re the return of Bastion Point, and now the sale for $97 million to a 498-member iwi of the McLeans College land. The ground rent is about 6%. I would love to get a 3% mortgage so I could buy an asset returning a guaranteed 6%!
    Granted that the 498-member mini iwi had to partner up with 6 other iwi (including a giant from the South Island which put up 80% of the money).
    Is it good for the State to be selling government land off to private groups of a particular ethnicity? Or is it a smart move to keep these groups tied closer to the government so they can be influenced and controlled?

    What about all the non-iwi-documented Maori? They won’t get anything. The social problems will continue.



    • Yeah, and now it turns out the Ihumatao deal was funded by money plundered from Kiwilbuild, against the express advice of Treasury. So not only do we miss out on Fletchers’ houses which were planned for Ihumatao, but Kiwibuild produces less houses (I know, but still). Looks like this govt doesn’t really care to much about house supply.



        • What one can do with land that you own out right, and what you can do with land that is leased can be very different, as other consequences can arise.

          Like noting:-
          …. “The fact that it wasn’t considered to be owned by the school did have an impact because the school looked seriously at resourcing, and decisions were made not to spend too much money on developing some of the fiscal resources of the farm.”
          That included not adding toilets at the woolshed though it needed some.
          “There’s a whole lot of jobs that needed doing.” ….

          Though to be fair, there is the question of where the money flows from, but it is declared, no departmental money has.
          I would think all the ever increasing laws, rules, regulations, health, safety, precautionary plans, etc.. would have been followed, but it is at increasingly major costs and time.
          The community seems to have done all the funding.

          The lease for how long? seems indeterminate, sort of an until?
          Then the conditions of the lease may change, so who owns what?
          Is it shiftable?



        • State schools are on Crown Land and this cabal of Marxist totalitarians must be planning to quietly give all our Crown Land to the Maoris.

          This is perfectly in step with their plans for the People’s Indigenous Republic of Aotearoa.

          Actual schools will no longer be needed anyway, because children can easily be idealogically brainwashed by zoom while hiding under their beds in fear of the plague; so it’s a win-win for the Marxists.

          The Maoris will probably then be given the buildings later and they’ll be able to hold tribal ceremonial burnings to cleanse themselves of colonial oppression.



            • This is scary stuff as by the time wing nut & sweet cheeks get handed their collective arses this country will be well and truly fucked.

              Arderns masters in the kremlin will be so proud of her and might even gift her NZ as a token of appreciation.



          • Well said EK.
            The ‘project creep’ is on.

            Three Waters will probably transfer water ‘contol’ to ‘iwi guardians’ but not ownership.
            that will sneak through late at night 5 years later just like civil union morphed a few years later to homo ‘marriage’ at 11pm one night seven years ago.

            The recent endorsement of unelected Maori on Councils with voting power is another.
            This is another.

            The multiple times in the last year that Northland Maori have been able to block SH 1 without repercussions is a telling story.

            Then radio waves, power (hydro stations, who will ‘own’ the water…)

            On 1 January 2020, a mere 60 weeks ago did you think you would get long periods of Home D for committing no crime?

            It is a crumbling affair with things returning to pre-1769 where the elite Maori have it good and the majority do not.
            The whities will be in the have nots

            You will own nothing
            and you will be happy.



          • Yes. Macleans only has two syllables.
            The Te Reo name will have at least 8 or 9 as well as a peppering of macrons. The students will be instructed on the correct pronunciation of the new name, and any native speaker of English (except for immigrant students or fee-paying exchange students) who misnames the new beloved titled will run the risk of suspension.
            “Misnaming is violence,” don’t you know…
            (Like misgendering, we are told.)

            // (sarc, but stranger things have come to pass…)
            Macleans should be given a Chinese name to reflect the dominant ethnic group attending.

            Ethnic composition of Macleans
            Māori 4%
            Pākehā 24%
            Chinese 33%
            Indian 11%

            Ethnic composition of Tamaki College
            Māori 33%
            Pākehā 1%
            Tongan 32%
            Samoan 15%
            Cook Islands Māori 10%
            Niue 5%
            other 4%

            Tamaki College lacks diversity!



    • Posted late last night.
      The great patriots of their mother country.
      Who does the integrating?
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

      The successful convening and closing of the “Two Sessions” aroused great repercussions among overseas Chinese living in New Zealand, and inspired the fighting spirit of the Chinese community.
      Everyone talked about the results achieved by the “two sessions”, which can be described as rave reviews.
      Overseas Chinese leaders said that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”.
      The convening of the “Two Sessions” across the country coincided with the timing, which encouraged enthusiasm, increased confidence, stabilized the hearts of the people and the world ,
      The role of warming the hearts of overseas Chinese.
      On March 12th, in the “New Zealand Overseas Chinese Community Hot Discussion on the “Two Sessions”” activity initiated by the New Zealand Chinese Association, the New Zealand China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association and the New Zealand Huaxing Art Troupe, the overseas leaders spoke and shared With my joy and heartfelt thoughts (in no particular order):

      Guo Hong, chairman of the New Zealand Chinese Association, said : ….. …..

      Zhu Xi, president of the New Zealand Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China, said : ….. …..

      Li Fen, head of the New Zealand Huaxing Art Troupe, said : ….. …..

      He Zhiyun, Chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in New Zealand, said : ….. …..

      Che Weixing, chairman of the New Zealand Chinese Women’s United Foundation, said: ….. ……

      Yan Junren, president of the Shanghai Association of New Zealand, said : ….. …..

      Xin Jinyan, chairman of the New Zealand Federation of Chinese Literary and Art Circles, said : …. …..

      Hu Chongbao, President of the Auckland Central Chinese Association, said: …. …..

      Rao Jinsheng, Chairman of the New Zealand Culture and Arts Foundation, said: ….. …..

      Chen Shuizhen, President of the New West Overseas Chinese Association, said : ….. …..

      Gao Hejun, president of the Wellington China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, said: ….. ….

      Wang Jianjing, chairman of the Association for the Promotion of China’s Peaceful Reunification in the South Island of New Zealand, said : …. …..

      Wen Jiabao, president of the Qingyuan Fellowship Association of New Zealand, said: …. ….

      Chen Jinming, president of New Zealand Henan Fellowship Association, said : ….. …..

      Cheng Leisheng, Chairman of the Otago China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, said: ….. …..

      Zhang Honghuan, President of the Chinese Association of Christchurch, New Zealand, said: …. ….

      Han Youfang, President of the Panmure Chinese Association in Auckland, said: ….. …..

      He Health Care, President of the China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of Rutorua, said: …. ….

      Su Qizu, president of the Fujian Association of New Zealand, said: ….. ……

      Zhou Xiaowen, chairman of the New Zealand Overseas Chinese Culture and Art Center, said : …. …

      Wang Jinyuan, President of the Tianjin Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand, said: …… ……

      Hao Lianqin, president of the Auckland Onehunga Chinese Association, said: ….. …..

      Shi Hongjun, President of the Hunan Association of New Zealand, said: ….. …..

      Zhou Huibin, President of the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand, said:

      President George Bin of the New Zealand Friends of Peace Association said: ….. ….

      Zheng Lin, head of the New Zealand Boya Zheng Group, said : ….. ….

      Yang Chunpi , chairman of the New Zealand Jasmine Foundation, said: …. ……

      Xu Jie, chairman of the New Zealand Chinese Artists Association, said: …. ….

      Wang Yanke, President of the New Zealand International Art Exchange Association, said: …. …..

      Lei Aihua, deputy secretary-general of the Auckland Association for the Promotion of China’s Peaceful Reunification, said : …. ….

      Guan Xingnian (from Hong Kong), President of the Auckland Epsom Chinese Association, said: …. ….

      Wang Zhiping ( Christchurch ) , president of the New Zealand-China Cultural Exchange Association, said : …. ……

      Xu Weidi, president of the Dunedin Senior Chinese Association, said : …. ….

      Sun Qixiang, president of the Western Oakland Chinese Association, said: ….. …. .

      (Text compilation/New Zealand Federation of Chinese Groups and the Secretariat of the New Zealand China Peaceful Reunification Association, picture/Xinhuanet)

      Then I used google translate.
      Just scroll down a bit, then all the New Zealand connections giving such lyrical full-hearted support.
      Maybe just one person associations?
      I left in all the connections,

      Well worth giving it skim through, and then to ponder, on what influence there may be.
      Note the support of the reclaiming of Hong Kong and the re-unification of Taiwan.
      What other policies are well supported?

      Also remember there are 3 Confucius Institutes on 3 of our New Zealand university campuses.



    • How long do you think said “shithole” can continue to decay?
      Obviously taxpayer funding is keeping it afloat. If there is an economic recession or worse, most bureaucrats will keep their jobs and be able to buy assets more cheaply from distressed sellers in the private sector.

      I really thought that after the crisis in 2009 there would be some sort of a reset, but I got it completely wrong. The current talked-about “reset” is not the one that I imagined!



      • Most people sense Wellington is a poisonous blight on NZ. What they don’t understand is how bad it’s become under the Ardern regime.

        The misery and anger radiates from the faces of the sullen headphone wearing zombies trudging down Lampton Quay.

        Beggars and homeless are everywhere. They are even in Thorndon now. It’s not safe for them up the other end of town.

        The place reeks of decay and despair. Denials to the contrary merely demonstrate the prevailing narcissistic self promotion of the resident population of contrived fakes.



  8. ……”Sri Lanka on Saturday announced plans to ban the wearing of burqas and said it would close more than 1,000 Islamic schools known as madrassas, citing national security.”……


    Here’s an opportunity for White Fang to don her tea towel & sort out the Sri Lankans on behalf of the oppressed Allah lovers.

    Com’on Cindy. Gather your suddenly silent snowflakes around you & give the infidels hell.



      • Do you mean this one?
        ” Suicide bombers struck churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, killing more than 290 people in a highly coordinated attack targeting Christians and foreigners that left this island nation reeling. At least 450 were injured in the attacks, according to a police spokesman.”
        Surely 290 over there is not as bad as 51 over here. Nothing to get a tea towel out for.



        • And the attack where they shot up the church (nigeria?) Or the bus incident a few days later. Within a couple of weeks of the chch attack the religion of peace managed half a dozen terrorist attacks killing over 100 mainly christians… not 1 note of it all in any of our msm, they were too busy cashing in on chch and jacindas hijab.



        • No way

          Mahutas is in the ‘Maori caucus’
          She won’t be touched

          And Ardern is a coward.
          A flake and coward.

          She does not confront.
          Look at what Twyford and David Clark got away with last year .
          Wee kindy cindy only wants to be liked, that is all,
          Be kind to wee kindy cindy, she has a fragile ego.
          First kindy cindy will cry, then she will rage, and then nothing. Just nothing.

          If anything H2 may have a go but that maori caucus is pretty staunch, bro.



    • yet her glorious leader did not have a clue…..

      So what.
      Situation Normal

      Ardern does not have a clue on most things.
      -For $50.. .what is GDP?
      -Cancel gas just after Fonterra convert a whole lot of driers from coal to gas
      -Run around like Chicken little screaming climate crisis when the world is cooling

      They probably do not tell the dumb tart much as that teeny 4K of RAM cannot hold much.
      New stuff bumps out the old stuff.

      Eg. What Is the Memory Capacity of Kelly’s Brain?
      esp from 45 sec mark
      total 1 m 45 s Married with Children; Kelly Bundy



  9. Dr. Bryam Bridle Interview P2 – 22/02/2021

    Dr. Bridle: “It took 2 years in that case to accumulate the longer term safety data. What was found is that, particular formulation of that flu vaccine, ended up causing a condition in alot of people thats referred to as narcolepsy. This is a condition that the muscles can all of a sudden go limp and they experience extreme fatigue & this was linked to the vaccine.”

    “The very first day that (the Pfizer vaccine) was used clinically… there were reports of anaphylactic reactions that occurred.”

    “I would caution anybody who has any history of severe allergic reactions, especially anybody who carries an epipen, should probably not receive this vaccine.”

    Peter Williams: “Basically we are being told by the Director General of Health, that this has been approved by the MoH. The phrase for ‘emergency use only’ is not much in the public domain here. Yet we are being assured it is safe and that we should be getting enthusiastic about that.”




  10. Looks as if the “Race” brings out the idiots.

    Jack Tame was his usual stupid show boat self eating a banana and lying on the ground under a ladder. God knows why but if there is a TV camera in the vicinity he will be there. Look at me mum….



  11. Avi Yemini got the charges dropped after 6 months.

    EXCLUSIVE: Covid-cops caught on bodycam picking on innocent grandmother
    12 mins 07 secs. : • Mar 16, 2021

    I first thought in a way she was acting up, but then to consider that the cops are playing judge jury and executioner, the cost of infringement fines are mind
    She also would know how how the cops just go and arrest andboggling.but then the cops kept making an issue, pursuing mindlessly.
    Also a fortnight later a costly infringement fine came in the post.



  12. The article doesn’t give specifics but presumably the person hospitalised was dying so hence the visit by a close family member still a “guest” with the potential of covid from MIQ being approved? Dodgy or what visiting a hospital full of vulnerable patients?

    Managed isolation guest visits patient in Christchurch Hospital



  13. Lion king coming to NZ for private viewing by the first family!
    Never mind about kiwis wanting to come home or business wanting workers!
    Labour says they don’t count to them! Wiggle room counts!



  14. I was supposed to be in AKL for the final of the Am Cup but unfortunately we had a death in the family and the funeral was yesterday. Anyhoo, been watching it on TV 1. Scotty Morrison. What a dud. Speaks english then stonage then english then stoneage.
    Very hard to follow some of his commentary. Could they not find someone else..anyone else. Smells of tokenism to me. Then camera cut to a breathless Dallow” in amongst it”. LOL there were 6 or 7 people walking past. Then crossed to a breathless blonde watching the boats return from racing, must have been a dozen or so punters hanging around her. Is it just me..or has this whole spectacle been underwhelming.



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