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    • Yep. Now watch the utter chaos they’re about to unleash to attempt to rectify this fuck-up of their own making. Cue unintended consequences of biblical proportions. First knee-jerk captain’s calls to be announced this week. Wonder if the captain’s going to show up to announce them, or is she still crying because the polls were mean to her.



    • Knowing how retarded this govt is they likely see the % rising as a good thing and that theyre achieving a real and rapid change… this is one of their few sucesses at achieving anything its just a pity its the opposite of what they wanted.



  1. Professor Paul Spoonley
    Paul Buchanan
    Aliya Danzeisen
    Alongside with much of the media, creating fears.

    All are pushing to criminalize New Zealanders for “thinking too much”.
    All pushing to takes rights and freedoms away by just designating people that people are doing some thinking that is deemed to be terrorism by a tyrannical state.



    • Saggyu@0722

      IF the locals actually DO really want the island rather than the ‘luxury buildings / facilities’ that are on it, then, should a future owner ever feel so-inclined, to return it to them, then the ideal solution would be to level all and any ‘European-built’ structures on it and then hand it over ‘In the state in which it was originally received’.

      If such action was taken, I would reasonably-expect the screams of outrage would be loudest from those who expected to be able to walk-in and take over the ‘Whiteman’s’ creations.

      Such ‘levelling’ has been done before and the tribal angst is always the same…

      It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the land (and if Dover Samuels is involved it DEFINITELY has nothing to do with the land).



  2. I’m surpirised she hasn’t used the old “Just following orders” excuse yet:

    New Zealand average historical mortality compared to Covid-19:

    6,453 – Coronary Heart Disease
    2,857 – Stroke
    2,745 – Alzheimers & Dementia
    2,085 – Lung Disease
    2,047 – Lung Cancers
    1,662 – Colon-Rectum Cancers
    1,098 – Influenza & Pneumonia
    1,067 – Diabetes Mellitus
    842 – Prostate Cancer
    826 – Breast Cancer
    686 – Suicide
    665 – Skin Cancers
    664 – Lymphomas
    561 – Pancreas Cancer
    435 – Leukemia
    390 – Stomach Cancer
    387 – Kidney Disease
    361 – Road Traffic Accidents
    353 – Parkinson’s Disease
    351 – Endocrine Disorders
    324 – Oesophagus Cancer
    319 – Inflammatory/Heart
    299 – Liver Cancer
    264 – Bladder Cancer
    254 – Hypertension
    26 – COVID-19

    Which one does Jacinda continue to lockdown the entire country over?
    NZ had over 3k cases of Swine Flu during the 2009 Pandemic compared to 2.4k cases of Covid-19 to date. A similar mortality rate, without lockdowns, social distancing, mandatory quarantine etc.

    Source World Life Expectancy – as of 18th March 2021



  3. If Jacinda was in a normal job……..

    “Jacinda, did you fix the leak in the roof?”

    “Well I think…..”

    “Did you fix the leak?”

    “I believe….. ”

    “Did you fix the leak?”

    “It’s my opinion that…..”

    “Drop the van back to the yard & pick up your severance pay in the morning.”

    Meet life in the real world.



      • Posted late yesterday,
        We have our own ‘bat shit crazy’ Environment Commissioner too.

        That so called “Professor” Tim Flannery is a well paid government “Climate Commissioner” and look how he fed on the Australian Federal Government under Julia Gillard back in 2012.

        Just know how his prophecies were so wrong then and as now.

        ….. Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery is very much a joke in Australia, he has a list of failed climate change predictions as long as my arm. He gets paid a taxpayer funded $180,000, three-day-a-week salary for his role as part-time chairman of the Australian Government’s Climate Commission.

        There’s a saying that when Flannery tells you that your city is about to run out of water, move to higher ground and invest in an umbrella company. …..

        A whole collection here of articles his wrong foolish grandstanding forecasting.

        Those Green aligned politicians want every one to drink the “kool-aid” and to change your “thinking habits”.
        Not from just being a “denier” but to criminalize so then designate you as a “terrorist” if you do not comply.

        Now New Zealand has an even more powerful fool and idiot as our own very highly paid, Climate Carbon ‘Commissioner’ pushing ludicrous “dream-time” carbon policies.
        Will we ever learn and stop buying snake oil? from charlatans.



      • Austraya’s lefty politicians competing with NZ’s bunch for the most insensitve and ill-informed statement.

        Victorian Labor’s ‘arrogance’ on show after minister’s ‘disgusting’ comment

        Sky News host Rita Panahi says the fact Victoria’s minister for veterans’ affairs wasn’t immediately rebuked for his “disgusting comment” shows just how “arrogant Labor are” in the state.



  4. People are being encouraged to donate plasma at hospitals to help Covid sufferers.

    Beggars can’t be choosers. I’m sure the 24” Pioneer CRT I’ve just dumped outside A&E will be well received.



  5. Well what do you know, the aussies were right! Our media are finally saying that Cindy’s talking about a bubble to australia! Told you that in breaking news last night!
    I see further up that she has fronted up and is at work today after her week off!



  6. LOL, giving up a vehicle lane to cyclists is really going to help the traffic problem.

    Auckland Harbour Bridge: Cycling group ‘gutted’ Skypath delayed due to technical issues

    She said while a long term solution is desperately needed, in the short term cyclists need to be given a lane on the Harbour Bridge to use.



    • The Akl Harbour bridge was opened 62 years ago.

      No cyclist has died in that 62 years.
      Where is the problem?
      None have died from crashes nor heart attack going up the (steep) bridge.
      Lets keep it that way.

      There is also quite a bit of sway on the bridge.

      It is going to fail in the near future and there is no plan for an alternative.

      Even IF this current mob could make a decision and ‘decided’ to sort it, any progress would be horrific.
      Transmission gully – under the auspices of the moribund NZTA has screwed up Transmission gully where it was due to be open BEFORE Covid last March.
      Now the pricks are blaming Covid for the delay.

      NZTA. So totally useless it is trying to disconnect from its past by changing its name to some maori mumbling.
      NZTA Formed in July 2008 as a time bomb by Klark/Kullen just like Kiwirail
      Never sorted by Notional in nine looong years.

      When the harbour bridge fails ….the Solution.
      Have a lockdown so no-one can go anywhere.
      Then you don’t need a harbour bridge.
      No sarc mark here. This IS how they operate.

      I mean, who would have thought that gas BBQs were killing the planet and is a problem so large they need to be shut down?
      Ardern’s mob do.



    • Oh shit. He’s just said that he’s only back for a day coz he’s going to comment on the cricket from tomorrow!

      What a farce. Cricket! The most intelligent talkback host in the country wastes his time and his talents on ‘cricket’. Geezarse.



  7. With his former career as a Northland school principal and his long term position as minister of corrections means this problem will be a piece of cake for Special K to fix.
    It is obvious it is feral parents raising feral offspring.

    Spike in violence has Northland school principals fearing for their staff

    They say students as young as five are biting, hitting and swearing at teachers and their repeated calls to the Government for help are falling on deaf ears.

    “This is my 13th year at the school and granted it has grown in size but we’ve never experienced such abuse and violence as we have this year.”

    “I’ve got a handful of five year-olds who have got an oral language age of two-and-a-half, two-and-a-half years-old. They are kicking, they are spitting, they are biting,” Leanne Otene, principal of Manaia View School.



  8. Hey Jethro, Can you let us know today what the fat poof is going to announce tomorrow to fix the housing crisis?
    Your squeeeze, Cindy told you about the lockdown ending last week and you spilt the beans a day early.
    Be good to know today thanks.



    • All those broken promises might be coming home to roost. I think some people are starting to feel they’ve given her the benefit of the doubt for long enough. You can only bullshit without some tangible delivery for so long.



    • Her permanent solution via kiwibuild was a huge and halarious FAIL, now their temporary fix is fast becoming an even bigger FAIL. Cindy the face and queen of FAILURE, theyve been toldhow to fix it by cutting red tape and making more land available to build…

      Do you think theyll listen to that advice? Nope her solution will be taxes, bans and more demonization of landlords and investors which will not make any difference to housing issues and theyll continue to skyrocket.
      Availability and affordability are both intertwined, to solve one you need to solve the other. Added costs like more taxes and bans will decrease availability and make demand higher making them even more unaffordable.



  9. Lol imagine the complaints and outrage from the karens and kens in a couple of months when the app tells them they will be getting jabbed on june but cindys fuckups mean it wont happen untill next january.


    Id love to see the stats on this apps usage, uptake per region and also total users so the rest of nz can gauge the scale of mass stupidity and brainwashing.
    Im hoping their vaccine rollout goes as well and successfull as kiwibuild, if that happens the backlash shouldbe enough to send cindy to breaking point and she can fuck off from nz.



  10. Most likely the same in New Zealand, the rehabilitation schemes for prisoners, probably make things worse, increase offending, as this is what is being kept hidden in the U.K.

    …. The OPD and Resolve schemes are two of more than 30 psychological programmes used in prisons.
    Most have never been evaluated to discover whether they reduce offending or make criminals worse.

    They are merely ‘accredited’ – rubber-stamped by a panel appointed by the ministry.
    The panel’s membership, the criteria it uses, and its minutes are all secret. …..


    So most of the offenders just use the system as a fast track out of prison.
    Yet the politicians, keep selling the heavenly dream, “imagine” or as termed now “re-imaging” while the charlatans receive high salaries for their 4 year degree to have clip boards and tick boxes, and the taxpayers fund even more reports.



  11. In the background Cullen is still influencing policy bigtime by the sound of the rumours.

    Be afraid everyone .If he is advising Jacinda he could be advocating ruthless ideas. If implemented it’s not going to matter to him.
    Why doesn’t he piss off and die gracefully.
    The left make me sick.



  12. Excellent commonsense response from Graham Bell. “I regard the whole thing as a load of codswallop to be honest,” he said

    Race Relations Commissioner, former host at odds over Police Ten 7 racism allegations

    However, he said the racism allegation “really angers me, as it’s nonsense”.

    “Racism is such an easy label to apply and it’s often applied erroneously and often mischievously, and I think in this case it’s applied mischievously.”

    “The moment police start backing away from that because they are being accused of selecting someone because of their colour, they are not doing their job and they are failing the rest of us.”



    • Did she say bad things about Killery Clinton?
      That usually brings about a rapid demise !!

      She may have been a good person and even good at her job;
      “Annie was able to draw on her tikanga to bring individuals and agencies together to focus on improving the lives of whānau, community, hapū and iwi. Her leadership, integrity, trusted advice and selfless dedication to Tairāwhiti and the Hawke’s Bay community enabled her to touch the lives of many,”

      …she was not much use to me.
      It was all about ‘our people’

      Surely you jest Curious.
      ‘whether this lady has recently been vaccinated?
      NZ policy is to dither, lie, go slow, lie some more, appease maori, go soft, lie some more, and try to make sure everyone is lying in Unison
      Lying in Unison is Govt policy in 2021- adapted from the Erebus Inquiry.
      Even the media filth are in on the lies.

      In other words, bugger all people have been vaccinated in NZ.
      Given this person was not frontline border staff I would put a lazy $500 that she was not.



  13. So I get home from a hard days work ,grab a beer and sit down to check out whats happening around the place ,FFS. on the “news” there’s a piece that states “PM Jacinda Ardern gives aussie bubble update” 41mins 25 seconds, holy fuck find me one NZr that watched that entire diatribe and I’ll tell you they are a masochistic animal that finds it hard to stand up because of all the needles they’ve pushed through their flesh.



          • They are panicking because Australia has formally announced it is opening to Singapore with Korea and Japan likely in the near future.

            NZ Labour got gazumped.
            JA: What to do, what to do, dis is so stressful.
            I am only pard dime in dis job and visiding kindys is a prioridy.

            It is interesting that AU is not mentioning the Pacific for entry of which a number are covid free and my guess it is smart economics.
            People travelling from the Pacific nations to Australia will not help the AU economy whereas these wealthy Asian nations will.
            Plus these wealthy Asian nations have experience in handling China sourced viruses over the last few decades so will bring good personal health practices to AU.

            NZ might be stuck with getting people in from Samoa and Tonga who by and large qualify quick smart for WFF.
            Not letting the fruit pickers in is a shocking decision.

            NZ Labour have been severely out manoeuvred and the recent snipes from NZ Labour MPs will have steeled the AU Liberal party resolve.



    • Who is this PM Jacinda and what is this news you talk about? I do not ever watch main stream TV ( I might watch the pop channels as they have scantily clad lasses on them occasionally) and I hit the off button the moment that Shrieking Banshy opens her mouth while listening to the radio.



  14. Cactus Kate delivers a serve on Todd Muller and his pathetic time-wasting;
    seeking solace for his own fuckups created by himself, Toddy Who.

    (Hunty, you may abstain )

    I do not have any time for this loser.
    He should not be in parliament today (along with 90% of the others but hey, one critter at a time)
    He is spouting out without owning his own folly.

    “In not ONE of these articles does Muller ever mention or acknowledge the possible adverse mental health concerns for Simon Bridges, his staff, his family or supporters, the time he rolled him.
    The man he rolled for less than nothing.
    Less than nothing as for months they have all had to read yet another “woe is me” article from Todd bloody Muller.
    Every reminder of that time in print, with Muller as some sort of applauded mental health superhero, re-victimises them.

    Not ONE of these articles mentions the mental health of every person in Muller’s time in Jim Bolger’s office that he and Dick Griffin craftily would have rat fucked protecting their messiah James. An average man at best.
    Not one article. Nor does it mention the furore and pressure his implosion put on his own staff. ”

    Toddy Who; the loser that Fonterra paid $800k a year to do what exactly?

    Todd Muller is a piece of shit and symbolic of where Notional is today and the last 5 plus years.
    If he is the future, well do they have a future then?
    If I got this critter Toddy Who on the sole of my shoe I would throw away the shoe.

    Chuck Bird has his say in the comments section.



    • …..”Todd Muller is a piece of shit and symbolic of where Notional is today and the last 5 plus years.”…..

      You flatter the waste of space but he is symbolic of where National see their place in politics. Full of religious shit & determined to decide the moral standards of the country but completely out of touch with 75% of the electorate.

      Isn’t there anyone who can take these control freaks aside & gently explain to them that what the average Kiwi wants is sane financial management & a government that stays to fuck & beyond out of their private lives?



    • When his 1st sob story come out my response to it got 1 of my KB accounts a permanent ban.
      I totally agree with cactus kate, he trashed a mans job at the top for no gain and now hes trying to be a hero by “coming out” about his menral struggles, the same struggles that almost ever human being will experience at some stage of their life.

      As i once said on KB, mental health issues has become the new crossfit fad, people feel the urge to have to tell everyone they can about it.

      Im also gunna call it now, jacinda ardern will pull the mental health card before years end and will be endless sob stories and revalations in glossy magazines to help her regain support.



    • I think David Martin in the video link I posted a couple of weeks ago is more believable than this guy.
      This guy white washes any US involvement in the development of Sars Cov 2 when according to David Martin Fauci and his NIH/CDC buddies were up to their eyeballs in gain of function research. First in the US and later were funding the continuation of the research by the Wuhan lab after it was banned in the US.



  15. Poo-skins on the news moaning about the condition of their shit box houses up north. No running water, woe is me, no shithouse woe is me. WHERE HAS ALL OF THE TREATY SETTLEMENT MONEY GONE!??? Go and moan somewhere else. White man doesnt give a fuck. You’ve been paid out..now fuck off.



  16. Another serious problem for the government.

    Truck group backs fiery complaint to Transport Minister accusing NZTA of technical incompetence

    The country’s 100 or so heavy vehicle certifying engineers, who design and approve trucks and trailers and modifications to them, have backed a fiery complaint to the Transport Minister.

    The original 18-page complaint laid anonymously last month accuses the agency of bias, technical incompetence and scapegoating engineers at will.

    “HVE supports a serious review of the items raised in the document, and looks forward to a response from Waka Kotahi, with practical solutions.”



    • It doesn’t even stop there WG. Vehicle certifiers are fully qualified motor engineers & so far as I know all have tertiary qualifications. They are also about as thin on the ground as rocking horse shit.

      Locally the hyper wankers who own/run Masterton’s vehicle testing station can’t attract suitably qualified inspectors to issue truck CoFs. A semi trained monkey can do WoFs but a qualified mechanic is required for CoF’s. Usually there’s anything between four & ten trucks lined up for hours waiting for checks.

      The local carriers are seething.



    • NZTA
      Hah mate, they went thataway

      Now Waka Kotahi

      A crap outfit from formation under Klark/Kullen 1 July 2008.

      2013 – the “sell a licence to an indian” scandal that still went on for years.
      Approval of WOF testing stations.
      Roads broken before they are used.

      NZTA/Waka Kotahi is broken.

      to paraphrase Monty Python.
      NZTA is no more!
      It has ceased to be!
      Its expired and gone to meet ‘is maker!
      it’s a stiff!
      Bereft of life,
      It rests in peace!
      Its kicked the bucket,
      NZTA has shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible!!



    • PB Tech.
      Owned by rich listers Pat Huo and Lan Yu

      There are mainly Chinese staff.

      I have purchased from there for years.
      I was invited to the 2011 RWC to watch on a big screen.
      It was a hell of a big screen.
      At a venue in Pakuranga.
      I was about the only honky there of over 150 people.

      I have never had a real problem.
      One crappy phone that was the brand, not them.
      Motorola. Complete crap by 2016.

      I was there last week .
      Perhaps they can replace it with a picture of Jizzinduh.
      She has the same policies as Mao.

      Think of the upside!
      Another chance to Turn Ardern !



    • Ahout a week ago I posted & abbreviated a comment where I found 34 New Zealand Chinese associations supporting :-

      ….. successful convening and closing of the “Two Sessions” aroused great repercussions among overseas Chinese living in New Zealand, and inspired the fighting spirit of the Chinese community. ……

      And you can click through to the source and more, and google translate does pretty well.

      The New Zealand associations & connections giving such lyrical full-hearted support.
      Is this integration?
      So inspirational that they want “peaceful reunification” for all of China. … yeah right …



  17. I’m Just reading up about the floods in NSW and getting some text msgs in from people I know there.

    It is pretty grim.
    I think an advantage in a messy situation is that they have a Premier that has shown in the last year she can and does tackle issues.
    Not Labour style:- ‘park the arze, collect the big salary’
    The deep corruption that was in NSW State politics for most of the last 4 decades has subsided, even though the waters have not.

    There were severe floods in QLD Ten years ago.
    I was a couple of nights in an Airbnb in QLD in 2019 and the lady there showed me photos she had taken as well as two books she purchased, plus some video.
    It was huge.
    It affected mining operations and the water spread was ‘the size of France plus Germany’

    At the end of that there was State and federal Govt relief but here is the catch.
    “2011: Foreign Minister Murray McCully told NZPA there were several programmes, two at a federal level and four at a state level, that flood victims had access to.

    However, the Australian Government Disaster Relief Payment, a federal programme that included payments of A$1000 per adult and A$400 per child affected by the floods, was not available to people who arrived in Australia after February 26, 2001.”
    “Te Korowai Aroha, a Queensland-based Maori organisation, said the funding could not come fast enough.
    Secretary Christel Broederlow said the organisation had been approached by New Zealanders who had lost everything ”

    Queensland-based Maori organisation …Yea, bro.
    The Maori are not so special when they go outside the Apartheid era Venez tea rower.
    See how it feelz when you miss out on all the special payments and treatment, eh bro.

    I remember the bitching then and media crying but them’s the rulez.
    The people went over there of their own volition and the rules were in place.
    They were not slaves dragged over there even though some would have ancestors who were maori slaves to other Maori; or are we not meant to talk ‘real NZ history’ ?

    That was under a Nat Govt.
    for the world class bleating and whinging coming up and a couple of Labour MPs further pissing off the AU Liberal Party (Federal and NSW State currently in power) .

    Watch Special K and see why he is so special.
    What, no benefit. S’not fair, Wa wa.



    • PS.
      Looking at the weather map; the Hunter wine growing area is badly affected so if you normally source wine from there (harvesting next month I’d guess) then top up now.

      This is a public service announcement (PSA)



  18. A bit of a laugh.

    So!! I might eat up, drink up and put my feet up. 🥧🍩🍸🍾☕️🥳😎
    Eat whatever you like because you will still DIE, don’t allow motivational
    speakers deceive you.

    1. The inventor of the treadmill had died at the age of 54

    2. The inventor of gymnastics died at the age of 57

    3. The world bodybuilding champion died at the age of 41

    4. The best footballer in the world Maradona, died at the age of 60.


    5. The KFC inventor died at 94.

    6. Inventor of Nutella brand died at the age of 88

    7. Imagine, cigarette maker Winston died at the age of 102

    8. The inventor of opium died at the age of 116 in an earthquake

    9. Hennessey inventor dies at 98.

    How did these doctors come to the conclusion that exercise prolongs life?

    The rabbit is always jumping up and down but it lives for only 2 years and
    the turtle that doesn’t exercise at all, lives 400 years.

    So, Take some rest, Chill, Stay cool, eat, drink and enjoy your life.
    Whether you eat or not you will still die.

    The statistics of death and dying are very impressive. 1 out of every 1



  19. “Aren’t deterred”. Potential buyers are just checking out what’s on offer. $600k for a one bedroom apartment within social housing. Doesn’t mean they’ll invest, not by a long shot.

    Website crashes as desperate home buyers try to book appointments to view latest KiwiBuild project



  20. I have heard from several knowledgeable people that there was a homicide at a Valentine Road address, but we have seen nothing whatsoever in the news. Valentine Road is on the Aukati Line. Apparently the deceased was of Punjabi extraction.



    • TN

      25 y.o. Indian male killed his own two parents.
      Then tried to kill himself.
      They are trying to keep him alive.
      Why bother?
      Use a pillow.

      55 mother, 60 yr old father
      Used to lecture at Akl uni
      a bit religious.
      Therefore probably voted Notional.
      I know that should be a crime but it is not, and not the death penalty!

      It can get a bit confusing when there is an indian murder and they don’t burn the body.
      Too soon ?

      They go fair mental those indian blokes in their 20s.

      The sub human scum that killed Amber Rose Rush in Dunedin and her grief stricken mother killed herself a few months later was an indian .
      That critter was a doctor. Means nothing.

      Similar to the one that killed Christi Marceau in similar circumstances in her own room.
      This led to ‘Christies law.’

      They claimed mentally unstable for him as they will for this perpetrator in Epsom (really South Auckland) .
      Of course they are mental pricks; should not mean a light sentence to be out in 5 years.

      They are real fecking cowards.
      I had a tenant once . Indian couple; she was 5 months pregnant
      He was beating her.
      Neighbours told me; so I said call next time
      I laid the cunt out flat.
      Coward scum
      Beating your own pregnant wife in her own home.
      Sub human detritus.
      That was Mt Roskill .
      I sold the 2 renters I had there.
      Dealing with Indians. No thanks.

      You see– know that the cops are not here for people in trouble.
      They they will leave immigrants alone.
      I had experienced it before in 1995 so know, since then, the cops are the enemy and the foe of good and fair-play people.
      I dealt to the prick.
      He moved out.
      Hopefully he got a few more beatings.
      The cops would have done nothing to him if they were called.

      The world is not a fair place.
      This is what all these soft cock millenials need to learn.
      A good smack can be the ‘dept of corrections’



  21. Cindy’s not telling us for 15 days if we can go to Australia!
    Fucking stupid bitch!
    Are labour fuckin stupid? Been in and out of lockdown for a year now. What they have had planning for the last year to open the border, what having they been masterbating in the corner all that time?
    We pay them the big bucks, for a piss poor preformance! There should be all planning done already and set to go! No excuses needed! They are just fucking the dog!



  22. Pressure is occurring in New Zealand about Asians being subjected to racism in New Zealand and now onto the band wagon how “white supremascists” must be put on racists & terror lists.

    March against Asian hate crime in NZ …
    …. a response to the recent Atlanta shooting ….
    …. to stand up against the racism experienced by the Asian communities of New Zealand. …..
    …. about the anti-Asian sentiment in New Zealand. …..


    Unbelievable how they search, angle to dig up and make this into a problem, to then lever governments to push their agendas.

    At the same time New Zealand universities over looks the infiltration of Confucius Institutes of its own University Campuses.
    Still some of the USA campuses can see the problem.
    Sadly the UK campuses are still taking Chinese money and CCP influence.

    ….. the ‘cultural centre’ has been accused of promoting censorship and undermining human rights. …..
    …. [Massachusetts]“Tufts University’s overdue decision to disband its Confucius Institute is the right one, and I hope it represents a sign that academia is finally waking up to the threat the Chinese Communist Party poses to colleges and our country.” ….

    …. Confucius Institutes now exist in 29 British universities and 150 schools.
    While they claim to promote Chinese culture and language, the Mail reported that they curb free speech and peddle CCP propaganda.

    This censoring, curbing free speech, to bring about “victimhood” and then to lever the language on to colonists, supremacy, enslavement, etc.
    Just a slightly different form of gender-ism, homophobia, racism, islamophobia, that is intended to bring others down, to gain control, and use extortion.



  23. So can they manage this a bit better?
    Or do we have to gather up more toilet paper? and stock up.

    …. A managed isolation worker at the Grand Millenium Hotel in Auckland has tested positive for Covid-19 today. …..
    ….. routine surveillance testing. …. asymptomatic …
    …… immediate household members are isolating at home in Auckland. …..
    …. Further tests and whole genome sequencing are being arranged.
    The ministry said further information would be provided once available.


    That podium of truth, turds.
    Tedious ideas of travel bubbles scenarios now will be bobbled about.



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