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An Open Letter to the Davos Crowd

Dear self-styled “global elites:” No doubt, should this missive ever come to your attention, you will simply dismiss me as a “conspiracy theorist.” But no theorizing is necessary when the conspirators keep admitting to it, repeatedly speaking the quiet part out loud.

Your creepy Bond-villain in chief, Klaus Schwab, Chairman of the World Economic Forum, has openly called for“permanent interaction between governments and regulatory agencies on the one hand, and business on the other”—in other words, for a kind of global fascism 2.0. Meanwhile, Schwab’s oily henchman, Yuval Harari, asserts that “human rights exist only in the imagination.”

One needn’t be a prophet to see where this is heading.

Not only are you not trying to hide your agenda, you’re quite proud of it. As another of your number said in a speech at Davos in 2022, “The good news is that the elites across the world trust each other more and more. So we can come together and design and do beautiful things together. The bad news is that…the majority of people trust their elites less. So we can lead, but if people aren’t following, we’re not going to get to where we want to go.”

How to respond to this stunning example of tone-deaf arrogance, which I believe accurately represents the attitude of most “elites” these days—especially the elitest of the elites, the Davos crowd?

Let’s start with this: You’re right—we are not following. And we have no intention of doing so, for several reasons.

First, anyone who describes themselves as an “elite” betrays a breathtaking egotism. They are openly acknowledging that they think themselves better than the rest of us—smarter, more knowledgeable, morally superior, and better equipped to lead. So we should all just shut up and do as we’re told.

No. We’re not going to do as we’re told. Not by you. We don’t accept that you know more than we do about anything that matters, and certainly not about how to live our lives. If we had any doubts—if we ever wondered whether, after all, maybe your way was best—the last four years have proven unequivocally otherwise.

Calling your pandemic response “botched” would be the greatest understatement in history. Everything you told us to do—lockdown, mask up, “socially distance,” offer ourselves as human guinea pigs—not only didn’t stop the virus but made things exponentially worse. A health crisis morphed quickly into an economic, social, and political one as well, not to mention an even worse health crisis.

It wasn’t Covid that did that. It was you, our “global elites.”

Indeed, we have come to realize—and many of us knew all along—that the severity of the disease was oversold from the beginning. Sure, it was bad, worse than the seasonal flu, maybe, but not that much worse. It was nowhere near the mass extinction event you made it out to be. It affected almost exclusively the elderly, the infirm, and the morbidly obese. Schools, churches, and businesses could have stayed open all along and it would have made little or no difference in the course of the pandemic, as places like Sweden and Florida have shown.

Yet you insisted on keeping us locked in our homes. On keeping our kids out of school. On covering our faces, shutting our churches and bankrupting our businesses. All while holding out hope of a magical “vaccine.” And when your jabs turned out not to work so well—when it was obvious they didn’t stop infection or transmission—instead of admitting you were wrong, you simply doubled down on your failed pre-jab strategies.

Perhaps, in the beginning, it was just ignorance. You didn’t know what was going on any more than the rest of us did. Maybe you were just doing your best to “save mankind.”

Somehow, I doubt it. Evidence that this entire debacle might well be attributable to your perfidy and malfeasance argues against that generous interpretation. So does the fact that you steadfastly refuse to admit your now obvious mistakes and instead persist in your folly. At the very least, it is clear that you have exploited this crisis for all it’s worth, in an attempt to remake the world to your liking—to initiate, as you call it, “The Great Reset.”

Unfortunately for you, the professor was right: We the people are not on board. We reject your Great Reset. We reject your vision of the world. We reject globalism. We have nothing against other countries, but we prefer our own, warts and all, and we have no intention of surrendering our national sovereignty to any form of world government.

We reject your multiculturalism. Other cultures may offer much to admire and emulate, but we have our own culture, thank you, and it suits us just fine.

We reject your vision of a tightly controlled, centrally planned economy. We prefer free markets, messy as they are, as the engine for producing the greatest possible individual liberty, prosperity, and human flourishing.

We reject your nouveau fascism, in which world governments collude with global corporations, notably Big Tech and Big Pharma, to surveil, harass, and ultimately control the rest of us. We don’t care if it’s “for our own good” (although we sincerely doubt it). We’d much rather have self-governance, the freedom to decide for ourselves what is best for us and our families.

In short, we reject you, the self-styled elites, the smug sanctimonious limousine leftists who fly your private jets into Davos then lecture the rest of us about our “carbon footprint.” We don’t think you’re in any way smarter or better than us. Indeed, you have proved to our satisfaction that you are not. We do not trust you. We do not want your “leadership.”

We suspect, based on hard experience, that the “beautiful things” you intend to “design and do” are not beautiful at all but rather hideous and loathsome—for us, at least. They may be beautiful for you as they increase your power, wealth, and influence. But we care about the magnificent edifice you are constructing for yourselves only to the extent that we wish to tear it down.

If the past four years have taught us anything, it is that you “elites” are awful people. Your ideas are awful. Your vision for the future is awful. The society you wish to create, with yourselves in charge, would be unspeakably awful. We reject it, and we reject you. So go away and leave us alone—or else suffer the consequences.


  1. What Klaus, his accolades such as the “Young Global Leader” Cindy and recent WEF Convert and this year’s Attendee, Infometrics CEO, Brad Olsen have not taken into account, is the likes of the people who inhabit this Site, like myself who will not comply with their edicts, their scheming and agenda. And in the end, as more and more people realise how evil this Elite has become, the more they will be resisted and the greater the pushback leading to their eventual failure.



    • Amen to that. I will never comply with their edicts. Sadly nude nut seems to hold the same views, but hopefully Winston and Davos Dave could hold his feet to the fire on all manner of things. Dave does believe in the power of Klaus though, and seems to be a sad follower of the Klaus rules. So we will see what happens. national are what was known as soft coks.



      • The type of people who become our politicians are easily manipulated by the next group up the political food chain . One only has to look at Key and now Luxon to see how politics and all the back room whispers change outsiders quickly.



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