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  1. Former Head Hunters figure tells court he left the gang after latest offences
    Mariné Lourens11:16, May 24 2021

    A former senior member of the Christchurch Head Hunters has left the gang since being involved in a methamphetamine dealing operation within the organisation, the High Court heard on Monday.

    Lyndon Vaughan Richardson appeared in court in Christchurch where he was sentenced on a charge of participating in organised criminal activity.

    Richardson was arrested as part of Operation Block, a lengthy police investigation that sparked the arrests of several patched members and associates of the Head Hunters in late 2016. At the time, he was the most senior Christchurch-based member of the gang.


    Do our dopey Judges actually believe these People?

    One is left wonderinghow much intelligence of human nature the Judges have.



  2. We can guess where this is going!

    World-first study: nearly half of NZ kids sleep in cold bedrooms
    Around half of Kiwi kids may be sleeping in rooms that are too cold, suggests a world-first study that adds extra weight to proposed Building Code changes.

    The new research, which compared temperature and humidity reading from the rooms of 2000 children with their own health records, also found more than 60 per cent were living in homes that grew too humid.

    Around 60 per cent of children lived in homes where they recorded temperatures and humidity outside of the range, while nearly half slept in bedrooms as cold as 19C or below. (19C,FFS that’s tropical.)


    Branz’ general manager of research, Dr Chris Litten, said the link between cold and damp indoor temperatures and poorer health was clear.

    Not only did the new work back up official World Health Organisation guidelines with child-specific data, but also supported legislation changes, such as the current energy efficiency revisions to the Building Code.

    Another wanker conflicting cause and effect..



    • I travelled that road almost daily for 4yrs, cunt of a series of bends. Both scenarios are probable and without a few witnesses its impossible to know 100%.
      Imo its more then likely to have been driver error/ too fast, i prefer the latest outcome tho even if it was only reached to give the family closure.



  3. Yea cindy we know… its all part of the plan to hand the country over to maori.

    If cindy gets a 3rd term i have no doubt this will be tabled. Im all for ditching the monarchy but my vision vs theirs on what nz should look like as a republic are completly different. 

    The day New Zealand is officially renamed aotearoa will be the day we become a fucked up republic… most likely a republic in name only.



  4. That fucktard Phil Goff is trying to attribute his proposed rates grab to Covid-recovery. He sees it as a get-out-of-jail-free card.

    Goff says the city’s “recovery budget” is the single largest infrastructure package in its history, but has been quiet about the cost Aucklanders will pay for the $31.8 billion spend-up.



  5. New Zealand housing market breaks resale profit record as Wellington, Auckland post huge capital gains

    Any talk of a cooling housing market is premature, if the latest real estate sales data is anything to go by – with just one in 100 residential properties failing to make a profit in the first quarter of the year.



  6. Same thing happening here cause Tweety but Labour’s real motivation is Marxism. Divide and rule.

    “This Administration Is Using Our Tax Dollars To Divide Us”: Burgess Owens Slams CRT Curriculum

    Earlier this past week, Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) slammed critical race theory in a video released to social media, and touted legislation he’d introduce to combat it.



  7. A man walks into a restaurant and orders Peking duck. He says, “I’m very particular so make sure it’s from Peking.”
    About 20 minutes later the waiter returns and places a beautiful, succulent, roasted duck on his table. The man smiles, sticks his index finger in the air, twirls it around several times and sticks it up the duck’s ass. He removes his finger and tastes it. He then turns to the waiter and says, “I said I wanted Peking duck. This duck is from Nanking. Take it back.”
    The waiter dutifully returns the duck to the kitchen and returns in about 20 minutes with a different duck and sits it on his table. The man again sticks his index finger in the air, twirls it around and sticks it up the duck’s ass. He then removes it and tastes, turns to the waiter and says, “I said I wanted Peking duck. This duck is from Tongling. Take it back.”
    The waiter shrugs and dutifully takes the duck back to the kitchen. A third time he returns with a duck. The man again sticks his finger in the air, twirls it around, sticks it up the duck’s ass, removes it and tastes. With frustration he turns to the waiter and says, “This duck is from Nanjing! Take it back!” The waiter takes the duck back to the kitchen.
    A few minutes later the Head Chef comes out of the kitchen, walks up to the man’s table, bends over, drops his pants and says, “Sir, I’m an orphan. Would you please tell me where I’m from?”



      • The new GG to be describes herself as “Maori” and “part-British” (not part maori). She also while accepting she will represent the Queen as NZ’s head of state describes herself as a “republican”.



        • The new GG to be describes herself as “Maori” and “part-British”. If you are part-white (some British are not white, but most are), then logically you cannot be pure Maori. You must be part-Maori.

          People who are of mixed race and who self-identify as “Maori” call themselves “Maori” and think of themselves as Maori.

          To self-identify as “Maori” one must deny one’s non-Maori ancestors and instead chase after an “image of Maori” that exists in one’s mind.



  8. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2021/05/new-zealand-s-super-blood-moon-weather-forecast-how-to-see-it.html
    Forecasters say conditions are looking good for spotting the super blood moon on Wednesday night.

    The spectacle will happen on the night of Wednesday May 26. But it won’t last long – just 14 minutes.

    “Between 11:11 and 11:25pm on Wednesday the moon will appear rusty red in colour and larger than usual,” NIWA says.

    NIWA forecasters say New Zealanders can expect clear skies to see the event. Based on its models, the best places to view the super blood moon are: Southland, Otago, West Coast, Canterbury, Tasman, Nelson, Marlborough, Wellington, Manawatu-Whanganui, Taranaki, Waikato and Auckland.



  9. This morning I received this load of gibberish from Westpac.

    Kia ora,
    2020 was an extremely tough year but we can be proud of how we stood together as a team through the worst of the pandemic. Now, with your support, we can take on other challenges that are just as confronting.
    At Westpac, our commitment is Manaaki te ao, manaaki te tāngata, e tipu pūtea ora – helping Aotearoa take action on climate change, supporting people and communities, as well as lifting financial wellbeing – and we’re proud to have just launched our 2025 Sustainability Strategy, He rau ringa manaaki.
    To achieve the goals we are setting out in our strategy will take bold action.

    I have banked with Westpac for more than 20 years, they are not my main bank but I have maintainded a sizeable balance including term deposits with them. All my term deposits have now matured and not been renewed due to the pitiful interest rates on offer. In response to the above e mail I have decided to take bold action too and over the coming days will close my account with Westpac and transfer my money to a bank less woke and New Zealand owned and which has the courtesy to address me in the English language.



  10. Saggy We are paying those bastards $80.00 a week now not including water charges, this whole Country is about to explode with new higher charges, taxes and cost increases that will ultimately end with civil unrest in a year or two, guaranteed.



  11. How a pervert became the chief executive of a Crown entity

    Then, on 23 November 2017, one of his victims spotted the camera and the gym contacted police.

    An investigation eventually uncovered a velcro strip underneath another changing room sink, and when police forensic staff analysed Barnes’ camera they found 12 video files and thousands of still images showing six victims. They also found footage of Barnes velcroing his camera in place and slipping back into the changing room to retrieve it after victims left.

    Either way, he didn’t retire. As Covid-19 hit New Zealand in early 2020, Richards went on leave and Barnes deferred his retirement and stepped in as acting chief executive. Soon afterwards, Richards resigned and the Accreditation Council offered Barnes the chief executive position, which came with a salary increase from $200,000 to $250,000. It came with ultimate responsibility for 52 staff and an annual revenue of almost $9 million.

    Yesterday, the Supreme Court released its judgement: it would not hear the appeal and from 2pm today Barnes could be publicly identified.



    • This is an extraordinary story. I cannot believe how nobody had a quiet word with the offender’s superiors. Like;
      “Jojn me for a beer, and I will tell you a story that will blow your sox off.”



    • Whats with idiots wanting to make shitty, unfocused grainy videos when Pornhub , I believe, is free, And I have been told they have High Def videos. Seriously though if one does have a need to watch porn, there is unlimited, free, virus free material available, mostly made by professional companies. What is it about making voyueristic shit which is essentially exploiting vulnerable people. ( and although some would argue that pornstars are exploited, I do believe the 20 – 30 mil networth helps them cope with the exploitation a little. https://www.scoopwhoop.com/inothernews/highest-paid-porn-stars/ ( this is NOT a link to a porn site)



    • What a dirty wee bastard

      a pommy bastard as well.

      “In the boxy Albany courthouse that day, Barnes’ lawyer asked the judge to consider his client’s marriage, his ability to pay the mortgage and how locals would react in the “tight-knit community” of Browns Bay. He also asked her to think of the damage a criminal record and publicity would have on Barnes’ career, ”

      If the pommy bastard was not a dirty wee perv these things would not need to be considered.
      He is a dirty wee perv so it is not the taxpayers concern how he pays his freaking mortgage.

      The former CEO quote is brilliant;-
      “He worked himself hard in his downtime too, keeping fit at the gym and running marathons.”
      Yeah, ok
      He worked himself hard…at the gym
      the pathetic pervy weasel

      Does he have citizenship?
      501 the bastard.



    • If you want to watch it, pay koha to the indigenous people of the world !!

      I mean the Maori own Pleiades or Subaru or the Seven sisters depending on where you are but because their language calls this Matariki then it is theirs .
      So I guess the moon is theirs .

      Please deposit to account 03 2584 6660666 01

      Pay up you peasants or the taniwha will crack a shit.



  12. At least 470,000 homes impacted as widespread power outages hit Queensland

    Energex heard reports of the problem around 2.30pm.

    The power company said the outage is the result of loss of generation at a power station.

    It comes amid reports that a fire broke out at the Callide Power Station near Biloela shortly before the outage.




  13. Just a thought.

    I have made it clear that I think retaining DHBs at the 20 or ‘near 20’ makes sense.
    Name me a merger in NZ in the last 10 years that has worked.
    Or the last 20.
    Auckland council; Fonterra
    To be fair (and totally malicious) I do wish the merger of NZME and Stuffed had been allowed.
    The subsequent fire would be better than an EV in flames on Nov 5 !!

    We know Liebour will screw up the ‘whatever it is they think they are doing that destroys the DHBs’

    The current malicious cyber attack on Waikato DHB looks to be serious.
    The NZ police are involved.
    That won’t help a damn bit (like Pike River, White Island).

    The thought is:
    >Well it is ring fenced to one of 20 DHBs and is a warning to others to now take extreme care.

    If it was a centralised system, as proposed, instead of localised, the damage would be very wide right now.
    In addition the new outfit (under Angry little) will be run by the MOH who not only have no operational capacity (they are policy only) they have failed at everything since Bloomfailed became CEO in 2018.
    Measles, SARS Cov2, Meningitis, flu vaccines, et al.
    Blooming failed is what they have done.

    Just one positive in a grim situation.
    It could have been a lot worse.
    In three years time a similar event will be.



    • Noticing a pattern?
      We were warned the Deep state would do this by none other than their mouthpiece Klaus “Bring on the NWO” Schwab.
      FYI. Banks will be affected. Access to YOUR money is their goal. Socialist Crypto credit.

      Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum) warns of “Cyber Pandemic” Cyber Attacks (1 min)

      Threat of major cyber attack on critical infrastructure real, national security boss warns

      One of Australia’s top national security figures has warned the threat of a cyber attack on Australia’s critical infrastructure is “immediate”, “realistic” and “credible”, and could take down the nation’s electricity network.




      • Adolph fecking Schwab

        I hope that bastard gets to be a roomie of Cullen..
        … in hell…
        …very soon

        I don’t like krauts anyway and this prick, Ursula von der Leyen, and Merkel don’t reverse the trend

        The cyber attacks are real with serious repercussions. .
        -the Colonial pipeline in the USA that affected fuel supplies significantly
        -The attack on the Health Service Executive (HSE) – the Irish Health Service

        They have not begun on banks although these tend to be more robust for obvious reasons

        Of course Russians will be blamed.
        It is the go-to wanky answer but of course you have ID’d the true bastards, BN

        -Fiction – Y’know russia hacked the 2016 election that got Trump in
        – Fact – The 2020 US election was rigged by Deep state to get their motley mob of puppets and muppets in

        All in the name of Chaos and disruption, such as a massive over-reaction to covid.
        I wrote on here 2 years ago that the intent of the Greens and Labour is to create chaos.
        In chaos, they can create the (bad) change they want.
        This of course has been happening.

        You can be fecking sure that bald bitch Farrar won’t have a clue of what is really happening ; nor his muppet mob in New Notional /Labour lite

        I’m looking forward to civil war now.
        Never thought I would, but it is the chance to terminate pricks.



  14. Nasska/Kea/O-sen

    Got to the bottom of the rice cooker comment of last evening…Someone had seen the photograph of the burning car and made a remark…”it was a rice burner” (a Rodney Rude reference to a Japanese car)….in the Chicken Little retelling, the rice burner became a rice cooker and “it was” became the cause of the fire…



    • That explains the rice cooker bursting into flames! //

      Chinese whispers:
      “The expression ‘Chinese whispers’ is commonly used in the UK. It derives from the party game in which one person whispers a message to the person next to them and the story is then passed progressively to several others, with inaccuracies accumulating as the game goes on.”



    • AFAIK the rice burner tag was coined by Yank bikers who had their arses surgically attached to their Harley Davidsons. I can recall seeing a facetious sticker on a Kawasaki fuel tank which read “unleaded rice only”.

      I can also recall reading a description of a Harley Davidson as being “the most efficient means known to man of turning petrol into noise without the added bi-product of horsepower”. 🙂



      • The rice cooker comment had some plausibility with me after my youngest son arrived here on Saturday with a roast mutton still cooking in his mini Webber strapped to the deck of his Hilux. He had driven for an hour with it slowly cooking on the back (rural road).



        • …..” a roast mutton still cooking in his mini Webber strapped to the deck of his Hilux”…..

          Barry Crump in one of his last (& best) books, Gold & Greenstone, described a method of cooking sausages wrapped in aluminium foil on the exhaust manifold of a Holden ute.

          Sounds like Toko Jnr has taken mobile cuisine to a new level. 🙂



          • WG,,,,He’s mid 30’s but I will settle for ‘kid’ with some of his antics.

            He told me the roast was pork and asked if I had any apple sauce. I hadn’t, but opened a large AJ jar of the GL’s stewed apples…When it finally came out of the Webber, it turned out to be mutton….still tasted great even with the apple sauce…



    • Yes media scum.
      On the surface, they look to be the biggest enemy of fact and truth. It appears that way because they are a tangible everyday thing.
      But the root of the so called media is very well hidden.
      Why do the Rothschilds never appear in the publicly announced richlists?

      Interestingly I note, there are more and more stories in the msm of ufo evidence, mainly from substantiated video footage from the military. Why are they releasing this?

      Before the climate change rort the original plan from Iron Mountain was the threat of an alien invasion to ‘unite’ the world as ONE. They had Project Bluebeam as the go to plan, but it was too difficult for the times, so global warming became the mantra.

      The religious nuts had claimed that the alien scare tactic was a cover to trick the people, when the second coming, and great revelation came to pass. Obviously, for them, it would include the rapture, which the authorities and msm would pass off as alien doings. Perhaps that was what foiled the enaction of Project Bluebeam?
      Unforeseen in so called conspiracy circles was a flu pandemic scenario, which was, in hindsight, a much better and effective choice. In 25 years of researching the ‘conspiracy theories’, I’d never come across one for the pandemic event theory to enforce subjugation. Well done you.

      Karen and Ken had been conditioned appropriately to accept this narrative a lot more easily. Karen and Ken fully believe anything they are told as fact, so long as it comes from the govt, or the msm. Simple as.
      Everyone who doubts is a nutjob- that’s you and me.

      The enemy lies within.
      OUR enemy is our neighbour, our friend, colleague, the local politician, and the guy that wipes the table down.

      We, the opposition – didn’t get organised, and spent our minutes, hours and days, posting obscure links of proof on obscure blogs and websites, easily discredited by Karen and Ken’s daily propaganda feed etc etc.

      And then one day you find
      Ten years have got behind you
      No-one told you when to run
      You missed the starting gun……

      Too busy being law abiding slaves to the dollar, the fake currency.

      So, when will we rise?



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