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Alleged Child Rapist Facing Death Penalty As Florida Begins Terminating Pedophiles

A Florida man is set to become the first pedophile to face the death penalty under Florida’s new law allowing prosecutors to seek capital punishment for sex crimes against children. 

Joseph Andrew Giampa, 36, has been charged with a sickening array of child sex crimes including sexual battery of a person younger than 12 after he allegedly filmed himself abusing a child for the gratification of a pedophile ring.

The office of State Attorney William Gladson filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty for Giampa, citing the ‘severity of the crime and its impact on the community, Tampa Bay reported.

Daily Mail reports: Gladson’s office is making use of a law pushed by Florida Governor DeSantis that authorizes the death penalty for child rapists.

Under the legislation, signed in April, a jury can recommend a death sentence for sexual battery on a child under 12 in a vote of at least 8-4.

In April DeSantis said: ‘We are authorizing the death penalty for child rapists. My view is you have some of these people that will be serial rapists of six, seven-year-old kids.’

‘I think the death penalty is the only appropriate punishment when you have situations like that,’ the Presidential candidate told Orlando radio state.

The bill – which went into effect October 1 – passed with bipartisan support and was signed into law by DeSantis.

This is the first time a prosecutor has sought capital punishment in Florida for a charge other than murder in modern times.

‘The decision to pursue the highest penalty reflects the gravity of the charges and the State Attorney’s Office’s dedication to holding criminals accountable for their actions,’ the prosecutor’s statement read.

Gladson’s office cited four aggravating circumstances that they believe qualify death as an appropriate punishment for Giampa’s alleged crime.

Prosecutors argued that the crime was committed for pecuniary gain and say that it was especially heinous, atrocious or cruel.

Giampa was arrested in November in Lake County, Florida.

An arrest affidavit states that he was questioned at his home on November 2 by Lake County Sheriff’s deputies.

The alleged abuser showed deputies his laptop computer – where he had a video which the affidavit describes as depicting a man sexually abusing a child while recording the act.

Part of the video showed the man putting the camera down and moving in front of it – which enabled police to identify the suspect as Giampa.

He has been held in the Lake County Jail since his arrest last month.

In 1977 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that punishing rape with the death penalty violated criminal’s Eighth Amendment rights – which protect citizens again cruel and unusual punishment.

Again in 2008, in a 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment prevented the death penalty for child rapists.

But DeSantis signed the law into effect as part of his tough-on-crime agenda which he’s been pushing throughout his presidential campaign.

The Florida governor has slammed Democratic ‘soft-on-crime’ policies and ‘woke ideology’ in other states as he pushes his own vision for America.

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  1. All good but if capital punishment is to make a comeback it’s up to the State to prove guilt with absolutely no possibility of a mistake. Hard factual evidence only with no weight given to the opinions of “experts”.

    There’s no road back if the judiciary get it wrong.



    • Agree in principle.

      In Ao tear zooland the poo-licing is so disgustingly poor that few capital offence convictions are safe and conversely severe crimes -if the bastard perpetrator is poly./.nesian -then they get off light.

      In principal I agree with Capital punishment esp in todays caring prison system The cost of hundreds of thousands a year for imprisonment per bastard is ridiculous – over 20 years that is millions – while victims are often left in arears.

      Ngā peka kāwanatanga Branches of government 🙂
      -Parliament (the Legislature), which makes the laws.
      -the Courts (the Judiciary), which interpret the laws.
      -the Government (the Executive), which administers the laws. (Cuddling Coster)

      These all three have been sooo bad in the last 6 years there is no confidence.
      Lets see if that can change.
      Simeon for PM.



    • In a world of 8.1 billion people 0.2% or 16.2 million of them are Jews. Paedophilia is not confined to any religion, race or political grouping.

      Why then should a vanishingly small subsection of offenders attract the attention of YSB commenters?



      • Pedos are a vanishingly small percentage of people so why should they attract the attention of commentators?

        Your position is morally and logically repugnant. You’ve said any depravity can be overlooked if it’s not widespread.

        In reality you only apply that sick logic to Jews. Why?

        It’s people like you that keep the cone of silence that enables the pedos. To save face of your preferred religious cult.



        • Let’s try again:

          Why then should a vanishingly small subsection of “paedophiles” attract the attention of YSB commenters?

          Or do you think we should ignore the remaining 99.8% of sickos in favour of persecuting your least liked religious grouping?



          • What number of boys raped by Jews is acceptable to you or is it infinite?

            Let’s talk numbers not percentages. The time to talk percentages is when talking about the number of people killed by Germany in the war….

            I condemn all pedos. You don’t. Clearly.



    • The moozlems get a hard time in this area but in reality the jews are shocking perverts and sex fiends.
      Because they can.
      Ya cant be- ha ha- ‘anti semitic’ or you will burn in the fires of hell .

      Weinstein, Epstein, Woody Allen, Anthony Weiner, Issur Danielovitch, Joseph Levitch (aka Jerry Lewis) Brett Ratner and many more. Giving readers here another 20 names will not shift their sick bias,
      Jewish Community Watch (JCW), an American organization that tracks accused pedophiles
      ..Since the small organization started tracking accused pedophiles in 2014, it says more than 60 have fled from the U.S. to Israel. Given its limited resources to identify these individuals, JCW says the actual number is likely much larger. (in 6 yrs to 2020)
      You just have to assume they are dirty bastards. Of course most NZers are life long brain-washed via biased, controlled media to believe jews are poor victims. Not the offenders.
      Illegal NZ passports for jews, anyone ?
      So sad



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