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  1. Now this is utter bullshit, its quite a long read but id recomend doing so to get the full story and see the damage 2 social workers can do that have an agenda and are clearly racist against white people, they want whats best for their own opinions and not whats best for the child. https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/300366864/oranga-tamariki-wants-girl-removed-from-couple-after-three-years-because-it-says-her-cultural-needs-are-unmet

    The best most loving ppl in this poor kids life and they wanna take her away from them because they aint brown enough and dont do enough brown things.
    The culture they insist that kid needs is to be a perpetual victim, they cant have a white couple bring up a maori kid to have a better life then a cultural upbringing as that would just shit all over the narrative.

    I hope common sense prevails here although i doubt it will as amevery aspect of society now bows to maori demands. Sorry kid you got the better life you deserved and now its too good so theyre gunna take it away.



    • Will they match the girl with her iwi or place her in an incompatable iwi?
      I want to see the checklists and documentation, as well as the safety plan. Who will sign off on this decision and take responsibility?

      … (sound of crickets chirping)…



        • The cultural family thats doing backroom deals with oranga tamariki clearly do, 3 addopted kids and wanting a 4th plus a baby of their own id safely guess theyre baby farming for the taxpayer $$$ probably working poor or bene pros. 4 kids takes a hell of alota resources to care for properly and a highly doubt they can do it.

          Another awkward question is why the hell is a shit mother allowed to keep breeding knowing every child will be uplifted? She should be jailed for ruining 4 kids lives



  2. Excess morbidity stats coming today
    In the week April 4 2021, there were 96 extra deaths in a week, I will put the figures up later when I have had a mate check them. This figure is compared on the average deaths over 5 years to 2019.
    Love to see the deaths and ages for RSV, I guess the only people that have these are the most open government of all time



    • Thanks wombatge, i tried using stats nz last night after you posted your claims it had gone up but it kept linking me to infoshare and im tech illiterate and couldnt work it.

      I see the next batch of data is released in a couple days (august 17) so will be intrresting to see if the trend continues

      I see you edited your comment, will you repost later?



    • Here is my take on excess mortality in NZ.
      I took 5 prevoius years and averaged them
      came up with 32,722 a year 52 weeks gives 629 people die a week in NZ
      The period of excess deaths I looked at 35 weeks from 22 November 2020 when it 0.1% for the week.
      The average was 8.04 %, with a fortnight going into negative on the 27 June of -3.06% and -3.55%
      I calculated that 8.04% above the average is 50 a week.
      the interesting aspect is only one person was recorded as a covid death in that period.
      You look back from this date and the excess deaths don’t exist, you get the exact reverse, only one weeks excess deaths in the week October 25 right back to April 2020. there were 7 covid deaths recorded in this.
      So less deaths and the a sharp increase in deaths.
      What have all these people died of?



      • Reaction to the Zombie shot, pure and simple. Those with impaired immune systems or are simply old, get bowled over because their immune system is not up to fighting the vaccine.

        500+ people die every year of the flu, let alone related deaths caused by the flu. So people trot out and get the flu shot, but you rarely see sick people as a result of the flu shot. There are the exceptions, and I know of one who after getting last year’s flu shot was sick for months, but that was an exception and there were existing co-morbidities/impaired health.

        25+ people died with Covid-19 so people trot out and get the Zombie shot. In a recent family catch up, almost everyone with the Zombie shot had a range of reactions. The lightest was getting flu like symptoms. Others in early twenties were coughing and spluttering. One well over retirement age had a continuous irritating cough for days, and lost his voice. One older relative popped his clogs recently shortly after the Zombie shot. He had an existing terminal disease but was expected to live another 3 – 6 months.

        Even if the Zombie shot did not have any side effects and was a genuine vaccine, which we know it is not, the strength of it is way over the top.

        If you compared the Zombie shot vs the Flu, to say physical exercise: It would be like the whole family of all ages joining an outdoor exercise class. You arrive thinking you are going to do walking and maybe a bit of jogging for the younger ones. But instead you are bundled into an army truck and dropped in the middle of nowhere, and told to jog 10km home with a 50kg pack on your back. Most might struggle through but granny would probably pop her clogs.

        The Zombie shot is brutal to the elderly and in-firmed. They are not the first people that should have had it; they are the last people that should be having it. From my understanding of Covid-19 and the vaccine, in NZ you have a 5 to 10 time’s greater chance of dying from the vaccine than Covid-19, so what take the risk?



        • Putting aside the heavily massaged Covid-19 death figures, and accepting ‘worldwide death figures’, in NZ we have a much lower risk of catching and dying from Covid-19.

          [1] Our geography:
          {a) A narrow land mass, and close proximity to the sea and water, a source of fresh air.
          (b) Did you know that there are only 2 recorded cases worldwide of people catching Covid-19 at the beach? Fresh air is important to remaining healthy.
          (c) Continual winds and breezes refreshing the air and air electricity.
          (d) Note: The Covid-19 spike protein packs a comparatively high electrical charge, that interferes with O2/CO2 exchange, sending the body into hypoxia/hypoxemia creating the cytokine storm. Under these heavily stressful conditions circumstances a person will die of the weakest link in the chain – usually a co-morbidity. However since the entire body is under extreme stress an autopsy may reveal a number of triggered conditions. If someone had a ‘dicky ticker’, that might be what gives out first.

          [2] Our housing:
          (a) Low density housing – for the most part single unit dwellings. Where as in the cities in countries such as the USA, it is high density cities and high density housing including high rise apartment buildings. A perfect Covid-19 incubation environment.
          (b) An abundance of greenery, including gardens on the property, that helps replenish O2 and air electricity vital to life.

          [3] Our transport:
          (a) Very little public transport, people traveling to work in their own cars. There is a lot to be said about private motor cars. Contrast that with New York where half the population don’t even own a car, and travel by public transport the travel by subway or cabs. You have to wonder about Jacindas obsession with trains and light rail, when she has access to the same data I do. More shared public transport is dangerous to your health.
          (b) On the issue of subways – they are perfect virus breeding tanks. Enclosed spaces with people packed in like sardines. Low O2 and low air electricity. Under these conditions Covid-19 / Vaccine has an easy job of infecting and taking hold, because the lungs are already compromised. If you research submarines, you will find that in addition to plentiful supplies of oxygen, they have devices to recreate the air electricity otherwise they would be dead in hours despite ample oxygen. Lack of air electricity shuts down the O2/CO2 exchange.

          A friend of mine, in the USA, who nearly died from Covid-19, lives in an apartment building. Like all Covid-19 patients, she has a very low SpO2 (blood oxygen) levela when she was admitted. Upon return home, she was well aware of, and made aware of, the impact of shared circulated “electrically dead” air in the building. She resorted to leaving all windows open, no matter the outside temperature.

          Putting MIQ in hotels was one of the dumbest ideas NZ health could have ever dreamed up. This was done despite warnings from the medical profession. People would have been better self-isolating at home or the beach.

          Covid-19 has been in NZ for 2 years and ample opportunity to breed. And if the borders had been managed properly we would have had zero dead. Even so, those who came into NZ or back from overseas, from 2019 onward, did not die. Even treating all Covid-19 deaths “with” as deaths “by”, the mortality rate is less than 1/20th of that of the flu.

          With all these plus factors for NZ, and why would you bother getting the Zombie shot? Fine, if people want to travel and have to have the Zombie shot to so so, let them take it. But for the rest of us, let us be. And if people want to come here, fine. Let them get the Zombie shot and let them in 3 months after vaccination and a clean Covid-19 test. That way the vaccine will have finished shedding and any people likely to die from the vaccine will have popped their clogs in their own home country.

          Let NZ health authorities tell people to increase their immunity – there are lots of foods and supplements that fortify your immune system. And above all, NZ health authorites should be listening to the multitudes of recommendations put forward by health professionals from day one, instead of ignoring them and putting them under gagging orders. NZ health has consistently ignored sensible advice put forward by Doctors and medical specialists.

          The present government: The incompetent, managed by the cynical, and lead by control freaks.



  3. “This is literally a war, and we’ve known we’ve been in a war for some time, but never to this extent.”

    Entire state of New South Wales under strict lockdown as COVID-19 spreads out of control

    Hundreds more defence personnel will be deployed next week to Sydney to help enforce the lockdown, with authorities particularly concerned about the spread of the virus to several regional towns.

    A new A$3,000 fine will apply to people entering rural areas without an official permit, while stay-at-home orders were introduced for seven days in regional areas not currently in lockdown.



  4. WWI 1914-1918 (‘The War to End All Wars’)

    WWII 1939-45 (War on Fascism)

    WW III 1947-1991 (The ‘Cold War’)

    WW IV 2001- ? (The ‘War on Terror’)

    WW V 2020- ? (The ‘War on COVID’)



  5. Simon the Prawn is sick of being chased by the other creatures in the lagoon .
    He prays to God to make him into a fierce shark and turn the tables on his enemies .
    The next day Simon has been turned into a Great White shark and has great fun chasing all his enemies round, but soon starts to enjoy bullying all the other creatures too.

    After a few days the novelty wears off and he’s bored and alone, with all his mates afraid and cowering under rocks or hiding in the weed.

    That night he prays to God to transform him back to how he was.

    The next day he’s back to his old self he goes round to see his friend Christian the Shrimp and shouts, “are you coming out to play Christian?”

    Christian shouts ” fuck off Simon, you’ll eat me if I come out.”

    Simon shouts back, “you don’t understand I’ve changed,
    I’m a Prawn Again Christian !”



  6. What version is being swept up to be retrospectively applied in New Zealand’s legislation?

    Such threats are also exacerbated by impacts of the ongoing global pandemic, including grievances over public health safety measures and perceived government restrictions.

    Yet the government perceive major threats, issuing contrary Orders to its citizens, such as mentioned in this comment, for the rehousing for this ‘ankle band’ ‘citizen’ who only questions, but still complies, in Australia and how laws are trumped by other ‘measures’.

    Remember, “public health & safety measures” are perceived by what we understand, but they will enforce that perception, over riding all other laws.

    In the mean time, BLM, and antifa are just “kind” ideas.



  7. Jack Dorsey posted this:

    Excerpt from. pg 23.

    “Many and varied have been the arguments by
    which the State and its intellectuals have induced
    their subjects to support their rule. Basically, the
    strands of argument may be summed up as follows: (a) the State rulers are great and wise men
    (they “rule by divine right,” they are the “aristocracy” of men, they are the “scientific experts”),
    much greater and wiser than the good but rather
    simple subjects, and (b) rule by the extent government is inevitable, absolutely necessary, and
    far better, than the indescribable evils that would
    ensue upon its downfall. The union of Church
    and State was one of the oldest and most successful of these ideological devices. The ruler
    was either anointed by God or, in the case of the
    absolute rule of many Oriental despotisms, was
    himself God; hence, any resistance to his rule
    would be blasphemy. The States’ priestcraft performed the basic intellectual function of obtaining popular support and even worship for the rulers.”



    • the State rulers are great and wise men
      I think the new terms are “kindly” and for your “well-being”

      How fast this can be put in place, so at the moment it is a bit more incremental, but the force is still being set up to happen.
      – – – – – – – – – A quick take from some other comments. – – – –

      The Enabling Act (smv’s April 1933 reference) which was enacted a few days after the Reichstag Fire:


      The Enabling Act was signed three days after the fire. It includes this language:

      “Laws enacted by the Reich Government may deviate from the Constitution as long as they do not affect the institutions of the Reichstag and the Reichsrat.”

      It included this language (p. 149, Bonhoeffer, Eric Metaxas):

      “Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association;
      and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications;
      and, warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.”

      – – – – – – – –
      – first few months 1933

      Jan 1933 – Hitler appointed Chancellor

      Feb 1933 – staged Reichstag Fire – “communists” blamed & set-up

      Few days after the fire – German President Hindenburg suspended majority of civil liberties via “emergency”

      *** these civil liberties never returned to the German people thru Hitler’s reign ****

      *** suspended due to “emergency” and “threat to nation”

      March 1933 – Malicious Practices & Enabling Act – dissent made illegal – punishable by arrest, prison, death

      March 1933 – Dachau Camp created for the political dissenters – initially housed over 5,000 communists arrested

      *** arrests continued through summer months of not only communists but any “political” dissenter

      May 1933 – The famous book burning

      *** to paraphrase – when you burn books – burning people is not far off

      April 1933 – Start of formal anti-jewish laws – including boycotting of anything Jewish

      September 1933 – Formal decree-that all Jews must wear yellow star on clothing when in public
      – – – – – – –
      … masks, … your papers, vaccine passports, …. ongoing renewal demands for money laundering proofs of identity, ………… multiple similarities and are horrifying when compared to what we are witnessing, and seems a bit more than “perceived” as the State has grabbed that word too.



  8. Troy Bowker has announced he is exiting his co-ownership of the Hurricanes rugby franchise after a firestorm over his comments on race.

    The Wellington businessman has been at the centre of controversy over comments he has posted online regarding Sir Ian Taylor, the Government and inflammatory responses he has sent to people who have criticised those comments.

    Bowker this week accused Taylor on LinkedIn of “sucking up to the left Māori agenda” for supporting the name Aotearoa.


    But tonight, Bowker insisted: “In respect of my comments to which some people have taken offence, I wish to make it clear that I stand behind the theme of what I said and my right to express those views in a free, democratic society.

    Cancel culture at work.

    And of course there is more to the story and the whinging.



  9. South Island exporters struggling as container ships skip Nelson port

    Exporters at the top of the South Island say they’re struggling to fill international orders due to container ships regularly skipping Nelson’s port. One of the country’s largest seafood businesses sometimes, only one in four ships turn up.

    Sealord Group CEO Doug Paulin said Nelson is the hardest port to ship from at the moment.

    “There hasn’t been a month where we’re able to get our sales orders out for the last seven months,” Paulin said.

    Since the start of the year vessels have often skipped Nelson Port to make it to other, larger ports like Tauranga and Auckland in time.



  10. Propaganda scariants.

    Associate Health Minister Ayesha Verrall told Q+A the Government is seeing that there is an emerging interest in booster shots.
    She explained booster shots may not be what’s required for new variants, but instead, a whole new vaccine.

    “We look really closely at this evidence and we’re always in close communication with our vaccine manufacturers about what our options are.”

    Bishop said the National party “Would be much more upfront with New Zealanders about what target we need to reach as a country to re-open the borders.”



    • Agreed. Klaus Schwab who talks about “rebuilding the world” post Covid-19 was probably excited about Covid-19 because it created the opportunity for that ‘great reset’.

      This idiot, along with others like Bill Gates, Stalin, Hitler, and our own Ardern, never talk about the value of a life, of principles, of having a moral compass, of protecting people’s unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. They talk as if people are just numbers, of human pieces on a giant chessboard, They do what they for themselves, for their ideals, and bugger everyone else, as the little people, us, are expandable. They view us as slaves. Like Hitler, Ardern has the gift of lying, of telling people what they want to hear, all the while doing the absolute opposite of what they promise.

      As someone reminded me today, a referendum on annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany was held in German-occupied Austria on 10 April 1938, German troops had already occupied Austria one month earlier, on 12 March 1938. The official result was reported as 99.73% in favour of annexation, with a 99.71% voter turnout.

      Turkeys voting for a Christmas Dinner of Turkey. What is staggering about this, is that Hitler had been in demonic control of Germany for five years, persecuting Jews, and all manner of laws to control the public. Hitler was a spin doctor, and every time he opened his mouth it was pure bullshit. In 1933, the first year, Jews were persecuted, Jewish businesses were boycotted, religions started to be outlawed, and non Nazi books were burned. The SS established Dachau concentration camp just one month after Hitler took power.

      Things can happen very quickly. The vaccine is part of the reset plan. Covid-19 was part of the lead up to the vaccine. We have had 25+ deaths “with” Covid – mostly cluster deaths in people with co-morbities, which occur most years with the flu. In terms of deaths from respiratory diseases 2020 was an ordinary year.

      So why do we need a vaccine, why is Hitler Ardern talking about Jewish collaborators “vaccine holdouts” when there is not a threat. Why are the Gas Chambers Vaccine Centres running 7 days a week when their is no danger in NZ of Covid-19? The cure is out of sync with the problem.

      If Ardern’s plan copies other countries, we may be forced to take the vaccine. Why?



    • news scrub …so who really knows what the truth is by the time the ink is dry

      Would be safe to say the mother is a manipulator and sounds like a lot of bad shit goes down around her.
      If a 16 year then the ‘issues’ has been above around since the kid was 11, at least.
      Fairly sure the ‘mother/havoc creator ‘ here has riled up the DHB staff who cannot answer back or are limited.

      I say this with confidence because I have seen this behaviour and drama more than once and in a close family member who creates drama .
      I cut off contact 20 years ago.
      Others were a bit slower.

      This can some times spill over into the Munchhausen’s by proxy syndrome,

      I would not take a news scrub scribble as fact esp when we know how much they lie.
      Sorry, we know how little they tell the truth.
      Everything,… everything …. has an agenda for the media filth.



  11. For those interested in the 2020 Nov US Presidential election (and have not seen this video before) this is a MUST WATCH video.
    It is Dr Frank explaining, in easily understood terms, that there is no doubt the election was stolen.

    It also shows how the Democrats and their mates put in a HUGE effort to achieve the steel.



  12. Japan sours as premium grape widely copied in China, South Korea

    Two neighbors beat Tokyo in Shine Muscat production volume
    High-end grape variety “Shine Muscat” is a bona fide Japanese brand, certified by the nation’s agricultural ministry.

    Sweet and fragrant, the grapes can fetch $60 or more per branch at groceries. But this prized breed has been widely copied by farmers in South Korea and China, who now beat Japanese counterparts in production volume.

    South Korea exports five times more Shine Muscat grapes by value than Japan, while Chinese farmland devoted to the grape is more than 40 times larger than the Japanese figure.

    New Japanese legislation took effect in April, barring the seeds and seedlings of registered plants and fruits from being taken out of the country, but its

    Shine Muscat, “one of the most expensive fruits around, is now made available at a lesser price by its neighbor, Korea” read a product description of South Korean-grown Shine Muscat grapes on Momobud, a Singaporean online fruit retailer.

    “It’s similarly fragrant and sweet as its Japanese counterpart and doesn’t lose out in any bit!” it adds. “Try it and you won’t regret!”

    In mainland China, the breed is commonly available by the moniker Sunshine Rose, Shine Jade or Sunny King at a third of the price of its Japanese original, or often less.

    Not just Liwifruit but anything they can theive.




  13. China cracks down on property speculation

    Authorities put ceiling on secondhand unit prices to dampen overheated market
    Prices in key cities such as Beijing, pictured here, have jumped by an average of 10.5% in June from a year earlier. © Reuters
    IORI KAWATE, Nikkei staff writerAugust 14, 2021 12:01 JST

    BEIJING — China is toughening regulations around condominium transactions with an aim to contain speculative and illegal deals within three years, amid growing social discontent about soaring property prices.

    Among the measures that authorities are taking are the introduction of eligibility rules for property purchases and the intervention in the secondhand market in big cities to prevent price inflation.

    The real estate market is flooded with liquidity as a result of monetary policy relaxation to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the government has adopted caps on mortgage loans, prices have continued to rise especially in major cities.




  14. Braybots@1832

    Coming to a Doctor near you, complete with soft-soaping ‘It won’t hurt you’ and ‘it’s all to help you’ from the usual suspects.

    At one time this would have been considered science fiction, and to be derided and ignored as ‘Mad Boffin’ stuff.

    Not any more…



  15. Sorry followers of Cindy. Fortunately, for me, I’ve already enjoyed a reasonably long life yet you are going to have to revert to your normal socialist methods of starvation or a bullet in the back of the head to get rid of this citizen.

    But keep banging on about Covid, vaccination & kindness. We need the black humour.



  16. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is heading to the Governor-General’s residence Sunday and is expected to dissolve Parliament and trigger an early election as he seeks to capitalise on Canada being one of the most fully vaccinated countries in the world.

    Trudeau will announce the election for September 20, an official familiar with the plans told the Associated Press.

    The election comes as Canada is in the midst of a fourth wave of Covid-19 cases, driven by the Delta variant of the coronavirus..


    Hopefully the Canadians will toss this toss pot out.



    • Crossed fingers.🤞

      DeltaSierra46, [15.08.21 19:45]
      [Forwarded from Lay]
      News Flash 🥰🥰🥰🥰 === from a reliable source

      Sue Grey received a 150 page official govt document overnight via OIA, which in black and white states clearly that MedSafe have never said the Pfizer jab is safe. And that it’s also never been stated by MedSafe that it’s safe to give to our Māori and Pacific population either because trails done in Hawaii showed inconclusive evidence re it’s safety.

      So basically, Sue says this is clear grounds for getting the jab stopped in some way (she’s yet to work out the logistics of that). AND also, grounds for calling for the resignation of JA & CH, because they’ve lied blatantly, when the MedSafe document says opposite to what JA & CH say in public.

      So hold tight…
      We’re in for some fireworks soon I think 😍🤩🥳



  17. …….”

    Whatever the Party holds to be the truth, is truth. It is impossible to see reality except by looking through the eyes of the Party. That is the fact that you have got to relearn, Winston. It needs an act of self-destruction, an effort of the will. You must humble yourself before you can become sane.’

    He paused for a few moments, as though to allow what he had been saying to sink in.

    ‘Do you remember,’ he went on, ‘ writing in your diary, “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four”?’

    ‘Yes,’ said Winston.

    O’Brien held up his left hand, its back towards Winston, with the thumb hidden and the four fingers extended.

    ‘How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?


    ‘And if the party says that it is not four but five — then how many?’


    The word ended in a gasp of pain. The needle of the dial had shot up to fifty-five. The sweat had sprung out all over Winston’s body. The air tore into his lungs and issued again in deep groans which even by clenching his teeth he could not stop. O’Brien watched him, the four fingers still extended. He drew back the lever. This time the pain was only slightly eased.

    ‘How many fingers, Winston?’


    The needle went up to sixty.

    ‘How many fingers, Winston?’

    ‘Four! Four! What else can I say? Four!’


    1984 – George Orwell



    • What would zap Ardern away?

      Warming CO2 or the increased galactic cosmic rays. ….

      This study provides an opportunity to rethink the impact of clouds on climate.
      When galactic cosmic rays increase, so do low clouds, and when cosmic rays decrease clouds do as well, so climate warming may be caused by an opposite-umbrella effect,” said Masayuki Hyodo Professor at the University’s Research Center for Inland Seas.

      “The umbrella effect caused by galactic cosmic rays is important when thinking about current global warming as well as the warm period of the medieval era,” Hyodo added.

      Doubt if they include this in garbage in garbage out, GIGO climate change modelling of the IPCC



  18. In the mean time we all suffer, just as nasska’s 9:15 pm, excerpt about the slow learner above, 🙁

    IM @ianmSC 13h
    You have to admire Australia’s commitment to The Science™ as endless & increasingly totalitarian lockdowns completely fail to control their current COVID outbreak.

    Sure it may not be working, but at least they can avoid criticism by doing what incompetent experts tell them to do.

    Just look at that graph, then suffer, as the dial is increased. 🙁

    Scroll down a little then there is the “death graph”
    Proportionately seems to be out the window now.

    In New Zealand the dial is now pre set, to be instantaneous, to full on level 4 and throw in a few more tweaks. 🙁

    Just call this sheep “winston”; still a lot to learn. 🙁
    30 secs.



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